Rough Red by EdwinJ

Rough Red stood by the bed, bare-chested, his jeans unbuttoned, his

workboots half laced. He lit a cigarette and exhaled a few puffs as

he looked down on his latest victim. The victim he knew only as Tim.

Tim, the young kid he picked up at the bar only two hours before.

Rough Red stood with a hardon in his jeans as he looked down at

Tim’s naked body sprawled across the bed. His eyes bulging, tongue

protruding and the leather cord tightly wound around his neck. Rough

Red admired Tim’s hard death cock. Tim’s cock remained hard even

though his body lay dead. There was still a few drops of death cum

dripping out and running down his thigh. Rough Red rubbed his hard

cock and took a couple of more puffs. He continued to think about

this night.

Only a few hours before he spotted Tim sitting at the bar. The

twenty-something, blonde hair, blued eyed jock would be an easy prey

for a quick fuck and a violent strangulation. This was not new to

Rough Red. He killed many times before. First the sex and then

strangulation with a leather cord. It didn’t take long before Rough

Red sided up to Tim and convinced him to come back to his Motel room

he had rented for the night.

Tim innocently climbed into his killer’s truck. Rough Red drove them

to the Motel.. He led Tim into the room and closed the door behind

him, turning the deadbolt. He pulled the curtains closed as he eyed

Tim’s slim body in his tight jeans and white t-shirt.

After a couple of shots of whiskey in the room Rough Red had Tim

stripped and lying naked on the bed. Tim was his for the night. He

rubbed his rough hands down Tim’s shaft as it stiffened and slapped

against his firm stomach. Precum spilled out his slit. Tim was fully

aroused. He wanted Red to fuck him so bad. Rough Red felt his own cock harden in his jeans as he

formulated his plan.

He got up from the bed, unbuttoned and removed his shirt, tossing it

to the side. He kicked off his workboots, unloosened his belt and

unzipped his jeans. His thick cock sprung out as he stepped out of

his jeans. Tim eyed Rough Red’s muscular body, his cock fully erect.

He climbed on the bed and straddled Tim. He slid his hard cock into

Tim. He gave Tim a fuck of his life. He pumped his big cock in him,

filling him with his hot man seed. Tim released his load as it

cascaded out landing on Rough Red’s bare chest and dripping back on

himself. Rough Red laid himself on Tim, roughly kissing Tim and rubbing his hands through his hair.

Tim felt Rough Red’s sweaty chest and matted hair against his own smooth chest.

When Rough Red spent the last of his cum he got off the bed and put on his

jeans. He threw his workboots on and approached the bed where Tim

lay, still orgasing and rubbing the warm cum on his chest and

dripping cock. Tim didn’t take notice as Rough Red pulled the

leather cord from his back pocket.

Rough Red climbed back on the bed. He straddled Tim and rubbed his chest as he nibbled at his neck. Tim

closed his eyes and enjoyed. He ran his hands up Red’s furry chest.

Rough Red methodically wrapped the cord in his hands and looped it

around Tim’s neck. Tim’s eyes flew open in surprise as he felt his

throat close in and gasping for air. Tim struggled, kicking and

thrashing. His palms slapped against Rough Red’s bare chest. Rough

Red’s cock began to throb in his jeans as he watched death come into

Tim’s eyes. Tim grasped at the cord tightening around his throat.

His naked body squirming under his killer. Tim pressed his hands

again against Rough Red’s chest, desperately trying to push him off.

Rough Red was much stronger, his grip got tighter. Tim’s cock grew

hard as his body began to shudder. Rough Red looked down into Tim’s

terrified eyes. His strong hands tugged the cord one last time as

Tim’s body weakened and then convulsed. His cock erupted, cascading

death cum. Tim’s hand’s slowly slid down his Red’s chest and fell to

the side. He convulsed once more and went limp. Tim was dead. Rough

Red released the cord and hovered above his victim. Tim’s dead eyes

blankly stared back.

Rough Red was reliving the whole strangling all over again

He snapped back. His cock was aching as he continued to admire his

kill. Rough Red took his last puff and threw the cigarette to the

floor, crushing it with his boot. He needed to relieve the strain in

his jeans. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his stiff cock. He

stroked his cock only a few times as his cum gushed out and

splattered on Tim’s naked body.

Rough Red chuckled as he grabbed his shirt and tossed it over his

shoulder. He gave one last look at Tim on the bed and left the motel

room. Tim was the latest victim of the leather cord, serial


He climbed into his truck and drove off. He reached over to the

glove compartment and pulled out another cord. He tucked it tightly

in his back pocket and begin to think about his next victim…… …

Boar hunt by Alecx45

Goood morning gentlemen welcome to our first boar hunt of the season says Harvey,please ensure you have all registered and paid any fees,aahh here  are the boars now says Harvey as a cattle truck pulls up a guy gets out and opens the back door,out he says  sternly  slowly 10 young guys with boar  hoods on  walk down the door,nice selection of boars says Charlie looking at the naked guys, all intact says Tobias  for naow they are says Harvey  let’s get 5 of the boars tethered says Harvey,Samuel takes a collar and fastens it round a lads neck then fastens it to a post he does the same to 5 more lads,lets have the boars into the wood says  Harvey Samual picks up a whip and cracks it towards the remaining  lads who run  dont damage the goods shout the shooters  they all laugh  rules says  Harvey first round  2 hours is using paint guns, next 2 hours boars are changed over then lunch break ,all boars then are in the woods  rifles issued  no head shots are allowed till after 5 pm all boars to be castrated after 5pm  spit roasting boars is extra fee ,let’s go shoot some boars says Harvey  the shooters run off into the woods  theres a few bangs as the first boar is found  then a scream what the hell says Harvey  as one of the shooters runs out of the wood what’s happened says Harvey one one one of the boars had dropped into a pit the guy gasps is it dead asks Harvey no but its impaled with 3 spikes,Harvey and Samuel follow the guy back to the pit ,they look down at a lad with 2 spikes through his belly and one through his chest what we going to do says one shooter Samual climbs down into the pit green paint he says  whose  green ,mine says a tall guy cut its throat says Harvey Samuel takes a knife out you want to do it asks Samual holding the knife out it’s your kill ,the tall guy climbs down into the pit he takes the knife and lifts the boars head  and slowly cuts its throat blood slowly drips from the boars cut throat,I’ll get you some help to remove it from the spikes says Harvey,continue he shouts as the shooters disperse ,theres more shots and shouts as the boars run through the woods,Harvey releases 2 of the tethered boars and leads them into the woods to the pit  get in there he says and release that boar they climb down and slowly lift the dead boar off the spikes  Samuel ties the boars arms and legs together then slips a 10 foot post through the loops ,you 2 carry it says Samuel they set off back through the woods the boars heads lolling back as they enter the meeting place  Harvey presses a air horn the shooters return  followed by the 4 remaining  boars,change boars over says Harvey Samuel releases the 5 boars tethered by their necks and sends them off in to the woods shooting starts again then another scream it’s one of the shooters shooting stops what’s the problem  shouts Harvey got my leg in a trap shouts the shooter we’ll get you help calls back Harvey,a boar breaks cover and presses the lever on the back of the trap the shooters legs released,the shooter looks at the boars collar silver he says the boar runs his left hand across his throat what says the shooter the boar moves his hand across his throat again,you gotta cut the boars throat says another shooter,but he got my leg out dont matter says the shooter,Harvey appears with Samuel what’s going on asks Harvey,boar released me says the shooter he says I have to cut the boars throat pointing at the other shooterreorieve this time says Harvey but he is your boar ,run says the shooter the boar turns and runs into the woods,theres another scream we have a trapped boar shouts a shooter Harvey,Samuel and the other 2 shooters run to the sound,theres a boar laid in a trap with 4 rows of 9 inch spikes through its body,you shoot it asks Harvey yes says the shooter,Samuel checks the shooters arm band then the boar it’s his says Samuel,Samuel hands the shooter a knife you want to cut its throat or keep it alive till after 5 keep it alive keep it alive Samuel and 2 of the shooters release the trap then drag the boar out to the meeting places air horn sounds lunch break calls Harvey the shooters eat the air horn sounds again ,collect your rifles and bullets  please gentlemen and remember no head shots till after 5pm there are 8 boars remaining all the boars are having their wrists and ankles at  tied at 6pm any boars remaining alive after 7pm will be tethered by the neck and shot in the head at point blank range ,the boars disperse then 5 minutes later the first rifle goes off the boar with a blue collar gets shot in the left leg and goes down the shooter puts the rifle against the boars head not allowed says another shooter the boar hobbled off theres more rifle shots then a scream as a boar is shot in the back,the silver collard boar had gone down it’s trying to crawl away and gets under a bush weres it gone says the shooter looking round ,theres a commotion to the shooter left what the fuck he says as another boar breaks cover the shooter holds his rifle up the boar points to a shooter lying down what the says the shooter the boar goes over and starts to check the shooter over then starts chest compressions the other shooter lowers his rifle get some help in here quickly he shouts the shooting  stops as Harvey and Samuel enter the wood looks like he’s having a heart attack says another shooter we’ll take over says Harvey to the boar,the boar moves his hand across his throat Samuel takes a knife out and hands it to one of the shooters who goes behind the boar he pulls thr boars head back and places the knife blade above the green collar you want him slow or quick the shooter asks the guy having the heart attack leave that boar alone gasps the shooter,the shooter with the knife looks at Harvey get him out of the wood says Harvey the boar can help,they carry the guy out ,spare this boar Harvey says the guy having the heart attack who are you boy asks not allowed to tell says Harvey back into the woods boar he turns and runs 5 minutes later the air horn sounds,you can now shoot the boars in the head the silver collard boar is found heres yours shouts a shooter the guy who shot the boar comes over I want to fuck it before I kill it he says undoing his trousers and shoving his cock into the boars ass the boar squeals as its penetrated squeal more says the guy the boar squeals the guy cums in its ass then gets up he picks up his rifle and places it against the boars head under it’s right ear a d squeezes the trigger the boars twitching as he squeezes the trigger twice more ,then drags the dead boar out of the wood,7 left says Harvey as another shot rings out that sounds like 6 as another dead boars dragged out the air horn sounds  the remaining 6  boars gather at the meeting place their hands are tied together then their ankles with 4 feet of rope,the boars set off into the wood 45 minutes calls Harvey as the shooters set off theres more shots ring out then a scream we have an impaled boar shouts a shooter Harvey and Samuel run into the wood to the sound the boars gone backwards says the shooter and slipped onto that stake it’s gone in his ass and out his chest what we going to do,your descision says Harvey  has your boar I want him alive says the shooter they drag the boar off and drag it to the meeting place 4 left says Harvey as the air horn goes  off the shooters and 4 boars exit the woods,tether thr boars to those posts says Harvey the shooters tie the boars by their  necks to short posts,gentlemen we have 4 boars left if the shooters who have the arm bands matching the boars collars would like to step up please 4 shooters step up the guy who had the heart attack has a green arm band  yours says Harvey take his hood off not allowed says  Harvey fuck man I’ve paid enough for this boar hut says the guy ,OJ says Harvey hese boars Samuel removes the gren collard boars hood Wayne ssys Senator Jenkins as a shot rings out   theres more shots as the rest of the boars are shot

Nick and the Rentboy by EdwinJ

Nick decided he was going to get himself a rent boy for the evening. He fired up his computer and went to rentboys .com. He scanned a few pages and then spotted the one he wanted. A young kid no more than twenty caught his attention. His name was Chad. His profile pic had him posed in jeans, shirtless. Nick admired the slim lad. His chest was smooth with a nice set of pecs and slim waist. He shot him a message. Chad responded quick. They bantered a bit and Nick asked if he was into a bit of kinky roleplay and leather. Chad responded he was for a price. Nick got right to the point of price, time and location. He told Chad he wanted him for the night. Money no problem. Chad told him he rented a room at a Motel 6 for his tricks. He gave Nick the room number and which Motel 6 it was.

Chad got ready for the night ahead. He dressed in a tight pair of cut off shorts and a tight sleeveless tee and flipflops as requested by Nick. He wondered what Nick would be like. Chad was new to this and the money was good. He never thought of the dangers of being a rentboy. He had heard of a couple of escorts being murdered by their clients but he never thought it would happen to him. He had no idea Nick was going to strangle him to death before the evening was done.

Nick parked his truck in the Motel parking lot. He grabbed the duffle bag with his props and went to the door. He wrapped on the door. Chad opened the door to let him in, nearly dropping his jaw when he got a look at Nick. Nick entered and closed the door as he dropped the bag to the floor. Chad took in the sight of Nick. Dressed in tight jeans, t-shirt that hugged his muscled build and black leather boots. Chad had an instant hardon.

Nick liked what he saw. “Nice slutty look baby” he said to Chad. Nick handed the money to Chad and Chad placed it on the nightstand.

Nick grabbed Chad and gave him a deep kiss. Chad ran his hands over Nick’s shirt feeling the power beneath it. Nick stepped back and removed his shirt. He pulled Chad’s shirt off and ran his rough hands down Chad’s smooth chest. “Nice baby, nice”. He ran his hands down to Chad’s ass and squeezed tight. “Yeah this ass is going to do real fine for me”

Chad explored Nick’s hairy chest. He licked his nipples. His tongue made its way down his chest to his stomach and to his treasure trail. He undid Nick’s leather belt with his teeth. He nuzzled Nick’s crotch. He felt Nick’s wood through his jeans, hard and hot.

Nick picked up Chad and threw him to the bed. He landed on his back and Nick removed his shorts. Chad lay there naked, his cock fully erected and oozing with precum. He wanted Nick bad. Nick kicked his boots off and stepped out of his jeans. His cock was erected straight up against his hard stomach. Clear precum dripped out of his pisshole and ran down his shaft. He looked down at Chad and smiled. He wanted to fuck him hard. Nick climbed in the bed and spread Chad’s legs. He entered Chad and began to fuck him. Chad took it in and moved to the rhythm of Nick’s fucking. His huge cock slammed Chad over and over. Chad’s hard and wet cock was pressed against Nick’s stomach ready to explode. Chad and Nick were chest to chest as Nick fucked harder and harder. “I’m cumming” yelled Nick. His cock erupted and he let out his man seed inside Chad. Chad blew his load as he felt it explode out between them. Nick’s hot semen filled Chad’s ass. Chad’s cum felt warm and gooey between the two. Nick collapsed on top of Chad and let out a sigh of relief. The two kissed passionately. Nick softened and pulled out and off Chad rolling to his side. Chad ran his hands over Nick’s sweaty chest. He played with the cum and licked a bit off.

Nick turned to Chad, “Ready for a little game baby”? “Are you ready for daddy’s kink”?

Chad smiled and nodded yes. Nick got off the bed and went for his bag. He pulled out a pair of handcuffs and dangled them over Chad. “What are those for” asked Chad. “Just to keep you secure baby. Don’t worry it’s our little game” said Nick. Nick took Chad’s hands and cuffed them to the headboard above his head. Chad was securely cuffed to the bed. Chad was a little nervous but thought this was all part of Nick’s game. Nick got off the bed, He grabbed his boots and the bag and headed into the bathroom. Chad lay naked and cuffed to the bed. He heard the shower. He waited and heard the water stop.

After a few minutes Nick emerged from the bathroom. Chad’s cock became hard immediately as he took in the sight of Nick. Nick was dressed in tight leather pants showing his bulge. He was shirtless, black boots a black leather hat and wearing black leather gloves. Chad was ready to cream all over again as his hard cock twitched. Nick looked sexy, manly and dangerous. He stood silently at the end of the bed staring down at Chad’s naked body. He clinched one hand and slapped it into the other as he pumped his muscled chest at Chad. Chad stared at this hunk of a man. Nick adjusted his gloves tighter as he climbed on the bed and straddled Chad. Chad squirmed a bit under him as he stared up at Nick. Nick kept silent as he breathed heavy in and out staring down at Chad.

Nick ran his hands across Chad’s chest. He placed his other gloved hand on Chad’s cock and squeezed it hard and firm. Bits of cum oozed out. Chad loved the feeling. “oh baby you were just what I wanted” said Nick as he clamped his gloved hand on Chad’s mouth and nose blocking off his air. Chad jerked a bit and tried to move. “Smell that leather baby, smell it” He squeezed Chad’s cock tighter as more precum oozed out onto the glove.

. Chad tried to breathe. muffled sounds came from him. His eyes were wide open. Nick let go. Chad took in a breath of air. Just that quick Nick smothered him again. Chad’s body squirmed under Nick. Nick felt his cock stiffen in his leather pants.  Nick let go again. Chad exhaled’ “Please stop”. Nick chuckled “You wanted this baby, this is what I paid for”. Chad became frightened. He pleaded. Nick ignored him and placed his hand down again blocking Chad’s air. He held tight. Chad smelled the leather. He let go again and gripped his gloves tight.

