Career Choice By Gay Slavemeat



When Norman sat down at the counter of the bar he was greeted by Bill, the owner and bartender, who brought him his usual draught beer.  Norman was shivering from the cold outside, but the bar was warm, and he knew he’d be comfortable soon.  It was winter in New York City and that meant cold.  At least it wasn’t raining or snowing, he thought., but it looked like it might start soon. 

Norman had jogged from his apartment, which was nearby in the Hell’s Kitchen section of New York City, an area popular with gay men.  He liked to show off his body so, as always, he ran shiftless, wearing only tight shorts, running shoes, and a small backpack.  It didn’t matter how cold it was.  He was an exhibitionist who enjoyed being stared at and enjoyed it even more when people made rude comments.  Then he could flip them off.

There was no sign outside the bar, only a discrete door that led to a large basement area under a tall condo complex that catered to wealthy residents.  Norman was always a little surprised at its upscale mid-town location, since the bar itself catered to gays into serious S&M.  Moreover, to encourage their patronage Bill permitted patrons to wear whatever they wanted or nothing at all.  Norman wasn’t sure that was strictly legal for establishments with a liquor license.  Being a lawyer he’d checked, verifying that nudity in a bar violated city ordinances.  But that didn’t seem to be a problem for Bill.  There was never a hassle from police or anyone else. 

Norman was glad he’d learned about the place.  He was a gay guy quite interested in S&M action.  Most guys were shirtless or naked, with the alpha males usually dressed in leather with fetish gear that showed off their masculinity, and submissives totally naked, waring at most a slave collar or a colored scarf that advertised their particular fetish.  Norman was submissive, but cautious and reluctant to expose himself totally despite his exhibitionist nature.  Being shirtless got him in the mood for his submissive role, and he had slipped on a slave collar he kept in the backpack to advertise his orientation.  The tight shorts outlined his hard cock but left him a little dignity to start the evening. 

The bar was large and designed to enhance the S&M motif Norman liked to be part of.  There were the usual furnishings of a bar, including a long counter, wooden tables and chairs, booths, two pool tables, darts, and large-screen TVs.  The TVs near the counter played ESPN or other sports, but the TVs in the rear played S&M porn that was intense.  Those TVs were in an area with vastly different furnishings.  Guys engaged in S&M sex had access to slings, fuck benches, a rack, several St. Andrews X crosses, and shackles hanging from the ceiling to which submissives could be attached for whipping and other S&M action.  Those were especially popular since ta winch enabled he victim to be raised slightly off the floor and lashed on his back and chest as his body rotated freely from the blows.  Alternatively, shackles on the floor could be used to keep him solidly in place.  Either way he could be used by several alphas at once.  Norman was particularly turned on by that and lately he spent time strung up after a few bears gave him the courage to strip totally naked and make himself available. 

Norman was in his late twenties and while no movie star he was good looking.  He was just under 6’ tall with short-cropped dark hair.  He kept his body otherwise hairless, including his crotch, at Bill’s suggestion.  Bill felt submissives should have short haircuts but otherwise be free of body hair, so they appeared more vulnerable.  Alphas could use their fetish gear to highlight their dominant features like thick chest hair to tattoos, but in Bill’s expert view that was not appropriate for submissives.  Initially Norman had just trusted Bill’s judgment, but over time he saw the wisdom of it.  That was usually true about Bill’s advice.  Bill advised Norman a lot, which Norman appreciated greatly.

Norman had a nice firm butt that was nice and tight and was a reliable 8’’ when erect, his cock smooth and slightly curved.  His sex drive was massive, and he never had trouble getting and keeping an erection, so long as he was playing his submissive role.  He had a lot of trouble doing so otherwise and had sought out a sex therapy shrink to help him.  His build was a balance between muscular and twink, leaning a bit toward the muscular side.  He was focused on fitness at the suggestion of the shrink and had shed about 10 pounds to achieve his ideal weight.  He was young and fit enough to attract the attention and use of the alphas in the bar.  That was an important goal.

The S&M area also had treadmills, exercise machines, and free-weights so guys could also use it as a gym, which they did throughout the day.  Most did so naked, even the alphas, which earned them a free drink at the bar.  Bill knew nudity was good for business and strongly encouraged it.  Naked guys who were sexually turned on and a little drunk spent freely, and the bar was highly profitable.  Besides, guys like showing off their bodies and checking out other guys.  Most of the patrons were worth checking out, whether alpha or submissive, including Norman.

The bar was where Norman worked out and hung out.  He’d typically Uber there during his lunch hour, then strip and go through his exercise routines.  He was one of a group of regulars, and since pretty much everyone was naked, he overcame his inhibitions, although it had taken some coaching from Bill.  For some regulars, the status of alphas and submissives applied to the workouts during the day as well as the sex that dominated the evening action.  Norman especially envied a long-term slave who worked out with his master., The master got a cardio session by whipping his slave as he was suspended by the shackles. The slave did pull-ups between lashes, getting a hard on as other guys watched.  But while Norman was open about being gay, he was reluctant to reveal his S&M desires given that many of the workout regulars during the noon hour     were just there for the chance to join other gay guys in a nude workout.  His caution meant he didn’t join in S&M activities during his workouts even though they turned him on a lot. However, after workouts, the group showers often included blow jobs.  Norman did participate in those, providing services that were very popular.  The chance to suck other guys’ cocks was just too much to pass up, cautious or not.  The regulars would then have lunch at the bar, whose food was surprisingly good for pub grub.  Keeping the S&M theme there were selections like “Alpha roast” (strong coffee), “flogged eggs” (scrambled), and “slaveburgers” (with or without cheese).  The most popular salad dressing was cum flavored. 

Norman’s routine took about two hours, but since he always arrived at work early he didn’t get much flack about that.  But he also didn’t develop relationships with his co-workers or clients.  He didn’t have any clients of his own anyway, so his work consisted of research in the library to assist other lawyers, which could be done at any time of day.  It was boring, miserable work, but it paid the bills.  He regretted having gone to law school and knew he wasn’t a particularly good lawyer.  Bill’s bar was the center of Norman’s world, such as it was.  Fuck, he often thought.  It was all he had.   This is where he could satisfy his fantasy as a sex slave and that was his fixation.

Norman struggled a lot with his cautious nature, and with getting off during traditional gay sex dates.  Being naked in front of dominant guys, alpha males, is what turned him on, and it turned him on a lot.   Once he started going to Bill’s bar he gradually got more comfortable doing so.  He also realized he liked having them fuck him with guys watching, and maybe whip his ass.  Over time he had opened up considerably to increased use as a submissive sex target by the alphas in the bar.  But he set limits on what alphas could do with him and did not feel ready to try more serious S&M action.  Indeed, he wasn’t sure what he was ready for.  Norman was confused and frustrated.  That’s why he had been seeing the shrink for a little over two years.  Dr. Johnson was a psychiatrist who worked with guys to figure out their sexual desires and help them live with whatever those turned out to be.  The sessions largely consisted of Norman lying naked on a couch and playing with himself as he described his sexual desires.  In the first session Dr. Johnson got Norman to reveal that he was turned on by S&M scenes.  He tried to pretend he wanted to be dominant, but when he watched some fairly tame S&M porn Dr. Johnson could tell he was focused on the submissive as he masturbated.  An embarrassed Norman admitted that was the role he sought, ashamed of the revelation.  Dr. Johnson told him this was obvious from the start, and it was also perfectly OK.  It was also OK that he needed this role to get hard and jerk off.  Getting Norman to become more and more comfortable with accepting and performing his desired role was the goal of the sessions from then on.   It was slow going due to Norman’s reluctance to accept Dr. Johnson’s admonitions to let himself go, but there was progress.  The sessions would include a report by Norman of what he’d done sexually during the past week.  Progress improved once Dr. Johnson told him about Bill’s bar and Norman began to hang out there.  As Norman became more comfortable revealing himself at the bar, Dr. Johnson increased the intensity of the S&M porn that Norman watched as a key part of each therapy session.  Norman soon discovered that the more intense the porn, the more intense the orgasm he had during the session.  Again, Dr. Johnson’s theme was that this was not a problem.  It was just part of who Norman was.   The therapy helped a lot in getting Norman to open up at the bar to new sexual experiences once Dr. Johnson started having Norman submit to serious S&M as part of his therapy, but in some ways, it added to his confusion.  He just couldn’t accept that what he desired was in any sense normal or acceptable.  He felt he was some kind of abnormal sex freak.  More recently, to get Norman to realize he was not unique in his desires, Dr. Johnson showed him very intense S&M videos – more severe than even what Bill played at the bar – and he found himself fixating on them well beyond the sessions.  The point Dr. Johnson was trying to get Norman to understand was that being a sex slave was part of his core nature.  It was what Norman wanted.  Most important, he stressed there was no reason not to seek it out.  It wasn’t a matter of right or wrong.  It was his reality.

However, Norman still had trouble accepting the advice, even after realizing from his experiences at the bar and during therapy that he was far from unique in his desires.  He grew more frustrated.  Of late, he got so depressed he talked with Dr. Johnson about whether he should kill himself.  Dr. Johnson assured him it wasn’t the right path.  “You just have to deal with the fact you have major fantasies about being a sex slave and you get turned on sexually thinking about what your master might do with you.  There’s nothing wrong with that, and as I’ve said many times, you’d be surprised how many other guys have the same desires, as you’ve seen at the bar and in the videos I’ve shown you.  What would really surprise you is that sex slaves live very satisfying and purposeful lives if they embrace and fulfill who they really are.  But you are extremely cautious and reluctant in real life.  You don’t seem to be able to let go, but you need to find your place so your reality and fantasies can co-exist.  For you that means a positive relationship with a highly dominant and sadistic male.  Suppressing your desires isn’t working.  If you keep doing it, you probably will wind up committing suicide.  That would be a waste of a life that could be fulfilling through useful service that would bring pleasure to another male, an alpha.”   The therapy gradually evolved to getting Norman to focus not on himself but on the dominant male he could serve. It made Norman think in a different direction but so far it had not relieved his stress.  He was still highly depressed.

Bill, on the other hand, was completely comfortable with his own totally dominant role.  He wore leather pants with snaps at the crotch that could be opened to reveal and release his large cock.  Ideally, they would be opened by the teeth of a naked slave kneeling in front of him, a prelude to a blow job, a butt fuck, the slave being used as a urinal, or (typically) all three.  He also wore steel-toed leather boots useful for kicking submissives in the balls, and a leather harness that showed off his chest hair and massive build. Bill’s impressive image as an alpha master fit in with the pictures on the walls, which completed the bar’s S&M motif.  They all depicted extreme S&M action and were exceptionally realistic.  Bill had them made specially for his bar, with himself pictured as the lead sadist in each.   Handsome naked slaves were depicted enduring all manner of tortures – fucked with cocks, dildos, and fists; beaten, cut, whipped, electrocuted, and emasculated.  Some were depicted already dead with Bill fucking the body, cutting it up for its meat, or pissing all over it.  They were a huge turn-on for Norman and the other patrons, both alphas ad submissives, but for Norman the realism was a source of fear as much as of sexual arousal.  But when he stared at them while masturbating for the amusement of an alpha who was using him, his sexual arousal was much stronger.  That was another source of Norman’s confusion.

Norman fantasized about Bill and liked giving Bill a blow job or having Bill fuck his ass.  Noman acquiesced when Bill required him to strip totally when he did so.  With Bill in charge, Norman’s hesitancy largely evaporated, and he could get into his fantasy role by imagining the fuck or the blow job was the first part of one of the scenes so realistically portrayed, often one of the more extreme scenes.  But even then, Norman stopped short of being willing to drink Bill’s piss, as other submissives in the bar did.  (Bill never used a regular urinal.) But he did let Bill spray the hot putrid liquid all over his chest and face, which turned him on despite the smell and taste, and was usually followed by Norman’s own orgasm.  Norman was confused but massively drawn to the experience and even the humiliation.  He was like a moth to a flame, and Bill burned bright.

Another reason Bill turned Norman on so much was that Bill was an actual slave owner.  He owned a slave who served as a waiter at the bar, always naked except for a slave collar and a metal cock ring.  He didn’t have a name anymore, just answering to “Slavemeat,” which Bill had branded on his chest.  Bill had owned Slavemeat for a little over five years, buying him from a pimp when Slavemeat had just turned 18.  Slavemeat had a classic and attractive twink build, devoid of body hair except a short crewcut, as Bill preferred for slaves.  After all, he was Bill’s property.

Slavemeat’s enthusiastic availability to customers for their sexual use was yet another reason the bar had lots of regular customers.  That was especially true on Wednesday nights, which was Gangbang Night.  Slavemeat and any other submissive so inclined was tied to a fuck bench and made available to customers.  Norman now frequently allowed himself to be used next to Slavemeat and got massively turned on as guy after guy after guy fucked his ass.  If a customer started his turn by whipping Norman’s ass and back so much the better.  But it required a fair number of beers for Norman to work up the courage to participate and he again insisted on limits.  (This made Slavemeat more popular since Bill did not impose any and customers could do whatever they wanted to him.)

Both the collar and the cock ring Slavemeat wore were electrified with computer chips inserted into them.  How Bill used them was a further turn-on for Norman, imagining himself in Slavemeat’s role.  Bill had an app on his cell phone that enabled him to send Slavemeat an electrical jolt to his neck and his cock when Bill wanted Slavemeat’s attention, or (often) just for the fun of it.  For example, that’s how he alerted Slavemeat that it was time to come lick up Bill’s piss and Norman’s cum from the floor after Norman was doused with piss as he masturbated.  Doing so caused Slavemeat to get an erection – a reaction Bill required, and Norman envied.

“Looking for love in all the wrong places as unseal?” Bill teased Norman as he brought him a second beer.  “Or just planning to get drunk, auctioned, and fucked?”

“All of the above,” responded Norman.  “But especially the latter.  It’s been a tough day and I need sex.”

“Fuck, every guy always needs sex.  But let me guess.  You fucked up again at work.  You know, if you keep fucking up, you’re going to get fired.”

“Yeah, I know.  And I know because I fucked up again and I did get my ass fired.  Worse yet, my fuck-up was discovered by Mark, that asshole lawyer I work with I’ve told you about.  He knows I’m gay and makes fun of me all the time for that, calling me “fuck-up-fag.”  It’s caught on with the rest of the office, even Ed, the boss.  Mark’s the boss’s favorite so he can get away with it even though it’s illegal discrimination.  He could have covered for me, but he turned me in to Ed, who fired me on the spot and said he was glad to get rid of such a stupid fag.  He and Mark clearly enjoyed me being summarily terminated in front of the other lawyers in the library, and Ed loudly told me to get my shit and leave.  I don’t even get any severance and he made it clear he’d see to it no one else hired me.  Mark said he doubted I’d be trainable even at Starbucks, which made everyone laugh.  It was humiliating and I could hear them laughing as I got my personal stuff out of my desk and walked out. 

“I hated that job and I guess I’m glad it’s over.  Being out of there frees me up and lets me concentrate on dealing with my sex issues.  In fact, when I got back to my apartment I jerked off and shot a big load all over my suit.  It doesn’t matter since I’m not going to need a suit anymore.  I am going to focus on finding a full-time relationship that includes kinky S&M sex, like my shrink tells me I should.  There must be lots of guys who would want me.  I’m in great physical shape and I’ve got a lot to offer as a sex partner, especially for an alpha like you.  Within limits I like being whipped and fucked, as you well know.  I can now make finding that guy my full-time activity, at least until I run out of money.  That’s what makes me so horny.  It’s auction night and there will be some guy who wants to use me to work off sexual aggression.  Maybe he’ll take me home and keep me.  I’m going to be more flexible about what I let him do to me, like my shrink also tells me I should do.  Dr. Johnson tells me I’ll get off more if I take more risks and the guy fucking me gets more pleasure at my expense.  He says I need to focus on the alpha’s pleasure, not mine.  Supposedly I’d be happiest if I were some guy’s sex slave.  That turns me on but I’m just not sure what I’m OK with having happen to me.  From what I’ve read some of those relationships don’t end well for the submissive.  Guys like me can wind up dead.”

“It’s about time you got focused, asshole.” Bill lectured Norman.  This time he was a lot blunter and specific, letting his own frustration with Norman’s reluctance come out.  “I know full well what you are and have known it for a long time.  You’re a natural slave but you resist because you’re also a coward.  I’ve seen how you get off when some guy seriously abuses you as well as fucks you, especially if he pushes your stupid “limits.”  For worthless shit slaves like you having a full-time owner/master is essential.  It’s your only purpose.  So far, you’ve completely wasted your pathetic life by denying the only use you’re good for.” 

