Family Pride by Gay Slavemeat


I have written a lot of fantasy gay snuff stories, usually with the victim being a willing slave that embraces its fate, since that’s my personal fantasy and what I think I deserve. Sometimes readers request a particular approach or plot.  I like to do that and those have been well received.  I was recently contacted by a fellow slave, who says his name is Bill, and who has shared the events that led him not only to become a willing sex slave but to want to be snuffed.  I think his story may well be mostly true, although of course on the internet one never knows for sure.  In real life I do not approve of anyone getting hurt involuntarily, let alone snuffed.  Human life is precious and should be preserved and nurtured, although for those of us who are masochists I have no problem with willingly being tortured, used sexually, and humiliated naked in public – so long as there is not permanent damage.  I get off big time on that sort of thing with me on the receiving end.  The thought of me being snuffed fills a strong need, and the fantasy keeps me away from seeking the real thing.


Bill appears to have reacted to initial involuntary abuse by embracing it totally and wanting more.  I find his story a major turn-on.  He asked me to write it and also to write how it might end.  That is what follows.  The past events and his current state of willing slavery are from what he claims to be real, as are some of the first names such as his original pimp, brothers and high school friends.  But to protect his identity somewhat I’ve used some fake names, like the bar name, which I took from the now-closed Mack’s in San Francisco.  (That was the best S&M club I ever attended, and he did not tell me the name of the Boston S&M club where he’s kept.)  I also included a much younger version of myself as a bit player in the events to advance the plot, as does the setting around a real estate deal.


So, here’s his story with one possibility on how it might end, an ending Bill says he would like to have happen.



Burlington, Vermont



“I love living in Vermont and it’s amazingly pretty in the winter, but this year is ridiculously cold,” said Mr. Thompson.  He had just finished Thanksgiving dinner, surrounded by his entire family, and the tryptophan in the fresh turkey (along with some excellent red wine) was starting to make him sleepy.  It had been a great day, with lots of turkey, football, family, and wine and beer.  He had been joined by his three sons and their families, and everyone was in a great mood.  He was incredibly close to his boys, and proud of them.


“You are right dad,” agreed Mark, who at 30 was the eldest of the three.  “And Kevin, Danny, and I think we all deserve a break from the cold.  We also think it would be great to have some quality family time with just you and the three of us.  We haven’t done that for a long time – a guys’ trip to someplace nice and warm where we can relax.  After all, you’re about to turn 55 and retire, and the three of us can afford to take some time off after the real estate deal we just closed.  We have a lot to celebrate and everything to be proud of.  We think this would be a nice Christmas present for you.  We planned for a trip to the Bahamas for the four of us, and when we mentioned it to Mr. Jordon he said he’d like to host us all, along with Tommy and Ryan, at his personal resort.  He’s really pleased with how the real estate deal turned out for everyone, and said he knows we’ll all make a lot of money when the property is developed.  He also thought Tommy did a great job as our lawyer and Ryan as our accountant, so he wanted to include them.  We’ve all bonded during the deal on a personal level and discovered we have a lot of values in common.  So now we can even do the trip pretty much for free.  How’s that sound?  I thought I’d bring it up before you fall asleep.”


Mr. Thompson was surprised and thrilled.  While he winced a bit about being proud of everything, he certainly was proud of the three amazing sons he had shared his holiday with.  They had worked together on a hugely successful deal with a very rich and prominent real estate baron, and he knew their new partner could easily afford the trip.  So he eagerly accepted the offer and they quickly delved into the timing and details.  It made the day even more special and Mr. Thompson drifted off to a well-deserved nap on the couch in due course.  As he did so, Danny, the youngest of the three, looked lovingly at him and commented to his siblings: “We really do need to use this trip to make sure he can be proud of everything.”  His brothers agreed.


Boston, Massachusetts

Mack’s S&M Gay Sex Club


Dennis and Paul were engaged in a friendly and animated conversation as they enjoyed some beers and watched the action at Paul’s club.  Paul owned the intense underground gay S&M club, which was nicely full that evening even though it was a weekday.  There were about 40 guys, a majority in leather garb that highlighted their macho alpha male status and bodies.  There were also slaves, who were mostly naked or nearly naked, as befit their inferior, subservient status, making their bodies readily available for inspection and use by their alpha owners.  The bartender was busy serving drinks and most of the group had just enjoyed the buffet that was part of Mack’s tradition.  The patrons were also enjoying the bar’s house slave, who was totally naked and busy sucking cocks.  The alphas even made him suck the cocks of other slaves, so he’d be reminded he was not even worth being taken into their households as a personal slave.  He was just a fuck toy at a S&M bar, of no more value than the bar stools or the backroom sling.  However, he was handy for the guys who needed to get rid of some beer, as he also functioned as a mobile human urinal.  Patrons wouldn’t have to leave their seats and could just piss down his throat or up his ass.  He had once been named Bill, but mostly answered to “fag pig” since that was branded on his lower belly just above his exposed (and currently erect) cock.  Guys also followed the instructions branded on his naked butt, which invited them to “fuck the faggot.”  He was popular since everyone was welcome to fuck him or piss into him (throat or ass), and there weren’t any limits on whipping, fisting, or beatings so long as Paul said it was OK.  Paul always approved so long as he got to watch, or to participate if it was an especially fun and humiliating idea.  Paul was solicitous of his customers and used all his property to satisfy them, including his sex slave, the fag pig fka Bill.  And the fag pig knew what it was and always cooperated and accepted whatever use was made of it, thanking the alphas who used it for doing so.  The fag pig was content and grateful, as it should be.


Dennis handed Paul a flier he had brought, with the comment “I assume this is yours, and refers to your fag pig?”  The flier read:



Snuff-ready subhuman live meat slave

Vitals:  25-year old Caucasian male slave, 6’1”, 170 lbs.  Brown hair and eyes, moderately good looking and in generally good physical condition.  Cock 7.25” and functional.  Body fat kept at 15%, to assure flavorful meat that is still very lean.


Training:  Well trained to suck cock, drink cum and piss, and eat shit.  Current tasks are janitorial, focusing on cleaning urinals and toilets, including doing so by licking clean the urinals and toilet bowls with its tongue, to enhance its training and humiliation and for entertainment of club patrons.  Responds well to being butt-fucked, whipped, and beaten, and especially to dildos and fisting.  Totally submissive and obedient.


Reason for sale:  Slave is showing deterioration in skin smoothness because of being whipped and beaten repeatedly, along with some burn marks, and slave’s asshole is damaged and overly loose as a result of large dildos, being double-fucked, and consistent fisting.  Efforts at repair were not sufficiently successful to meet club standards for fuck-toy slaves.  The current owner of the slave plans to have his premises painted and will use the proceeds of the sale to pay for that.  Slave understands and acknowledges its life is far less important than patrons enjoying a freshly painted setting, and will cooperate with whatever torture, snuff, and cannibalism scenes the purchaser determines.


Inquire to Paul at Mack’s S&M Club, Boston, Mass.



Paul laughed as he read the flier.  “Of course it is.  As you well know since you’re the one who sold me the pathetic piece of fag shit in the first place.”


“yeah, but you sure didn’t pay much for it.  And I think you’ve made good money as a result of how utterly depraved Bill is.  Not setting any limits for patrons when they use him has obviously paid off.  Plus having nice clean toilets.  But I hope you don’t think you’re going to get much for him.  About all he’s good for is getting snuffed.  I just fucked his ass and you could park a semi in there.”


