Killing Joey by Den

As he leaves the house, Joey hears his inner voice, the intuition that’s seldom steered him wrong. Loud and strong, it says “tonight’s the night!” He quickens his step, heading towards a cruisy park about a mile from his house. Dense and dark it’s often empty, but occasionally the woods and brush are full of horny men waiting to fuck an eager throat or ass. He figures he’s had gallons of scum in his mouth and ass over the years at that place. Some nights he gets home reeking of piss, the taste strong in his mouth. On the best of nights hot and sadistic men have left him bruised and sometimes bloody, but drained and wanting more. Lots of guys really go for his short stature and solid build, his little patch of pectoral fur and the curls that peek out from under his muscled arms. If a tall top is looking for a submissive little pitbull he’s their boy. As he approaches the night shrouded woods he hears it again: “tonight’s the night!” His thick dick swells in his pants and his balls rise in his scrotum, aching for abuse he hopes is waiting. When he enters the park though, he’s disappointed to see only two cars in the lot and hear no sound from the woods. When his eyes adjust to the dark he hits the trail but 10 minutes of strolling reveals nothing. He heads back to the parking lot and now there is only one vehicle, a black SUV with tinted windows that was not there before. “Well, shit!” he thinks, but on the strength of his intuition, heads back in one more time. Deep into the park he makes out the glowing ash of something being smoked in the distance. And he smells weed. Walking on he sees a lean man, easily 6’2” to Joey’s 5’7”. He’s grey haired, bearded, dressed in leather with no shirt beneath his vest, revealing lots of fur, and huge nipples hung with 0 gauge rings. Below his navel “Soul Taker” is tattooed in gothic letters. The guy has been watching Joey approach and they are both fully hard, the older man’s huge dick obvious even in the dark. He flashes a broad smile and offers Joey a hit of the joint he’s smoking. “Thanks Stud” says Joey Taking the joint from the man’s huge and rough hand. “Name’s Joey, it looks like we’re the only two here, and you look damn good in that leather.” “I’m Zeke. Ezekiel, but nobody calls me that. You look damn good in that Tee. They share a few hits in silence and then Joey shucks the shirt and Zeke nods in appreciation of Joey’s thick, well worked nipples. He takes each between a calloused thumb and forefinger, squeezing hard, digging his thumbnails in. Joey sucks in breath and whispers “Oh fuck yeah!” He looks down at Zeke’s leathers and the outline of his huge hard on. He reaches down to caress it through the leather and Zeke nods, “that’s for you boy, and these fists as well.” Joey feels the size of Zeke’s hands and the length and thickness of his forearms, and desire overwhelms him. He looks up into Zeke’s deep set incredibly dark eyes and says, “What if I can’t handle them?” “Oh, you’ll handle them boy. I promise you that you’ll never find another man who can do what I’m gonna do with you.” With that Zeke leans down and Kisses Joey hard and deep. “Oh, man, let’s go” says Joey, and Zeke nods. They walk out to the parking lot, and Zeke pauses at the edge of the woods, carefully scaning the surroundings to make sure there is nobody to see them leave together. Joey notices this and understands his intuition may well be correct. “Soul Taker?” asks Joey, caressing the tattoo on Zeke’s flat hard stomach once they are in the car, “what does that mean?” Zeke looks him hard in the eyes and says softly “I had a hunch about what I might find in this park tonight, I think you have some idea.” “So did I when I left the house. And when I saw you in the woods, when I saw the tattoo, I hoped it was right.” They drive in silence for a while, idly touching each other’s bodies as Zeke drives out of town. “Where are we going?” asks Joey. “I have a country place, with a well set up ‘playroom’. Very remote, a mile up a dirt road. What was your intuition?” “This is hard to talk about. I have never said this to anyone, but I have been thinking more and more about snuff. And I have wanted to meet a top into that for the last couple of years.” Zeke nods and runs his hand through Joey’s hair, massaging his neck as he drives. “You want to be killed Joey? Is that what you’re looking for?” “I want to feel things my body can only go through once. I want to submit completely to a sadistic man, to see his passion, share his excitement. So yeah, it’s been this fantasy for so long, but I saw you tonight and hoped you might be that man.” “I hope you’re ready ‘cause there’s no turning back now. This is definitely not a fantasy.” Joey sighs, and the rest of the car trip is spent in silence. Finally, they reach Zeke’s place and Joey follows him in. Zeke tells him to strip, and he does eagerly. He watches as Zeke ignites the fireplace and burns all of Zeke’s clothing, his ID, and his cell phone. The battery goes up like fireworks. To his surprise this makes Joey’s dick impossibly hard, and Zeke laughs when he sees it. He pulls the boy to him shoves his tongue down his throat. Then pushes him down to his knees. He hauls