Ben’s Fatal Hook-Up by EdwinJ

Nick finished his workouts at the gym. It was already 10:00 pm on a Saturday night and the Manager yelled out he was closing up in a half hour. Nick hit the shower and got dressed. He posed in front of the mirror and admired himself all dressed in black. A tight t-shirt, black jeans and black leather boots. He clinched his strong hands. Thoughts raced through his mind. These hands were going to strangle someone tonight he thought. His cock swelled in his jeans at the thought. He needed the sex tonight and he needed to kill. He was pumped and ready. The manager started shutting down the lights. Nick grabbed his bag and left. He climbed into his truck and thought about hooking up with a victim. He knew of a gay bar about 15 miles away and decided he would find someone there. He would get a Motel Room later.

The parking lot was full. He knew it would be great pickings inside. Nick entered the bar. The place was packed with young studs. The music was loud and the dance floor filled. About half the guys were shirtless strutting their stuff. Nick found a spot at the bar and ordered a whiskey. He took in the room. He eyed a few shirtless young guys that would make perfect victims.

Ben cruised the bar looking for a one night stand. He was 22, slim but muscular. He came here often and usually lucked out with getting a man back to his place for sex. His friends often warned him of the dangers of bringing strange men home. He shrugged it off and would tell them he could handle himself.

Nick spotted Ben. He knew he would be the one. Ben ordered a drink and sat at the bar to sip it down. He spotted Nick across the bar. “Whoa” he muttered to himself. Nick made eye contact and motioned for Ben to come over. Ben grabbed his drink and approached Nick. Ben could feel his cock getting hard as he took in Nick’s sight. Nick liked what he saw. He offered Ben a drink. Ben accepted and the two began to converse.

Ben looked at the time. It was now close to 1:00 am. He told Nick he had a small place not too far and asked him if he wanted to head there for a nightcap. Nick obliged. He asked if he lived alone. Ben nodded yes. Perfect thought Nick. The two would be alone. The two headed out. Nick placed his strong arm on Ben’s shoulders and led him to his truck. As he usually told his victims he told Ben the same, he would bring him back for his car in the morning. He knew Ben would never see the light of day.

Ben showed Nick to his place. Ben opened the door to his apartment. He gave a quick tour. Ben had a one bedroom apartment. Ben offered a seat on the sofa. Nick sat down as Ben headed to the kitchen to grab some drinks. Nick’s eyes followed Ben. He stared at his tight ass. His cock hardened as he thought of fucking that tight ass. He looked into the bedroom. His eyes stared at the bed. He wanted Ben in there naked, fucked and strangled. He rose from the couch and removed his shirt. Ben walked back in and nearly dropped the drinks at the sight of Nick’s muscular chest. His hairy chest was ripped. Ben stared at his huge nips peeking out from the fur. His chest hair ran down his washboard stomach to a perfect treasure trail. His biceps were as muscular as his pecs.

Ben handed him his drink. “Like what you see?” asked Nick. Ben just nodded. His cock was rock hard inside his jeans. Nick took the glass from Ben and placed it down. “Go ahead, feel them” said Nick. Ben’s hands worked his way around Nick’s chest. He placed his lips on Nick’s nipple and gently sucked. He kissed his chest and worked his way to his other nipple and down his stomach. He began to unbuckle his belt and nuzzled his face in Nick’s crotch. He felt Nick’s stiff cock beneath his jeans. He wanted it so bad. Nick lifted him up face to face and kissed him. He whispered in his ear suggesting they go to the bedroom. Nick guided Ben into the bedroom and closed the door behind them. Ben’s fate was sealed. He wasn’t getting out of that room alive.

The two embraced, kissing each other passionately. Nick squeezed Ben’s cock with his strong hands as Ben ran his hands through Nick’s fur. Ben could feel his pre cum leaking. Nick the same. A wet spot had formed on Nick’s jeans. Nick lifted Ben’s shirt up and took it off. Ben’s smooth chest glistened with sweat. Nick licked the beads of sweat off and lay Ben on the bed. He removed his shoes and socks. He undid his jeans and pulled them off tossing them to the floor. Ben lay naked. Nick stood at the edge of the bed. as he kicked his boots off. Ben sat up and undid Nick’s jeans. Nick’s cock sprung out slapping pre cum on Ben’s cheek. He climbed out of his jeans and stood naked before Ben. His cock was rock hard and stood straight up. Pre cum leaked out his slit and ran down his veined shaft. Ben took hold of Nick’s cock and placed his mouth over it. He sucked gently tasting the sweet cum. Nick moaned in pleasure, “Take it boy, suck it”.