Paul laughed again.  “True enough.  I’ve distributed the flier discretely and have had some promising inquiries.  Given the fact he’s relatively young, his cock still works, and he’s got the right attitude about being a shit-eating subhuman who deserves to be snuffed, I think I can get enough to pay for the paint job and a few new amenities.  And there are other slaves out there that I can train to replace him.  But I don’t have any delusions about his value.  So, do you want to buy him back?  And do you think you have a replacement for him I could get cheap?  I know you’re in the business of pimping and selling young males.”


Before answering, Dennis paused and watched as Bill held up a very large glass to his lips.  He had masturbated into it and then added the cum form used condoms of guys who’d fucked him.  Other patrons filled it up with piss and spit.  One alpha wiped his own ass with some toilet paper and added that to the mixture.  Bill thanked them all and slowly drank the entire cum/piss/spit/shit-stained toilet paper contents.  When he finished several other patrons dragged him over to the nearby sling for further amusement.


“Both,” answered Dennis.


Burlington, Vermont

8 years ago


Bill, Ryan, and Tommy were great friends, each dealing with the stress of high school and the accelerating onset of puberty as they had all turned 17 and hit their sexual prime.  For Tommy and Ryan, the opposite sex was now somehow mysterious and made them insecure and shy.  But Bill had a different reaction.  What got him going was the same sex –  other guys.  He realized he was gay, but he was amazingly ignorant about any aspect of being gay since it wasn’t ever discussed at home, and Bill figured it was no big deal.  But when he told Tommy and Ryan he learned he was completely wrong.  It was a huge deal.


“You’re a fag?” Tommy asked in horrified shock.  “Fags aren’t human, they’re subhuman.  You’re a thing, nor a person.”


“And you are no longer our friend,” added Ryan.  “We want nothing to do with you.”  Bill was horrified and embarrassed and begged them to reconsider.  He wanted to continue to hang out with his friends.  He told them he’d do anything to be able to continue to do so.


“Maybe we’ll give you a choice,” Tommy responded.  “We will either completely ignore you, or if you obey us we will allow you to be around us from time to time as a sex toy for us to use. Instead of us just herking off we could fuck your puny little ass.  That’s what straight guys do to fags like you.  But you would have to do whatever we say, no matter what.”


Bill was totally devastated.  He had thought these were his best friends and their reaction put him into shock and depression.  But he couldn’t stand not being around them at all, so he agreed to their terms.  “Like I said, I’ll do whatever you want me to do.  You can use me sexually as a fag if you want.   Just let me be with you at least part of the time.  And don’t tell anyone.”


“OK, let’s see if you really mean it.  Take off all your clothes and get on your knees.”  As Bill did so, Tommy unzipped his pants and took out his cock, which he proceeded to stroke until it got hard.  Then he shoved it into Bill’s mouth and told him to suck it, which Bill did.  And Bill liked doing so.  When Tommy shot his load, Bill also discovered he liked swallowing the cum.  Tommy told him he needed to be thanked for using Bill, and as Bill did so Ryan took his turn and also shot a load down Bill’s throat.   This soon became a pattern, with the two “friends” taking turns getting blow jobs from Bill.  Since Bill liked being naked in front of his former friends and loved giving them blow jobs and drinking their cum, Bill looked forward to the ritual. And they had promised to keep his status a secret.


But blow jobs soon weren’t enough for Tommy and Ryan, and after a few weeks of blow jobs they decided they wanted more.  They told Bill to bend over, naked, and then Tommy once again took the first turn, this time fucking Bill’s tight, virgin ass.  Bill wasn’t prepared for the pain, and his asshole bled as Tommy reached his climax.  It bled again when Ryan took his turn, but there was no sympathy.  They told Bill this is what fags deserved and he better get used to it.  This was all he was good for, and they laughed as he nearly broke into tears form the combination of pain and humiliation.  However, he not only didn’t resist, he begged for more.  Bill learned that day, and confirmed over the following weeks and years, that he liked being butt-fucked even more than he liked sucking cock.  And he accepted that this was indeed all he was good for.


What surprised and frustrated Tommy and Ryan was that being faced got Bill hard, and he clearly enjoyed it.  So, after a month or so of regular use of Bill’s butt and mouth for fucking, Tommy went a step further.  This time Tommy told Bill to get naked and lie on his back in the bathroom.  He again dropped his pans, but this time it wasn’t his cock that went into Bill.  He lowered his own butt onto Bill’s face and farted, laughing at Bill as he did so.  Then he took a dump.  The load of shit went into Bill’s mouth, and Bill obediently swallowed it.  Then it was Ryan’s turn, with both boys laughing at Bill as they told him to wash his mouth out, so he could function as toilet paper and clean their asses.  They told him to describe how wonderful their shit tasted, and to thank them for their “gifts.”  Bill did exactly as he was instructed.  Tommy and Ryan had found the ultimate humiliation, and their sessions with Bill now included not just using him as a cum depository, but also for their piss and their shit.  Bill was too embarrassed and ashamed to admit to them that he had soon come to want this too – he was turned on by being used and degraded, no matter how badly.  It frustrated Tommy and Ryan that even this depravity turned him on, and they slapped him around and beat him up to show their displeasure.  But they also kept using him as the fag they always reminded him he was.


Tommy had a further idea on how to humiliate Bill, which worked well and sealed Bill’s role as a worthless fag.  When he and Ryan were each fucking him, one in his ass and one in his mouth, Tommy arranged for Bill’s brother Danny to walk in and “discover” him serving two alpha males.  Danny was a year younger, and he was the brother Bill was closest too.  Bill and Danny shared a bedroom, and Bill secretly was massively turned on by Danny’s amazing, masculine body, which Bill often got to enjoy seeing naked.  Tommy had obviously already told Danny Bill was a fag, but Danny feigned shock and reacted just as Tommy and Ryan had done.  He told Bill he was subhuman and could not be his friend or brother any more.  Danny gave him the same choice as had Ryan and Tommy, and Bill was soon being used by Danny just like he was by Tommy and Ryan.  It was easier for Danny given the shared bedroom, so the use was more frequent.  Their nearby bathroom also made it easy for Danny to make shitting into Bill’s mouth a regular source of his entertainment.


Danny, despite promising not to do so as had Tommy and Ryan, soon arranged for the two other brothers, Nark and Kevin, to walk in on a fuck session and join in the condemnation.  In fact, the five straight boys began to compare notes on ways to better humiliate the fag.  Bill’s brothers added an evaluation, with the meanness that often happens with family members.


“You aren’t ever going to have a decent life.  You’re totally worthless even to other fags, and no guy is ever going to kiss you or hold you.  All you’re fit to do is be a whore, which is what you’ll become someday.  With a little luck, maybe you’ll get AIDS and die soon.  We hope you do that.”  The five alpha males enjoyed a contest to come up with the best way for Bill to die.  They made it quite clear that is what they wanted to happen to him, as soon as possible.  And when their father found out, he piled on to that same sentiment and told Bill he was no longer a son and would need to leave the house once he finished (or dropped out of) high school.


