Mankiller–Snuff Movie 1

Tony sat bolt upright at the wheel of his car, staring directly ahead at the steps leading up to the gym’s back door. A feeling of shock, of the pleasure of the forbidden washed over him, leaving him feeling rubbery in his limbs. A man was coming down the steps into the parking lot; a man Tony recognized. It was as if he’d run into his favorite porn star—and in a way, he had. But there was a bit more to it than that.

This could be the opportunity he was looking for. It was certainly no time to be self-conscious. Brushing away any anxiety he might have, Tony left his car and approached the guy.

This gym had a huge gay clientele; being approached by another man in the parking lot was a common enough occurrence here. Especially here, in fact. The rear parking lot was small and surrounded by the back side of a strip mall. The ground sloped down from the front (where most of the parking was located), hence the need for stairs down from the back door. The lot was secluded and known as a good place for hookups.

And to the casual observer, that’s exactly what it would look like; two hot guys getting together. Tony was just under six feet tall. He had full brown hair, shoulder-length, that fanned out behind him. His face was clean and smooth, with large dark eyes that glittered with secret lust. He wasn’t heavily-muscled but there was strength in his slim build. He’d been on his way into the gym, so he was wearing a bright green t-shirt stretched over his firm chest and a pair of short black shorts that showed off his perfectly-formed legs. He wore blue Nike Airs with green laces that matched his shirt.

The guy he was approaching was much larger and more muscular. He was about six and a half feet tall, with short hair several shades darker than Tony’s. He was wearing an orange t-shirt that strained over the dude’s bulging pecs and constricted his arms, digging into the massive biceps. From beneath his white satin shorts, legs like the trunks of trees, shadowed by a haze of dark curly fur, dropped into yellow construction boots laced up over his ankles.

“I know you,” Tony said as he approached. “I’ve seen some of your stuff online.”

The larger man faced Tony. His short black hair faded into a dark stubble that shadowed his cheeks and covered his strong jaw. His eyes, ice-blue and narrow, fixed on Tony suspiciously. “I done a lot of stuff online,” he growled hesitantly.

“Yeah, I know,” Tony grinned back. “I been a fan for long time. Had no idea you were in this state, much less this city. I loved that last post—the kid with the long blond hair.”

“I fucked lotsa kids with long blond hair,” the muscular dude snapped back.

“You did more than fuck him. He had a belt made of woven metal links. I liked the way you improvised with it.”

The large man paused for a moment, eyeing Tony steadily. He was clearly debating with himself whether or not to trust Tony. “You saw that? You liked it?”

“Dude, you made me cum so hard I could barely walk afterwards. Name’s Tony. I make films—porn mostly, I got a little place set up in an old abandoned warehouse on the south side of town. I do underground films. Mostly gangbangers and hustlers shooting up and fucking each other on camera. I got a real nice distribution network, though. But I wanna do a film with you.”

The stud still didn’t look convinced, but he held out his hand. “I’m Nick. But I ain’t doin’ anything for under a thousand. You hit that point, we can talk.”

Tony gave a slight smile. “Oh, I can do that. C’mon back to my studio—yeah, I really call it that—and I’ll show ya some of my work and we can discuss payment. But yes, it’ll be at least a grand.”

Nick thought for another moment, then agreed. He placed his gym bag into his car, then got into Tony’s for the ride; he’d be brought back afterwards. He was too big and too strong to worry much about getting into cars and going to isolated locations with strange men; he could handle himself.

He’d proved that much online when he’d strangled the blonde kid with his metal mesh belt so hard the pattern of the mesh tore his victim’s skin and left his corpse oozing blood as well as semen.

The drive was long and quiet; things needed to be seen before things could be said. Even Nick, major alpha male that he was, has some misgivings about the neighborhood when they came to a stop. The street was nothing but fences and brick walls with doors in them; it was an alleyway in an old industrial area. About a third of the buildings on the block had collapsed; great piles of brick and cinderblock with weeds sprouting—and, in some cases, attaining a great height, testifying to the age and neglect of the area.

Tony pulled up to an old fence. A shiny new chain and padlock secured the rusted gate; Tony idled the car as he unlocked it and pried the gate open. Once he’d gotten back and moved the car in, he went back and locked up.

Nick looked around. He was in a small loading yard behind the grimy shell of a disused factory. The building was ancient and several stories tall. Most of the windows were gone, leaving rusting wire mesh in the frames, and huge cracks ran down the masonry. But the building still looked relative stable.

