Gay Rape, Torture and Snuff

Title above says it all; if ya ain’t lookin’ for gay snuff, go away.  This site is intended as fiction and fantasy for adults only and is not intended to condone any actions or statements made herein.

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All items written and copyright by m3mayhem unless author name stated with “by” in title.

Since I’ve had a number of reader submission stories, I’ve set up a new thread for them.

Oh, and feedback is always welcome.  IM @ m3mayhem on Trillian and WickrMe


Update: New story under Miscellaneous Sex Snuff 5/28/19




21 thoughts on “Gay Rape, Torture and Snuff

  1. Logan

    Hey just wanted to say that I love your writings. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve come here to relieve myself lol. Thank you for doing what you obviously have a passion for. Such an awesome author.

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  2. den

    Love your stories. Love the archetype of the hypermasculine, big balled stud who kills other men for pleasure. My greatest desire is to be taken by a man like that, help him with his conquests for a year or so while he also tortures me for fun, then have my body fucked up, and be castrated and gutted by him.
    Nothing gets me harder than thinking about a hot stud live-gutting me and shooting a load on my guts. Pissing on me as i fade out. WOOF!

    I feel for the poor bottoms you write about, if they only give in to it, accept their fate and give that top what he wants they could have the best orgasm of their lives.

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  3. 006lucky

    Your stories of what I dreamed about all my life period taken against my will. No control. Wondering if death will come or Escape. Would like to meet someone like this in the stories you write about. Yes throw a few of us out here willing to take this kind of risk.

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  4. Hawynjguy

    Your stories keep me coming back. They satisfy some dark fantasies of mine and get me hard and off all the time. You’re description and detail make me feel like I’m close enough to smell and touch the characters. Don’t know f you’re into it I’d love to read a story involving a victim drinking piss before they get offed. Whether you’re into that or not, love your work!

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  5. If possible I would like to see more victims in tighty whities, for the ultimate humiliation. Also a few more small victims would appeal to me, someome like me possible wouldn’t even have a chance against an Alpha, as he keeps me alive long enough to feel every inch of humiliation and pain


  6. olono

    I am looking for a writer who can write snuff stories about wrestling, fights, asphixiation, suffocation. I can pay a fee for each story that can satisfy my few little feticisms.
    If someone is interested, please let me know at my email address


  7. Jon

    Fuck man your stories are hot as hell.
    Been reading them and shooting loads all over the place.
    I’m 6 4 325 pounds of solid roided muscle with a 9.5 in long and beercan fat and big fucking balls and I have big time fantasies about raping smothering and beating skinny little twinks fucks to death. Maybe even crushing them alive while I rape them.
    Fuck man your stories get me going.

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      1. Frisky

        That’s hot! Sub here. I have fantasies about being kidnapped, held as a sex slave, raped, tortured, slowly dismembered, and eventually violently snuffed.

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      1. John B

        Want someone to choke fuck me to death. Starts mild and as I get turned on thing’s intensifies to the point where you don’t stop and get more and more intense. I start to lose consciousness then I feel you cumming in my ass and at the same time the choking becomes way stronger and makes me black out, now you keep fucking me and choking me hard and not letting go and I start convulsing. At this point you start to choke me with all you have, strongest you can possibly go keeping me down from my body intensely convulsing and keep it going until you see me piss, cum in me as this happens then piss on me then leave me there.


  8. Frisky

    These stories are so hot! I have fantasies about being kidnapped, held as a sex slave, raped, tortured for a long time, slowly dismembered, and eventually set on fire while being drawn and quartered and beheaded at the same time. But would need to be taken against my will. Hot!

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  9. Jewscum

    The idea of fag-bashing is my biggest turn-on. Stomping, baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire, kicks to the head, knives, blood… I’m a filthy, disgusting old pervert but the idea of being stomped and beaten to death makes me cum.

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