Bill was worked up and knew this was the time to be completely candid.  “Do you know who the happiest person in this bar is?  It’s Slavemeat.  When he was a whore, he had to make decisions and had no stability or purpose in his life.  Not now.  When I bought him, I told him to strip naked, which he did eagerly.  The pimp took his clothes and the few possessions he’d owned.  I had not bought his stuff, just his body and his life.  He’s never worn a stich of clothing since then, and he never will.  He’s also never been outside the building except when he washes himself off each morning and evening with the hose in the alley.  I know we have nice showers, but I make him do that so he’s uncomfortable and humiliated.  That totally turns him on.  I let him sleep in a cage here at the bar after he cleans up the place and turns off the lights and heat.  He gets table scraps the cook scrapes into q dog dish Slavemeat shares with Lucifer, my Pitbull.  He gets what Lucifer leaves uneaten, which means he’s always hungry.  But the chef sees to it he has enough to keep him from starving.  Lucifer leaves him some food because he’s Lucifer’s bitch as well as the bar bitch.  I’ve trained Lucifer that, if he lets Slavemeat have some of what’s in the dog dish, Lucifer gets to fuck him.  They’ve got the routine down well enough these days that I’m going to add it to our weekly events calendar.  Lucifer is amazingly aggressive and Slavemeat reaches orgasm at the same time Lucifer fills his pathetic ass with dog cum.  It’s fun to watch.  I think being fucked by a dog is the most humiliating way to abuse a slave.  That means Slavemeat’s all for it, of course, and grateful for his orgasm – not that it matters what he thinks. 

“Slavemeat works out every day to stay fit so he can handle the abuse and remain sexually appealing.  He’s also popular – I bet he gets fucked at least 20 times per day, and that usually comes with some serious pain like being whipped or beaten.  He thrives on pain and craves even more, which I encourage my customers to provide.  I’m not sure he could shoot his load without it.  Fuck, he even gets all the beer he can drink, albeit second hand.  Cum and beer-flavored piss are by far his favorite drinks.

“Most important, Slavemeat knows his purpose. It’s to serve me – totally – and satisfy my sadistic pleasures.  If I told him to cut off his balls and serve them to us on a plate he’d be thrilled to do so.  And he’d be more thrilled if I cut off his cock and had him eat it while I watch.  Sometimes I let him come up to my penthouse on the top floor of this building so I can enjoy private torture sessions with him or use him to entertain dinner guests.  If I told him to jump off the balcony so we could watch him fall, he’d do it willingly, his only regret being how quickly he’d die.  He’d be disappointed because he wouldn’t provide all that much entertainment..” 

Norman had heard most of this before, but never in so much detail. Then Bill got into uncharted territory, revealing things Norman had not even guessed.  “The only desire he has that he hasn’t gotten yet is the thrill of having me fuck and torture him to death, but he knows that will happen someday and he knows the timing and method are my decisions, not his.  No decisions are his. But I know he hopes it will be prolonged, painful, and public.  He wants me to enjoy using him to put on a show so lots of guys can participate in him getting snuffed.  That’s what I plan, but for my satisfaction, not his.  I like showing off how talented I am at snuffing slaves.  He also knows I’ll butcher him after I kill him, or maybe while I do so.  That will be his greatest honor and he and I have talked about recipe’s I might use and best cuts of his meat I will enjoy.  I’ll probably do all those things to him, but, again, it’s my choice and not his. 

“And I’m the second happiest person in the bar because I own him and can do whatever I want with him.  In fact, I’m going to replace him soon because I’m anxious for the thrill of snuffing him.  It’s been over five years, which is about the useful life of a true sex slave.  He’s getting a little boring and his asshole isn’t as tight as I like any more.  Too many fists and dildos.  Letting guys cram beer bottles up his ass hasn’t helped either, but it’s a lot of fun for customers so I encourage it.  I’ve finished negotiating with a group I belong to and bought a set of 19-year-old masochistic identical twins.  They are fresh, gorgeous, and eager to serve.  They know that service will eventually mean being snuffed and that is their goal.  I’ll be starting their training tonight at the auction and probably will have them ready to take over Slavemeat’s duties within the next month or so.  It will be a great snuff orgy to start the New Year and both Slavemeat and I are looking forward to it.  Meanwhile he’ll do a lot of the training, anxious to make sure they serve me well once he’s dead.

“So don’t give me this fucking bullshit about things sometimes not working out well for slaves because they literally wind up as dead meat.  Slaves should be grateful for the chance.  It gives us alpha males intense pleasure, which is their only purpose.  And it also causes amazing final orgasms for the snuff slaves if we allow it.  We usually do because that adds to our pleasure as we watch.  A snuff scene with everyone having orgasms means things worked out great for the slave.” 

Norman was stunned. He had read about slaves who wanted to be tortured and killed, and of masters who did so, but never considered the possibility that Bill’s dominance and Slavemeat’s submissiveness went this far.  But Bill’s point on Slavemeat’s fulfillment through his role as a snuff slave made sense.  Slavemeat was obviously happy and highly content, and Bill was saying part of that was the fact Slavemeat was going to be tortured to death for Bill’s sexual pleasure.  He was saying that’s what Slavemeat wants and it would be the climax of his sexual pleasure.  Despite Norman’s shock, he was getting turned on by all this, and a source of his arousal included learning Bill was going to snuff Slavemeat.  He had thought it was all just for show.

“I had no idea this was for real.  But don’t you run a risk with the law?  What if someone finds out?  I can’t believe you just told me all this.”

Bill laughed.   “You really are as stupid as you look.  Guys like me don’t get arrested for snuffing a slave.  It’s what the slave wants and there’s no one to object.  But we also snuff guys who don’t volunteer, which is also a huge amount of sexual fun, and we get away with that too – no problem.  It’s the same system that lets me run a bar with a lot of naked males in it even though that isn’t legal either.  Some of us don’t have to worry about all that legal shit.

“You’re too dumb to figure out that all those pictures on the wall are realistic looking because they’re real.  I belong to a society that satisfies the needs of sadistic alpha males like me.  We buy and sell males like Slavemeat who seek being tortured and snuffed.  We also keep the streets safe for worthy residents by snuffing current and likely perpetrators of crimes – young perps who pose a threat or commit a crime.  They are the dregs of society who need to be permanently removed.  If we get to have fun doing it, that’s a fair tradeoff for the service we provide.  The Chief of Police is one of our senior leaders, and he selects appropriate victims from the young losers that populate the streets.   The pictures are all taken at my penthouse, one of our meeting places.  That’s where I’ll off Slavemeat when I decide to do it.  It will be a great orgy for our group followed by a dinner party with Slavemeat as the main course.  Publicly we refer to ourselves as the Alpha Male Society and we are an elite and powerful worldwide fraternity.  But the AMS really stands for the “Art of Male Snuff” and we do indeed make it an art form.  Slavemeat is fortunate to serve me, and he knows it.  I might add a picture of his snuff, which I know he’d like me to do.  He’s been a good slave, and I’m not adverse to rewarding him so long as the reward involves hum being humiliated, tortured, or killed.  By the way, you comment how much you like our burgers.  They’re called “slaveburgers” because that’s the source of the meat.  AMS sells the butchered meat of slaves and I’m a big purchaser of ground slave meat.  We make full use of the guys we snuff.”

Norman was getting drawn into the flame of Bill’s dominance and ventured a tentative query.  “I’d never really thought of being a slave that way, or understood what it might mean, although my shrink has been encouraging me to explore this kind of option.  Would you ever consider trying me out as your slave?  I’m not sure on the snuff scene, but I think I’d be OK with the bar aspects of being a slave.  And maybe the snuff scene wouldn’t be out of the question.  I’ve been thinking of suicide, after all, and having someone kill me would probably be a better option.  My death would at least have some purpose.  I have to admit I’ve gotten off at times thinking of that happening while guys in the bar watch and laugh at my fate.”

“No way.  You’re still too tentative and you have a bad attitude.  I am only interested in slaves who make a total commitment.  What you refer to as the “snuff scene” is central to being a true slave.  A slave is property, nothing more.  A master has the right to snuff it whenever and however he wants.  You’re just play acting at being a slave.  I have no interest in play acting and clearly it isn’t working for you.  That’s why you’re an emotional mess. You haven’t admitted what you are and submitted to your true nature.  You bragged about having a “lot to offer as a sex partner.”  That’s crap.  A slave is not a sex partner, it’s a sex object.  And here you are at a gay S&M bar where you’re supposed to be submissive.  Yet you’re wearing shorts and shoes.  You don’t strip completely until you’ve had a lot of beers to bolster your courage.  That shows unacceptable disrespect for us alpha males.  Slaves need to be naked – and naked means totally naked, not just teasing someone with a little show of skin.  Your cock and ass must always be displayed and available.  And no shoes either.  Being barefoot is an accepted sign of being a slave.  Your real problem is that you’re a self-centered coward.  You think you’re entitled to be in control and set limits on what happens to you.  You’re not.” 

“By the way, I don’t care if you’re miserable.  What pisses me off is that you are depriving some master of the satisfaction of owning you, having you serve his sexual desires totally, and then snuffing you – even though that’s what you want and deserve.  Your selfishness, your pride, and your cowardice are offensive.  Ironically, if you ever worked up the courage to become a true slave you’d probably be as content and fulfilled as Slavemeat.”

Norman had no response.  He was silent and considered what Bill had said.  He realized there was a lot of truth to it.  He paused and left the rest of his beer on the counter.  He was not going to rely on that for his “courage.”  He stood and stripped off his shorts and shoes, putting them in his backpack.  To his surprise, his cock had gotten hard and was now sticking out in front of him.  Several of the alphas dressed in leather gear stared at him, and he realized he liked that.  He liked the thought of being a slave, a true slave.

Norman thought about the fact it was Auction Night.  There always was god action at the Friday slave auction the bar sponsored.  He was more anxious than usual to get on stage so the bidders could look him over.  He left his beer and backpack and climbed onto the stage, his cock hard.  Several bidders were already there as were some of the slaves being auctioned.  It was a chance for the bidders to examine the meat, and Norman liked being poked and prodded, now realizing he liked it even more in the context of possibly being a real slave.  He willingly opened his mouth so a bidder could inspect his teeth, as the bidder explained to his buddy that he’d learned to do this in buying horses and he did the same with slaves.  Then Norman bent over so the guy could finger his ass and verify its tightness.  The bidder asked Norman if he had any limits on his use.  Norman’s submissive nature was in control now and his cock was rock hard as he gave a different answer from what he had said to bidders in the past.  “No, sir.  None.  You can do whatever you want with me.”  He got no answer but heard the bidder chat with his buddy about an upcoming AMS meeting.  Norman now knew what that meant, and while it made him fearful it also excited him.

As the bidders inspected him and made rude comments about his body, Norman surveyed the assembled crowd.  He saw lots of the regulars and a few newcomers.  No one was all that impressive physically, but he knew these were guys interested in buying and fucking a slave for 24 hours.  What they would want beyond that he didn’t know, but he was starting to realize that wasn’t any of his business.  He was not in control this time.  He was just confident he’d get lots of use and anxious to encourage much harder and longer-term use than he’d tolerated before.  He finally understood he was there to please the buyer, not himself. 

Norman was now massively turned on.  He had always liked being bought and sold like cattle.  Moreover, what better way to get himself aroused and advertise his body and its availability at the same time?  Norman was no longer focused on what the purchaser did with him.  This wasn’t just because of Bill’s lecture but also because he didn’t have to get up in the morning to go to work, which he used to have to do even on Saturdays.  If he had a broken limb or two it was no big deal.  He wondered if it was a big deal if he didn’t get up at all.  He was still confused, but far less frustrated.  He concluded it didn’t matter.  No one would care one way or another.

Norman stood alongside five other naked slaves being auctioned.    He knew there of them, all of whom had full-time owners.  One was the slave he saw work out with his master during the noon hour.  It amused the masters to sell their slaves for the evening and watch as they were fucked and abused, usually joining in the fun.  The other two slaves being auctioned were new to Norman and clearly were the identical twins Bill had purchased to replace Slavemeat.  They were as fresh and gorgeous as Bill had claimed.  He was concerned that they would attract the best bids and most desirable masters, but there was nothing he could do about that.  As he thought further he again realized how much he needed to work on his pride.  Bill was right.

Neither Bill nor the masters whose slaves were being auctioned put limits on what could be done to slaves, so the bids were often high because the sex/torture sessions were usually intense and brutal.  As his mind wandered Noman wondered if the bids for him would be higher now that he was in the “no limits” category.

Bill encouraged the S&M fun that followed the auction to start at the bar so all the patrons could enjoy watching even if they weren’t themselves inflicting the pain.  Public humiliation was a key attraction for all participants, including the slaves.  And while alcohol consumed by the masters made the S&M more dangerous for the slaves, it also made it more fun for the alphas and more profitable for Bill, which were what mattered.  The winning bidder usually took the slave to his home at some point and what happened there was private and often even more intense.  In theory the slave was to be returned the following afternoon, which meant it was really a “rental” more than a sale.  But that only mattered if it was a limit put on a slave by the owner who was selling it.  Otherwise it didn’t matter.  There were occasions when a slave did not show up again, especially one that had not had a master.  Norman now understood what had probably happened to the slave, but that thought didn’t turn him off.  Maybe it’s what the slave wanted.  Maybe it’s what Norman would want.  And the sadistic winning bidder probably had a huge amount of pleasure from the kill.  Norman was adjusting to the new reality he had finally faced.

Bill came on stage to start the auction.  It was another aspect of his bar that was quite profitable since Bill took a 15% cut of the bids.  The rest went to the owner of the slave. If there was one.    If there was not an owner, as in Norman’s case, Bill took 100%.  Norman had always been OK with that.  He had never cared about money, which was one reason he didn’t have much.  Besides, how could he possibly accept money as a slave?  That had been his view even when Norman was play-acting, but even more so as he contemplated being a slave for real.

Bill got everyone’s attention and welcomed them to the event.  He started by stressing the bar’s and the slaveowners’ lack of limits on the use of the slaves, adding (at Norman’s request) that this applied to all the slaves, and previous limitations that had been placed on the use of some of the slaves were no longer applicable.  The slaves were the property of the winning bidder to do with as he wished for the next 24 hours.  Winning bidders who used the slaves at the bar at least until midnight would be rewarded with free drinks.

Bill next presented the six slaves.  He had each slave step forward and stand at attention so the bidders who hadn’t inspected the merchandise prior to the auction could get a good look at it.  If the slave’s cock was not already hard, he was instructed to get hard, but all six were already erect, aroused at the reality of being sold.  Then the slave was instructed to turn around, bend over, and use his hands to spread his butt cheeks.  That way the bidders got a good look at the butt and ass the winner would soon rape.  Bill described the sexual performance and skills of each candidate; since he had fucked them all and knew their bodies well.  He especially focused on the young twins.

“I’m especially pleased to introduce two slaves who will be sold as a package tonight.  I have just purchased them to add to my slave holdings and they will serve here at the bar alongside Slavemeat.  I see no point in slaves having names, so in honor of Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat, for now I’m just calling them Thing 1 and Thing 2.  I’ll decide on final labeling later, which you’ll be able to tell since I’ll brand them as I did Slavemeat.  They’ll replace Slavemeat in a month or so, since as you probably noticed he’s starting to show the scars from five years of being whipped, and his ass isn’t all that tight, which isn’t a surprise given all the things we’ve rammed up it.  But don’t worry.  he’ll be around for the holidays and you can still use him however you feel like.  And he’s training Thing 1 and Thing 2, so they’ll know what to do to please you.  If you are interested in tickets to his “send-off” party let me know.”  There was a knowing laugh from some of the alphas.  Slavemeat, who was not being auctioned this particular night since he needed to play bartender when Bill left for another event, looked pleased.

After displaying his ass for the bidders Norman turned around again to face the audience as he waited to be sold.  He still didn’t see much in the way of interesting buyers. 

Then Norman saw an impressive alpha master enter the room.  The master was about 6’5”, dressed in dark leather.  He was amazingly thick and muscular with John Wayne-style movie star looks.  Norman had never seen him at the bar before.  He had dark, sharp features and a look of complete authority.  His demeanor was even more dominant than Bill’s.  The master appeared to be alone but, somehow, he was nonetheless in charge.  Norman got more erect on stage just looking at the master, dripping a little pre-cum, and the master noticed both the intense stare and the resulting added arousal.  When the master sat at a table Bill started the event by inviting bids for Norman.  The master put in the opening bid at $1.  As other bidders laughed and started to enter the process, assuming the bid was a joke of some sort, the master stared at them intently and they backed off.  Bill chuckled, even though the low bid for Norman was costing him money.  Bill seemed to know the master and didn’t interfere.  The master had somehow taken over control of the entire situation by force of personality without saying a word.  There was only one bid, and he acquired Norman for $1.  Bill addressed Norman and explained: “That’s all you are worth, slave.  Fuck, it’s a little high for a worthless piece of shit like you.  Don’t fuck it up by being your typical dumb shit asshole self.”  Norman was even more turned on, determined to do as Bill said.

Once he was declared sold, Norman scrambled down from the stage to the table where the master sat, alone, nursing a single malt Scotch Slavemeat had delivered without the need for him to place an order or pay for it.  Norman knelt and bowed low, keeping his eyes to the ground as befit his status.  He had played this part many times and knew it was not his place to speak.  He always enjoyed this part of the ritual.

 “It is raining outside and there is mud on my boots.  Use your tongue to clean it off.”

Norman was caught by surprise.  This was not a command he had encountered before, and it was not something that turned him on.  He hesitated briefly but quickly remembered his resolve and degraded himself by licking the master’s boots and swallowing the mud.  He made sure to also use his tongue to restore the shine.  But he had not acted quickly enough to please the master, who then told Norman to get on his knees and look at him, after which he kicked Norman hard in the balls.