Once he was “out” high school was miserable for Bill.  He did find some solace playing baseball., being a good center fielder and a decent hitter, and he enjoyed the game a lot.  It was his only positive activity, and he spent his time mostly on baseball, some attention to schoolwork, and being used by his brothers and his former friends.  But being used was his favorite activity – he liked being a sex object, and he even liked being a human toilet.  Being a fuck-hole and a toilet was his only purpose.  Well, maybe not entirely his only purpose, as he’d also learned that his role included doing tasks for the alphas.  He performed the chores his brothers had been assigned, and even did some of the work for their part-time jobs.  Bill learned (and accepted) that he was a slave, serving his betters (which was most everyone) in however they wanted to make use of him.


In due course Bill did manage to graduate form high school and even entered college at the University of Vermont, studying prelaw.  As he entered college his father confirmed he was no longer welcome in his home and he no longer considered him a son.  His father was totally ashamed to ever have had contact with him.  Bill was not to show up, even for family events and holidays.  Making things worse, Danny made sure word got out at college that he was gay, and things started to deteriorate in the dorm and in classes too.  He was shunned and found himself unable to study, finally dropping out early in his second year.  He got a job for a while, but after about six months even that didn’t work out.  Bill was broke, despondent, and desperate.  As his brothers had predicted, there was only one option.  Bill became a street prostitute.


Bill was able to make enough to live on, sort of, as a whore.  The reason was that he was very “flexible” in terms of what he’d do, and word of that got around.   One guy, named Dennis, even let him stay the night in return for some rough treatment.  Then Dennis invited some of his friends over and they all shared Bill, introducing him to the world of S&M as well as using him for butt-fucking, piss, and shit.  Dennis had become his pimp and added to his training.  When Bill had asked if there was someone who would be willing to allow him to have a place to live in return for sex, it was Dennis who took Bill to Boston and introduced him to the fantastic world that was Mack’s.  Paul had accepted Bill, even paying Dennis a small fee, and initially letting him whore himself to patrons.  But soon Paul just kept Bill as a naked sex slave and allowed the patrons to do as they wished with him for free.  Bill did janitorial work, focusing especially on cleaning the toilets, and had access to a small storeroom in the back to live in, with a mattress and a few chairs.  He was allowed to shower and to eat leftovers form the club’s buffet (usually from a dog dish).  It was great for Paul’s business, and Bill very quickly realized this was the “life” he both wanted and deserved.


There were occasional events that stood out, such as a few times when he was allowed to visit his brothers.  One had sent a card asking if he had contracted AIDS yet, saying he hoped this had happened because it would be better if he died like they said he should.  All three brothers made it clear they would prefer him dead but wouldn’t pay a cent for his funeral if he had one.  When they allowed him to visit them on a couple of occasions, it was in the garage of his eldest brother, Mark.  They said they’d pay him a little money in return for once again fucking him and shitting in his mouth, but after Mark started the fun by administering a combo of cum, piss, and shit into Bill, they informed Bijl he’d have to pay them for the privilege of eating their shit.  So, Bill took what money he had and paid it to the three alpha males, getting the waste from his other two brothers, Kevin and Danny, as they also fucked him and then pissed and shat into his mouth.  He returned to Boston broke and even more humiliated, much to the satisfaction of his three brothers.  But he also returned more turned on than ever by their fantastic alpha bodies, especially Danny’s.  His father refused to see him at all, being completely ashamed of him and no longer considering him as a son, as he had made clear years before.


Other occasions related to his life as a slave.  To entertain the patrons Paul had had him branded on two occasions, once with “Fuck the Faggot” on his butt, and once with “Fag Pig” on his belly just above his cock.  Bill clearly understood how appropriate each of these were, and asked Paul to brand him with the term “sex slave” on the forehead so it would always be visible even on the rare occasions when Bill wasn’t naked.  But Paul said no since he did not want to risk damaging his property.  On another memorable occasion Bill was the target of a whipping contest at the club, with 7 guys participating and taking turns, then deciding they’d all whip him at the same time.  Bill was in the emergency room for a while after that, and some of the lacerations didn’t heal.  But it was useful as a reminder of his status and use, so over time his young skin became more scarred.


It was the fisting that did the most damage.  Bill really got off on being fisted – it was the perfect combination of pain and humiliation and again it had started with Tommy and Ryan but accelerated with Danny.  The downside was that it extended his asshole, and in time there was even room for two guys to fist him at once.  So, they did, and of course that made it even worse.  In his last visit to his brothers, Danny had gotten into him up to his elbow.  That was an unbelievable turn-on for Bill.


Some of the patrons started to complain to Paul that the bar slave had too loose an ass for a nice tight butt-fuck, and Paul was always highly attentive to his customer’s desires.  So, as Bill turned 25, Paul had decided to sell Bill and find a younger replacement.  After all, he’d owned the slave for nearly two years, and it was now damaged property.


Mack’s Gay S&M Club

Boston, Mass.


Dennis and Paul were once again enjoying drinks and entertainment.  It had been two weeks since Dennis had last been to the bar, and he had made a lot of progress on the terms he’d worked out with Paul for the purchase and replacement of the bar’s live fag meat.  They both had their cocks out and hard, and Bill was kneeling between the two of them servicing Dennis.  Next to him, also kneeling and totally naked, was another slave, somewhat younger, servicing Paul.


“I think you will find the new slave quite acceptable and reasonably well trained.  As you can see it is good looking and has a reasonably good-sized cock, a bit shorter than Bill’s, about 6.75 inches, but thicker.  It’s fresh out of high school, only 19, so you should get 3-4 years of service before it is used up like Bill is, obviously depending on how much it gets fisted and whether you repair the asshole as it deteriorates.  It can produce gobs of cum with impressive frequency and even a bit of distance when it shoots.  If you lie it on its back the cum easily reaches the chest and sometimes even the mouth.  The electricity to the balls all the time has likely affected the quantity and quality of Bill’s cum production these days.  The new slave also gives great blow jobs, as I hope you’re finding out.  Most important, it’s a natural masochist and fully understands that it’s a subhuman piece of slave meat.  There will be no issues on obedience.”


“Well, the slave’s doing a good job so far,” Paul acknowledged, his breathing starting to get a bit heavier as the slave’s tongue aroused his cock.  “And he’s attractive enough, with skin that doesn’t yet show the effects of being whipped and burned.  But what about willingness to do things like drink piss and cum, and eat shit?  Those turned out to be important in getting value out of my current piece-of-shit slave.”


“No issue on the piss and cum.  He seems to crave both, and we can demonstrate that once they finish sucking us off.  But you’ll have to train him to eat shit.  That shouldn’t be hard, given his attitude, and as I said he is totally obedient.  There will be no resistance. He just hasn’t been trained to do so and doesn’t have a natural inclination for it like Bill did.  If you let the guys shit on his food, and he doesn’t get to eat anything that isn’t covered with it, I’m sure he’ll adjust in no time.  And the training will be fun for everyone.  I’ve already talked to him about this and he’s eager to learn.


“Incidentally, you’ll also notice he hasn’t been branded yet.  I suggest you do that in a special ceremony, so you can charge guys extra to attend.  I always thought “fag pig” was a bad choice for Bill, by the way.  It’s insulting to pigs.  I think you should brand this one as what it really is – fag slave meat.  Or a phrase that empathizes its use for cum, piss, and shit eating.  Or a combo.  How about “fag slavemeat toilet?”  I’d do it right in the middle of the chest, so it’s more visible, and then require him to go shirtless even when he’s in public and not naked at the bar.  That would be extremely humiliating.  And maybe “fuck the fag” on its ass, like Bill’s, since that has always gotten a lot of laughs. Of course, that’s all up to you since you’ll own it – just be sure I get to join the fun when you do the branding.  I love watching the red-hot metal burn their skin, and I always cum when I smell it cooking and hear them scream.  Also, the slave has been informed it no longer has a real name since it’s not a person, and it has been trained to answer to slavemeat, which is why I think branding it that would be instructional and inform your patrons.


