Alfredos Asphyxiation Snuff by Alecx

10th July 2021 6am Alfredo is naked when theres theres a a knock at the door door he opens it morning Nathan says Alfredo come in  over here says Alfredo sitting down on a chair and fastening leather straps round his ankles then over his thighs ,6.15 Nathan opens a small black box he takes out a syringe what’s that for says Alfredo injection to numb your cock says  Nathan  dont want that  says Alfredo I want to feel the blade ,Nathan picks up a scalpel and slowly starts to cut round the base of Alfredo cock and slowly skins it head on or head off says Nathan head off  replies Alfredo Nathan slowly cuts through the back of the cockhead and holds up the removed skin and head, then places the scalpel against Alfredos balls skin them Alfredo says a few seconds later the balls are exposed, 6.30 theres a knock at the door  Nathan opens it, Delroy enters carrying a black case , 6.45 Alfredo asks everything ready,sure is says Nathan as he drives off after an hour Nathan pulls off the road onto a dirt track then stops at a pair of ornate gates he goes into a small gate house and comes back with a plastic bag , signed in he says passing the bag to Alfredo then getting back into the car and starts driving again  he pulls up next to a wall  Alfredo Nathan and Delroy get out of the car  Delroy picks a black case up out of the back of the car and go through a door in the wall,8.15 Nathan looks round over there he says pointing to a  30 inch curved steel frame ,Alfredo strips naked and puts his clothes into the bag  Delroy opens the black case and takes out a pair of leather shackles and fastens them to Alfredos wrists then a pair to his ankles then Alfredo walks over to the steel frame and nods Nathan comes over and cuts his balls off he then  kneels down Nathan fastens the leather shackles to the the frame  8.30 ,Delroy slips a rubber hood over Alfredos head and makes sure that the nose is blocked then fastens a rubber strap with a hole for the mouth round Alfredos head,Delroy then picks up a leather hood with a hole for the mouth and slips it over Alfredos head and fastens it under his chin ,Delroy next picks up a 3 inch deep leather collar and fastens it round Alfredo neck then fastens small straps from the leather hood to the collar  then secures the collar to the top of the frame,9am Delroy strips off his 15 inch ×2 cock springs erect he stands in front of Alfredo Nathan checks every things secured then nods his head, 9.05  Delroy pushes his cock against the mouth opening in the leather hood his cock head enters it then stops he checks all the straps securing Alfredos head to the collar and frame are still tight 9.08 Delroy pushes harder his cock slides through the hole in the gag it slowly slides through till it’s in full length  Drlroy pulls out Alfredo takes deep breath Delroy pushes back in Alfredos jaw bones break his chests heaving as Delroys cock slowly chokes him to death Alfredos breathing gets laboured as he chokes, 9.30 Nathan looks at Alfredos chest Delroy pulls out of Alfredos mouth theres spasmodic shaking then his body stops moving,dead says Nathan picking up a knife and cutting Alfresos erect skinned cock off       Alecx 

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