Nick lifted Ben and guided him on the bed. Ben got on all fours. Nick got behind him and slapped his hard cock between Ben’s cheeks. Ben raised his ass higher so Nick could enter. He felt Nick’s cock slip in and out. Ben’s cock ached and dripped pre cum. Nick began to fuck Ben doggy style. He pulled him up against his chest and fucked in and out. Ben took it in. He felt the sweat from Nick’s hairy chest against his back. Nick placed his hand on Ben’s erect cock and stroked it firm but gentle arousing Ben even more.

Nick pulled out and lay Ben on his back. He hovered over him. “I’m going to do you good baby, real good” said Nick.

Ben’s arms embraced Nick’s shoulders and pulled him on top of him as he spread his legs for Nick. Nick entered his hole and started to thrust Ben’s ass. Ben wrapped his legs around Nick’s thighs. He moved his body in rhythm with Nick’s thrusts. The two were embraced chest to chest as Nick kissed Ben on his lips and neck and fucked him hard.

Nick raised himself from Ben’s chest. He placed his hands on Ben’s shoulders. His cock pounding Ben’s ass. Ben wanted to cum but held back. He could feel the orgasm inside him wanting to explode. Nick fucked harder as he stared down at Ben. Ben ran his hands across Nick’s chest. He felt the damp fur. Nick’s sweat dropping beads off his forehead and chest onto Ben’s bare skin.

Nick was ready to spew his load into Ben. He moved his hands around Ben’s throat. Ben did not take notice. He was ready to cum himself. Nick gripped tighter. His thumbs pressing Ben’s throat. Ben felt the grip. He looked up at Nick perplexed. Nick began to squeeze harder. Ben felt the constriction and began to squirm. He tried to pull Nick’s hands from his neck. Nick gripped harder. Ben now realized he was in danger. He looked up with pleading eyes. Nick looked back down at him. His face was stoic, his eyes looked deadly as he stared down at Ben and squeezed tighter. Ben’s head began to hurt. He tried to gasp for air. His legs began to kick out, heels digging into the mattress.

Ben thrashed beneath Nick. He tried to push him off pressing his hands against Nick’s chest. His body bucked beneath Nick. He tried to pry Nick’s hands from his throat. He pressed again at Nick’s chest. It was useless. Nick had him pinned under him and was too strong for Ben. Ben bucked and thrashed, legs kicking wildly. Nick got harder from the thrashing beneath. He thrust harder. His cock buried deep inside Ben. He was ready to explode. He squeezed one last time. Ben’s eyes bulged out, his body convulsed. Nick’s hands tightened around his throat with a final squeeze. Ben’s body shuddered as Nick unleashed his hot semen into Ben’s ass. He screamed out as his orgasm erupted. Ben’s cock shot it’s load. His cum cascaded up Nick’s bare chest, the white jism clinging a bit to his fur and slowly worked it’s way down his stomach. Ben’s body arched and went still, his hands slid down Nick’s chest and fell to the side of his head. His body relaxed and fell to the mattress. Ben was dead. Nick collapsed on Ben’s body as he drained the remaining cum from his cock. He removed his hands from Ben’s neck and pulled out. He lay for a bit and felt Ben’s warm cum between their chests. Nick felt good. He achieved full orgasm and satisfaction.

Nick rose from the bed and dressed back into his jeans. He slipped his boots back on and stood by the bed looking down at Ben. Ben’s naked body lay across the bed. The last of his death cum dripped from his semi-erect cock. His eyes stared up blankly at the ceiling. His head contorted and hand prints on his neck. “Thanks for the fuck” Nick whispered as he gave him a final kiss on his forehead.

Nick looked around for his shirt. He remembered he left it in the living room. Nick opened the bedroom door and looked at Ben’s body one last time. He noticed Ben’s cock spasm one last time spurting a bit of death cum. He looked for his shirt but could not find it. He didn’t realize it had fallen behind the couch. Nick thought fuck it and left the apartment

He climbed into his truck. He rubbed his chest and felt Ben’s dried cum matted in his fur. Nick started the truck and glanced at the time. It was 2:30 am. He would be home by 3:15.

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