Tony unlocked another padlock—this one to a door on the loading dock—and led the way in. The air was full of mold and dry rot. Most of the space near the loading dock had been gutted; the area was filthy and uninhabitable.

Tony noticed Nick’s expression. “Yeah, it’s disgusting. And perfect. Once you see this, you don’t bother looking any further. But most of these rooms are useless. We’re going downstairs.”

If anything, the basement of the building was worse. The smell certainly was; the rancid stench from upstairs was augmented by large green pools of stagnant water. Nick was seriously doubting that anything financially useful could happen here when he saw where Tony was leading.

Somewhere on the south side of the building was a large open space. In the center of this space was a platform or foundation of concrete, three feet thick, with steps leading up. On the platform was what appeared to be a large metal room, square, some thirty feet by thirty feet.

They mounted the steps and walked around the side—there was just enough space to walk single file between the metal wall and edge of the platform—to find a door. Well, not a door so much as a hatch. It even had a wheel in the center of the exterior to lock the door into place, giving the whole thing the appearance of a huge bank vault. Nick could see florescent orange cables snaking out of the open hatch. Leaving Tony for a moment, he followed them around the next corner and saw that they connected with a gas-powered generator.

His curiosity satisfied, he returned and trailed inside behind Tony. His construction boots made a flat thumping sound on the metal floor. He was in what looked like a hallway, with doorways off each side and one at the far end. Poking his head into the nearest, he found a small room with thick metal walls covered with rows of hooks. There was a doorway from it leading into the next room; they all seemed to be interconnected.

“What the fuck is this thing?” he asked.

“Damned if I know,” chucked Tony, “I’m just glad it’s here. Watertight and if I pull the door closed just enough to let the power cables in, it’s also damn near soundproof. You sure can’t hear anything on the street. I got one work room and two set rooms, all at the far end.”

In fact, the metal structure had been a large curing oven used in a proprietary galvanizing process. It was built to contain a hellish environment and was still admirably suited to the purpose.

Tony had managed to fit out the two end rooms on the left side as a living room and bedroom. He’d hung blankets on the walls to hide the bare metal and put large area rugs on the floor, then brought in enough cheap furniture to simulate an apartment setting. Utility lights in shiny aluminum shells were clamped to the steel girders that formed the top of the structure.

Once he’d been shown the set, Nick was led into the chamber at the end of the corridor, where Tony had set up his playback and editing equipment. He had Nick sit in one of the office chairs as he pulled up some of his work on a video monitor.

It was obvious Tony liked it violent. Nick’s cock was standing at attention as he watch clips of extremely rough sex. Off camera, Tony’s voice could be heard exhorting the various tops he was filming. Nick began to realize that Tony actually had both the capability and the desire to make a snuff film.

“I dunno,” he said. “I’ve never actually killed anyone on film before.”

“Bullshit,” snapped Tony, “what about that blond kid? I saw what you did to him with that belt. He couldn’t have survived that.”

“No,” admitted Nick, “but he didn’t die on camera.”

“That’s exactly what I wanna fix,” Tony chuckled quietly.

Nick looked at him carefully, still uncertain. “You said you can make a thou?”

“Fifteen hundred. Cash. I’ll blur anything that can identify you.”

The idea of fucking someone to death on camera was too enticing. Nick knew he wouldn’t refuse, no matter who the victim was, but he wanted to maintain a show of independence. “I get final call on who I waste.”

Tony grinned, his white, even teeth glittering like a shark’s. His large dark eyes lit up with smoldering lust; he knew he’d won. He was eager and excited. “I’ve seen enough of your vids to have an idea of what you like. Young, smaller than you but well-built, race not an issue but you really like hurting whores. I got the perfect bitch.”

Tony opened up a series of jpegs on his laptop, letting Nick flip through the images. They were all of the same boy. “Name’s Ricky. Mexican or something, think it’s short for Ricardo. Claims to be straight but he loves cock. And crack. If we let him smoke a little first, he’ll be totally amped to get banged. Won’t even notice he’s getting offed till it’s too late.”

