Ave, by Anonymous

I waited at the door with Rico and John. This was the first time I had been at this door without a hood covering my face. I still had the candidate’s grey robe on, as before. The door opened and Rico and John removed my robe and nudged me forward, saying “ Go and be blessed, you’re worthy and you’re ready. Remember what we have told you, and what you have learned.”

Before I continue , a little back story. I met Rico at a cruisey bar six months ago. I was immediately attracted to him. He possessed a magnetism I had never seen before and I submitted to him instantly. Before we left the bar, I was acting like a complete whore. We went to his apartment , and fucked like there was no tomorrow. The sex was great…raw…animalistic. The following morning, introduced me to John and the sex got even hotter. There was something about them that was different, even mystical. After the weekend, I knew they would open my horizons and lead me further. I just didn’t know how much further. All I knew was I craved their depravity. After several weeks, they introduced some Satanic comments into the sex, which made it even hotter. We fucked and sucked and did things I would never have imagined myself doing.

After about two months, and without any real notice, John said to me “ Do you want to be one of us?” I answered “I am” “No, do you really want to be one of us…one of the brotherhood…the chosen?” I was confused but intrigued. He continued “Are you ready to submit to the Dark Lord?” I was confused. He looked at me and said “Are you willing to give your soul to Satan for unending pleasure? Do you want to be like Rico and me? You must be willing to

lose your soul completely. Go now and ponder this and let us know!”

Two days later, I called John and asked to be accepted.

The door opened, and voiced said “Chris (ironically short for Christian), enter! Rico and John removed the robe and moved me forward. I entered a line of naked men, some lean and predatory, others muscled and leathered. There were dogs as well. While I didn’t know any of them, I knew that they knew me and had used me over the past four weekends. I had been their sex slave, a vessel for their pleasure as they indoctrinated me into the brotherhood. As I passed between the men, they chanted welcome candidate. Some pissed on me and the dogs sniffed and pawed at me until I got to the end of the room. A door opened and I was bid to enter.

I knelt, head bowed, wearing nothing but the chastity cage which had bound me since I began my initiation. The Grand Master and his two lieutenants, wearing blood red robes. The Master spoke “Candidate, you have done well. There is but one task ahead of you. Have you thought about your sacrificial offering? The Dark Lord demands a sacrifice, and if you are unable to provide one, then you will become one. Do you understand?” I answered “Yes, Master!” He continued “Next weekend is the new moon. Saturday is the date. Your trainers will help you as needed. You are dismissed for now.” With that, they departed, and Rico and John entered the room. They placed my gray robe on me and led me away. We drove to their apartment, and had the most phenomenal and depraved sex imaginable. The next morning I discussed the things I would need for the sacrifice—a St Andrew’s cross of wood, some spikes, a heavy mallet, a knife, a length of chain and some wood. When asked about my choice of sacrifice, I could only assure them it would be an acceptable one. Even they could not know the depth of my evil.

A little more backstory now…I worked in the city as a mechanic. I had strayed far from my family and lived openly as a gay man. This had been a source of conflict and grief in my family. My parents had never cut me off, but made it clear they didn’t approve. They were gone now, one of cancer and the other of a heart attack soon afterward. That left just Zack, my younger brother. At twenty, Zack is my polar opposite. Where I and lean and rough, he is muscular and tanned. He works online with his head, and I with my hands. He is a bit withdrawn and keeps to himself where I seek all manner of bad company. His piety matches my depravity and he seems to be more concerned with my salvation than anything else. He is perfect!

“Hey Zack” I said when I called midweek “you have some time to talk to me Saturday? I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching. I need some help with my life and I know you are the person to help me!” “Oh course, Chris, I can’t wait. I’ve prayed for this time. I’m so happy! Can you come sooner?” He asked me, obviously elated. “Nah, wish I could, but can’t do this ‘til Saturday. See you then!” I replied, thinking to myself he’s just like a lamb.

We (Rico had come along to help) got to his place, actually my parents’ place about noon. I went inside alone leaving Rico in the truck, which was strategically parked where he could get to the house unnoticed. Zack greeted me warmly, and hugged me. We sat around and he started discussing my salvation. While meant well, it was really just short of a lecture. My mind was racing and my dick was hard as I thought about what was going to happen. After about an hour, I told him I needed a smoke. He frowned a little, and said “We’ll have to work on that later!”

I had just finished hauling my second Red when Zack came out. “ Gosh, it’s great to see you!” That was the last thing he said before Rico grabbed him from behind and out the chloroform over his face and his lights went out.

Rico and Chris bound Zack tightly and added a ball gag, ear plugs and a hood, so that when he awoke he would be unable to move, and in a state of sensory deprivation. Rico kissed Chris passionately, and played with his cage a little before whispering “Tonight you will be set free…I’m happy and proud of you!” He then robed Chris and blind folded him and drove him to the temple. John met them there to finish the preparations.

The night was moonless, and the altar area was lit only by torches and Chris finished the preparations. Zack was tied spread eagled to the St Andrew’s cross. He had struggled mightily but the ball gag had prevented him from speaking. The cross lay across the altar, which was a stone rectangle filled with wood.

Chris knelt at the foot of the altar as the brothers filed out of the temple and surrounded the altar. The Master and his lieutenants, more imposing than before appeared, and all heads bowed.

“What is your sacrifice, candidate?” the Master inquired.

“Master, I have renounced my Earthly family, and now present to Satan my last relative, my brother” I answered.

