Freshman Meat, Part 1 by Master Daddy

It was rush week at the University. I’ve always had luck with those. With any luck, I might even nab two! If I get one early enough in the week here, I could drive 4 or 5 states away and try another University. It’s happened before. More than once. I never try to nab more than one from the same school. Once one goes missing, it becomes too risky.

Most killers have a type. And while I can settle for a hustler or a fag from a bar, my main type is the pretty, rich, spoiled, straight frat boy. Damn, just thinking about one makes my cock ache. I never cum so hard as when I do in a mutilated frat boy that’s barely clinging on to life. 

That’s why I love rush week. The easiest pickings. Those boys are drunk all week long so it’s pretty easy to find one passed out by himself, or puking in an alley, or a myriad of other ways. This year was the jackpot however! As I was casually walking along Frat Row, looking for opportunities, one of the doors burst open and a rowdy group of young men came rushing out carrying four hooded men on their shoulders. They were laughing and hollering as they trotted off as a group. I was curious and followed them at a safe distance. This campus was at the edge of a huge wood, and the pack of boys trudged into the trees with their captives. 

I continued my stealth stalking of the frat boys deep into the woods until they came to a small glade. The hooded boys were placed on their feet and ordered to strip. I was safely hidden in brush and could see everything. The boys were quickly naked and ordered to lie on their backs. The rest of the brothers immediately started binding their wrists and ankles with ropes and staking them spread eagle. Soon all four boys were immobilized. 

“Since you stupid fucking pledges failed your first test,” one of the boys started saying, “you are going to spend the night out here alone. This will give you a chance to really think about your failure. To see if you’re man enough to be our brothers. Cause we don’t care how rich your daddies are, we don’t accept shit in our house! Now you pus bags think about that and we’ll be back in the morning. Do you understand, MAGGOTS?!” He shouted.

“YES SIR!” The pledges shouted back. Only it was all muffled. They must be gagged under their holes. Easier for me!

“That is, if you survive!” Said another boy, maniacally.

“Hope something doesn’t eat you in the middle of the night!” Teased a third.

If only they knew.

I huddled in the shrubs as the boys stomped away, laughing and high fiving. When they were long gone, I quickly surveyed they area, found what I wanted, and took off. I had already formulated my plan, and I wasn’t wasting time. My van was parked not too far from the frat house, and in no time I was pulling it up close to the glen where the boys were staked. I grabbed my supply bag and headed toward my prey. I had restraints enough for two, but I had never taken two at once before. I’ve always snatched and got out. But here was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The only problem, there were four of them. That means I had to choose which two go with me toward a long, tortured death, and which two were destined for a quicker, but still painful death. My cock throbbed at the thought of my playing God with these four lives.

As I approached the staked boys, I knew they knew I was there by the way they were all trying to bend their heads toward my approaching steps. They probably assumed I was one of the frat brothers. Or feared I was a wild animal. Boy were they in for a rude surprise. And like I said, I like the pretty boys, so I would obviously take the prettiest two with me. 

I ripped off their hoods and they all tried to focus their eyes on me, quickly realizing I wasn’t a bro or a critter. They all mumbled into their gags, but I ignored their pleas as I looked at their faces. All four were very handsome boys. Good family stock, future leaders. Except they didn’t know, their future ends tonight. It wasn’t hard to pick the two winners. One was a stunning Italian with thick wavy black hair and a proud Roman nose. The other was blond stud with a cute pug nose and cheekbones for days. Both these boys coulda been models.

But I didn’t waste time, I got to work. I wanted to be done and out of here. I grabbed a taser out of my bag, I always carried several, and quickly zapped the blond. A bys he convulsed in his bonds, I quickly cut his ropes and had his hands cuffed behind his back and his ankles shackled together. I repeated with the Italian as the boys continued their muffled screaming. In no time flat, I had my two prizes sitting upright against a tree.

My 10 1/2 inches strained hard in my pants as I thought about this next part. Two of my fantasies were about to come true at once. First, someone was going to witness me kill. My mouth went dry as I thought about it. For as long as I’ve been doing this, I’ve done it alone. I’ve always wanted to have someone watch me as I take a life. And second, and even better, the people that are going to watch me do it, will also soon be my victims. I shuddered as my cock twitched.

I rummaged in my bag and brought out my trusty partner. A Bowie knife with a 12 inch serated blade. This little beauty has never let me down. I held it up so the moonlight could bounce off its razor sharp silver blade. I could see four sets of terrified eyes looking at the knife. I’d never felt more powerful.

