Nick and the Rentboy by EdwinJ

Nick decided he was going to get himself a rent boy for the evening. He fired up his computer and went to rentboys .com. He scanned a few pages and then spotted the one he wanted. A young kid no more than twenty caught his attention. His name was Chad. His profile pic had him posed in jeans, shirtless. Nick admired the slim lad. His chest was smooth with a nice set of pecs and slim waist. He shot him a message. Chad responded quick. They bantered a bit and Nick asked if he was into a bit of kinky roleplay and leather. Chad responded he was for a price. Nick got right to the point of price, time and location. He told Chad he wanted him for the night. Money no problem. Chad told him he rented a room at a Motel 6 for his tricks. He gave Nick the room number and which Motel 6 it was.

Chad got ready for the night ahead. He dressed in a tight pair of cut off shorts and a tight sleeveless tee and flipflops as requested by Nick. He wondered what Nick would be like. Chad was new to this and the money was good. He never thought of the dangers of being a rentboy. He had heard of a couple of escorts being murdered by their clients but he never thought it would happen to him. He had no idea Nick was going to strangle him to death before the evening was done.

Nick parked his truck in the Motel parking lot. He grabbed the duffle bag with his props and went to the door. He wrapped on the door. Chad opened the door to let him in, nearly dropping his jaw when he got a look at Nick. Nick entered and closed the door as he dropped the bag to the floor. Chad took in the sight of Nick. Dressed in tight jeans, t-shirt that hugged his muscled build and black leather boots. Chad had an instant hardon.

Nick liked what he saw. “Nice slutty look baby” he said to Chad. Nick handed the money to Chad and Chad placed it on the nightstand.

Nick grabbed Chad and gave him a deep kiss. Chad ran his hands over Nick’s shirt feeling the power beneath it. Nick stepped back and removed his shirt. He pulled Chad’s shirt off and ran his rough hands down Chad’s smooth chest. “Nice baby, nice”. He ran his hands down to Chad’s ass and squeezed tight. “Yeah this ass is going to do real fine for me”

Chad explored Nick’s hairy chest. He licked his nipples. His tongue made its way down his chest to his stomach and to his treasure trail. He undid Nick’s leather belt with his teeth. He nuzzled Nick’s crotch. He felt Nick’s wood through his jeans, hard and hot.

Nick picked up Chad and threw him to the bed. He landed on his back and Nick removed his shorts. Chad lay there naked, his cock fully erected and oozing with precum. He wanted Nick bad. Nick kicked his boots off and stepped out of his jeans. His cock was erected straight up against his hard stomach. Clear precum dripped out of his pisshole and ran down his shaft. He looked down at Chad and smiled. He wanted to fuck him hard. Nick climbed in the bed and spread Chad’s legs. He entered Chad and began to fuck him. Chad took it in and moved to the rhythm of Nick’s fucking. His huge cock slammed Chad over and over. Chad’s hard and wet cock was pressed against Nick’s stomach ready to explode. Chad and Nick were chest to chest as Nick fucked harder and harder. “I’m cumming” yelled Nick. His cock erupted and he let out his man seed inside Chad. Chad blew his load as he felt it explode out between them. Nick’s hot semen filled Chad’s ass. Chad’s cum felt warm and gooey between the two. Nick collapsed on top of Chad and let out a sigh of relief. The two kissed passionately. Nick softened and pulled out and off Chad rolling to his side. Chad ran his hands over Nick’s sweaty chest. He played with the cum and licked a bit off.

Nick turned to Chad, “Ready for a little game baby”? “Are you ready for daddy’s kink”?

Chad smiled and nodded yes. Nick got off the bed and went for his bag. He pulled out a pair of handcuffs and dangled them over Chad. “What are those for” asked Chad. “Just to keep you secure baby. Don’t worry it’s our little game” said Nick. Nick took Chad’s hands and cuffed them to the headboard above his head. Chad was securely cuffed to the bed. Chad was a little nervous but thought this was all part of Nick’s game. Nick got off the bed, He grabbed his boots and the bag and headed into the bathroom. Chad lay naked and cuffed to the bed. He heard the shower. He waited and heard the water stop.

