The Great Coon Hunt, part 3: Finale

Finishing his beer, Dan tossed the empty can over his shoulder and ran the back of his hand over his lips to make sure no foam remained.  He turned to Pete and the boys, surveying them with a grin.

“Ok, gents, listen up,” the Sheriff said, “We got a dozen niggers left to dispose of, right?  So I have an idea.  I’m gonna let the monkeys outta their cells and we’re gonna chase ‘em down one by one.  You catch an ape, you can do whatever you want to it.  Just don’t use a gun unless absolutely necessary.  Any objections?”

There was a brief pause, then Mike stepped forward.  “Can you give us a coupla minutes before you set ‘em loose?  There’s somethin’ I’ve always wanted to try on a coon, but I’m gonna need time and maybe a little help to set it up.”

“Whatcha got in mind?” Dan asked.  Mike approached him and whispered into his ear.  The fact that his idea, whatever it was, strongly impressed Dan was so clear to everyone in the room that Pete felt a deep pang of what could only be jealousy.

“You’re sure we’ve got everything you need?” Dan asked Mike; upon the latter’s affirmative reply, the older cop said, “Ok, grab somebody and go get it.  Pete, grab a coon from the top row and have it untie the hanging meat.  I’ll have one from the bottom drag it out to the vans.  I don’t want more than two out until the end; Mike can use one of ‘em.  In the meantime, we can all collect whatever we think will be useful for exterminating this infestation.  And remember, boys—the nigger scum needs to be punished.  It needs to suffer.

The hardbodied young man fanned out, their faces radiant and their still-exposed cocks stiff with racial hatred and malicious glee.  Nobody felt the slightest need to tuck their swollen, engorged members back into their pants, no one had the slightest trace of self-consciousness.  On the contrary, it bound them even closer.

None of them were fools; they all knew their actions were illegal and considered reprehensible by society.  But neither laws nor societies were perfect.  Both were capable of errors.  Every white man in that blood-soaked building was devoutly convinced that he was not only correcting a major error, but that the purgation of such a base, corrupted form of the human species was a crucial duty—one so important to their existence as true men that it demanded consecration with semen.

Mike went to the storeroom with Jack as the thick tread of Pete’s knee-high camo hunting boots rang echoingly on the iron stairs.  Dan headed towards the lower cells but before he reached hem, he was halted by Pete’s words from above.

“Hey, Sheriff!” the young, but already experienced killer called out, “Don’t bother getting’ any down there.  I got two big ol’ black bucks up here that look up to the job.  I’m sendin’ one down.”

After a few muffled but sharply-barked commands, a nigger tremulously descended the stairs, its eyes wide with fear.  It had a muscled, well-toned body and despite being utterly limp, it was obviously sporting major tackle.  The hardbodied Lieutenant leaned over the railing and grinned.  “The other one looks just like it—bet they’re outta the same litter!”

At that, the remaining Aryans in the hall began hooting and catcalling.  The spade shrank back in terror.  Dan sneered and strode brusquely towards it, clamping his powerful hand around its thick muscled bicep and manhandling it towards the bottom floor of cells.  “Get over here, you sack of shit,” he snarled, and pointed to a dangling ape with an abdomen so severely damaged it had practically been disemboweled. 

He unholstered his service revolver and place the barrel flush with the coon’s skull.  “When the meat hits the floor, you’re gonna drag it outside to the van.  I’m comin’ with ya the entire way.  Listen up, you worthless cockroach—you try anything, you drop the meat, you so much as look at me or any other white man, I’m gonna do the world a favor and empty your fucking skull of whatever wad of diseased tissue it uses for a brain.”

He spoke calmly and coolly, his voice even and his tone level.  It was somehow more terrifying than if had been screaming and the darkie responded by pissing itself.

“Fucking sub-human garbage,” Dan muttered, wrinkling his nose at the sour, acrid odor, “Can’t even be house-trained.  Gonna make you clean that up once you’re done with the bodies,” he growled at the trembling nigger.  “Hell, I might even make you lick it up, just for the laughs.”  His handsome face twisted into a malicious smile as he envisioned the suffering the muscled black youth could be forced to endure—but then reality set in and his face became wry.

“Of course, it all depends on how long you survive.  Maybe someone else will be cleaning up your piss—and your blood.”

The body at the far end began to jerk and twitch as the barbed wire noose that help it aloft began to be unmoored.  Pete called down, “Hey, Sheriff?  Gonna need another one after all.  This fuck ain’t strong enough to both lift the meat and untwist the wire.” 

The clank of a cell door opening was followed by a brisk series of barked orders.  “Over there!  Move!  Grab the wire and lift.”  There was a momentary pause and then Pete’s voice came again, not harsh and demanding, but with an ice-cold matter-of-fact tone.  “Grab that barbed with your bare monkey paws and lift, you motherfucking jigaboo, or I’m gonna gut you like a deer and jack off while I watch you try to keep your bowels inside you.”  Sounds of misery permeated down as the corpse rose a few inches, shuddered for a minute, then fell suddenly, hitting the concrete floor with a wet splat.

“Go get it, boy,” Jack told the coon.  He kept a bead on it as it hesitantly approached the carcass, too emotionally traumatized to do more than blubber and moan as it mindlessly obeyed.   It bent down and reached under the corpse’s arms.

“Not like that, boy, not like that,” Dan said.  The Aryans gathered around it, grinning.  “Best do as he says,” Frankie warned, giving the spade a gentle nudge with his steel-toed combat boot that barely even fractured a rib.

“Grab it by the wire and drag it out,” Dan said calmly.  The nigger looked at the barbed wire, then down at its own palms, then turned a completely blank stare on Dan.

As if on cue, a commotion from above had increased in volume enough to be clearly heard now, with Pete snarling, “I don’t care how much your fuckin’ ape paw is bleeding!  Here—”  There was a wet cracking sound, reminiscent of the snapping of a fresh green twig.  It was instantly followed by a shriek, cut off abruptly by a thick, meaty slap.  “Shaddup,” Pete growled menacingly, “Or I’ll break something worse than your fuckin’ pinkie.  Get back to work, monkey.”

Dan returned the coon’s stare.  “Your kind can only learn through pain.  And the next time you look a white man in the face, I’ll have nails driven into your eyes—unless, of course, something worse is already happening you.  Heh!”   

Tears welling in its eyes, the jigaboo grabbed the barbed wire noose and began to drag the corpse.  Almost at once, its hands began to bleed.  It stopped for a moment, bleating in pain, but Dan got it moving again with a swift kick to the ass from his steel-toed boot.

In the time it took for yard ape to haul the meat out and return, a second body dropped from above, accompanied by the agonized mewling of the monkeys.  In this way it progressed, taking twenty minutes to clear the upper tier.  The lower was done in fifteen because it wasn’t necessary to raise the dangling coons to untie them.  By the time it was over, the bodies had been cleared.  Three niggers stood in the middle of the room, moaning in fear and pain, the palms of their hands shredded to hamburger.

“Housecleaning’s done,” Dan said with a cheerful smile, “Time to have some fun.  You ready, Mike?”

“Yeah, I am,” Mike replied, stepping aside to show what he and Jack had created.  It was a harness consisting of four electrical lines wired into a set of battery jumpers.  It was connected to the overhead power cables via what looked like a dimmer switch.  Even Jack looked impressed.

“Where’d you learn to do that?” he asked.

“Worked as a trainee electrician for about six months,” Mike said nonchalantly, “Then I found out the guy teachin’ me was a half-Jew.  Jumped him in the dark one night and fractured his kike skull.  Last I heard, he was in a coma—never went back.”

“Go ahead and pick your ape,” Dan said.  “No point in auctioning them off, they ain’t worth nothing,” he added with a chortle.  Mike strolled over to the quivering trio of coons, the tread of his heavy engineer boots echoing in the concrete expanse.

“This one,” he said, nodding towards a lithe young porch monkey with a swimmer’s build.  The moment it was selected, it began to gibber in terror and back away.  Mike grabbed a zip tie from his utility belt.

“Here, someone help me snag this coon,” Mike called.  Ed was closest; he rounded on the nigger and sucker-punched it so hard, it was too busy spitting out its teeth to object to or even notice Mike binding its hands behind its back.  It wasn’t until he began to frog-march it over to the harness that it began to shriek in abject fear.

“Fuckin’ howler monkey,” Mike growled as he secured to a metal post by looping a second zip tie through the one on the nigger, then around the post. 

“Now we gotta wire it up,” Mike instructed, raising his voice over the jigaboo’s cries.  It wasn’t necessary for long, though; the spade’s voice suddenly cracked, leaving it emitting a frantic wheeze.

Mike continued, “It’s like the electric chair—ya need one connection at the head and another below the heart.  So—here.”  He clamped the red cables to the nigger’s earlobes, then with a vile grin, clamped the black ones onto its balls.

“You ready, ya fuckin’ scum?” Mike snarled as he picked up the dimmer.  “Y’know,” he said, pausing and turning to Dan with a playful smirk, “Seems to me the state owes us somethin’ for all this.  After all, this motherfucker woulda ended up in the chair someday anyways.  Think of how much money we’re savin’ ‘em but goin’ ahead and taking the coon out now!”

Then he flipped a switch on the bottom of the dimmer.  Even at the lowest setting, nigger moaned and went rigid.  Mike gave the knob a vicious twist.

“URK!” the darkie spat out.  Its lean body, slick with sweat, suddenly jerked into a rigidity so severe that it rose up onto its toes, its spine curving back in an arc.  Its eyes rolled back into its head, leaving only the bulging whites.

“Aw, fuck yeah,” Hank said, stepping forward and beating his meat.  “Ya likin’ that white lightnin’, nigger?” he sneered.  Jack stepped forward, as did Pete, both of them jacking their rods.  Soon all of them were standing around, jeering and catcalling.  Only Dan held back, as befit his position of authority—but it didn’t stop him from stroking his own powerful weapon.

“Fry, you goddam black scum,” Mike roared, jerking the dial up to two-thirds of the way while pounding his shaft.

The effect was immediate.  The coon pissed itself, the hot salty fluid an excellent conductor of electricity down its spasming legs.  Hemorrhages began to appear in the whites of its eyes and a thick, slimy trail of foam exuded from between teeth that were relentlessly clamped down on its tongue.

“Burn in hell, ya fuckin’ subhuman jigaboo!” Jack shouted, his cruelly handsome face contorted with a blend of racial hatred and a triumphant bloodlust that could only be sanctified by a release of semen. The only way of combatting the racial evil on the spiritual level was by repeated offerings of potent seed of the True White Man.

“Do it, man,” Pete gasped, obviously as close to the brink of orgasm as everyone else was, “Smoke that nigger fuck!”

Mike didn’t need to be told. He cranked the power to full and fried the monkey to a crisp.

The trickle of foamy drool became a torrent.  It shuddered in violent convulsions, its lean, chimp-like body sweating and thrashing.  Blood spewed from its eyes and ears.  Suddenly, with a violent thrust of the hips, its dangling cock rose straight up and ejaculated with explosive force.  The nigger probably would have enjoyed it if its brain hadn’t been boiling inside its own skull.

However intense its deathload was, though, it was utterly lost in the deluge of white boy cum that immediately followed.

Surprisingly, it was Dan who led the way.  “Aw, fuck,” he grunted, “Fuckin’ nigger punk getting’ what it deser—aw, fuck!  Fuck!  Fuck!”  Even though he was standing some distance away, the long, ropy strand of spunk geysering from his cock managed to spatter Jack’s green Doc Martens.

Mike, having switched off the power, let fly next as the dead ape slumped to the floor, followed by Pete, whose hot, milky sperm splashed all over the dead coon’s flat belly and trickled down its abdomen.

Frankie and Hank shot simultaneously, their thick spunk coating the nigger’s feet.  Jack was more vocal than the others.

“Ya liked that, ya dead piece a’ shit?” he jeered, furiously cranking his shaft, “That’s what white fuckin’ power feels like yeah?  Too much for you, ya worthless coon!  You can’t take real white power!  Can’t take—oh, fuck—can’t take my—fuck!  Yeah, white power, bitch.  White—gah, FUCK!!!—white fuckin’ power!!!”  As he spewed his hot potent manseed, Hank joined him almost soundlessly, as if Jack’s release had given him permission to unload as well.

For several minutes, the only sounds in the abandoned jail were the gasping of the Aryans, catching their breath, and the subdued whimperings of the niggers.  The stench of cremated coon pervaded the room; it had a sickly-sweet smell, like overcooked pork.

As the group of brutal killers regained their composure, Dan spoke up.  “Hope you boys didn’t completely empty your nutsacks,” he said with a wicked grin, “There’s plenty more niggers left needing a good baptism in White Power.  Anyone got any ideas for these two?”  He nodded at the two spades standing by the staircase, their shredded hands still oozing blood.

“Aw fuck yeah,” Pete growled, “I wanna teach that one a lesson.”  He nodded at the taller of the two, which immediately started sobbing.  Edging back into the corner, it pissed itself in terror.  Pete sneered.  “I had a dog that I couldn’t housebreak.  Had to put it down, just like I’m gonna do to you, fuckhead.  Any of you gents wanna help me out and hold it down while I show it who’s boss?”

Mike and Frankie stepped forward.  Grabbing the gibbering, terrified ape by its arms, they dragged it into the far corner.  Pete followed, slipping his hunting knife from its sheath and holding it so that its nine-inch blade of carbonized steel glittered in the light.

In the meantime, Jack’ voice rang out.  “I got dibs on the other one.  Fuck, my balls ain’t drained at all.  Ed, you and Hank, bend it over that table there; I gotta go get somethin’.”  The coon squalled like a money in pain as the hardbodied Aryans, their long cocks still hard and dripping, manhandled it over to one of the metal tables and bent it over.  It was still struggling as Jack reappeared from the storeroom holding a flat screwdriver with an eight-inch shank.

Dan held back, stroking his shaft, enjoying the cruel creativity of the younger men.  He liked that they were self-starters and needed no guidance from him in these matters.  He spent a moment observing Jack.

The young skinhead was speaking to Hank and Ed.  “Y’all ever try nigger pussy?  They’re all fuckin’ fags, so their holes get reamed out.  Watch this.”  He jammed his massive rod up the jigaboo’s ass with a single brutal thrust; its agonized scream spiraled up into an octave usually reserved for sopranos, making the vicious racist grin in triumph.

“Aw, fuck yeah, take it all, ya goddam black cunt!  That white boy meat hurts, don’t it?  That’s how you know you got a real man inside ya, not just another monkey!”  As his enormous cock plunged balls-deep into the helpless coon, both Ed and Hank laughed brutally.  Still holding the ape down with one hand each, they used their free hands to slap their erect dicks in its face, smearing their thick oozing precum on its lips and in its eyes.

In the far corner, Pete slowly approached the horrified coon being pinioned by Mike and Frankie.  “Hey, boy,” he said gently, a slight smile on his face as sadism lit his pale blue eyes with a frightening glitter, “Remember how I toldja I was gonna gut ya like a deer?  I changed my mind.  Deer are noble animals; yer just a porch monkey.  I’m gonna gut ya like a pig, har!”  Without a warning, he rammed his blade into the nigger’s belly up to its hilt.

“GACKGH!” the yardape gurgled as nine inches of hardened steel sliced through its guts like they were wet paper.  “Goddam, yeah!!!” Mike cried, precum oozing from his stiff hog in a steady stream, “Teach that stupid fuck a lesson it won’t forget!”

Getting up close, Pete began sawing upwards, cutting the spade open from the navel to the base of the sternum.  He pulled the knife out; grabbing the cunt by the back of its neck, he forced its head down and wiped its blood off on its own nappy hair, then stepped back and began to masturbate.

“You can let it go,” he said.  Frankie and Mike immediately began beating off.  The coon gasping and gurling, looked own as its intestines began to spill out of the seven-inch gash in its belly.  Looking back up at Pete in abject horror, it clutched its hand over the wound in a desperate and useless attempt to keep its guts inside its abdomen.

“Ya gotta do better than that, nigger!” Frankie jeered, ginning in manic bloodlust, “Lookit—some of ya is still oozin’ out!”

 Back in the center of the room, Jack was still assraping the other coon.  “Goddam it,” he muttered through clenched teeth, “I told y’all all these fuckin’ nigs take it up the ass.  This one’s already startin’ to get loose on me.  You boys know how make nigger ass pussy tight again?  Ya gotta do it manually.  Here, I’ll show ya.”

Putting one hand on the back of the monkey’s head, he forced it down onto the table.  He took the screwdriver in the other hand and started shoving it into the pigfuck’s ear.

Slowly.  Very slowly.

Its screaming became almost unendurable as its eardrum was punctured, but once the steel shaft began to grind through the middle ear, the ape’s vertigo increased to the point that it couldn’t scream anymore.  It could only retch and vomit, its hard, muscled body thrashing in unimaginable agony.

“That’s it!” Jack cried, “Work my shaft, ya fuckin’ nigger!  You know you want my load, ya goddam faggot coon—fuckin’ milk it out as you die!”

Even though he was inching the screwdriver into its cranium, it didn’t take long to reach the point where Jack wasn’t able to inflict any more pain—there are no nerve endings inside the brain.  Jack still hadn’t cum yet, though; he wasn’t gonna let it go till he did.  He had only one option left.

He began to skullfuck the coon with the screwdriver, brutally and ruthlessly reaming the steel shank inside its head, scrambling its cerebellum into mush.