his dick, easily 10”, uncut and thick out of the leather pants, and Joey gets to see it in its glory for the first time. His balls are big and heavy. Like plums weighing down his scrotum. His hands grip the back of Joey’s head and shoves the full length down his throat. He fucks brutally and Joey tries hard not to gag. He does not struggle, submitting to the power of the older top. Zeke pulls out and lets Joey worship his balls for a bit, then pushes his hog down Joey’s throat again. Joey’s excitement growing as he takes the tops huge dick. Finally, Zeke buries the full length into Joey and holds his head in place until he passes out, hot sperm pouring down his throat. Once Joey is unconscious Zeke carries him into his playroom and places him on a mattress covered with a plastic sheet. The tools of torture are arranged everywhere. Knives, dildoes, butt plugs, nails, huge safety pins, buckets of lube, syringes, vials, and more. He greases up his tool, raises Joey’s legs and mounts him as he begins to regain consciousness. His eyes open with a start as Zeke pushes into his hole and Zeke immediately holds a bottle of poppers under his nose before taking a hit himself. Joey moans and gets his legs over Zeke’s shoulders as he is impaled and fucked brutally, his mouth still full of the taste of Zeke’s scum. He licks at Zeke’s armpits stares into his eyes and whimpers as he takes the older man’s long dick. “Oh man! Fuck my ass, ruin it!! Tell me what your gonna to do to me…please…I want to hear you say it!” This comes out of his mouth almost without him thinking about it, so intensely does he want his fantasy made real. “Yeah boy, I’m gonna kill you” Zeke whispers in Joey’s ear as he fucks, “ruin and those nice nipples, cut off those beautiful balls, and fist you till your insides are shredded and useless, kill you while you cum. Is that what you want to hear? Is that what you want me to do?” “Oh shit!!” Joey says, “Yes.” His mind racing as Zeke’s huge dick batters his guts. Finally, Zeke groans and Joey feels the head of the top’s dick swell as he unloads another torrent of scum into the boy. “Clean my dick” he commands and Joey sucks on the still hard dick and then eagerly drinks as Zeke pours a bladder full of piss into his mouth. Zeke strips off the rest of his leathers and makes some dinner while Joey rests. Joey really has no appetite but takes a little of the food Zeke has made. Zeke tells him he has been doing this for years, luring men up to his country place and killing them. 20 men at least. He normally takes those he feels will not be missed and they mostly have no idea what Zeke’s about, terrified as he tortures and then kills them. Zeke tells Joey how much he loves doing it, thrilling in their terror and final resignation; how much he loves seeing the life leave their eyes. But every now and then he connects with men like Joey and can share the experience more deeply. He is careful and has managed to avoid detection. Joey listens quietly filled with incredibly complex emotions and desires. He looks into Zeke’s dark eyes and is filled with a desire to give this man exactly what he wants. After a couple of hours, Zeke tells Joey to get back on the mattress. He shoots them both up with meth, shares a joint and shoots both their dicks up with Caverject. He greases up a huge butt plug and shoves it into Joey’s ass. Joey yelps. Zeke laughs, but both their dicks are rock hard. He grabs four huge safety pins and has Joey take a hit of poppers before pushing two of the pins through each of the boys large nipples. Joey wails from the pain, but quickly pulls Zeke down to him for a kiss. Zeke pulls and twists them causing Joeys dick, already rock hard from the injection to leak copious amounts of precum. Zeke brings out several long nails. He tightly ties off Joey’s large balls with a leather thong and holding his scrotum hammers a nail into each ball. He then pushes three more nails by hand through each of Joey’s balls going as slowly as possible so Joey can really feel them tear through the tissue. The boy is breathing hard, sweating and moaning. His mind is racing, drug addled, and sex crazed. Unlike anything he has ever felt before, the intensity scares him but excites him even more. This is what he has fantasized for so long, and now it is real. He understands he no longer needs his balls except as a source of pleasure in their mutilation. He hits on the poppers again and says “Castrate me man! PLEASE!” And he wants it bad. He wants to feel his balls reduced to dead meat and feel his scrotum cut off. He realizes a transformation is taking place in him. Zeke had said he hoped Joey was ready on the drive, and now Joey knows he is. Ready and so fucking willing. The pain, the drugs, this incredibly hot man, are all turning him on more. He hits on the poppers again as Zeke pushes more nails through his balls and more safety pins through his nipples. Zeke grabs two of the pins, and the two lock eyes as he pulls on them harder and harder until the flesh begins to rip and the pins are pulled free. Joey is screaming, and the blood flows freely down his flanks onto the plastic sheet. “Good, good boy!” Says Zeke. “Tell your killer how it feels.” Joey’s