“You are not to hesitate.  You are to obey me immediately.  This bar is inadequate for evaluating your worthiness to be my slave, which seems unlikely.  Meet me at this restaurant in exactly one hour.”  The master spat in Norman’s face and dropped a card on the floor next to Norman, successfully aiming it to land in a little puddle of piss from an earlier sex session that Slavemeat had not yet licked up.   He downed his cocktail and walked out of the bar without saying anything else or waiting for Norman’s response, although he did kick Norman in the balls again, this time much harder.  The exchange had been direct and the instructions precise, so nothing further was needed. 

Norman doubled over from the pain in his balls, but he was sexually excited, and his cock quickly got hard again.  He picked up the piss-soaked card, not knowing that Slavemeat had been instructed to leave the pool of urine for the master’s purposes in degrading Norman.  The card had the name and address of a restaurant that sounded familiar.  Norman got his cell phone out of his backpack and checked it out.  It was one of the fanciest restaurants in Manhattan, with a dress code requiring a suit and tie.  Norman left some money for Bill, more than usual in thanks for the instruction.  He grabbed his backpack, and, still naked, ran back to his apartment – his cock hard and bouncing in front of him.  In his sexual arousal he didn’t even feel the rain or the cold.  It was about a mile to his apartment and fortunately no one hassled him, although a lot of people stared and swore at the naked guy with a hard on running through the streets.  Norman liked that.  He got nervous when he saw a cop but was relieved when the cop just started laughing.  His submissive side was now surging in his psyche.  He made it to his apartment in just over 6 minutes despite the crowded sidewalks, and after finding his key in the backpack he entered his apartment.  He was out of breath but didn’t slow down.  He knew he needed to be on time and wasn’t sure how long it would take to get to the restaurant.  He quickly showered, put on a suit just returned from the cleaners and called an Uber.   The Uber came right away, and he was relieved to see that he had gotten to the restaurant early.  But he did not enter until the exact time the master had stated.  He had a feeling precise obedience even as to timing would be required.  The master seemed as precise as he was dominant. 

When Norman entered, he saw the master sitting alone at a small table for two in the restaurant’s bar area next to a window. The master was now dressed in an obviously expensive suit and drinking a glass of champaign.  The bottle was open and staying chilled in a bucket of ice next to the table.  The master looked at his watch, verified the time, and signaled to Norman that he could walk over to the table and sit across from him.

“You are on time, which is required.”  The master did not offer him a drink, but just sipped his own as he surveyed Norman much as a dairy farmer might view a cow he was thinking of buying.  Norman sensed what was happening and kept his head bowed. He desperately hoped he was passing muster.  The silence was not awkward for Norman pr the master.  He was examining the merchandise he’d just purchased and taking his time doing so.  Norman was comfortable being that merchandise.

“You hang out in that gay S&M bar and have put yourself up for auction many times.  You have no successful personal or sexual relationships, just one-night stands.  You are a natural masochist but have largely suppressed the logical implications of that.  You are now exploring those implications and seek a permanent owner and master, but you’re also a vain coward and afraid to act.  You often contemplate suicide as a way out, but your cowardice has prevented you from doing that. You are afraid to act.  And as of today you are unemployed with no prospects of getting another job.  You’re broke and won’t be able to pay your bills.  So you’ve decided to act.  Correct?”

Norman was amazed.  How did this person know so much about him?    Everything he said was true.  What was this amazing alpha going to require?  Could this turn out as well as he hoped?  In his excitement he forgot proper protocol and just answered “Correct.”

“You are to address me as Master.’

“Sorry, Master.  Correct, Master.”

“Despite your pathetic existence, or maybe because of it, you are of possible use to me.  You’re nothing special physically, but you will react especially well sexually to pian and humiliation as your masochistic nature runs unusually deep.  In short, you have the potential to be a willing snuff slave, like Bill’s property, Slavemeat.  Resisting that true nature is why you are miserable and considering killing yourself.  Your fulfillment can come only if you embrace that true nature and provide total service as a slave until such time as your owner decides to end your service by torturing and killing you.  Unlike Slavemeat, you are only coming to this realization now and you have developed unacceptable traits in the meantime.  The issue I wish to determine is whether your attitude is sufficiently curable to make you worth the trouble of owning you.  That will require eliminating your pride and vanity and causing you to understand you are indeed just a worthless piece of slave shit whose only purpose is service to a dominant owner like me.  Based on the reports of Bill and Dr. Johnson I am willing to allow you to prove yourself acceptable to meet my requirements.”  Master ended his comments and waited for Norman to consider and digest them.

Norman was nervous and afraid, but also excited.  Clearly here was a master who totally dominated and knew everything about him.  He realized Bill and Dr. Johnson had been working together on behalf of Master and molding him for this moment.  He was not upset by that, but grateful.  They had convinced him this was his only positive option in life.  Realizing that they were correct, Norman was getting more and more aroused, and he could tell his cock was hard.  After just the few minutes he had spent in Master’s presence, Norman realized this could be the chance at service and fulfillment he’d always dreamed about but was afraid to seek for real.  But, even now, was he ready to go all the way?  That ran counter to his nature and he was struggling.

Sensing Norman’s thoughts, Master continued.  “To maximize my pleasure, which would be your only purpose in life and death, your decision must be totally voluntary and in no way forced.  Nor can it relate to my current ownership of you based on the auction at the bar.  That’s a pretend and temporary ownership.  I want far more than just an evening or two.  I am considering letting you become my property permanently and doing whatever I want with you once that is established.  To that end my offer is simple.  I am prepared to allow you to serve as my full-time slave starting immediately.  If you perform to my satisfaction, and I become confident your service is indeed voluntary and total, you will stay in my service until I decide to entertain myself by snuffing you.  This means you must abandon your pride.  If you accept this offer, it will be the last decision you will ever make.

“Today is an inflection point in your worthless life.  Because of your potential depth of masochistic service, you are being given a chance to serve, and to therefore have a purpose.  Your purpose will be to provide me with pleasure, especially sexual pleasure.  Understand that I derive sexual pleasure from extreme sadistic use of masochistic males.  You will obey me absolutely and there will be no limits on your obedience or how I may choose to use you.  You are not yet fully aware that total ownership and service are what you desire, but you will come to recognize that soon.”

Norman glanced around the room as he considered Master’s words.  He was startled to see Dr. Johnson, his shrink, having drinks at a nearby table, and more startled when he realized the other people at the table were Bill, owner of the S&M bar, Mark, who had made his life at work miserable and had humiliated him when he was fired, and Ed, his former boss who had fired him.  They were laughing and watching his interview with Master.  Norman wondered how deep the conspiracy to mold his psyche had been, and he was suddenly extremely self-conscious.  All four were staring at him and laughing among themselves.  Norman had little doubt who they were laughing at.

“I see you have noticed my dinner guests.  Good.  All five of us are members of the AMS organization Bill described to you earlier today.  Tonight is an intervention.  If you were an alcoholic, which you are becoming, the formula is for those closest to the person to create a situation where the person is threatened with having all contact with his closest companions cut off but given an option to go into treatment instead.  Your situation is similar.  If you accept my offer you leave with me as my property, and you spend your life in my service until I choose to end it.  If you don’t accept, you walk out of the restaurant and you will not see us again.  You are already terminated from your job, and you will find you are unemployable.  We’ll see to that.  You are of no further interest to Dr. Johnson and you couldn’t afford him anyway.  He treated you solely for the purpose of verifying the depth of your masochistic nature and getting you to understand it, molding you so you could become my slave.  He doesn’t give a fuck about you at all.  As a member of AMS he seeks out candidates for use as voluntary snuff slaves on behalf of fellow members like me.  And you will no longer be welcome at Bill’s bar.  He’s disgusted with your indecision and he wouldn’t want a reminder of what a worthless fuck you are.  But if you decline, we will provide you one final service.  My driver will drop you off at the city morgue and provide you with a handgun loaded with a single bullet.  That way, when you shoot yourself, the body will be convenient for the city to collect and burn.  And have no doubt about it.  We know your nature, and we have triggered enough of it so this time you will kill yourself.  Your life will end a total waste, as it has been so far.

“So, as I said, this has been an intervention.  But don’t get the idea it’s about you.  It’s not.  It’s about me and my enjoyment owning slaves who fundamentally need to serve the way a slave should serve – totally.  It’s not just your shrink.  NO ONE gives a fuck about you whatsoever.

“Now you must decide, one more thing you are not good at.  What is your decision?”

Norman was beyond stunned.  He didn’t know what to think or how to react.  Yet he found he was even more aroused.  He didn’t have any purpose in his life that was meaningful or satisfying, especially sexually.  The idea of serving someone as arousing and obviously powerful as Master was downright thrilling.  It would add a purpose he knew he could embrace.  He also knew his other choice was the ride to the morgue, at which point he will have made no contribution whatsoever with his life.  Suicide would be his only option and that turned him off.  The idea of being a slave destined to be snuffed now excited him, especially sexually.  He remembered the contented slave who worked out at noon and he remembered Bill’s description of Slavemeat.  He realized at long last that being a slave was what Norman wanted too.  He now realized being snuffed would be the logical culmination of his service.  How could he truly be a slave if he didn’t submit to being tortured and killed when his master found it convenient to end his service?  So to his own surprise (but not to Master’s) Norman paused only briefly and responded.  “Yes, Master.  I accept your generous offer.  Thank you, Master.”

Master handed Norman a piece of paper, and Norman noticed a pen in front of him.  He started to read it but stopped.  What difference did it make what the paper said?  He was now a slave and if Master wanted him to sign something, he singed it.  So he signed and handed it back to Master. 

“Good.  If you had read it I would have rejected you.  You are no longer permitted to make decisions.  You are simply to obey.”  As Master put the paper into a folder by his plate, Norman saw Master’s guests high five each other and raise a glass to toast their success.  They knew what signing the paper meant.  Norman knew they were not toasting him, as he no longer mattered.  Fuck, he realized.  He never had mattered.  Why had he not understood that?

Master looked directly at Norman and officially took charge.  “You are now my slave and your service starts immediately.  You have singed over to me all your property, including your body.  Strip naked and put your clothes and other possessions, neatly folded, in the bag next to your chair.  You will spend the rest of your life naked.  I assume you are erect, but if not get hard.  Stand up facing me with your cock sticking out in front of you.  Put on the cock ring and the slave collar you’ll find in the leather pouch next to your plate.  Attach the leash to the collar and hand me the other end.”

Norman was shocked.  “Strip?  Here?  In front of the window and all these diners?  In front of people I know?  This is an extremely fancy place.  Won’t that be a problem?  I could get arrested!”  The stress of the day and his decision had swelled up and Norman had lost it.  He was almost sputtering.

Master reached over the small table and slapped Norman in the face.  Hard.  Then even harder using his other hand, “Learn your place slave.  You are to do as I say no matter what.  Whether you get arrested is not your concern, and no one cares if you’re humiliated.  You deserve to be.  If I tell you to strip, you strip.  If I tell you to cut off your balls and feed them to me, you cut off your balls and feed them to me.  You are to obey me and serve me.  I will allow you this transgression since you are new to your status.  But never question my orders again.  Is that clear?” 

Norman got control of himself.  He gulped in surprise but recovered quickly.  “Yes Master.  I’m sorry Master and I will always obey you.”   Then Norman quickly stripped as instructed.  As Master predicted he didn’t need to get an erection, and it got a little harder as he slipped on the cock ring, fastened the slave collar, attached the leash, and handed control of the leash and his life to Master.  He stood naked and erect for the whole bar and anyone walking by on the sidewalk to see.  It was utterly humiliating.

The loud slaps had gotten the attention of the other customers in the bar, and Master’s companions were now staring at Norman with glee at his embarrassment.  For the first time in years Norman was self-conscious as he realized everyone was watching him. He was accustomed to being naked when he assumed a submissive role, and he liked that feeling.  But that was at Bill’s S&M bar.  This was different.  It was far more intense a feeling of being on display. As he continued to submit and gain control over his reactions, he realized this was not simply different.  It was better.  He realized the other patrons, especially Master’s friends, were laughing and pointing at his hard cock, which was now fully erect and pointing upward from the pressure of his sexual excitement.  It was extremely embarrassing to stand naked and erect in a fancy restaurant.  But it was Master’s decision and he belonged to Master.  He totally bought into the reality that decisions were for Master, not for him.  Norman could even understand how this would help him cure his stupid pride and better understand just how worthless he was other than as a source of Master’s pleasure.  He deserved this humiliation, and much worse.  He was grateful to the AMS alphas who had guided him to reality.

“Now you are to masturbate, with your cum spraying into the partially filled glass in front of you.  I had the waiter fill it halfway with piss.  Once you add your cum you are to drink the entire combination in one swallow.  Alcohol impedes sexual performance, so you are never to drink that again.  You are embracing your status and you won’t need it anymore as an escape.  Piss and cum will replace it and in due course you will crave them and become aroused if you are permitted to consume those liquids.  You will consume them a lot, especially piss, as I plan to use you as a human urinal and let others do so as well.  After your initial shock you did well getting naked and erect.  When you obey perfectly you may earn permission to have an orgasm, which you may now achieve for my amusement and that of my friends.  And these total strangers.  After all, you’re just a sex object.  Part of our enjoyment will be your humiliation.”

Norman had masturbated for the amusement of the patrons at the S&M bar many times, so this was not new.  But this too was better, as it was far more degrading.  As he stroked himself, he got added pleasure realizing the diners were enjoying watching him, the laughter growing much louder. Best of all, Master seemed pleased, which was now Norman’s only goal.  It did not take him long to reach climax, and he was surprised how intense and satisfying it was.  He sprayed a huge load of thick cum into the glass.  The noise in the bar turned into a cheer and there was even a little applause.  Master’s friends toasted themselves and again drank to their success. 

Norman had swallowed a lot of cum over the years, which he loved, but not much piss.  He didn’t hesitate, however, and drank the piss and cum mixture now in front of him.  Being a natural exhibitionist whose tendencies in that area were finally released, and to add to the entertainment, he used a spoon to mix them and licked the spoon after he drank all the liquid.

“I did not give you permission to stir the liquids.  You acted as if you were a person instead of a slave, and you made a decision.  Therefore you will be punished.  If you disobey me again like this, you will be deemed useless and killed.  Your pride is excessive, and you have much to learn.”  Master took his cell phone out of his pocket.  He opened the same app Bill used for Slavemeat and turned it to full power.  Norman felt a severe shock hit his neck and his cock.  He gasped in pain but did not speak or cry out.  When Master finished punishing him, after five more jolts that added to the laughter as Norman could not help convulsing from the pain, Norman apologized for his error and thanked Master for the lesson.

“You must understand your status and role.  Remember that you have no decisions to make and my tolerance is essentially zero. 

“I am going to join my friends for dinner in the dining room.  You are to go to the restroom and kneel in front of the space where one of the urinals has been removed.  The waiter will tie you to some restraints.  Open your mouth and, if anyone wants to use you as a urinal, you are to service them and thank them for the honor.  The same is true if anyone wants a blow job.  These will be among the tasks you will learn to perform well to serve me, and the experience will help you abandon your pride.  It’s hard to be very vain when you’re tied up in a bathroom and used as a urinal with piss pouring down your throat.  The waiter will collect your clothing and other belongings, which are no longer yours.  Mark will arrange for a death certificate to be filed showing you as a suicide, which means you’ll no longer exist as a person.  What little you owned will be given away.”

As he knelt in the restroom, Norman was permitted to serve quite a few of the patrons, usually both as a urinal and by sucking them off.  A few of the guys took their belts and used them to beat Norman, lashing his chest.  He found the experience exciting and wonderful, but mostly he contemplated how fitting this use of him was.  He had indeed wasted his life until now.  This was the kind of service slaves like him should be used for.

Master’s companions were especially aggressive and so confident about their upcoming success they had brought whips for flogging Norman when they left the dining room to take a leak.  They wanted the pain to be more intense.  Norman realized his former colleagues Mark and Ed were gay, dominant alphas.  In addition to the blow job and piss, Mark, who was about Norman’s age and quite strong, added to the flogging with blows to Norman’s cock and balls, his dress shoes administering much more pain than Norman was accustomed to.  Then he proceeded to gut punch Norman multiple times with a set of brass knuckles he had brought for that purpose..  He added verbal abuse pointing out how worthless Norman was, what a fuck-up he’d been at work, and how much he was looking forward to joining in snuffing Norman when the time came.  The pain and humiliation were intense, but Norman willingly accepted it as his due and thanked him for the abuse.  Mark responded with another round of gut punches, this time causing Norman to double over in pain and vomit all over himself.  But he knew enough to thank his tormentors again for degrading him and delivering the pain he deserved.  The appreciation was genuine.  They laughed at the dripping filth that covered his body.  But he still had a hard cock, which bounced for their entertainment as Bill administered electric shocks using the cell phone app.  They all spat in his face as they left to return to the dining room.  It was a lot of fun for them and a good indoctrination for Norman in his new role.  Norman was totally tuned on sexually and emotionally.  He was freed of any need to understand what was happening.  His only need was to strictly obey Master, and he was determined to do so.

