The flight attendant by anon

“Ding! Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to extend our welcome aboard AmJet flight 303 with non stop service to Denver.”  

“We are a full flight today and the flight attendants serving you today are Lisa in the back, Sally in mid cabin and my name is Luke. I am the purser for our flight. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.”

I hang the microphone back in its holding place above the jump seat and play the safety video for the passengers. I complete my last safety checks and make sure my galley cabinets are secured as we taxi to the runway. 

Sally is already sitting in the jump seat next to the boarding door. I glance over first class and dim the cabin lights for take off. I take my seat and fasten my safety belts over my buff chest and across my waist.

Moments later. I hear the enormous engines rawr to life, I feel the vibration crawl up my legs and my cock throbs in my tight uniform pants. Good thing our pants are black. Otherwise, my precum stains would be evident.

As we climb out of Dallas, I gaze over at the man sitting in seat 1C. He has his headphones in and is watching some boring movie. He has no idea that on yesterday’s flight, a handsome businessman from Phoenix was sitting there enjoying the same pleasures. I think his name was Bob or Bill or something. A typical businessman name. I wonder if they found his corpse yet…oh well, one less drink order. New day, new flight, new stupid traveler that no one will miss if they don’t make their return flight. This job has its perks! 

As we get to cruising altitude, I go through the cabin, recording drink orders by memory. One genitonic to the business woman in row one, whiskey coke to the asshole gold member in row 4 window. As I am going through the requests, there he is, seat 5B. A white, handsome,  slim but muscular otter with jet black hair, smiling at me. 

As I approach him, I smile with great enthusiasm. He tells me that he wants a vodka cranberry—total bottom cumdump drink—and some snacks. I let him know I’ll be right back. I race to the galley and pull up his information on my inflight tablet. I can see he is traveling alone, he is 31. His name—not that I give a shit—is Trevor Barkley. 

I make his requested drink and grab a delicious serving of peanuts, pretzels and almonds. I place the napkin on his tray table and seductively place his drink and snack on the table and ask him “is there anything else I can do for you Mr. Barkley?” 

He responds “yes, your phone number”. I smile, being coy—I always play coy at first as a lure for the stupid, sex crazed traveler. I let Mr. Barkley that I am here for his pleasure but not allowed to give out my phone number per company policy. Hmmm, I wonder if the airline knows that I fuck, strangle and off their frequent fliers on my layovers? 

As the flight progresses, I make eye contact from the galley with seat 5B and he gazes at me through the cabin. 

When we began our descent into Denver, 5B came up to the galley and slipped a piece of paper into my coat pocket. I pretended not to notice. I wanted to play hard to get. He returned to his seat and I kept going on and on with my landing duties. 

Ding!! The overhead bell chimes as I press talk on the intercom. “Welcome to Denver! We hope your enjoyed your flight as much as we did. Come back and fly with us again soon!” As I said this, I kept my eyes on seat 5B. I was the only one who knew that the piece of meat in seat 5B would not be flying with us again. 

When I got to the crew hotel. I pulled the piece of paper out of my pocket and read it. Hey! You’re cute! Fuck me at the Hilton. Text me. My cock jumped in my pants immediately. 

I pulled up my WhatsApp and texted the phone number. This way it can’t be tracked. I wrote Hey 5B!! It’s Luke from your flight today.

I waited for about 5 minutes and got a response asking me to come to his room. The crew hotel was right next door to the Hilton. He was in room 573. Fifth floor suite. He must be an important business man. At least until I leave his room tonight. My cock is already oozing precum. 

I let the stud know that I’ll be over in 15 minutes and to be ready to fuck hard. I put on my sweater and blue jeans along with a hat and Covid mask to hide my face from the cameras. Being a flight attendant in these big hotels, there are cameras everywhere. 

He responds “the door is unlocked”. I leave my phone in the crew room to avoid tracking my location and head over to his room. 

I walk past the front desk and head for the elevators. I press floor 5 and the elevator races skyward. My heart is pounding in my ears as I think about choking this cumdump with my uniform issued belt and cumming inside him while he dies. 

The elevator doors open and I walk into the hallway. The placard shows room 573 is to the right and the last room at the end. Perfect!! I’ll have a little privacy to off this waste of a human being. 

I approached the door, and arrived to him sitting ass up, face down on the bed like a common cumdump. 

I walk in, close the door, ensure it’s latched and locked. I see his huge balls hanging freely. I unbuckled my belt and lowered my mouth to his bubble butt. He ass was shaved despite his beard and otter appearance. 

I bury my face into his ass and lick his butthole raw. My tongue works his ass and he moans like a whore. While he moans, I unzip my pants and take them off. My sweater comes off next. 

He moans and says “fuck!! You know what you’re doing! Fuck me! Fuck me deep!!” 

I take that as my clearance to land in his tight hole. I had arrived commando to his room. I hardly ever wore underwear. My cock is begging to enter his airspace. I spit on my hard cock. That is the only lube this cumdump will get. 

I placed the tip of my thick head cock to his hole and began to rub my shaft gently on his hole. I teased 5B for a minute while I grabbed my pants. I removed the belt from the loops and dropped the pants to the floor. 

This stupid cumdump was so horny, he had no idea I was about to choke him to death. I looped the belt through the hook and made a noose. 

I hovered the belt over his head, ready to wrap it around his throat like a tourniquet. I pressed my cock against his tight ass, while he moaned extensively. Only if he knew what would happen next.

I shoved my 9 inch thick headed cock deep inside him. Ripping his sphincter and filling his ass with my rock hard cock. Before he could get out a scream, I placed the belt around his throat and pulled yanked it tight. Squeezing his airway shut. I bet he wished for an oxygen mask now.

To be continued…

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