“Oh baby you were good”. Nick wrapped his hands around Chad’s throat and began to strangle him. Chad felt the hard grip and the feel of the leather wrapped around his throat. He began to buck. His hands shook violently in the cuffs banging the headboard. Nick gripped harder. His hands were like a vice around Chad’s throat. “Die you little whore, die” he said. “Whore’s like you deserve this”. Chad’s body shook under Nick. His hands flailing in the cuffs as Nick strangled him harder. Chad knew he was going to die. His head pounded, his ears rang. His whole body pained. Nick’s cock was rock hard. Chad felt his ready to explode. With one final grip and squeeze Nick strangled him to death crushing his throat. Chad’s cock blew its last load up Nick’s chest. His body arched and dropped to the mattress. His hands flicked in the cuffs and stopped. His body convulsed one last time and stopped. Chad was dead. His eyes gazed wide open at the ceiling. His body lay still.

Nick kept his hands tight around Chad’s throat and flopped his head back and forth. He released his hands from his throat and hovered over him admiring his kill. Nick stated softly “Noone’s  gonna miss ya”, nothing but a dirty whore”.

Nick had to release his load. He unzipped and inserted his cock into Chad’s mouth. He throat fucked him and spewed his load in his mouth. Cum spilled out and ran down his cheeks. Nick got off the bed and removed his gloves. He shoved one in Chad’s gaping mouth. He shoved the other glove’s middle finger and shoved it up Chad’s ass.

 Nick grabbed his jeans and shirt and threw them in his bag. He picked up Chad’s shirt and wiped the cum off his chest then dropped it to the floor. He grabbed the bag and headed out of the room. He looked back at Chad one last time. His naked body lay sprawled and cuffed to the bed, fucked and strangled. The cum on his naked body was beginning to dry. Nick took in the wonderful sight.

Nick left the money on the stand and chuckled. He headed to his truck. As he climbed in he noticed a young lad standing at another door staring at Nick. He quickly entered the room and shut the door. “Oh fuck” thought Nick. “I can’t have a witness”. Nick climbed back out of the truck. He didn’t bother putting his shirt on. He headed to the guy’s motel door. ‘Knock, knock’…………………….

Nick and the Hustler by EdwinJ

Nick stepped from the shower and admired himself in the mirror. Even

at age 38 he still looked awesome. His huge muscular chest, his

massive arms and biceps flexed to perfection. He eyed his naked body

and stared at his massive cock erect straight up to its 10″ as he

thought of his evening ahead. His killer body was ready for another

night. His urges were stirring and tonight he needed release. He

would be on the hunt.

Nick was in construction by trade, a bodybuilder for show, and

concealed a dark side. The dark side was a muscle beast killer who

liked to snuff young hustlers and fags.

Nick dressed in his tight jeans. His thighs massive, his bulge

revealing a huge cock beneath. He slipped on a white t-shirt, his

leather jacket and black saddle boots. He placed 3 $100 dollar bills in his

pocket. Nick climbed in his truck and headed for the Gay Bar noted

for hustlers on the take.

Nick parked his truck and entered the bar. It was close to midnight. The place was packed with young

studs. Nick sat at the bar and cruised the room. His massive

presence caught quite a few eyes. Nick spotted a young kid no older

than 21 eyeing him up and down. The kid was dressed in jeans, a

sleeveless t and boots. He wore a thick gold chain around his neck.

Nick picked him out as his victim for the night. The hustler would

soon be fucked and strangled before the night was over.

Nick lumbered over to the kid. 

“How much”? 

“$100 per hour” he replied. “JD’s the name” the hustler stated. 

“I’m Nick, now let’s talk business” retorted Nick.

JD’s cock pained in his jeans. He was in awe of this muscular stud and wanted him and the money bad. He

stared at Nick’s bulge in his crotch following the shaft trailing

down his left thigh. Nick flashed the $100 dollar bills and

suggested they take it to a motel. JD agreed.

Nick put his massive arm around his shoulders and led him out of the bar and to his

truck. JD’s fate was sealed as he climbed into the truck and closed

the door. Nick placed his hand on JD’s thigh as they headed to the

motel. JD’s cock was rock hard and his jeans were warm to the touch.

A wet spot formed on his crotch as Nick rubbed. JD glanced at Nick’s

massive arms stretched in the leather jacket as he drove.

They arrived at the motel and Nick parked away from the office. The

motel was noted for local hustlers’ one night stands. Nick handed JD

some money and told him to go rent a room. “Tell them a room for

one, no need for them to know there are two”. JD entered the office

and returned shortly with the key. Nick grabbed a bottle of body oil

from the truck. He met JD at motel room door and grabbed the key

from him, unlocking the door. He led JD into the room. Nick bolted

the door behind him and drew the curtains tight. No chance of

witnesses he thought. Nick placed the oil on the dresser.

JD wanted the cash up front. Nick pulled out $200 dollars and handed

it to JD. “I’m yours for the next two hours” stated JD. “You’re so right”

replied Nick. JD placed the money on the nightstand and turned to


Nick removed his jacket and set it on the chair. His muscles

were bulging through his shirt. His tight shirt revealed his massive

chest underneath. His chest hairs crept up above his collar and his

dark erect nipples pressed against the fabric.

Nick noticed JD’s cock was rock hard under his jeans as he stood

before him. Nick embraced JD squeezing his massive arms around him.

His body towered over him. JD’s cock throbbed under his jeans.

Nick could feel his own cock stirring to an uncomfortable pain in

his jeans. He told JD to strip.

JD removed his shirt and kicked off his boots. His smooth chest and erect nipples gleamed of sweat in

the motel light. His gold neck chain sparkled around his neck. He

took off his jeans revealing an 8″ thick cock. He stood naked before

Nick, his cock fully erected and oozing precum. Nick picked him up

with one arm and laid him on his back on the bed. He played with

JD’s neck chain in his fingers as he deep kissed him with his

tongue. He caressed his chest and nibbled at his erect nipples. He

worked his tongue down his chest and stomach making his way down to

JD’s pulsating cock. JD felt Nick’s hard cock pressed against him

through the fabric of his jeans.

Nick got up from the bed. He wanted to give JD a show. He untucked

his shirt from his jeans and slid it slowly his up his chest,

shoulders and over his head exposing his bare chest. He tossed his

shirt to the side and posed for JD. JD looked up from the bed at

Nick, his chest massive with a perfect matt of hair fanning across

his abs, around his 3″ nipples and the trail running down to the top

of his thick leather belt.  He posed and flexed as JD’s cock

twitched and leaked precum. He glanced at himself in the mirror. He

admired his own hulking body. JD stared at his bare back and looked

at his reflection in the mirror. Nick stared back in the mirror at

JD and continued to pose. JD had no clue this was going to be his

last fuck. His life soon to end at the hands of Nick.

Nick unbuckled his belt, pulling it from the loops with one tug, tossing it to the

chair with his jacket. He unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped. His

cock flew out straight out, fully erected to its 10″. It slapped

back, straight up against his hard stomach. He kicked off his boots and climbed out of

his jeans.

He climbed on the bed and straddled his massive body on JD. JD ran

his hands up his chest and cupped his hard nipples. He caressed

Nick’s muscles and chest hair. Nick curled his biceps as JD pressed

his fingers against them. They were rock hard. Nick moved down and

spread JD’s legs exposing his hole. He lifted his legs and placed

them on his muscular shoulders. Nick slapped his hard cock on his

ass and slowly entered. JD felt his cock entering and clamped tight

holding it in. Nick began to pump. His thrusts became harder and

harder. JD screamed out in pleasurable pain. His hands rubbed Nick’s

massive arms as Nick fucked him harder and harder. They found their way across his muscular chest as 

he took in his cock.

Nick felt himself ready to explode. Nick erupted his load up JD’s ass as JD cascaded his own cum between

the two. Nick collapsed on JD as they both completed their orgasms.

His cock stayed semi-hard as he pulled out. Nick rolled over and got

off the bed. The fucking was finished. He grabbed his jeans and

boots and headed for a shower. He ordered JD to stay on the bed and

wait. JD lay sprawled naked on the bed. He listened to the water

running and then stop.

Nick came out of the bathroom and stood at the end of the bed. He

was shirtless, dressed in his jeans and boots. Nick picked up his

belt and looped it back through his jeans.

He buckled it as he moved to the dresser, picked up his bottle of oil and started to apply it

to his chest and arms. He looked at his reflection in the mirror,

his chest and arms were slicked with oil and glistening. Nick loved

to kill his victims bare-chested. He wanted them to see his massive

muscles pumped and strained as they died. He felt his cock start to

harden in his jeans as he thought of what he was going to do to JD.

His reflection in the mirror stared back at JD laying on the bed. JD

could see his menacing eyes looking at him.

Something didn’t feel right with JD. JD felt fear as Nick turned and approached the bed. Nick made a fist

with his right hand and punched his left palm a few times as he

hovered over JD. JD’s naked body vulnerable to the bare-chested

killer approaching.

JD leaped from the bed and headed for the door.

Nick’s massive arm reached out, grabbed him by the hair and tossed

him to the floor. JD tried again. He felt the hard boot kick his

ribs CRAACK. JD screamed. Nick reached down and picked him up by the

throat tossing him towards the dresser. His body crashed on top

hitting and shattering the mirror. Shards of glass pierced his back

as blood started to trickle out. Nick pulled him off and threw him

across the room. His body hurtled across the room and smashed

against the wall. He slid down stunned. Blood started to trickle

from his nose and mouth. His body was hurting. Nick smirked and

approached. JD looked up at his menacing killer. His chest glistened

with oil and sweat. The veins in his arms and chest were bulging.

His cock was fully engorged under his jeans. He gave him a hard kick

again in the ribs with his boot. JD felt a few ribs crack, the pain

searing through his chest. His heart beat in terror. Nick lifted him

by the throat and pressed him flat against the wall. JD’s arms and

legs beat against the wall. Nick’s massive hand tightening around

his throat. His muscles bulged. JD looked into his killer eyes. Nick

bear hugged him and began to squeeze tight. JD felt like his back bones

were breaking. He screamed and kicked in pain.

Nick threw him back on the bed. His arms and hands flailed as Nick mounted him. He

grabbed the neck chain and started to twist tight. JD gasped as the

chain dug in. His cock hardened as he struggled. He gasped trying to

take in air. His hands reached out and slapped against Nick’s chest.

He tried to push Nick away but the oil only made his hands keep

sliding from Nick’s chest. Nick twisted harder. Nick felt his cock

hard and throbbing in his jeans. He was enjoying the moment and

ready to cum as he killed.

JD’s legs kicked wildly as his thrashing became weaker. Nick gave one last twist of the chain. He could hear his esophagus crush as it embedded his throat. JD shuddered and convulsed once and stopped. His hands fell to his side. JD was dead. His dead eyes stared up at Nick. Nick shot his 

load in his jeans as JD died. JD cascaded a death load of cum up Nick’s back. Nick felt the hot cum hit his bare back and begin 

to drip down into the crevice of his jeans.

Nick got up. JD’s body lay sprawled across the bed, eyes wide open,

naked, fucked, beaten and strangled to death.

Nick picked up the money from the stand and tucked it in his pocket. “Have no need for

this anymore, thanks for the free fuck”. He unzipped his jeans and

scooped his cum in his hand. He smeared it across JD’s face and

lips, wiping his hand clean. He grabbed his shirt and jacket,

tossing them over his shoulders. He gave one last look at the naked

and contorted body sprawled across the bed and left the room. Nick had satisfied

his murderous urges again.

JD’s body was found the next morning. M.E. determined the victim was raped and strangled. The police ruled it as another gay hook-up gone bad. No further investigation would take place.

Bootlicker’s Last fuck by EdwinJ

Nick entered the gay bar. It was a late Saturday night. As usual his intent was to pick up a young stud, bring him home for sex and strangle him. He looked over the room and saw a few pickings he liked.

On the other side of the bar a young good-looking guy caught Nick’s sight. His cock stiffened in his pants as he took in Nick’s looks. Nick’s white t-shirt clung to his muscular chest. His nipples hardened against the fabric. His jeans tight against his thighs, his package bulging. No one would be able to resist him tonight.

The kid got up and moved next to Nick. He noticed Nick’s black leather boots and was instantly turned on. Nick turned and gave him a nod.


“What?” said Nick.

“Nickname’s Bootlicker,” said the guy. “Great boots you got there.”

 “Thanks, Nick’s the name, nice to meet you.”

Bootlicker bought Nick a drink. He was hoping for a score. Nick played along. He took a good look at Bootlicker and decided he would be the one.  Bootlicker was going to be murdered.

The two had a few more drinks. Their conversation turned to kinks they both had. Bootlicker told Nick he got into leather and especially liked leather boots and gloves. Nick smiled.

“Wanna try it?” he asked. Bootlicker nodded. He told Nick he had a place and they could both go there. Nick agreed. They left the bar and headed to Bootlicker’s place. Nick told him they could go in his truck. He would bring Bootlicker back in the morning for his car.  Bootlicker climbed in. He had no idea he was taking home a serial killer.

Bootlicker showed Nick in. Nick grabbed Bootlicker by the back of his neck and pressed his lips against his. “Let’s get to the bedroom,” Nick whispered, “I want to do you good.” Bootlicker led him to the bedroom.

Both guys cocks were hard in their jeans. Bootlicker removed his shirt. He removed his shoes and jeans standing naked in front of Nick. His cock rock hard and dripping precum. The two kissed as Nick ran his hands down Bootlicker’s neck and chest. He squeezed his oozing cock. Bootlicker’s cock throbbed. Nick pushed Bootlicker’s face down to his crotch as he removed his shirt. Bootlicker licked at the wet spot on Nick’s jeans. He felt his hard, hot cock underneath. His hands made their way up Nick’s hairy chest. He felt his hard pecs and erect nipples. Nick undid his belt and jeans. His hard cock sprung out slapping Bootlicker’s lips. Bootlicker licked the precum from his cock.  He worked his way down to Nick’s boots and started to lick each one slowly. “Yeah, lick those boots baby,” said Nick. The scent of the boots made Bootlicker harder. Nick’s cock dripped precum landing on the back of Bootlicker’s neck.

Nick lifted him up and laid him on his back on the bed. He removed his boots and jeans and climbed on top of Bootlicker. Bootlicker ran his hands up Nick’s chest. His chest hair felt so good on his hands. The two embraced. Bootlicker spread his legs. Nick entered and started to fuck Bootlicker. The two moved in rhythm. Nick fucked hard. They were chest to chest as the two bodies grinded against each other. “I’m going to cum” screamed Bootlicker. Nick was ready to explode also. Bootlicker let his load explode out. He and Nick felt the warmth of the cum against their stomachs. Nick shot his load into Bootlicker, thrusting hard as his hot semen filled his hole. Nick collapsed on Bootlicker and kissed his neck and lips. He pulled out and rolled over. Bootlicker ran his hands down Nick’s chest wet and sticky with his cum. He worked his way down and played with the cum and Nick’s wet cock.

Nick knew it was time to kill Bootlicker. He got off the bed and put on his jeans and boots as he remained quiet looking down at Bootlicker. He spotted a pair of Bootlicker’s leather gloves on the dresser. Bootlicker noticed Nick was staring at the gloves. ‘Go ahead, try them on”. Nick picked up the gloves and turned to Bootlicker. He watched as Nick slowly put each glove on. Nick smirked at Bootlicker as he deliberately put them on each hand.  They were tight and snug. Bootlicker started to get aroused again. He laid naked in the bed staring at Nick, standing shirtless in his jeans, boots and leather gloves. The sight made him hard. He liked the sexy and dangerous look Nick had. Nick smirked and climbed back on the bed. He straddled Bootlicker and looked down at him. Bootlicker was hard. He ran his hands up Nick’s chest thanking him for the fuck. Nick ran his hands up and down Bootlicker’s chest across his face and under his nose. Bootlicker took in the scent and feel of the leather. He had no idea of Nick’s plans and the danger he was in. Nick leaned in giving him another kiss knowing what he was about to do.

Nick moved his hands around Bootlicker’s neck. Bootlicker liked the feel. Nick began to squeeze harder and harder. Bootlicker became uncomfortable. His breathing became harder as Nick squeezed. He looked up at Nick. Nick’s face was different, evil, glaring eyes. Bootlicker became scared as Nick tightened the grip.

“You like leather Bitch? You’re getting it—time to die fucker!” he heard Nick state.