In due course the waiter returned, untied Norman, and instructed him to lick up the piss and puke that lay in a pool in front of him.  After Norman did so, gagging a bit, he was led outside through a back entrance to where Master’s limo was waiting.  Master arrived after a while, accompanied by three of his dinner companions.  Bill had returned to his bar to enjoy the S&M action that was no doubt in full swing by now.  The rain had intensified, and Master’s chauffer held up a large umbrella for Master and his guests as he opened the limo’s rear passenger door.  Norman stood naked in the rain covered with piss and vomit.  (He’d swallowed most of the piss and cum, but many of the guys sprayed his body and face as well as sending some down his throat.)  He could see that there was a naked young male tied up inside the limo, his mouth taped shut, who looked terrified.

The chauffer, who was also naked except for a traditional chauffer’s cap, explained to Master.  “This is a perp who will be used for tomorrow’s dinner meeting, and the Chief thought you might enjoy a little fun with him as you head back to your estate.  It’s a thank you for hosting the event.”

“Thanks James.  This is one more case of how great it is to have the Chief of Police as one of our senior members.  It’s always fun to get these worthless losers ready for the meetings.  This one looks very promising.  Meanwhile, this slave stinks, so put him in the trunk.  But take a blood sample first for the physical he’ll get tomorrow.  I want you to handle his initiation.  You know the drill.”



Master’s estate was immense, including a beach that was several miles long in an isolated rural part of Long Island.  Few people had any idea such a large estate existed so close to the city.  But Friday night traffic was heavy, and the drive took well over two hours..  As it progressed Norman could hear lots of talking and laughing from the interior of the limo, where he assumed Master and his friends were enjoying the young stud provided to them.  The noises soon included screaming, followed by more laughter.    That pattern lasted for quite a while, although Norman had no idea how much time had passed.  Then the limo stopped suddenly with brakes screeching.  Norman was tossed around in the trunk like a bag of fertilizer. There was another, more intense scream that was followed by loud cursing.  Norman heard nothing further until the limo stopped and he heard the sound of a door opening and more angry talking.  He couldn’t tell what had happened or what anyone was saying.  The door was closed and the limo started up again.  He heard a garage door opening, and then closing. There was no further conversation.  He heard someone, presumably James, unloading something from inside the car.  Norman had no idea what had happened, but it was not his concern and in due course, since James did not open the trunk, he fell asleep.  As he drifted off he was surprised how contented he felt.  His body was beat up from the events of the evening, and he smelled terrible, but that did not prevent him from a peaceful night.  It was his first in a long time.

Norman was awakened the next morning by the sound of James entering the garage and eventually opening the trunk where Norman had been stored for the night.  James left the trunk open and cursed at Norman for the stench that escaped when the lid was raised.  He ordered Norman to climb out and kneel in front of James, which he did promptly.  Then he was doused by a huge load of James’ piss and treated to the sound of his derisive laughter.  Norman stank even worse and James ordered him to clean himself off using a shower in the corner of the large garage, cold water only.  He was also given permission to use the toilet next to it, for which Norman was quite grateful.  As Norman approached that area, he noticed a curtain that he instinctively started to grab to close around the facilities. As he reached up, he felt the electric shock in his neck and cock that he had become familiar with the prior evening and again heard James’ derision.

“You are a fucking piece of  shit, more worthless than a monkey in a zoo.  What makes you think you’re entitled to privacy?  You’re a sex object for the pleasure of the Boss and his friends.  Part of that pleasure is your constant humiliation.   The curtain stays open and you do your business in full view of me and anyone who happens to wander in.  The Boss said you had a lot of vanity that needed to be beaten out of you, and he was obviously right.  I’ve been assigned to orient you to being one of the Boss’s slaves, which I plan to enjoy.  I got the assignment because the Boss knows I’m an experienced sadist and good at it.  Clearly, I’ll have a lot of work to do, and I will make it as degrading for you as possible.  I’ll enjoy that.”  Norman apologized, realizing James was right and vowing to himself to do better.  The experience at the restaurant had done a lot to cure his poor attitude.

After Norman completed his morning piss and dump with James watching and laughing at him, he cleaned himself with the ice-cold water and was permitted to shave and brush his teeth.  He was grateful for these normal aspects of starting the day, even if it was a bit embarrassing with James supervising and making degrading comments.  He wondered what James had in mind for his training but quickly recognized that was none of his business.  He asked no questions.  His sole duty was to obey.  Master would mold him into whatever Master wanted him to become.  He acknowledged to himself that having the day start by being pissed on and humiliated would no doubt help him develop his appreciation for piss and overcome his wrongful pride.  He had no decisions to make and he was surprised how much he liked that.  For the first time in years Norman was in a good mood.

Once Norman was clean, James had him lean over the hood of the limo so James could whip his ass and back and then fuck him.  James was strong and the flogging was severe.  It was punishment for thinking he was entitled to privacy as if he were still a person, but James made it clear no reason was needed for Norman to be punished.

 James was naked, as he had been the prior evening, but Norman had quickly realized James was not a slave. He was a young alpha male who worked for Master.  After he shot his load up Norman’s butt, he whipped him again, this time on his chest and belly, then shoved his cock into Norman’s mouth for Norman to lick clean.  Norman thanked him for the lesson.  James was really good looking and dominant, with a large hard cock, and it had been a great fuck.  Norman could not hide the fact he was turned on sexually.  James laughed and made fun of Norman’s erect cock,, kneeing him in the balls as he reminded him he was not permitted to have an orgasm even though he obviously wanted one.  Norman just stood at attention, ready for whatever was next, with his own hard cock sticking out in front of him.  Well, he thought, it wasn’t really his anymore.  He already knew he needed permission for an orgasm, but he was massively horny and focused on controlling himself.

Having satisfied his lust for a while, James assigned Norman the task of cleaning the limo, starting with the trunk.  Norman immediately began, anxious to please anyone in Master’s household even if it wasn’t Master himself.  Besides, cleaning up piss and vomit that had soiled the trunk from Norman’s body seemed a good first task for a slave, as James pointed out rather coldly.   James made his contempt for the salve and his own arrogance quite clear.  Norman was starting to adjust to that and complied without comment other than thanking James for the lessons and promising to do better.

As Norman scrubbed out the trunk and cleaned its contents, James described the household and how things worked.

“The Boss has both slaves and employees.  It takes a lot of people to run an estate of this size, as well as the Boss’s many business interests.  He mostly works from here although he has other residences and offices all over the world.  The slaves are all worthless scumbags like you, who eventually get tortured and eventually snuffed as you deserve.  The Boss enjoys using you for all kinds of purposes in addition to sex, including being lab rats for medical research.  You will serve the Boss or perform other duties at all times, with no time off.  All of us on staff will enjoy making your life as demeaning and miserable as possible to maximize your humiliation.  The Boss will subject you to continuous sexual abuse and torture that culminates in some sort of entertaining snuff scene when he gets tired of you or you don’t do your tasks well enough.  You don’t get to fuck up and you certainly don’t get to exhibit vanity or pride.  I suspect you’ll not last long from what I’ve seen and heard.  That will make your death more horrible and therefore more fun to watch.  Master gets angry easily and if that leads to him snuffing a slave it’s amazingly painful.  I hope I get to help torture you.  You’re more pathetic than even the other slaves but you’ve got a sexy body that would be fun to destroy.”  As he explained things, he also illustrated them by zapping Norman numerous times in the neck and cock.  He informed Norman he was to thank him each time, which Norman did.  Getting accustomed to ongoing sexually oriented pain was obviously an important part of Norman’s training.  It was designed to generate sexual arousal that would not be fulfilled since no orgasm was permitted. 

“By contrast, employees like me are well treated and valued.  We are free to come and go as we wish, although most of us choose to live together in dorms on the estate.  Our quarters are quite elegant.  We are all attractive gay males, most in our 20s or early 30s, so the sex in the dorms is awesome and constant.  There are also some older males, long-term employees whom the Boss especially values and rewards.  They have even more elegant cottages scattered around the estate near the many gardens or overlooking the beach.  He takes great care of all of us, including generous salaries we can just put in the bank since we don’t have any expenses while we live on the estate. 

“But there are rules for us too.  The Boss requires us to always be naked, as he likes to observe our bodies and use us sexually.  I don’t like that because I’d rather have a leather outfit that reflects my alpha nature.  But in one sense it’s a fringe benefit since we get to enjoy looking at each other’s great bodies and having sex with him and with each other and there are lots of great spots on the estate for that.  As I said, the sex is constant, and I do like the fact everyone is in great shape.  We joke that we don’t take coffee breaks, we take sex breaks.  But the joke is true. We’re free to do whatever we like sexually, which works well since we’re a mix of alphas and submissives.  For submissive employees it must be something they agree to, which is a shame.  Some of them would make great snuff targets but we’d have to get their permission and the Boss’s before we did that.  He has an astonishing and totally sadistic sexual capacity and especially enjoys watching us torture each other with his direction and participation.  There is an extensive camera system throughout the estate so anyone can watch or join a session if he’s got the time.  We’ve always got the urge.  I have worked for the Boss now for three years, starting just after college. I understand you learned about AMS yesterday.  I’ve applied to join since becoming a member is my main ambition.  I know I’m one of the top candidates despite being so young.  The Boss has clearly been impressed with my skills at inflicting pain on scum like you and on other employees who are submissive.  He’s also starting to realize I have lots of skills besides being his chauffer.  That’s why I get the fun of initiating you.  

“AMS is having a meeting here today followed by dinner tonight.  The organization is run by a group of four leaders, and the Boss has recently become the Supreme Leader.  So he wears a “1” on his lapel to signify his status.  It means he has complete authority over all AMS members, of which there are several thousand worldwide.  There are three Regional Leaders who rule the Americas, Asia, and Europe.  The Chief is #2 as leader of the Americas and he and the Boss are close friends and frequent lovers.  The regional leaders are in charge of procuring young worthless males as slaves, who are either tortured and killed right away or are put into some sort of service after being conditioned to accept their fate.  Not many are volunteers like you, which in my view makes you even more pathetic.   But the Boss likes your type for his pleasure, and he usually keeps voluntary slaves for a longer period of time to get full value.”

James returned to his favorite topic, himself.  “I think I’m going to be offered an AMS membership at the dinner tonight.  The Boss has strongly hinted at that, especially when I dropped him off last night at his private entrance to the estate’s main building before parking the limo in the garage.  I’m the most talented sadist of his employees as well as one of the best looking.  I plan to be one of the senior AMS leaders by the time I turn 30.  I might have to create an opening but snuffing another AMS member to get ahead is OK so long as you don’t get caught.  I think some of the senior guys have gotten complacent.”  James zapped Norman several times to emphasize the point about his sadistic talents, then flogged his ass again as he leaned into the trunk to put back the contents he’d finished cleaning.  “No point wasting a chance to flog an available slave ass.”  Norman thanked him, of course, but also realized he was getting consistently turned on by the beatings.  He was grateful to be used as a sex object.  He was making progress.

James continued, explaining the day’s big event.  “Tonight is one of the AMS major celebrations – it’s winter solstice and celebrating winter and spring solstice are their main ceremonial events when they do their planning and admit new members.  There will be about 25 members present, all very senior, including all four members of the “Quartet” as they’re called.  In fact, the group tonight comprises all the senior leaders, so the Boss wants everything to go well.  I’ve been involved with a lot of the planning, and while we had some challenges it’s finally all set.  AMS is a very select group and amazingly powerful and wealthy.  They focus on the “art of Male Snuff”- what AMS really stands for – and perform that wonderfully well.  Slaves like you should be honored to contribute your worthless lives to enhance their pleasure. 

“There will be an orgy where a bunch of slaves will be snuffed at the celebration tonight, which is the main activity tied to the dinner.  These are typically losers who are being culled from the population because they are perpetrators of crimes – “perps” – or are likely to become so.  It’s a public service to eliminate them, like the guy in the limo last night.  He’ll be the cooked meat, and they’ll select another loser who will be eaten alive by those who prefer their meat fresh and raw.   It’s an amazingly painful way to die – in my view the worst possible option given the extreme level of pain and the utter humiliation – but lots of fun for the diners.  That’s partially because of the challenge of keeping the victim alive as you eat him.  AMS has developed lots of ways to do that, and the meat is frequently still alive even after dinner, allowing it to be finished off the next morning after spending the night in horrible agony.  I can’t imagine a worse snuff, so I hope that is how you die.  Or maybe you will be part of the research AMS conducts on how to make the event last longer.

“I’m not sure yet what use the Boss has in mind for you.  I don’t think he plans to snuff you yet, hoping to get some longer-term service if you can be trained well enough, but that’s obviously an option.  My guess is that he’ll just torture and fuck you as part of the lower-key entertainment.  Other slaves will provide the real fun and the protein.”  James laughed at the cleverness of his explanation.

 Norman had thoroughly cleaned the trunk and its contents and now moved to the inside of the limo, as instructed.  Upon opening the door he saw a considerable amount of dried blood on the leather interior.  His look of surprise caught James’ attention.

“Oh, I forgot about that.  You’ll need to use the solvent on that shelf over there to clean the blood and gore off the leather.  It’s an AMS product they created since we have a lot of use for it, and it’s quite effective.  Don’t forget the carpet.  That asshole perp made a mess as he died.  Knowing how to clean that up will be useful for you to learn.”

James was enjoying himself as he watched Norman work.  His cock was hard, and Norman was impressed by its size.  No wonder the fuck had hurt so wonderfully!

“The perp in the back of the limo last night was scheduled to be eaten alive at the diner.  Having him die on the ride here was an accident.  The idea was to scare the shit out of him about what was going to happen, which is a lot of fun.  He screamed when they made a sport of burning him with cattle prods.  They described what it’s like to be eaten alive and he knew his upcoming death was for real and going to be unbelievably painful.  He was terrified and there was a lot of laughter as they continued to play with him.  Hearing him beg for his worthless life was especially entertaining.  But he begged even more, and screamed the loudest, when they fucked his ass.  He was apparently straight, hadn’t been fucked before, and was highly homophobic.  So that was hugely entertaining.  After everyone fucked his virgin ass your former lawyer buddy Mark was showing him the knife that would be used to emasculate him, holding it up to his face so he could kiss it, then drawing it across his cock and balls so he could feel how sharp it is.  They were having a whole lot of fun with him.

“I was keeping an eye on the fun in the rear-view mirror.  Then some fucking asshole tried to pull in front of me and I had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting him.  That caught everyone off guard, and since they were busy playing with their new sex toy they didn’t have seatbelts on.  Mark fell on top of the perp and wound up sticking the knife deep in the guy’s gut.  The wound was fatal, and he bled a lot as you can see.  The Boss was seriously pissed, and everyone got yelled at.  The blood got all over their clothes, which really pissed off the Boss.  I wonder if it will harm Mark’s chances at advancement.  He’s older than me and already a member of AMS, but I know he has ambitions too.  In fact, I think he’s my main long-term rival for leadership.   He has the backing of Ed, your former boss, whom he works for.  Ed is the top lawyer for AMS and negotiates all the deals with various governments to arrange for AMS to acquire young perps who should be disposed of.  He and the Boss are also close, and he attends meetings of the Quartet to advise them.  But the Boss obviously outranks Ed as AMS #1.  My odds of eventually outranking Mark are good but having him get in trouble would help.”

Norman just listened and continued working.  When he finally finished the interior, he knew he had done a good job, and even James did not find cause to complain.  Of course, he also did not compliment Norman on his efforts. 

“Since you didn’t fuck up too badly cleaning the trunk and the interior, you will be fed.  You are to eat doggie style from this dish.  You can also drink water from the toilet.”

With that James filled a dish with dog food and placed it on the floor next to the toilet. With a smirk that again illustrated his contempt for Norman, he unleashed a load of piss into the dish, thoroughly soaking the food.  The rest of his load went into the toilet.  “You can flush the toilet after you drink from it.”  James watched the humiliating scene as Norman quickly ate his meal and drank from the piss-flavored water in the toilet.  Once Norman had expressed his gratitude for the meal and the lesson, James informed him he was to wash the outside of the limo while James took a break for his own breakfast.

“I don’t want all the dirty water from washing the limo messing up the garage.  It’s not raining now, so I’m going to back it into the driveway, and you can wash it there.  Use the hose that’s outside and don’t fuck up.  It’s cold, but I don’t think the water will freeze before you’re done.

James opened the garage door and backed out the limo, pointing to the hose Norman was to use and handing him a bucket with soap and a sponge in it.   Then he re-entered the garage and closed the door, leaving Norman to his task.

Norman had long since finished washing the limo when James returned and drove the limo back inside the garage.  Norman had been waiting, naked and freezing, recognizing that this was another aspect of his training.   He had no objection and remained in the driveway until James gave him permission to enter the garage.

James made no comment on how Norman had performed his task, which Norman assumed meant he had done well.  James simply informed him of the next task.  “The body of the perp from last night is in the meat locker adjoining this garage. It needs to be drained and delivered to the chef for preparation as an entrée’ for tonight’s dinner meeting.  Follow me.”