Back across the room, Pete was close to orgasm and the monkey was close to death.  As it bled out, it began to weaken.  It sank to its knees, then seemed to lose the strength to keep holding its innards in.  Its hands fell to its sides and immediately its intestines fell out in a thick, ropy pile of guts, accompanied by a thick, viscous splat.  It looked up at Pete, its mouth gaping, an agonized, pleading look in its eyes—and that was all it took.

“Fuckin’ worthless piece a’ monkey meat—aw, fuck! FUCK!  FUCKIN’ DIE, YA GODDAM NIGGER!!!”

His first jet of semen shot directly into the coon’s open mouth.  It was instantly followed by Mike’s, then Frankie’s—the latter hitting its eyes while Mike spilled his seed into its exposed and newly-vacated abdominal cavity.  The ape died in a shower of sperm, its last sight on earth that of the hate, rage and lust in the faces of the white men who’d killed it, just because they could.

Jack unloaded as he angled the screwdriver down and destroyed the monkey’s brain stem.  It began to convulse violently, its firm, hard body thrashing and kicking.  “Yeah!  Yeah!  Fucking die on my dick, jigaboo!  Take this white load and die!” 

As Jack’s shaft erupted deep in the nigger’s guts, both Ed and Hank blew thick wads of white boy cum into its face.  At the last moment, Dan stepped up.  As his orgasm built, he looked over at the coons still locked in the cells.  “This is what happens to coon who set foot in white country.  This—aw, fuck—this is why we don’t have a nigger problem ‘round here.” 

He pried the dying spade’s mouth open and shoved his massive tool down its throat.  “Take it, ya worthless jigaboo!  Swallow my cum, ya subhuman ape!”  As he unloaded down its throat, he grabbed the screwdriver from Jack and stabbed the black fuck in the back of the neck, repeatedly severing its spinal cord.  The nigger skidded into the cold screaming vortex of death with the salty taste of a white man’s semen in its mouth. 

The Sheriff, his cock still dripping, strode over to the switch that controlled the cell doors.  “All right, boys, warm-up is over,” he announced, “It’s time to hunt some coons!”  He threw the switch, opening the cells at once.  Whooping and cheering, the hyper-sexed skinheads dashed into the lower cells while Pete and Dan, smirking with evil pleasure, mounted the stairs to roust out the three niggers still left on the upper tier.

At the far end of the upper catwalk, two of the spades were huddled against the far wall, trembling in terror.  The cops disregarded them; their objective for the moment was to force the monkeymeat downstairs into the killing pit.  But one was still in its cell; they both entered to get it out.

This one looked younger than the others; it must have been about seventeen or eighteen, but it didn’t appear to be that old.  It was curled into a fetal position in a corner of the cell, whimpering and crooning to itself.

“Goddamit,” Pete muttered, “Looks like this one’s blown a fuse.  Ain’t gonna be any fun.”

“No, it isn’t,” Dan agreed grimly, “It’s not gonna give any sport at all.  Might as well off it now.”

If the yardape heard its death sentence, it didn’t react.  It didn’t react at all—until Dan and Pete started kicking to it death.

Dan led the way, slamming his combat boot down into its face, stomping its teeth down its throat.  Next, he transferred his attention to its nose, grinding it brutally under the thick tread of his sole.

The muscle-bound young Lieutenant didn’t hesitate to join in.  He drove his knee-high hunting boot into the coon’s crotch with vicious force.  The jigaboo had done nothing during all this but try to curl up in a tighter ball, but Pete’s next move changed that.  He stepped on its black balls, crushing them into the concrete floor with such relentless power that they ruptured, spurting out their contents like crushed grapes.

The nigger let out a piercing, agonized screech that sounded utterly inhuman—the sound of an animal in terrible suffering.  “Aw, fuck yeah!” Pete cheered, the bleating of the darky making his dick go hard.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about,” Dan grinned.  “Let’s finish this scumfuck off and get back to the fun downstairs.”

It took less than three minutes to kill the nigger.  Pete’s lace-up camo boots rose and fell on its midsection, imprinting deep bruises on its belly as he stomped it so hard, he tore its intestines and stomach and ruptured its liver.  Dan continued to focus on its head, his hard-soled boots shattering its jaws and cheekbones and so utterly destroying the orbits of its eyes that the latter organs collapsed back into its sinuses.  They alternated brutal kicks to its flanks, each one rewarded with the erotic crunching of breaking ribs.

By the time they were done, both sadistic killers were completely rock-hard again.  The young porch monkey was so mangled that it wasn’t even recognizable as being primate; even dental records wouldn’t have helped.  Both of its lungs had been so riddled with bone shards from its ribs that they collapsed. As Dan and Pete watched with intense satisfaction, it convulsed violently and expelled its final breath in an agonized cloud of blood and foam that erupted from the hamburger that had once been its face.  Its useless life ended on the cold concrete in a puddle of its own blood and stinking piss.

As Pete left the cell and confirmed that the other two coons had already fled downstairs, Dan sneered as the quivering corpse.  “Fuckin’ yardape,” he muttered, “Deserved every bit of what you got for comin’ onto my turf.”  He turned and followed Pete to the lower level.

From then on, the situation devolved into an extended testosterone-soaked bloodbath.

Mike and Jack had cornered one coon near the staircase; as it held up its arms in a pathetic attempt at self-defense, they repeatedly stabbed it.  Its hands were already slashed to useless ribbons, and it was screaming and begging—until Mike got a lucky blow in to its throat.  It gagged and made a loud sound like it was blowing a raspberry, but it was the sound on a dying ape choking on its own blood.  As it spat a thick, coppery spray, Mike and Jack stepped back, cheering and jacking. 

The nigger sank to its knees.  “Feel it, motherfucker!” Mike yelled at it, “Feel what White Power really means, fuckface!”

“Aw, fuck, take it, ya nigger cunt,” Jack moaned, sweating and beating off, “Take my pure white load, ya—fuck!  Yeah, fuck!”

The spade looked up, despair and agony written large on its simian countenance, as both the Aryan shot searing loads of their potent white seed all over its face.  Then it slumped to the ground, just another pile of jigaboo meat covered in cum.

Frankie, Ed, and Hank had trapped another pair.  The coons were huddled up against a wall, with the boys forming a sort of semi-circle around them, taunting and jeering at their subhuman prey.  Both nig-nogs were in tears.  Suddenly, the one on the left tried to make a break for it.

The boys were prepared; they’d been waiting for this.  All three were armed with the wire-wrapped boards.  The two closest—Frankie and Hank—went at it like a moving piñata as Ed threatened the other.  They only got two blows in before it rejoined its companion against the well.

The three skinheads traded a salacious look amongst themselves; as they did, their thick, vein-wreathed cocks began to throb and swell visibly.  A prurient leer twisted Ed’s hard face.

“C’mon, men,” he growled throatily, “I think it’s about time these dumbass yardapes learn what happens when they cross paths with real White Men.”

“Hell yeah,” Hank replied, massaging his erect tool and looking the closest coon directly in the face, “You ready to die, monkeyboy?  Fuck no, you ain’t ready for this shit.  Yer stupid little ape brain can’t imagine how fuckin’ bad this is gonna hurt—we’re just gonna hafta show ya.”

And with that, all three Aryans waded in, swinging their improvised bats.  For a solid three minutes, the large concrete hall echoed with the thick, gruesome splattering sound of barbed-wire-wrapped wood slamming into naked flesh and ripping it open, accompanied by a rising crescendo of shrill screams of nigger agony. 

But only for about three minutes—then the screaming began to fade, as the coons’ throats were torn open.  They slowly sank to the floor, gurgling and choking, and the boys began to unload.  They didn’t even have to touch themselves to do it; as nigger blood began to flow around their boots, their orgasms were not only spontaneous but simultaneous.

There were also so intense that each of the Aryans had to reach out his hand to his brother next to him to steady himself.  With their other hands, they were still beating the spades.  Long after the monkeys had died, they were still being showered with cum and blows.

In the meantime, Dan noticed the Pete had two jigaboos to himself on the other side of the room.  The sadistic young Lieutenant noticed his boss on grinned at him.

“Hey, Sheriff,” he called, “These two say they’re brothers.  They look like littermates to you?”

Responding with a cruel leer, Dan stepped towards them.  “Well, fuck,” he drawled, “They all look alike anyway.  That’s why non one’s gonna miss ‘em—they’re like fuckin’ cockroaches.  All of them the same, and always too fuckin’ many of ‘em.”

“So we’re kinda like heroes for exterminatin’ as many as we can?” Pete asked with mock innocence.

“Yeah, we sure fuckin’ are,” Dan responded.  “Now show me what you can do with the little one there.  You’ve been working out; I wanna see what kinda progress you’ve made.”

Pete didn’t need to be told twice.  With a huge grin of sadistic lust, he reached out and grabbed the younger coon around the neck and deadlifted it straight up.

Instantly the nigger pup’s eyes, already bulging in fear, grew so wide it looked like they were about to fall out.  The young ape clawed wildly at Pete’s hands as its feet kicked frenetically a good eight inches above the concrete floor. 

The other nigger began screaming.  “Deshanté!” it bawled, “Put ‘im down!”  It lunged, but Dan stopped its forward momentum with a single, powerful blow to the face.  The porch monkey retired back to the wall to consider its broken nose and watch its brother get slowly strangled to death.

It took a while for the young one to die, but, as Dan noted approvingly, Pete showed no sign of any strain as he held it aloft and squeezed its worthless life out.  After two minutes, the young darky began to gag and drool.  Its defense attempts became slower and less coordinated, the thrashing of its legs became more spasmodic.

And after spurting out a quart of piss, its nigger dick began to swell.

Dan noticed.  “Hey, Pete, the fuckin’ retard likes it.  Look at its goddam dork.”

“Yeah?” Pete asked and glanced down.  He then stared it straight in the eyes.  “Well, it ain’t gonna like this­—but I goddam sure am!”

With an evil grin that twisted his handsome face into a vicious snarl, the hardbodied Lieutenant clenched his hands.  Within seconds, the loud crunching, crinkling sound associated with crushing a foam cup was audible—but what had been crushed was the nigger’s trachea.

The coon’s eyes rolled back in its head, showing nothing but the bloody whites.  Thick white foam bubbled over its swollen lips.  Without warning, cum began to spill from its dick—not shooting out in a geyser but flowing out in a steady stream.

It was Pete who blew a ferocious geyser of sperm, triggered by the uncontrollably erotic sensation of killing a yardape with his bare hands.  He was only vaguely aware that the screaming of the dead monkey’s brother had intensified behind him, then subsided under the meaty sound of flesh impacting flesh.

Pete shuddered as his balls emptied, then dopped the dead jigaboo.  It hit the ground like a sack of dirty laundry.  The Lieutenant turned to enjoy the view of Sheriff Dan beating the other spade to death.

The powerful older man had the ape pinned to the floor under him, his fist rising and falling like a piledriver and delivering damn near the same amount of force.  Under the brutal, relentless rain of blows, the coon was barely clinging to consciousness.  As Dan’s huge fist slammed into its face, its chest, its belly and its balls, it could only bleat in helpless agony like a sheep being butchered.

Each time his hand made contact with the niggermeat, Dan’s cock—already so engorged it was frightening—spat out hot, glistening precum.  But the strain of holding back his violence-induced orgasm was building to the point of being uncontrollable.  After a few minutes, the Sheriff reached the end of his tether and stood up, even though the nig-nog wasn’t dead yet.

His face terrifying with hate and bloodlust, Dan raised his muscled leg, holding his combat boot over the prone porch monkey.  “Die, you worthless piece of shit,” he screamed at it, “Die, nigger motherfucker!!”

He slammed his boot down hard twice in rapid secession on the coon’s neck, immediately crushing its throat and snapping the cervical vertebrae.  The ape’s smooth, muscular body jerked violently and blew a thick deathload all over its own belly—but it wasn’t anywhere near as thick or as large as the load Dan blessed it with, anointing the dead pile of nigger shitmeat with the righteous potent sperm of a true White Man.

As he stood, gasping and sweating, Dan cold hear the sounds of slaughter and lust dying away round him.  Turning back, he saw the Aryans, grinning as they caught their collective breath.  Soon the only noise in the room was the dripping of blood and the occasional thumping of a monkey’s limb as its mangles nervous system fired a mindless signal down its spinal cord.

Then, from off to one side, came a faint whimper.  Everyone, to a man, turned to see the remaining three niggers crouching in the corner under the spiral staircase.

“Aw, man, I forgot about them!” Jack said with an eager grin, “Hey, boys, the fun ain’t over yet!”

He took a step towards the cowering trio only to be blocked by Dan.

“Not so, fast, mister!” the Sheriff barked.  For a moment the two leaders stood in a face off, scowling.  But Dan’s innate authority and his visibly larger cock, still throbbing and oozing, patently reinforced his status as Dominant Alpha.  Jack wasn’t happy, but he backed down.

“They need to work,” Dan said.  “They were bred to be slaves, right?  So—” here he turned to the terrified apes “—get to work, asswipes.  You two, drag this fucking meat out and dump it in the vans.  Jack and Pete, you two oversee them.  You know what to do if they start to get uppity—no mercy, no second chances.” 

As the gibbering coons shuffled out of the corner, Jack, mollified by his own resumption of authority, began to bully them into corpse removal while Pete stood guard, fingering the trigger of his shotgun.  Dan turned to the third nigger.  “Hey, Mike, take this one into the store room and make it fill a bucket and get a mop.  Then put it to work cleaning the floor.  Doesn’t have to be perfect; I just don’t want the smell to attract vermin.”

He paused, then added with a grim chuckle, “Room’s too full of fuckin’ vermin as it is.  At least we taught it a lesson.”

It took over half an hour to clear the old jail of dead jigaboos and their blood (and piss).  When it was over, Dan, Pete, the skinheads and the three pieces of slavemeat were gathered outside around the vans.  Dan had already shut down the generator inside the Poorhouse; it wasn’t needed any longer.  Dawn was breaking; the sky a bright gray with a piercing golden glow to the east.

It was going to be a beautiful day.

“Pete, you cuff those two; I’ll get this one,” Dan said; no one needed to ask to whom he was referring.  “One in each van.”

That done, he gave the order for everyone to pile into the same vans in which they’d come.  “You already got your bike out at the quarry?” he asked Pete.  The Lieutenant, who’d recently purchased a motorcycle nodded.  “Good,” the Sheriff replied, “I’ll take the lead.”

The vans pulled out in single file.  After twenty minutes on the county road, the lead van swung off onto a rutted, barely passable gravel road that wound through the hills.  At one point, it pulled away onto a very faint and obviously recent dirt track that detoured through the woods before re-connecting with the gravel path.  Fifteen minutes later, they came to a halt at the edge of a cliff that towered over a hundred feet above a water-filled quarry.

They all exited the vans—except the cuffed coons still trapped in the back with the apemeat.  “Ok, you know what to do,” Dan told Pete, who nodded.  “Sorry you’re gonna miss this part, but duty is duty.”

“No problem,” Pete replied with an endearing grin, “I’m sure you’ll give me plenty of chances to make up for it in the future.”  As he sauntered off to his previously-stashed bike, Dan turned to the skinheads.  “He’s going back for the truck.  We’re gonna need transportation after we dumped these in the quarry.”

Frankie peeked over the edge of the cliff.  Despite the blackness of the water indicating its prodigious depth, he remained uncertain.  “You sure it’s deep enough?” he asked, “This looks like a good make-out spot.  Bet there’s plenty of kids up here fucking on weekends.”

“The water’s over three hundred feet deep here,” Dan replied, “And no one comes up here anymore.  Remember my detour through the woods?  That was around a place where the gravel got washed out.  The road is blocked.  I made the detour myself, and I’ll cover it when we’re done.”

“These fuckin’ monkeys breed like roaches,” Jack pointed out.  “Whatcha gonna do if relatives of these ones come snoopin’ about?”

Dan’s hard, handsome face twisted with a slight sneer.  “There’s plenty of room down there for more niggers,” he said, his quiet voice alive with menace, “C’mon, lets dump this pile of scumshit.”

Dan, Jack, and Mike each opened the driver’s doors of the vans; all three had been left running.  It was an easy matter to pop the gearshift into neutral.  It was also easy enough to push them to the edge; there was a slight downhill slope.

Just was the vans began to tip, faces appeared simultaneously at the rear windows.  It was clear that the trapped live coons knew something was happening, even if they didn’t know what, and the look of utter terror on their faces was all that was needed to stoke the racist killers’ bloodlust to a new frenzy.

As the vans tumbled over and hit the water, every one of the men, Dan included, stood at the cliff edge and beat off.

The weight of the engines pulled the vans under nose first, tilting the rear doors up.  Even though they were over a hundred feet away, the pleading, tear-stained faces of the jigaboos were clearly visible, pressed up against the windows.

‘Fuckin’ die, ya worthless scum!” Hank shouted as his racial sadism boiled up; soon the catcalls from the others proved he wasn’t alone.

“Does it hurt, ya nigger cunt?  That’s what White Power feels like, bitch!”

Even Dan joined in.  ‘Fuckin’ drown like rats in a trap, you disgusting shits!” he called out, Fuckin’ die, fuckin’ yeah!  Yeah!!

They all unloaded at the same time, a thick pearly rain of Caucasian seed splattering across the surface of the water.  Dan’s massive, potent load hit the window of the left-most van—as the rear filled with water, the last glimpse the dying coon had of the surface world was smeared with hot white cum.

Then water filled its mouth and its lungs. It kicked and thrashed for a few moments, foam sewing from its mouth and nose, before it drowned like a dog, helpless, terrified and alone in a pile of dead bodies.

