Tyler’s End by Den

Tyler woke with a start to find he was tied and immobile and in some sort of large run-down cabin. It
took him a couple of minutes to recall what had happened, but the sequence of events came back to
him. He’d been hiking a remote section of trail in the Ozarks; a weeklong hike camping as he went. He’d
not seen another human for a couple of days, nor any sign of habitation and was loving it. Midday he ran
into a man coming in the other direction, with just a small daypack which puzzled Tyler a bit as his map
indicated he was miles from anywhere. Like him the other man was shirtless, as the day was pleasantly
warm even in the shade of the hardwood forest. The guy was older, perhaps 25 years older than Tyler,
who’d just turned 30 the previous week. Tanned hairy and lean with a nice musculature, and obviously
well endowed, judging from the bulge in his groin, he was just Tyler’s type. Dark hair, light blue eyes and
a close-cropped beard he was not handsome, more rugged and masculine.“Hey Bud! Nice day for it.” The guy said.
“Yeah” Tyler responded, “this area is great, and you’re the first person I’ve seen in days!”
“This area is quite remote, I’m probably the last person you’ll see, if my past experience bears out. I
come here a lot. There is an abandoned road up ahead that gets you into the wilderness quickly. It’s
been bulldozed where it used to meet the main road, and the woods have grown and hidden it
completely. There’s even an abandoned cabin. Kind of cool.”
They engaged in small talk for a while, Tyler hoping the guy did not notice his increasingly tumescent
dick through his jeans. This man was so much his type he could not keep it down, and a wilderness fuck
would have been amazing. Tyler excuses himself to take a piss, walking off into the trees a short
distance. While pissing he hears the man coming up behind him, and when he turns the guy grabs him
and holds a solvent soaked rag over his face until he passes out.
“Hey! What the fuck is going on?” he shouts. He hears the guy laugh in response from the other side of
the room, and he comes over to Tyler, who is angry, confused and scared. The guy now has an obvious,
and very large hard on visible in his pants. And he rubs it, standing over Tyler’s immobile body which
rests on a beat-up mattress.
“I liked your looks and thought I could have some fun with you for a day or two. And I always walk that
trail specifically prepared for that possibility.”
“You could have tried flirting like a normal person,” Tyler responds. “I thought you were hot and would
easily have said yes.”
“Not likely you’d consent to what I have in mind buddy, though fucking you is certainly part of it” he says
smiling. “There’s at least 15 men buried in the woods around this cabin, hot guys like you, and only one
of them was into it. He was into it all the way to the end. A shit ton of fun that was, even though I also
love the usual screaming, crying and begging from the men I play with.”
“Fuck, man, what are you going to do? You think you want to snuff me?”
Tyler asks. He is scared shitless now, but both men are aware his dick is still hard, and at this point
leaking precum.
“Don’t ‘want to,’ going to is more like it buddy. Maybe you’ll be number two, from the look of your
pants. Doesn’t matter how you feel about it though, I’m gonna kill you and get my rocks off doing it. If
you manage to cum a few times in the process, that’s cool. But either way I end up dropping a huge
load, you end up dead.”
He picks Tyler up and carries him to a large steel table with a drain and spout down to a steel bucket,
and several eyelets around its perimeter. He starts to tie Tyler’s arms to the top corner, and at first Tyler
tries to struggle but a few powerful blows to his stomach knock the wind out of him. Next his legs are
tied, without much resistance. The older man takes a knife out of a nearby cabinet in which Tyler
catches sight of a bunch of similar torture tools. He’s scared, but also filled with feelings he does not
understand at all, especially his ongoing attraction to this man and continued sexual arousal. The man
cuts Tyler’s clothes off slowly and lovingly, caressing his body as he does so. As he cuts through the
crotch of his jeans Tyler’s dick springs upright and a slug of precum oozes out, and the man laughs.