breathing is ragged, but his unrelentingly hard cock feels like he is on the verge of orgasm. Zeke callingto himself Joey’s killer turns Joey on even more. “It fucking hurts so bad. But my body’s yours man. Do it again Zeke! Please.” Zeke grabs two more of the safety pins twisting and playing with them while Joey moans and writhes. They hit on poppers again and then Zeke tears them out. Grabbing a scalpel from the table he carves the ruined nipples off Joey’s chest as the boy screams. But he is not tied down and he does not struggle, letting Zeke have his nipples, showing the older man his depth of desire. Zeke presents the nipples to Joey to examine on the palm of his hand and the boy’s eyes go wide. “Fuck!” he says softly, “There is no way out now. I’m dead meat.” Zeke kisses him hard on the lips and squeezes his nail filled scrotum in his hand. “Oh Jesus!!” moans Joey. “That hurts so fucking bad, but man, I want to be your steer before you kill me.” Zeke squeezes his balls again and pulls out a medium sized knife from the table. “What is this for boy? Tell your killer.” “To Castrate me Zeke, to cut my scrotum off.” “Sure is boy. Do you need those balls anymore?” “No Zeke.” Do you want those balls anymore boy?” “No Zeke. I want to see you take them!” “No poppers this time boy. I want you to feel this. As much as it hurts is how much pleasure You are giving me.” He brings the knife up under Joey’s scrotum, Below the leather thong so he does not bleed out yet and slices through the boy’s mutilated sac in a way that can only be described as slow, tender and loving. Smiling as he does it, he says softly “feel it boy! Feel those balls coming off. Feels good, doesn’t it? Feels good, me making you my steer. Gonna keep your balls in a bottle long after I kill you.” Without touching himself Joey begins to cum, scum pouring out of his dick as his scrotum is cut free. The pain and pleasure mix and both are beyond what he had imagined they would be. “Oh fuck yeah!! Take ‘em man! I’m fucking yours!! Thank you! Oh fuck!!” Zeke pulls the nails out of the dead scrotum and makes Joey lick and suck on his own severed sac, which he does with incredible enthusiasm. They rest for a while, lying together on the blood spattered plastic sheet, caressing each other’s bodies like lovers might, Joey sucking Zeke’s dick until he cums again and then once more eagerly drinking Zeke’s piss. His sac lies on the mattress, cold and dead. Joey picks it up, feeling the weight and texture of what was his manhood. Zeke looks at his handsome face, scum and piss dripping off his chin. And smiles. “Yeah boy, those were your balls. They’re mine now. You’re my little steer. My steer to butcher.” He takes them and puts them in a bowl. They rest for a while, Zeke lying with Joey on the blood, sperm and piss soaked plastic. Both still high, Joey’s body throbs with pain, courses with anticipation, fear, and still with desire. “You still want it boy?” Zeke asks, looking into Joey’s eyes. And Joey nods. It’s just like he’d imagined, like he’d hoped. The two mwn can practically smell each other’s need. “Try to kill me while I’m cumming Zeke.” “That’s the plan boy.” After an hour or so Zeke gives them each another hit of meth, and they share a joint. Joey is still hard and excited though worse for wear. Zeke gets up and lubes up his arm. Joey perks up seeing this. As Zeke lubes up his other arm, Joey says “fuck yeah”. Though he is definitely weak at this point, he gets on his back and grabs his legs to bare his hole for Zeke. Zeke pulls out the plug in Joey’s hole and easily gets his fingers in the already stretched hole. He pushes hard and quickly gets his full hand in. His hands are huge and Joey moans in pain and desire to have Zeke inside him. Once in Zeke immediately goes for depth. “Bear down boy” he demands as he pushes to the end of Joeys rectum and works past the bend into his colon. “Fuck yeah” Joey moans as the hand works deep inside him. He hits on the poppers and Zeke begins to fuck his arm in deeper and deeper. Between the ache where his scrotum was and the ache where his nipples were Joey is lost in a haze of pleasure, pain and drug induced ecstasy. “Oh man, take me, fuck me.” he moans. Once inside Joey to the elbow Zeke begins a hard fucking motion, practically pulling out and then shoving elbow deep again. Joey is moaning wildly. Both are hitting on poppers and going wild. “Oh fuck!! Deeper Zeke, deeper” Joey cries “tear me in two!” Zeke urges him to bear down again and pushes in almost to the shoulder. Joey can feel the pressure against his diaphragm and groans in desire and abandonment. Never in his life has he felt this good. Never has he experienced a higher level of sexual excitement. Zeke begins to work his other hand in, and Joey’s eyes widen again. “Fuck man! Stretch me till I break.” he says. Zeke slowly withdraws his one arm to the elbow and stretches Joey until he can get his second fist in. Joey moans and writhes but keeps his elbows behind his knees so Zeke has good access to his hole. He feels like his soul IS being taken by these huge arms inside his body and his dick is still rock hard from the caverject even after castration. Zeke works his second