Nick started the slideshow and watched high-def pics of the nude slut swipe across the screen. He was young, all right. He looked like he was in his mid- to late teens, somewhere between fifteen and eighteen. It wasn’t until Nick found a close-up of his face that he could see the tiny lines of dissolution and self-abuse that radiated from his eyes; in another year or two, he’d start to look his real age—probably around twenty or so—and a couple of years after that, his earning potential as a whore would be finished.

Nick liked what he saw. After all, the slut wouldn’t be worth much for long, so it wasn’t as if wasting him now was cruel or anything. He’d be starving on the streets in a few years. And anyway, he was hot. The pics revealed a young, slim boy with shiny blue-black hair and eyes almost nearly as dark. In the first pic he posed on the sofa in the other room, tight white t-shirt wrapped around his firm, lithe torso. His skin-tight jeans emphasized his slim waist, his strong legs, and the thick, rounded bulge in his crotch. Light brown leather lace-up boots came half-way up his calves.

He grinned impudently at the camera, his dark, smooth skin showing a slight sheen of sweat. The grin remained on his face through most of the remaining pictures, a series taken as he stripped. In the last one, he was standing spread-legged, his smooth swimmer’s build nude but for his unlaced boots, his thick, uncut cock dangling out in front.

It was a done deal. Nick wanted to wipe the grin off the whore’s face with his cock. He could feel precum oozing out as he thought of the spic punk thrashing underneath him—in fear, or lust; it didn’t matter.

“You’ll make sure I can’t be ID’d?” Nick turned back to Tony.

“Dude, I’d be in just as much trouble as you. And I ain’t shot a snuff movie before, but some of these cunts have OD’d just before or after a shoot. I gotta place to dump the body; it’s always worked. So, whaddaya think? A grand and a half, my network, and Ricky here dyin’ on your dick—you in?”

Nick broke out in a broad grin. “Fuck yeah, I’m in. Get the bitch over here.”


The frame is clear, but slightly unsteady. It opens on a sofa. A boy is sitting on it, leaning back, lighting up a glass stem. The click of the lighter and the sizzle of the crack rock are audible.

The boy is nude, except for his boots—shiny, light brown leather, laced halfway up his calves. He’s slim, with smooth creamy olive-colored skin. He sits with his legs spread, the firm smooth path of his thighs pointing the way to the thick, uncut tube of meat that rises up out of his crotch.

A voice off-camera is heard.

“That’s it, dude, take a good hit. You’re amazing; most guys can’t get it up on that shit, but you’re hard as a steel spike. Here, ya need to push the straight? I’ll find something. Get as high as ya want, dude, you’ll need it. Nick’s gonna love fuckin’ the shit outta ya.”

A hand reaches in from behind the camera, handing the boy what appears to be a section of coat hanger. The punk takes it, grins almost shyly at the camera, and uses the wire to push the chunk of scouring pad to the other end of the glass tube, then back again before re-lighting it.

Suddenly there’s a noise and the camera goes all tilty. The voice is back. “Hey Nick, help me move this table outta the way; I wanna get a good view. Nah, don’t worry about the camera, I can edit it out later. By the way, Nick, this is Ricky.”

There’s a loud bang and a curse as the frame shakes out of recognition, then goes black. When it comes back on there’s been a lapse of a minute or two.

“Nah, it’s ok. Dropped it plenty of times before. Nice thick rug protects it when it hits the floor. So, yeah, like I was sayin’, when I saw what Nick can do, I thought of you and knew you’d be perfect for this scene. Dude, he’s gonna fuck you like you ain’t never been fucked. I promise it’s the hardest you’re gonna get fucked—and the hardest you’re gonna cum—in your life. Promise, dude.”

The camera pulls back into focus. The boy is sitting on the sofa, looking with trepidation at the large, heavily muscled stud standing over him, nude but for the thick gold herringbone necklace wrapped around his muscular neck, sporting a huge, glistening erection. The coffee table that had been in front of the sofa has been moved off to the left and is just barely visible in the frame; there’s nothing to block the view of the sofa.

The man reaches down and starts fondling the boy. He sits beside him, running his hands over the kid’s body. The punk grins and gulps nervously, his wide eyes looking like circles of dead black as the crack pinpoints his pupils. A hand reaches in from behind the camera again, this time proffering a small white grain.

“Here, dude, take another hit. He’s got a huge fuckin’ cock, and I want you to enjoy it. And he’s gonna play rough. You like bein’ treated like a slut? Don’t worry, Nick here knows how to choke a bitch. You’re gonna remember this fuck for the rest of your life.”