“Fair points and good ideas,” responded Paul, who was now very much enjoying the blow job and getting a bit distracted as the pleasure increased and the point of orgasm neared.  “I think I might have even consulted with Bill on the name prior to his branding, and that’s obviously a mistake.  Subhuman objects shouldn’t have any say in that – or anything else.  I plan to be much stricter with the replacement.”  As he considered how much fun that was going to be, Paul reached orgasm and shot his load down slavemeat’s throat.  Dennis did the same with Bill.  But they left their cocks in the slaves’ mouths since they would soon want to piss.


Paul changed the optic.  “How did the final negotiations go?  Do we have a deal?”


“They went great.  And your deal is a little better than I thought we could get.  You not only get the money for painting the place, you get this new meat for free.  The buyer is covering my fee as well as your renovation costs.”


“Wow!  That’s wonderful.  How did you pull that off?”  As they talked Paul released his load of piss down the eager throat of his new human urinal.  No need to interrupt the conversation to take a leak.  Dennis did the same with Bill.


“The whole thing is wonderfully fortuitous.  My biggest customer, for whom I procure a whole lot of young male slaves, lives in Burlington and is a really rich real estate developer.  He’s got the kind of money most of us can’t even conceive of and he uses up the slaves very quickly for his amusement.  I’ve joined him for some fantastic snuff scenes followed by great slavemeat meals featuring live meat.  He recently did a deal with some local guys who owned land adjacent to his that, if you put it all together, would make a hugely profitable development.  Things are booming up there, as you know.  He said everyone is going to make a bundle.  The others, I think it was some brothers, were great to deal with and they bonded on a lot of fronts, including their hatred of fags and their views on what should happen to them.  He wanted to give them a present to express his appreciation.  He had gotten to know them and their story very well during all the complex negotiations and realized Bill would be the perfect gift.  I’d had him come down with me that time I visited a few weeks ago and he checked out the merchandise I had available.  He bought a few other slaves too, but the irony is that his interest was only in Bill as the gift.  Even though Bill was obviously not in the best shape, especially for being fucked, he said there was something special about Bill that made him the perfect object to present.  Well, the idea of Bill being special is ludicrous but that gave me a lot of leverage and he hardly even resisted when I told him that would mean he’d have to pay my fee for the new slave as well as cover the cost of you renovating your club.  He also visited the bar and liked it, so getting it refurbished  appealed to him too.  So you get slavemeat for free and you can also upgrade the other furniture and equipment as well as repaint the place.  This is going to be the nicest S&M joint in the country, with new furniture that includes a fresh new slave.”


Paul was beyond delighted.  “And any idea what happens to Bill, not that it matters?  Just curious.”


“None.  But I’m pretty sure he winds up dead, which is what he deserves since he’s damaged and not as useful.  Fuck, he probably even wants to be snuffed, given how pathetic he is.  I just hope it’s painful and prolonged.”  Dennis kicked Bill in the nuts to get his attention and asked.  “Hey fag pig, are you looking forward to being snuffed after you’re sold?  I’m guessing it’s going to be pretty horrible.”  Bill nodded, not even pausing as he continued swallowing Dennis’ piss.  He had been listening and was in fact turned on by the conversation and the prospect of being snuffed.  He totally accepted Dennis and Paul discussing the two slaves as what they were – mere objects.

As both slaves continued to expertly massage the dicks they were servicing, bringing them back to evections after drinking the piss, in due course Dennis and Paul each reached a second orgasm and shot another load of cum down the throat of the slave serving him.


What followed was a wonderful evening, with lots more sex and torture to celebrate the transactions. Dennis had slavemeat demonstrate his lust for cum and piss, drinking the huge ceremonial glass of excrement that Bill often drank to amuse the patrons.  The bar patrons then refilled it and Bill then did the same, starting the mixture by masturbating into the glass.  As he did so Paul announced that Bill was being sold and slavemeat would replace him. Dennis added that this load of cum would be Bill’s last, as his new owner did not think he deserved the pleasure of an orgasm and planned to snuff him fairly soon.  Everyone chimed in on the hope the snuff would be especially prolonged and painful and Dennis assured them it was very likely to last several torture-and0humiliaiton-filled days.  That produced a cheer form the group and a hard-on for Bill.  He knew this was what he deserved.


Dennis attached a cock-cage to Bill to assure he could not cum any more unless his new owner changed his mind.  The patrons then had a particularly savage evening raping and fisting Bill, and then doing the same with slavemeat.  It turned out slavemeat had not yet been fisted, so this was a painful new torture for its education.  There were lots of jokes about Bill’s loose but-hole, and about how that would happen to slavemeat over time.  Paul even started slavemeat’s training at eating shit, telling Bill and slavemeat to crawl to the toilets and drink the mixture of water, piss, and dissolved shit left from a patron who had not flushed.  The stench was more than slavemeat could handle at first, and he threw up.  But that worked out well for training, and slavemeat eventually was able to also consume his own vomit along with a further supply of shit.  Paul was quite satisfied with his new slave and decided to follow Dennis’ ideas on the branding.  Slavemeat would always be naked in the bar and would wear only a thin jockstrap that left all three brands exposed if permitted to go elsewhere.  Paul was determined to assure slavemeat suffered even more humiliation and torture than had Bill.  But he would periodically have a vet repair the asshole so it remained tight enough to please his beloved patrons.


The next morning Bill left with Dennis, naked with no possessions at all and the cock-cage preventing him from giving himself any pleasure.  Bill crawled into a cage that was then locked, to be delivered to his new owner, and slavemeat started its new duties and continued its training.  Paul scheduled the branding for a time that was convenient for Dennis to return and enjoy it.  After all, Dennis had done a first-rate job that satisfied everyone.  He provided a valuable and appreciated service, assuring pathetic fag slaves received the ridicule, pain, and ultimate snuff fate they deserved.


Spanish Cay City, The Bahamas


Mark, Kevin, Danny, and their father got off the plane at the Spanish Cay airport, excited to escape the cold Vermont winter and start their vacation.  They had flown non-stop on Mr. Jordon’s private G-7 jet from Burlington to the luxurious Bahamian resort – the first time any of them had ever been on a private plane.  It had been a great flight, with exceptional food and drinks, and they were more excited than ever at what lay ahead.  Even Mr. Thompson, who did not like flying, enjoyed the trip, although he was very tired when it was over.  As Mr. Jordon had suggested, they were joined on the flight (and the vacation) by high school buddies Tommy and Randy.  They had been friends of the three brothers since then, growing closer over the years, and since Tommy had served as the lawyer for the real estate deal and Ryan as their accountant, being part of the celebration made lots of sense.  Mr. Jordon knew of the friendships and admired how they had bonded in high school, and he wanted to express his appreciation to everyone.  This worked well since Mr. Thompson viewed Tommy and Ryan as if they were his own sons, admiring them for all they’d achieved.  Mr. Jordon met them at the airport with a stretch limo, and when they arrived at the resort they were shown to their rooms – again, a level of luxury none of them had ever experienced before.