“Well, looks like you are a snuffboy, and didn’t even know it! Fuckin A buddy. My second!” He grabs
Tyler’s large balls and squeezes them painfully hard in his hand, bending down to kiss Tyler hard on the
lips. To Tyler’s surprise he kisses back and sucks on the man’s tongue when it pushes past his lips. He
realizes he is totally lost, and in that instant surrenders to his captor and his own new found lust;
accepting what is coming. When the man pulls away, Tyler stares at him in amazement, licks his lips and
says “what should I call you?” The man says “you can call me Mister, buddy, and I love a verbal bottom
whether he is screaming or crying or begging me to kill him. I fucking love it when a hot guy like you
begs to be killed whether he wants it to end or wants to feel that hot death load.”
He squeezes Tyler’s balls so hard the younger man feels they might burst, but he feels the precum that
again streams out of his dickhead and just sighs. As the pressure is removed a wave of intense sexual
pleasure courses through him. “How much is this going to hurt Mister, and how will you finish me?”
“I’m gonna gut you buddy. Field dress you like a fucking deer. Gonna make you watch me cut your
entrails out and dump them in that bucket. It is gonna hurt more than you can possibly imagine, but
trust me, you’ll welcome it. I see it in you. Before this is through you will want it more than anything you
have ever wanted in your life. And you’ll ask me to kill you. Not just because of the pain, but because
you want me killing you.” He goes to the cabinet and pulls out a rig, and some crystal, gets it ready and
shoots them both up with a potent dose. Tyler has never done this before, and the rush takes him
totally by surprise. Before it even envelopes him fully his killer takes two large fishhooks and pushes
them through Tyler’s nipples. He screams and briefly struggles against his bonds, but quickly quiets
down breathing hard and moaning.
“Yeah buddy scream for me, but look at your dick. You liked it, didn’t you. You fucking need it. SAY IT!”
The man begins twisting and pulling on the hooks as blood streams from Tyler’s torn nipples.
Tyler has never felt anything like this before in his life. Confused, terrified, excited, staring at this
incredibly hot man, thinking ‘do I actually want to be killed?’ He says “Fuck MISTER, Please, I want it!”
“Say you need it!”
“Mister I NEED IT!!” and unbidden: “Do it again, please Mister. I want to feel that a second time” The
top grabs two more fishhooks and pushes them slowly through Tyler’s nipples, deeper than the first
two. He moans hard but does not struggle. “Yeah baby, that looks nice” the man as he destroys Tyler’s
nipples. He takes the pain, and hopes his captor gets pleasure from that, an emotion both confusing and
exciting to him. The top kisses him again, and then makes him keep his mouth open as he empties his
bladder down Tyler’s throat. This is not new to Tyler and he drinks it eagerly. He is speeding his brains
out, and the drug makes his nipples feel incredible. The older man asks: you been fisted before?
“Yes Mister” Tyler answers. The man unties Tyler’s legs and greases up his arm. Tyler does not struggle
now but watches and lifts his legs eagerly as the man enters him and works Tyler’s ass for what seems
like hours until he can get his sinewy arms in up to the shoulder and his rectum is heavily prolapsed. He
pounds away at Tyler’s balls, tugs and twists the fishhooks piercing Tyler’s nipples. “You know I’m
tearing you up inside, don’t you?” “Yes Mister! I feel it. It hurts bad, but it’s like I need you doin’ this. I
want you doin’ this. I don’t know what the fuck you’ve done to my mind, I know you’re going to kill me
but please mister, make it last.”
“Good boy. That is what I want to hear! You’ll know when it’s time, you’re gonna welcome that blade
into that nice flat belly of yours. You’re gonna want to feel my hands pulling out your guts.” He punches
hard into Tyler, almost to the shoulder and then withdraws a bloody arm, showing Tyler. “Look at what
you are giving me buddy. Inside and out, your body is mine.” Tyler’s dick is still hard, amazingly to him,
and the brutal top shoves his arm into Tyler again and begins to jack him off with the other hand. “Oh
fuck Mister, tear me up inside. My hole is yours, my guts are yours!” He groans as the arm probes deep
into his guts. Finally with a scream he comes, shooting huge ropes of cum as his killer’s arm is buried in
him up to the shoulder. The top pulls out, mounts Tyler’s face and fucks till Tyler passes out before
blowing his load down the younger man’s throat. Tyler comes to, and the two men just stare at each
other. The older knowing how hot it will be to finish Tyler off, the younger wondering what is in store
and how it will feel. In ten minutes, the top’s dick begins to swell again, and he shoots them both up a
second time, so they are flying high. “You want to die buddy?” he asks the younger man. Tyler is
breathing hard, his body wracked with both intense physical damage and sexual desire, as well as
warped by the drugs. “I don’t know Mister. I’m not as scared as I was. This is so fucking intense, but still
exciting, you’re still exciting. And that speed feels so good.”