Bootlicker tried to push Nick off. He pressed his hands against Nick’s chest with no luck. He grasped at the leather gloves trying to pry them off. It was like a vice grip. Bootlicker was scared. He realized Nick was strangling him to death. His naked body thrashed under Nick in a desperate attempt to escape. No use, Nick was stronger and had him pinned down on the bed. He slapped Nick’s chest and back to the gloves, clawing at them. His hands reached out to Nick’s face and chest. At one point he scratched Nick’s chest pissing him off more. Nick gripped harder. Bootlicker was fading. His cock pulsating, his body was writhing with pain. He struggled hard beneath Nick. He couldn’t believe he was being strangled to death in his own bed. Nick cock was getting hard again in his jeans. Nick gave one last hard grip around Bootlicker’s neck, one last thrust, crushing his throat, killing him.  Bootlicker’s cock let loose as he died. His cum cascaded up Nick’s stomach and chest. His body convulsed once, his hands slowly slid down Nick’s chest and fell to the bed. Bootlicker was dead. His body lay still. Drips of death cum trickled from his slit and ran down his thigh.

Nick removed his hands from his neck and kneeled above him. He admired his kill for a bit. He kissed him on the forehead and got off the bed. He removed the leather gloves and used them to wipe the cum off his stomach and chest. He tossed the gloves down on Bootlicker’s naked body. One landed aside him, the other on his chest. “There’s your leather, bitch. You were a good fuck.”  Nick’s cock pulsed inside his jeans. He needed release again. He unzipped and whipped out his cock as it spurted out cum landing across Bootlicker’s face. Nick grabbed his shirt, not bothering to put it back on, tucking it in his back pocket. He looked at Bootlicker’s naked body sprawled across the bed one last time. His neck and head contorted. His eyes frozen in time staring up at the ceiling, fucked and strangled. Nick was sexually satisfied. Nick left the apartment, climbed in his truck and headed home.

Torture and Snuffing of a Young Muscle God by Tecpatl


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I saw the teasing photo he posted: lifting up a tight t shirt to show rippling abs, a bulging pec, a left nipple. A photo to show he had built himself into a muscle god. He said that his name was Luis Adam Bree. Real or not, I didn’t care. He said he wanted to be tamed, to be humiliated and punished. That said all I wanted to know about him. That he knew what he was, this waiter/bartender in his late twenties. Meat. Beautiful and well shaped. But meat. Nothing more.

I messaged him to find out what he meant by saying he was very kinky. He wanted to role play over Skype first. I said no. He wanted photos of me. I said no. I told him what I looked like made no difference to meat like him that deserved punishment. I told him to send more photos , and these nude. And he did. I told him to describe the kinky sexual encounters he had had. He did. In detail. He was mine already. I gave him the address of my house outside London. I gave him a date and a time that we could play at his punishment. And for the next two weeks I answered none of his messages.

He was precise, I’ll give him that. My bell rang at exactly the appointed time. I opened the door and he stepped inside, wearing the tight t and jeans of that first picture. I instructed him to stand, hands behind his back, legs spread, eyes ahead. I cupped my hand around the impressive cock and balls beneath the jeans, looking him in the eyes. He smiled as he grew hard and started to say he was pleased to finally meet me. I cuffed him hard across the mouth. I needed no words from him.

I took my time going to get a sharp knife. When I returned he stood stock still where he had been. I started to slowly shred the tight t, exposing his nipples. When he objected about how he couldn’t go home without a shirt I cuffed him again and pressed the point of the knife against his throat. I told him he would walk home totally naked if that was what I told him to do. I went back to my work shredding. His nipples were hard by the time I cut the collar of the t and it dropped to the floor. I started work on the jeans next. Cutting off piece by piece starting at his ankles, watching the cock strain against the crotch, darkening it with precum. It took a while, as I intended, until he stood naked, still with legs spread, hands behind his back, and eyes focused on a spot on the wall across from the front door. His cock stood out from his crotch, nicely hard.

I walked around him, close but not touching, inhaling his scent, feeling the heat coming off of his skin, inspecting every bit of his exposed flesh. When I stood behind him, I put an arm around his chest and drew him to me. I put my other hand over his nose and mouth, clamping them shut as I pulled his head against my shoulder. He tensed but stayed still. I held him as I felt his chest start to strain for air under my arm, and his heart to pound. Then his chest started to heave. As his hands grabbed for mine, I released him and stepped around him, punching him hard in his heaving stomach and cuffing him against the mouth. He was doubled over gasping for breath. I grabbed his hair and pulled his face up near mine. There were bruises beginning under the scruff around his mouth, and a trickle of blood. I told him calmly and slowly to stand with hands behind his back, legs spread, and eyes straight ahead. He did as told. I waited as his breath returned to normal.

I told him there would be no more words between us. I told him we were going to my playroom where I would begin his true humiliation. I repeated the safe word he had used with another partner. I knew it from the account he had sent to show how kinky he could be. I asked if he remembered it. He opened his mouth to speak, and then remembered, and nodded instead. I told him there were no safe words here. That that was how kinky I was. I told him I would punish him until I was satisfied and that he had no more say about what happened to him. I asked if he understood. He nodded. I told him it made no difference whether he understood or agreed. Nothing about him made any more difference. He nodded again. His cock was still hard. I took hold of it and led him to the basement.

I had made only one improvement to my basement to make it a playroom. On one wall was a large mirror I had acquired from a dance studio that had gone out of business. I liked my boys to watch their own humiliation. As you have probably guessed, this is not the first time I have taught a boy the hard lesson of punishment. There have been other boys who wanted to suffer pain. There have been others who have had to watch what was happening to their bodies as they slowly figured out that, no matter what we had agreed, there were no safe words here. And that I was never satisfied with their punishment. There have been others. This was merely the prettiest. And the first to be led down those stairs knowing he could not call a stop to what was going to happen.

I led them by their cocks because it made the stairs awkward. Luis Adam Bree only stumbled once, but he kept his hands behind his back and did not fall. Still his bow legged gait was hardly the elegant movement he probably expected out of his finely tuned body. Humiliation took many forms. And there would be no more elegance in this young man’s life. I led him to the center of the dank, bare room, facing his reflection in the mirror. He could look at the darkening bruises on his face. He could wonder how much they would show at work next week. He could wonder what other marks his body might have by then. He could wonder what it would feel like when he came. He could wonder if there would be a next week for him. He could wonder what death would feel like, and how he would react. He could wonder many things. I left, locking the house. He could not escape. 

I ran some errands. I had a nice dinner at the restaurant where he waited tables. It was hours before I returned.

When I did, he was standing just as instructed. On the concrete floor between his legs was a puddle. He really had not moved. I grabbed the back of his head, forcing him down on his knees, not an easy movement on stiff legs with hands still behind him. But he was strong. I forced his face down to the puddle, my face close to his. To watch. He knew what I wanted. And I knew what he wanted. Humiliation. He started to lick. He gagged a couple of times. The floor was dirty. The piss smelled strong. But I didn’t let him up until the puddle was gone. Then I took his wrists and stretched his arms high, tying them to hooks set into the ceiling. I stepped to a cabinet against the wall and took off my own clothes, folding them on top of it. My body was not as impressive as his, but that was not the point of being naked. I wanted to feel flesh quivering in pain against my own. I took a cat o’ nine tails out of a drawer. It was spiked. He saw it as I stepped up behind him. He gripped the ropes that tied him. He set his jaw. But he made no sound.

I cracked it across his back. He gave a little grunt, and shook his head as if to shake off the shock of the sharp pain. Red lines opened up on his right shoulder blade. Blood began to trickle. The second crack was harder, and his body shook at the blow. The third caught in the flesh of his shoulder and I dragged it across, shredding his back like I shredded his t shirt. I switched hands and began again on his left side. His body shuddered at each blow. Again and again and again. He gave little grunts and moans, but did not cry out. He was hanging now by his wrists, but he was stretched so tight he was still on his feet. I could see his face in the mirror, his eyes watching every blow. I saw his determination to prove himself. To prove the strength of this body he had built. To prove the only thing about himself that was worth anything to him. Or to me.

I stepped back and admired the sight before me. The red stripes crisscrossing the muscles of the back. The shredded flesh. The bright red blood flowing. The sheen of sweat. The ripples as he heaved in air. I saw him looking at me in the mirror and I smiled at him in approval. He nodded. I placed the whip on he floor and walked around, standing face to face with him, close. Our chests rubbed against each other, our nipples hardening. My cock, long and stiffening, rubbed against his. His reacted as it started to get hard again. I wrapped my arms around him, smearing my hands in the blood of his back. Then, staying close, I used my fingers to write. I started with his left pec, over his heart. I was writing backwards, again and again pressing my fingers in the wounds of his back to get fresh blood. I held his eyes, to see if he was figuring out what I was writing. Both of our cocks were hard now. Brushing against each other’s legs. It was short, what I was writing. Ten letters. Three words. But I took my time. Savoring the intimacy. As he was, I think. I wrote the last word across his belly, his rock hard abs. And then I stepped back, still watching his eyes. Their focus shifted, looking at his torso in the mirror. Looking at the words I had written backwards so they were forwards in the mirror. And then his eyes got wide, and wild. He started shaking his head, muttering no, no, no. So he had been holding out hope then. He hadn’t really let himself believe where this was going. Just a game for him. A role play. I turned to look at what he was seeing. At the mirror, where his body read, “Gut me. Alive.”

I went to the cabinet and took out a knife. A gutting knife. I placed it on the floor near the mirror, where he could see himself and the knife together. Then I stepped back close to him, taking care not to smear my message. His cock was limp now, his nipples flat. He was afraid, tamed. So he did not resist when I put my hand behind his head and pulled his face to mine, when I kissed him deep. He returned the kiss after a while, although his cock stayed limp. Then I left him to the knife and the message and his imagination. Imagination about pain and blood and death could be torture on its own. I had a strong feeling though, that for Luis Adam Bree, there had been many nights when imagination about pain and blood and death had been ecstasy. Tonight, if he was lucky, it would be both.


When I returned to my basement playroom he looked up to watch me come down the steps. His eyes were red-rimmed, like he had been crying. He was finding death wasn’t like his fantasy. So strong, he thought he was, strong enough to enjoy torture and even dying. So before I destroyed his body, I would destroy that, any chance that he would enjoy what I did to him.

I walked up to him and ran my hand along his cheek, running my hands over his impressive pecs, running my thumbs around and around his nipples until they grew hard again, running my hands over his hard abs and the v of his hips until I cupped his balls with one hand and grasped his cock in my other. It was a gentle caress, and his cock leapt to erection in my hand. His body was young, and always straining for pleasure. But I saw the hope come back in his eyes as well. I sneered at him. And spit in his face. His cock stayed hard. I could see he enjoyed it.

One of the fantasies on the site that young Mr Bree and I enjoyed was that a young man could have his best orgasm as he died, spraying cum everywhere. The difference was that I knew it was a fantasy. Young Mr Bree was expecting it to be real. So I was about to turn his expectation into frustration. 

I moved around behind him, enjoying running my hands over the firm mounds of his butt. I moved two fingers into his crack, exploring his hole. His body quivered in delight, and he spread his legs expecting my cock to be thrust in next. But I simply explored until I found the spongy prostate inside him and began to rub. If I had used my other hand to stroke his cock, used my tongue to lick his butt, had given him any other pleasure, he would most likely have shot cum across the room. But I was not interested in his pleasure. So I simple rubbed his prostate. It took a while, but eventually I got what I wanted. His milky cum dribbling out of his now not-quite-erect cock. It made quite a puddle by the time it stopped. It would have made for an impressive and fulfilling orgasm. But this milking would leave his balls empty and unable to cum for longer than it was going to take him to die. And it would leave his body, I had been told, aching to cum, but not able to. Mr Bree would get nothing but pain and frustration out of his dying.

I moved around to face him again, wiping my fingers on his chest, smearing the words I had written. He had a puzzled look, looking from the puddle of wasted cum to me. Not understanding what I had just done, or why. In the stories that we read, that Mr Bree had even written, the torturer wanted the young buck to cum. Or he enjoyed the pain enough to cum. Or his body just came at the last second. This was not the stories. This was ugly and painful reality. My reality.

He took a breath and started to speak. I raised my hand and he cut the words off, flinching from the expected blow. I lowered my hand, smiled and walked over to my cabinet of toys. I had been thinking over our little break about how I would end this Luis Adam Bree. I read responses to his photo on the site. People saying what they would do to him if they had the chance. I took perverse pleasure in the fact that the object of their lust was hanging from the joists that supported the floor under my chair.  I even hacked his account and posted a photo of his cock and balls that he had sent me. I thought they deserved the chance to beat off over them while I enjoyed the real thing. At last I remembered how my cock loved shredding his t shirt to expose that beautiful torso. So I opened a drawer and took out an extremely sharp scalpel.

I got the puzzled look again as he saw me approach with such a tiny knife. His eyes followed it as I raised it to his right shoulder, as I thrust it through his skin and just into his muscle. There was a sharp intake of breath and a long hiss as I drew a line with the scalpel, straight down, over the edge of his pec, down the side of his ribs to his waist, over the bone of his hip and down the outside of his leg to his ankle. Slowly and calmly. And then I just as slowly licked the beads of blood springing from the line up his leg and torso to his shoulder, my cock hardening as I followed the contours of his muscle, first with my hand, then with my tongue. As I reached the top of the line I had drawn in him, I looked him in the eye and gave him a gory smile. Then I raised my scalpel and drew a second line a little to the right of the first. A slight whimper as I drew over the bumps of his ribs. Again my tongue retraced the contours of his muscle and bone. My cock stood out hard from my crotch. His was long and thick, but it would never be erect again. Again and again I drew the lines, just deep enough to cut into the muscle, to bring the blood trickling down his torso and thighs and calves. I traced around his nipples, leaving them whole. And I left the center line of his body, so well defined on its own, unmarked. He was weakening now, from the constant pain, the slits in the muscles, the loss of blood. His breaths came long and ragged. But he was still far from dying. His body was coated in a sheen of blood and sweat. The bloody lines just helped define the contours of his muscles. His mouth hung open in pain and exhaustion. Tears of pain or despair tracked his cheeks, I didn’t care much which. He was fucking beautiful. His body shredded like I shredded his clothes. THIS is all you’re for, cunt. All you built up that magnificent body for. MY pleasure.

I admired my work for a while, stroking my stiff cock with my free hand. Still holding the scalpel in my right. There was one last part of him still to draw my lines in. I began at the base of the v of his collarbone. His body shuddered a bit at this last violation of so many. I traced the line down the valley of his pecs, the valley of his abs. My cock strained, wanting to cum at this beauty. But I left it alone and continued. I traced around the navel, giving him hope I would stop before I got to where this line was pointing. But I continued, down the trail of hair that led to his bush, through its center, and then … even more slowly … down the top of his long impressive cock, pressing deep now. He howled. But his muscles were shredded enough, the blood loss was enough, that he could only shudder, and hang from his wrists tied to the ceiling.

I continued my line. Cutting through the head, following the slit, and then holding the cock up to cut through the other side, cutting it in two. Then I continued down the center of his sack, between his heavy balls, around and up the back of it, until at last I reached his hole and stopped. He continued to moan and sob. I knew the pain must be excruciating, even compared to all the other cuts together. I began another line on his cock, cutting each of the halves I had created in two. Then I drew lines down its sides. In all, I cut the tube of his cock so that it hung from his crotch in six strips. Then I went to work on his sack, down under the balls and around, leaving it in six strips as well. But only the sack. The balls themselves hung glistening and untouched, poking through their net of skin and blood.

I licked some of the delicious blood. I smeared some of it on my straining cock. And then I stood, and applied my scalpel to that shredded chest once again. I cut a slit connecting two of my lines along his collarbone. I dug my scalpel under the layer of skin and started to pull loose the strip I had made. It was the one with his untouched left nipple. The one he had teased in his first picture. I had decided when I first saw it that it would be mine. I pulled sharply again and again as the strip came loose down his chest to his waist. I would have thought he didn’t have the strength left, but he howled. Each time I pulled. I left the strip attached to his leg as I put the perfect nipple in my mouth and began to chew while I looked him in the eye. I saw anger and frustration. I had cheated him of what he thought would be the fulfillment of his life, a perfect, cum-soaked death. I even deprived him of the delicious pain of feeling his nipple chewed into pulp. Behind the anger I saw the deep, searing pain that washed over him in waves from all the nerves of his skin severed. And I saw the utter, utter hopelessness. I was stripping away anything erotic from his dying, but he was dying anyway. And there was no way of stopping that now. I saw despair. And with it, something like love. He would not feel any of the pleasure he had imagined. He had no cum left to cum. But he could see by my cock my pleasure. And he was clinging to that.