It was early evening by then and the group gathered for cocktails and desert, having had an outstanding meal on the flight.  When everyone was seated, Mr. Jordon stood up to greet his guests.


“I want to welcome all of you and thank you for joining me at my resort.  This is a special place where I only invite special friends like yourselves.  It’s not open to the public.  All of you have become friends, and our transaction together has created positive personal relationships that will last for many, many years.  And, now that it’s all closed, you will be able to afford more luxuries and I wanted to introduce you to them.  In fact, I want to partner with you on some other real estate deals very soon.  But we’re not here about that; we’re here to celebrate what we’ve all done already.


“There is another aspect to this event as well that I hope will make the vacation even more special.  I learned from conversations with you that we share a mutual distaste.  We are alpha males disgusted by the faggots who pollute our society and pretend to be human.  We know it is our task to punish them and make them go away, permanently.  I learned that my five younger colleagues became friends in part by sharing that task.  Sadly, and I apologize for bringing up what I know is a sad aspect for Mr. Thompson, it involved what had been a member of the family.  And that sadness has continued since the fag has not disappeared as it should have and as its one-time siblings had ordered it to do.  I have acquired the fag and as part of my gift I have arranged for that to happen on this vacation, so you can all finally be done with it.”


Mr. Jordon signaled a waiter, and in short order two servants carried in a metal cage containing a naked male.  The servants were young with slender twink bodies that were also naked except for slave collars.  Their cocks were erect, and they each had “fag snuff meat” branded on their left buttock.  Mark, David, and Danny had known Mr. Jordon’s plan, but Tommy, Ryan, and Mr. Thompson were stunned and immensely pleased.  The fag was Bill, who was also stunned to realize who had purchased him.


“Like all fags, this one is worthless.  It’s not even fit to serve as meat for our meals, and in any event, we will have my house fags to enjoy for that purpose in due course.  They have been trained to understand their role as targets of alpha males and as meat, and they will join our meals as entrée’ courses.  Their meat is of far higher quality than the fag in the cage.


“But as we discussed plans for this wonderful chance to get together Danny had a great idea on how to make the fag useful for the first time ever, and simultaneously restore the Thompson family pride.  Since it was his idea, as the two fag slaves unload the animal I’ll let him take it from here.  By the way, the fag slaves are among many that I maintain for punishing them until they are ready and eager to be disposed of, having realized their place and purpose.  So feel free to use them as you wish.”


The cage was opened, and Bill was dragged out, then placed on a nearby table on his back.  Danny got up from the table, drink in hand, and went over to a fire pit nearby, grabbing the handle of a red-hot branding iron.  He invited everyone to stand next to the table and with no greeting to the fag other than spitting in his face he administered the brand to its chest, the burning causing a loud, painful, and almost inhuman scream, along with the delightful aroma of burning fag meat.  As they all realized what had been branded onto Bill’s chest in large letters, they all cheered and doubled over with laughter.  They slapped Danny on the back, toasted him with their drinks, and congratulated him on his cleverness.  Bill could not see what had been burned onto him, but knew he was not permitted to ask, or to speak at all unless spoken to.  His two years as a bar sex slave had been good training.  He fully understood and agreed with their assessment of him.  He was indeed worthless fag meat, now realizing he wasn’t even fit for consumption by the alpha males he worshiped.  But they were saying he’d finally be useful, and he hoped that was true.  The fact he’d be dead didn’t bother him at all.  He was secretly thrilled that his brothers and former friends were going to be somehow involved.  He was grateful and hoped they enjoyed themselves during whatever was going to happen to finally snuff him as he disserved.


At that point the vacationers returned to their seats and continued to celebrate, making final plans for the next few days.  Mr. Jordon suggested that they conclude the evening with the alpha males using the fags for their entertainment.  Everyone enthusiastically agreed.  Even though Mr. Thompson declined since he was exhausted from the flight, he encouraged them to do so.  As he left to rest, he did take the time to spit in the face of the fag and tell Bill he was glad Bill’s existence would be ending, and he would not have to be embarrassed by him any longer.  He told Mr. Jordon how much he appreciated this gift, and that he knew this would be the best and most fulfilling vacation he’d ever have.  Mr. Jordon also left, saying he didn’t want to intrude on a family event, but again encouraging them to take full advantage of the amenities he had available for punishing fags, along with the drinks, deserts, and the house fag slaves.  The slaves would obey and there were no limits with what could be done to them either.  Mr. Jordon planned to dispose of them during the week’s fun.  They were well trained, aware and accepting of their purpose and fate, and eager to cooperate.


As the two older alphas excused themselves, the slaves opened a sliding door that revealed an extension of the dining area, which was set up for S&M sex of all types.  As the five young alpha males entered this awesome space, they discussed options as they removed their own clothing to make it easier to use the fags as sex objects.


“I think we should start by fucking our own fag,” suggested Kevin.  “But I remember that his ass is loose, so that might not be as much fun.”


But Mark had a solution, also pointing out it would be fun to get all the fags fucked at the same time.  “How about if Tommy and Ryan each start by fucking one of the house fags, who look like they’re in good shape.  As for our family fag, I suggest Kevin and I double-fuck him, which should make it tight enough to be fun.  At the same time, he can give Danny a blow job.  So, he’ll have all three of our cocks inside him at the same time.  We’ve had a lot to drink, so I’m sure we can all fill the fags with piss after we fill them with cum.”


Everyone quickly agreed, but Tommy said he was feeling a little drunk and wanted to work off a bit of the booze affect first so he could enjoy the fucking more. He also was anxious to whip the animals as they so obviously deserved.  As a result, the first activity was to string up each fag by its wrists from chains in the ceiling, so its feet were slightly off the ground and its body was able to be whipped from all sides.  The five alphas selected whips from among the wide collection displayed in the room and enthusiastically beat the backs, asses, chests, bellies, and cocks of their victims.  (They unlocked the cock cage that Bill still wore so his cock and balls would be vulnerable to the blows.  As soon as it was removed his cock got hard, which was a source of humor for the alphas.  Better still, that made it easier to whip.)  The alphas traded off among the animals, but Bill got most of the attention and was bleeding nicely from multiple fresh wounds by the time they were done.  Danny was the most enthusiastic, working up quite a sweat as he wailed on his one-time sibling.


“OK fags.  What do you have to say to us?” Ryan mockingly snarled at them.  All three fags immediately expressed their thanks for the beatings, with Bill being the most enthusiastic.  He was totally thrilled and turned on by what had just happened, and what might happen next.  He felt he might finally suffer the snuff he deserved.


The fucking session was next, and it too was a lot of fun.  Mark and Kevin commented that Bill’s ass was still too loose even with two cocks in it, adding a dildo to assure it was tight enough and that Bill felt pain as he was fucked. Danny commented that Bill at least knew how to suck cock, allowing Bill to also lick his ass and his balls.  Tommy and Ryan complemented their fags on having tight assholes, noting that this also meant there was a chance for some fun fisting to ruin theirs in anticipation of their disposal.  They all commented on how much better looking than Bill the house fags were, and on the fact their cocks were bigger than Bill’s.  None of that was actually true, but it enabled them to jeer at Bill and further humiliate him.  “Yeah,” Tommy jeered, “cock size is one more area where he underachieved.  Fuck, he managed to fail at absolutely everything – even being a decent sex slave.”