As the stepped back from the cliff, Dan pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and cleaned the still-leaking cum from his cock.  The Aryans hadn’t thought to provide themselves with such a convenience, but they didn’t care.  They shoved their oozing dicks back inside their pants, except for Mike, who remembered he had a tissue.

Just like Dan, he cleaned himself.  It wasn’t obvious that he was beginning to idolize the powerful Alpha, but the signs were there for those who know what to look for.

And Dan did.

For now, they all had to wait for Pete to get back.  Dan nodded to Mike, and they stepped aside, talking quietly as a sense of post-coital emptiness began to fill others. 

Large rocks were strewn across the site.  Jack sat heavily on one.  It had been fun, but it was over.  He was already feeling dejected, with a yearning to get home.  After all, there were plenty of niggers back there that needed offing.  And kikes and faggots and chinks, too.  Some many fucking cunts that needed to learn the true meaning of White Power.

The thought perked him up.  “Any of you boys got a smoke?” he asked.  Ed gave a cigarette and as he lit it up, Jack leaned back and contemplated the future with a smile that boded pure evil.

The Great Coon Hunt, part 2

The heavy thud of Dan’s boots echoed in the empty spaces of the Poorhouse.  He was striding across the central hall, glancing around at the holding cells.  The interior was dilapidated, but the old overflow jail was still patently secure.  It was dark inside, with few apertures to let in the quickly waning daylight, but the cop’s heavy metal flashlight was more than adequate for his recon walk.

Behind him was the entrance—back down a hall flanked by a guardroom on one side and a solid cinderblock wall on the other, behind which were empty rooms used for storage.  Between the two was a hallway that led to the two-story central hall, with a sliding iron door that let it be sealed off.  The center of the hall had two tables in it—actually, single-piece table/bench combos bolted to the floor.  Beyond them were three cells, each about sixty-four square feet and fronted with iron bars.  Directly above, another three identical cells opened onto a metal catwalk; it was accessed by a spiral staircase in the northeast corner.  The wall opposite the cells had three evenly spaced (and heavily barred) windows directly across from the upper cells.

Another sliding door at the far end of the hall led to the kitchen and maintenance rooms.  The sections at the front and rear were also connected by an enclosed passage that ran outside the south wall; this where the generator was located, and Dan fired it up.   After the lights flickered on throughout the building, he made sure it was fully fueled, with a backup supply.  After all, this could last for hours…   

Fuck yeah, the buff cop thought, grinning as he felt his thick cock stiffen in his jumpsuit.  If they did it right, it could last for fuckin’ hours

Entering back into the guardroom, Dan threw a set of switches embedded in the wall.  Glancing out through the thick bulletproof window that overlooked the common area, he was able to confirm that the cell doors were operating exactly as desired.

His grin became more malicious.  The rest of the boys were waiting in the parking lot with the vans in fully-erect eagerness—he needed to let them know it was time to start some ape herding.

Jack kicked impatiently, his tall green Doc Martens scuffing at the crumbling asphalt.  A few minutes ago, the exterior floodlights had snapped on.  That meant it was almost time to start the fun and the racist killer was restless to begin the slaughter.  And the niggers were starting to get antsy, too—it wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining if they all had to be gunned down to avoid an uprising.  Then the door banged open and Dan came striding out.  Inadvertently, the Aryan thug mirrored the Sheriff’s shark-like grin. 

 “Go ahead and unload ‘em,” Dan called out.  “It’s ready.”

Immediately, showing their superior discipline, Jack’s crew climbed out of the vans, along with Lieutenant Pete.  Pete and Mike each faced a van, listening to Dan while they kept their weapons trained on the captive horde. 

“Awright, this is how it’s gonna go down,” the muscular cop said authoritatively, handing out shotguns to those who didn’t have a rifle, “We’re gonna be taking the fuckers in, one man to three monkeys.  Ed, Hank, and Mike, y’all take the three upstairs cells—Jack, you and Pete and Frankie take the downstairs three.” 

He paused and smirked.  “My three ain’t goin’ into cells.  Let’s just call them the pre-game show.” 

The boys chuckled malignly as they marched the coons towards the massive steel entrance door.  Just as he was about to enter, Jack paused.  “Hey, sheriff,” he called out, “I gotta question—do apes wear clothes?”

Dan’s grin curled into a sneer.  “No, they don’t,” he said, “Strip ‘em before you put lock ‘em up.”

The niggers were staring at each other, their eyes wide with fear.  They weren’t hood rats, after all; they were fraternity members at a college.  Each one had had a relatively comfortable middle-class upbringing.  This mix of extreme racial hatred, erotic brutality, and toxic masculinity was so far beyond anything they’d experienced that it induced a kind of vapor lock in their minds. 

Dan and Pete were more used to corralling things—men and beasts—so it was clear to them that the prisoners were on the verge of panic; they needed to be locked into the cells before that happened, or it’d be a bitch to control them.  Even Jack’s crew, without having had crowd-control training, could sense the unrest bubbling just under the surface.

For all of them, it translated into a sense of excitement.  Jack’s eager shaft was already swelling into a thick and very obvious ridge running down his thigh.  Everyone, to a man, was visibly erect at the thought of the upcoming violence.  Even Dan’s black jumpsuit was tented at the groin as he anticipated guiding Pete and maybe some of the others through some hardcore maiming and kill moves.

After all, what better to practice on than a herd of destructive howler monkeys? Hell, he was doing the community a favor, getting rid of the trash that was trying to invade the county like a plague of locusts.

He was just exterminating some pests.

The coons started murmuring among themselves as the got inside.  “Shaddap!” Mike barked at one in his custody, smacking it in the head with the butt of his rifle.  That sufficed to quell the muttering, but they all knew it wouldn’t last long. 

“Get ‘em to their cells,” Dan said evenly.  “Cuff two to the bars or the handrail; keep the other covered while it strips.”  He paused, his shark-like grin returning.  “And remember, they’re probably too stupid to recognize your natural authority as a white man.  If one resists, bash it in the head and cut the clothes off.”  He said it loud enough for all the niggers to hear.

As Mike led his captives up the spiral staircase, his black engineer boots thudded heavily on the metal steps; the sound was soon multiplied by the Doc Martens sported by Hank and Ed.  Dan’s voice came rising above the noise, “Meet me back here when you’re done; we need to do a little inventory.”

After that, the abandoned jail echoed with barked commands that would have sounded familiar to any plantation owner used to keeping an iron control over his slaves; even the grunting of the coons as they unwillingly removed their clothing would have had the accustomed ring of niggers toiling at their labor.  It took more than twenty minutes for the boys to rendezvous back in the central hall.

“Let’s go see what we’ve got in the shop,” Dan said.  “I walked through it, but I didn’t make time to take stock.  I have no doubt you boys can improvise; let’s see you get…creative.

The shop provided several things of interest.  Pete located several rolls of barbed wire, used to maintain the perimeter fence; Ed and Frankie pounced on these while Hank located some four-foot two-by-fours and a toolbox.  The dragged these out into the central hall and set up a miniature assembly line on one of the tables.  Using work gloves and wire clippers from the toolbox, Frankie spooled out three-foot lengths of the wire and cut them off, handing them to Ed and Hank.  The latter two, with gloves and items from the toolbox, would hammer a nail into the wood, wrap the wire around it as an anchor, then wind the wire around the two-by-four before driving in another nail to anchor the other end of the wire.

They worked almost as well as a baseball bat would’ve.

Mike and dug around among the chemicals, locating an industrial drain cleaner with an acidic base; he took that out as well, along with some zip-ties.  But it was Dan who hauled out the item that was to start the festivities. The boys had just completed production of what they were calling Koon Klubs; everyone looked up at what Dan was wheeling into the room.

It was a professional plumber’s snake, run by a fourteen-horsepower electric motor.  Inmates flush all kinda shit down prison toilets; it had been purchased for its ability to chew right through the most stubborn blockages.

“Niiice,” Ed commented as Hank whistled, impressed.  “What’s that for?” Jack asked, his throbbing groin hinting that he had his own suggestions.

“You’ll see,” the Sheriff chuckled, and tossed Pete his keys.  He nodded at the niggers cuffed to the staircase.  “The one to the left,” he said to his lieutenant.  Unhesitatingly, the young cop retrieved the captive, the crotch of his tight jeans straining painfully under pressure from his excited erection.

“See, boys,” Dan announced in an echoing voice, “We’re gonna start with this one.”  He was speaking as much to the prisoners as to their guards.  “Why this one?  It looks like any other worthless criminal ape, right?  But if you look closer, you can see it isn’t just another uppity jigaboo that needs to learn its place the hard way—it’s a faggot, too.”

Here the look on his face became one of sadistic glee.  “I don’t tolerate jungle bunnies in my county, and I don’t tolerate homos.  Only thing worse than either is something that’s both, and that’s what we’ve got here.” 

Jack’s crew exchanged smirks while Pete almost writhed in anticipation.  The nigger gibbered in terror, too scared to deny the accusation.  It wouldn’t have mattered anyway…

“We need to make an example of it.  If we don’t stomp out this fucking nigger infestation here and now, we’ll be dealing it for years, so we need to do something that even the dumbest coon can understand.  C’mon, Pete, give me a hand.  You boys get it face down on the table.”

The latter was easier said than done.  The nigger was a young, wiry buck.  It was on the college basketball team—it had tried for football but wasn’t quite built enough—and while it didn’t have the talent for stardom, it was stronger than it looked.

Especially when it panicked, which it did immediately.  Eventually, it took all of Jack’s crew to hold it down.  Mike and Ed each had an ankle, Frankie and Hank a wrist, and Jack had his arm clamped around its nappy head, as much to keep it quiet as to pin it down.  After all, it was screams of agony he wanted to hear, not the bleating of frightened pigs.

Pete plugged the snake in and fired it up.  “You yard apes watching?” Dan called out over the sputtering motor, “This is some real Rigler County hospitality, right here.  We’re really rollin’ out the Welcome Wagon for you spades!”

Then he grabbed the handle on the snake and advanced, holding the sharp whirling prongs out in front of him.  “Mike, Ed, pull the legs apart more.  Faggots always spread their legs so they can get something long and hard shoved up their asses, right?  Hell, yeah!  Awright, you fuckin’ nigger pervert, here’s the best assfuck you’re even gonna get!”

With a twisted sneer of hate and pleasure, the cop rammed the plumber’s snake into the coon’s ass.  As the metal claws tore their way through its sphincter, it managed to tear its head free of Jack’s grasp.  Instantly, its shrill, inhuman shrieks were reverberating from every corner if the large room.

The sound pounded its way into the other nigger cunts; it was like someone had lit a fuse.  Blind panic spread like wildfire, but as loud as the monkeys howled out their terror, they couldn’t down out the screaming of the ape that was having its guts chewed up from the inside.

Pete helped Dan control the line, keeping is steady as blood gushed from the nigger’s gutted asshole.   At some point, as the head of snake ground its prostate into dog food, it shot an involuntary wad onto the table, but no one noticed, not even itself.  It did notice Jack’s cock, though; since he was the only one with his hands free, he’d hauled out his massive shaft and was slapping the nigger in the face with it.

“Fuck yeah!” he crowed, “That’s some real white power, ya fuckin’ monkey!  Ya feelin’ it now, boy, yeah?”

Dan shoved, his thick biceps swelling the sleeves of his jumpsuit as they bulged.  He’d churned his way up through the coon’s intestine and was getting into the visceral organs, making paste out of the ape’s liver.  It shuddered violently, still screaming but slowly becoming quieter as blood loss and shock from major organ trauma began to take effect.

Even the other jigaboos were becoming quieter.  They weren’t calmer, but their screaming was subsiding into an inarticulate sobbing.  The bleating of the dying buck was still the loudest thing in the room, until Jack’s taunts took over.

“Yeah, ya worthless spade, feel the burn!  Real white fuckin’ power burning inside ya—don’t it feel great?”  He bent down and grabbed a handful of its greasy, curly hair, jerking its head up so he could look into its big black eyes, mute and bewildered as a spaniel’s.

“Look at me as you die,” the buff Aryan youth hissed, his hatred and bloodlust radiating from his eyes.  Just at that moment, Dan gave a final, mighty shove to the snake and it tore its way up into the nigger’s lungs.  It stared deeply and frantically into Jack’s eyes, gurgled, and blood burst from its mouth, flowing over its thick lips in a steady stream.  Its eyes rolled back into its head.  Jack let it go and its head fell limply to the table while its body thrashed.

Pete switched the motor on the snake off while the other boys let go of the body.  Still in its death throes, it slithered off the table, its dark skin slick with a cold sweat forced out of it by mortal agony.  On the floor, it flopped like an asphyxiating fish, with the snake still embedded deep in the corpse.

“We need a cleaning detail,” Dan said.  Pete, intelligent and obedient, was immediately on his way to collect the remaining two niggers cuffed to the staircase.  Herding them back, he had them pick up the dead one, one on each arm, and pull it while he and Dan grabbed the plumber’s snake.  The white men didn’t have problems touching the tool, but they had no intentions of fouling their hands with dead monkeys.

The snake came out of the dead jigaboo with a disgusting slurping sound, accompanied by a brief flow of blood and some unidentifiable organ tissue.  Then under the supervision of Pete and his shotgun, the two live coons dragged their companion out and loaded what was left of it into the back of one of the vans.

When they got back, it was clear that one of them had reached a breaking point.  A big, muscular buck, it had been gibbering and muttering to itself the entire time while the one chained to it had made a few feeble attempts to calm it.  Pete locked the other one up first; just as he turned to it, it snapped and went into hysterics.

It screamed and hollered, shouting imprecations, and began to back away.  Pete swung at it with the butt of his shotgun, but the impact made little impression on the nigger’s thick hide. 

“Goddam it,” Dan growled, “Show that one what happens to niggers that resist arrest.”

Pete complied eagerly, planting the sole of his laced TideWe hunting boot so deeply into the yard ape’s gut the ebon skin broke out in an even darker bruise that matched Pete’s tread perfectly.  Wheezing, the jungle bunny doubled over and collapsed, clutching its belly.

Pete had been conditioned well; Dan’s pride in him was justified.  Standing over the hacking, helpless spade, the young cop didn’t feel the slightest shred of mercy; what he felt was a combination of disgust at the subhuman pestilence writhing in front of him like an insect, and the righteousness, the almost orgasmic joy, not just of terminating it, but of forcing it to understand why it had to be terminated.

But it took a lot of violence and suffering to make the stupid monkey understand why it needed to die.  As the coon shuddered on the concreted floor, Pete lifted his lace-up hunting boot and stomped it in the chest.  And then again, this time rewarded with an erotic cracking sound and an agonized bleat as one of the nigger’s ribs was broken.  And that was all it took.

In a flash, a pair of black combat boots had joined in as Frankie decided he needed to be part of the fun.  Then Jack’s green Doc Martens, followed by Hank and Ed’s oxbloods and Mike’s engineer boots.

Mike concentrated on the nigger’s hands, the heels of his black leather boots remorselessly grinding the spade’s metacarpals and phalanges into powder, while Jack’s DMs pounded its scrotum, mangling the thick nigger cock and crushing its balls with a squelching noise like overripe grapes.  Ed, Hank and Frankie continued working on its torso, breaking its ribs and rupturing its internal organs; Frankie got a particular thrill as he felt the jigaboo’s sternum crack under his combat boot.  Pete, in the meantime, had transferred his attentions to its face; he was busy flattening its nose and knocking the teeth down its throat.

Watching the coon die under their relentlessly pounding boots caused a unanimous sense of power to be passed among the young men; even Dan, who was watching the orgy of bloodlust with approval, could feel it.  Instantly, Jack’s hard dick was joined in the open air by others.  As the nigger shuddered and gagged on its own blood, it could somehow still feel the searing drops of white boy precum on its black skin.

Then the boys got synchronized.  It wasn’t immediate, but within five seconds, they’d all picked up on the rhythm, helped by the chant started by the Aryans.  Simultaneously, their boots rose and fell on the unlucky spade, with devastating effect.





At the end of two minutes, the nigger was not just dead but damn near flattened, a bloody mass of mangled flesh and shattered bones.  As the boys backed away, grinning, Dan approached.  The monkey meat made one last, reflexive movement, a kind of shuddering gasp, and Dan’s thick-soled utility boot came down on its skull, cracking it like an eggshell.

Then he turned to the boys, eyeing the jutting, erect evidence of their righteous bloodlust with a grin.  “Pete, get that last one there to clean this mess up.  Then bring it back here.  It looks thirsty—I bet it’d like a little drink.”

Chuckling maliciously, he stepped to the side to allow his lieutenant to unlock the remaining nigger and intimidate it into scraping up the remains of its companion and take them out to the van.  When it returned, he grabbed it by its curly black hair and dragged it to a support post directly opposite the cells, making sure that the other coons could see it clearly, even those on the upper tier.

“Well, boys,” he said sneeringly, his masculine bass voice echoing in the large concrete chamber, “I think this one here’s been workin’ like a slave, yeah?  And every good slave needs a little TLC so it can keep pickin’ cotton and boilin’ sugar.  Food and water, yeah, and even some medicine.  Now, before this one gets its water, I think it needs some medicine.  Looks a little sickly to me—what do y’all think?”

The room was instantly full of exuberant jeers and catcalls.  “Think the ape needs a good cleanin’ out like the first one got!” came from the crowd of sexually excited young men—it might have been Jack.  “Yeah!” yelled Mike, “Fucker needs a good high-power enema!”  The hardbodied killers laughed raucously.