I reached my fingers into the strips of his sack and circled his left ball. He grunted a bit like this was just a discomfort. He was fading now. I pulled down, sharp and hard until it came free. A soft moan. I looked him in the eye as I put his ball between my teeth and started to chew. I let my face fall into a look of pleasure, my eyes half closed as I savored this delicacy. I saw his look of relief as he saw me enjoying his meat. He even smiled. I just sneered at him. And spit the half-chewed useless thing in his face. He started to sob, tears running down his face now. That was the end of him I wanted.

I walked to the gutting knife, where it still lay on the floor by the mirror. I saw his eyes following me. I picked it up and started toward him. He just hung. Sobbing and crying. No attempt to regain his feet. To show any bravery. To “take it like a man.” His sobs reduced to moans. One with each breath. His eyes fixed on the knife, as I placed it on the center line I had drawn in him, at the base of his breastbone, the top of his stomach.

I thrust through muscle and tendon, into the body cavity. And I worked quickly, sawing down and down. His body jerked with my efforts and the last of his pain. He was strong enough to live through what was left. I was sure of that. I opened him from rib cage to cock. And then, dropping the knife, I thrust both hands, both arms into his belly and far up under his ribs. I felt the slippery beating heart, the heaving lungs. I grasped hold of what I could and heaved downward. Ribs cracked as I pulled it all out of the open wound that was his belly. Intestines and liver and stomach unwound onto the floor at his feet, my arms held heart and lungs and other unnamable things. I saw a glimmer of awareness holding on in his eyes as I had hoped. Just enough maybe, to see me thrust my cock into his steaming innards. And cum. Not cumming for his oh-so-carefully sculpted body, but into the same stinking slop that every body contained.

I left the corpse hanging as I went upstairs and showered. I sat naked, checking the site on my iPad. Posting another photo as Luis Adam Bree. I would continue his online presence for a while for his fans. His real self would disappear and never be found. I had enough contacts in the intelligence community and enough skill at technology to insure that. I would even post the actual description of his final hours as a story to the site. So many guys would beat off again and again, never knowing that it was all real.

At last I went back to the gutted corpse hanging in my basement. I cut off the left pectoral. It was large, but I was very hungry after this day. I took the surviving ball as well. I sautéed it, and ate it with the rare steak. Young Mr Bree would never know how much I enjoyed it. Or how hard I came each time I ate a piece of the meat I butchered and froze from his quite beautiful body. But then he never deserved to know. Because for him to die believing that all that he had worked for was useless to me, except for his pain, was exactly what gave me the most pleasure. And giving me the most pleasure was the only thing he ever deserved.

Fucking and Slaughter of a Willing Hiker by Tecpatl

HE WAS GETTING OFF ON IT THE WHOLE TIME!!!! Fuck, that was hilarious. I never guessed that. But then the other guys hadn’t. They screamed or begged. They fought or thrashed. This guy did too. A little. But now that I knew I thought back on it and it was more like a game. Like a role play. And it was. He was looking for this. Looking for me, even though he didn’t know me. He just knew that each summer for the last three a young guy hiking alone had disappeared in this area and never been found. Laying spread-eagled in this clearing, his wrists and ankles tied, knowing what was about to happen, he finally told me. But then what did he have to keep secrets for?

I had tracked him for three days. In his tight shorts and his bare chest with his t shirt tied around his waist. I tracked him until he set up his camp. I tracked him as he explored the area. His muscles rippling. The sweat glistening. But no matter how beautiful he was, I wouldn’t strike until I knew he was truly alone. I was good at being silent and invisible in the woods.

When I first met him, I pretended to be coming from the other direction on the trail. We talked for a bit. I gave out signals that I was interested in something more than talk, in case he was good for a fuck or two. He responded with signals that he was. They were ancient signals. And still useful in a place where there was no Grindr or Scruff because there was no cell signal. I took him right by his fire. Pushing him face down in the dirt and leaves. Thrusting my swollen cock up his ass. He liked it rough. He liked to be dominated. Three times I took him that night. When I wanted. How I wanted. The second time he let me tie him facing a massive tree trunk. His ass bare to the night. I fucked him until I sprayed cum all over his back. Then I went to sleep and left him tied standing. Just before sunrise I untied him and let him lay by the fire. I lay behind him and thrust myself into him again. But this time I took hold of his swollen cock and jerked him off while I thrust into him. His body writhed and shuddered against mine as he came long thick ropes of cum. His asshole clenched around my cock as I spurted my load deep into him. I couldn’t get enough of fucking this muscle stud. Because I knew what I was going to do to him.

The next day I told him he should come to my site. That I had some toys there. He packed up and followed me. I took an overgrown trail. You wouldn’t know it was there if you didn’t know these woods. It led to a clearing. My truck was parked there where I’d followed an old logging road through the woods. There was no tent. No fire. Only four ropes laying in the middle of the clearing. Small nooses tied at the end of each one. The muscle stud saw them and tensed up. Lay down, I barked. But his eyes were following the ropes. They saw where they led. His eyes went wide. He turned to run.

But I was ready. I’d killed three other guys in these woods. There was always a point where they tried to escape. I threw my arms around his bare waist. And dropped to my knees. I heaved him over towards the center of the clearing onto his back. He hit hard, knocking the wind out of him. I was on top of him, our bare chests and bellies sliding against each other as he heaved trying to suck in air. I planted my knee in the center of his ribs.and leaned my weight, grabbing a wrist and a rope. Before he had his breath both wrists were in their tightened nooses. I was sitting on his legs. He had nowhere to move. He looked wildly around.

“No. No. Not this. Not like this.” It was almost a moan.

“Not like this?” I laughed. “I already tied you up and fucked you once.”

“But you’re not just going to fuck me. You’re going to … “

“No. I’m not going to fuck you at all. I’m done fucking you.”

“Is this … is this how you did the others?”

That was the first surprise. He knew about the others and was out here alone. When he fit the profile. I leaned in close, looking him in the eyes.

“No. I’m fucking creative. The first one, the 22 year old, he was smooth and slim and tall and I gutted him with a knife. The 31 year old, more muscles, more like you, I hogtied him face down and held his head against my belly while I sawed it off. The 26 year old hipster with the man bun and tattoos, I strangled him with my bare hands while his naked body struggled under me like we were fucking. But you’re the first one that wanted me to fuck him. And you’re the first one who came here … for this.”

I must have sounded puzzled. I was. His dick had grown and hardened as I described the murders.

“How far? Did you come?”

I’d recognized the accent, but there were lots of British in the US. And then the words came tumbling out.

“From Britain. From London. No one knows. I mean they know that I’m in America. But they don’t know. And they don’t know why. I searched for guys who. For disappearances. For where there might be. Well someone like you. And so I was hoping. I’ve always wanted to. But I didn’t think like this. I don’t want …”

I was grinning now. An evil grin.

“So you came all this way and you were getting off just on the chance. On the chance you might be here at the same time as me. On the chance that I might find you. And want you.”

He nodded. And his eyes followed the ropes that tied his wrists.

“But …”

“But you had fantasies of dying a different way. Like maybe you wanted me to stick a spike in one temple and slowly push it through your brain until it came out the other side and your eyes glaze over and your heart stops. Or stick the barrel of my gun up your ass and start pulling the trigger until bullet after bullet ripped through your gut.”

His cock started straining at that.

“Ohhhhh. You like guns. Well I’m gonna do that. But not to you. And you know what? You don’t get to choose. You get what I fantasized about for the last year. You die like I tell you to die.”

And I cuffed him across the mouth and got up. And I slowly put the two remaining ropes around his ankles, stroking his calves and his inner thighs. He lay still and didn’t try to stop me. His chest heaved as he panted in fear. There was a sheen of sweat on his body that glistened in the sun.

“But I am gonna give you something I didn’t give the others. I’m gonna help you enjoy this. Since that’s what you came for.”

And I took his straining cock in my mouth. And I ran my tongue around his nipples. I savored the salt of the sweat of his armpits. I edged him for more than two hours. This was a new thing, this British muscle stud who got off on his coming death. He tried to talk a couple of times but I cuffed him again. There was no more need for talk. He was already dead.

Finally with the sunlight getting long and gold I decided it was time. His body was beautiful in the light. I got my ax out of my truck. I ran the flat of the blade over his chest as he arched his body. He let out a sigh that was part whimper. He knew what was coming. I used the sharpened blade to slice a line through the skin of his chest between his pecs down to his navel. I licked up the blood and swallowed its iron taste. His cock was straining as I took it in my mouth one last time and let it go.

“You ready?”

His eyes followed the ropes to where they were tied to two strong saplings that had grown up next to each other in the clearing. Two saplings that were bent almost to the ground and held in place by ropes that looped around an old tree trunk and tied to the trailer hitch on my truck. I had used the truck to pull them into place. Now the muscle stud’s right wrist and left ankle were tied to one sapling. His left wrist and right ankle to the other. He looked me in the eye and gave a slight nod.

“Let’s see where you tear apart.”

I sliced his skin across his waist and through his navel, quartering his torso with lines of blood. Then I stroked his cock with the cold flat of the ax blade and that’s all it took. His body stretched and arched as his cock erupted once more in thick ropes of cum. They splattered his chest and face as I quickly stood and brought my ax over my head and then down on the ropes that held the saplings tied. His eyes that had closed in pleasure went wide as the young trees snapped back into place. He let forth a scream of terror that turned to pain as the ropes at his wrists and ankles went tight and tighter, as his body twisted and snapped trying to go two ways, four ways at once. I stepped between the saplings as his body was dragged into the air just over my head, grinding and crunching and twisting and pulling and tearing. I threw my head back and grasped my own straining cock with my hand and pumped it as drops of cum spattering down on me became drops of blood as the muscle stud tore open. Bits of muscle and tendon tore loose and fell on me. Intestines started to spiral out and slither over my chest. Still he shrieked and screamed until the rib cage gave way and tore apart, until larger things fell out of him, until he couldn’t breathe because one lung was on my foot. I came covered in his blood and piss and gore. My cum spattered like pearl in the reds and rusts and browns.

It took him only seconds to die. To become four sacks of muscle and bone flopping against two swaying saplings. A pile of guts on the ground between. His head had stayed attached to the left side of his rib cage, which had also managed to keep all of the collar bone. Some of the ribs were hanging from the right arm in the opposite tree. His face was twisted in pain, his eyes wide in terror. But empty. Dead.

“You die like I tell you to die, you crazy twisted fuckwad. You die like I tell you to.”

And I laughed. All this way to get off on dying. And I made him die in a way that scared the shit out of him. And made him cum while doing it. Life is fucking good sometimes.

I looked around at the mess that used to be an anonymous muscle stud from London. That was a lot of cleaning up so that I couldn’t be traced. But this was an isolated spot. I had some time. And it was worth it. It was so so worth it.

Freshman Meat, Part 1 by Master Daddy

It was rush week at the University. I’ve always had luck with those. With any luck, I might even nab two! If I get one early enough in the week here, I could drive 4 or 5 states away and try another University. It’s happened before. More than once. I never try to nab more than one from the same school. Once one goes missing, it becomes too risky.

Most killers have a type. And while I can settle for a hustler or a fag from a bar, my main type is the pretty, rich, spoiled, straight frat boy. Damn, just thinking about one makes my cock ache. I never cum so hard as when I do in a mutilated frat boy that’s barely clinging on to life. 

That’s why I love rush week. The easiest pickings. Those boys are drunk all week long so it’s pretty easy to find one passed out by himself, or puking in an alley, or a myriad of other ways. This year was the jackpot however! As I was casually walking along Frat Row, looking for opportunities, one of the doors burst open and a rowdy group of young men came rushing out carrying four hooded men on their shoulders. They were laughing and hollering as they trotted off as a group. I was curious and followed them at a safe distance. This campus was at the edge of a huge wood, and the pack of boys trudged into the trees with their captives. 

I continued my stealth stalking of the frat boys deep into the woods until they came to a small glade. The hooded boys were placed on their feet and ordered to strip. I was safely hidden in brush and could see everything. The boys were quickly naked and ordered to lie on their backs. The rest of the brothers immediately started binding their wrists and ankles with ropes and staking them spread eagle. Soon all four boys were immobilized. 

“Since you stupid fucking pledges failed your first test,” one of the boys started saying, “you are going to spend the night out here alone. This will give you a chance to really think about your failure. To see if you’re man enough to be our brothers. Cause we don’t care how rich your daddies are, we don’t accept shit in our house! Now you pus bags think about that and we’ll be back in the morning. Do you understand, MAGGOTS?!” He shouted.

“YES SIR!” The pledges shouted back. Only it was all muffled. They must be gagged under their holes. Easier for me!

“That is, if you survive!” Said another boy, maniacally.

“Hope something doesn’t eat you in the middle of the night!” Teased a third.

If only they knew.

I huddled in the shrubs as the boys stomped away, laughing and high fiving. When they were long gone, I quickly surveyed they area, found what I wanted, and took off. I had already formulated my plan, and I wasn’t wasting time. My van was parked not too far from the frat house, and in no time I was pulling it up close to the glen where the boys were staked. I grabbed my supply bag and headed toward my prey. I had restraints enough for two, but I had never taken two at once before. I’ve always snatched and got out. But here was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The only problem, there were four of them. That means I had to choose which two go with me toward a long, tortured death, and which two were destined for a quicker, but still painful death. My cock throbbed at the thought of my playing God with these four lives.

As I approached the staked boys, I knew they knew I was there by the way they were all trying to bend their heads toward my approaching steps. They probably assumed I was one of the frat brothers. Or feared I was a wild animal. Boy were they in for a rude surprise. And like I said, I like the pretty boys, so I would obviously take the prettiest two with me. 

I ripped off their hoods and they all tried to focus their eyes on me, quickly realizing I wasn’t a bro or a critter. They all mumbled into their gags, but I ignored their pleas as I looked at their faces. All four were very handsome boys. Good family stock, future leaders. Except they didn’t know, their future ends tonight. It wasn’t hard to pick the two winners. One was a stunning Italian with thick wavy black hair and a proud Roman nose. The other was blond stud with a cute pug nose and cheekbones for days. Both these boys coulda been models.

But I didn’t waste time, I got to work. I wanted to be done and out of here. I grabbed a taser out of my bag, I always carried several, and quickly zapped the blond. A bys he convulsed in his bonds, I quickly cut his ropes and had his hands cuffed behind his back and his ankles shackled together. I repeated with the Italian as the boys continued their muffled screaming. In no time flat, I had my two prizes sitting upright against a tree.

My 10 1/2 inches strained hard in my pants as I thought about this next part. Two of my fantasies were about to come true at once. First, someone was going to witness me kill. My mouth went dry as I thought about it. For as long as I’ve been doing this, I’ve done it alone. I’ve always wanted to have someone watch me as I take a life. And second, and even better, the people that are going to watch me do it, will also soon be my victims. I shuddered as my cock twitched.

I rummaged in my bag and brought out my trusty partner. A Bowie knife with a 12 inch serated blade. This little beauty has never let me down. I held it up so the moonlight could bounce off its razor sharp silver blade. I could see four sets of terrified eyes looking at the knife. I’d never felt more powerful.

“As you can see.” I spoke, finally. “I’ve separated you. That’s because I can only take two with me. I based my decision on your looks. The prettier two,” I said, looking at the blond and the Italian, “will leave. You two,” I said, looking at the still staked boys, “will not.” 

What that I kneeled between the legs of the first boy. I looked as his sweat covered face. His floppy brown curls were matted to his forehead as he trembled and looked at me in fear. He was cute, no doubt about it, just not cute enough. I placed the tip of my knife right against the kids puckered anus. Our eyes were locked. His, in mortal fear, mine, in murderous lust. I took a slow deep breath, then let out a growl as I plunged the knife with full force into the kids rectum.

Four blood curdling screams lit up the night. Thank God for the gags. But none so blood curdling as the one that came from the curly headed kid himself. But that’s to be expected as he was getting his insides shredded to pieces. Normally, if I knife a cunt, I do it slowly. I slide it in, letting the blade slice the anal ring, then slowly rip apart the intestinal wall. But I didn’t have all that time tonight. This time, the second I had the blade fully buried in Curly, I started pounding as hard as I could over and over, twisting my arm back and forth as I sawed it in and out. I scraped that kids insides like a Halloween Jack-o’-lantern. The knife had totally removed his anal ring and when I pulled it out, all that was left of the kids shitter was a big gaping hole that leaked blood and mucus and flesh. Oh how I wanted to fuck it.

