Bootlicker’s Last fuck by EdwinJ

Nick entered the gay bar. It was a late Saturday night. As usual his intent was to pick up a young stud, bring him home for sex and strangle him. He looked over the room and saw a few pickings he liked.

On the other side of the bar a young good-looking guy caught Nick’s sight. His cock stiffened in his pants as he took in Nick’s looks. Nick’s white t-shirt clung to his muscular chest. His nipples hardened against the fabric. His jeans tight against his thighs, his package bulging. No one would be able to resist him tonight.

The kid got up and moved next to Nick. He noticed Nick’s black leather boots and was instantly turned on. Nick turned and gave him a nod.


“What?” said Nick.

“Nickname’s Bootlicker,” said the guy. “Great boots you got there.”

 “Thanks, Nick’s the name, nice to meet you.”

Bootlicker bought Nick a drink. He was hoping for a score. Nick played along. He took a good look at Bootlicker and decided he would be the one.  Bootlicker was going to be murdered.

The two had a few more drinks. Their conversation turned to kinks they both had. Bootlicker told Nick he got into leather and especially liked leather boots and gloves. Nick smiled.

“Wanna try it?” he asked. Bootlicker nodded. He told Nick he had a place and they could both go there. Nick agreed. They left the bar and headed to Bootlicker’s place. Nick told him they could go in his truck. He would bring Bootlicker back in the morning for his car.  Bootlicker climbed in. He had no idea he was taking home a serial killer.

Bootlicker showed Nick in. Nick grabbed Bootlicker by the back of his neck and pressed his lips against his. “Let’s get to the bedroom,” Nick whispered, “I want to do you good.” Bootlicker led him to the bedroom.

Both guys cocks were hard in their jeans. Bootlicker removed his shirt. He removed his shoes and jeans standing naked in front of Nick. His cock rock hard and dripping precum. The two kissed as Nick ran his hands down Bootlicker’s neck and chest. He squeezed his oozing cock. Bootlicker’s cock throbbed. Nick pushed Bootlicker’s face down to his crotch as he removed his shirt. Bootlicker licked at the wet spot on Nick’s jeans. He felt his hard, hot cock underneath. His hands made their way up Nick’s hairy chest. He felt his hard pecs and erect nipples. Nick undid his belt and jeans. His hard cock sprung out slapping Bootlicker’s lips. Bootlicker licked the precum from his cock.  He worked his way down to Nick’s boots and started to lick each one slowly. “Yeah, lick those boots baby,” said Nick. The scent of the boots made Bootlicker harder. Nick’s cock dripped precum landing on the back of Bootlicker’s neck.

Nick lifted him up and laid him on his back on the bed. He removed his boots and jeans and climbed on top of Bootlicker. Bootlicker ran his hands up Nick’s chest. His chest hair felt so good on his hands. The two embraced. Bootlicker spread his legs. Nick entered and started to fuck Bootlicker. The two moved in rhythm. Nick fucked hard. They were chest to chest as the two bodies grinded against each other. “I’m going to cum” screamed Bootlicker. Nick was ready to explode also. Bootlicker let his load explode out. He and Nick felt the warmth of the cum against their stomachs. Nick shot his load into Bootlicker, thrusting hard as his hot semen filled his hole. Nick collapsed on Bootlicker and kissed his neck and lips. He pulled out and rolled over. Bootlicker ran his hands down Nick’s chest wet and sticky with his cum. He worked his way down and played with the cum and Nick’s wet cock.

Nick knew it was time to kill Bootlicker. He got off the bed and put on his jeans and boots as he remained quiet looking down at Bootlicker. He spotted a pair of Bootlicker’s leather gloves on the dresser. Bootlicker noticed Nick was staring at the gloves. ‘Go ahead, try them on”. Nick picked up the gloves and turned to Bootlicker. He watched as Nick slowly put each glove on. Nick smirked at Bootlicker as he deliberately put them on each hand.  They were tight and snug. Bootlicker started to get aroused again. He laid naked in the bed staring at Nick, standing shirtless in his jeans, boots and leather gloves. The sight made him hard. He liked the sexy and dangerous look Nick had. Nick smirked and climbed back on the bed. He straddled Bootlicker and looked down at him. Bootlicker was hard. He ran his hands up Nick’s chest thanking him for the fuck. Nick ran his hands up and down Bootlicker’s chest across his face and under his nose. Bootlicker took in the scent and feel of the leather. He had no idea of Nick’s plans and the danger he was in. Nick leaned in giving him another kiss knowing what he was about to do.

Nick moved his hands around Bootlicker’s neck. Bootlicker liked the feel. Nick began to squeeze harder and harder. Bootlicker became uncomfortable. His breathing became harder as Nick squeezed. He looked up at Nick. Nick’s face was different, evil, glaring eyes. Bootlicker became scared as Nick tightened the grip.

“You like leather Bitch? You’re getting it—time to die fucker!” he heard Nick state.

Bootlicker tried to push Nick off. He pressed his hands against Nick’s chest with no luck. He grasped at the leather gloves trying to pry them off. It was like a vice grip. Bootlicker was scared. He realized Nick was strangling him to death. His naked body thrashed under Nick in a desperate attempt to escape. No use, Nick was stronger and had him pinned down on the bed. He slapped Nick’s chest and back to the gloves, clawing at them. His hands reached out to Nick’s face and chest. At one point he scratched Nick’s chest pissing him off more. Nick gripped harder. Bootlicker was fading. His cock pulsating, his body was writhing with pain. He struggled hard beneath Nick. He couldn’t believe he was being strangled to death in his own bed. Nick cock was getting hard again in his jeans. Nick gave one last hard grip around Bootlicker’s neck, one last thrust, crushing his throat, killing him.  Bootlicker’s cock let loose as he died. His cum cascaded up Nick’s stomach and chest. His body convulsed once, his hands slowly slid down Nick’s chest and fell to the bed. Bootlicker was dead. His body lay still. Drips of death cum trickled from his slit and ran down his thigh.

Nick removed his hands from his neck and kneeled above him. He admired his kill for a bit. He kissed him on the forehead and got off the bed. He removed the leather gloves and used them to wipe the cum off his stomach and chest. He tossed the gloves down on Bootlicker’s naked body. One landed aside him, the other on his chest. “There’s your leather, bitch. You were a good fuck.”  Nick’s cock pulsed inside his jeans. He needed release again. He unzipped and whipped out his cock as it spurted out cum landing across Bootlicker’s face. Nick grabbed his shirt, not bothering to put it back on, tucking it in his back pocket. He looked at Bootlicker’s naked body sprawled across the bed one last time. His neck and head contorted. His eyes frozen in time staring up at the ceiling, fucked and strangled. Nick was sexually satisfied. Nick left the apartment, climbed in his truck and headed home.

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