James led Norman to a large meat locker where he saw several naked males hanging by their ankles.  Most, but not all, appeared to be dead.  The room was very cold, but the meat was not frozen since it would be butchered and sold to the members attending the dinner.  The slabs that were alive would be sold to members who enjoyed doing their own butchering.  James put on one of the fur coats hanging near the door to stay warm, but of course did not offer one to Norman.  James then used the automated ceiling track to reposition one of the slabs of meat, which Norman recognized as the body of the young male he’d seen in the limo the prior evening.  James centered it over a large drain and handed Norman a hack saw. 

“The chef will impale him, inserting the stake into his ass and having it come out through the neck.  Then he’s going to be barbecued and carved table-side at dinner.  So the head needs to come off.  It will be opened on top so the brains – Sweetmeats to the sophisticated diners – can be spooned out.  The tongue and liver will be removed and used to make a pate’, and the other internal organs will also be removed so the inside cavity can be filled with fruit-flavored stuffing.  It’s an extremely popular presentation of the meat. 

“Saw off the head and hold the body so the gusher of blood and gore that will come out all go down the drain.  Don’t you dare get any of it on me.”

Norman had never seen a young naked dead male before other than in S&M pictures like the ones Bill had in the bar.  To his surprise, it turned him on.  He could imagine himself hanging in the locker after being snuffed, ready for final service as meat.  Or maybe he would just be stored there like some of the other males who were still alive pending their sale.  James explained that, in addition to the slaves being sold live for butchering by the buyers, a few of the live slaves needed an adjustment of their attitude before being snuffed.  “They need to understand that they will become meat for us to enjoy once we torture them to death or maybe as we do so.  Hanging upside down in a meat locker helps that.” 

Despite the gash in the guy’s gut he looked sexy.  And despite the cold Norman was getting aroused staring at him.  James noticed Norman’s reaction and laughed.  “Don’t worry.  You’ll be a slab of meat too, probably fairly soon.”  Norman lifted the shoulders slightly and used his knee to prop them up.  That gave him easy access to the neck.  He could still sense the look of terror in the beautiful young face.  As he sawed, the fluids started to run out, and by the time he had severed the neck it was a gusher of blood and gore.  He managed to direct all of it into the drain as ordered, and then held up the wrists so fluids in the arms would also be emptied.  Norman himself was covered with gore, but once the body was emptied of fluids James released a shower of cold water from the ceiling, washing off both the body and Norman, which also flowed into the drain after cleaning the two slaves.  He then lowered the perp and had Norman release the ankle shackles and carry it on his shoulder.  James put the head in a bag and carried that.

It wasn’t a long walk to the kitchen area, and as Norman followed James he realized he had an erection again.  It was from the feel of the perp’s body and imagining himself in the meat locker ready to be processed.

After delivering the meat, and to finish the orientation, James took Norman on a tour of the main building of the estate.  He especially stressed the array of “playrooms” located throughout the mansion, each containing a full complement of S&M implements of torture and each containing workout equipment.  They were all set up like the equipment in Bill’s bar, including large screen TVs.  Many of the playrooms were in use, with workouts and sex scenes.  The sex scenes were rough, but none were extreme.  James explained that these were sessions among employees so there wasn’t permanent damage to the victims even if one was a slave.  That would require permission from the Boss, who almost always joined in when that was part of the plan.

James also pointed out the regular workout equipment.  “The Boss insists that everybody stay fit, very fit.  So he makes it easy for us by having lots of options.  There are also swimming pools and jogging trails.  We can use whatever we want so long as we do it naked.  Slaves are no exception, and at least an hour of every day will consist of you performing a rigorous exercise routine.  It will be supervised, at least at the start since you’re obviously not nearly fit enough to meet standards.  Your bodyfat ratio will be brought down to 3.5% and your muscle tone will be increased dramatically.  The Boss likes his sex objects in perfect physical condition.  If he decides to convert you to just a meat slave, your bodyfat will be increased so there is more flavor in your meat.  While you will eat dogfood as you did today, it is a special AMS blend that is extremely healthy.  It will always be drenched in piss, which will also be in the water you drink.  Your fluid intake will be strictly cum, piss, and piss-flavored water.  You will eat doggie style from a dish placed next to a toilet as you did today.  On some special occasions, if the Boss is in a good mood, you may get table scraps.  You are to catch those with your teeth and position yourself on your knees like a dog would.  But don’t get delusions.  In this household a dog has much higher status and will get the better choices.”

James had finished Norman’s indoctrination, and led him to a room labeled “veterinary clinic.”   Under the sign was a picture of a very handsome young male on all fours, wearing a dog collar, with a tail that extended from a dildo stuck in his ass.  Next to that was a picture of the same male dismembered, its arms, legs, head, and genitals spread out and displayed on a dining room table. There was a distinguished looking but somewhat older male standing over it, smiling broadly, and holding a butcher knife.  Under the pictures was a caption reading: “Supporting AMS with cutting edge preparation and research.”  That same male walked out and invited Norman to enter.  He informed Norman he was going to have a comprehensive physical to assess his level of health and sexual utility.  He then explained his role.  “I’m the lead research doctor and I’ve worked for the Master for over three decades.  In addition to medical research on how to increase sexually oriented pain, I manage the physical and psychological condition of the slaves, especially wiling submissives like you.  As a result I’m called “the Vet,” a nickname I like.  I especially enjoyed vivisecting the slave in the picture to illustrate the cutting-edge joke, but he wasn’t a voluntary slave, and I don’t think he quite understood how amusing it was while I dismembered him.  I’m also a sadistic alpha and having no limits on what I do to slaves as I try new methods of inflicting pain is a big turn-on.  I’ve got the best job of all in the Master’s organization.  I enjoy it a lot.”  The Vet had a kindly, almost fatherly tone, devoid of the arrogance Norman had witnessed with James.  The Vet had learned that his approach eased tensions and developed trust from the slaves, which he could build on to improve their cooperation and performance.  After all, as he explained, true submissives want to suffer and developing new methodologies often become a mutual endeavor with willing slaves making insightful and helpful suggestions. This made sense to Norman.

But this was a medical visit.  “The Master wants to be sure none of his slaves have any contagious diseases when he acquires them, and to know the state of their health and pain tolerance.  With that information I help him design the most effective torture and sex sessions.  The beauty of the symbiosis between the Master’s sadistic desire to degrade and inflict pain and your masochistic desire to endure pain and humiliation is a powerful tool I use to enable fulfillment of both sets of needs.  I think slaves perform an important function and my research makes it more so.  But understand clearly:  it is not your needs that matter.  You are just property owned and used by the Master like furniture.  The fact you understand and accept that makes you a vastly greater source of his pleasure and therefore more useful.  That’s what matters.

“On a more practical level I’ll start by checking to make sure your asshole is tight enough to provide him pleasure when you’re fucked, and to repair it if it’s not.  Given how slaves are used, you will require repair from time to time even if you’re adequately tight now.  The surgery is fun for me since it’s quite painful and I don’t provide anesthetic.  Other doctors focus on reducing a patient’s pain.  I focus on maximizing it.  It’s quite satisfying.

“Lie down on this table on your belly and let’s start with your hole.  It’s your most useful feature.”

Norman did as instructed but was curious.  “May I ask a question to help me better conduct myself?”

“For that purpose, yes.  Otherwise no.”  The doctor was kindly but firm.

“I notice you refer to “the Master” while James referred to “the Boss.”  I assume I am to call him Master if permitted to speak, since he owns me, and I am to obey him completely.  But is there another protocol I should be aware of?  For example, how should I address regular employees, which I assume you are?”

“That is an acceptable question.  First, you are to call the Master by that name and never anything else.  Second, you are to address others, including both employees and the Master’s friends, as “sir.”  As a slave you are never to call a person by his actual name.  If you address another slave you may use its name if it has one but preceded by “slave” to confirm its status. 

“I am a very long-term employee and refer to my employer as the Master because of my immense respect for him and my gratitude for all these years of being allowed to serve him.  I have dedicated my career and my life to his service.  While I am an employee and not a slave, if he wanted to snuff me I would willingly cooperate.  Those of us who have been here a long time feel the same way.  He is a wonderful, extraordinary person and his work makes the world a far better and safer place.  But he has never made that request of us and treats us extremely well.  James is new and arrogant.  He views himself as the Master’s favorite and focuses on his own ambitions.  He is not, in my view, adequately respectful.  Perhaps he will learn over time.  I trust the Master to train him.”

“Thank you, sir.” 

The Vet did a careful examination, including a prostate check, and seemed a little surprised.  “Your ass is very tight for a submissive.  Have you been fisted or fucked with dildos much?”

“No, sir.  I have only been fucked with cocks.”

“That’s excellent!   This will give the Master added pleasure as he adds to your experience and your level of pain.”

The Vet then had Norman lie on his back.  Norman had gotten aroused from the Vet’s description of his role and from the examination of his ass.  The Vet stroked Norman’s cock to get him fully erect.  He then removed the cock ring Norman had received the night before.

“You will wear a slave collar most of the time as Master chooses.  But I have invented a better device for your genital pain, which is also a source of humiliation.  It’s based on the cock play called ‘sounding.’” Norman had never experienced “sounding” but he had seen it in sessions at Bill’s bar. A metal rod would be inserted into the piss slit of an erect cock and used to stimulate the penis from inside.  It generated intense levels of masturbation and was one of the many things Norman had been afraid to try.   

The Vet inserted an extremely thin metal needle into Norman’s piss slit, careful to let gravity cause it to go further in rather than pushing it.  He did not want to cut the inside of the stiff muscle, When the rod reached the scrotum, the Vet cut into Norman’s ball sack and inserted a tiny piece of metal into which he inserted the bottom end of the needle.  He closed the wound and admired his work, playing with the end of the needle that now stuck out about an inch beyond the tip of Norman’s cock.  The cut had hurt but Norman found the stimulation arousing.

Next, the Vet activated an app on his cell phone and Norman felt an astonishing level of pain from the rod.  He had great difficulty suppressing a scream, but also felt himself getting even more aroused.  The metal chip was not just causing a flow of electricity, it was causing the needle to vibrate, masturbating Norman from inside his penis.  As the pain and pleasure both continued to increase he lost control and let out a loud yelp of pain as his cock exploded with an eruption of cum.  The needle was thin enough for the cum to shoot out his cock, and the liquid added to the intensity of the electricity flowing into his genitals.  He knew he was not permitted to cum without permission and apologized once the pain level was reduced.

“You responded to stimulation of your cock accompanied by an exceedingly high level of pian by having an orgasm.  This confirms the depth of your masochistic nature as your psychiatrist, Dr. Johnson, concluded from your therapy sessions.  He is one of my best protégé’s and we have been working together to release your true nature.  The orgasm was outside your control and the Master can use this toy to generate one whenever he wants.  Or he can use the phone app to just send an electric jolt without the vibrations.  That just generates pain without the pleasure.  It is one more example of the fact you have no decisions to make.  That includes if and when you are permitted to cum and how much pain you receive when you do.  At some level of pain, combined with the stimulation to the inside of the cock, a true masochist slave has no choice but to cum.  That’s a great power trip for the Master, highlighting the fact you’re just a sex toy.  The pleasure the slave feels from the orgasm is entertaining and trains the slave to seek greater and greater levels of pain to achieve the orgasm.  I think the Master will have lots of fun with your ability to endure a high pain level and reach orgasm as the pain increases.  Over time you will be conditioned to require pain in order to shoot your load.  Again, understand:  As with everything else in your life, you are no longer the decision maker.  Master is.”  The Vet alerted Norman that the rod would cause him to experience pain when he pissed.  This was of course another advantage of the device.  The more he felt pain from routine actions, the better.  And finally, while the rod would be replaced from time to time there would now always be one inserted into Norman’s cock and it would cause the cock to remain erect at all times.  A slave should be erect in the presence of its master, and in this case it would also be a further humiliation for Norman in public, with the metal end of the rod sticking out of his hard cock for others to laugh at. 

Norman said nothing but felt this was the best orgasm he’d ever had.  His belly and chest were covered with cum from the strength of it.  He even liked the idea of being an object of reticule.  Had he been permitted to speak he would have thanked the Vet for installing this awesome source of pain, humiliation, and pleasure.  As he contemplated all this, the Vet provided a final point of explanation for Norman. He illustrated another use of the metal rod, taking a lighter and holding the flame under the end of the rod, which became extremely hot. “I encourage alphas to be careful with this use, since it cooks the cock form the inside.  The pain is fabulous, but the result can impede the cock’s functions.  So it’s best used when it’s time for the cock to be removed.”  He applied some ice to cool the metal before there was damage., Norman didn’t focus or even hear what the Vet had said.  He was loudly screaming, and passed out, from the unbelievable pain.  The Vet laughed, pleased with the session so far.

When Norman awoke he saw that the Vet had summoned a medical assistant to help with the rest of the exam.   The assistant appeared much younger than Norman and looked familiar.  He had a beautiful twink body highlighted by an unusually large cock that was fully erect.   It had one of the sounding rods sticking out from the end of the cock.  “This is snuffslave Vincent, another willing submissive like yourself.  The Master gave him to me as a present, and I use him for some of my experiments in addition to sex sessions.  I also trained him to assist in my research and help me manage the slaves, since he majored in biology in college and did well.  Like Bill’s Slavemeat, and unlike you, Vincent realized his true nature early on, in his case during college.  Once he walked off the stage at graduation he tossed the diploma into a garbage can, stripped off his gown (revealing he was wearing nothing under it), signed the agreement selling himself and his possessions to the Master, and walked to one of Master’s trucks wearing just a slave collar with a leash provided by one of Master’s naked employees.  His cock was rock hard.  Everyone stared in shock and pointed, with lots of rude comments ridiculing him, but he smiled broadly as he climbed into the rear cargo area alongside some manure.  Both he and the manure were destined for Master’s gardens, although he would provide service and entertainment first.  He has been a snuffslave ever since.   He’s proved useful as well as enthusiastic about being an object of extreme pain and abuse.  He will be a good role model for you and give you some added instruction.”  AS the Vet was speaking Norman realized he’d indeed seen Vincent before – in the waiting room of Dr. Johnson’s office.  The two “graduates” of that training nodded to each other but being slaves they did not speak, but Norman could tell Vincent was content in his role.  He also was impressed at how Vincent was able to serve even beyond being a sex object.  Norman was coming to realize that snuff slaves could perform important tasks while awaiting their termination.  Over time, he found Vincent a great example and they became true friends.  They couldn’t be lovers, of course, since they didn’t have permission.  But they did get to compare what they’d each learned from Dr. Johnson and made suggestions to the Master and the Vet on original ideas for torturing and using them.

At the Vet’s instruction Vincent started the next phase of the exam by licking up Norman’s cum, which he obviously enjoyed.  Then, as the Vet undertook other aspects of the exam, Vincent continued the explanation of how Norman would be used.  “Master enjoys thrusting his cock all the way down the throat of a slave, so your tongue can massage it at its base.  Since his cock is remarkably large, this produces a gag reflex.  I will administer a procedure that will disable that.  My Master did it on me, and I find it satisfying to do such a much better job servicing his cock, or any other alpha, when I’m permitted to do so.  As an added plus it gives the alpha I’m serving the option of using his cock to choke me to death, which is the ultimate breath play and a power trip they enjoy.  So far it’s just been to cause me to pass out, but whether they withdraw their cock so wake up is the alpha’s choice.”  Norman understood and appreciated the utility of the procedure, doing his best to cooperate despite the fact that, without any anesthetic, it was fairly painful.  Breath play was another thing he’d been afraid to try.

The rest of the exam was more routine, including EKG and EEG tests, reflexes, weight and bodyfat levels, and so forth.  It was quite comprehensive, but the Vet and Vincent were efficient, so it went quickly..  The Vet informed Norman he was in excellent health, including the results of the blood draw James had taken the night before prior to loading Norman in the trunk of the limo.

“There is no need to address any issues and you are ready for immediate service.  You have strong cardio and pulmonary systems and can endure a lot of physical stress and pain.  Pain causes you sexual arousal, so the Master will enjoy using you, and when he decides to harvest you it can be an especially pleasurable event for him given your sex drive and pain tolerance.  Dr. Johnson has already measured that and it is one of the reasons for your selection.  Slaves with your need to serve and your ability to perform sexually as you are tortured are somewhat rare.  I’m extremely pleased, knowing how much the Master will enjoy your body and service.”

After the physical one of the personal trainers was summoned and led Norman to one of the playrooms, where he guided Norman through the most rigorous exercise routine he’d ever experienced.  If the trainer didn’t feel Norman was performing well enough, he administered a shock through the collar and sounding rod, or simply flogged Norman, usually on the genitals. Norman was totally drained afterwards but grateful for the instruction.  He liked working out bit had not experienced combining it with being punished, as he had seen the master and slave perform at Bill’s bar.. Not for the last time, Norman wondered why he had resisted his true nature until now.  If this were part of the daily routine that would be wonderful.

After permitting Norman to take a cold shower the trainer escorted Norman to the Master’s suite.  Norman was nervous and excited.  Would he be accepted as Master’s slave?  His eagerness serve Master was total.