After a few minutes Nick emerged from the bathroom. Chad’s cock became hard immediately as he took in the sight of Nick. Nick was dressed in tight leather pants showing his bulge. He was shirtless, black boots a black leather hat and wearing black leather gloves. Chad was ready to cream all over again as his hard cock twitched. Nick looked sexy, manly and dangerous. He stood silently at the end of the bed staring down at Chad’s naked body. He clinched one hand and slapped it into the other as he pumped his muscled chest at Chad. Chad stared at this hunk of a man. Nick adjusted his gloves tighter as he climbed on the bed and straddled Chad. Chad squirmed a bit under him as he stared up at Nick. Nick kept silent as he breathed heavy in and out staring down at Chad.

Nick ran his hands across Chad’s chest. He placed his other gloved hand on Chad’s cock and squeezed it hard and firm. Bits of cum oozed out. Chad loved the feeling. “oh baby you were just what I wanted” said Nick as he clamped his gloved hand on Chad’s mouth and nose blocking off his air. Chad jerked a bit and tried to move. “Smell that leather baby, smell it” He squeezed Chad’s cock tighter as more precum oozed out onto the glove.

. Chad tried to breathe. muffled sounds came from him. His eyes were wide open. Nick let go. Chad took in a breath of air. Just that quick Nick smothered him again. Chad’s body squirmed under Nick. Nick felt his cock stiffen in his leather pants.  Nick let go again. Chad exhaled’ “Please stop”. Nick chuckled “You wanted this baby, this is what I paid for”. Chad became frightened. He pleaded. Nick ignored him and placed his hand down again blocking Chad’s air. He held tight. Chad smelled the leather. He let go again and gripped his gloves tight.

“Oh baby you were good”. Nick wrapped his hands around Chad’s throat and began to strangle him. Chad felt the hard grip and the feel of the leather wrapped around his throat. He began to buck. His hands shook violently in the cuffs banging the headboard. Nick gripped harder. His hands were like a vice around Chad’s throat. “Die you little whore, die” he said. “Whore’s like you deserve this”. Chad’s body shook under Nick. His hands flailing in the cuffs as Nick strangled him harder. Chad knew he was going to die. His head pounded, his ears rang. His whole body pained. Nick’s cock was rock hard. Chad felt his ready to explode. With one final grip and squeeze Nick strangled him to death crushing his throat. Chad’s cock blew its last load up Nick’s chest. His body arched and dropped to the mattress. His hands flicked in the cuffs and stopped. His body convulsed one last time and stopped. Chad was dead. His eyes gazed wide open at the ceiling. His body lay still.

Nick kept his hands tight around Chad’s throat and flopped his head back and forth. He released his hands from his throat and hovered over him admiring his kill. Nick stated softly “Noone’s  gonna miss ya”, nothing but a dirty whore”.

Nick had to release his load. He unzipped and inserted his cock into Chad’s mouth. He throat fucked him and spewed his load in his mouth. Cum spilled out and ran down his cheeks. Nick got off the bed and removed his gloves. He shoved one in Chad’s gaping mouth. He shoved the other glove’s middle finger and shoved it up Chad’s ass.

 Nick grabbed his jeans and shirt and threw them in his bag. He picked up Chad’s shirt and wiped the cum off his chest then dropped it to the floor. He grabbed the bag and headed out of the room. He looked back at Chad one last time. His naked body lay sprawled and cuffed to the bed, fucked and strangled. The cum on his naked body was beginning to dry. Nick took in the wonderful sight.

Nick left the money on the stand and chuckled. He headed to his truck. As he climbed in he noticed a young lad standing at another door staring at Nick. He quickly entered the room and shut the door. “Oh fuck” thought Nick. “I can’t have a witness”. Nick climbed back out of the truck. He didn’t bother putting his shirt on. He headed to the guy’s motel door. ‘Knock, knock’…………………….

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