Curly had stopped screaming as his body went into shock. He just layed there panting and moaning as he bled out. 

I stood up and went over to the last guy. He was blubbering like a baby and pleading through the gag. I just looked down at him. I imagined him just a couple of hours ago, with his bros, probably laughing about the lastest slut he banged. Now, here he was, about to meet his maker. And not in a pleasant way. I decided that this guy looked like a date rapist, so I decided to handle him differently. I took hold of his cock and balls and wrapped my fingers around the base, pulling it tight. I placed the serrated blade against his taught skin and started sawing. Daterape started screaming and thrashing but I held tight, quickly slicing off his cock and balls. I stood up as Daterape convulsed and half screamed, half cried. I loved how the blood spurted from the hole where his penis had been.

I knew I should just collect my two prizes and get out of there and let Curly and Daterape bleed out, but the killer in me couldn’t do it. I had to see it through. But oh, how my cock ached. I had soaked my underwear in precum mutilating these two frat boys. I’ve never had two at once, let alone four, and it was overwhelming! I had to cum. But I didn’t want to risk leaving DNA. So I decided I needed to fuck Blondie. I had wanted to wait until later, but my carnal needs were taking over. I needed to nut, and I needed to do it while these two died.

I walked over to Blondie who rightfully cowered in fear. He had just watched me mutilate his two friends, after all. I grabbed his hair and dragged him in between the staked boys. He was whimpering as I threw him down. Now, normally I don’t ever use lube, but this time I did. I reached over to Daterape and held my hand under his bleeding groin and collected a handful of blood which I slathered all over my dick. Then I reached down to where Curly’s anus used to be and scooped up some more blood and mucus, rubbing it on my cock. I picked up some fleshy chunks and got a nasty idea.

I picked up Daterapes severed genitals from the ground and proceeded to stuff them into Blondie’s straight, frat boy hole. He was tight, but as soon as I got one finger in I was able to pop Daterapes two testicles in fairly easily. Then I just used my finger to stuff his scrotum in there followed by the limp, soggy penis. Once I had Daterapes genitals stuffed into Blondie’s cunt, I grabbed the knife and started sawing off Curly’s cock and balls. Curly was so weak from shock and blood loss that he barely cried out in pain at all as his genitals were sliced from his body. Blood didn’t even spurt as his blood pressure was so low.

I wasted no time in getting them stuffed into Blondie’s hole.  

Now I was ready. I held onto Blondie’s hips as I placed my fat mushroom head against his blood slimy hole. I admired my dick for a moment. The beautiful 10 and 1/2 inch beast that has destroyed many a young hole. It had a big upward curve, and got fatter close to the base to a nice 6 inches. I pushed gently but firmly against Blondie’s pucker, pressing with my gut, until my head popped through his sphincter. Blondie let out a howl as his virgin straight boy pussy was breached and I slammed it home in one hard thrust. 

I started pounding that straight boy hole like there was no tommorow. Blondie screamed and cried into the gag as I mercilessly raped the poor college freshman beneath me. I rammed the mutilated genitals as deeply as I could into Blondie’s guts. I laughed as I looked at Curly. He was barely conscious but his eyes were on me. 

“That’s right.” I sneered. “You like watching me fuck your friend while you die, don’t you? You like knowing your cock and balls are being mashed into his guts right now? Huh? That as you die, your precious family jewles are being pulverized inside another man’s shitter?” I slammed Blondie extra hard a few times for emphasis. Curly just choked into the gag. 

“And you.” I said turning to Daterape. “How would mommy and daddy like to see their precious baby boy like this? Their angel, dying, knowing his baby makers are now also deep inside another man? Being crushed, being brutalized? The same cock and balls that they used to diaper, and wash, and powder? Now they’re just shit!”

Daterape was a lot more conscious than Blondie, but he hadn’t been brutalized as badly. I would now correct that. I grabbed the knife and plunged it into his ass with a mighty plunge. Daterape let out new screams of torment as I gave his hole the same treatment I had given Curly’s. I plunged and twisted in and out, in and out until Daterape’s sphincter no longer existed. 

I pulled out the knife and goo poured out of his missing butthole. I felt around in the grass and found several pieces of his anus. I also found several of Curly’s pieces as well. I pulled my cock out of Blondie and shoved those anus pieces into his cunt and stuck my cock back in. They may not know what I just did, but my cock almost shot off as I pushed anus pieces deep inside Blondie.

I was so close, these fuckers needed to die! I grabbed the knife again and shoved it back into Curly’s hole. Since there was no longer a sphincter, and the muscles were shredded, there was nothing to stop my fist from going right in. I rammed into him as hard as I could and started jamming the knife deep into his cavity, every which way I could. I jammed it straight up, to the right, to the left, over and over, making mincemeat out of his organs. When I pulled my hand out, I could tell he was gone. That just left Daterape. 

I pushed and dragged Blondie closer to Daterape’s head, as I didn’t want to pull out of him. I reached up and slid the bloody, gut covered knife across his cheek and under his gag, slicing it off him. I wanted to be able to hear Daterape’s last gasp as I finished him off. He looked pleadingly at me as he tried to speak, but only managed a dry croak. 

“Why?” He finally managed to get out. 

“Because,” I said, lining up the knife, “You weren’t pretty enough!” I roared as I slammed the knife as deep into him as I could. I repeated what I did to Curly on him, dicing every organ I could possibly reach, until I finally heard the death gurgle in his throat. “Yes!” I cried out as I started slamming Blondie’s head into the ground. “Die you rich piece of shit.” I shouted as Daterape twitched a little, then went limp.

At that moment, finally, I blasted off inside Blondie. I buried myself balls deep and pumped shot after shot of hot cum, flooding his insides. Fireworks were going off in my head as I just spasmed like an epileptic. I hadn’t cum like that in years. And I cum A LOT! So I know Blondie was getting his formerly virgin straight boy guts filled to the brim.

When I finally came down from my high. I looked around, worried someone had come across us. I had spent way more time here than I had intended. Luckily no one had. I pulled out of Blondie, threatening him if he spilled any of my precious cum. I grabbed my bag and pulled out a fat plug. I always bring a couple. You just never know. Blondie’s ass had closed up back tight. Virgins, I laughed to myself. I placed the tip of the plug against his pucker and put the heel of my boot against it. Then I slammed my weight down on it, forcing it to pop past Blondie’s ring. He screamed as the plug sunk into him. As well he should! That plugs thicker than my cock! Now that I’ve busted his cherry frat boy hole, there’s no going easy on it! Two more days and my fist will be up there!

I grabbed a sniveling and moaning Blondie, and dragged him by his knees to the van, tossing him in. I walked over to the Italian, who I decided to call Guido, and laughed as I saw him furiously shaking his head and screaming no into the gag, trying to get away from me. They’re so cute when they’re scared. I just grabbed him and dragged him kicking and screaming to van. I shoved him in there, slamming the door. I smiled that I still had one more feisty one. And two more still to torture and snuff.

Ave, by Anonymous

I waited at the door with Rico and John. This was the first time I had been at this door without a hood covering my face. I still had the candidate’s grey robe on, as before. The door opened and Rico and John removed my robe and nudged me forward, saying “ Go and be blessed, you’re worthy and you’re ready. Remember what we have told you, and what you have learned.”

Before I continue , a little back story. I met Rico at a cruisey bar six months ago. I was immediately attracted to him. He possessed a magnetism I had never seen before and I submitted to him instantly. Before we left the bar, I was acting like a complete whore. We went to his apartment , and fucked like there was no tomorrow. The sex was great…raw…animalistic. The following morning, introduced me to John and the sex got even hotter. There was something about them that was different, even mystical. After the weekend, I knew they would open my horizons and lead me further. I just didn’t know how much further. All I knew was I craved their depravity. After several weeks, they introduced some Satanic comments into the sex, which made it even hotter. We fucked and sucked and did things I would never have imagined myself doing.

After about two months, and without any real notice, John said to me “ Do you want to be one of us?” I answered “I am” “No, do you really want to be one of us…one of the brotherhood…the chosen?” I was confused but intrigued. He continued “Are you ready to submit to the Dark Lord?” I was confused. He looked at me and said “Are you willing to give your soul to Satan for unending pleasure? Do you want to be like Rico and me? You must be willing to

lose your soul completely. Go now and ponder this and let us know!”

Two days later, I called John and asked to be accepted.

The door opened, and voiced said “Chris (ironically short for Christian), enter! Rico and John removed the robe and moved me forward. I entered a line of naked men, some lean and predatory, others muscled and leathered. There were dogs as well. While I didn’t know any of them, I knew that they knew me and had used me over the past four weekends. I had been their sex slave, a vessel for their pleasure as they indoctrinated me into the brotherhood. As I passed between the men, they chanted welcome candidate. Some pissed on me and the dogs sniffed and pawed at me until I got to the end of the room. A door opened and I was bid to enter.

I knelt, head bowed, wearing nothing but the chastity cage which had bound me since I began my initiation. The Grand Master and his two lieutenants, wearing blood red robes. The Master spoke “Candidate, you have done well. There is but one task ahead of you. Have you thought about your sacrificial offering? The Dark Lord demands a sacrifice, and if you are unable to provide one, then you will become one. Do you understand?” I answered “Yes, Master!” He continued “Next weekend is the new moon. Saturday is the date. Your trainers will help you as needed. You are dismissed for now.” With that, they departed, and Rico and John entered the room. They placed my gray robe on me and led me away. We drove to their apartment, and had the most phenomenal and depraved sex imaginable. The next morning I discussed the things I would need for the sacrifice—a St Andrew’s cross of wood, some spikes, a heavy mallet, a knife, a length of chain and some wood. When asked about my choice of sacrifice, I could only assure them it would be an acceptable one. Even they could not know the depth of my evil.

A little more backstory now…I worked in the city as a mechanic. I had strayed far from my family and lived openly as a gay man. This had been a source of conflict and grief in my family. My parents had never cut me off, but made it clear they didn’t approve. They were gone now, one of cancer and the other of a heart attack soon afterward. That left just Zack, my younger brother. At twenty, Zack is my polar opposite. Where I and lean and rough, he is muscular and tanned. He works online with his head, and I with my hands. He is a bit withdrawn and keeps to himself where I seek all manner of bad company. His piety matches my depravity and he seems to be more concerned with my salvation than anything else. He is perfect!

“Hey Zack” I said when I called midweek “you have some time to talk to me Saturday? I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching. I need some help with my life and I know you are the person to help me!” “Oh course, Chris, I can’t wait. I’ve prayed for this time. I’m so happy! Can you come sooner?” He asked me, obviously elated. “Nah, wish I could, but can’t do this ‘til Saturday. See you then!” I replied, thinking to myself he’s just like a lamb.

We (Rico had come along to help) got to his place, actually my parents’ place about noon. I went inside alone leaving Rico in the truck, which was strategically parked where he could get to the house unnoticed. Zack greeted me warmly, and hugged me. We sat around and he started discussing my salvation. While meant well, it was really just short of a lecture. My mind was racing and my dick was hard as I thought about what was going to happen. After about an hour, I told him I needed a smoke. He frowned a little, and said “We’ll have to work on that later!”

I had just finished hauling my second Red when Zack came out. “ Gosh, it’s great to see you!” That was the last thing he said before Rico grabbed him from behind and out the chloroform over his face and his lights went out.

Rico and Chris bound Zack tightly and added a ball gag, ear plugs and a hood, so that when he awoke he would be unable to move, and in a state of sensory deprivation. Rico kissed Chris passionately, and played with his cage a little before whispering “Tonight you will be set free…I’m happy and proud of you!” He then robed Chris and blind folded him and drove him to the temple. John met them there to finish the preparations.

The night was moonless, and the altar area was lit only by torches and Chris finished the preparations. Zack was tied spread eagled to the St Andrew’s cross. He had struggled mightily but the ball gag had prevented him from speaking. The cross lay across the altar, which was a stone rectangle filled with wood.

Chris knelt at the foot of the altar as the brothers filed out of the temple and surrounded the altar. The Master and his lieutenants, more imposing than before appeared, and all heads bowed.

“What is your sacrifice, candidate?” the Master inquired.

“Master, I have renounced my Earthly family, and now present to Satan my last relative, my brother” I answered.

Zack was gagged and tied, but that didn’t prevent him from struggling fruitlessly against the bindings. His protests were muffled by the cloth in his mouth but his eyes revealed his terror. I parted the master’s robe and took his semi-hard dick in my mouth and nursed it into a state of full arousal. It was big, about 8 and a half inches and beer can thick. The veins stood out in high relief. Once he was fully engorged, I kissed my brother’s anus, savoring the manly scent for a moment, then looked in the Master’s eyes. “He is, I believe, a virgin to all things physical” I whispered. The Master approached my brother and drove his massive dick in to the hilt with no mercy and no lube. Zack bucked and released an muffled, guttural scream at the assault. Again and again, the Master long dicked my brother and rutted like the possessed man he was. A thin trickle of blood soon provided a bit of lube, but the attack was brutal and relentless. Zack fought back as hard as he could, but that only caused his ass to be tighter against the Master’s blood smeared cock. I had never seen a more brutal rape, and as I watched the attack, I realized I had never felt my own cock so hard. I grabbed Zack’s nipples and twisted them and whispered in his ear “You will die horribly so Satan May live mightily! You have become his food. Zack’s eyes bulged wildly as the Master continued his anal assault. The Master was fucking him wildly, ramming his cock, now massively engorged into the bleeding sphincter. As I had hoped, Zack’s cock had become turgid as well. I moved to it an tied it off at the base to trap the blood in it. As the brethren behind me chanted, the Master moved to his climax and bellowed in lust and pleasure. His orgasm was intense. As the cum bathed my brother’s now defiled ass, I deftly sliced off Zack’s dick and put it in my own mouth. The Master pulled out of my brother, his massive cock dripping with cum and blood and shit. I held my brother’s severed cock up to him and cleaned the Master with my tongue, then felched the Master’s load out of Zack’s destroyed hole. Wordlessly, I moved to my brother , removed the gag and dropped the load into his gaping mouth. He could not speak as the devilish mixture seared his throat.

By this time the lieutenants had moved in for the kill and began fucking Zack, moving between his ass and his mouth, always keeping him full. While they did inflict some pain, the damage done by the Master kept Zack from experiencing the true brutality of his further rape. When the lieutenants were spent, the Master asked me if I had planned more. He was clearly interested in the depths of my depravity.

Indeed, there was more. “With your permission, Sir!” I responded. He nodded assent. I claimed my supplies from Chris and set to work. I took the spikes and mallet and started the crucifixion. Zack screamed in pain as the first spike entered his forearm just behind the wrist. I made sure to “miss” the spike a few times to break his wrist and add to his agony. I moved to his other arm, then his feet. By the time I was done, even I was amazed at the pain I could inflict. I regarded my broken brother, nailed to the St. Andrews’s cross, with his ankles and wrists shattered, sobbing in agony.

At this moment I was tempted to end Zack’s suffering by slitting his throat, but I was afraid this would make me look weak and unworthy of acceptance. I moved to finish my offering.

Chris and Rico assisted me in raising the cross so it sat within the altar. Each jolt sent electric shocks through Zack’s arms and legs. I looped the chain around Zack’s neck loosely three times. His pain wracked body hung on the cross. The three of us then piled wood on either side of him and anointed the wood with a little diesel oil. Zack raised his head and whispered hoarsely “Why, why?” I reached around to his bleeding shredded ass and took some blood and cum and smeared it on his nuts. I turned to the brethren who were watching with rapt attention and said “Bring the dogs!” Two dogs were produced and I set them loose on Zack. He managed an agonizing scream as the dogs ripped away the last of his manhood before being led away. Then I took one of the torches and cauterized his bleeding crotch. I lit the wood on either side of him and looked him in the eye. “Ave Satanas, brother!” I said as the flames took hold. I had been careful to make sure his torso head and vital organs had been protected thus far, so even in his weakened state, he was full aware that he was being roasted. At first his skin reddened, then blister and blackened as the flame rose higher on either side. The brethren were invited to piss on his chest an face to cool him, and most did. With a loud crack, the right side of the cross burnt away and Zack’s body tumbled with a scream toward the fire. Chris and I used the chain to right his torso so he continued to roast alive. He was gasping, and I knew his end was near.