The alphas also traded off on the fucking, so the brothers would be able to enjoy the tight asses of the house fags and Tommy and Ryan could once again fuck Bill.  After all, they were the first to have done so.  They even had the house fags double-fuck Bill, adding an even larger dildo to increase the pain, just so he’d understand that he was an even lower sub-human than they were.  And they used Bill, not the house fags, as their urinal for the same reason.  That part of the evening’s entertainment was culminated with each of the fag slaves shitting into Bill’s mouth, as the alphas laughed, pointing out that Bill was fit to eat subhuman slave shit.  Bill, of course, cooperated fully and demonstrated his reaction with a very erect cock and expressions of thanks.


After the alphas satisfied their initial desire to fuck the fags, Danny asked the group: “Does anyone think they will still want to fuck Bill’s ass?  I’m personally not interested in fucking something that loose any more.”  The other four agreed, and Danny continued.  “Great.  Because I found something in the attic at home during Thanksgiving that I brought for just this occasion.  At one time it was Bill’s, and I think we should return it to him.”


With that, Danny went over to a nearby table and pulled back a cloth.  Under it was a large baseball bat.  It had been given to Bill by the high school coach with an admonition to practice hitting.  While Bill was a good center field player, he wasn’t that great a hitter.  The other team members, especially Tommy and Ryan, had laughed at Bill on the occasion.  “The fag fucker even sucks at hitting,” Tommy had told the rest of the team after the coach left.  It was Bill’s first public humiliation as a known fag.  They all laughed as Tommy recalled the event, reminding them that they’d used the bat to beat Bill and then taken it from him for further use in his beatings.  Danny had wound up owning it.


As Danny took the bat and walked over to Bill, he asked Bill if he would want it back.  “Of course, you know where it will go, my dear older brother” added Danny.  Bill said yes and thanked Danny for returning it to him.


Bill had been fisted numerous times, and had large dildos inserted into his hole, but this was far larger.  All five alphas laughed and toasted themselves with fresh drinks as first Danny and then each of the others forced the thick end of the bat into Bill’s ruined asshole.  Nor did they stop when they reached the natural end of Bill’s cavity.  They continued to push, using a large mallet to pound the bat further into the fag’s fuck channel – crushing its internal organs and increasing the intensity of its screams.  They no longer even sounded human, which made it a lot more fun for the alphas to hear.  Danny used the mallet to make sure the bat was inserted as far as we possible.


“Don’t worry,” Mark assured Bill, laughing as he again spit in his face.  “This is not what is going to kill you, although it would, given the damage to your insides.  What we’ve just done is fatal and you are now officially dying.  Your internal organs are ruined and won’t function, so your system will shut down.  But the bat also acts to stop most internal bleeding, so it will take a few days.  The bat will never come out since you’d then die far too quickly.  It’s now a permanent part of you and will assure you’re in constant, extreme pain until you’re finally disposed of.  Meanwhile, we have something far more appropriate and painful in mind.  It might even be something you could succeed at, but you’ll probably fuck that up too.”


“Speaking of that,” added Kevin.  “I’m getting a little hungry.  Anyone up for a snack?  I am, and then I think I might be all in for the night.  I’m also a little drunk so some food might help.  After all, we want to be well rested for more fun tomorrow.”


Again, everyone agreed and at this point Danny again took the lead, having spent the most time planning the trip’s fun.

“We know you like to eat shit, and that is what you deserve because you are shit.  But you don’t have any money to pay us for our shit like you should and have done in the past.  We have a solution.  First, you are to jerk off, so we can laugh at you while you cum.  To be sure you’re in the right frame of mind all five of us are going to piss down your throat as you play with your cock.  When you shoot your load, I’m going to cut off your cock as it spews your final cum.  Then I’m going to eat it.  After that Mark and Kevin will each cut off one of your balls and eat them.  That’s not much meat since your cock and balls are so puny, so we’ll find some other parts of you to make it a proper snack and let Tommy and Ryan share in the fun. Understood?”


Bill was impressed with how creative Danny’s plan was.  He thanked Danny for the chance to be used as meat even though he was not worthy, and did as instructed, using his right hand (he was right-handed) to start massaging his cock.  It quickly became hard again despite the pain he was in form the beatings and fucking, and now especially from the large bat that impaled him.  Or maybe he quickly got hard because of all that, along with the loads of piss pouring down his throat and his contemplation of the fact he was about to lose his cock and balls in an astonishingly humiliating and painful way.  Plus, it had been several days since the cock cage had been attached so he couldn’t jerk himself off.  His cock responded to acceptance of how much he deserved what was happening, and his body gyrated a little as he approached orgasm and his cock started to spew a thick final load of cum.


As Bill oozed man-juice from his throbbing cock Danny took a knife and slowly cut it off.  That instant of pleasure turned into one of unbelievable pain and humiliation.  Danny now had Bill’s manhood in his hand, holding it so Bill could see it and letting the liquids flow into Bill’s piss-filled open mouth.  Then Mark took the knife and cut off the left testicle, followed by Kevin cutting off the right one.  Bill was now totally emasculated, his manhood divided among his three brothers.  He fainted from the pain but was quickly revived.


“As Mr. Jordon mentioned, your meat is not fit for human consumption like these other fags’ is.  But we are going to give you the honor of contributing to the meat we will digest and that will become the shit we will make you eat in the morning.  We are going to eat your cock and balls,” Kevin announced.  “But first we want to hear you thank us for doing this.  After all, it was actually your idea, which you told Danny about the last time you were permitted to visit so we could fuck and whip you.  Your fag-meat genitals will become shit that we will return to you.  You will then thank us again for that gift.”


Bill responded immediately, despite all the pain, and truthfully.  “Thank you for cutting off my cock and balls and making me a subhuman eunuch as I deserve.  And thank you for doing me the honor of eating my meat and turning it into shit, which is also what I deserve and ultimately what I am.”   Bill was sincere in what he said.  He knew this was more than he deserved.


Danny started by putting the drained cock into his mouth, positioned so Bill could watch.  “Fuck, this tastes terrible,” he announced.  “I doubt it will even make decent shit.”  To avoid any further taste, and since it was so puny, he just swallowed the cock whole.  Mark and Kevin went next, actually enjoying the freshly cut testicles.  “This is kind of tasty,” Kevin commented.  “But I don’t think there’s any point eating the scrotum.  It probably tastes as bad as the cock.”  So he tossed the little piece of skin into Bill’s mouth, instructing to eat his own ball sac, which of course Bill did.  As his brothers ate the genitals while Bill watched, Mark elaborated on the process.  “We didn’t eat much today so we can be sure our morning dumps tomorrow will include what had been your cock and balls.  And we’ve taken some diuretics that will cause the meat to move through our systems far more rapidly than usual.  We don’t want any part of you inside us any longer than necessary, even as meat being digested.  That means we’ll shit in your face what had been your own meat, but it won’t be completely digested and will be even more disgusting than usual.  Just to be sure there’s enough, and to let Tommy and Ryan also join in the fun, we’re going to help ourselves to some of the rest of your meat.”