In Master’s Presence

As Norman entered the room he saw Master enjoying a session with another slave, who was kneeling in front of Master and swallowing a stream of Master’s piss.  For the first time Norman beheld Master’s naked body and Norman was overwhelmed.  Master was far beyond handsome and dominant.  To Norman he was god-like, his bronzed skin glistening with sweat from whatever use he had made of the slave.  Every inch of his muscular body and every aspect of his demeanor showed the power he possessed, both physical and psychological.  Snuffslave Vincent had described Master’s cock as large, but massive would have been more accurate.  Norman immediately contemplated how wonderfully painful it would be if Master used his amazing tool to fuck Norman’s unworthy ass.  Instinctively, Norman knelt before Master, awaiting instructions.

While Master was aware of Norman’s presence he said nothing, continuing to fill the slave’s throat with urine.  When he had done so Norman’s attention turned to the slave and he realized it no longer had a cock or balls and was bleeding from where they had been.   Its skin was severely lacerated and also bleeding.  Master instructed the slave to stand and then lie on its back on a nearby fuck bench, which it did.  There was obvious pain as its shredded skin touched the bench, but the slave did not speak.  Then Master thrust his giant cock into the slave’s hole and began fucking it.  Once he got his rhythm fully engaged, he took a knife and inserted it deep into the slave’s gut, cutting upward well beyond the belly.  The slave was in fatal agony but was still able to express its thanks to Master for having been allowed to serve him and his shame that the service had not been performed to Master’s standards.  Master felt the thrill of ultimate dominance as the slave died, its asshole tightening around Master’s cock as life was drained from its body.  Master achieved orgasm as the body entered its death spasms, filling the hole with a major load of cum.  He withdrew his cock and looked at Noman.  “My cock needs cleaning, slave.”

Norman instantly crawled to Master and used his mouth to lovingly clean the gorgeous muscle.  He was grateful that Snuffslave Vincent had removed his gag reflex, as Master drove the male weapon deep into Norman’s eager throat.  Norman had trouble breathing but was sexually thrilled.  If Master chose to choke him to death that was fine with Norman.  But that was not Master’s current plan and he allowed Norman to breathe.  He next addressed the trainer, whose cock demonstrated how much he’d enjoyed watching the snuff scene.

“This slave did not perform its duties well for quite some time and I frankly got tired of it.  This was a satisfying way to release my frustration and at least it had the right attitude as it died.  Would you like to fuck it?  The ass is tight and the body is still warm.  It looks like you might need a little release yourself judging by that hard on you’ve got.  I’ve lubricated it rather thoroughly for you.”  Master chuckled, looking at the dead slave and admiring his handiwork.  Norman felt the cock in his mouth harden a bit.

This was the first of many examples Norman would observe showing Master’s generosity to his employees.  The trainer was grateful and quickly inserted his own cock, energetically fucking the warm slab of slavemeat.  It was not long before he also had a satisfying orgasm, and Master directed Norman to now service the trainer by cleaning his cock.  Norman did so at once, completely aroused by the uses to which he was being put.  The snuff scene had been a turn-on, and he vowed to himself that he would perform well for Master so that when Master snuffed him it would not be because Norman had failed in his duties.  He wanted the snuff to be because Master wanted a little fun, not because Norman needed to be punished.

“Take the slave to the main hall and string him up for others to observe.  Be sure employees know he’s fair game to fuck.  I want all the slaves to be reminded what happens if they disappoint me.”  The trainer thanked Master for the chance to fuck the slave, then easily picked up the body and put it into a bag so it wouldn’t bleed on the carpets as he caried it.  Quite a lot of blood had flowed out, some onto Master. 

Master turned to Norman.  “I wish to shower before using you.  You may have the honor of assisting me.”  Norman followed Master into an adjoining bathroom where he was instructed on how Master required slaves to serve him as he showered and dried.  Norman paid close attention and did exactly as instructed.  After a long and refreshing shower they returned to the main suite.  To Norman’s surprise the suite was now completely cleaned, the bloodstains and other remnants of the slave having been carefully removed and all the equipment returned to its proper location for Master’s future use.  Then Norman remembered how easily the solvent he’d used cleaned the blood-stained interior of the limo, realizing that an army of slaves had no doubt scrubbed the area while Master showered.  Master ran an orderly and precise empire with no detail ignored.

“I have heard promising reports on your indoctrination.  The Vet in particular is optimistic you could serve my purposes and saw no reason to postpone that service.  He was even optimistic about your progress in abandoning your disrespectful pride and embracing your true status and purpose.  Is he correct?”

“Yes, Master,” Norman replied, almost eagerly.  “I now realize being your slave is the best use of me and I am anxious to serve you totally.  Please use me or dispose of me however you wish to.  You can count on my cooperation and gratitude no matter what you choose to do.  I realize all decisions are yours to make.”

“Good.  Dr. Johnson predicted you would quickly adjust once you embraced your nature and purpose.  The Vet also says you have a tight ass, and he believes your claim that you have never been fisted or had large dildos thrust into it.  Is he correct?”

“Yes, Master.  I have been fucked many times but only with cocks.  It was part of my absurd resistance to releasing myself to fulfill my true nature.”

Master smiled.  He was already in a good mood after his luncheon meeting with fellow AMS leaders.  They had efficiently handled the business issues they needed to address, including a personnel challenge, and the rest of the day could now turn to enjoying well-deserved sadistic sexual pleasure like snuffing the slave who had not performed well.  It was a lot of fun and he was looking forward to his first use of Norman.  He directed him to lean over the fuck bench he used for the snuff, which Norman immediately did.  His ass now nicely positioned for Master’s use.  He hoped Master would enjoy whatever he was about to do to it.

Master started by securing Norman’s wrists and ankles to the bench.  It wasn’t that he had any worries of Norman resisting, but it helped stress Master’s total control. Then Master thrust his cock into Norman’s man hole, verifying its tightness and giving himself pleasure as he thrust in and out, creating a rhythm to the fucking.  As he did so he explained Norman’s use beyond being a sex object.

“I am a person of great wealth and power, and I require the total service of sex slaves even beyond sexual roles and snuff scenes.  One part of that is what I call a “body slave.”  The role is patterned after the “body men” who serve the President of the United States and other world leaders.  They are always present, and they carry things and perform tasks that are helpful for the leader they serve.  That includes everything from energy bars to cell phones.  They handle errands and deliver messages as needed.  They position the chair for the leader to sit as the meeting starts.  It is a role of total personal service that is quite useful for the leaders.  It also enhances our sense of power knowing we have a person at our disposal whose only role is to meet our slightest needs and desires.

“You will henceforth be one of my body slaves.  You are better educated, more mature, and more submissive than my typical slaves so you may have the honor of becoming my main body slave, another prediction of Dr. Johnson, which the Vet shares.  The role is obviously different from a body man in some ways, since you are property, which means there are no limits on how I use you.  And you will be naked, as you will for the remainder of your life. You will carry things in a sling bag over your shoulder.  I require slaves to be erect in my presence, which the sounding rod sticking out from your piss slit will assure.  That’s especially important as I want to have you constantly humiliated.  Being naked and erect around important people assures that, especially as they make degrading remarks about you and enjoy comments about the part of the needle that sticks out from your cock.  It’s part of demonstrating my power and dominance, and also theirs.  The bag will contain the usual stuff a body man has, but it also will have some of my favorite S&M toys so I can torture you whenever I feel like it.  That might be private or public.  For example, one of the tools will be a lighter to heat up the needle so it burns the inside of your cock.  Another will be a knife I can have you hand me if I decide to cut off your cock and balls and offer them as a present to one of my guests or gut you if you fail to perform as instructed.  My cell phone has the app for causing the chip in your balls to send electric current and cause the needle to vibrate so you are masturbated for everyone’s amusement.  And finally, as you would expect you will be used as a human urinal by everyone present with an expectation that you also suck their cocks..

“Vincent has served this role for a few months since I got bored with my prior body slave and snuffed him.  He had served me well for some years, but his ass was so loose even the Vet couldn’t repair it and his body was showing increasingly visible signs of the abuse he received.  He completely agreed it was time, not that his opinion mattered, and cooperated fully with the snuff.  I secured him on a rack and used it and a small axe to rip his body into pieces.  He had watched that happen to another slave and had a major orgasm imagining it happening to him.  When I picked that as the method I’d use to kill him he expressed his gratitude for the choice and the chance to serve.  As he died he again had a massive orgasm while I was cutting off his cock and balls.  You will be shown a video of the event, so you have a role model to follow when I torture you to death.  And if you serve me well, in due course I may take your desires on how you are snuffed into account.  It adds to my pleasure to know my slaves are eager for their death at my hands and it’s a suitable reward for their service.  But the decision is, of course, entirely mine.

“Vincent will fill you in on details of your tasks.  He has done it well, but I noticed how much his young body and great attitude sexually turned on the Vet.  I gave him Vincent as a birthday present and a reward for his great work.”  Master did not ask if Norman had any questions, but just kept thrusting in and out as he spoke.  Norman felt pain from the size of Master’s cock and was overcome with joy and arousal from that and the prospect of this fantastic chance to serve.  Even if asked he would not have had any questions.

Master did not reach orgasm.  He had shot a load into the slave he snuffed and wanted to save himself of the evening fun.  Instead, he withdrew and then examined Norman’s hole more closely.  “Time to introduce you to new uses.  You will find this extremely painful.  And you will experience it frequently.”

Master inserted several fingers into the hole, then added more as he proceeded.  Norman had not felt this level of pain up his butt before but was determined to cooperate.  As the collection of fingers was replaced by Master’s fist, Norman felt not only a huge increase in the level of pain but also a welcome pressure on his prostate.  It was a mixture of torture and arousal he was learning to respond to, and he was now focused on making sure he did not have an unauthorized orgasm.  Master now had his fist inserted fully and stopped as his wrist drew even with the start of the hole.

“You are indeed a virgin as to fisting,” he said.   “Or at least you were.”  Master next withdrew his fist and took a whip to the ass, then released Norman and had him roll over on his back.  He flogged the chest and belly after again securing Norman to the bench.  The session ended with a focus on Norman’s cock and balls.

“Both the Vet and Dr. Johnson report that you respond unusually well to cock and ball torture.  Let’s find out how well.  I expect you to cum for my satisfaction.”

Master positioned Norman to give himself easy access to the genitals.  Norman’s cock was still quite hard – maybe more so – and both cock and balls were fully exposed and vulnerable.  Master then took the whip and began lashing the cock and balls.  Norman, knowing he had permission, did not hold back his arousal.  After about two dozen strokes he felt intense sexual pleasure that overtook the torment.  His cock erupted with a stream of thick cum shooting into the air. 

“Well, Dr. Johnson was correct as usual.  Fuck, if I get bored with you I could sell you to a circus as part of a sex freak show.  You are truly a pathetic piece of masochistic slave shit.”

Master was quite pleased, and Norman was amazed to realize this orgasm had been even stronger than the one generated by the Vet’s sounding device earlier that afternoon.  He remembered when Dr. Johnson had experimented with him during the psychiatric sessions and was grateful to have been trained to reach orgasm while his genitals were whipped.  But none of those orgasms was anything like this one.  This was a level of intensity he had not imagined possible.  This was an orgasm for Master’s enjoyment and that made it awesome.

Norman could not believe his good fortune, angry with himself that he had waited so long.  This was the perfect relationship.  If Master decided to snuff him as early as that evening it would still have been worth it.


An AMS Dinner Party

After Master finished his fun with Norman he allowed Norman to assist him as he prepared for the dinner party.  He started with a hot shower and Norman had the honor of washing his body again and then toweling it off.    Norman fetched the outfit Master would wear, learning where various items of Master’s clothing were kept.  It was essentially the same outfit Master had worn at Bill’s bar, but this leather jacket had “AMS” on the left breast with “1” underneath it, signifying Master’s status.  As Norman used his tongue to spit-shine Master’s boots he thought about how important and powerful Master was and what an honor it was to serve him. 

When he was ready Master attached a leash to Norman’s collar, and he followed Master, crawling on all fours like a dog, as Master headed to the estate’s main ballroom.  As they exited Master’s suite Norman saw Vincent, also on all fours and wearing a collar with a leash.  He held the end of the leash between his teeth, like a stick retrieved by a dog that was ready for the owner to take.  As Master took hold of the leash Vincent quietly explained to Norman that he was there to assure Norman learned his tasks and nothing went awry.  Norman was very grateful and very impressed.  Clearly Master thought of everything.

The ballroom was large and divided into several sections.  There was a stage that overlooked everything, and a separate area set up for formal dining.  Another area was designed to host the cocktail function prior to the ceremonies and dinner, which included an assembly of S&M equipment for AMS members to use as they partied.  Norman saw about 25 alphas dressed much like Master, and he correctly assumed these were the AMS members.  They were accompanied by their own slaves, naked except for collars and leashes like Norman and Vincent.  Some of Master’s employees served as waiters and provided outstanding appetizers and whatever the alphas wanted by way of drinks.  They were also naked but had black bow ties to signify their status.  Norman noticed James was among the waiters and wondered if that meant he had not gotten an invitation to join AMS.  James had described his role as managing the event, not being part of the wait staff.

Some of the AMS guests were admiring the preparation of the perp Norman had carried to the kitchen earlier in the day. The body had been placed on a rotisserie with a long metal spike driven into its ass that protruded from its neck.  The spike was long enough so the arms and legs could also be attached, and the meat was slowly turning over hot coals at it roasted.  There was a wonderful aroma as it was cooked to perfection.  The head was displayed with the top removed and a spoon inserted to scoop helpings of sweetmeats into elegant cups made from the scrotums of other slaves.  That table also included a wide variety of side dishes, including fresh steamed testicles with toothpicks to use in dipping sauces.  Like the scrotums, these were harvested from slaves deemed unworthy for sexual use.  Many were agricultural slaves assigned to work the fields, who were emasculated to make them more docile.

As they socialized and enjoyed the appetizers most of the AMS members were using the S&M equipment to have fun with their own slaves plus others provided for their amusement and some of Master’s submissive employees who had requested this use..  The slaves would be auctioned off later so this was a chance to inspect them, especially the tightness of their asses and their pain tolerance.  The employees were just there to satisfy their masochistic nature while entertaining the AMS guests.  It was typical of Master’s thoughtfulness.  The focus, however, was on the AMS members catching up.  This was a group of close friends who enjoyed each other’s company and their shared hobby.

As it came time for the program prior to dinner Master took the stage and got everyone’s attention.  Norman and Vincent were led onto the stage, still on hands and knees, and positioned at the side in case Master wanted some service from them.  Two especially attractive young males were suspended upside down and naked on the stage.  They were straight and had been fucked multiple times by AMS members during the cocktail hour.  The group had enjoyed their pitiful protests and pleas for to be released.

“Welcome AMS members!  It is great to see so many of my closest friends and fellow leaders together.  I hope everyone has had fun using and examining the slaves being auctioned tonight.  I would remind you that your waiters and some of the submissives available to torment are my employees, not slaves, so I’d appreciate it, as would they, if you refrain from killing them during our sex play later.  We’ll provide plenty of snuff slaves for that.  But they are certainly available to be fucked and otherwise used, whether submissives or fellow alphas.  All of us want to be sure everyone feels welcome and has lots of sexual fun.  If my alphas get fucked and humbled a bit it might do them some good,. So that can be extra fun. I have personally tested each of them to be sure he’s a good fuck.”  Everyone laughed and cheered. 

“But enough preliminaries.  We have traditions before we enjoy our feast.  One is enjoying some snuff fun that will get us in the mood for our evening fun – not that we’re ever NOT in the mood.  As always, I want to thank the Chief for finding such outstanding snuff candidates.  These two are particularly worthless with great bodies for our use.  He and I are going to start the fun.”

At that point, the Chief, AMS #2, joined Master on stage and they each approached one of the terrified young males.  What followed was a demonstration of exceptional sadistic talent as the two mega-alphas brutally destroyed the victims.  The Chief focused on flogging his target with a metal tipped whip that cut into the skin such that little chunks of flesh were cut off.  He was particularly effective with the cock and balls.  The cock was unusually long and had been kept hard with a tight cock ring.  It hung down well past the belly button – an inviting target.  He managed to shred both cock and balls, leaving the victim completely emasculated. 
After a long session of whipping the slave was near death, and the Chief switched to a gutting knife to open up the belly, causing the exposed innards to fall out.  As the perp died the screaming was replaced with load cheering from the guests.

Master took a different approach, using a sharp knife to expertly skin his target.  He was designing a new outfit and wanted fresh leather.  He successfully tore off the skin covering the animal’s torso in one large sheet, a skill he enjoyed showing off frequently.  He finished by emasculating the pathetic perp as it died.  He held up the cock after he cut it off and then tossed it toward Norman.  Norman, clued into what was expected by Vincent, was already on his haunches doggie-stye and caught it with his teeth.  At Master’s signal he chewed and swallowed the shriveled man-muscle, mimicking a puppy grateful for table scraps from its master.  The members enjoyed the gag and laughed at Norman’s humiliation as blood dripped down his chin.  Then Master cut open the scrotum and offered the Chief one of the fresh testicles as he ate the other.  Again, as the screaming ended it was replaced by loud applause.