“As you can see.” I spoke, finally. “I’ve separated you. That’s because I can only take two with me. I based my decision on your looks. The prettier two,” I said, looking at the blond and the Italian, “will leave. You two,” I said, looking at the still staked boys, “will not.” 

What that I kneeled between the legs of the first boy. I looked as his sweat covered face. His floppy brown curls were matted to his forehead as he trembled and looked at me in fear. He was cute, no doubt about it, just not cute enough. I placed the tip of my knife right against the kids puckered anus. Our eyes were locked. His, in mortal fear, mine, in murderous lust. I took a slow deep breath, then let out a growl as I plunged the knife with full force into the kids rectum.

Four blood curdling screams lit up the night. Thank God for the gags. But none so blood curdling as the one that came from the curly headed kid himself. But that’s to be expected as he was getting his insides shredded to pieces. Normally, if I knife a cunt, I do it slowly. I slide it in, letting the blade slice the anal ring, then slowly rip apart the intestinal wall. But I didn’t have all that time tonight. This time, the second I had the blade fully buried in Curly, I started pounding as hard as I could over and over, twisting my arm back and forth as I sawed it in and out. I scraped that kids insides like a Halloween Jack-o’-lantern. The knife had totally removed his anal ring and when I pulled it out, all that was left of the kids shitter was a big gaping hole that leaked blood and mucus and flesh. Oh how I wanted to fuck it.

Curly had stopped screaming as his body went into shock. He just layed there panting and moaning as he bled out. 

I stood up and went over to the last guy. He was blubbering like a baby and pleading through the gag. I just looked down at him. I imagined him just a couple of hours ago, with his bros, probably laughing about the lastest slut he banged. Now, here he was, about to meet his maker. And not in a pleasant way. I decided that this guy looked like a date rapist, so I decided to handle him differently. I took hold of his cock and balls and wrapped my fingers around the base, pulling it tight. I placed the serrated blade against his taught skin and started sawing. Daterape started screaming and thrashing but I held tight, quickly slicing off his cock and balls. I stood up as Daterape convulsed and half screamed, half cried. I loved how the blood spurted from the hole where his penis had been.

I knew I should just collect my two prizes and get out of there and let Curly and Daterape bleed out, but the killer in me couldn’t do it. I had to see it through. But oh, how my cock ached. I had soaked my underwear in precum mutilating these two frat boys. I’ve never had two at once, let alone four, and it was overwhelming! I had to cum. But I didn’t want to risk leaving DNA. So I decided I needed to fuck Blondie. I had wanted to wait until later, but my carnal needs were taking over. I needed to nut, and I needed to do it while these two died.

I walked over to Blondie who rightfully cowered in fear. He had just watched me mutilate his two friends, after all. I grabbed his hair and dragged him in between the staked boys. He was whimpering as I threw him down. Now, normally I don’t ever use lube, but this time I did. I reached over to Daterape and held my hand under his bleeding groin and collected a handful of blood which I slathered all over my dick. Then I reached down to where Curly’s anus used to be and scooped up some more blood and mucus, rubbing it on my cock. I picked up some fleshy chunks and got a nasty idea.

I picked up Daterapes severed genitals from the ground and proceeded to stuff them into Blondie’s straight, frat boy hole. He was tight, but as soon as I got one finger in I was able to pop Daterapes two testicles in fairly easily. Then I just used my finger to stuff his scrotum in there followed by the limp, soggy penis. Once I had Daterapes genitals stuffed into Blondie’s cunt, I grabbed the knife and started sawing off Curly’s cock and balls. Curly was so weak from shock and blood loss that he barely cried out in pain at all as his genitals were sliced from his body. Blood didn’t even spurt as his blood pressure was so low.

I wasted no time in getting them stuffed into Blondie’s hole.  

Now I was ready. I held onto Blondie’s hips as I placed my fat mushroom head against his blood slimy hole. I admired my dick for a moment. The beautiful 10 and 1/2 inch beast that has destroyed many a young hole. It had a big upward curve, and got fatter close to the base to a nice 6 inches. I pushed gently but firmly against Blondie’s pucker, pressing with my gut, until my head popped through his sphincter. Blondie let out a howl as his virgin straight boy pussy was breached and I slammed it home in one hard thrust. 