I produced the last implement I had brought—a branding iron shaped like a pentagram. I crawled to the Master and gave it to him. “If I have proven myself worthy Master, please let me know “ I begged. The Master looked at his lieutenant “Release him from his cage!” The lieutenant removed the cock cage I had worn for six weeks and began to suck my dick. Smoke and the stench of burning flesh swirled around me but my cock seemed to be larger and harder Thai I had ever known. I felt a massive climax rising in my groin from the expert oral I was getting. I knew I couldn’t last much longer—the sensation was too powerful. Just as I blew my load…jet after jet of pent up cum, I felt the fire of the branding iron on my ass. I collapsed in pain and pleasure.

I awoke twenty four hours later. My ass hurt from the new brand but I was filled with a deep and purposeful lust. Rico heard me stir and came over and kissed my deeply. “Welcome brother…that was quite a night! The Master wants to see you this morning.”

I quickly donned my black robe and presented myself to the Master, arrayed in his red robe. “ Welcome brother!” He said. He held out a skull, stripped of all flesh but bearing a few char marks. Your sacrifice was most satisfactory.” Then he handed me Zack’s gray rubbery dick. “Do you wish to keep these?” He asked me.

I pulled out my cock and jerked a load onto Zack’s skull, then rested Zack’s penis in the jaw, saying “Ave Satanas, Master”

The Alpha Prerogative by Gay Slavemeat

A reader who goes by ”faggot slave” requested a story about being snuffed that is written in the second person – the Alpha talking to the snuff victim and others, describing what the Alpha is doing as he tortures and kills it.  That’s a bit of a challenge to write, it turns out,  and I leave it to readers to decide if my effort turned out OK. But there is no doubt every masochist faggot like faggotslave (or me) warrants a prolonged and extremely painful death at the hands of a sadistic Alpha Male, so, as to writing a second person story about that, why not?  An Alpha would likely enjoy adding to our terror by enslaving us as we’re prepared to be snuffed and then describing how we are being killed and some of what is coming next (perhaps holding back a few fun surprises).  He could show us the instruments of torture he’s going to use on us up close before he plunges them into our flesh.  His derisive laughter would add to our humiliation, helping us realize how pathetic we truly are.  He could point out our physical flaws to his buddies as they all watch and laugh, adding to their justified sense of superiority.   The more I thought about it the more right it seemed for faggotslave not to have a speaking role.  The Alpha killer is the hero of the story, and us fags should be grateful for the chance to provide him pleasure as our worthless body is brutally ripped apart.  Other than begging for that to happen, and expressing gratitude when it does, who the fuck gives a shit what the faggot meat has to say? 

I used the Art of Male Snuff setting I’ve used in a few other stories posted here.  But unlike “Career Choice” recently posted here, which reflected the complex desires of another snuff-seeking faggot reader, faggotslave is just live meat anxious to be tortured and killed. So I let myself be inspired by the great stories M3Mayhem has written on how that should happen.  As always, feedback is welcome, good or bad.


Into the Alpha Lair

Chief (entering the Alpha Male Society bar and greeting Bill, the bartender and owner): “Hi Bill.  It looks like you’ve got a good crowd tonight.  I see lots of our fellow AMS members.   Better yet, a bunch of them brought slaves, so maybe we’ll get some proper action tonight.  We haven’t had a snuff scene all week.  I’m horny as hell and my bloodlust requires a satisfying kill.

“But it sounds like we’re set even if none of these snuffslaves get off’d.  I got a text from Dave, who is also horny and frustrated.  He headed into town form my farm to get some action.  He does such a great job running that, but it isn’t practical to kill too many of the farm slaves.  And they’re just farm animals, not great sex objects.  Besides, there’s a lot of work for them to do, especially now that the spring weather has arrived.  So, to be sure we get some action tonight he snatched a cute young punk off the street.  I saw Dave’s truck in the alley, so I assume he’s here already, and the punk is now tied up in the back playroom naked and ready to get snuffed.  His text also said the punk’s straight, so I’m sure Dave and a lot of the guys have been enjoying fucking and torturing him.  Did I get that right?”

Bill nods as he hands a drink to the Chief.  The Chief thanks him and continues. “It’s always fun when the twink knows it’s going to die and gets all worked up trying to dodge its fate.  I look forward to enjoying the terror in his eyes as he realizes there’s no such option and starts to comprehend how long and horrible the kill is going to be for him.  After everyone takes turns fucking and beating him, I think Dave plans to slowly butcher him alive.  He’ll take some of the meat back to the farm for us to enjoy, but he’ll

 leave most of it with you to use as fresh slave meat to grill.  As you know, Dave’s a gifted butcher and can keep the meat alive for hours as he cuts it up.  He’s got a ton of experience from managing my farm.  The farm slaves do provide pretty much all our meat needs.

“One part of the punk’s capture was pretty funny.  He screamed at Dave that the police would rescue him and then arrest and punish him.  When Dave told him the chief of police would be here later to help with the kill  I guess the twink totally freaked out.  That’s why I showed up still  in uniform.  I can scare the shit out of him and send him into total despair.  I love fucking the psyche of our snuff slaves as well as their butts. 

“But first I need to interrogate the faggot at the end of the bar.  You can charge my drink to him.  In fact, have him pay for everyone’s drinks tonight.  He’s a volunteer candidate Doc Johnson sent my way for me to snuff.  He sent a video of him ejaculating as another guy was fucking him and Doc Johnson was whipping him.  The faggot seemed to be really into it, which is promising.  He’s clearly a masochist fag and in the video he’s begging them to slit his throat and finish him off.  But I’m not sure he deserves my attention.  From the Doc’s report it seems he may have attitude issues.  He apparently has the absurd concept that the snuff is to fulfill his sexual needs, as if those mattered.  And he thinks he gets a say in how it’s done.  Worse yet, as you can see he had the audacity to show up wearing clothes despite Doc Johnson’s instructions.  As you know, since this is your bar and your rule, clothing is not tolerated here for slaves or snuffslave candidates.  But at least the fucker actually showed up.   That’s a start.“

Chief (sitting down next to a slightly built but fit 30-something who is nervously looking at the large screen TV above the bar): “So, faggotslave, I’ll make this simple.  You showed up on time but did not present yourself as instructed.  You were supposed to strip totally naked once you arrived at the bar, and give your possessions to Bill – clothes, wallet, phone, keys, everything you had with you.  You already turned over all the rest of your property to Doc Johnson as a donation to the Alpha Male Society. You agreed to become one of our snuffslaves, a voluntary one.  But you obviously have some residual reluctance that will need to be beaten out of you.  Only then do you get to be snuffed as you desire and deserve.  You need to learn that the snuff is for the sadistic pleasure of an Alpha Male and has nothing to do with your irrelevant desires.  Doc Johnson warned me you probably weren’t properly aligned or fully committed, but he says you’re a natural and severe fag masochist that could be properly conditioned for my pleasure.  It’s way too late to change your mind about that.  He also reported you have a high pain tolerance so the snuff could be lots of fun for the Alpha Male once you become a properly oriented volunteer.  You also have a strong cardio system so you could last a long time before your actual death.

“I’m not going to spend much time explaining what happens to you now, since your arrogance at wearing clothing disgusts me and it’s really none of your business.  You showed up here and therefore you are now a slave.  My slave, for me to do with as I wish.  Besides, even if I did interact with scum like you there’s no point making idle bar talk with you, like about the game you’re staring at on the TV.  You’re not watching it – you’re checking out Bill, the bartender.  And you’re also looking in the mirror to admire the other awesome Alpha Males in the room, probably jealous of the naked snuffslaves serving them.    But you’re still too ashamed to admit you’re nothing more than a snuffslave yourself.  You don’t understand that there is no way to overcome that shame and your only option is to admit it and donate your worthless body to the service of an Alpha Male for destruction and disposal.

“By the way, I wouldn’t recommend pissing off Bill if I were you.  I know he’s an incredibly impressive Alpha Male, almost as dominant and powerful looking as I am, and I know your aim is to get yourself snuffed.  But if you piss him off he’ll take you out back and just  beat you to death.  A wimpy faggot like you wouldn’t have a chance even if you did resist.  But you wouldn’t.  You’d like it and that would ruin Bill’s fun.  He likes faggots who resist, even fight back.  Not only that, but he’s not highly creative.  Your snuff would be far too quick and boring.  Faggots like you provide greater value when you suffer prolonged and extremely painful deaths, and you secretly want that.  Worse still for you, Bill likes to emasculate slaves early in the process of breaking your bones and beating you to death.  He’d slowly cut off your dick and then your balls.  You’d probably like watching him enjoy eating your balls, and you might even like eating your own cock, which he’ll force you to do.  But  then you wouldn’t be able to shoot a final load of cum as you die.  He doesn’t think fags ever deserve to cum, let alone a death orgasm, and he obviously has a point.  You don’t.  When we cause you to have a final orgasm as you die it is for the pleasure of the Alpha Male, just like the rest of the snuff.  Bijl would deny you that last thrill during your death throes as you feel his giant, hard cock up your ass, ripping you open and filling your hole with his cum while your death spasms make it tighter and more pleasurable for him.  Bill only keeps his snuff fags alive long enough for him to reach orgasm, so the whole thing is usually only about 10-15 minutes – even including the part where you lose your status as a male.  When the snuffslave is voluntary Bill loses interest and just does his civic duty by eliminating another pathetic fag.  What turns you on, to the point you want to be snuffed, is a huge Alpha cock up your ass, fucking and ripping your insides for a long time, as you are slowly tortured until you shoot a final death-load,.  Your aim is to feel his load explode inside you as your own load erupts and your meaningless life ends.  It’s what you want.  Right, faggotslave?

Chief (continuing after a shocked faggotslave meekly acknowledges the Chief’s comments):  “There’s a reason you go by faggotslave when you’re after sex, and you showed up here tonight in hopes I’d snuff you to fulfill your masochistic desires..  But you fucked up like you fags always do. 

“It’s not that you won’t wind up being tortured and killed.  That’s reality for any faggot who enters Bill’s bar.  And you can’t hide your status as a fag even if you are having second thoughts.  Fuck, even if I didn’t know all about you, as you now realize I do, your scrawny body and whole demeanor scream out “faggot!.”  You can’t keep your eyes off the Alpha Males who frequent this bar.  Even your drink betrays you.  A rum and Coke is a pussy drink.  You probably also drink white wine.  Alpha Males drink beer and whiskey.  So we know you are a faggot and therefore one of us will kill you when we feel like doing so.  But you don’t get to be snuffed tonight the way you want to be.  The first reason is because you were disrespectful and did not present yourself as the snuffslave you are.  The slaves we tolerate in Bill’s bar are required to strip naked and stay that way so we can use them sexually before we torture and kill them.  We often allow them to wear a dog collar to further remind them of their status and a cock ring to keep themselves hard for our enjoyment, but nothing else.  They are snuff slaves, serving us in whatever way we want and then dying horrible deaths that satisfy our sadistic bloodlust.  They know that’s all they are good for, and they are grateful to us for allowing them to provide some minimal value as we  kill them.  They know our pleasure is all that matters.  Their desires are irrelevant. 

“You showed up trying to conceal the fact you’re one of them.  I suppose the button-down shirt is meant to make you look like just another nerd instead of a flaming fag, but most nerds are fags at heart and deserve the same fate.  Your stupid little beard confirms your sexual insecurity, and the designer jeans are way too tight for a straight guy.  It looks like you’re trying to advertise that you’re getting an erection as all of us Alpha Males turn you on, although it’s not much of one if that’s what’s happening.  From the video clips Doc Johnson sent me I can see you’re one of those fags who doesn’t have much of a cock.  I also know it functions best when you’re being tortured and humiliated, although for my purposes that is actually useful.  Your one hope comes from the fact I greatly enjoy watching a snuffslave’s cock explode when I reach my own orgasm as the slave dies.”

Chief (turning toward Bill as faggotslave, as its new reality starts to sink in, continues to listen): “I’ll take another drink when I’m done dealing with this piece of shit fag.  I  want to join in the fun with the twink in the back, so you can bring it there.  As for faggotslave, it accepted its status and fate by entering your bar, but for tonight just beating him up should be enough.  He showed up as instructed seeking a snuff scene, which is a start, and Doc Johnson says he can become an acceptable volunteer.  It needs an attitude adjustment before it meets my standards. I suggest you punish it accordingly as you throw it out.  I know you’ll enjoy that.  Then you can leave it in the back of Dave’s truck so Dave can take it to my farm for further conditioning.”

Chief (turning back to faggotslave): “Like I said, I’ll make this quick.  It’s pretty straightforward.  Even faggots like you can understand if I talk slow and keep it simple.  You’re already trembling in fear, which you should be.  If you are having second thoughts about volunteering to get snuffed, it’s too late.  In due course you’ll be tortured to death and disposed of like a used cum rag.    Or maybe it’s sexual excitement that has you shaking so much.  Maybe you’re getting turned on because You know that’s what you want.  And you know it’s all you’re good for.

“Your shrink, Dr. Johnson, had you surrender all your possessions and then sent you to New York so you could finally accept what needs to happen to your pathetic life.  It needs to end.  He’s tired of you being too stupid to get the point and too cowardly to get on with it.  Asshole faggots disgust him, as you do all Alpha Males.  I know from his report that you’re ready to get snuffed and ready to welcome it.  I might be willing to consider you for one of my scenes if you show the right level of appreciation and enthusiasm  for the event, realizing it’s not about your needs but about my sadistic pleasure.  It’s my prerogative to torture and kill you whenever and however I decide to do it.  The fact you haven’t accepted that yet is the other reason you don’t get off’d tonight.  You are a worthless piece-of-shit homo whose only real use is to die at the hands of an Alpha Male for his pleasure, especially the pleasure of fucking you as you’re brutally tortured to death.  You’re not much physically but you might provide me a little fun for a few hours, including a satisfying fuck.  Fags your size tend to have tight little bubble butt assholes that my giant cock can rip open. I enjoy that.  And you want that.  And, of course, New York is a great city to disappear in.  No one will notice, not that they would anyway  As Chief of Police I have the power to assure that.

“And let me be clear.  There’s no negotiation, no conditions.  When an Alpha Male decides to kill you, you have no say about how he does it.  You die how he wants you to die, entirely for his enjoyment.  It’s none of your business.  You’re just there to receive unbelievable levels of pain and, if you’re lucky, to have a final orgasm as you die that the Alpha can enjoy feeling your body produce as it also tightens around his pulsating cock.  It’s for his sexual fulfillment, not yours, watching and laughing, ideally as he has his own orgasm inside your near-dead ass.  Oh, and you’ll be in such pain and so close to death you probably won’t get any actual pleasure.  Dead faggots don’t report how it felt, after all.

“The only issue since you walked into this bar has been if you add a little extra value during the snuff for an Alpha Male like me who enjoys killing willing faggots, or if you don’t volunteer and get killed by an Alpha Male like Bill who likes fags that resist.  Some of us get more pleasure when the meat is willing.  Other Alpha Males like it better when the meat is not willing, and even tries to fight back.  It’s a matter of taste but the constant factor is the kill.  I like fags who volunteer and who worship me as I deserve.  They should express their gratitude for the honor of pleasing me by cooperating as I torture and kill them.  You have that potential and that’s why Dr. Johnson sent you to me.  But you need further conditioning.”

“Now get the fuck out of our bar, faggotslave.  Strip naked and leave your clothes and all your other possessions with Bill, like you should have done when you entered.  You are a snuffslave and will present yourself as such.  You  no longer have possessions.  You do not own property.  You ARE property.  My property.  Crawl out of the bar on your hands and knees, then kneel in the alley outside next to Dave’s truck and wait for Bill to arrive and administer your initial punishment for your arrogance.  You will be punished often, with or without a reason, because we Alpha Males enjoy inflicting pain on our slaves.”

Chief  (to Bill as faggotslave quickly does as instructed, exposing his small but rock-hard cock in the process): “Have fun.  But don’t kill him or break anything yet.  You can dump him in the back of Dave’s truck when you’re done with him.  I assume he’ll be unconscious for quite a while and he can spend the night there.

“He’s both terrified and massively turned on by our little chat, as you and everyone else can see.  Now that he’s naked I can confirm I like his body type and the appearance of his meat.  He’s not very big but he’s pretty fit.  Time as a slave at the farm will make him even more fit.  The cock is unimpressive, but he’s got a decent set of balls and I’m guessing the tiny cock is matched by a super-tight hole for me to destroy.  He’s not all that bad looking and as you know I enjoy sniffing guys with his sort of build.  They’re fun to break apart.  I think he’ll be a fun kill for me, volunteering entirely for the purpose of satisfying my sadistic bloodlust once he’s properly oriented.  That’s why Doc Johnson sent him my way.   Tonight I don’t get to snuff a volunteer, but we can all enjoy the twink you have in the back, killing it while it protests and resists.  That’s still lots of fun and appeals to our sadistic natures.  But for me  there aren’t near enough of these snuffslaves who admit what they are and deserve.  Like the ones in the bar now, they make great slaves for a while.  So faggotslave will become a farm slave until it is ready to be harvested as an enthusiastic snuffslave.”