As the Latino youth coughs out a thick cloud of smoke, he turns his head to the camera and speaks in a heavily accented voice.

“Hey, vato, you’re still payin’ me dos grandes, si? And if this cholo’s gonna choke me, I wanna safe word. I say mariposa and he lets go.”

There’s a dry chuckle from behind the camera. “No problem, little butterfly. You’ll get what you deserve when—uh, after he cums. On camera. And I already showed ya the cash, didn’t I? Just relax. Enjoy getting used like a bitch. Pretend like it’s the last fuck you’re ever gonna get.”

The kid takes another hit, then tosses the glass pipe aside. Still holding his breath, he lies back on the sofa and raises his legs in the air. Gripping them behind the knees, he pulls them apart and up to his chest, his tight boots hanging in the air.

The camera begins moving. It closes in on the Mexican kid’s asshole. The high-def image clearly shows the faint black hair ringing the quivering pink sphincter as the boy wriggles in anticipation.

The frame moves out and captures Nick, moving in to mount the whore. His thick, engorged cock is already dripping, transparent beads of precum welling up on his huge mushroom-shaped head. It zooms in again to get a close-up of the dark purple mound of flesh spearing the kid’s fluttering fuckhole before rising to capture the grimace of pain on the slut’s face.

“Fuck yeah,” says the voice behind the camera, “how’s that feel, dude? Looks like it hurts. Looks like it hurts like fuck. Ya likin’ that? Does it hurt good, ya slut?”

The kid opens his eyes and moans directly into the camera. There’s something off about it, something artificial. It’s more than just being anesthetized; he’s acting. It’s clear that he’s done this before. The dude fucking him is huge, and it hurts, but obviously nowhere near as much as his mugging for the camera would make it seem.

“Hey, Nick,” comes the voice behind the camera, “I don’t think we’re getting Ricky’s best work here. Start roughing him up a little; let’s see if that gets the bitch in the mood.”

The larger man turns to the camera and grins. “Sure,” he says, “I been waitin’ to wail on his ass.”

The hardbodied stud places his hands on the whore’s shoulders, pinning them firmly to the cushion as he ramps up the pace of his pumping. He fucks the slut with long, deep strokes, ensuring that the kid feels every last inch of his cock.

And he does. It’s obvious, as the camera closes in on the punk’s strained, clenched face. The kid gives high-pitched whimpers with each thrust, his white-knuckled hands grasping and pulling his knees apart so the heavily-muscled alpha top can lay his firm thick torso between them.

The camera pulls back from the slut’s face and moves down his body. It focuses briefly on the kid’s boots, hanging in the air, thick black soles bobbing with each pump of the muscled dude’s dick. The rhythm is emphasized as the camera pans down to the action, zooming in on the hustler’s fuckhole. Well-used as it obviously is, it’s still completely plugged with the stud’s gleaming purple shaft. He looks like he’s been impaled on a vein-wreathed spear.

As the camera holds the shot, the top goes into overdrive, fucking the kid swiftly and brutally. His massive balls slap repeatedly against the boy’s ass, the slut’s squealing rising in frequency until it becomes that of a pig.

The camera pulls out to show that Nick is still pinning Ricky to the sofa by his shoulders. The whore has stopped squealing and is gasping and whimpering again, his eyes wide with pleasure/pain. The hard dude turns to the camera and grins again before speaking to his bitch.

“Ya like that, ya little cunt? Like bein’ slammed like a fucking whore? Cause you’re getting’ more of it, you spic motherfucker. Take my cock, you cumsucking slut!”

As the kid moans, “Si, si,” the stud spits in his face, then slaps him. The punk gives a deep moan of pleasure that rises into a wail of pain as the top pounds his ass violently. He moves his hands up on top of the bitch’s shoulders, grasping him around the base of his neck, to hold the fucktoy in place while the alpha stud reams out his hole.

The camera closes in on his grip. His large, muscled hands, the outer edges dusted with fine black fur, are gripping the top of the boy’s shoulders tightly. So tightly, in fact, that it’s clear they’re gonna leave bruises.

“Fuck yeah, dude,” comes the voice from behind the camera, “fuck that bitch up good. Hurt ‘im, man, show him you’re fuckin’ boss!”

The muscled stud suddenly draws his right arm back. His bulging biceps bunch up as he slams a piledriver of a punch directly to the punk’s face.