“Nah, Dan replied, “That one bent one of the blades.  Must’ve hit a bone on the inside, and I’m not going to ruin state equipment on a worthless jigaboo.  Pete, here, those cuffs are too loose on it—replace ‘em with one of those zip-ties.  Hank, bring over that bottle from the table.  Ed, you’re closest to the shop.  I saw a funnel sitting on one of the shelves on the left.  We’re going to need it.”

By this time, Pete had clipped the cuffs to his utility after replacing them with a zip-tie cinched so tightly that the nigger’s hands were already turning white from blood loss.  Hand handed the gallon jug of drain cleaner just as Ed returned with an eager grin, a hard cock, and a large funnel of green plastic in his hands.

“I’m going to need someone to hold its head,” Dan said.  Pete had stepped away, so Ed was there first, his wifebeater plastered to his hard, firm torso with sweat, displaying his muscular body as a literal personification of the white power to which he was so devoted.

“Listen up, you delinquent porch monkeys!” Dan barked to the captives, “You fuckin’ niggers have no respect for authority.  When a white man tells you jump, you goddam well better say, ‘Yes, massa, how high, sir?’  And when a white man tells you have to take your medicine, you drink it down without any lip, you got me?”

Not waiting for a reply he knew would never come anyway, he turned back with a snort of disgust.  Facing the bound buck, he said, “Lookin’ a bit constipated there, boy.”  He hefted the bottle of drain cleaner with a wide, evil grin.  “I think you need something to clean the shit out of your nigger ass.  Open wide, cunt, your master has something to fix you up good.”

The coon began screaming in fear, its eyes wide and huge, the size of dinner plates.  They rolled comically as Dan approached.  Suddenly there was an acrid stench as the nignog pissed itself.

“Filthy motherfucker,” Pete snarled at it from the side, “Even a fuckin’ animal doesn’t piss in its den.”

“Told you it wouldn’t take its medicine,” Dan muttered contemptuously.  “Get its mouth open, Ed.  Hurt it if you have to.”

Ed had to, of course.  He had to.  His wifebeater revealed the glory of the powerful delt, pec, and bicep muscles of his right arm as he swung it again and again, each blow connecting to the nigger’s face with a thick, meaty impact.  Five powerful blows left it with lips even thicker than usual and most of its front teeth scattered like mints across the floor.

“Fuck yeah,” Dan grunted, stepping in front of his captive.  He stared the coon straight in the eyes; it was clearly reluctant to meet his gaze but was just as clearly unable to resist the white man’s steely glare.

“You know you deserve this,” the sheriff commented evenly.  “Niggers breed filth and crime.  You and all your littermates here are a stain that I intend to eradicate from my county.”  He held up the funnel and bottle of drain cleaner.  “Of course, it’d be faster and more efficient to just line all of you up against the wall and blow your monkey brains out—but where would the fun in that be?  Catch hold of its head, Ed; it’s gonna fight.”

Standing behind it, the buff Aryan wrapped one hand around the jigaboo’s forehead, pulling it back as he placed the other under its jaw, clutching the joint of the mandible with such brutal force that the screaming coon’s mouth was forced open despite its best effort to keep it closed.

“Listen to it sing!” Jack called out gleefully as the nigger continued to wail.  “Fuck yeah, man,” Mike chuckled, that’s the best noise a nigger can make!”

Dan’s grin became icy.  “You haven’t heard anything yet, my brother,” he smirked, “Listen to this shit.”

Jamming the funnel down the squealing ape’s throat, he poured a hefty amount of the drain cleaner into it.  Instantly, the cunt began to kick and thrash—a bad move on its part, since it partially opened its airway at the same time.  As a result, it aspirated as large of an amount of the caustic solution as it swallowed.

Dan and Ed both jumped back as it began to spew foam like a fire extinguisher.  Well, not entirely like a fire extinguisher.  Fire extinguisher foam tended not to be pink and flecked with sloughed-off lung tissue and esophageal lining.  The spade thrashed, its bare feet skidding on the concrete floor and its biceps swelling as it strained futilely against the zip ties that kept its hands bound behind it.

The other niggers had gone silent; the grotesque gurgling could easily be heard, despite not being as loud as the screaming.  The dying coon couldn’t scream anymore; its vocal cords had already been eaten away.  Even its tongue was being stripped, layer of tissue by layer.  It fell to its knees and turned its dark, misery-filled eyes up to its tormentors.  Dan stepped forward and sneered down at it.

“I know it hurts, you yard ape.  White power is all about putting niggers in pain.  Die, you worthless sack of shit.”

The last thing the coon saw was the tread of Dan’s tactical boot as the white stud raised his foot and stomped the kneeling jigaboo in the face.  It wouldn’t have been a fatal blow by itself, but the ape had suffered too much internal damage.  It retched up another pint of bloody foam and sank, gagging and shuddering to the floor—a dead pile of monkey meat.

By now the boys were so hard they were aching.  It was clear they wanted to have some hand-on fun themselves, and Dan knew the benefits of keeping up troop morale. 

“C’mon over here, men.  You all want to have some fun, right?  This will take a little coordination, but I have an idea to give each one of you your own personal nigger piñata.”

He got their attention with that.  Soon they were back at their assembly line, with Frankie, Hank, and Mike using gloves and wire clippers to cut differing lengths of barbed wire—and fashion nooses out of them.  As they finished, Jack and Pete took them up the stairs and fastened them securely to the strong upper railing of the walkway.  Within minutes, four nooses dangled to the lower floor, and Jack and Pete each held another in their hands, not needing to drop them.  And as soon as Hank joined them upstairs, he hauled the fourth one up.

Dan had gathered the Koon Klubs and handed them out, three to the downstairs group of Frankie, Mike, and Ed.  As he distributed the remaining three upstairs, he reminded them “One from each cell.  You men got the right nooses?”  They checked their lengths and confirmed, and the net elimination round began.

The brothers downstairs each entered their respective cells and dragged out the biggest, most muscular buck in it.  The men upstairs waited until the coons were dragged up the staircase, gibbering in terror like animals, then began to help.

Dan hadn’t just planned the proceedings, he’d damn near choregraphed them.  That included selecting the strongest niggers out of each cell—as he explained it, not only would they dangle a nice long time before finally dying, but it was good to cull the herd of those animals most likely to cause a problem.

The reason for the differing lengths of wire was clear, too—the spades on the longer ones would be kicking and dangling in full view of the lower cells, while the shorter one only had a two-foot drop so that the jigs in the upper cells could still see their heads and most of their torsos as they died.

And in no case was the drop long enough to snap an ape’s neck.  Having one of the cunts die that quickly would have been no fun at all.  They could have mutilated the corpse in front of the other ones, of course—but inflicting pain was the whole point.  Putting niggers in agony was what got the brothers off.

The brothers placed the nooses over the niggers’ heads, then made them climb the rail.  If the coons knew what was going to happen, the made no sign of it.  They had literally been scared into submission as the mental trauma their middle-class psyches had endured practically shattered under the shock.

The bothers pushed and instantly three coons were dancing in the air, their fingers frantically tearing at the barbed wire sunk deep into the tender flesh of their throats.  In less than twenty seconds, they were joined by their buddies from the upper cells.  Snatching up their Koon Klubs, Frankie, Mike, and Ed flew down the steps.

Dan stood to the side, fondling his massive jutting cock as the games began.

“Hey, Frankie, betcha can’t his that one’s scrote!” Mike challenged, pointing at the leftmost coon. 

“C’mon,” Frankie replied, “First one to tear its balls off gets a case of beer from the loser!”  With that, they both stepped in, swinging their barbed-wire-wrapped Klubs.  It wasn’t an easy target; the choking porch monkey was kicking frenetically.  Mike and Frankie each managed to land a dozen blows, tearing open its thighs and belly, without hitting its dangling sack.  It rotated as it hung, so they even tried getting to it from behind, scoring the nigger’s smooth firm ass like a plowed field.  Suffering was written all over its pitch-black, swollen face, but it wasn’t just from Frankie and Mike’s target practice.

Ed, it turned out, was having better luck at his target practice on the next nigger over.  “Dude, y’all gotta aim somewhere else first!” he called out to the other two, grinning.  “Let the fuckin’ coon know the yer the boss!”  And with a mighty swing, he slammed his Klub into the monkey’s knee, shattering it and ripping the skin so badly that fragments of the kneecap came out.  The yard ape jerked and bucked in mid-air, its arms clawing viciously at anything within reach.

The first thing within reach, it turned out, was the spade Frankie and Mike were working on.  Soon, both coons were digging at each other with a mindless ferocity born of pain and terror.  As they fought, all three brothers turned their attention to the third one, who so far was merely enduring the relatively mild torture of being hung to death with barbed wire.

Upstairs, Jack had taken an early lead.  “Watch this shit, dudes,” he grinned and swung his Klub down over the railing.  He immediately hit a nigger in the face.  “Landed me a big one!” he joked, jerking the Klub up like a fishing rod, and with much the same effect.  The barbed wire had caught in the coon’s face; Jack’s jerk ripped its left cheek open and reduced the left eye to a bleeding socket of goo. 

“See, that’s how ya do it,” the Aryan smirked ghoulishly as he showed them that the nigger’s eyelid had been torn off and was still stuck to a projection of the wire.

Pete wasn’t slow to follow his example.  Lunging over the railing, the hardbodied young lieutenant landed his Klub in a coon’s throat, just above the spot where the wire noose was digging into its neck.  In blind panic and agony, the jigaboo clutched frantically at the weapon. 

It would have taken a skilled observer to determine whether Pete’s ferocious grin was bigger than his oozing cock when the young cop yanked the Klub back up, shedding the spade’s hands like a food processor.  The dying yard ape was unable to scream, but the way it wheezed and thrashed in midair elicited cruel laughter from its tormentors.

“Does it hurt, ya dumbass nigger?” Hank yelled down at it, his face and his pulsating dick both red with raging bloodlust.   “Only way to make the stupid monkeys learn!” Mike called up from below as he landed his Klub in its smooth flat belly.  The black-clad Aryan stud threw his weight onto it, dragging it downward with such brutal force that the barbs buried in the coon’s stomach tore its skin in long lines, damn near disemboweling it.  The nignog’s air dance became momentarily livelier as it suffered pain beyond its admittedly dim imagination; thirty seconds later, it convulsed energetically, then a gush of monkey cum erupted from its dangling dick.  Shortly thereafter its movements slowed and all that was left was a twitching pile of apemeat.

It died without ever seeing the fury of hate and lust its orgasm had triggered.

It was as if a switch had been tripped.  There air was already full of a toxic—and intoxicating—mix of testosterone, racial hatred, and mansweat, but the sight of semen—even if it was just nigger seed—hit the boys with the same effect as a bucket of chum on a school of sharks. 

Despite being the best-trained and most disciplined one of the six, it hit Pete first.  “Die, you motherfucking nigger scum!” he screamed, swing his club downwards and caving in a coon’s face.  As he and the others ran down the stairs to get better angles for beating, Frankie took up the war cry.

“White power!  White power!  White fuckin’ power, bitches!” he screamed, swinging his Klub frenziedly without aim.  Interestingly, he was more accurate that he’d been before; his first blow caught the ballsack of the first darky he’d been practicing with.  With a single jerk, the muscled young skinhead tore the nigger’s scrotum open.  Unlike its now-dead littermate hanging next to it, it couldn’t cum.  But Frankie could, and did—explosively, his hot wad splashing across the boots of those standing near him.

In the melee that followed, even Sheriff Dan joined in, picking up a Klub and beating at the dying niggers like piñatas.  His own cock, long, thick, and wreathed in pulsing veins, was on the verge of exploding when Jack began chanting.  It was the same as when they’d stomped the coon earlier; the sheer force of their mantra, repeated rhythmically, giving a timing and ferocity to their swinging Klubs.





With each impact, nigger flesh was torn and shredded and thrashing nigger bodies kicked and flailed in mortal agony.  Suddenly, one of the coons on the upper tier began to shoot its deathload.  None of the boys commented or even seemed to notice it, but now they began to unload as well, their rage and hormones going into overdrive.

“WHITE!” [WHAM] (spurt)

“POWER!” [WHAM] (spurt)

“WHITE!” [WHAM] (spurt)

“POWER!” [WHAM] (spurt)

The last thing the dying coons heard was the jeering chant of their killers; the last thing the felt, aside from the horrific agony of the tortures inflicted on them, was the searing splashes of white power made truly manifest—the hot potent manseed of the powerful Caucasian males, aroused beyond control at the dominance they were asserting over their inferiors.

It went on for a while.  The remaining monkeys still locked in their cells were screaming in mindless terror, especially those on the lower level, who had the best view of what was happening.  After about a half hour or so, though, things began to calm down.  The boys had stopped swinging and spewing, the shrieking of the caged apes had subsided to abject sobbing, and the ones hanging from the railing had been reduced to dangling pieces of quivering shredded meat whose resemblance to any human species was questionable.  Pools of blood and semen had spread across the floor.

Heaving and sweating, Dan paused to catch his breath.  Glancing around, he noticed that the others were as winded as he was.  “I think we could use a break,” he announced.  “After all, we aren’t even halfway through with the extermination.  Pete, you still got those coolers in your van?”

“Sure do,” the buff lieutenant replied.

“Go ahead and bring ‘em in.  Get someone to help.”

Pete corralled Mike and Frankie; within three minutes, they had returned, each carrying a pair of coolers.  Once they’d been set on one of the tables, Dan opened the closest and started pulling cans of beer out of the ice.

“Figured we might need this,” he grinned as he began to distribute them.  “This’ll get your blood—and your peckers—back up.  Drink up, boys, we’ve got work to do—and I’ve got an idea on how to do it.”

Guffawing with malignant glee, the muscular young coonkillers began to down their beers.  They were almost more excited to hear Dan’s plan than to get back to the slaughter itself.  After all, as even Jack had to admit, the dude had ideas.

Jack’s Krew in Rigler County: The Great Coon Hunt

Dan had just settled into his new chair and leaned back on it when Pete burst through the door, grinning.


“Man, I just heard about it and I’m so stoked.  You deserve it, bro—I mean, sir!”


Dan looked up at the eager, muscle-bound cop and smiled in return.  “Well, I’m only sheriff pro tem.  I’ll be finishing out Waites’ term till it ends in January.”


“Yeah, but they ain’t gonna hire anyone else after that—are they?”


Dan let his smile edge into a smirk.  “Well—to tell the truth, I just got back from a meeting with Ethan Hobart—he’s head of the county elections office.  Seems that the reason Waites was unopposed in every election for the last seventeen years was because ol’ Ethan’s a big supporter of law and order.  He liked the way Waites did things, but he told me he knew I had pretty much been running the department solo since Waites took ill last spring.  Looks like I got the same deal, come election time.”


Pete nodded.  “Shame about the old man; I never knew he was that sick.  At least it was quick.  Sounds like yer gonna be the new sheriff of Rigler County, if Hobart keeps his word.”


Dan’s masculine face went cold and hard.  “He’d better, or we’re gonna have to pay him a visit one night.  That reminds me—I can’t be assigning a deputy to my important tasks.  I’ve already started the paperwork to make you my lieutenant.”


Pete was literally speechless, unable to express his appreciation in a coherent way.  Dan chuckled.  “Don’t worry about it, son—you done good.  In a way, you’re pretty much the son I never had, and I trust you.”


“I won’t let you down, sir,” the new lieutenant replied, his voice husky with solemnity.  Pete revered Dan and would have followed him to the ends of the earth—but Dan already knew that.  The two men had formed an incredibly intense bond based on authority and discipline—and the right way to handle someone who lacked them.


Which reminded Dan…


“Hey, my cousin’s supposed to be in town tomorrow.  I’ve asked him and his crew to stop by my place in the evening; I’d like you to be there too.”


“For the big coon hunt?  Fuck yeah, I’m gonna be there!”


“Good,” Dan grinned.  “I been doin’ a little research on what we’re gonna be up against, but we’re gonna need to work out some teams and tactics.  There’s practically gonna be a fuckin’ army of jigaboos comin’ in to pollute our county and we need to make sure we got a plan in place to track down and waste every single one of ‘em.”


“I’ll be ready, sir,” Pete said with a matching grin that was seconded by the huge erection tenting his chinos.  The thought of having free reign to hunt down and snuff niggers in his hometown had the lieutenant edging so hard he could barely concentrate for the rest of the day.



Dan’s place was far enough out of town for the gathering of strangers to go unnoticed.  They’d arrived in two separate groups; Jack, Ed and Hank, all riding their bikes, had arrived first.  Jack straddled a 2012 Harley Night Rod, his tight jeans and twenty-hole Doc Martens wrapped tightly around the hog.  Ed’s ride was a 2013 Harley Fat Boy, while Hank’s was a 2007 Honda Shadow.


The boys cruised up the well-maintained drive, their bikes scrunching to a halt in the gravel in front of the house.  Dan was waiting for them.  Leading them inside, he introduced them to Pete quickly, names only, since Mike’s car pulled up just then.  The boys could hear Mike and Frankie’s boots on the porch just as Dan got to the door.  Once everyone was inside, he passed around a twelve-pack of beer and got down to business.


“Ok, just so we know where we stand,” he said, looking around at the assorted skinhead killers, “I’m the law around here, and Pete here is my lieutenant.  This operation is under my command.  That means I’m in charge, and if I ain’t around, he is—got it?”


“Yeah,” Jack spoke up before any of his crew could object, “Yer callin’ the shots.”  He ignored the baffled looks of his gang, who were unused to seeing their leader take a back seat—but he knew what he was doing.