Danny picked up the theme as he reached for Bill’s right hand, explaining: “Now that you don’t have a cock to jerk off, you really don’t need your right hand.  That’s the one you used to use for that.  We could eat that, but it’s not very tasty and doesn’t have much meat.  Your fucking cock was disgusting enough.  We’re thinking your arm might have some meat that’s better, but the worthless hand is in the way.   I’m going to cut it off and save it for later use.  But first I’m going to punish it for all that jerking off.”  Danny smashed the useless jerk-off tool with the mallet he’d used to drive the bat into Bill’s ass, crushing the bones and laughing at his own cleverness as he then cut it off and tossed it into a nearby container.  What he was after was the meat on the arm, and he used the knife to slice that off, sharing it among all five alpha males.  They ate it raw, again with Bill watching in agony.  The amount of pain from having flesh cut away from his live body was beyond Bill’s comprehension, and he was horse from screaming and had to be revived several times.  “There, that should assure there’s enough shit made from you to provide what you deserve to eat tomorrow.”  And with that, the alphas left for their luxurious rooms while the house fags cauterized Bill’s bleeding body, so it would remain alive for further use.  Then they, in turn, reported to Mr. Jordon’s room for further punishment.


The Angry Reaper

Near the Coast of the Bahamas

The morning after their arrival had been as much fun as the prior evening had been.  It started with the five young alpha males assembling in the S&M torture room where Bill had spent the night in the cage.  They laughed at his ruined body as they awakened him.  The house fags had simply cut off what remained of his right arm and applied a tourniquet to prevent further bleeding, tossing what had remained after the meat was sliced off and eaten the night before into the nearby bucket with the crushed hand.  Ryan joked that they had found the perfect way to prevent a fag from jerking itself off.


All five took turns taking their morning dump into Bill’s open and willing mouth, following it with loads of piss.  It was even more fun than they’d anticipated because the effect of the diuretics was not only to make much of the shit unusually runny and disgusting, but also to cause some to contain undigested pieces of the meat.  As Danny took his dump the group noticed one piece of shit that was clearly the remnant of Bill’s cock, which Danny had swallowed without chewing.  The glans at its tip was still recognizable even in the rest of the pile of shit and hey made sure Bill chewed it thoroughly before swallowing his own man-muscle.  The testicles had been more thoroughly digested so they weren’t distinct within the piles Mark and Kevin contributed.  Besides, as they pointed out, they were very small – an observation that generated more laughter.  The runny mass of shit was truly disgusting, but Bill swallowed all of it as instructed, thanking the alphas for their gift.  He literally was eating himself in his proper form – as shit.  The degrading sight led to lots more fun abuse, and while they ridiculed Bill they also had him clean out his mouth, so he could give each alpha a morning blow job, gratefully swallowing their cum to follow all the piss and shit.  It had been a fabulously fun and entertaining start to the day.


As Bill finished expressing his thanks, Danny spoke up again, asking the group: “Does anyone want to hear any more out of this fag?”  They all said no, so Danny took a scissors and used it to cut off Bill’s tongue.  He tossed that into Bill’s mouth with instructions and an explanation.  “It’s about time you bit your tongue, faggot.  But this won’t get digested since your innards are ruined and your asshole is plugged for good.  But you are still required to chew it and swallow.  Other than shit and piss it’s the last thing you’ll ever eat.”   As the rest of the group spat in Bill’s face, Danny lashed his chest brutally for failing to thank Danny for preventing him from embarrassing himself by talking.  Bill tried to mouth a thank-you, but hat just caused Danny to whip him harder.

“I’m ready for a hearty breakfast and then ready to go deep sea fishing,” Mark announced next, to the cheers of the group.  They all had gone down to the dock and boarded Mr. Jordon’s impressive fishing yacht, The Angry Reaper.  He had named it in honor of his lifelong passion for ridding the world of useless fags.


The house fags were on board in case anyone wanted to beat them or fuck them, but the focus of the day was on fishing, and there was an expert crew to assist them.  Bill had also been brought on board, placed on his back in a tub that was designated not only to store him but also for the passengers to use when they needed to urinate or take a dump.  His severed arm and hand were in a small tub next to him.  After everyone pointed to where his cock and balls had been and had a good laugh, Mr. Jordon explained the day’s plan, and Bill suddenly realized what had been branded on his chest and what his purpose was.  He once again admired and appreciated the appropriateness of Danny’s ideas.


“We want to attract the big fish that inhabit these warm waters, and that requires the right bait.  Over the years I’ve learned that fresh fag body parts work wonderfully well for that, and as you can see we have a fag already branded for what it now is – “live bait.”  But I have also discovered that the fish are even more interested if the live bait has been soaked in a mixture of piss and shit.  So, while I know it’s a little embarrassing for some of you to urinate and shit in public, you’ll be adding to that mixture and increasing the chances of catching something impressive as fag parts are attached to your fishing lines.  Our expert crew will do the cutting, as it is important to keep the fag alive, so the bait stays fresh.  We think there’s enough of it to serve as bait for all three days of our adventure if we’re careful.  And, of course, this also means it will spend part of the day, and each night, soaking in a solution of filth that attracts fish and befits its status.  Also, try to aim for its mouth so it will swallow as much as possible, which also helps flavor the meat to be better bait.”


The group moved a little closer to the tub where Bill was being stored.  The young alphas had stripped down to tight Speedos, which allowed them to enjoy the warm sun, get a tan, and show off their awesome alpha bodies.  The sheer dominance of the situation – themselves as big sea fishermen, the house fags as service animals, and Bill as live bait – had aroused their masculine instincts big time.  The tight swimsuits did nothing to hide the large erections that resulted.  What they did not realize, and what would have annoyed them, is how much this turned Bill on.  He was no longer a sexual animal, of course, but he was still a fag.  And as he viewed the fantastic man-flesh looming over his ruined body he once again realized how much he worshiped their forms and how right it was for them to use, torture, and dispose of him.  If he had still had a cock it probably would have shot a load without him even touching it.


Since it was Danny’s idea to use Bill as bait he got the first piece of meat to add to the hook at the end of his fishing line.  It was a nice slice of thigh-meat, and everyone enjoyed watching the expert crew cut it off while listening to Bill’s pathetic attempts at screaming without his tongue.  Yet as Danny moved even closer to enjoy the show his god-like body and the sight of his perfect, erect cock outlined by the tight Speedo meant Bill had no complaints.  A little blood flowed into the tub before the wound was closed by adding a tight tourniquet just above the right thigh below the butt.  That way they could remove more bait from the thigh and leg, which they did as they prepared the lines for the other vacationers.  Danny’s added load of piss down Bill’s throat contributed a bit more fun to the opening scenario and set a good example for the others when they needed to piss.  Since Bill’s cock had been removed and his sphincter crushed by the bat, the piss that went into his mouth soon emptied out of the piss-hole that remained, for him to lie in.  Mr. Thompson especially approved, and everyone got another good laugh.  By the time the vacationers were set up with their fishing lines, Bill’s right leg and thigh were mostly devoid of meat or muscle.    The crew saw to it he stayed alive and awake to entertain the passengers, but Bill had another purpose to fulfill once they reached the desired fishing area and the boat was put at anchor.  Bill was tied with ropes, using the handle of the bat and his neck as the key points of contact to keep his body upright, and lowered over the side of the board, bouncing off the boat to the amusement of everyone.  As Mr. Jordon explained, the piss-soaked live body was the key to attracting large fish to within range of the lines of the fishermen.  Bill was literally live bait, and Mr. Jordon was correct.  Within a short time, Bill’s body attracted a large shark, which surfaced as it took a bite out of Bill’s butchered leg.  Mr. Jordon was quite pleased as this meant the tourniquet would stop further bleeding and they could leave Bill in the water to keep performing his function of attracting fish.  But the big excitement was when the shark bit the piece of fag meat at the end of Tommy’s line, and with help form the expert crew Tommy was able to land the huge predator.  He was absolutely thrilled.