“Let me show you something buddy,” the Topman says getting his Wyoming knife out of the cabinet.
Tyler knows immediately what it is for and how it is used and draws a sharp breath. “Yeah buddy, it’s my
gutting knife. Sharp as a razor, gonna feel real nice when I push that curved edge into your belly. Your
gonna love it when I get that second blade in and zip you open like a jacket. What do you think buddy?
Most of the guys I’ve killed cry when they see this.”
“Mister I’m terrified, and I’m lost. Keep me high please, and I’m willing and ready. I have regrets, but
they’re kinda minor. The taste of your piss and scum in my mouth is more immediate right now. What I
need more than anything else is for you to kiss me. And then I have a confession, I’ve never told to
anyone.” The older man kisses Tyler tenderly, than strongly, pushing his tongue as deep into Tyler’s
mouth as he can. He traces the line the knife will take with his finger on Tyler’s belly and the younger
man moans, knowing what the finger indicates. His tongue caresses the top’s tongue. And he sighs. He’s
ok with this. He’s being killed slowly and lovingly by a hugely attractive older serial killer, and it is now
OK with him. “Would you rather I was terrified, fighting you off and horrified by what was being done to
me?” he says. “It’s like you and I were fated to meet and share something incredibly bizarre and beyond
understanding to most people.”
“Like I said before, there was one guy who was into it in the past. He was not like you, but damn he was
fun. You are a huge turn on. But the biggest turn on will be you dying for me. What is your confession?”
“I have had, for many years strong castration fantasies. Giving my balls to a top. Having them mutilated
and cut off. Always thought that was really sick. But now, they’re yours. I want you to castrate me.”
“That was next on the menu buddy, so glad to oblige. They will live for years in a bottle of formalin.”
The killer brings out two long thick skewers and a bottle of poppers, and they both take hits. He takes a
thin leather strap and ties off Tyler’s balls as tightly as possible, which gets him moaning again. Another
hit and he pushes one of the skewers through both of Tyler’s balls, causing an eruption of precum and
howls of what does not seem to be entirely pain. Tyler’s eyes are wild, and his breathing is rapid and
hard, but the two are watching each other’s faces, the killer smiling broadly “Yeah buddy, that’s nice,
good job, want another one?” Tyler can hardly speak but nods. “Say it.” Says the top, gently, and then a
second time with more force. “Please Mister, another one. My balls are yours!” “Good little snuff boy”.
And hearing those words excites Tyler much to his surprise, “Oh fuck yeah Mister, I’m your snuff boy!
You have made me your snuffboy!!”
“Take a big hit of the poppers, snuff boy, Mister is gonna take those balls sac and all.” They hit the
poppers and Tyler winces and groans as a second skewer tears through his nuts. Then with no
hesitation, the killer brings out the big knife and brings it up under Tyler’s scrotum. Tyler is briefly
scared, but the feel of the blade still turns him on and he wants this so bad. “Say it! Demands the top, I
know you want this buddy. My hot snuff boy wants to give me his balls! Wants to be my steer when he
is killed!” And Tyler does, he wants that so bad now, both to be a man’s steer and to be killed. “Oh God,
PLEASE, cut my balls off Mister” he whispers. And watches as if in a trance as it happens, hearing his
own scream, feeling his manhood cut free… When the top holds Tyler’s scrotum high in the air Tyler
spontaneously erupts in orgasm. Screaming and crying. With little hesitation he accepts another shot of
speed and a shot of caverject in his dick to keep him hard. The knife is incredibly sharp so when the killer
now cuts both Tyler’s nipples off it is easily tolerated, and he is surprised at how excited he is to watch it
being done to him, almost a pleasure to see the severed nipples with fishhooks in the palm of the older
man’s hand. And finally, it hits him. He wants this final play more than he could have imagined wants it
NOW and expects the pain to be worth the accompanying excitement, surrender and pleasure. They rest
briefly, the older man caressing the man he is so eager to kill, the younger man amazed by what he has
been through and his undiminished desire to satisfy his killer as his killer has transformed him.