The kid grunts in pain and surprise. The top hasn’t dropped the rhythm of his fucking; the slut has to deal with the assault while his rectum is getting plugged with a huge amount of meat.

He goes out like a light. The top laughs, as does the cameraman. The latter speaks up. “Don’t stop there, man. Long as he wakes up again, you can do what ya want.”

“Aw fuck,” Nick grins at the camera, “I ain’t gonna waste him while he’s out—ain’t no fun in that. Ya want some more bruises first? No prob.”

The stud’s sense of timing is perfect; again, without breaking the rhythm of his thrusting, he manages to rise up on his knees. From that position, he delivers blow after blow to the whore’s chest and belly. The kid jerks with each smack of flesh, eventually starting to wake.

His eyes flutter open. He looks around, lost and scared. It obvious that he’s still higher than fuck and has very little capacity to understand what’s actually happening to him.

He tries to stop it. “No, no me gusto,” he gasps out raggedly. “Mariposa, señor, madre de dios, marip—“

The alpha stud grabs the whore’s throat, moving like lightning. The kid’s voice is cut off in mid-plea.

He’s not getting any air. It’s clear, on camera, that it takes a moment for the fact to register in his drug-addled brain. His expression is one of confusion as thick grunting sounds are forced out of his blocked esophagus.

“Yeah,” whispers the alpha top, leaning over the slut and looking into his face, “I bet you like that too, ya worthless fuckin’ cunt. Ready to go all the way, you cocksuckin’ faggot? Fuckin’ spic whore suckin’ off gangbangers in alleys—yeah, this is what ya been looking for. None of them cholos ever put you in your place. And your place is rotting in a dumpster with your ass fulla my cum. Enjoy it, fuckwad.”

The Latino punk opens his eyes wide, an expression of stunned unfocused disbelief on his handsome dark face—that’s getting darker by the second. He coughs and gags, his hands gripping the stud’s arms and trying to pull them off. He jerks and twists violently, trying to get out from under the top’s heavy muscled body but the dude remains perfectly still, squeezing the boy’s throat. His cock is buried in the kid’s ass, not moving, letting the youth’s struggles pump his hole around the gleaming, swollen tube of flesh.

“Hey, man! Ricky!” the voice behind the camera calls, “look over here, dude! Fuckin-A, man you’re dying! How’s that feel, bro? Gotta tell ya, it’s hot as fuck to watch!”

The brown-skinned boy turns his face directly to the camera. He continues to kick and struggle as he reaches out to the camera in desperation. His eyes, wide and frantic, are starting to protrude slightly; it gives an added air of panic to his expression. The skin of his face darkens like that of a ripening olive.

Suddenly the alpha top starts fucking him again. The camera pans out a bit to get the full-body shot; Nick thrusting himself brutally into the dying whore’s rectum. It’s unclear if the set has AC; both killer and victim are sweating profusely, their entwined bodies glistening as they slide over each other in an agony of sex and an ecstasy of death.

The slut’s brown leather boots kick uselessly at the air for a moment before he contracts his tight smooth legs and drums his heels furiously against the alpha top’s back and ass. The stud grunts and spits in the kid’s swollen purple face.

The camera frame moves. The image shakes and blurs for a brief moment. When it clears, the cameraman has moved to a point near the end of the sofa. From here, there’s a close up on the top’s thick tool spearing the hustler’s straining pink hole. The thick, purple, swollen shaft, shiny and thick with veins, is shown in great detail—then the camera moves again, closing in on the dying boy’s face.

The purpose of the shot is obvious. The kid’s swollen face is the same shade as his killer’s swollen cock.

“Dude, you’re getting fucked good,” the cameraman laughs. “I told ya you’d remember this fuck the rest of your life, which should be about a coupla more minutes. Ain’t it cool, dude, getting fucked to death by this fuckin’ alpha stud? Bet yer lovin’ it, you cumsucking spic whore. Fuck, lookit that shit—I knew you’d like this, you worthless fuckpig!”

As raucous laughter brays from behind the camera, it closes in on the space between the two heaving, sweat-lubed bellies, one rough with hair scraping painfully across the other. Again the image shakes as the cameraman moves closer to the action, but not so badly as to lose the picture.

