Gay Rape, Torture and Snuff

Title above says it all; if ya ain’t lookin’ for gay snuff, go away.  This site is intended as fiction and fantasy for adults only and is not intended to condone any actions or statements made herein.

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All items written and copyright by m3mayhem unless author name stated with “by” in title.

Since I’ve had a number of reader submission stories, I’ve set up a new thread for them.

Oh, and feedback is always welcome.  IM @ m3mayhem on Trillian and WickrMe or email

Update:  New Reader story posted 4/29/23!

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83 thoughts on “Gay Rape, Torture and Snuff

  1. Logan

    Hey just wanted to say that I love your writings. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve come here to relieve myself lol. Thank you for doing what you obviously have a passion for. Such an awesome author.

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    1. Jaysen

      Any hot dudes into partying with another masculine guy, get really fucked out of our minds . We start to have fun, shortly after I ask you to choke me with a belt while fucking me. As we get into it you start to pull harder and harder on the belt then releasing then start going at it again to the pony where you get so into it that you’re no longer able to stop , I struggle for a bit and you keep going, then I pass out, but instead of stopping something gets triggered and you begin to choke me with all you’ve got for a long time until I’m for sure dead. If anyone wants to play this out and it will turn you on the entire time doing it then email me at


  2. den

    Love your stories. Love the archetype of the hypermasculine, big balled stud who kills other men for pleasure. My greatest desire is to be taken by a man like that, help him with his conquests for a year or so while he also tortures me for fun, then have my body fucked up, and be castrated and gutted by him.
    Nothing gets me harder than thinking about a hot stud live-gutting me and shooting a load on my guts. Pissing on me as i fade out. WOOF!

    I feel for the poor bottoms you write about, if they only give in to it, accept their fate and give that top what he wants they could have the best orgasm of their lives.

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  3. 006lucky

    Your stories of what I dreamed about all my life period taken against my will. No control. Wondering if death will come or Escape. Would like to meet someone like this in the stories you write about. Yes throw a few of us out here willing to take this kind of risk.

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  4. Hawynjguy

    Your stories keep me coming back. They satisfy some dark fantasies of mine and get me hard and off all the time. You’re description and detail make me feel like I’m close enough to smell and touch the characters. Don’t know f you’re into it I’d love to read a story involving a victim drinking piss before they get offed. Whether you’re into that or not, love your work!

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  5. Jon

    Fuck man your stories are hot as hell.
    Been reading them and shooting loads all over the place.
    I’m 6 4 325 pounds of solid roided muscle with a 9.5 in long and beercan fat and big fucking balls and I have big time fantasies about raping smothering and beating skinny little twinks fucks to death. Maybe even crushing them alive while I rape them.
    Fuck man your stories get me going.

    Liked by 9 people

      1. Cowboy Cody

        I know I’m twisted and God damned evil as fuck man, but
        this shit makes me rock solid. I’d love to have my own snuff dungeon, decked out in black leather. With some fresh boy meat. Spewing load after load as I torture and fuck him to death nice and fucking slow. Hail Satan.

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      1. Niggerboy

        I am a young sexy black male…I love the racist stories where the black guys get tortured and raped to death…I never knew I loved this type of art until I ran into this website…thank you! I also LOVE the series with officer bubba!!! Please I need more racist stories I’ll gladly donate!!!!!

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    1. MuscularLeatherMan

      I would enjoy watching you in action, your mind full of rage and sexual desire, your muscular roided arms beating skinny twinks while your big fat dick fucks their holes until your machine gun shoots loads of sperm at the very moment the twinky fucks die destroyed by your mighty muscles.

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    2. Anthony

      Hey dude if you ever wanna “hangout” I’m 5’7 130 pounds blonde twink and would love to help you fulfill your fantasies if you’re interested than please hmu my number is 805-210-0548


    3. chris

      6 4, 325, 9.5″. Damn, I couldn’t stop you from doing those things to me, but part of me wouldn’t want to or even try to stop you, part of me would struggle, all of me would be turned on.


  6. Frisky

    These stories are so hot! I have fantasies about being kidnapped, held as a sex slave, raped, tortured for a long time, slowly dismembered, and eventually set on fire while being drawn and quartered and beheaded at the same time. But would need to be taken against my will. Hot!

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  7. Jewscum

    The idea of fag-bashing is my biggest turn-on. Stomping, baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire, kicks to the head, knives, blood… I’m a filthy, disgusting old pervert but the idea of being stomped and beaten to death makes me cum.