As if reading his mind, the older man says “Say it!”
Without hesitation Tyler says “Kill me Mister. Gut me and kill me. PLEASE”
“Fucking yeah snuffboy!” The top kisses him hard, spits in his open mouth and kisses him again, Tyler
sucking wildly on the older man’s tongue, his body roaring with pain, pleasure, fear, lust and more.
“Give me that body snuffboy. Tell me again what you want!”
“I’m yours Mister, butcher me, kill me!” Both their dicks are hard again now, and the older killer gets the
knife he has earlier shown Tyler.
“Kiss it snuffboy” says the older man, and Tyler does, feeling as if he might cum again at any second.
“Oh FUCK!” says Tyler. “Do it Mister, gut me!”
They again take big popper hits then the top pushes the first blade in just above the pubes as he kisses
Tyler hard on the lips then whispers in his ear “Take it snuff boy, tell me how it feels.Tell me what you
need.”. They stare into each others eyes, Tylers tearing up as the blade punctures the membrane
protecting his abdominal cavity. “Shit Mister, it hurts like hell, it feels so fucking good, I don’t want to
die, but please, don’t stop! Gut me man!! Kill me Mister. I need you to kill me!” The Top feels it yield and
smiles. “YEAH…” he says, “so fucking hot to kill you snuffboy, to know you need it.” He pulls the blade
out and reverses it, and Tyler arches his back with the same urgency to feel himself butchered as he
would to pull a top’s dick into his waiting ass. He exhales hard, and the pain is intense, but the urgency is
more intense, and he cries out as the blade opens him from groin to sternum in a matter of seconds.
“Oh FUCK! It hurts so bad, do it Mister, I need this so bad! Butcher me, please!” Quickly the top reaches
into him as Tyler watches and cuts the entrails at both ends tearing them out and throwing them into
the bucket. Tyler can hardly speak. He feels the hands of his killer inside his body, watches as his killer
pisses into him than quickly blows a huge load of semen into him. His killer begins to jack Tyler off and
says “Come for me, show me how much you needed this, snuffboy.”. And suddenly he feels an
enormous orgasm exploding through his body. “OH!! FUCK THANK YOU MISTER” he screams. All the
pain suddenly transmuted into an unimaginable kind of pain-pleasure. Stream after stream of Tyler’s
last sperm shoots high into the air as the two men look deep into each other’s eyes. “Kill me mister!
Finish me quick!” Tyler cries as he senses his orgasm is at its peak “Please mister, kill me! Kill me now!”
The older man quickly punctures Tyler’s jugular as he kisses him and watches as the life leaves his
snuffboy’s eyes while a fountain of blood erupts from his throat. Tyler barely has time to experience
anything but orgasmic pleasure, the last kiss, the roaring in his ears and the amazing look on the face of
his killer as everything goes black.
The older man decapitates the corpse and fucks the head, then fucks the body, experiencing huge
orgasms each time though knowing nothing comes close to the orgasms Tyler was granted from his
meeting with his killer. He pulls out a sleeping bag and air mattress he keeps in the abandoned cabin. He
will fuck the body again in the morning before burying it out in the woods, and burning all of Tyler’s
things. He will not forget this one for a while (and wishes they could all be so good). But will be out on
the hunt in a week or so for another handsome solo hiker.

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  1. Den

    If anybody ever wants to discuss these stories or chat about this kind of fantasy, I’m dwes09 on wickr (at least until Dec 2023 when wickr closes up shop.


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