(in the alley)

Bill:  “Well, faggotslave, you didn’t run away.  That’s a start, although tracking you down and punishing you for that would have been more fun.  I’m sure the Chief would have let us kill  you instead of just beating you unconscious.  But we’ll still have lots of fun doing that as punishment for your arrogance in the bar, as the Chief encouraged us to do.

“To start, my buddies and I are going to piss down your throat, then you are to use your tongue to get our cocks hard.  Dave and Sam are going to fuck you first, then we’re going to torture you while I fuck your ass.  They’ll fuck you at the same time, with both their cocks up your puny ass.  That’s more fun for them and a lot more painful for you.  Puny guys like you tend to have tight assholes.”

Bill (after his buddies finish double-dicking faggotslave, who obviously enjoyed the pain and eagerly sucked Bill’s dick as they did so):  “Wow.  is that all there is to your cock?  You truly are the nerdy masochist faggot Doc Johnson described.  But I thought he was exaggerating when he said you didn’t have much of a dick.  I bet it’s not more than 4 inches.  If you had the balls to fuck another guy in the ass I doubt he’d even notice.  But I’m guessing you haven’t done that.  You’re the kind of faggot who just sucks cock and gets fucked.  And judging by what a good job you did drinking our piss I figure you’re an experienced urinal too.  So you are good at sucking cock and drinking piss, two skills that are useful, plus a nice tight ass to plug.  We’ll take advantage of that.  But next we need to tie you up so I can take my turn fucking your ass and we can all have fun hurting you.  This electrical pole should do nicely.  We’ll tie your wrists above your head so I can fuck your ass while Dave and Sam torture the rest of you.  There are so many fun places to administer pain!

Bill (ramming his huge cock up faggotslave’s ass after faggotslave is secured to a crossbeam extending form the electrical pole):  “Well, you do have a nice tight ass like everyone reports  The Chief will enjoy ripping it open when the time comes.  His cock is a lot bigger than mine, as he’s fond of pointing out.  But mine’s big enough to get your attention.  It’s nicely lubricated too, so I think Dave and Sam did a decent job filling it with cum.  It’s obvious you enjoy being fucked, but we’ll add a lot more pain so you don’t enjoy it too much.  Of course, we also realize you enjoy the pain.  We’ll see how much you enjoy it when It’s at the levels we’re going to inflict.

“Feel very free to scream, by the way.  We enjoy listening to that, and it’s late enough that there is no one nearby to hear you.  Even if there were, remember that the cops work for the Chief. He owns you now and he’s the one who asked us to beat you.  This will be way more than you’re used to, but comparatively tame compared to what he’ll do, so you can start imagining the kinds of things that are going to be done to you before you get to die.  You’ll be begging for that.  But for now I’m going to fuck your ass while Dave and Sam enjoy themselves administering pain to your body.  As I cum they’ll finish beating you unconscious.  You are going to be bruised and in pain for days, but we  won’t kill you.  Fuck, if you’re lucky you might even have an orgasm as you pass out.  Your erection is throbbing already and there’s a little pre-cum dripping from it..  That’s always highly amusing to see.  The best part is having your body tighten around my cock while you pass out and shoot your load.  That feels great.”

Bill (as faggotslave screams loudly):  “Yeah, I bet that hurt.  Dave has a strong arm, and he was holding brass knuckles when he wailed on your balls.  You’re lucky he moved away before you threw up, or you would have really mad him mad.  If some of it got on him he might have lost his temper.  Your balls are going to be swollen for a long time, especially since he’s not done hitting them.  You’re probably all out of puke so he can move in close. 

“Now for some more fun, while I continue to enjoy drilling your ass.  I like it when you twitch and turn in pain, since it adds to the pressure on my cock and that feels great, so let’s see how you react to a cattle prod.  Zap!  Wasn’t that fun?  I can tell you felt it on your right nipple, and I enjoyed your scream.  Now for the left one.  Zap!  Excellent.  Now the balls.  There’s no limit to the amount of pain we enjoy inflicting there.  Zap!  Zap!  Oh, even better.  Obviously, the cock is next, and we’re going to hold the prod there for a while so the muscle gets a full dose of electricity   It’ll wilt for a bit after that but I’m willing to bet it will get hard again (such as it is) fairly soon.  This is the kind of pain you crave.  Zappppp!  Zappppp!  Wow.  That was fantastic!  Sam is really talented.  It might take a little longer for you to recover from all this so the Chief can use you, but I’m sure you’d agree it’s worth it.  It is for us and that’s all that matters.

“Time for a few punches.  Sam’s also really good at attacking a slave’s midsection, so let’s see how you enjoy that.  Oh good, you twisted nicely and put more pressure on my cock.  Want Dave to hit your balls again now?  Of course you do.  The great part of this is none of it will damage your long-term ability to provide even more pleasure after you wake up.  Dave and his team can still play with you at the farm, and they will also be careful sp the Chief will have a nice fresh slab of temporarily alive meat to use for his own fun.  It won’t matter how much your flesh is damaged and your bones are broken when that happens, since he won’t leave you alive like we’re going to do.

“I’m getting close to my own orgasm, and I see your cock is hard again.  I think you might even have one of your own, although it won’t amount to much.  Dave and Sam are going to team up beating you on the chest and belly, but they’ll leave your cock and balls alone just in case you manage to shoot before you pass out.  If your body performs as it should – and fag bodies always do – then you’ll shoot your load as you lose consciousness, and as I shoot mine up your ass.  I’ll enjoy the show and your contortions will put wonderful added pressure on my cock as I shoot, but you’ll be in so much pain you won’t get to enjoy yours.  It’s a perfect happy ending for the evening,  isn’t it?  

“We’ll leave you tied up and piss all over you before we dump you in the back of Dave’s truck.  You might be interested to know we’re  making a video of your punishment that we will show at the bar, so others can enjoy it.  We’ve also identified some people who knew you before you admitted to being a snuffslave, and we’ll be sure they see it too so they can realize what a worthless faggot you were.  We know a lot of them enjoyed abusing and fucking you so I’m sure they’ll enjoy watching it.  We are entitling it “faggotslave Conditioning” in your honor, so they remember your role before becoming an official slave.  We might even show a few of them the video of your eventual snuff scene, and a few of them are members of the Alpha Male Society so they might show up to watch in person.  It will be a very festive reunion, I’m sure.  We make use of faggots as best we can, given your limited utility.  This is the one sort of thing you’re actually good for.”

Bill (to Dave and Sam as they laugh at faggotslave’s unconscious body):  That was a ton of fun and a great fuck.  Let’s dowse him with piss before we toss him into the back of Dave’s truck.  He can clean it up when he wakes up.  Time to go inside for the REAL fun.”



(at the farm)


Dave:  “Wake up faggotslave,  it’s time to start your existence as an acknowledged and willing  snuffslave and prepare you to be tortured and killed.  You’ve been unconscious for two days after Bill, Sam, and I beat the shit out of you and fucked your ass in the ally by Bill’s bar.  The Chief said not to break anything or do permanent damage, but he didn’t put limits on how much pain we could inflict.  Quite the opposite.  We all wanted to find out what your pain tolerance is, which is always a fun process and important in designing a kill to make sure the slave suffers as much and as long as possible.  We pushed well past it and you eventually passed out from the tortures and the beating.  You’re going to hurt pretty much everywhere for quite a while longer.  Get used to it.  Now get on your knees and suck my cock while I explain the rules here on the Chief’s farm.

“The rules are obvious, and the main rule is that you do exactly what you are told to do, no matter what that is.  You tried to negotiate with the Chief on what would happen to you when you were at the bar, and that is one of the reasons you were punished.  You have no say about anything, and no one gives a fuck what you want or even think.  So you are to shut the fuck up and do as you are told.  Period.  The major part of your training is getting you to realize not only the reality that you are a slave, but also that deep down you are desperate to be a slave and serve an Alpha Male master.  Your purpose and fulfillment is satisfying his every whim and losing your life in the process.  You have accepted the fact you’re a masochist faggot, and that you get sexual pleasure form being degraded and abused.  That’s useful, as it makes your body react nicely when we torture you.  You got massively turned on during your beating, and your body performed wonderfully as you reached orgasm.  As you convulsed your ass tightened hugely around Bill’s cock and he had a fantastic orgasm as he shot his load into you.  Your entire body tensed up as your own cock spewed a giant load of cum all over the place.  And that happened as you lost consciousness.  The more we beat you the more you got turned on, just like a masochist slave should do.  I’m guessing it was the most intense orgasm you ever had, and you are desperate for another one like it.  The Chief was pleased when he saw the video and knows he’ll greatly enjoy snuffing you.  That will happen when we get you into a little better shape and you realize that, as a slave, you will welcome being snuffed not for the pain that will turn you on sexually but from the fact it will please your master.  It’s really quite simple.

“You may only speak when given permission to do so, and if that happens you are to address all Alpha Males, including me, as “sir.”  The Chief is “master.”  And that’s it for rules.  See?  I told you it was simple.  I bet even scum like you can figure it out.

“Now, as for your tasks.  I run the farm for the Chief, and it’s a massive operation with all kinds of crops and both human and non-human farm animals. The human ones plant and tend the crops, and both types provide fresh meat when we are done with them.  We prefer the slave meat, especially when we eat it live. 

“We’re in the main barn at the moment, and that’s where you’ll be stored as you recover and  are conditioned for the Chief’s use and disposal.  To help you understand your status I’ve decided to have you tend to the pigs.  You’ll serve them their slop to eat and keep their pen clean.  That means you’ll be up to your naked ass in pig shit most of the time.  The pigs matter more than you do and are better cared for, so that will be good for your attitude.  Also, your food will consist of any slop that is left over after they eat, although you are not to consume more than one dog dish full of it.  You are to stay lean and hungry.  You may drink from their water trough, which my men and I also use as a urinal.  You are to drink a lot as staying hydrated is important, and because it is disgusting and degrading.  The Chief wants you to get into top physical shape.  So another task is bailing hay for the horses.  That is remarkably good exercise and will tone your muscles considerably as it enhances your cardio and pulmonary endurance.  Those are important to be sure you do not die too early during the snuff.  These chores will occupy your mornings.  It’s the start of the planting season so you’ll join other slaves in the fields after your second and final daily dish of pig slop.  Spending the afternoons naked in the hot sun will further develop your muscles and generate a complete tan, which the Chief prefers for his snuff targets.  You’ll notice your beard, torso, arms, legs, and crotch have been shaved, and your skin was treated with chemicals that will prevent any hair from growing back.  At this point your skin is nice and smooth but utterly devoid of any color or tone.  You will be made much more sexually appealing in a month or two.  I think the Chief is planning to off you during the summer solstice celebration in June, and by then you’re going to be a perfect physical specimen meeting the Chief’s high standards for live faggot meat. 

“It’s a pity you won’t live long enough to be part of the fall harvest.  That’s my favorite time of year.  After the slaves harvest the crops, we harvest the slaves.  It’s a week of snuff orgies with several hundred slaves, some barbecued alive, most tortured and fucked to death by members of the Alpha Male Society.  And about 50 are crucified, their agonizing naked bodies providing a great ambience for the event.  We pick those in advance and condition them so they have maximum arm strength as well as durable pulmonary and cardio systems, so they typically last for days.  I think you’d provide an especially long show given your light build and strong heart and lungs, but you’ll be dead long before that.  Pity. It’s a great show and their agony is astonishing and great fun to watch.  They pretty much always have giant orgasms as they die, and we have fun betting when that will happen.  When it’s over all the farm slaves are butchered and sold for meat.  We get a few new ones to handle the winter chores, and a big shipment in spring for planting and such.  Those just arrived and I will be spending my time indoctrinating them, so you will not get much attention.  You have your instructions, and you are to obey them.

There is, however, one other aspect of your training, which will take place in the evenings.  You will be tortured to increase your pain tolerance.  It’s already good but it could be better, and the Chief does not want you to go into system shock as he gets serious about torturing you.  You won’t get fucked very often, as the Chief wants your ass to remain extremely tight, one of your better features.  His cock will take care of loosening that when the time comes, which will of course be a source of considerable pain in itself since he’ll essentially rip it open.  His cock is amazingly giant, as you will learn. 

“And you will remain horny, especially given your strong masochistic nature, but without any release.  The Vet inserted a computer chip where your brain stem connects to your spine that manages the sexual signals between your brain and your body.  It massively increases your sex drive – in your case your desire for pain – but prevents you from having an orgasm. 

Remember, the reason you are being kept alive isn’t as part of my slave crew to work the farm. We have lots of slaves for that, and they’re a lot bigger and stronger than you are. Providing better quality of meat to sell.  The reason  is to orient you away from considering your own pleasure as a masochist, so you focus solely on the pleasure of the Chief, the Alpha Male sadist who owns you.  You will come to understand how worthless and irrelevant you are, and how important and deserving the Chief is.  You will learn to worship him as he deserves.  To that end it is important that you are subjected to massive pain and humiliation. You do not deserve to achieve sexual release.  That erection you have now will be constant, courtesy of the computer chip and your own natural masochism.  Yet you won’t be able to do anything about it.  The Chief is a creative sadist.  We don’t give a fuck about your pleasure, just about making your life more degrading and awful.  We enjoy depriving you of pleasure while we cause you to seek it even more.  We’re sadists, after all, and that’s reason enough.  What better suffering is there for a masochist faggot than being tortured but not being allowed to get any sexual satisfaction or release?  I’m sure you can see the humor in that.    What better psychological torture can there be than a sadist depriving a masochist of sexual release as part of its suffering?  Now bend over the pig trough over there so I can fuck your ass.  Then you are to clean the pen.”


Party Prep


Dave (holding the bullwhip he’d used to wake faggotslave before dawn):  Wake up faggotslave.  On your knees and drink my morning piss.  They you can suck my cock while I give you your instructions for today.  You have extra duties after you feed the pigs, clean their trough, and bale the hay for the horses.  Those include showing snuffslave #223 what your morning chores are.  It will take over for you tomorrow since you’ll be dead.  It’s not scheduled to die until after fall harvest and needs to be made useful in the meantime.   As for you, today the Chief is hosting a large group of our Alpha Male Society fellow members to celebrate summer solstice.  You will be part of the entertainment at the start of the cocktail party, which will occur on the South Lawn next the main estate house.  There will be lots of slaves serving the members in every way – as waiters, as sex objects to be tortured and snuffed, as live meat entrées for the barbecues.  You are going to be used as a minor part of the entertainment the Chief is going to provide as the party starts.  He likes to start things off with an especially brutal snuff to show off his body and his skills and to get everyone in the mood for the fun that will follow.  Once he’s done with you, and the guests have had the chance to fuck your dead ass, your body is of almost no further use.  You have been conditioned to endure extreme pain and respond sexually to torture, but that means your meat is too lean to be acceptable for the barbecue.  The snuffslaves used for that have a higher bodyfat ratio that makes their meat flavorful.  Kobe-style slave mat is extremely popular with our Society and the Chief only serves the best. Yours is bland and boring, like every other aspect of your worthless existence.  But even after you’re killed your body will provide a little added fun later in the evening as it gets dark.  What’s left after the Chief kills you will be ripped apart even more, and the meat eaten, by the cayotes who live in the forest next to the farm.  They’re not picky about the quality of meat they get.  Then tomorrow what’s left will become fertilizer. I’ve decided you will be composted to nourish a stretch of grass on the lawn that is not growing well enough.

“Therefore, just as the party starts you will peel back the grass and sod and then dig a trench where one of the other slaves can dump your carcass and then replace the sod and grass.  Our guests enjoy watching fit naked slaves preparing the spot where their dead bodies will be disposed of, and I have done a great job improving your physical strength and appearance.  As you are likely aware, I fertilize the lawn with the bodies of snuffed faggots.  Fags like you make great fertilizer and there are several hundred I’ve used for that over the years.  Sometimes I grind the faggot up into mulch and spread it like manure, and sometimes I bury it freshly killed in spots that aren’t growing as well as I want, adding chemicals that accelerate the composting and make sure nothing is left of the carcass.  And sometimes, just for fun, I bury the fag alive.  While our guests enjoy their cocktails and conversation, they can watch as you dig a suitable hole to dump your left-over body parts in.  It doesn’t have to be all that deep since I want the rotting flesh to work its magic on the soil and feed the earthworms that will make  the soil more porous from their movements. 