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  8. Alex

    These stories are the hottest I‘ve ever read!
    A big boner is garanteed every time.
    It would be a great turn on to have a story in which the sadistic sexkillers outfit is full leather, mainly tight black leathergloves and masked, a dark brutal figure who strangles his boyvictim with an garrotte in a hard and really brutal way to death!

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  9. Craig

    I can’t leave this site… every story is amazing. You have a crazy talent for writing snuff stories – I want to be there, I want to participate! I visit here daily, sometimes twice per day (or more) and I’ve read almost everything and love it all. Would love to see more Joe (thanks for the new story!) and Eddie! And would love to see Joe even more dominant – all that power can do even more, I’m sure!
    I will keep coming back. There’s no other site like this one.

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  10. Anonymous

    Rape/attempted murder survivor here. So fucking turned on by these stories. Glad I didn’t actually die, didn’t enjoy what happened while it was happening, but love playing the scenes here and switching between killer and killer in my mind. I know it’s fucked up but I love this shit.

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  11. fagxave

    I’ve been here every day since someone taught me about the site. I’ve blown so many loads imagining myself as the victims of these masculine men, who’s orgasm is more important than my life.

    Now I’m fantasizing about giving up my life so someone way more superior than me can get off, all my potential cut off and transferred into pleasing an Alpha male.

    Thank you for these stories, and for revealing this faggot’s destiny to it!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. SecretFantasy3

    Love your stories. I’d love a series of fantasy style ones of like a Hero in a loincloth being killed by monsters etc

    Love when the hero becomes the victim

    love the hyper masculine quality in your stories also and how the body gets treated like trash after.

    Liked by 2 people


    Wish I could meet the Men in these stories for my final moments all too soon.

    Any Men who read from the perspective of the Alphas (and not from the fags perspective like me) who fantasize about ending faggots, feel free to hit me up.


  14. JWC

    Gotta say, given current events, I am sure many of your readers would enjoy reading about our Aryan bros taking back the streets. That would be awesome, indeed, but since raceplay and power dynamics interest me more than actual racism, I’d also enjoy a story in which some black brothers take out some white boys, maybe even some cops. I don’t know how comfortable you are playing with such inflammatory current happenings, but I think either scenario would be hot. And maybe cathartic.

    Liked by 2 people


    Still loving these stories, I’m here almost every day wishing I would meet one of these amazing killers.

    Would love to hear how you Alphas would end my faggot life, email me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, sorry. I try not to bitch about personal issues here but I’ve been in a really, really bad place for a while now. Nonetheless, I’m still plowing forward and hope to have the first part of a new Adam story posted by this weekend.



    Hey mayhem, hope things are shaping up better for you.

    I was wondering if you (or any guest writers) could write a story in the 2nd person, the Alpha talking to the reader. “I shove you onto the bed”, “You have no idea what’s coming” etc



    All i want is for an Alpha male who gets off on taunting faggots like me to send me daily descriptions of how He wants to snuff me… fagxave on wickr


  18. Anonymous

    I’d love to see a story about a guy who starts off just bullying beating fags up, but then once he realizes how much he enjoys it and his hate for faggots grows he decides to exterminate all the ones in his town. (it’d be really hot if he could fist one to death)


  19. Cowboy

    I’m a 40 year old sadistic leather loving cowboy. I get off on this shit. Especially when they talk about the pain induced anal spasms constricting around and milking the shaft of the killers. I’m also in league with the fuckin Devil. There ant nothing like the spastic ass of a tortured little bitch to please my demon dick.

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    1. CSARRomul

      Damn, I’d love to hear more about that. Getting tortured and sacrificed would be the perfect use of a fag. Getting their soul forcefully taken by the demons to hell to be raped and tortured for eternity after being snuffed.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m trying to pen a story that is more or less that. Its based in a near future world where Alphas rule and an icloud type place is invented to send slaves and faggots souls too after being snuffed. Where they live serving Alphas in a virtual hell like world forever. Only one minute in reality is like a year in this universe. In the meantime their fallen bodies are used in RT and eaten by real Alphas as food. Thanks to this feed its inspired me.


    2. Robie

      Chuby 45 year Slut here, Dont want to die. But Being fucked, Raped and analy tortured by a genuinely dangerously endowed psycho turns me on. Someone who would seem normal but harbors potentialy lethal fantasies such as pushing a deadly Long and thick dick shaped wooden spit up my ass and fucking me to death with it, But this would require rules. A Contract would be drawn and signed.

      He would push it as hard and as deep as necesary to get me to scream in agony, at wich point he would start pistoning the killer dong in and out of my as in an effort to get me to make the fatal mistake established in the contract.