Dan grinned.  “Relax, men; yer gonna like this.  Pete, bring out that map ya brought.  Jack, what didja find out about this ape invasion?”


“Mike’s my guy for that—what’d ya find?”


Mike stepped forward.  In the dim interior light, his short hair and large eyes both seemed to be of the deepest jet black.  “Coupla coon fraternities from the main campus of the state college.  Not too much about ‘em online, although one was kicked off campus for drugs.”


“Fuck, that’s perfect,” Pete said, “Now they’re down here tryin’ to establish a safe base for their drug deals.”


“So we’re gonna handle it like a raid,” Dan said.  “Any idea how many monkeys are gonna be runnin’ loose in the woods?”


“I was able to access one of the frat’s websites,” Mike smirked, “Fuckin’ cunts don’t know a damn thing about security.  They’re doin’ what they call a Weekend Warrior Weekend where all the apes dress up like army men and play laser tag or paintball or some shit.  At least forty of ‘em are confirmed, and there may be more.  They got three fifteen-passenger vans rented.  Some place called Ranney’s Valley.”


Dan’s face darkened.  “Yer tellin’ me there’s gonna be forty niggers runnin’ loose out there?  Fuck.  Fuck.”


“What’s wrong?” Pete asked, concerned.  Jack leaned forward as well.


“That’s too many.  We can’t leave that much nigger meat out there; it’ll draw too much attention.  And it’ll be too difficult to clean up without some noticeably heavy equipment.”


There was a pause, and the room grew quiet.


“Not if the meat cleans itself up first,” Pete said, suddenly.


Dan looked questioningly at his lieutenant.


“You’re sheriff now, so that means you have access to all the county property, right?  Like access to the Poorhouse?”


Dan saw the light.  “Fuck yeah, we can herd some of ‘em in there.  And then your boys,” he went on, turning to Jack, “Can have some fun.”


“What’s the Poorhouse?” Ed spoke up.


“It’s actually an old jail overflow building.  It was abandoned eighteen years ago when the new county lockup was completed.  It’s got about twenty individual cells, and a nice large cinderblock cafeteria with a gallery and catwalk,” Dan responded grinning.  “It’s an ideal deathpit.”


“Aw, fuck yeah,” Hank said, “This shit is on!  What’s the plan?”


The sudden sense of agreement, of unity, swept wordlessly among the hardbodied testosterone-laden killers.  Their imaginations inflamed with the sheer possibilities, their cocks responded as well; it was inevitable.


But release was for later.  Now, plans needed to be made.


“Ok, lessee what we got here—Pete, you get a map of Ranney’s Valley in this pile?”


“Yeah,” Pete responded, digging through the pile of maps and handing one to Dan, “Here; it’s an old topographical map of everything north of the bayou and west of the Old Randville Road.  Folks at the county office don’t know what they have themselves.  Glad I spotted this; it’s got Ranney’s Valley in detail.”


“All right,” Dan said in a brisk, businesslike tone as he spread the map across his dining room table, “Gather round, boys, and we’ll get operation White Knight worked out.  There’s gonna be two squads.  I’m leadin’ one and Pete the other.”


He paused for a moment, glancing around the room, looking each of Jack’s crew dead in the face.  If there was gonna be any challenge to his authority, it’d happen now.


There was nothing.  They met his eyes, but said nothing; he was the oldest, the strongest, the most experienced.  They accepted him as alpha leader.


He relaxed and grinned.  “That’s only because we wanna have an official presence if any of the coons tries to resist arrest.”  He broke into a broad grin which visible eased the tension in the room.  The hardbodied young men turned their attention to the map.


“Now, if they’re doin’ some kinda war game bullshit, they’re gonna be split in two themselves, and will have two base camps.  One here on the east side of the valley, and one on the west—even niggers can’t be stupid enough not to realize where the camps should go.  And if they are, there’s plenty of info to tell ‘em so.  At any rate, two gangs of apes, so two squads of men to hunt ‘em down.”


“Makes sense,” Jack said, “But we can’t be sure they’ll make a base exactly on those spots, can we?”


“No,” Dan admitted, “Which is why we’re gonna hafta start this clean-up op in full stealth mode.  Each squad will start at the top of the valley, here and here, and slowly work its way down until it finds the base camp.  Any coon you come across before you find the base camp, you waste, but it’s gotta die quiet.  Last thing we need is a buncha howler monkey shriekin’ in the woods, yeah?”


“Don’t worry,” Mike spoke up, “I can make ‘em suffer and die without makin’ a squeak.”  His handsome face was twisted with an evil leer.  Pete noticed the buff young punk; he hadn’t paid him much attention before, but the confident tone of the killer punk’s voice stirred something.


“When you find the base camp, don’t kill the niggers.” Dan said suddenly.  “We’re gonna use them to help gather up and dispose of the dead ones.”


“Dispose?  How’re they gonna dispose of them?” Ed asked.


“Well to start, they can stack the bodies in one of the vans.  All the vans—and all the nigs, dead and alive—are gonna be driven to the Poorhouse.”


“What happens there?” Ed put in again, his interest clearly picking up.


Again, Dan slowly glanced around the table, meeting each man’s eyes—including Pete’s.  This wasn’t a moment of challenge, though; something else passed between them as Dan smiled at each in turn.


“I don’t care what happens there.  At all.”



Pete scanned the valley stretching out below him before glancing across to the slope on the east side.  He couldn’t see Dan’s squad, but that was the idea.


Dan hadn’t specified any particular dress code, other than telling them not to wear bright colors.  He had emphasized the need for extreme stealth until the base camps were found.


“Y’all get a herd of fuckin’ apes screamin’ and stampedin’ outta here, we’ll never hear the end of it.  Each squad is gonna have two shotguns, but they’re for emergency only, hear me?  I don’t care what ya do to ‘em as long as it’s quick and quiet.”


Dan had Jack, Ed, and Hank on his squad; they had the east side of the valley.  Pete, with Mike and Frankie, had the west side.  The east side was corrugated forestland with hidden dells and unexpected rock formations; the west side was completely different—it was a gentler slope, smoother and much more wet.  Little rills and streams crisscrossed it, draining into the creek at the bottom of the valley.  The west side was better suited to spreading troops out and would need more men to cover.


“Most of the coons won’t go too far from their base on that side,” Jack had said authoritatively, “Niggers don’t like the water.”


So now Pete crept through the underbrush, his ears straining to hear over the constant background sound of trickling water.  His tight jeans were tucked into a pair of TideWe sixteen-inch hunting boots, proof against the mud and muck of the rivulets he stalked into.  His olive-green t-shirt was cinched across his broad chest by the strap of a shotgun scabbard that dangled the weapon across his back—out of the way, but easy to reach when needed.  His black hair was covered by a camouflage cap, the brim low over his hard, cold eyes.


Wrapped tightly around his waist—around everyone’s waists; Dan had issued them out—was a webbed nylon belt with a sheath holding a combat utility knife, with a seven-inch, double-sided blade.  One side was a simple edged surface, the other was serrated for extra sawing power.  Both were excruciatingly sharp.  Also on the belt was an extendible whip-like baton and a thick heavy bludgeon—the latter were custom made for Dan, a solid lead bar coated in thick latex.  Everyone also had a pair of handcuffs; Dan, Pete, and Jack had several pairs each.


Pete and Dan also had radios; cell phones were useless out here.  But radio silence was to be maintained until the coons’ camps had been located.


Far off to Pete’s left, he was aware of Frankie’s progress through the boggy woods.  Frankie was taking the only other semi-dry path the descended the west side. He’d stuck to his usual gear of khaki t-shirt, camouflage pants and combat boots; it was perfect for the mission.  Pete couldn’t see Frankie, he could only hear an occasional rustle in the distance.  The sound would me nothing to someone who didn’t already know Frankie was there.


Mike followed in Pete’s footsteps, his black engineer boots getting muddy as he quietly made his way across the sodden landscape.  Not much sunlight penetrated the tree cover; his black jeans and t-shirt merged in with the shadows.  Like the others, he had something slung over his shoulder, but in his case, it was a tightly wound coil of nylon rope.


Silently and carefully, the three hardbodied young men sought out their prey, inching closer to the kill.



On the east side, Jack was carefully negotiating his way down a broad gully.  The grade wasn’t overly steep, but it the ground was uncertain and covered with leaves; he had to watch where he planted his calf-high green DMs.  His tight, faded jeans and pale orange tank top weren’t overly noticeable against the fall foliage, but he had no intention of drawing attention to himself.


Ahead and off to the right, he could just barely see Hank.  They’d split into pairs and then the pairs split just to the point that they could keep each other in sight.  Hank wasn’t easy to spot; his oxblood Docs were too close to the ground to be seen from a distance and his tight dark jeans didn’t stand out.  Despite the relative warmth of the day, Hank had worn his olive-drab flight jacket.  Only Jack could pick out the tell-tale signs of Hank’s presence.


Then Jack picked out more than just Hank’s presence; the skinhead had halted and was making a motion with his arm.  It was a prearranged signal—coon sighting.


Hank waited for Jack to approach, slowly and quietly, then pointed it out.  The yard ape was leaning back against a tree, smoking a joint.  It wore a tight black long-sleeve t-shirt tucked into a pair of jeans and a pair of bright red Nike Vandal hightops.  Tucked into its waistband was a paintball pistol.  As Jack and Hank watched, it burned the J down to a roach, which it tucked away in a cigarette pack.


When it began to amble away from the tree, it was so high, it didn’t realize that it was being followed until Jack and Hank were less than three feet behind it.  Jack nodded to Hank; the latter, seeing the feral gleam of bloodlust in his leader’s eyes, felt the rush coming on.  Deep in the crotch of his tight jeans, the nigger-killer felt the familiar pressure as his thick white cock swelled at the thought of wasting a coon.


He lunged forward, grabbing both of the jigaboo’s arms and pinning them behind its back.  The nigger buck was young and strong; Hank could feel its thick biceps flexing as it struggled against him, but he had no intention of letting the yard ape escape.  He clamped down on it, making it moan in pain.


“What the fuck—” It began when Jack stepped in front of it.  It just barely had time to focus on the hardbodied skinhead before the latter spoke, making the dark-skinned nigrah turn ashy gray with fear.


“Hey, dude,” Jack said with an ice-cold grin as he slid his knife from its sheath, “What’s a nice place like this doin’ around a nigger like you?”


Its eyes widened in panic, but it was utterly unprepared for the speed with which Jack’s hand darted forward and slammed the blade into the angle of the unlucky jig’s jaw.  There was a searing shock of unimaginable agony as seven inches of razor-sharp steel tore through its mouth, slicing completely though the muscle of the tongue at its thick base with ease.


It had been a rich nigger; its daddy had owned a number of successful dry-cleaning businesses.  It had lived a cushy life for a coon, and now its mouth was full of steel and horrific pain as it gagged on its own blood.


“What’s that fuckin’ stink?  Smells even worse than niggers usually do,” Hank called out, a broad grin on his Aryan face.


“Aw, the fuckin’ jig’s pissed itself.  They always do when they die,” Jack responded, then spoke directly to the terrified jungle bunny.  “Yeah, yer dyin’, aintcha, coon?  Hope it hurts, motherfucker.  Hope yer sufferin’, ya black asswipe.”


The porch monkey made a horrible gagging sound and spit out its tongue.  It coughed again, this time spewing blood over its outstretched hands.


As it stared in bewildered horror at its own blood and meat, Hank swung his heavy bludgeon, popping the nigger on the back of its nappy head.  The latex-covered bar made contact with the cunt’s cranium with an audible crunch, like cracking an eggshell.  The jigaboo fell to its knees, eyes rolled back in its head as shards of its skull slashed through its cerebellum, inflicting massive brain trauma.


Its arms tensed up, the hand flailing limply and loosely.  It shit itself, completely losing control of its bowels.  But it still wasn’t dead.


“Goddam,” Jack muttered, “They’re gettin’ harder to kill every fuckin’ day.”


Hank had to shatter its skull to get it to lie still, smashing the heavy bar into its head until it pulped the coon’s brain.  As he beat it to death, Jack input the location on his phone for corpse retrieval, then both men headed out, fanning out to the east, remaining just within sight of each other, as before.


Behind them, the first dead coon of the day continued to twitch quietly as neurons in its pulverized brain matter randomly fired.  Its expensive Nike kicks—it’d waited in line five hours to buy them—jerked repeatedly, carving furrows in the leaves, each one slightly weaker and fainter than the last.  Its heart continued to beat for another hour, but it was nothing more than a pile of nigger meat, lying in the woods.



Three quarters of a mile to the south, Dan was making his silent, deadly way through the forest.  He’d grabbed a black tactical assault jumpsuit from the department and tucked it into his own pair of ten-inch black lace-up utility boots.  One of the reasons he’d chosen the outfit was for the extra weapon carrying capacity, and he was taking advantage of it now.


He’d been attracted by the sound of splashing water and had slowly closed in on a small creek that spilled over a five-foot ledge into a waterfall.  Approaching from the top side, Dan peered down and spotted two niggers lounging around the pool beneath him.  One was fucking around on its phone, trying unsuccessfully to find a signal; it was wearing a t-shirt with a college logo, jeans, and tan Timberland boots.  The other nig had gone full weekend warrior, with combat fatigues and boots.


Neither one deserved the name of warrior, Dan thought with contempt.  He was standing in plain sight, but the dumbass monkeys didn’t even look up.  He signaled to Ed, off in the distance, and withdrew from his prominent location to await backup.


Ed’s golden buzz-cut hair glinted in the dappled sunlight that broke through the trees.  Wearing a khaki-brown wifebeater that showed off his bulging, tatted biceps, the Aryan punk also sported a tight pair of Diesel jeans tucked into his oxblood Doc Martins.  He closed in swiftly on Dan’s position and soon they both had the enemy in view.


Dan and Ed were both experienced killers; no words needed to be said.  Dan nodded at the camo-wearing coon and ran his finger across his throat.  Ed nodded, bent his head at the other one, and did the same thing.  Using his fingers only, Dan counted down from three and they both sprang forward.


The jungle bunny in fatigues was farthest from the bank; Dan reached it before Ed reached his target.  The cop had his weapon ready in his gloved hands—a length of piano wire with wooden handles on then ends, a professional garrote.  He approached the ape from behind and, swiftly looping the wire, dropped it over the nigger’s head, cinching tight instantly.


“Gak!” the choking coon gagged out, “Grk! Guh!”  Dropping its paintball gun, it began clawing frenetically at the wire sunk into its neck.


“What the fuck?” the other jigaboo said, turning in confusion, only to be confronted with Ed, grinning and swinging at him.  Before the buck could react, the powerful Aryan had punched him in the face, hard.  The jig stumbled backwards, reeled, and fell face-down on the bank of the creek, its head over the water.


Ed instantly pounced on top and forced its head under the surface.  It thrashed and flailed as the hardbodied nigger-killer lay on top of it and began drowning it.


Behind Ed, Dan held on tight as he strangled the young coon to death.  It kept clawing and struggling, as if trying to rise to its feet, but the buff cop kept it down on its knees.  “Think yer gonna come out here and fuck my town, motherfucker?” he hissed at it as he bent over it and choked its life out.  “Fuckin’ die, ya worthless pickanniny.  All you nasty-ass yard apes need to fuckin’ die.  My boys are gonna take out all yer nigger cousins—you all related, right?  Fuck yer own sisters like goddam jungle monkeys, huh?”


The young buck couldn’t reply.  Its face was already blacker and lips thicker than usual.  Its huge eyes bulged comically as it gagged and jerked, dying helpless and alone in the woods.  It could see its friend dying, as well.


Ed felt the big buck nigger’s taut muscles flexing under him as it struggled to get its head above the water.  He had to clamp down on it, his bicep bulging with the pressure he was exerting to keep the jungle bunny’s head under the surface.  Its Timberland boots kicked out helplessly, scraping up leaves and carving furrows in the dirt.  Its arms splashed frantically in the creek, the sound becoming lost in the noise of the miniature waterfall.


No one else could hear the niggers die.


It took a while.  Dan’s coon kept swinging and swaying to each side, its struggles becoming weaker and more erratic.  A sudden acrid stench filled the air; the darky had pissed itself, a large dark wet spot forming in the crotch of its fatigues.  By now its tongue, thick and grotesque, was sticking out from between the ludicrously swollen lips.  Its eyes had rolled back in its head and it was drooling like a fucking dog.


Hank’s porch monkey was also slowing, its attempts to breathe becoming more and more feeble.  Its hands splashed limply just at the surface of the creek and its boots were not so much kicking as twitching and jerking among the fallen leaves.


With a hearty grunt, Dan tightened his wire around the nigger’s neck one last time.  This time, he put enough force into it to break the skin; in fact, the wire sank so deep he damn near cut the coon’s throat.  It hung loosely and limply from the garrote, its hand dangling in front and shuddering convulsively.


The sadistic sheriff finally had enough.  He let the cunt drop to the ground, then retrieved his wire.  It was so deeply embedded in the homeboy’s neck that Dan had to brace himself by planting his combat boot on the jigaboo’s chest to yank his weapon from its body.


Behind him, Hank finally rose to his feet.  The ape he’d offed was halfway in the water, only its jeans and boots visible.  Its legs still trembled and quivered.


“Thin they’re dead?” Hank asked.


“Good as,” Dan replied, “They damn sure ain’t gonna be infestin’ the woods anymore.”


“This is gonna be easy,” Hank went on, “Fuckin’ animals—ain’t as smart as us humans.”