“That trench is where the follow-up fun will happen after dinner when we’re all assembled inside in the main dining room.  The cayotes always show up at dusk to check out the area after a big party, and I want the trench shallow enough so the cayotes can enjoy tearing apart and eating freshly killed faggot tonight.  I want them to be able to get to the body easily for their feast.  We all enjoy listening to them yipping loudly as it gets darker to alert their pack that there’s fresh meat to be had.  There’s a night-vision camera and microphone that will be set up for everyone to watch safely as the animals fight over who gets to eat which parts of the carcass.  Pity is, they especially enjoy faggot genitals, and as I look at your puny cock I realize they won’t find much to consume.  But your balls seem about average and they’ll enjoy biting those off.  The real pity, of course, is that you’ll already be dead, so they don’t get as much fun as they’d like by doing the kill themselves.  They’re remarkably vicious when they do and that’s far more fun to watch.  The Chief wants his guests to be able to enjoy seeing their bloodthirsty energy, which we think is inspirational.  So I’m going to also have a live naked faggot tied up for them to enjoy, cutting it so the smell of its fresh blood attracts them. The noise as they kill and eat it is a fabulous mix of the furiously yipping animals celebrating and the terrified faggot screaming in pain.  I’m also doing that because the patch of lawn that needs fertilizing is fairly large.  Your grave-trench needs to be large enough for both bodies.  The other fag will help you dig so our guests can enjoy watching each of you, then it will be tied to a fuck bench to be used sexually   When you are finished digging you are to crawl to the main reception area and kneel before the Chief, who will amuse his guests by torturing and killing you.”



Chief (standing naked except for his steel-toed boots, using them to kick faggotslave in the balls as it kneels in front of him, sending it sprawling as the guests watch and laugh):  “Dave has done well, and you appear to be in much better physical shape.  I also understand you are now aware that your sole purpose is to worship my Alpha body and cooperate in providing me sexual pleasure as I torture you and end your worthless life .  As you can see, I am at least a foot taller than you are and massively more muscular.  Your skin is devoid of body hair, and your beard has been shaved off, as befits a pathetic twink fag ready for harvest.  In contrast, my beard  has the dark, thick hair of a true Alpha, as does my chest. Your body is smooth, with limited muscle definition even though you have been conditioned and your muscles are well developed for a twink of your size and build. That’s so you can last longer as I destroy your flesh.  My frame is massive and all muscle, complete with washboard abs.  You are not remotely worthy to offer your pathetic body and useless life for my pleasure.  So you will need to suffer added pain and humiliation to make up for that.  I will enjoy your agony as I inflict it and thereby gain more of the pleasure I deserve.

 “Now kneel down in front of me again.  You are to worship and service my amazing cock.  Its 12 inches of thick muscle will soon tear open your puny ass.  But first you are to use your mouth and tongue to service it, getting it rock hard and ready for its use as a weapon for your pain and a source of my pleasure.  I want to feel it deep in your throat before it goes up your ass.  I will hold your head to make sure you welcome my cock all the way in, even though it is going to cause you to choke, and you’ll be unable to breathe.  Your tongue is to caress it all the way down the shaft to its base.  I am told you have become adept at servicing Dave’s 10-inch cock, but you will be surprised how much harder it is to service one that is 12 inches.  I  don’t care and don’t tolerate gagging.  You will learn that there is no release from your suffering when I decide to use you.  When I am satisfied with thrusting my cock down your throat I will send a torrent of piss down it.  You are to drink all of it.  Then I will remove my cock and you will lick my balls.  You will also lick my ass.  You are to stay focused on serving my body as I torture you.”

Chief (adding to faggotslave’s fear as it eagerly services his cock but also arousing its masochistic desires):  “I plan to cut you open and I like  the feel of hot blood leaking onto my powerful skin.  You will be grateful to see your body’s fluids providing me that satisfaction.  The pain from the cuts will be astonishing and a part of you will want to die, hoping blood loss will cause that to happen.  But you will not be permitted to bleed out  The Vet will monitor and control that. And you know you deeply desire the pain and the destruction of your flesh.  You have the privilege of admiring my dominant, massive, perfect Alpha Male body, and of worshiping it as I take your life and get pleasure from doing so.    I require worship from those I kill, as I deserve, and your own massive sexual arousal will be part of that worship.”

Chief (now fully erect, his massive cock and balls nicely massaged, and his ass licked clean by the adoring faggotslave, who also eagerly drank  the giant load of piss): “Stand up and face me.  As you know, the computer chip implanted in your neck prevents you from having an orgasm, and you have not gotten sexual relief since you arrived at the farm despite the constant use as a sox toy and cum bucket that turns you on.  Do you now wish me to remove it so you can do so?  You have permission to speak.”

Faggotslave (with total sincerity that reflects its successful conditioning):  “I hope you will do whatever gives you the most pleasure, Master.  That is all that matters.  I am grateful that you are using me for your enjoyment.”

Chief:  “Dave has indeed trained you well.  Your act of abject submission is the only acceptable response.  I will do what pleases me the most and don’t, and never did, care what you desire.  I just wanted to confirm your training.

“ At this point I do not plan to fuck your face again.  I’ll use your ass for that.  Sp I see no further use for your tongue to massage my cock and certainly no reason for you to speak.  No one wants to hear from you.  Ever.  Open your mouth so I can use this knife to cut out your useless tongue.  It will be a fitting start to vivisecting you.  You won’t be able to talk but you’ll be able to squeal like a pig. That’s all I want to hear from you.  I enjoy it when fags try to scream after their tongues are cut out.   It’s a high-pitched animal sound that befits your status as meat being butchered.”

Chief (tossing the bleeding tongue to his pet, Felix, who quickly chomps it down as faggotslave watches, in pain but grateful for being better able to provide the Chief with pleasure):  “Time to step up the pain, which starts with some great entertainment.  Stand in front of that wall, facing me, with your arms spread wide, fists open, palms out.  Dave will make sure you’re properly positioned.”

Chief (getting the attention of the guests once Dave has positioned faggotslave):  Welcome AMS members.  It is great to see everyone, and I know we’re all looking forward to a wonderful evening of comradery as we practice the Art of Male Snuff.  To start the fun, I think you’ll enjoy watching me snuff this pathetic twink, which is as eager to die as I am to kill it.  As you all know, I find that particularly satisfying and utterly appropriate. 

“To make it more of a show for all of your, I got some new toys that Dave and I have been practicing with and enjoying a lot.  Frankly, we want to show off a little, as you’d expect from Alpha Males like us – and each of you.  These are top-of-the-line Smith and Wesson throwing knives.  They are of varying length, including two large throwing axes.  Their balance is perfect, and they build momentum as they spin and fly toward the target. It’s amazing how sharp they are and how easily they dig into flesh.   In fact, it’s important to be careful how hard you throw them and where you aim.  When I first got them I tested them on a farm slave and targeted the faggot’s heart.  I thought that would be a good way to start the blood flowing, which is so much fun to watch as the fag becomes completely terrified by the agony and the final realization of its fate.  But the knife went in so fast and deep it exploded the beating muscle and the fucker died right away. 

“I was pretty pissed and called the sales rep to complain that they didn’t have a warning about that with the instructions.  We do a LOT of business with them at the department, so I always get his attention.  He promised he’d make it good.

“The next day he showed up with a sales trainee, a young twink apparently right out of college  He brought me a whole new set and gave Dave and me some especially useful pointers on how to select the right length and calibrate the velocity of the knife, so it only goes in as far as I want it too.  That has proved to be quite useful as you’ll see shortly.  But I told him I already had a dozen knives from the first set I bought and having more knives and some instruction didn’t solve the problem of having a faggot die before I was ready to administer the kill.  The lead salesman had already thought that through, but he turned to the trainee and asked how he would propose to solve the problem.  The trainee understood that customer satisfaction was the top priority, especially a customer as important as I am.  And he had committed himself to the company as they require.  He wasn’t too happy about the obvious solution, but he quickly stripped naked and stood in front of the throwing wall where today’s fag is now positioned.  He eventually turned out to be a good sport about his fate after I explained some of the alternative things I might do to him, and he stood still in front of my throwing wall while I tested the suggestions.  I was able to get all 24 knives into him and no individual throw was fatal. But I was still a little too eager and he died from the cumulative effect before I could stick my big cock into him and get a good fuck while he was still convulsing from all the pain.  I   had to settle for fucking his dead ass.  But that was satisfying, and I placed a big order from the department with the sales rep.   That way everyone was happy, except maybe the sales trainee.  Dave and I have been practicing with more farm slaves and we’ve gotten particularly good at getting lots of knives into the flesh without having the faggot die prematurely.  And we’ve especially gotten good at making sure they stay standing while we have our fun.  Watch.

“See?  Dave and I simultaneously nailed the fag right in the palms of its hands.  These were longer knives that went in all the way to the hilt and judging by the faggot’s scream it hurt a lot.  Now faggotslave’s got both hands thoroughly pinned to the wall and is unable to move. Clever, huh?  Notice how the knives cut through the flesh and cartilage so easily and are well embedded in the wall.  That’s because we put a lot of force into the throws.  These two knives will hold it up as we proceed, which would otherwise be a problem. 

Chief (now addressing faggotslave):  it’s time to turn you into a bleeding pin cushion.  I’m going to start with your chest, aiming for the right nipple.  I’ll ease off a bit on the velocity and force, using a shorter knife that will cause less bleeding and won’t go all the way through you and pin you to the wall.  We’ll need to move you to that nearby sling when we’re done throwing knives,  so I can fuck your ass and play with the knives that will be inserted into you.  We want this next set of knives to cut into your innards, but not go all the way through.   We also don’t want you to die from internal bleeding.  That’s not dramatic enough.  Balancing all these factors is  a lot of what we learned from practicing on the sales trainee and a few more farm slaves.  And we have to be careful not to have a knife go into your heart.  So we won’t aim for the right nipple.  I’ve learned that lesson!  You don’t need both lungs, so Dave is going to throw the next knife near where mine hit, to be sure the right lung collapses.  It’s fun to watch fags struggle to breathe once that happens. 

“Great throw Dave!  The fag squealed nice and loud and it’s obvious having trouble breathing. 

Chief (laughing form the joy of the kill, to faggotslave, whose agony is intense but whose arousal is evidenced by a solid erection):  Hey fag, how about if I aim for your liver, then Dave and I can each take out a kidney?  Does that sound like a good sequence, or would you rather have a knife thrust into you somewhere else first?  This is a lot of fun and I’m willing to be accommodating.  My main goal is to get at least one in the liver and each kidney, and several in the guts and stomach.  But we’ll take our time. Your look of terror is amusing, and you actually don’t yet know how increasingly painful this is going to be.” 

Chief (to the Vet):  “Keep an eye out in case you need to slow down the bleeding.  We don’t want it to bleed out.”

Chief (to faggotslave):  Having fun?  I’m enjoying the shrill noises you’re making as the knives cut into you.  You really do sound like a stuck pig.  Dave and I are going to do a lightning round next.  We’ve each selected five knives that are shorter, so they can land anywhere without doing anything fatal.  We’re going to aim for your arms, legs, and belly.  Let us know when you’d like us to start.

“Oh, I forgot.  You don’t talk anymore.   So we’ll just start on the count of three.  One, two, three!

“That was awesome.  I think Dave and I have become supremely talented at our new sport.  Don’t you agree?

“But this was just the foreplay.  Now it’s time for me to make the tortures up close and personal.  That way you can fully appreciate just how phenomenal my body is.  You will also appreciate how my 12-inch cock can rip apart a faggot’s asshole.  I’ve used the knife throwing to get myself aroused as only true Alpha Males can do.  My bloodlust is surging, and you are its target.

“I’m going to have you moved to the sling and then my giant cock goes into your doomed ass.  I’m going to make that fuck and your final destruction last as long as possible.  But all the damage to your innards from the knives makes your death inevitable.  If we did nothing further you’d die from internal bleeding fairly soon.  But we’re going to do a LOT more.”



Chief (while faggotslave is still pinned to the wall): “Time to release our fag target, Dave.  Do you want to take the left side or the right side?  Your choice.”

“I’ll take the left side.  Shall we throw on the count of three again?”

“Sure.  I’ll count slow so it can try to figure out what’s about to happen.  One,…two,…three!”

Chief (ecstatic) :  Those were perfect!  The axes severed each shoulder simultaneously, and the body promptly fell face first onto the cement.  I’m fairly sure it broke its nose since it didn’t have any arms to stop the fall.”

Dave (laughing, and equally pleased):  It sure was.  And the dismembered arms are still pinned to the wall by the knives we used at the start.  The fag is still breathing but seems to have passed out.  That’s OK.  I’m sure the Vet can wake it up once we move it to the sling for the finale’.  This is turning out to be our best effort yet.

Vet:  “Yeah, that was pretty impressive.  And no worries, I’ll slow down the bleeding and bring it back to consciousness.  Might as well do that while it’s on the cement, so it can feel the pain as it’s moved to the sling.”

Chief (having thrust his throbbing, erect cock into faggotslave’s hole as soon as the fag was in the sling and fully accessible,, causing more inhuman sounds from the faggot): “Feel that, faggot?  Your ass is nicely lubricated from all your internal bleeding, and it is going to tighten even more onto my cock as I continue to torture you.  That’s going to drive me wild with sadistic passion as you receive more and more and more pain.  You’ll think it can’t get worse, but it will. 

“And look.  Your puny little cock is rock hard.  I might enjoy watching it shoot a last load as you die, but I haven’t decided about that yet.  I wonder if there would be much cum.  After all, you’ve been storing it inside you for months now.  II bet your balls did a good job filing up with whatever was inside you.  This could be an added aspect of the entertainment.

“But here’s the great part.  It was obvious from your gyrations and sequels that those knives hurt a lot when they went into you.  And they’re  still there and still causing pain – except for the ones you left behind when you lost your arms.  Pity about that.  But the REAL pain is when the knives are twisted.  For example, let’s start with this one that’s probably stuck in your liver.  See, I’m turning it now and you’re almost passing out again from the increased agony.  But don’t worry.  The Vet will bring you back around if you do, so you won’t miss anything.  Oh, and I’ve observed that kidneys can transmit astonishing levels of pain.  That’s why kidney stones are so awful.  Here, let me demonstrate.  I’ll twist both knives at the same time.

“Wow.  That was quite a jerk of your body.  Did it hurt?  Oh, I keep forgetting.  My cat’s got your tongue.

Dave (laughing):  Cute.  Felix looked up when you said that.  Maybe he thinks he’ll get another faggot snack.”

“Chief (now overwhelmed with lust and passion, his cock throbbing as it thrusts in and out  while the faggot’s body twists and tuns, providing intense pressure and pleasure):  He will, but not until it’s dead.  I think that’s going to be fairly soon. 

Chief (sensing that faggotslave is starting to fade more rapidly):  “Hey faggot, are you close to death?  I’ve been playing with the knives stuck in you for nearly an hour.  I’ve wanted to be sure you get all the pain you deserve by twisting and removing the rest of these knives, then inserting them all over again.  I’m doing it slowly so you can experience the full impact of the torture.  When you get really close to death I have a special treat for you, so hang in there!”

“Yeah, I think it’s time.  OK, Dave, hand me that really long knife.”

Dave (massaging his own erect cock):  “Yup, I think it’s time.”

Chief (expertly slicing into faggotslave’s throat): “Die faggot.  My knife is extremely sharp and  is easily cutting your throat . But I’m going to go as slow as possible.  You can feel my cock erupting inside you as I cut.  And my knife has dislodged the computer chip, so Your own cock is also exploding with cum – lots and lots of cum – going everywhere.  It’s a great show.  You finally got something right.  I can’t believe how much pleasure I feel as I fill you with my man-juice.  I can’t believe how satisfying it is to feel your death throes pressure my cock.  You are finally the bleeding, pain-filled piece of cut-up meat you deserved to be.  My knife is now most of the way through your neck and your head will be totally cut off any second now.  You only have a few seconds to live, with all that pain mixed with a massive orgasm.  I took your life and it meant nothing because you meant nothing.  It just provided me with pleasure, but my pleasure was intense.”

Chief (removing his spent cock form the dead body, holding the head in his hands after he had completely severed it with the electric knife): “The body’s still warm, Dave.”

Dave (inserting his erect cock into faggotslave’s cum-and-blood-filled ass as the body still gyrates): “This feels great.  The ass is overly lubricated but still wonderfully tight.  And it’s so satisfying to fuck a faggot as it’s just finished dying, still convulsing a bit as the muscles give out but not so much that there’s not wonderful pressure on my cock.  This is what faggots are good for.  And the celebration is just beginning!”