Rough Red by EdwinJ

Rough Red stood by the bed, bare-chested, his jeans unbuttoned, his

workboots half laced. He lit a cigarette and exhaled a few puffs as

he looked down on his latest victim. The victim he knew only as Tim.

Tim, the young kid he picked up at the bar only two hours before.

Rough Red stood with a hardon in his jeans as he looked down at

Tim’s naked body sprawled across the bed. His eyes bulging, tongue

protruding and the leather cord tightly wound around his neck. Rough

Red admired Tim’s hard death cock. Tim’s cock remained hard even

though his body lay dead. There was still a few drops of death cum

dripping out and running down his thigh. Rough Red rubbed his hard

cock and took a couple of more puffs. He continued to think about

this night.

Only a few hours before he spotted Tim sitting at the bar. The

twenty-something, blonde hair, blued eyed jock would be an easy prey

for a quick fuck and a violent strangulation. This was not new to

Rough Red. He killed many times before. First the sex and then

strangulation with a leather cord. It didn’t take long before Rough

Red sided up to Tim and convinced him to come back to his Motel room

he had rented for the night.

Tim innocently climbed into his killer’s truck. Rough Red drove them

to the Motel.. He led Tim into the room and closed the door behind

him, turning the deadbolt. He pulled the curtains closed as he eyed

Tim’s slim body in his tight jeans and white t-shirt.

After a couple of shots of whiskey in the room Rough Red had Tim

stripped and lying naked on the bed. Tim was his for the night. He

rubbed his rough hands down Tim’s shaft as it stiffened and slapped

against his firm stomach. Precum spilled out his slit. Tim was fully

aroused. He wanted Red to fuck him so bad. Rough Red felt his own cock harden in his jeans as he

formulated his plan.

He got up from the bed, unbuttoned and removed his shirt, tossing it

to the side. He kicked off his workboots, unloosened his belt and

unzipped his jeans. His thick cock sprung out as he stepped out of

his jeans. Tim eyed Rough Red’s muscular body, his cock fully erect.

He climbed on the bed and straddled Tim. He slid his hard cock into

Tim. He gave Tim a fuck of his life. He pumped his big cock in him,

filling him with his hot man seed. Tim released his load as it

cascaded out landing on Rough Red’s bare chest and dripping back on

himself. Rough Red laid himself on Tim, roughly kissing Tim and rubbing his hands through his hair.

Tim felt Rough Red’s sweaty chest and matted hair against his own smooth chest.

When Rough Red spent the last of his cum he got off the bed and put on his

jeans. He threw his workboots on and approached the bed where Tim

lay, still orgasing and rubbing the warm cum on his chest and

dripping cock. Tim didn’t take notice as Rough Red pulled the

leather cord from his back pocket.

Rough Red climbed back on the bed. He straddled Tim and rubbed his chest as he nibbled at his neck. Tim

closed his eyes and enjoyed. He ran his hands up Red’s furry chest.

Rough Red methodically wrapped the cord in his hands and looped it

around Tim’s neck. Tim’s eyes flew open in surprise as he felt his

throat close in and gasping for air. Tim struggled, kicking and

thrashing. His palms slapped against Rough Red’s bare chest. Rough

Red’s cock began to throb in his jeans as he watched death come into

Tim’s eyes. Tim grasped at the cord tightening around his throat.

His naked body squirming under his killer. Tim pressed his hands

again against Rough Red’s chest, desperately trying to push him off.

Rough Red was much stronger, his grip got tighter. Tim’s cock grew

hard as his body began to shudder. Rough Red looked down into Tim’s

terrified eyes. His strong hands tugged the cord one last time as

Tim’s body weakened and then convulsed. His cock erupted, cascading

death cum. Tim’s hand’s slowly slid down his Red’s chest and fell to

the side. He convulsed once more and went limp. Tim was dead. Rough

Red released the cord and hovered above his victim. Tim’s dead eyes

blankly stared back.

Rough Red was reliving the whole strangling all over again

He snapped back. His cock was aching as he continued to admire his

kill. Rough Red took his last puff and threw the cigarette to the

floor, crushing it with his boot. He needed to relieve the strain in

his jeans. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his stiff cock. He

stroked his cock only a few times as his cum gushed out and

splattered on Tim’s naked body.

Rough Red chuckled as he grabbed his shirt and tossed it over his

shoulder. He gave one last look at Tim on the bed and left the motel

room. Tim was the latest victim of the leather cord, serial


He climbed into his truck and drove off. He reached over to the

glove compartment and pulled out another cord. He tucked it tightly

in his back pocket and begin to think about his next victim…… …

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