“Apes don’t hunt, not with stealth,” Dan observed.  “Gonna make it easier to stop this coon invasion dead in its tracks—literally.  Mark the location so we can get this pile of fuckin’ monkey meat dragged outta here later.”


Seconds later, they were back out on the hunt themselves, heading silently toward the partying young jigaboos who were blissfully unaware of the brutal Aryan predators about to ambush and slaughter them mercilessly.



Back on the west side, Pete was crouched expectantly in the undergrowth; he’d seen movement in the distance and had pulled out a pair of binoculars.  Cautiously and quietly, Mike and Frankie approached him.  By the time they got to him, Pete had spotted what he was looking for.


“Here,” he said, handing the binoculars to the first arrival, Mike, and pointing to the west, “See ‘em?  Coupla niggers—and they got drugs.  The Cap—er, the Sheriff—was right as usual.  If we don’t wipe ‘em out now, they’re gonna fuck this place up.”


The view through the intervening foliage wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough for Mike to make out the two coons Pete was referring to.  One of them, in a dark t-shirt tight across his broad ape chest, loose jeans hanging halfway off his ass, was rolling a huge fat blunt.  The other, with a crooked ball cap, torn jeans and white Nike hightops, was sprinkling white power into it from a baggie which it replaced into its hip pocket when finished.


The second jig was the one that had caught Pete’s attention; its neon-yellow t-shirt was easily visible, even in the overgrown brush.


“Yeah,” Mike agreed, handing the binoculars to Frankie, who’d just arrived, “Ya gotta treat ‘em like roaches.  Ya see one, ya know there’s hundreds around somewhere, spreadin’ filth.  Best thing to do is find the nest and wipe ‘em all out—any that get away can breed more.”


“Hell yeah,” Frankie said, grinning as he peered at the prey, about five hundred yards to the west.  “Fuckin’ hard to kill as roaches, too.  Ya gotta hit ‘em hard and keep hittin’ ‘em till they ain’t nothin’ but twtichin’ apemeat.”  He paused, keeping one hand on the binoculars and rubbing the swelling bulge in his crotch with the other.  “I ain’t down with this ‘fast’ and ‘quiet’ shit, though,” he muttered.  “I wanna take my time over it.  I wanna hear ‘em beg and scream when they die, fuckin’ jigaboos…”


“Time for that later,” Pete said peremptorily, “We gotta get to the camp first.  Once we corral the apes, you can worry about havin’ some fun with whatever’s still alive.”  As he spoke, he could see that the coons had fired up the blunt and were passing it back and forth.  “C’mon,” he said, “Looks like they’re too busy gettin’ fucked up to see us comin’ to fuck ‘em up.”


The three aggressive young killers slowly moved forward; Pete, in the lead, making sure they remained undetected.  Even though the prey was getting high, he still didn’t want to take the chance of panicking the jungle bunnies before he was close enough to catch one.  He and Frankie didn’t really have different aims, it was just that Pete, under Dan’s tutelage, had learned the value of Discipline and Authority, and for both, control was needed.


Pete was becoming one of the most dangerous of killers, a buff, hardbodied young who got off on inflicting pain and death but had the self-control to pick and choose the appropriate moment to indulge himself.  And he had a badge.


He had no problem with lingering over a nigger, making it squeal and suffer before dispatching it to monkey hell, but first, he wanted information.  He wanted to catch one alive and interrogate it, find out where its nest—er, camp was.  He’d waste it when he was done with it, but not before he’d pumped it for all it knew.


He was looking forward to making a monkey talk.  His hand slid down to the handle of his utility knife.  He hoped it would resist.  As he unclipped the strap securing the blade in its sheath, his dick started to stiffen.


He was still in full control—but he really, really hoped the jigaboo would resist.


They burst suddenly out of the underbrush.  “Freeze, niggers!” Frankie yelled.  One did and one didn’t.


The coon in the dark shirt, the one who’d rolled the blunt, took off like a shot, earning the name of jungle bunny by scampering through the woods like a wild hare.  Just a swiftly, Mike and Frankie went after him, vanishing back into the undergrowth.


Pete was left alone with the jig in the yellow shirt.  It popped up as if to flee, but Pete sprang forward and clamped it in a power hold, one hand tightly over its mouth while using the other to press his knife into its throat.


“You can feel that, cantcha,” he said menacingly.  It wasn’t a question.  “I’m gonna ask some questions.  You don’t answer, I cut your fuckin’ throat.  You do anything but answer, I’m gonna cut yer throat.  You dig, nigger?  Ya feelin’ me, tarbaby?”


The coon nodded its head.  Clutching the muscled black buck tightly, he could feel it tremble.  In a mix of anger and fear, it was sweating, a nasty niggery reek.  Pete closed his mind to it, thinking the smell was proof that offing these disgusting apes was utterly justified, if nothing else was.


“Where’s yer camp, fuckwad?” he asked quietly.


“Down dere by de riber,” the porch monkey replied, fear making his coon accent thicker.


“How many more guards you got out?  Where are they?”


“Homie, I dunno that kinda shit!  We’s jist here fo’ some—” Pete cut it off, clamping his huge strong hand back over its mouth, feeling its thick soft lips crushed under his palm.  He drew the blade across the cunt’s throat—not deeply, just enough to break the skin and leave a thin line of blood encircling the jigaboo’s neck.


“Not an acceptable answer,” the hardbodied cop growled, “And you call me homie again and I’ll gut you here and now like a fuckin’ pig, you got me, boy?  Now where are the rest of yer fuckin’ tribe?”


The young nigger was almost in tears when Pete lifted his hand this time; it was clearly confused and terrified.  Stupid motherfucker couldn’t figure out what was going on.  Pete felt nothing but contempt and impatience.


“Answer me, ya black piece of shit, or so help me God—”


“I dunno!! I really don’t!!  I mean I saw Andre an’ Deontay go dat way an’ Marquis an’ Lamar said dey wanted to off an’ do some hits—but I dunno!!” the coonboy wailed.


Pete snorted in disgust.  It figured.  He shoulda known better than to expect an ignorant fuckin’ yard ape to talk sense.  He pressed the knife against its neck again.


“Yer a worthless sack a’ monkey meat, aintcha,” he muttered and ripped its throat open.  “Doin’ the world a fuckin’ favor.”


The razor-sharp blade sliced easily through apeflesh, but once it reached the nigger’s trachea, Pete had to put some pressure on it; it took a little effort to saw through the rubbery tissue.  The jungle bunny had tried to scream as its white deathmaster began the kill, but Pete kept its jaw in such a tight grip that all it could do was give off the despairing bleat of a dying lamb.


That changed once the windpipe was penetrated.  The monkey still wasn’t able to scream—the buff lawman had carved its larynx to gristly shreds—but its trapped air burst out in a high-pitched squeal, followed by violent gagging on blood.  It was the sound of a young nigger cunt in mortal agony.


Pete let it go and stepped back to watch it die, his dick so hard it hurt.


It fell to its knees, blood spewing from the gash in its neck.  It coughed and choked and vomited up blood in stunned shock, holding its hands up to the wound.   Pete chuckled at the dumbass coon, thinking it could hold back the blood.  For a moment it turned to look at him, its eyes wide with sheer terror.  Then, as Pete watched, the nigger’s eyes rolled back in its head.  It pissed itself and collapsed, lying huddled on the ground.


The cop had done his duty.  He went in search of Mike and Frankie, leaving behind him a pile of apemeat, struggling convulsively to breathe, its muscled body heaving and wheezing as it bled out in a muddy pool of its own blood and urine.  Its Nikes twitched in the leaves a few times as it died alone in the woods.



Fifty yards west, Frankie and Mike had come across their prey struggling to free its expensive Air Jordan from a crack in a boulder; the coon had tried to scamper over it and gotten its foot stuck.  It had just managed to get itself free when the hardbodied apekillers burst in on it from the underbrush.  Trapped with its back to the rock it had been unable to climb, it looked at the muscled Aryans and whimpered, its eyes comically wide.


“Hey there, spook,” Frankie grinned.


“Gonna be a fuckin’ spook by the time I’m done with it,” Mike muttered, drawing the heavy bludgeon from his utility belt.  Frankie had already pulled out his expandable baton.


The nigger was a big black buck, well-built and strong.  It was obviously scared but was pathetically trying to brazen it out.  “Wh-wh—” it began, paused and gulped, and then restarted.  “Wh-what you white b-boys want?”


What they wanted was to explode and the coon had set the bomb off perfectly.  “Shut the fuck up, ya stupid black ape!” Frankie roared, his young, hard face twisted in rage and his thick cock so hard it was visible in the crotch of his camo pants.  He slashed at the nig’s face with the baton, laughing with malevolent glee as the street monkey wailed in pain.


“Goddammit, the piece a’ shit’s makin’ too much noise,” Mike said, stepping forward.  With a single brutal incapacitating blow, he pounded his bludgeon into the jigaboo’s simian face, shattering its jaw into shards.  The nigger made an odd squealing sound, then gagged and retched before vomiting out bloody clots of teeth.


As it did, Frankie, who’d torn the fucker’s left cheek open and broken its cheekbone with his baton, shifted to the other side.  Mike stood back for a moment to let him work, watching his brother-in-snuff demonstrate the flexibility of the baton.  Standing behind the coon, he whipped the thin metal rod horizontally against the side of its head.  It had enough give to follow the contours of the skull.


When the tip came to the front of the skull, it whipped around and punctured the spade’s eye.


It wheezed.  It was trying to scream, but it was trying too hard.  Then it wasn’t trying at all; it was bent over, vomiting uncontrollably.


“Well fuck,” Frankie said, smirking at Mike, “That’s kickass!”


“Aw, you can to the same thing with an untwisted coat hanger,” Mike said with a grin.  “Here, lemme put it out of its misery.  Mamma always told me to be kind to animals…”


His thick-soled engineer boots crunched in the fallen leaves as he closed in for the kill.  The quivering nigger was too overwhelmed with agony to notice his approach.  He was able to walk right up to it and, with his unerring precision of aim, break its neck with a single blow.  The coated metal bar caught the ape just at the nape of its neck, three vertebrae splintering with a loud crunch.


The jigaboo twitched violently, twice, then went limp.  It instantly soiled itself.


“Jesus,” Frankie said in disgust, “Ya try to do ‘em a favor, and ya end up havin’ to deal with this stench.”


“That’s what ya get for tryin’ to do a coon a favor,” said a voice close behind them, making them jump.  They whirled simultaneously to find that Pete had caught up to them.


“I take it you got what ya needed from yours?” Mike asked him.


“Aw, stupid darkie didn’t know shit,” Pete muttered.  His eyes shifted to the pile of monkey meat lying behind them.


“Y’all do know that one’s still alive, right?” he drawled casually, a gleam of humor in his eyes.


“Huh?” Frankie blurted.  Mike spun and looked carefully.  Sure enough, it was still breathing.  Shallowly and badly, but it was breathing.


“Dude, it’s gotta be dead; it shit itself,” Frankie protested.


“Sometimes the spinal cord ain’t severed,” Pete continued.  “I been readin’ up on how to break necks.  Seems ya gotta really work the fucker to make sure ya do enough damage to kill it and not just leave it paralyzed.”


“I think we can handle that,” Mike said.  Standing over the nigger, he raised his leg and stomped on its neck, grinding the heel of his big black boot into its spine.  Again and again he stomped it, crushing its throat and leaving no uncertainty whatsoever that the jungle bunny was dead.


“So, which way now?” Mike asked, turning his back on the corpse and heading towards Pete and Frankie.


“Well, it’s gotta be further east,” Pete replied.  I’ll go this way.  You”—said to Frankie—“go thirty yards north and you”—to Mike—“the same to the south.  If we’re lucky, we should be able to locate their camp soon.”


The three men merged back into the underbrush, silently moving forward, on the hunt and primed to kill.



Dan and Ed were the oldest members of the coon-killing squad.  They had the most experience and the most control.  Dan had divided the groups up knowing that Pete and Jack could handle those with them.  Ed didn’t need to be handled; he and Dan moved on parallel courses, close enough to help each other if needed but not actually coordinating their movements.


That’s how Dan happened to be alone when he unexpectedly stumbled across an armed nigger.


Dan had decided to take advantage of some of the SWAT tactical gear stored in the back of the new jail.  He’d gone all in black, with a tight-fitting jumpsuit belted at the waist with the nylon utility belt he’d handed out to the others.  The cuffs of his jumpsuit legs were neatly bloused into his SWAT 8” Alpha Fury boots, a black knit cap covered his head and on his hands was a pair of custom-made fingerless leather tactical gloves with metal insets in the palms and brass (well, steel) knuckles sewed into the right glove.


Dan was literally dressed to kill, and it saved his life.


The jigaboo was leaning back, basking like a lizard in a small spot of sun.  It had a black satin do-rag on its head, an Oakland Raiders t-shirt stretched across its broad monkey chest, a pair of dark, low-slung jeans, Nike Air Jordan IIIs on its feet, and a Newport dangling from its thick lower lip.  If Dan hadn’t been upwind, the smoke would have told him it was there.  As it was, he popped right into the small clearing, making the yard ape jump up and go for its waistband.


Dan saw the Glock G17 in its hand; his reaction in the split-second he had before it drew a bead on him was the result of professional training.  He punched the nigger in the throat.


The brass knuckles in his glove collapsed the dumb ape’s esophagus instantly with the sound and sensation of crushing a foam cup.  The jig dropped its gun and clutched at its ruined throat, its eyes wider than seemed physically possible.


Strange thick sounds came from its blocked windpipe.  “GUK!  GRK!  NGK!”  The porch monkey was too stupid to realize it was dead; it staggered forward, reaching out to Dan as if pleading for help.  Its face was already swelling and becoming congested; tears welled from its bulging eyes as it gagged and choked.  It took another faltering step towards Dan, then fell to its knees, its hands still upraised in a beseeching gesture.


“Bad idea to draw on the sheriff, nigger,” Dan said evenly.  “See, yard apes with gats get the death penalty in this county.”


It may have even been stupid enough to feel hope when Dan suddenly grinned at it; if it did, it was soon dashed as the muscular, black-clad ape killer reached down and unzipped his fly.  Reaching in, he hauled up his enormous tackle and brandished it, semi-hard in the coon’s face.


“Aw, I’m just kiddin’,” Dan said cheerfully.  “Gats or no gats, all you jigaboos are gonna die.  I got death squads out there now, huntin’ yer monkey kin down.”


The nigger knew it was going to die now; its tongue was already starting to protrude.  Snot from its nose trickled down to mingle with the drool spilling over its thick dark lips and blood vessels ruptured like fireworks in the whites of its eyes.  A hot, sour smell filled the air as dark moistness spread out from the crotch of its jeans.


“Boy, yer a fuckin’ mess,” Dan drawled.  “Here, lemme help ya wash that off.”


And with that he started pissing in the dying nigger’s face, the hot, acrid urine splashing over the gagging monkey’s exposed tongue and into its protruding eyes.  Its hands, which hadn’t ceased clawing at its throat, now came up in a weak attempt to block the flow.  They fluttered like dying birds, splashing in the stream of hot piss, before the jungle bunny suddenly pitched forward, face down into the dirt, and began to convulse violently.


Dan had a bladder like a barrage balloon.  He kept giving the spade a nice warm golden shower as it kicked its life away, its Nike kicks scraping in the dirt as a puddle of urine formed around the depression where it had faceplanted.  As the stream finally trailed off into a trickle, Dan took a moment to shake the last few drops out onto the soaked do-rag on its head, then tucked his rod back in.  Bending down and retrieving the gun from where the nig had dropped it, Dan left his prey still twitching in its own little sunny spot.


He was in a hurry; some inner sense had told him Ed had found something interesting.





Ed had.  Crouching behind a huge, moss-covered oak, his gaze was riveted on a wooden shed, about twenty feet square.  He’d seen at least three niggers go in, and the front was guarded by two coons carrying what looked like paintball guns.


It was the base camp he’d been looking for.  Deep in the groin of his tight Diesel jeans, his long, thick, white cock stirred with the through of the slaughter that was about to occur.  He needed Dan to put in an appearance, quick, or he was gonna start wasting the fuckin’ porch monkeys on his own.


Luckily for his libido, Dan slipped silently out of the undergrowth just in time.  “Lookee here,” the buzz-cut Nazi grinned, “Found the fuckin’ coon nest.”


Dan grinned back, the cold, hard grin of an experienced calculating his target’s death.  “How many inside?”


“I’d say five to ten, maybe more.”


“Ok, here’s the plan…”


Dan wanted to reconnoiter the structure before making his move, making sure the one visible door was the only practicable exit.  They agreed to circle around to the rear, Ed heading to the left and Dan to the right, giving the open space in front of the shed a wide berth and moving quietly so as to leave the guards undisturbed—for the moment.


The next time they saw each other, they were peering around the back of the shed; it was up against a thickly wooded bank, and didn’t even have windows.  The set-up was perfect; this team of nigs had been stupid enough to set up headquarters in a trap.  As the muscled killers—one a skinhead and one in cop gear—conferred behind the shed, they could head the motherfuckers chattering away on the inside like a troop of apes.


“The two in front,” Dan whispered, holding up his knife and making a slashing gesture across his throat.  Dan nodded, and they each began to creep back to the front of the shed, along opposite side, staying low to avoid the windows in the sides.  They reached the front simultaneously, crouching at the corners of the building and scoping out the guards.