Ricky’s dick is rigid, pressed against Nick’s belly like a bar of iron. It’s wrapped in the dark “happy trail” line of hair marching down the stud’s ripped abdomen. After a momentary blur, the frame goes in for extreme close-up. As sweat-soaked flesh writhes and presses together, a thick dark mushroom-shaped tip can be seen oozing clear precum. It’s hard to see because of the violence of the motion. The shot isn’t held long.

The camera pulls back some and pans slightly up. The slut is flat on his back, his head bent back into the sofa cushion in a futile attempt to be free of the crushing pain in his throat. His hands clench, claw and scrabble over the alpha’s arms, scratching at his skin but otherwise having the same impact as they would on iron girders; the stud’s grip is implacable.

It’s clear that the spic is overwhelmed in panic; he’s almost literally grasping at straws. What he does grasp at, however, is the muscled dude’s gold necklace. In an instant, the kid snatches it off his neck.

“Goddam it!” roars the top. “You fucking cunt, that cost more than you’re worth, you useless fucking whore—you’re gonna regret that!”

And with that, he lets go of the kid’s neck. The boy gasps deeply, arcing his back up off the sofa to inhale as much air as he can. He lets it out in one huge moan—and then the hard dude is back on him, clamping down on the throat.

“What the–?” comes from behind the camera. But the cameraman apparently catches on right away. As the stud leans down and puts his face up against the boy’s, the camera comes in close enough to pick up the look of rage in the alpha’s face—and his whisper.

“Ya get more air, cunt? Good. You ain’t gonna die that quick. You gotta pay. You pay in pain, fucker. Got it? I’m takin’ the cost of that necklace outta your hide. And believe me, you fucking spic faggot, I’m gonna cash your ass out. Now just sit back and enjoy what ya got comin’, you fucking worthless druggie scum.”

Nick’s face is hard and cold as he leans over Ricky and spits in his face. The youth’s hands are tight around his killer’s wrists, trying desperately to wrest them from his throat.

The attack is stunning in its unexpected brutality. The alpha top clamps his left hand over the whore’s throat. He draws his right hand back and slams his huge knotted fist into the kid’s face. The slut’s body rocks with the blow, his legs kicking out.

“Oh fuckin’ hell, dude,” the cameraman moans, “you gotta hurt ‘im more than that. You hear that, Ricky? You fuckin’ crackhead whore, this stud’s gonna end your worthless life in agony on his cock. And it’s all gonna happen on camera. Dudes you don’t even know are gonna jack off watching you shoot and die with a cock up your ass like a fuckin’ cholo cunt.”

The top draws back and punches the boy again. This time, the blow lands on the youth’s firm, slim chest with a loud thunk.

The camera closes in on his face again. The alpha stud has kept up the pressure on the punk’s throat. As much pain as he’s in from the beating, it’s the strangulation that not only killing him but causing the most pain.

That much is obvious as the frame is filled with the Mexican boy’s face, swollen and distorted nearly out of all recognition. His body may jerk with each vicious blow, but the agony of death is reflected in his puffy blue lips parted by a thick, swollen tongue framed in a froth of drool that streams back along the spic’s blotched cheeks.

His eyes are bloody and bulging; staring into death with the horror of someone totally unprepared. Thick grunting sounds are forced out with the foamy bubbles that leak from his lips.

The camera pulls back, for good reason. The whore is in his death throes. As the alpha stud grunts and pants and pumps his tool up the dying slut’s fuckhole, the boy’s arms flail and his hands scrape and beat with frantic but weakening desperation.

The camera moves down the length of the jerking, interlocked bodies. The boy’s legs close instinctively, his smooth thighs slipping over the stud’s sweaty flanks. His feet no longer kick in protest at his killer’s assault; now his heels drag along the cushion of the sofa, the brown leather of his shuddering boots sliding along the top’s muscled calves.

The frame takes a perspective view from near the feet, capturing everything up to the face in the view. From this angle, the spic’s hands can be seen clawing at the alpha’s arms and shoulders; they flutter like dying birds. The kid is almost dead; he’s been without air for at least four minutes now.

There’s a blur and the camera resumes its wide, side-on view. All of Nick’s glorious body can be seen, pumping, thrusting, shining with sweat like a fierce animal—like a mankiller. Ricky is sweating and gleaming too, but his movements are becoming less coordinated as parts of his brain begin to die.