arm in, loosening Joey’s hole to the point where he can jam both arms in to the elbow hard and fast. This goes on for what seems like hours. Joey’s hole getting wider and deeper, his need and desire more extreme. Both men’s dicks are hard and dripping. “How do you feel boy?” asks Zeke, shoving hard into Joey’s guts. “I never thought I could feel like this.” “You still want to die for me boy?” Joey nods, eyes wide and breathing hard as the older man batters his insides relentlessly. “Tell me, hear yourself say it!” “I want to die for you Zeke. I want you to kill me!” “Good boy! Good fucking snuff boy.” Zeke pulls out one of his arms, covered in both blood and mucous and shows it to Joey, who sucks in breath. “Shit yeah man. You’re using me good!” Joey’s rectum is totally prolapsed and protruding from his hole, but the feeling is amazing, and he will soon be dead, so he does not care. “Please man, fill me again!” He moans. Zeke shoves his arm in hard and deep, almost to the shoulder and begins to fuck as hard as he can. “Take it boy,” he says to Joey, “I’m gonna tear up your insides.” “Please man! Please!” Zeke punch fucks as hard as possible now, entirely out and then hard and deep way past the elbow. His arm is dripping with blood and Joey is wide eyed and moaning, his hard dick leaking pre cum constantly so that a stream runs down his flank mixing with his blood and their sweat on the plastic sheet. They cannot look away from each other’s eyes, so deep is the connection between them at this point. Zeke withdraws his arm and grabs a cop’s night stick,. He shoves it into Joey’s ass deep and hard, stirring it like a spoon in a bowl of pasta. He smiles broadly as he watches the boy writhe and grimace, blood oozing out of his hole as well as what look like bits of entrail. The boy is breathing hard and moaning. Alternately staring into Zeke’s eyes and closing his eyes tight. He arches his back repeatedly to better feel the hard wood in his abdomen, driving him nuts with excitement. Zeke withdraws the nightstick, dripping with blood mucous and bits of tissue, and bends down over Joey. “Open your mouth” he commands. Joey does and his killer spits into his open mouth repeatedly. Joey swallows hard and smiles. “How do you feel boy?” “I’m ready Zeke. I need this man!! I never thought it would be like this.” “What did you think it would be like boy?” “I thought I’d be more scared. I thought I’d be unconscious. I didn’t think it would be with a Man like you.” “Good fucking snuffboy! You’re gonna cum like a fucking river!” They are both still hard, both dripping with sweat, and the room stinks of blood and manhood. “I’m coming back in boy, gonna open my fist, and my fingers are gonna shred those guts even more. You ready for that? I’m ready to kill you boy! ” “Please, PLEASE. Please Zeke do it KILL me man, Kill me!!” “Jack yourself off boy.” Zeke brings out a handgun and urges Joey to suck on the barrel as he shoves his other arm deep into Joey’s ass. “I’m gonna blow your brains out while you’re cumming, suck on this boy. Get ready!!” This suddenly terrifies Joey and Zeke sees the look on his face. “DO IT BOY!” he commands, and Joey opens his mouth. As soon as he feels the hard steel against his tongue he goes nuts with passion again, looks up into Zeke’s face and nods. Zeke smiles like a madman, seeing how much Joey need Zeke’s lovemaking. Zeke opens his hand deep inside of Joey’s guts and continues to shove his arm deep into the boys body, tearing more holes in his intestines and ripping connective tissue, pulling and grabbing at Joey’s viscera. Joey moans uncontrollably at the feelings which he can neither define or describe. He sucks eagerly at the gun as his insides are torn to shreds and his gut fills with blood. “How’s that feel boy?” Whispers Zeke, totally lost in the intensity of killing this beautiful boy. Joey can only nod as he meets the intensity of Zekes gaze. His moans are his consent as he jacks himself off and Zeke continues the unrelenting mutilation of Joey’s gut. Finally with a high pitched whine from his throat, his sperm erupts from his rock hard dick in the most intense orgasm imaginable. As the third spurt of scum erupts from Joey’s dick, he moans urgently and Zeke pulls the trigger as they hold each other’s intense gaze. The top of Joey’s head blows off in an eruption of bone blood and brains and for a second his eyes go wide with astonishment before they flicker and go dim. Zeke cums without touching himself in a huge orgasm from the thrill of watching Joey die. He kisses Joey’s dead lips, and rests by the twitching body for several minutes as it begins to cool. “Fuck yeah!” he says aloud. “Fuck yeah Joey. Good boy!!” Still horny he takes a knife and makes an incision in Joey’s belly large enough for a tight fit around his dick. He mounts the body and fucks like a wild animal blowing another huge load in among Joey’s torn and ruined guts, and collapses on the corpse, instantly falling asleep. Tomorrow Joey’s body will go into one more deep hole off in the remote woods, but Zeke will enjoy looking at the boy’s mutilated scrotum and nipples saved in a jar of formaldehyde.

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