“Now that we’ve officially started our ceremony it’s time for announcements, promotions, and introduction of new members.  Under announcements, I want to put on display a new slave I’ve acquired, As I just illustrated he is a remarkably pathetic masochist whom I’m planning to use as my main body slave – for a while.”  The members laughed at the obvious implications of the phrase “for a while,” knowing what that meant for Norman’s future.  So did Norman. 

Norman was directed to stand in front of the group, his hard cock evidencing his acceptance of his new role.  Several of the members pointed at the sounding rod protruding from his piss slit.  This was a new device they had heard about and there was a lot of interest in getting them for their own slaves.  The Vet had demonstrated it during the cocktail hour using Vincent and it was a big hit when Vincent’s cock erupted with its orgasm.  This would be very profitable for Master to sell and he would share the proceeds with the Vet.

At this point Master also introduced James.  “Let me also introduce James, one of my employees who is an alpha and has applied to join AMS.  He handled the slave’s indoctrination today and is going to help me with the final stage of that process.”

James climbed on stage and tied Norman to an X cross next to one of the now-dead perps.  To illustrate how masochistic Norman was Master then took a nearby whip and began lashing Norman’s rigid cock and balls, demonstrating the trick he’d enjoyed when Norman was in his suite.  Norman again got aroused by the pain, and the fact he was being used in front of a group of alpha males, to the point he shot another load of cum.  (One of Norman’s amusing talents was his ability to shoot a load a long distance.  Some of it landed on James, who was not pleased.)  Master’s AMS colleagues were effusive in their cheering and praise of his efforts.  Norman, in turn, was thrilled to be an object of ridicule in a way that pleased Master.  He was learning just how much he liked being a sex object and nothing more.

“Our good friend Dr. Johnson trained the slave to perform this trick while he was molding his psyche, and I tested it this afternoon.  I knew you would all enjoy it.  His submissive psyche and overwhelming sex drive should make him a lot of fun to use.  I want to thank Dr. Johnson for finding and conditioning him.”  Dr. Johnson was present and took a well-deserved bow.

Master then made Norman’s status official.  James wheeled over a barbecue filled with hot coals that contained a branding iron.  Master slowly lifted it by the handle and showed it to Norman, who was both terrified and thrilled.  There was a searing and almost a sizzle as he applied it to Norman’s left breast, which now read “Snuffslave Norman.”  Norman managed not to scream, but the pain was overwhelming, and he almost passed out.  Norman knew what he was, and this would let everyone else know too.  That seemed right to him as his cock hardened yet again.  James released him from the X cross and Norman returned to the side of the stage by Vincent.  James stood nearby, not sure what he was supposed to do next.

“Now for recognition of a well-deserved promotion.   As many of you know, Mark has served for several years not only as a member of AMS but as Ed’s understudy.  He has done an outstanding job and will be promoted to the position of senior adviser, reporting to me.  I have invited him to join me here at the estate.  He has accepted and is moving into one of the suites this weekend.

” As you know, we provide a great service worldwide by eliminating worthless and troublesome young males.  Some we use for our own purposes as slaves of AMS members and features at our snuff parties.  Most, of course, wind up as slaves to be bought and sold in the markets we manage.  There is a growing need for this service, and under Ed’s leadership Mark has negotiated a series of major expansions in the societies where we provide our service.  We will now have a much larger supply of slaves to use or sell.  While Mark and others of us use the title “Alpha Male Society” to identify ourselves externally, we all know the real purpose and meaning of AMS – the Art of Male Snuff..  He is committed to that and has shown remarkable competence and dedication to AMS that reflects our values.”

 Mark came onto the stage and shook hands with Master and then with Ed, who had also joined the group.  Master handed him a new leather jacket, with the number 9 under the letters AMS, signifying Mark’s new rank. Being one of the top 10 leaders of AMS was a really big deal.

“What most of you don’t know is that Snuffslave Norman used to work for Ed and was a colleague of Mark’s, albeit a total fuck-up.  I thought it would be fun for them to have a reunion on stage.”

At this point James was struggling to conceal his jealousy.  Not only was James functioning as a mere helper on stage, naked in his status as one of the Boss’s employees and required to stay erect in front of everyone, but Mark was obviously far ahead of him in rank even if he was allowed to join AMS this evening.  Not having heard anything from Master on that he was doubly worried. If he didn’t get an offer he decided he would quit.

Nonetheless, he controlled himself and at Master’s direction he wheeled the branding equipment to the back of the stage and wheeled a large bed to the front.  Cameras above and alongside it gave the audience great views of the action about to take place.  Then he positioned Norman on the mattress.  By that point Ed and Mark had stripped off their leather outfits and approached Norman with their cocks stiff and ready.  Everyone admired their awesome naked bodies, especially Norman.  He had lusted after each of them throughout his time in Ed’s firm, especially imagining Ed’s thick cock and tight balls and Mark’s giant cock.  His imagination was confirmed.  Mark positioned himself on his back with Norman on top of him, then thrust his cock upward into Norman’s ass.  Ed lined up and added his cock to the hole, at which point the two colleagues vigorously double-fucked Norman.  They were putting him to the kind of use he was meant for, and he knew it.  The fucking was savage, and they took a long time, but as they did so the audience laughed and cheered them on.  Most had their own cocks out, nice and hard in the mouths of their slaves.  When Ed and Mark finally shot their loads up Norman’s ass he was quite sincere in his thanks for being used and eagerly used his tongue to clean their cocks..  Fuck, this had been one of his fantasies.  Everyone agreed it was a great way to celebrate Mark’s promotion and Norman’s enslavement, and a few of the AMS members let loose their own orgasms.

“I am always so pleased to see worthy AMS members like Mark get the recognition they deserve.  He has a very bright future with AMS.  And speaking of bright futures, it’s now time to announce new members.  We have six candidates we voted in this afternoon.  As I call your names, please join me on stage.”

Master called out all six, and James was relieved to hear his name among them, albeit the last one.  But he was pissed that the others had obviously gotten advance notice and were dressed in alpha male leather outfits.  His nakedness stood out as the group formed on stage.  Being naked at work was a requirement James resented.  He knew he was superior to the other employees but felt his membership in AMS would finally give him the status he deserved. 

The group stood at attention as Master administered the AMS oath, which included requirements of honor, obedience, and devotion to AMS members and AMS values.  After the oath, Master added some comments before awarding them their official AMS leather jackets.

“As you all know I hold my employees to a high standard and require them to stay naked while working.  James here is one of those employees and has been serving you tonight and helping me on stage.  In those roles he is required to be on display like his fellow employees, and stay erect, for my enjoyment and that of all my AMS colleagues, and for that of his fellow employees.  My staff have awesome bodies and I want everyone to enjoy them.  So do they and I know my requirement is also their desire.  But there is another reason I’ve had him stay naked, even as his fellow new members were permitted to wear alpha gear and will now receive their AMS leather jackets.  Our tradition is to enjoy live meat, and the perp we had planned to use for that is now dead, cooking nicely but unable to fulfill our custom.  Since James is the one who caused his death, and since James also is an arrogant asshole who does not really reflect AMS values of loyalty and honor, he is going to replace the perp.  I wouldn’t snuff an employee without his consent, but AMS members must meet higher standards and as members we all agree to be snuffed if we fail to do so.  James just swore allegiance to those rules, and since he doesn’t meet our values he’ll fulfill our custom for live meat at our dinner.  We accepted his application with that use in mind, also being aware he hates being required to be naked and being eaten alive is the form of snuff that most terrifies him.” 

The crowd again cheered, looking forward to enjoying James’ delicious-looking flesh.  The loudest cheers were from Master’s other staff, who were delighted to see James get the horribly painful punishment his arrogance deserved.  Norman listened and was again impressed with Master’s abilities as a leader and his high values.

James was horrified and terrified, and he started to protest.

 As he pleaded and yelled obscenities his fellow inductees joyfully carried him to a trolley next to where the dead perp was cooking and tied him so everyone could enjoy selecting and helping themselves to their favorite cuts.  The Vet, who especially disliked James, stood nearby to advise which cuts would be most painful yet least deadly.  He started the fun by cutting off James’ cock and making him eat it.  Then James’ former fellow employees gleefully handed knives to the AMS members, offering additional suggestions on especially painful ways to cut the live meat.  With the benefit of their advice and the Vet’s overall guidance, James remained alive not only for the entire evening but also for a special employee breakfast the next morning.

The dinner, the slave auction, and the orgy that followed were great successes.  Each of the AMS members enjoyed snuffing at least one slave, thanking Mark for the negotiations that had greatly increased their supply.  And many showed considerable creativity in practicing their art.

After the celebration ended, Norman accompanied Master and Master’s lover, the Chief, back to Master’s suite.  Norman was permitted to help them strip off their fine leather attire, carefully hanging them in a closet as instructed.  As they showered together he was even allowed to soap their powerful bodies and dry them off afterwards.  They were mostly spent from the long, wonderful evening, but they still had energy for sex, sharing their deep feelings for each other.  Norman was a sex toy for them to fuck as they did so.  As they drifted off to sleep he was stored nearby, crawling into a cage for later use.  Norman drifted off to sleep as well, more content and fulfilled than he had ever been.


Serving Master

Norman was not Master’s only slave.  A steady stream of young males arrived each week to provide Master and his friends with the sexual fulfillment of snuffing them, inflicting the painful and degrading deaths they deserved.  These would last just a few days.  There were other slaves working at the estate in a wide variety of tasks.  They were deemed to be of some value, and were easy to identify as they were all, like Norman, branded.  Their brands just read “slave” as they were not volunteers so their primary purpose was the service they provided.  But they would die when they were no longer of use or if they failed to obey totally.  These involuntary slaves were resigned to their fate, often after psychological “treatment” from the Vet.  They did not embrace being property.  They did come to understand that they were worthless losers who were being given a chance to do something worthwhile by serving Master.  They especially understood there were a variety of options for how they would die and what use they would be put to until then.  They were told it was in their interest to be obedient and respectful, in return for which they could earn a fairly quick death.  In reality their conduct had little if anything to do with how they died, which mostly depended on Master’s mood as he snuffed them. 

Since they didn’t observe snuff scenes until it was their turn to die they were unaware of that.

Norman was one of the few slaves that had sought out and embraced its status.  He learned that voluntary slaves like himself were comparatively rare and filled a special role within Master’s dominant sadistic needs.  Torturing to death a terrified, screaming young male was always fun, but Master got his greatest sexual and psychological satisfaction from snuffing slaves who cooperated, understanding their purpose was not just to serve some function in his daily routine but to suffer and die for his sexual pleasure.  He was always on the hunt for these slaves.  Finding and “coaching” them was Dr. Jonson’s main focus.  There were about five of them in use at any given time.  When he got a new one he would enjoy torturing to death one he already owned. 

Master’s relationship with these voluntary snuffslaves was different from other slaves or employees and was quite positive.  They attended the snuff sessions and often helped out.   Master would have conversations with them about his ideas on how best to enjoy their deaths, soliciting their ideas on ways to make it more degrading and painful for them and therefore more entertaining for him.  When it came time for one of them to die he often assembled them for snuff orgies where they would draw straws to see who would have the honor of being snuffed.  Then everyone, including the “winner,” would discuss the best way for that slave to die.  Master would pick the best ideas and invite the other slaves to join him, along with selected AMS members and employees, to watch the fun as he administered the tortures and the eventual kill.  He was always the one doing the ultimate kill (after all, he was Master) but he was generous in sharing his pleasures, like fucking the dead slave while the body was still warm.  This generosity was a key part of his nature and everyone around him appreciated it.  The events were a kind off celebration that was community building, although there was one fewer member of the community when it was done. 

As he adjusted to Master’s world, Norman found he was also turned on by these sessions, looking forward to when it would be his turn.  As he awaited that objective, Norman enjoyed the uses Master had assigned him, especially given the amazing people with whom he interacted.  He had indeed become Master’s primary body slave and Norman spent most of his time at Master’s side – usually literally.  He would provide Master with whatever he needed during events and meetings, and he accepted as his due the ridicule and humiliation Master and everyone else heaped on him.  He was thrilled to drink the piss and suck the cocks of some of the most powerful and famous people in the world, realizing Master’s prestige and power meant no one objected at all on the presence of a naked slave, branded to advertise its fate, who served Master.  He would just be Photoshopped out of the group pictures for public consumption, as if he didn’t exist.  After all, in terms of actual people present, he didn’t.

Mark was a frequent attendee at Master’s meetings, since he now lived at the estate, and he was particularly cruel.  He would almost always take time to beat and fuck Norman, which amused Master.  He would always drink lots of coffee before meetings, so he’d have giant loads of piss for Norman to swallow as others looked on, laughing.  When they had worked in the same office Norman had hated Mark, but now that their relationship was properly aligned he was grateful for the attention and abuse.  He understood Mark’s contempt for him came from Norman pretending he was a person instead of an object.  The fault was Norman’s and he attempted to make up for his absurd delusions of humanity.  The whole series of events turned Norman on big time, which made it even funnier for the participants to watch and join in.  Best of all for Norman, the favorite way to degrade him was using the sounding needle that stuck out from his cock.  All Master’s regulars had the app to activate it on their cell phones, and Norman entertained them with the combo of pain and pleasure that resulted in him having a giant orgasm.  (Mark, however, only activated the feature that inflicted pain, not he vibrations that generated the orgasm, often raising it to a level that caused Norman to pass out from the pain without the reward of sexual release.  But he was content as he heard Master laughing as he lost consciousness.  And he also was anxious to please Mark since that also pleased Master.)

In addition to attending Master’s meetings and events, Norman was also typically included during Master’s sex sessions.  Master found Norman’s body sexually attractive, and especially enjoyed fisting him.  Norman, in turn, found this the greatest turn-on of any of the uses he experienced.  Master thrust his fist far up Norman’s ass and the pain put Norman into sexual rapture.  Those orgasms, along with the ones that followed Master flogging his cock and balls or using the sounding needle app,, were the most intense he had ever experienced.  Masturbating after getting fucked was still good, but without the accompanying pain it was far from intense.  To his delight orgasms accompanied by serious pian were quite frequent, usually several times per day.  Indeed, over time he had trouble achieving orgasm without some form of painful torture, as the Vet had predicted.

Master worked out daily with a personal trainer who was as large as Master and expert in assuring his clients were in ideal physical condition.  Master was, and he wanted to keep it that way.  So the daily workout was rigorous, with Master and the trainer naked to show off their bodies.  Norman was often assigned to assist them, one more chance to see and admire Master’s impressive masculinity.  To Norman’s further delight, Master had decided Norman and the other voluntary slaves also needed to be in ideal shape, so they were more appealing to Master.  He assigned the trainer to put them through their paces after the workout with Master.  The trainer was also an alpha sadist, so part of the ritual was training Norman and his fellow slaves on how to endure ever more pain and satisfy Master sexually while they were being tortured.  Characteristic of Master’s generosity to his employees, Master invited the trainer to torture and fuck them whenever he felt like it during the sessions.  Norman loved the feel of yet another giant cock up his ass.

Best of all, Master often joined the slave workout sessions.  He liked to add routines, such as having the slaves do deep squats standing with legs spread and feet positioned on two sets of steps.  Master would attach heavy metal chains to the balls and let them swing loose as the slave did his squats, getting whipped on his back and butt as he did so.  The chains swinging free created a lot of pain, but there was even more when Master would cup the chains in his hands, lift them up, and then drop them so their full lengths swing below the slave’s elevated feet.  The drop sometimes tore the scrotum, but so far it had not completely severed a slave’s balls.  For Norman, it made his cock just a little harder from all the pain inflicted on his manhood.  Squats had become his favorite exercise, and the Vet was expert at repairing torn scrotums as needed.

As time passed, Master introduced more forms of sexual use for Norman and his other slaves.  Master noticed that Norman reacted especially well to breath play, cutting off Norman’s supply of oxygen until he passed out, using either a plastic bag over his head or Master’s cock thrust down his throat.  Norman would masturbate as that happened, learning to time his orgasm to match when he lost consciousness.  Norman soon also craved that activity.  When he and the other slaves talked about the most intense snuff they could suffer this was always his choice.  The difference would be that the oxygen wouldn’t be restored in time for him to wake up again.  That would add a lot to Master’s pleasure, knowing this time it would be fatal, and Norman’s death would fulfill his purpose by providing intense pleasure to Master.  That’s what he was meant for.  The problem was that it wasn’t really painful enough, and the group enjoyed adding ideas to fill that critical gap.  Norman was the most eager to find a solution that would please Master.  It illustrated how the problem of Norman’s pride that had arisen as he was added to Master’s collection of slaves had never materialized.  Norman fully accepted the reality that he deserved humiliation as well as pain as part of his service.  If he ever had doubts, Mark was usually around to viciously remind him of his status and purpose.