Zack was gagged and tied, but that didn’t prevent him from struggling fruitlessly against the bindings. His protests were muffled by the cloth in his mouth but his eyes revealed his terror. I parted the master’s robe and took his semi-hard dick in my mouth and nursed it into a state of full arousal. It was big, about 8 and a half inches and beer can thick. The veins stood out in high relief. Once he was fully engorged, I kissed my brother’s anus, savoring the manly scent for a moment, then looked in the Master’s eyes. “He is, I believe, a virgin to all things physical” I whispered. The Master approached my brother and drove his massive dick in to the hilt with no mercy and no lube. Zack bucked and released an muffled, guttural scream at the assault. Again and again, the Master long dicked my brother and rutted like the possessed man he was. A thin trickle of blood soon provided a bit of lube, but the attack was brutal and relentless. Zack fought back as hard as he could, but that only caused his ass to be tighter against the Master’s blood smeared cock. I had never seen a more brutal rape, and as I watched the attack, I realized I had never felt my own cock so hard. I grabbed Zack’s nipples and twisted them and whispered in his ear “You will die horribly so Satan May live mightily! You have become his food. Zack’s eyes bulged wildly as the Master continued his anal assault. The Master was fucking him wildly, ramming his cock, now massively engorged into the bleeding sphincter. As I had hoped, Zack’s cock had become turgid as well. I moved to it an tied it off at the base to trap the blood in it. As the brethren behind me chanted, the Master moved to his climax and bellowed in lust and pleasure. His orgasm was intense. As the cum bathed my brother’s now defiled ass, I deftly sliced off Zack’s dick and put it in my own mouth. The Master pulled out of my brother, his massive cock dripping with cum and blood and shit. I held my brother’s severed cock up to him and cleaned the Master with my tongue, then felched the Master’s load out of Zack’s destroyed hole. Wordlessly, I moved to my brother , removed the gag and dropped the load into his gaping mouth. He could not speak as the devilish mixture seared his throat.

By this time the lieutenants had moved in for the kill and began fucking Zack, moving between his ass and his mouth, always keeping him full. While they did inflict some pain, the damage done by the Master kept Zack from experiencing the true brutality of his further rape. When the lieutenants were spent, the Master asked me if I had planned more. He was clearly interested in the depths of my depravity.

Indeed, there was more. “With your permission, Sir!” I responded. He nodded assent. I claimed my supplies from Chris and set to work. I took the spikes and mallet and started the crucifixion. Zack screamed in pain as the first spike entered his forearm just behind the wrist. I made sure to “miss” the spike a few times to break his wrist and add to his agony. I moved to his other arm, then his feet. By the time I was done, even I was amazed at the pain I could inflict. I regarded my broken brother, nailed to the St. Andrews’s cross, with his ankles and wrists shattered, sobbing in agony.

At this moment I was tempted to end Zack’s suffering by slitting his throat, but I was afraid this would make me look weak and unworthy of acceptance. I moved to finish my offering.

Chris and Rico assisted me in raising the cross so it sat within the altar. Each jolt sent electric shocks through Zack’s arms and legs. I looped the chain around Zack’s neck loosely three times. His pain wracked body hung on the cross. The three of us then piled wood on either side of him and anointed the wood with a little diesel oil. Zack raised his head and whispered hoarsely “Why, why?” I reached around to his bleeding shredded ass and took some blood and cum and smeared it on his nuts. I turned to the brethren who were watching with rapt attention and said “Bring the dogs!” Two dogs were produced and I set them loose on Zack. He managed an agonizing scream as the dogs ripped away the last of his manhood before being led away. Then I took one of the torches and cauterized his bleeding crotch. I lit the wood on either side of him and looked him in the eye. “Ave Satanas, brother!” I said as the flames took hold. I had been careful to make sure his torso head and vital organs had been protected thus far, so even in his weakened state, he was full aware that he was being roasted. At first his skin reddened, then blister and blackened as the flame rose higher on either side. The brethren were invited to piss on his chest an face to cool him, and most did. With a loud crack, the right side of the cross burnt away and Zack’s body tumbled with a scream toward the fire. Chris and I used the chain to right his torso so he continued to roast alive. He was gasping, and I knew his end was near.

I produced the last implement I had brought—a branding iron shaped like a pentagram. I crawled to the Master and gave it to him. “If I have proven myself worthy Master, please let me know “ I begged. The Master looked at his lieutenant “Release him from his cage!” The lieutenant removed the cock cage I had worn for six weeks and began to suck my dick. Smoke and the stench of burning flesh swirled around me but my cock seemed to be larger and harder Thai I had ever known. I felt a massive climax rising in my groin from the expert oral I was getting. I knew I couldn’t last much longer—the sensation was too powerful. Just as I blew my load…jet after jet of pent up cum, I felt the fire of the branding iron on my ass. I collapsed in pain and pleasure.

I awoke twenty four hours later. My ass hurt from the new brand but I was filled with a deep and purposeful lust. Rico heard me stir and came over and kissed my deeply. “Welcome brother…that was quite a night! The Master wants to see you this morning.”

I quickly donned my black robe and presented myself to the Master, arrayed in his red robe. “ Welcome brother!” He said. He held out a skull, stripped of all flesh but bearing a few char marks. Your sacrifice was most satisfactory.” Then he handed me Zack’s gray rubbery dick. “Do you wish to keep these?” He asked me.

I pulled out my cock and jerked a load onto Zack’s skull, then rested Zack’s penis in the jaw, saying “Ave Satanas, Master”

7 thoughts on “Ave, by Anonymous

  1. Tlaloc

    Great story ! Would love to know more in next stories about the commitments of the members, including ceremonies that would put their own lives at stake as volunteers for sacrifices. Keeping the skulls is great, how could these relics and may be other could be used. Special places for devotion, other rites ?


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