Two big buff bucks, with their backs turned.  One was in a too-small t-shirt advertising some fraternity event, a pair of tight jeans full of holes and so elaborately patched that they’d clearly been manufactured that way, and a pair of bright blue Nike Air Jordan Flight Varsity hightops.  The other wore the same t-shirt with a black flat peak cap worn backwards, worn but intact jeans and replica white-and-black Jordan 1 Homage sneakers.


The jeans and kicks were enough to tell—the one on the right came from money, the one on the left didn’t.  Not that it mattered—they’d both die just the same, hard and ugly.


It happened fast.


Dan’s boots were silent on the trodden dirt clearing in front of the shed as he crept forward.  Ed’s Doc Martens made faint grinding sounds, but the two coons never noticed.  They’d just finished sharing a blunt and were both higher than fuck.  The whole thing was a game, after all—until it wasn’t.


Dan took the one on the right.  His hand, in its fingerless leather tactical glove, clamped tightly across the jigaboo’s mouth.  It just had time to let out a startled grunt before he jammed his knife into its throat, powering up his bicep and punching the blade through any resistance he felt.


Ed did the same, but he didn’t stifle his target; as a result, his yard ape managed to blurt out a thick, gagging bleat of agony, unrecognizable as human and nowhere near loud enough to be heard inside.


Ed’s coon—the poor one—choked and spat out a spray of blood.  It and the other one turned to look at each other in shock and horror, each clutching their punctured, bleeding necks.  The wealthy one staged forward a few steps after Dan let it go, its thick rubbery lips working as if it was begging for its worthless life, but nothing came from its open mouth beyond the sound of a dying nigger gargling on its own blood.  As it shuffled its expensive Nikes in the dirt, it ruined its expensive jeans by losing control of its bladder.


“Aw, fuck, nigger piss stinks,” Dan muttered.  The jungle bunny paused and swayed, its already-huge pupils dilating as it started to lose consciousness.  The hardbodied cop darted forward; catching it as it fell, he dragged the shuddering spade off to the right and dumped it into the undergrowth where it spent its last few seconds facedown in a clump of poison sumac, drowning on its own blood.


The poor jigaboo with the replica Jordans had wrapped both hands tightly around its own throat as if it could stop the flow of blood that way.  Lightheaded and panicked, it stumbled ahead and to the left—instinctively trying to flee the danger.  Ed didn’t chase it; he didn’t need to.  As it lurched away, he swung out with the knife, twice, lightning-fast, and caught the black cunt in the throat again each time.


It made it three steps before falling to its knees and pissing itself.  Its hands dropped limply to its sides and it tried desperately to breathe, twice.  Both tries resulted in nothing more than grotesque, gurgling wheezes.  Then it fell facedown, its legs kicking spasmodically.


Following Dan’s lead, Ed dragged it off to the side and shoved it into one of the small creeks running through the area.  He didn’t check to see if it had stopped breathing yet; it would soon enough anyway.


He and Dan then executed perfect stealth approached to the shed.  The front had one centered door with a small window on each side of it.  Dan and Ed sidled along the front to the door, staying low to avoid the windows.  Once the reached it, they paused, flanking it, two muscled warriors awaiting their backup.


It didn’t take long for Jack and Hank to catch up.  There was no need to ask how their hunting had gone; the disappointment on their faces was obvious indication that they hadn’t managed to snuff as many coons as they’d wanted.  Dan grinned; once the monkeys were penned up in the Poorhouse, the Aryan punks could torture them to death to his sick little heart’s content.  Fuck, Dan was gonna be glad to help.  But they needed to have them corralled first.


The four killers put their heads together and came up with a quick plan of assault—not that the ramshackle shed justified the need of a plan, but the last thing anyone wanted was for a yard ape to escape and go off howling into the woods.  The actual attack was over faster than they would have thought possible.


Dan and Jack broke through the door as Ed and Hank blocked the windows from the outside.  The niggers paused, unsure of what was happening; it took the sight of the muscle-bound cop brandishing his shotgun to get the concept of danger through their dense skulls.


Then hell broke loose.


None of the coons had a real weapon, or any kind of hand-to-hand combat training; some had joined in street brawls, but it wasn’t the same.  Ten of the dozen made it out alive—bleeding and bruised, cowed into submission, but alive.


One big black buck, clearly the alpha of his tribe, tried to stand up to Dan.  He threw up his fists as if offering to box.  Dan let go of the shotgun, letting the shoulder strap catch it, and grinned holding up his palms.  The bull nigger waded in like he was going to deck the sheriff good and hard.  He drew his arm back, clearly telegraphing his swing, and that was when Dan’s arm shot out like a knife-wielding piston, driving the sharp steel tip of his blade between the jigaboo’s ribs and into its heart.


“Gurk!” the monkey cried, its eyes huge as a huge bubble of blood broke on its thick lips.  For a brief moment, its powerful ape body was rigid with shock and agony; Dan twisted the knife inside of it to ensure maximum damage before stepping back.  The nigger trembled, then fell tot the floor in heap of quivering, bleeding monkey meat.


At the sight of this, another one, this one young and slim, panicked and leaped head-first through the window.  It managed not only to avoid cutting itself too badly but to maneuver into a tuck-and-roll with an animal-like agility.


What it didn’t manage to avoid was Ed, with his bludgeon.  Just as the young niglet staggered to its feet, Ed swung the heavy metal bar against its head, knocking it to the ground.


“Hey,” Hank said, “We need to keep ‘em alive, remember?  They gotta drag away the ones we already killed.”


“Yeah, but this one’s already damaged,” Ed said.


“Don’t look that badly damaged to me,” Hank replied.  Planting his oxblood Doc Martens on each side of the moaning, shuddering pickanniny, Ed bent down and bashed it in the again, twice, his huge biceps flexing with the power he delivered to the crushing blows.


Standing triumphantly astride the thrashing nigger, Ed gave Hank a malevolent smile.  “How ‘bout now?”


Even Hank had to admit this one was brain-damaged beyond repair.  Hell, he could see its brain.  Ed had cracked its skull open like an egg.


Dan and Jack emerged with the remaining coons, their hands up.  Some looked angry and defiant, some looked terrified, and some were openly weeping, snot running down their ape-like faces.


“You and you,” Dan said, pointing out two of the darkies with his shotgun, “Grab the bodies.  Well, what the fuck are ya waitin’ for, nigger, another slave auction?  Yer on fuckin’ corpse detail; move it!”


The porch monkeys’ panic was amusing to watch; they scrambled about in terror, falling over each other in their hurry to obey their new master.  Within minutes, the four white men were leading their captive coons back uphill towards the ridge.  Dan brought up the rear, his gun pointed at the line of ape in front of him—and especially at the ones dragging their dead homies, just to make sure they didn’t lag.


They were near the top when the sound of a shotgun blast echoed across the valley, from somewhere high up on the other side.


The Aryan brothers looked at Dan.


“Get ‘em into the vans,” he said curtly, unlocking the rear doors of the two vehicles the coons had left, then spent a few moments peering across to the slope on the far side of the valley.


“See anything?” Jack asked.


“No,” Dan answered, “But Pete and his team must have found the other camp.  And Pete knows how to take care of himself.  Are they loaded?  Good.  You take the other van .  We’re gonna go over and see what’s going on with Pete.”


Having loaded everyone into the vans the niggers had so thoughtfully brought with them, Dan began the five-mile journey to the nearest crossing.



Twenty minutes later, when Dan pulled up to far side, where the third van was parked, his lieutenant had already corralled his group of niggers.  The sheriff gave no outward sign of his relief except for a slight, almost unnoticeable relaxation of his taut muscled body.  He opened the door and slid out of the van, about to ask what had happened, when he noticed that a couple of the coons were toting the corpse of one of their kin that was missing most of its head.


The buff young lieutenant followed the gaze of his superior officer and grinned.  “Yeah, one of ‘em tried to make a break for it.  Got the jump on one of my guys.”


Pete said nothing about who or made any kind of indication, but the fiery flush on Frankie’s face made it clear who the peccant nigger-killer was.  He and Mike were overseeing the loading of the third van, packing the live darkies in with corpses like cattle.  Dan and Pete ambled over to make sure everything was settled before heading out for the Poorhouse.


“You got all the bodies?” Dan asked, “Last thing I want is some redneck out frog-giggin’ stumbling over a dead porch monkey and making me waste time on a fake investigation.”


“Yeah, we got ‘em all, but these homies are fuckin’ scared as shit of dead bodies,” Pete growled, “Fuck, the one I shot panicked when he touched one and slugged—well, you get the idea.”


If Dan didn’t get it, it was soon openly demonstrated for him.  There were already ten living coons in the van, but Pete’s crew had rounded up a dozen.  The last two were carrying the headshot ape.


The youngest—he looked too young to be in college—stumbled and fell to his knees about five feet from the van.  Immediately Pete and Dan stood up straight and began moving towards the downed jigaboo; the look on their faces made the other one move double-time, dumping its dead buddy into the van before scrambling in over the corpse.  It wanted to be out of the way of whatever was about to happen.


It was Pete who got there first.  The teenage niglet, in boxy low-hanging short, pale Timberland boots and yellow sleeveless Lakers LeBron jersey, peered up at the hardbodied cop looming over him and snarled, “Black lives matter, motherfucker!” in an agony of defiant fear.


Dan was there by now.  The two men exchanged a look, and a malicious grin.  Nothing was said or needed to be said; Dan simply handed Pete his own latex-covered lead bludgeon.  Pete gripped it lightly, testing the balance, and turned back to the kneeling pickanniny.  When he spoke, his voice was calm and even.


“Boy, I’ve taken shits that mattered more than your worthless nigger existence.”


With that, he swung the baton into the punk’s mouth, shattering its jaw and knocking out half its teeth.  It rose up instantly, hands clutched to its mangled, bleeding face, and Pete hit it again—in the same place.  There was much less damage to its face this time; the bones than snapped like twigs were the ones in its hands.


It bent forward, thick gouts of blood—and a few teeth—spewing from its mouth as it sprayed and gurgled.  Mike and Frankie found themselves having difficulty; as much as they were enjoying the show, the mutterings and weeping from their vanload of spades meant that the natives were restless and needed watching as well.  Fortunately, it didn’t last long enough for a revolt to start.


The agonized coon coughed up a thick gob of bloody phlegm, then tilted its head back—and that was when Pete delivered the death blow, smashing the baton horizontally across the jig’s throat, completely destroying its esophagus in one swift, devastating impact.


The young monkey’s eyes bulged and it fell to its knees again, its shattered fingers flopping uselessly at its crushed throat.  Its already dusky face, or what was left of it, swelled and blackened.  Then it pissed itself, acrid urine running down its smooth dark thighs.


“Get one or two of ‘em back out to move this one,” Dan called back to Mike and Frankie just as the baby ape pitched forward on its face and thrashed violently.


It was still shuddering and trembling as its terrified pack members reluctantly dragged it into the van.  They tried to avoid touching it as they climbed in; in fact, all the coons showed a distinct aversion to being anywhere near the still-convulsing corpse.


“Hasn’t even shit itself yet,” Mike remarked conversationally to the niggers as he locked them in with it.


Frankie, Hank, and Ed each climbed into one of the vans to keep and eye on monkeys.  Dan, Pete, Mike, and Jack met in the area between the vehicles to coordinate.  They’d already reviewed the maps.


“You’re five minutes behind me, right?” Dan said to Pete.  “And use the radio if there are any problems.”


“Five minutes, yessir,” Pete responded, then grinned.  “And if you’re referring to the cargo, sir—there won’t be any problems we can’t handle.”


Dan returned the grin.  “I know, Lieutenant.  Still keep your eyes open.”  He turned to Jack next.


“You’re five minutes behind him.  Need to get anything?  Any special equipment?”


Jack replied with a grin no less shark-like than those of the cops.  “Naw, my and my boyz, we specialize in improvisin’.  ‘Specially if there’s a lotta shit lyin’ around.”


“This was the old county overflow jail.  It’s falling apart, but it’s got plenty of debris and old tools that can be put to inventive use,” Dan said.


“Aw, fuck yeah!  What are we waitin’ for?  We bagged us some coons; time to take ‘em back and gut ‘em!”


He scrambled eagerly into the van; it was the signal to depart.  Dan pulled out first; Pete obediently waited five minutes, then followed, with Jack trailing along the requisite five minutes after that.  Three vans, five Aryan brothers, two cops, twenty-one live niggers and at least a dozen dead ones, all heading out for a killing pit.


Once the dust from the vans settled, the valley was still and quiet again.  The piss-soaked terror, the bloody agony, the brutal slaughter wasn’t over—it was just being moved to a more convenient location.

Cuttin’ Down Ebony Woods, Part Two

Hank looked up, grinned, and nudged Frankie in the ribs.  “They’re back,” he said.


Frankie whirled around and caught sight of the trio of skinheads crossing the dance floor towards them.  “Shit,” the hardbodied young Aryan muttered, “Lookit how they got their hard dicks hangin’ out.  It damn sure better be our turn to have some fun; I’m about to blow my load thinkin’ ‘bout wastin’ these niggers.”  He turned and smirked evilly at the half-dozen coons that he and Hank had cornered and stripped naked.


The street apes huddled together in fear, their hands efficiently bound behind their backs with zip-ties.  They’d heard every gunshot, every scream of mortal agony and every gurgle of slit throats, and their terror was almost palpable.


It was a good thing the crew was reuniting, Hank thought, or the niggers would stampede like the cattle they were.  With their Glocks, Hank knew he and Frankie could take ‘em down before they reached the door—but where was the fun in that?


These faggot coons needed to suffer.


Both Frankie and Hank were erect with sadistic anticipation by the time Jack reached them.


“Fuck yeah!” Jack shouted, “Upstairs is officially nigger-free!”  He, Ed and Mike all laughed; the sound was harsh, masculine—and brutal.


“So what’s this big idea you got?” Frankie asked impatiently, rubbing the swelling crotch of his camo fatigues.


“Go to the bar and find us each some paper an’ somethin’ to write with,” the musclebound alpha said, “And I’ll show ya.”


At the back end of the dance floor was a small raised area—a stage for live performances.  Jack too his place on it while Frankie distributed the pencils and paper.


“Ok, boys, lissen up,” the young booted coonkiller called out.  “We’re gonna have us a slave auction, and here’s how it’s gonna work.  I’m gonna pull these fine specimens of monkeys up.


“Yeah?” Ed called out, his bass voice ringing in the large open area, “What’s gonna determine who wins any particular jigaboo?”


Jack’s smile became particularly shark-like; one of the monkeys saw it and started crying.  “Let’s put it this way—the most…creative idea wins.  Time to get creative, boys.  Remember, we’re sending a message to them all.  The niggers, yeah, and the faggots too.  And the spics.  Let’s show ‘em how bad white power will fuck ‘em up if they don’t clear out.”


He paused, then added a follow-up.  “Make it fuckin’ hurt, my brothers.”


They needed no further encouragement.


Jack strode over to the group of cowering niggers—and one piece a’ shit white faggot—and picked one out.  It was a big black buck, muscled, its smooth skin slick and rank with cold coon fear sweat.  The way the monkey rolled its wide eyes in animalistic fear made Jack chuckle.  And as evidence of the potency of his white power, it made him hard.


“We’ll start with this fucker—” he said, only to be interrupted when the coon dropped to its knees and wrapped its arms around Jack’s glossy Doc Martens, sobbing and begging for its life.  The hardbodied skinhead glared down at it in cold contempt.


“Ok, this one ain’t good for nothin’ but squealin’.  Which one a’ you proud white fuckers can make it squeal the loudest?  C’mon, start yer bids on this prime piece a’ jigaboo meat!”  Giving the nigger fag a swift kick to the face to shut it up, Jack took the folded slips of paper and began to peruse them.


His smile grew more malicious and his long thick manshaft pulsed visibly as he read the gruesome snuff scenarios.  Finally, he laughed aloud and tossed them aside.


“Ed, my man!  Bro, that’s some sick, old-school shit.  I love it.  Grab one of them pool cues and start carvin’ the tip.  Mike, you and Frankie go see if you can find some rope or wire or shit like that.  Hank, get up to that catwalk and wait for orders.”


The white brotherhood was vicious and rowdy, but they knew how to maintain discipline when needed—and discipline was always needed for fun.  Hell, fun was discipline—of the most brutal kind.  They quickly and quietly dispersed, following orders.


Mike and Frankie were the first ones back.  They’d raided the electronics for the computer-synchronized lighting effects in the DJ’s booth and had found a spool containing a good twenty-five feet of fat, sturdy ethernet cable.


“Fuck yeah,” Jack chuckled.  “Here, Mike, hand me one end, then toss the spool up there to Hank.  Ya ready up there, bro?” he called out.


“Yeah, ready,” Hank replied and Mike effortlessly tossed him the remaining cable, then hurried up to help him on Jack’s orders.  Below, Frankie was assisting Jack into fashioning the thick but supple cable into a functional noose.  Once they had it tied, the forced the fear-stricken nigger to its feet, laughing cruelly at the way the terrified coon was too scared to be able to stand upright.  Frankie held it up as Jack slipped the noose over its head—at which point the street ape pissed itself.


“Disgustin’ fuckin’ animal!” Frankie barked and punched the coon in the face.  “Ok, boys, haul the fuckin’ cunt up!” Jack called out.  Just as Mike and Hank looped the cable over an upper crossbar as a support and began hoisting the monkey aloft, Ed sauntered back in the room, brandishing the pool cue.


“Where ya been,” Jack asked.  “Thought ya were gonna miss the fun.”