As the weeks of service turned to months and years, Master found Norman especially useful and satisfying.  Norman’s obvious joy at being Master’s property and sex toy appealed strongly to Master’s desire for dominance and for sexual pleasure through sadistic use of a willing object.  The symbiosis between them grew into a positive, almost loving relationship.  There was never any change in their status, of course.  Norman was a slave, mere property.  Master could (and would) do whatever he wanted with him.  They both knew Norman would be snuffed, his life fulfilled by adding to Master’s need for the ultimate dominance.  Norman totally embraced that result.  But that did not mean Norman could not be a trusted confidant of Master, a disposable resource with whom Master could share his thoughts.  It was an honor Norman had never imagined possible.

In particular Master would sometimes open up to Norman about his thoughts on owning slaves and how he had developed them. 

“I remember my first slave..  I was in my late 20s, and he was a few years younger, so we were both fixated on sex.  Until then I had no idea how deep sadistic and masochistic tendencies can be.  I knew I was a sadistic alpha, and I knew I wanted greater levels of dominance over the guys I fucked.  But I was also busy building my empire so I would be a multi-billionaire by the time I was 30 (which I was).  I didn’t even know about AMS then.  I didn’t encounter AMS or delved into serious S&M until I started buying and selling slaves as one of my businesses. 

I got this guy through a so-called “escort” service, and they represented that he was unusually submissive.    That turned out to be an understatement.  The first time I rented him he brought a bullwhip and handcuffs, encouraging me to tie him up and flog him on the back and chest until he was bleeding.  I took him up on the offer and was amazed how aroused we both became.  It was the best sex I’d ever had, and it wasn’t long before I had him move into my condo so I could use him all the time.  Within a week he suggested he become my full-time slave.  I accepted and had fun drafting a document that transferred ownership of everything he had, including his body, to me for my use and disposal.  It’s the same one you signed.  Like you he didn’t have much at all, but the ceremony and symbolism were remarkably satisfying.  That’s why I still use it.  I have a file with all the voluntary slave agreements that I keep as memorabilia.  He was naked when he signed it and that’s when I realized I liked having him stay naked all the time, even in public.  I was rich by then and people tolerate a lot when you’re rich, so it wasn’t a problem.  I also discovered he loved being on display.  As I think k about it, the two of you had a lot in common.  I’ve often thought masochists are natural exhibitionists.

“Even after all these years I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a naturally extreme masochist.  He didn’t need any coaching.  The guy just craved pain and humiliation.  No matter what I did to him he wanted more.  After a while he admitted that what he really wanted was for me to snuff him, and to do it in a way that was prolonged and extremely painful.  Then he hoped I’d fuck and eat his corpse, which he thought was the most humiliating possible use for a slave.  I had always been intrigued by snuffing another guy, but I had never considered the possibility the guy would cooperate, let alone encourage fucking his dead body and using it for meat.  It turned me on to think about it and we started talking about ways to carry it off.  That turned us both on even more.  I was part of AMS by then and they provided helpful ideas.

“I started bringing other submissives in for my use.  One reason II bought this estate is so I didn’t have to worry about neighbors complaining about the screaming when I tortured somebody, He wasn’t the only guy I rented for torture, but at that point he was the only one encouraging me to snuff him.  The estate also solved the problem of what to do with whatever was left of the body.  As you know from snuff sessions you’ve participated in, there’s a chipper on the property, and it isn’t primarily for wood and yard debris.  I bought it after watching that great scene in the movie Fargo where a guy gets dumped into a chipper and ground up.  I still use it and now it’s got sentimental value to me.

I kept the slave for a little over a year and then finally agreed to snuff him.  Through AMS I had gotten a replacement who was also a voluntary snuff slave.  But that first young dude was still one of the best snuff sessions I’ve ever had.” 

Master paused in his story, enjoying his fond memories, but Norman was turned on and curious.  “Master, may I ask how you did it,?”

“You may.  I like to think back on it.  He and I concluded that flogging him to death would be the best approach.  It was the first form of torture I had used on him, and it still turned us both on a lot.  Plus, I could do it over a series of days, which is an approach popular with my business partners in Saudi Arabia.  It’s one of the biggest markets and sources for slaves.    They talk publicly about a weekly series of 50 lashes for prisoners.  In theory that’s not fatal.  In reality, they do a lot more and the sessions are more frequent, so the victims wind up dead after a week or two of torment.  I wanted my slave to suffer for at least a few days, and I wanted him to die as I whipped him, not in between sessions.  I used the bullwhip he brought for our first session, which I still have and use, as you’re well aware.  I tend to be a bit nostalgic.  The first session was 100 lashes. Then I fucked him and let him masturbate for me.  We both had great orgasms.  He was in bad shape from the flogging, but he was massively aroused.  The next day I did another set of 100 and fucked him again.  I had a great orgasm, but he was too far gone to be able to cum.  I’d gotten a little carried away lashing his genitals and was afraid he’d die before session three.  That inspired me to cut off his cock and balls, since they weren’t of any use anymore.  I tried eating one of the testicles and discovered how tasty they are.  I enjoyed the other one too, while he watched, and then fed him his cock.  It didn’t look tasty.  He was delirious with pain by this time, but he not only ate the cock – he thanked me for letting him watch as I ate his balls, and for letting him eat his cock.  He was so into it and I was so aroused at this point that I resumed the lashings and finished him off.  He died at stroke 269, so he didn’t get the full third series and the session only lasted two days.  I’ve gotten better at it since then and can do prolonged whipping snuffs over a period of many days if my schedule permits. 

“The biggest surprise was how much sexual pleasure I got from fucking his dead ass.  I’d had an orgasm just an hour or so before that when I was emasculating him, so I was worried if I’d have much left.  It turned out this was one of the best orgasms I’d ever had.  The ultimate feeling of power over a snuff victim I’d just killed, plus the warm tightness of an asshole as the slave finishes dying, are an amazing combo.  When I snuff you, I’ll use your body that way too.  It’s a big thrill.  I also decided to butcher him, and I enjoyed cooking and eating his meat as he’d suggested.  The rest of the body I pushed into the chipper and watched it come out as fertilizer.  I spread that in the garden.  He was fully used up, and I realized this was something I wanted to do again and again.  But I also realized that what made it work so well is the fact he wanted it as much as I did.  When the slave isn’t willing or better yet eager, it’s a different kind of fun – a pure alpha power trip and great sex but no more.  Exercising power of life and death over someone who recognizes and accepts it that is a far greater thrill for me.”

Norman considered what Master had said.  The story turned him on not just sexually but also emotionally.  How could he not be eager for Master to get such a thrill?  Anything else would be selfish.



Despite the cold Norman was utterly turned on as he watched the sun rise on the last day of his life. Master, with Mark’s help, had attached his wrists and ankles to a vertical rack next to a beautiful spacious garden.  The garden was next to the main building of the estate and Master’s suite overlooked it, one of several reasons this garden was special.  Another was because it was nourished by fertilizer that was the ultimate product of Master’s slaves when they came out of the chipper afar being snuffed and butchered.  Norman wondered which part of the garden he would wind up fertilizing.  But he was not able to survey the garden itself, as he was suspended such that his view was of the chipper.  Master wanted him to focus on his pending disposal even though (unfortunately) he would not be alive as his body was mulched by the large blades.  He needed to be dead for Master’s final fuck of his slave ass.  Besides, it was now the middle of winter and he knew the gardeners wouldn’t get to spread the fertilizer he would become until spring.  The temperature was in the teens, made colder by a breeze from the ocean that also cleared away any clouds and assured a gorgeous cold winter day. 

Norman was naked as always and every inch of his body was exposed and shivering in the cold.  Blood and sweat had dripped down his back and chest where he had been severely whipped the prior evening, which had frozen to his body.  After the flogging Master and Mark tightened the rack to the point Norman’s arms popped out of their sockets at his shoulders, tearing his skin a little and leaving him in continuous pain.  He was a little disappointed when they told him he would never need to use his arms again, even in a final act of masturbation.    But he knew that was their decision and was only worried that he might die of the exposure to the cold, depriving Master of the pleasure of the upcoming snuff.  He remembered the Vet had observed his strong cardio and pulmonary systems when he was first examined, commenting that this would allow Master to inflict especially stressful tortures.  He figured the Vet would have considered that and made sure he’d still be alive in the morning, which he was.  The pain kept him awake all night, but it was balanced against his excitement about what was going to happen to him that day.  Mark’s parting taunt was not to worry about losing sleep.  “You can catch up on your sleep tomorrow night when you’re dead.”

As daylight began to seep into the garden area, Norman reflected on how fulfilling his life had become since Master acquired him 6 years ago.  That was the start of amazing fulfillment as Norman learned how best to serve and provide pleasure for Master.  Master enjoyed watching Norman’s orgasms, all of which were generated by the remarkable levels of pain he could endure and had learned to crave.  His orgasms were amazingly and wonderfully intense and entertaining.  Norman thrived on the pain, the humiliation, and even the diet of piss-soaked dog food combined with loads of piss and cum.  He was totally committed to Master, but he had come to understand that Master wanted him to please Mark as well.  Master and Mark had become lovers and it was clear Mark achieved a special level pf satisfaction from tormenting and degrading Norman.  Much as Norman hated Mark when they worked together, he had always lusted after Mark’s body and now he found it arousing and fulfilling when Mark did so.  Not that Norman’s feelings or desires mattered, as Mark enjoyed pointing out.  Now that their relationship was properly structured, Norman had some to appreciate how much he deserved the humiliation and degrading use Mark inflicted on him.  Nark clearly enjoyed it and adding to the pleasure of a master was all that mattered to Norman.

Master had informed Norman the Vet concluded Norman’s asshole was beyond repair.  All the fisting and other uses had made it simply too loose to satisfy Master’s desires.  The same was true of the welts that reflected all the beatings and flogging of Norman’s once-smooth skin. 

Besides, Mark had procured for Master’s birthday a terrific young and fresh voluntary slave.  Master had decided to snuff Norman as part of his birthday orgy.  Thus was an exciting new body Master was anxious to train and enjoy.  Norman, of course, heartily agreed – again, realizing his opinion was irrelevant, as Master had made clear.  He knew that a big part of Master’s enjoyment of the snuff would depend on Norman being eager and cooperative, and he was determined to fulfill that part of his role.  Master’s pleasure was always the only metric.  To that end Norman had spent much of the prior week training the new voluntary slaves to take over duties as Master’s primary body slave, and it had gone well.

It had been Mark’s idea to severely whip Norman and have him spend the night in the cold on the vertical rack.  Mark was disappointed Norman was not going to suffer as prolonged a death as Mark felt he deserved, and convinced Master that this would partially fill that gap.  Master agreed and was especially pleased to be able to use the bullwhip that had been the main tool for his very first snuff.  Norman remembered the story and was honored to see Master’s sentimental view of how Norman’s snuff should begin.  It reminded him of the nostalgic conversations he and Master had had on occasions during the 6 years.  He had reflected on those as he suffered through the darkness, cold, and pain and he felt content. 

As the sun rose, the Vet sent his slave, Vincent, to release Norman and bring him to the Vet for final preparations.  It was a thoughtful gesture as Norman was able to bid Vincent farewell and offer his wish that Vincent would suffer the prolonged death he yearned for.  They had become friends – the only true friend Norman had ever had – with a shared passion for serving the alphas who owned them. 

Master had meetings that morning and the new body slave would serve on his own for the first time.  Norman was confident it would go well.  He doubted he’d still be alive when the slave was branded at the party that evening.  It would have been satisfying to watch the ceremony.

As he entered the Vet’s clinic Norman was excited and even eager.  He was glad it appeared Vincent would be helping with the snuff.

“The Master has decided to snuff you later this afternoon once his meetings are over, and you will be honored to know he will than have you butchered and served as the meat entrée’ at dinner tonight, starting his birthday celebration.  Mark and I will be there, of course, and he’s also invited your old boss, Ed, to join, along with the Chief, your bartender buddy Bill, and Dr. Johnson.  It will be kind of a reunion and we’re all looking forward to watching you die and enjoying eating your meat.  I need to replace the Sounding Chip inserted in your balls in prep for the fun, and then Vincent will lead you to the meat locker where you’ll be hung upside down like the slab of meat you will soon become.  It will help you focus on that fact.  Lite down on the table on your back.”

  Norman did as instructed, remembering how turned on he had been his first day when he saw the dead perp that James had him behead and carry to the kitchen to be prepared for being roasted at the AMS dinner.  He hoped Vincent would enjoy a similar reaction, anticipating his own use someday as Norman had done.  The Vet quickly cut into his scrotum and replaced the computer chip, then closed the wound and released Norman.  When he and Vincent reached the meat locker they found Mark there, ready with a whip to flog Norman one last time.  He used his steel-toed boots to kick Norman in the balls before signaling to Vincent to attach Norman’s ankles to the winch and lift him into position.  Mark smiled in satisfaction as he watched Norman swing freely like the other slabs of meat hung near him.  Once Mark finished the flogging Norman thanked him for the beating.  He was sincere in doing so.

The snuff itself went extremely well.  In preparation Norman and Mark had both made suggestions on how it could proceed, all of which Master enthusiastically accepted.  The actual snuff would be via breath play, as Norman had hoped, with a clear and somewhat larger than usual plastic bag over Norman’s head.  That way the deprivation of oxygen would be slower than usual, prolonging the phase of Norman gasping for air.  That would allow Master to have more time to enjoy watching the desperation grow as the amount of oxygen declined.

However, the gasping would be balanced by the sexual euphoria that was an integral element of breath play, and Mark had not wanted Norman to feel that pleasure devoid of further pain.  So he suggested increasing the voltage of the chip in Norman’s balls so the pain level would be just below fatal.  That’s what required a new chip with greater voltage options.

As the audience gathered for the show, Master placed the bag over Norman’s head, tightening it at the neck and commenting to his new voluntary slaves that Norman was fulfilling his purpose with the right attitude.  Norman was immensely grateful for the complement, feeling this was the highest praise he could get and contrasting it to the concerns Master had when Master acquired Norman.  Mark held his cell phone and started the Sounding App, slowly increasing the level of current to cause Norman to feel the pain building in his balls as he began breathing into the bag, tunning the oxygen into deadly carbon dioxide.  His mind began to wander as the oxygen faded and the pain gradually increased.  Then, to his surprise, he felt the vibrations inside his cock, which were also more intense than usual.  Mark had told Norman the app would not be used to generate the vibrations that would also produce an orgasm.   He said Master did not think Norman was worthy of that reward.  Norman now realized this was just one more act of torment and he was going to be able to provide Master with the added satisfaction of watching him cum.  He now understood why he would not need use of his ruined arms or hands. The needle inside his cock would do the job for him.  He also realized why Norman had been denied any sexual release for the prior week.  It wasn’t a punishment as Mark had said.  It was to assure a plentiful supply of cum would be shot from his cock as he died.  Master especially enjoyed seeing that.  Norman knew his purpose would indeed be totally fulfilled.

The combination of the euphoria from the limited oxygen, the vigorous massaging of the inside of his cock, and the intense pain in his balls was spectacular.   As the last of the oxygen was consumed all of his senses exploded at once, causing the most intense orgasm of his life as he gasped for his last breath, struggling as death overcame him and shooting a massive stream of think cum that covered his belly and chest.  Master and Mark had moved quickly before the stream of man-juice started, inserting their cocks into Norman’s ass for a double-fuck as the body’s death throws provided warmth and pressure even though the ass was too loose to please a single cock. They achieved their orgasms just after Norman had his, filling his ass with their cum as his cock erupted with his.  That added one more sexual stimulation to Norman as he died.  His “death rattle,” in turn, put added pressure on their cocks, adding to the intensity of their pleasure.  The session was a great success, and Norman’s replacement was indoctrinated through a worthy example of a slave completing its duties.  He and Vincent were permitted to lick up the cum that covered Norman’s belly and chest as well as the cum dripping from Norman’s ass..

At dinner there was praise for Norman’s lean, freshly butchered meat.  As he helped himself to another slice of Norman’s delicious breast meat, Mark reflected that Norman had chosen the right career for himself.  “I thought the jerk was totally worthless, just a sack of slave shit who screwed up all the time.  But I have to admit he provided a lot of major orgasms for me and II had a lot of fun making his life as painful and degrading as I could.  Today’s snuff was one of the best I’ve enjoyed.  So I guess he wasn’t totally worthless.  Fuck, he’ll probably even make decent manure for the garden.” Everyone laughed, and agreed.

3 thoughts on “Career Choice By Gay Slavemeat

  1. petrjohan8091

    For professional reasons I wanted to get my hands on this and do a sturdy editing job. Also, as it had been subtly prefigured, I felt the ending missed a stunning conclusion….in a rewrite I’d off Norman, slowly, very, very slowly snuffed in the wood chipper…..more easily visualized than a bagged head. As to other things of yours, my sense is this was not your original writing. I may be wrong, certainly I have no wish to give offense but….it’s my opinion. Painfully, P-J


  2. Slavemeat


    Thanks for the feedback and no offense taken. I do a lot of writing and know feedback is important, favorable or not.

    Like many of my stories this one reflects the desires of a reader. Norman is real and into breath play. That’s not my thing so I may have done a poor job describing it. If you have other editing suggestions, please don’t hesitate. You could send me an email if that works for you.


  3. Yagov Sangria

    Thank you so much for your difficult work in writing such an arousing tale. I also write and spend hours creating stories and developing characters. Your effort is very much appreciated.


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