“Hey, Tommy, you just caught a shark.  I thought you lawyers didn’t do that.  You know, professional courtesy and all that?”  Ryan’s joke got a huge laugh, and although everyone caught at least something on their first day of fishing, this catch was the highlight of the day.  Fag bait was once again successful, as Mr. Jordon had predicted.  Bill was hauled back into the boat and placed in the tub to marinate further, so he’d be ready for day 2 of the adventure.  By then the tub was full and the five young alphas added some piss and shit to fill it even more, as always aiming at Bill’s open mouth.


The vacationers returned to the resort and had another fantastic evening, enjoying delicious food and fine wines, which included fresh shark along with one of the house fags that Mr. Jordon had ordered bar-be-cued live for their enjoyment.  Everyone agreed the fag’s meat was delicious, and the young alphas commented how much better it was than the samples they’d had of Bill.  They had contemplated eating a bit more of him, so they could again shit on him with his own meat, but concluded he wasn’t good enough and didn’t deserve the honor anyway.  “We clearly allocated the fags to the right tasks,” Mark noted.  The real joy, however, was everyone seeing how happy Mr. Thompson was with the day’s events.  He had caught a large snapper, so he had enjoyed the fishing, but mostly he was thrilled with how the day reflected on their shared view of fags and the need to dispose of them.  He and Mr. Jordon had a lively, enthusiastic exchange on that, and Mr. Thompson was effusive in his complements, also taking note of how well the young alphas were humiliating, punishing, and dismembering Bill.  Mr. Thompson was both thrilled and grateful.


After dinner the young alphas again had fun torturing and fucking the house fags.  Mr. Jordon had not only replaced the one who had been eaten but added four others, so each young alpha had one to play with.  It was especially fun as the three new ones were still in training.  Training a fag to know its place and purpose was great fun.  Their live bait, meanwhile, remained on the yacht marinating in the tub of filth.


Day 2 was also successful, starting on the yacht with everyone shitting and pissing into Bill’s mouth and all over what remained of his body.  Tommy had joked about his Speedo creating a tan line, and Mr. Jordon encouraged the young alphas to skip the swim suites. “Young alpha males traditionally hunted and competed naked, and I think you’ll enjoy that as well as taking care of Tommy’s tan line concern.”  Then Danny also pointed out being naked would be more convenient for pissing and shitting on Bill, and for using the house fag slaves for sexual release.  Of course, what he really liked, but didn’t say, was the fact it meant he could show off his well-shaped cock, which was a bit bigger than the other four.  Given the amount of testosterone that the setting generated, all five of the young cocks were erect for much of the day, with the house fags well used for sexual relief.  Bill, of course, was no longer an option to use for that, with his ass plugged by the bat and no tongue remaining to give a proper blow job.


The only slight hitch of the day was Bill being severely bitten by a barracuda as he danged form the side of the boat.  The bite was obviously no problem – it was amusing to watch – but it meant he had to be hauled up for a bit while the wound was treated.  The fish had bitten him in the chest, where he had been branded “live bait” so at least the interruption had an ironic and humorous aspect.  Mr. Jordon ordered the repair because he wanted the bait to stay alive for all three days.  However, the huge plus side of that was that the prize game fish had then bitten Mr. Thompson’s line, generating what he would often refer to as the most fun day he’d ever had.  Even Bill was pleased, listening to the events while being repaired and realizing he had caused something good in his father’s life.  Of course, no one else considered that aspect, especially not Mr. Thompson.


As they again headed back to the resort, they all commented that the experiences and comradery were terrific.  So was the evening, this time not featuring the prize game fish to accompany the live fag meat, as Mr. Thompson wanted to have his trophy prepared for mounting in his living room in Vermont.  But the fresh snapper went well with the grilled live fag.


As they reached the boat for day 3, they all observed that Bill had been thoroughly marinated in blood, shit, and piss from their efforts, but they were amused to note he also had been the target of seagulls during the evening and early morning.  “Even the birds think he’s best used as a target for shit,” Tommy observed, and everyone agreed.  They then engaged in the now-traditional entertainment of pissing and shitting on Bill, and then they increased the quantity of bait used on their lines, leaving Bill with neither arms nor legs, let alone a cock, even before he was lowered into the water to perform a final day’s duty as live bait.  This was followed by dumping the tub overboard so all the “marinate” soaked his body and the water around him.  Bill was live bait, and after the day’s fishing he would be of no further use.  So there was no further need for the marinate and no one paid attention when he was bitten multiple times.  His body had attracted lots of fish this day as well, so it didn’t matter if he was still alive or not.


When the day was done, and the yacht powered up for the journey back to the resort, Danny happened to look over the side and, to his surprise, realized that Bill was still alive, albeit barely.  Danny also saw another giant shark in the distance heading toward Bill.  He alerted the rest of the group, since he not only had no objection to Bill being eaten by a shark, he figured that would be fun to watch.  The group assembled quickly to observe the fun, but then Danny remembered Mr. Jordon had told him sharks tend to leave a lot of the carcass to float away.  It would be inconvenient if part of Bill washed up on shore.  Mr. Jordon had recommended a different approach, and the five young alphas did a fast game of rock/paper/scissors to see who would do the honors.  Danny won, and as the group watched he casually cut loose the rope that was keeping Bill upright in the water near the side of the ship.  As Bill was pulled under the ship by the powerful engines and props his eyes briefly met Danny’s, and Bill tried to mouth the “thank you” he genuinely felt.  He had finally been used to provide pleasure for his former family and then disposed of as befit a fag object as disgusting as he always had been, removing a point of family shame.  But, to the cheers of the onlookers, Danny flipped him off and spat into the water.  They all heard a satisfying “thud” followed by a brief slowing of the engines.   Mr. Jordon assured them the special design of the props meant what was left of the fag was now thoroughly ground up.  Bill wasn’t the first fag who’d been used as live bait needing to be fully disposed of after use, nor even a noteworthy one.


As the engines returned to full power and the yacht began its journey, the vacationers were served fresh drinks and celebrated both the great day fishing and the disposal of Bill.  Mr. Thompson suggested a picture of the five young alphas, who quickly returned to the side of the ship and posed.  Their naked bodies glistened in the sun, shoaling off their masculinity (which included impressive cocks since the recent thrill had caused each to become erect).  They smiled at the camera and held their drinks up for a toast. Danny, in the center, held up the end of the rope he had just cut, with an appropriate look of triumph.  It was the perfect reminder of their vacation and their accomplishment, and they continued to congratulate each other as they recalled the fun details.


The final evening was the best celebration of all, and Mr. Jordon processed another of the house slaves to create his favorite “fish and fag fry” feast.  All his guests were effusive in their thanks, especially Mr. Thompson.  “This was a fantastic trip in every respect, and I now feel I can truly have pride in my entire family.”  Neither he nor anyone else was ever bothered by the thought of Bill again, and the photo was a treasured reminder of the reason why.

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