The camera zooms in for a moment—just like an earlier shot, this one shows the whore’s thick, uncut dick, standing straight up out of a black forest of pubic hair. Each jerk of his dying body, each thrust of his killer’s hips, makes Ricky’s instinctively swollen shaft stab into Nick’s tight hairy abs and smear them with the precum that’s flowing in a nearly steady stream.

The Mexican kid is losing it. There’s still some fight in him though; he makes one last attempt to break free and manages to get his thumb into the stud’s left eye.

This proves to be Ricky’s last mistake.

“Fucking cunt!” screams Nick. Without relaxing his crushing grip around the boy’s throat, the top wraps his left arm around the kid’s right—the one that’s in his face—and with a quick jerk, snaps it, tearing the elbow out of joint and shattering the humerus, the upper arm. The pain must be phenomenal, but the dying whore is already in agony.

The stud goes full bull male alpha in rage. He pulls his huge arm back and, putting his massive muscles to good use, begins piledriving his fist into the young slut’s face while screaming in such anger that foam flies from his lips. “Die, you worthless fucking spic faggot! Think you can hurt me, you stupid fucking crackhead? Take my fucking cock and die like the fucking cumslut piece of shit you are! Fuck yeah, I’m gonna unload in your worn-out fuckhole and it’s gonna be the last thing you feel, vato, comprendre? Stupid motherfucking cocksucking faggot whore, die like the useless pig fuck you are!

Suddenly Nick grabs a handful of Ricky’s short but thick black hair, near the scalp. In a split-second, he throws himself forward, putting the weight of all his muscles onto the hand he’s using to crush Ricky’s throat. At the same time, he jerks his other arm back towards himself, pulling Ricky head violently in the opposite direction from his neck

The camera pulls out just in time to catch the full-body effect. The sound is deep and vital; an erotic snapping and shattering that signals the irrevocable end of life. Ricky reacts as if to an electric shock. His whole body spasms; his arms and legs splaying wide—and then instantly contracting in a convulsion; wrapping tightly around his killer’s hard, slick body as Nick, deep in orgasm, cries out incoherently.

As the whore holds his killer in a dying embrace of severe neurological shock, the camera zooms in again on the faces. They’re next to one another; the killer’s, drawn back in the feral pleasure of filling the young cunt with his seed, the victim’s, in the final surrender to a more powerful man.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” screams Nick. He rises up onto his knees and the camera comes in for Ricky’s last close-up. A long, thick cock moves in from the bottom of the frame, a hand grasping it tightly. As Ricky drools and twitches, his brain completely disconnected from his quivering body, the cameraman beats off into the boy’s face. The frame becomes unsteady for a moment as he shoots, semen spurting into the slut’s black, distorted face and pooling into his bulging, bloodshot eyes.

The camera frame widens for one last time, showing the stud gasping for air, his cock still buried in the twitching fuckhole. He shudders for a moment, evidently draining the last drop of sperm out of his rod, judging by the deep, satisfied sigh he emits. He pulls out of the corpse’s ass, backing himself up on his knees before standing up. He steps up and spits in Ricky’s dead swollen face one last time before the video ends.

************************************************** **************************

Nick sat on the end of the sofa where his feet had been. Tony was sitting in an armchair on the other side of the small room. Both were leaning back, not moving much, semen still leaking out of the heads of their dicks. Ricky’s body had been rolled off the sofa and was lying face down, still twitching, on the rug, a thick slime of cum leaking out of his savagely torn rectum.

“Dude, you really think we can make money doin’ that?” asked Nick.

“Man, we can get rich doing that. I fuckin’ promise,” replied Tony.

“Ok, then, here’s the deal—you cut me in on the profits. We can work out the percentage later. Until we make a profit, you pay me fifteen hundred per video.”

Tony didn’t need to hesitate. “Fuck yeah, it’s a deal, dude. We’re gonna make a killing!”

3 thoughts on “Mankiller–Snuff Movie 1

  1. bd

    These 2 killers are hot as fuck. All your shit is here. Up for more 2-on-1 kills? Or 3-on-1, or more? Fucking love weapons, too – that nail gun was amazing.


  2. Dan

    This is the kind of shit I’ve fantasized about for fuckin years!! Muscle stud wasting a fuckin whore, strangling it while plowing its tight hole, hot!! I’m into leather also, so would be cool that the muscle stud wore tight black leather gloves, fucking and raping his prey while shooting his load, thanks for the stories bro, awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

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