I started pounding that straight boy hole like there was no tommorow. Blondie screamed and cried into the gag as I mercilessly raped the poor college freshman beneath me. I rammed the mutilated genitals as deeply as I could into Blondie’s guts. I laughed as I looked at Curly. He was barely conscious but his eyes were on me. 

“That’s right.” I sneered. “You like watching me fuck your friend while you die, don’t you? You like knowing your cock and balls are being mashed into his guts right now? Huh? That as you die, your precious family jewles are being pulverized inside another man’s shitter?” I slammed Blondie extra hard a few times for emphasis. Curly just choked into the gag. 

“And you.” I said turning to Daterape. “How would mommy and daddy like to see their precious baby boy like this? Their angel, dying, knowing his baby makers are now also deep inside another man? Being crushed, being brutalized? The same cock and balls that they used to diaper, and wash, and powder? Now they’re just shit!”

Daterape was a lot more conscious than Blondie, but he hadn’t been brutalized as badly. I would now correct that. I grabbed the knife and plunged it into his ass with a mighty plunge. Daterape let out new screams of torment as I gave his hole the same treatment I had given Curly’s. I plunged and twisted in and out, in and out until Daterape’s sphincter no longer existed. 

I pulled out the knife and goo poured out of his missing butthole. I felt around in the grass and found several pieces of his anus. I also found several of Curly’s pieces as well. I pulled my cock out of Blondie and shoved those anus pieces into his cunt and stuck my cock back in. They may not know what I just did, but my cock almost shot off as I pushed anus pieces deep inside Blondie.

I was so close, these fuckers needed to die! I grabbed the knife again and shoved it back into Curly’s hole. Since there was no longer a sphincter, and the muscles were shredded, there was nothing to stop my fist from going right in. I rammed into him as hard as I could and started jamming the knife deep into his cavity, every which way I could. I jammed it straight up, to the right, to the left, over and over, making mincemeat out of his organs. When I pulled my hand out, I could tell he was gone. That just left Daterape. 

I pushed and dragged Blondie closer to Daterape’s head, as I didn’t want to pull out of him. I reached up and slid the bloody, gut covered knife across his cheek and under his gag, slicing it off him. I wanted to be able to hear Daterape’s last gasp as I finished him off. He looked pleadingly at me as he tried to speak, but only managed a dry croak. 

“Why?” He finally managed to get out. 

“Because,” I said, lining up the knife, “You weren’t pretty enough!” I roared as I slammed the knife as deep into him as I could. I repeated what I did to Curly on him, dicing every organ I could possibly reach, until I finally heard the death gurgle in his throat. “Yes!” I cried out as I started slamming Blondie’s head into the ground. “Die you rich piece of shit.” I shouted as Daterape twitched a little, then went limp.

At that moment, finally, I blasted off inside Blondie. I buried myself balls deep and pumped shot after shot of hot cum, flooding his insides. Fireworks were going off in my head as I just spasmed like an epileptic. I hadn’t cum like that in years. And I cum A LOT! So I know Blondie was getting his formerly virgin straight boy guts filled to the brim.

When I finally came down from my high. I looked around, worried someone had come across us. I had spent way more time here than I had intended. Luckily no one had. I pulled out of Blondie, threatening him if he spilled any of my precious cum. I grabbed my bag and pulled out a fat plug. I always bring a couple. You just never know. Blondie’s ass had closed up back tight. Virgins, I laughed to myself. I placed the tip of the plug against his pucker and put the heel of my boot against it. Then I slammed my weight down on it, forcing it to pop past Blondie’s ring. He screamed as the plug sunk into him. As well he should! That plugs thicker than my cock! Now that I’ve busted his cherry frat boy hole, there’s no going easy on it! Two more days and my fist will be up there!

I grabbed a sniveling and moaning Blondie, and dragged him by his knees to the van, tossing him in. I walked over to the Italian, who I decided to call Guido, and laughed as I saw him furiously shaking his head and screaming no into the gag, trying to get away from me. They’re so cute when they’re scared. I just grabbed him and dragged him kicking and screaming to van. I shoved him in there, slamming the door. I smiled that I still had one more feisty one. And two more still to torture and snuff.

4 thoughts on “Freshman Meat, Part 1 by Master Daddy

  1. Anon

    Now that was a jackpot indeed! I’m dying to learn the things this Man does to the two remaining frat bois before they die. It really is almost wicked how he gives a little preview to the two. I just hope he won’t be going soft on them.


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