Dating App Snuff by Den

It’s funny how the urge ebbs and flows. Sometimes weeks and months can go by and all I want is to fuck or fist an eager ass, maybe rough them up a bit, and ultimately fill them up with sperm and hear them moan as they shoot for me. But other times, the urge overtakes me and what I want more than anything else is to kill. Then I’ll carefully get a guy to my playroom, work on him for hours and just when he has been tied up and gone about as far as he is willing to go, put the ball gag in and tell him what turns me on the most and what I intend to do to him. They usually freak. They piss themselves, they struggle against the ropes and try to scream despite the ball gag. But it is to no avail. They have no choice but to give me what I want, and they all end up dead. What freaks them out even more is how I can make them cum while I am killing them, so for brief moments they look at me in amazement as their extreme pain becomes pleasure beyond what they thought possible. Then the pain rushes back in, and I continue playing till I get my rocks off watching them give me their lives. I love cutting a man’s balls off, love slicing his dick in half, love feeling my fist pressing hard against his diaphragm, deep inside him while he bleeds out slowly after castration. Sometimes I can see in their faces that they love that too, my eyes locked to theirs as their blood, sperm and lives drain out. Sometimes I get a sense of a real gratitude when they shoot that death load for me…the understanding that nothing else could compare to what they have gotten and given.

Tonight I was looking through a BDSM “dating site” and saw an ad from a guy not too far from me. It was titled “looking for snuff”, and the faceless body shot was pretty nice. The man claimed he wanted to be tortured and killed by a masculine experienced top, so I thought “what the hell, even if he doesn’t REALLY want that, he’s sure gonna find out what it’s like.” Now I’m not bad myself, tall and strong, and pretty much can get what I want. In this case however he is not going to have the right of refusal. When I’m in a predatory mood, the prey never survives. I’m about a mile or two from a fallow tract of land that has fallen into disuse. It has gotten overgrown, and the fence is breached in several places. I send the guy a pic of my body (with my tattoos photoshopped out, for discretion), showing my rather impressive endowment and ask “interested?”

Within minutes he messages back “Yeah! You understand what I am looking for?” and I respond “I’m definitely what you are looking for, and good at what I do. If you are REALLY serious, delete these messages, block my profile and meet me at that old, deserted property out by the bay in an hour. Don’t drive, walk. Leave your ID, money, phone and keys at home…you won’t need them again, I promise you that.”  He does not respond but does delete the messages and blocks my profile. I do the same and grabbing my chloroform, some zip ties and rags, head out in the van. I assume he is not going to show, or will not have followed directions. But sure enough he shows in an hour, sees me emerge from the brush and does not struggle when I chloroform him.

He is definitely built so it takes some effort to get him in the van and then from my garage to the playroom. But as usual there is nobody around to see and once he is in the playroom I’m safe. Really well soundproofed, and a big vat of acid in the floor that has already made short work of a few tricks, we are free to have fun (at least I will…we will see about him). Shortly after he wakes up on the floor, and briefly struggles against the ties. When he sees me he stops. I’m naked from the waist up, tight leather pants and boots below. He sees the knife in my hand, and I can tell his dick is rising in his pants.

“This is to cut your clothes off buddy, we have a lot to do before I kill you.”

He nods and lies still. Sure enough he has no money, no phone and no ID on him at all. “Good boy!” I say. I reach down and squeeze his balls hard. They’re of nice size and will be fun to ruin. “You’re gonna lose those boys for sure. How does that make you feel?” He says nothing but his eyes go wide with what certainly looks like desire and a precum stain spreads in his not yet sliced off briefs. When I have him naked, I step back to admire his body. He’s good looking, probably late 30’s and well built with a good sized (and now hard) dick and large nuts. “You’re a hot man, gonna be fun to snuff you’”

“You are too, I recognize you now, seeing your face and tattoos. I’ve seen you in the bars and had fantasies of you snuffing me! But assumed that was all they’d ever be.”

I cut off the zip ties around his legs and help him up, leading him to the autopsy table. I can see he is eager to be put on it, and he helps me get him up there. I cut his arms free, and tie them to the corners, leaving his legs free. Just to get him in the mood I put metal clamps on his nipples and punch the shit out of his balls. He cries out in pain but stays hard. I bring out a Wyoming knife and show it to him. “Know what this is for boy?” “Fuck yeah!” He says, “I grew up on a farm, we hunted, I want that so fucking bad!” I bend down and kiss him hard and his tongue pushes hard into my mouth. Suddenly I want to kill this guy so bad I can hardly control myself. Instead I take the blade and cut off one of his nipples, pulling on the clamp to get the whole thing. He screams but his eyes are locked on mine. He is breathing hard and a slow stream of seminal fluid oozes out of his dick. I give him a hit of poppers and cut off his other nipple and to my surprise he comes, screaming and shooting his sperm high into the air.

“Oh fuck man,” he says, “I thought I wanted this to last a long time, but this feels amazing. Take me man!”

I piss all over his chest, blood and urine dripping out the drain on to the floor and then get on the table myself, fucking his ass brutally until we actually cum in unison. We rest for an hour or so, me playing with his body, he worships my pits and nuts, drinking more of my piss. He tells me how much he has wanted to give himself to a top like me to be killed. I tell him how much I love killing other men, regardless of their desires, and he hopes I appreciate his desire for me. I do, always amazed by those men who find their purpose in the act of being killed. When I am ready to go again I fist him until he is hard and barely in control, then with the knife I used to cut his clothes off, grab his scrotum and quickly slice it off, holding it in front of his face before he can even register what I have done. He comes without touching himself screaming in pain and pleasure as I shove my arm deep into him again. He licks his own scrotum as I hold it in front of his face. I love the feeling of taking a man’s balls…the symbolism and the feeling of the knife cutting his balls free, and when a man cums as I do it, the feeling is even better. He KNOWS who is superior, he KNOWS who is killing him, he KNOWS how right the act is.

We rest again, and knowing what I am about to do, I get both of us high with a shot of meth, and give him a shot of caverject in his dick to make sure he is hard until the end. After a short while I mount his face and fuck his throat until his excitement mounts again. He has lost enough blood from the castration that he is going into shock, but the meth will keep him going. When he is fully hard, I bring out the Wyoming Knife again and show it to him. His eyes go wide “YES!” he says “Gut me!!” I let him take a couple of hits of poppers and then sink the first blade into his pubes.

“OH GOD!”  he screams, his eyes opening wide, and locking onto mine “That hurts so fucking much! That feels so amazing Do it man!!” I get the second blade in and zip him open like a can of spam.  

“Yeah boy! I’m killing you, and it feels good doesn’t it? Shoot a load for me boy!” Quickly I cut him open to the sternum and reach into his abdomen with both hands, pulling out his intestines. He watches, screaming and moaning, his dick hard and leaking both piss and seminal fluid. His orgasm erupts and I stab the knife into his neck so that by the time his orgasm fades he is dead in a fountain of blood and cum.

His body goes into the vat to dissolve, and tomorrow I will go over the playroom with bleach. It always amazes me how much fun it is killing men!

2 thoughts on “Dating App Snuff by Den

  1. An excellent story–kept me hard. I particularly enjoyed envisioning your character hitting his balls.

    When your protagonist removed the scrotum, were the testicles nested in it still or were they dangling? In future stories, you might want to let the victim’s balls dangle as your narrator lifts the balls by their exposed cords and dips the gonads into a pot of hot oil.


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