      It stipulates
      01. No safe word
      02. Gangbang option if he has like minded friends that would love to help him fuck me into exhaustion.
      03. Even after their dicks have erupted, no rest for me. As their dicks rest up for round two, the killer dick shaped spit would be thrust up my ass for all to hear my screams of desperation. Agony and regret at having surendered my ass to be Fucked, Raped and Tortured with a deadly Catch.

      04. If I demand them to stop fucking me, my rapists will have option to keep slamming the 7 ft dick of death deeper and deeper up my ass until life has been violently fucked out of me, esentialy impailing completely.

      This would be a slow horrific process.

      05. Though their are no safe words, their would be suicidal mistakes such as telling them I made a mistake, no more please.

      06. Wether Im being fucked by mens dicks, strapons of cruel sadistic women, Horses or the shaft of death, all I can do is scream in pain untill all are sated, a dificult task as they will be trying to push it as hard as necesary to get me to say stop (mistake).

      07. They may offer me mercy if I spread my ass to recieve to shaft of death willingly, obediently stating fuck me harder . But feel free to back out of the offer made and instead of mercy have friends hold my legs wide apart (forcefully) , for the bearer of the shaft of death to shove that monstrosity harder and deeper as he exclaims “as you wish Bitch!”.
      Even then, I cant, must not say say stop, as it would legaly give them the right to continue increase the force and deepness culminating in my execution.

      08. My only salvation would be to endure 7 hours straight of this torment while avoiding the killer mistake.


      1. With that crania your fat pitiful body will be screwed through the shaft of death with every Alpha laughing. The top of the dick exiting from your upper fuck hole. Your little dicklet spewing watery fag slime, whilst carrying your obese body to a bonfire to prepare for a celebration feast. FAGGOT! Be careful what you wish for. You sick fucker.


        1. DMB

          Fags shouldn’t really be allowed to stipulate a thing from real Men. But of course Men can let the fag think there might be a chance of survival – or that they might let it influence how a the fag’s miserable existence ends.

          I might wish that the Men let me off losing the pitiful male parts i carry, but deep down i know i should be punished for looking male. Punished most dreadfully. I can hope to serve Men before my end. Punching bag, torture dolly, cumdump, what not. Also – dying with male bits still attached – unlikely. Merely hope that they be destroyed, slowly.

          But yes, no safe words. No promises. No provisos. But if Men want me to sign papers, i will obey. So should all fags.


    3. Robie

      Hey Cowboy, Im not suicidal, but the prospect of gambling my ass to be literaly fucked to death turns me on. Sucking your delicious demon dick until your ready to plow it into my ass with a vengeance.
      Though I dont wish to die, Id sign a contract consenting to being fucked to death by shear dick overdose and brutality if my rapist gets me to scream for “Mercy no more please”.
      Once your dick is drained of all your cum, you start pushing a thick and excessively long dick shaped spitt up my slutty fagot ass… to survive I woyld have to endure 7 hours of violent anal sodomy with your demon dick and the and the dick shaped impalent shaft, without spouting the words that would literaly give the go ahead to forcefully fuck death hard up my fagot ass.
      You bind my legs wide apart to ensure free access of you special death fuck spear deep inside my ass in an effort to get me to say ill fated words that would entail in you abandoning all caution and driving that monstrous spitt deepr and deeper up my fagot Ass.

      Liked by 1 person

  20. spermpig

    i have often fantasized about becoming a naked, hairless thing that is kept chained to a Master’s bed, and eventually strangled to death while being sodomized from behind. Having the life choked out of me while a powerful, dominant man squirts his hot seed into me, makes me hard as a rock!

    Fuck me and kill me! Fill my dying body with your sperm!


  21. JWC

    Missing your work. Very sorry to hear about the fire; I really hope the losses were not too great. I’m sure we all hope the best for you, and look forward to your return when you are ready.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. JDT

    Love these stories. My greatest fantasy is to be used by an alpha male in whatever way makes him happy, including, if necessary, giving up my life for his pleasure. Being in the hands of such a powerful person who only cares about his own happiness is so hot. I would really love to experience a real kidnapping, rape, being held prisoner…made helpless and hopeless.


  23. SnuffFaggot

    I just love the thought of some sadistic brutal alpha smiling and having fun while I’m crying in pain. I’d love to be forced to puke out my guts, bleed out my life. And not just sex, I’d love to be forced to starve, someone cutting my skin, breaking my bones and just breaking my body inch by inch.


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