“Eh, it took me a little bit to whittle this down just right,” the older Aryan said, his blond buzzcut glinting under the lights as he held out the cue, showing the excruciatingly sharp point into which he’d carved the tip.  “Now don’t y’all go away.  I’m gonna need the two of ya to pull its legs apart when it gets lowered back down.”


He advanced across the dance floor towards the choking, flailing nigger as it was slowly raised by its neck.  As he got nearer, he shot a glance towards the remaining herd of fagmeat; with a quick look at Jack to make sure he understood, Ed said loudly, “I got an idea—any motherfucker that tries to make a break for it goes last.  And last suffers worst.”


Jack grinned.  “Ya know it, dude.  They ain’t gonna run; fuckin’ fags are all cowards.  C’mon over here and let’s show the dumbass cunts just how bad it can be.”


By now the coon was six feet in the air.  Hank and Mike were leaning back on the cable, their thick, powerful biceps swollen with the effort of keeping the muscled buck dangling.  The nigger’s face was swollen and congested, its bound hands clenching and clawing vainly as its legs thrashed frantically in midair.  Its long black ape dick was swelling too, as asphyxia forced the jigaboo into an involuntary erection.  It was probably conscious enough to hear Jack’s order to start lowering it, but was unable to give a sign of its relief.


And any relief was illusory anyway.  As soon as it came within reach, Frankie grabbed its left leg and Jack its right, jerking them apart like they were trying to break a wishbone.  In reality, they were guiding the nigger down, lining it up so that the settling of its own body weight forced the sharpened pool cue—basically a gigantic spike—up its asshole.


Their aim was good.  So good, in fact, that for a moment the sense of anal penetration felt pleasant to the black faggot.  For approximately five seconds, even though it was still strangling, its cock began to drip as it felt the pleasure of a rigid object lodged in its colon.


Then the tip speared its prostate and began to impale its intestines.


Despite the lack of oxygen, the coon homo felt every millimeter of raw, cut wood piercing its guts.  As it started to struggle violently, Frankie and Jack let go and the nigger slid slowly down on the spike.  The cue ran up through its intestines, piercing its stomach twice and punching through the diaphragm.  It managed to miss the heart, but punctured its way into the esophagus, then continued up.


The pain the jigaboo endured as it ripped open the larynx and finally lodged in the constricted trachea was obvious.


“Fuck yeah, ya piece a’ nigger shit!” Ed yelled at the agonized, flailing meat.  “Goddam faggot ape—die, ya worthless motherfucker!”


Mike and Hank looked at each other, grinned, and simultaneously let go of the cable.  The nigger still had a foot to go before its feet touched the ground—with the release of its noose, it traveled that foot in less than a second.  Immediately, the boys upstairs caught hold of the cable hoisted it up again.


It had worked.  The sudden drop had forced the sharpened tip of the pool cue up through the constricted throat, punching its way through the crushed cartilage.  By the time the coon was high enough to start strangling again, it could taste raw wood and its own shit in the back of the throat where the tip was now lodged.  The monkey had been run through from its asshole to its mouth with a sharp wooden stake.


Hank and Mike tied the cable off, then headed back downstairs.


“Hey, ya worthless nignogs, you watchin’ this?” Frankie called out to the stunned group of fags—now down to five black and one white—who huddled together in abject terror at the back of the dance floor, “This shit’s just fer appetizers.  Which one a’ ya spades is gonna get carved up for the main course, huh?


Meanwhile Jack and Ed were focused on Ed’s nigger.  “Ya like that, cocksucker?” Jack jeered, “That’s white fuckin’ power in yer asshole, bitch; does it burn?  Does it hurt?  Yer fuckin’ pansy nigger ass can’t handle it, huh?”


It was only a few inches off the ground now, just enough that its feet couldn’t touch.  The way the tear- and snot-streaked face was distorted into a horrific mask showed the nightmarish agony it was enduring, but it wasn’t enough for Ed.  As it choked to death, he stood in front of it, beating on its flat ripped abs like a boxer sparring with a side of beef.  The coon suffered a few more intestinal ruptures before it suddenly convulsed, the entire body writhing as its cock rose up and spewed a hot thick load of jigaboo deathwad all over Ed’s sweaty, muscled body and splattering on his oxblood DMs.


As Ed retreated to the bar for a cloth to wipe nigger spunk off his face, Mike sauntered over to the captives.  “Y’know, it’s kinda a shame to torch this place when we’re done,” he told Jack in a very loud voice.  “I’d kinda like their mommas to get a chance to see what we done to ‘em.  Just so they know what we’ll do to the rest of their fuckin’ litter it they don’t learn their place.”


“Don’t worry about that,” Jack chuckled, “We’ll make damn sure they know anyway.  Hank, you still got that camera?  Yeah?  So we’ll take a lotta nice hi-res pics of the aftermath before we toast ‘em.  Now c’mon—we just got started on this auction.”


He stood in front of the petrified victims, his arms crossed, booted feet spread wide, a buff and muscular presence radiating pure hatred and lust.  “Now lessee—which one is next?  Hmm, eeny meeny miney moe, pick a nigger by the toe, if it hollers kill it slow, eeny meeny miney moe—this one!”


It was a young, lithe jungle bunny he dragged out of the group, his powerful hand completely circling the little faggot’s bicep.  “Ok, my brothers—give this fucker yer best shot!”


Again, folded papers were passed and Jack spent a brief moment considering the responses before looking up with an evil shark-like smile.  “Good job, Hank; the cunt’s yers.  Go find what ya need.  Take Frankie with ya and fill him in.  Mike, go grab that nail gun outta the storage room.  Make sure it’s loaded.”


At the mention of the nail gun, the young nigger began bleating loudly; Jack swung his big heavy fist almost casually, taking the coon on the chin and knocking it, stunned to the floor, where it remained, mewling and sobbing until Mike came back with the large power tool.  It took him a few moments to return


“Hey, remind me when Hank gets back,” the young Aryan muscle stud called out, his black engineer boots echoing on the dance floor, “That nigger he got to suck down the drain cleaner is still alive.  Y’all oughtta go see, dudes; it’s fuckin’ pukin’ and squirmin’ on the floor like a goddam worm.  Funniest fuckin’ shit I seen; had t’ stop and stomp it a few times, but it’s still kickin’.”


“Hope it stays alive long enough to burn,” Ed replied with a smirk, then turned to Jack.  “Well, he got the nail gun—now what?”


“Now we’re gonna nail the nigger to the wall.”


The trembling, semi-conscious darky didn’t really hear the words; once the boys grabbed it and began dragging it over to the wall, it simply began screaming as a reflex action.  Ed was still stoked enough from his own nigger kill to drive a few brutal gutpunches deep into the wailing coon’s flat belly; it at least had the benefit of knocking the wind out of the loudmouth cunt and so keeping it quiet.


As Jack and Ed held it up and Mike drove a nail through the palm of its left hand into the industrial drywall, it could only gasp impotently and look at its captors with eyes almost comically bulging in fear and pain.  Mike added another nail in the forearm, between the radius and ulna, for extra support.  The jigaboo drummed its black monekyfeet against the wall in agony as the vicious skinhead secured its other arm in the same way.  Within moments, the nigger had been crucified on the wall, its entire body weight dangling from two nails in each arm.


They left the legs free; the way the coon kicked and struggled was amusing.  They wanted to watch it suffer.  Soon, though, it was time to inflict more pain.


Despite his remark, Mike forgot all about the gurgling faggot in the storage room once he saw what Frankie and Hank were carrying.  They both had full armloads of pointed implements—knives, ice picks, even a post with a sharp tip for picking up trash.  Most of all, though, they had darts.  The pool room had at least twenty dartboards lining the walls, each with a full compliment of steel-tipped darts sharpened to a lethal edge.


“Brothers,” Hank announced as he and Frankie dumped the items onto a table, “I think it’s time we had us some target practice.”


For a moment, they all went quiet.  The only sounds on the dance floor were the moaning of the splayed, wall-mounted coon—and the excited dripping from their own cocks.


“Oh fuck yeah,” Ed grinned, “It’s on.”


Since Hank had won, he got first shot, with three darts.  The musclebound Aryan sadist lined his shot up carefully, squinting at the writhing coon through his right eye.  The first throw was something of a disappointment; it struck the nigger on the right side of its chest, below the big dark nipple, the point lodging in a rib.  It made the cunt squeal but did no real injury.


The next dart was better placed, puncturing the spade’s smooth flat belly and hanging there, but it was Hank’s third that hit the bullseye—or the brass ring.  Hank had noticed that the coon had a Prince Albert and aimed at the piercing.  He ended up spearing the thick spongy head of the nigger’s cock like William Tell’s arrow in an apple.


The darky fag was still screaming when Frankie took his turn.  The ex-military killer went for the muscles, leaving a dart in the coon’s left bicep, right pec and right thigh, each one sunk in deeply, leading to renewed cries of pain and trickling blood.


When Jack stepped up, he declined the dart and took a single shot with an eleven-inch butcher’s knife retrieve from the store room.  It had been used as a tool, not a precision carving implement, and it was rather dull, with a broken tip.  Jack still managed to flip it end-for-end with such force that it buried itself to the hilt in the jigaboo’s flat abs, impaling the fucker’s guts.


Ed went next.  “God, I hate you fuckin’ niggers,” he growled and flung a dart at the fag’s face that punctured its cheek.  As it screamed, the point could be seen gleaming inside its open mouth.  Ed’s next dart lodged in its scalp, between the skin and the skull—painful, but not damaging.


“Goddam it,” the older skinhead muttered, frustrated.  He took a little longer than usual to line up his last shot, but it was worth it.  It pierced the nigger’s left eye, the tip embedding itself into the thin orbit bone behind the eye.  As the street ape shrieked in mind-bending agony, Ed stepped away to the congratulations of his comrades, his huge grinning showing his pride at the suffering he’d inflicted.


Frankie, for his part, was a little more precise.  He tried to score a bullseye on the spade’s right nipple, but the way it kept screaming and thrashing made it a challenging task, and while he got two darts embedded nice and deep into the flailing nigger’s pectoral, he wasn’t close to his target.  He did better with his third shot—not actually striking the nipple, but lodging securely and agonizingly in the ape’s large black areola, making it screech even louder.


With so many darts hanging out of its face and body, the bleating, wailing fag looked like a pincushion.  Mike stood up, wiped his hands on his “These Boots Were Made For Stomping” t-shirt and came forward.  “I dunno about y’all, but I’m pretty damn sick of hearing this fuckin’ howler monkey,” he said casually and hefted the steel-tipped trash pole.  For a moment, he balanced it in his heavily-muscled right arm, then he flung it like a javelin.  It moved so fast, it had pierced the nigger’s throat and torn a hole through its larynx before anyone realized what happened.


At any rate, it was certainly before the stupid jigaboo itself knew what happened.  It kept screaming and yelling but the confused look on its face showed well enough that it didn’t understand why it could only emit gurgles and croaks.


“You can keep havin’ fun with it if ya want,” Jack told Hank, “But we still got more coons to auction off.”


“Yeah, ok,” Hank replied, “But it ain’t dead yet.”


“So?  Leave it hangin’; the fire’ll take care of it.  Gonna burn all this nigger shit to ashes.”


Hank perked up—at least, his hard, throbbing mancock did—at the thought.  Jack had returned to the end of the dance floor and dragged another darky out of the shrinking herd of corralled coons.


This one was young—in fact, it looked too young to be in a bar.  The little niglet didn’t look any older than eighteen, if that.  It started sobbing incoherently as Jack roughly jerked it out onto dance floor.


Suddenly, there was a stirring in the trembling know of faggots clustered against the wall and one burst forward—a tall buck, lithe, almost wiry, but firm.  “Andre!” it called out, “Leave my little brother alone, you assholes!”


Jack paused, the look on his face showing how little he could believe his luck.  Then he whirled around with lightning speed, cold-cocking the older jigaboo and putting its lights out.  As it crumpled to the floor, he turned his attention to the baby faggot he’d snagged.  “Brothers, huh?  How can ya tell?  All fuckin’ look alike to me, har!”


Then he turned back to the circle of sadistic racist killers, shoving the teenaged nigger out and letting it soak in an atmosphere laden with testosterone and hatred.  The cocksucking jungle bunny looked around, surrounded by hulking skinheads oozing with lust and violence—and precum.  Their massive, intimidating rods of manmeat were all pointed at it like a firing squad.


“We’re gonna pause our auction for this touching family moment.  Mike, you and Ed grab that one on the floor and follow me.  Frankie, Hank, round up the rest of the walkin’ dead over there and bring ‘em along.  Oh, and hand me another zip tie real quick.”


Tucking the thick industrial zip tie into the rear pocket of his skin-tight jeans, the hardbodied Aryan thug dragged the sobbing adolescent coon into the adjacent game room and bent it over a pool table.  Its older brother was just regaining consciousness when it was brought into the room; before it was fully awake, Jack had cinched the zip tie excruciatingly tight around its thick dangling monkey junk.  The coon’s cock was already achingly stiff before it was conscious.


“Brothers,” Jack said with a broad grin, “I think it’s time to bring this family of jigaboo faggots together in a truly meaningful way.”


The boys chuckled.  They didn’t know exactly what he had in mind, but they didn’t need to. Whatever it was, it wouldn’t just be hot, it’d be right.  The justice of white power would be served. Jack was their leader for a reason, after all.


“Get it up here,” Jack said motioning to the older nigger.  As it was brought closer to the smooth, taut, quivering buttocks of its teenaged sibling, the hardbodied skinhead in the Gold’s Gym t-shirt reached out and grabbed its throbbing and helplessly engorged dick, guiding it in.  “Closer,” Jack said, “Force it if ya hafta.  This coon’s gonna fuck its brother.”


Grabbing the spade’s firm ass, Jack shoved it forwards, forcing the darky’s dick into its brother’s asshole.  As the young pup wailed, Mike leaned forward and whispered in its ear, “Y’all do that sick kinda shit anyway, ain’t that right, motherfucker?  Ha!  Betcha you two been bangin’ each other since y’all finally figured out whatcher monkeydicks were for, huh?  Long as it’s got a hole, you’ll try t’ fuck it just like some fuckin’ animal, yeah?”


The older coon was in tears but was unable to resist; all five of the muscle-bound Aryan sadists had crowed around and were manhandling them both, forcing the bothers into violent, traumatic copulation.


Hank was holding the younger one down.  “Goddam, this one squeals like a bitch—think it was a virgin?”


Ed looked up from where he was helping Jack force the older one’s cock to pump even faster.  “Fuck no, bro—shit, you ever hear of a nigger over the age a’ ten that ain’t been fucked by every member of its family?  Like fuckin’ rabbits, dude.  We’re just helpin’ these two sick pervs out.”


“Yeah, an’ it looks like they’re gettin’ close,” Frankie muttered, “See how they’re sweatin’?  Fuckin’ reeks like stank-ass niggers in here.  Must be why they put the slave pens so far away from the owner’s house.  They knew how to handle stinkin’ darkys back in the day.”


Meanwhile, Jack threw a glance up at Mike, who had one hand clutching a hank of nappy black hair on the teen’s head.  “Hey, dude—gotta blade?”


Mike grinned.  Of course he had a blade; ya never knew when ya might be lucky enough to find a lone coon or spic in some dark alley…it was a butterfly knife with a three-inch blade that he kept whetted to a razor edge.  He quickly bent down and pulled it out of his engineer boot, his powerful arm making a graceful maneuver as he spun it open.


Jack already had his in his hand.  “You know when,” he said, and Mike did know.


The lithe young niglet wasn’t screaming anymore, it was moaning—and it was moaning in the same tempo as its older sibling’s forced thrusts.  The latter was panting, its smooth firm body slick with exertion.  It was still terrified beyond the ability to think straight, but it didn’t need to think at all to respond to the compelled stimulation.


Both coons were on the verge of cumming.


It was the younger one that blew first.  It was less experienced and its adolescent body was stewing in hormones.  It gave a loud grunt and its slim form shuddered in orgasmic spasm, then Mike jerked its head back and cut its throat.


As he did, the older one gave a strangled cry and ejaculated in its dying brother’s asshole.  Jack slashed its neck down to the spine, ripping open the trachea.  The stunned ape remained standing for a few moments, its eyes wide with horror as it spewed wad after wad of hot monkey cum into its brother’s guts and jet after jet of warm blood onto its back.


The younger coon wheezed and gurgled as air and blood sprayed from the gaping wound in its throat.  Even as its eyes rolled back into its skull and it slumped forward into coma and death, it continued to expel streams of semen onto the rail of the pool table.


Almost as if planned, the boys all let go and stepped back at the same time.  Unsupported, the two dead jungle bunnies dropped to the floor in a pile of niggermeat, still oozing blood and cum—and still dog-knotted, the elder’s dick buried in the younger’s ass.


Jack turned to the remaining live meat—two coons and one cracker fag left.  “Now that’s some fuckin’ quality time with the family, white power-style!  You worthless dumbasses ready to suffer and die?  I mean shit, you fags can’t even die good enough to make me cum.  Lessee if we can get creative enough to make it happen, yeah?  C’mon, my bothers—we have an auction to finish!”


There was no need to return to the dance floor; they were all gathered in the game room.  Without being told, the white power brothers had formed a circle; Jack randomly selected one of the remaining two niggers, yanking the terrorized spade into the center of the ring, where it cringed in abject, paralytic fear.


“Aw, that one don’t even look like it’s tryin’ to be a human,” Frankie guffawed.


“Yeah, we got the fuckin’ dregs left,” Jack admitted.  “Back in the day, these two fucks woulda been sold off for dog meat.  Kinda seems a shame to waste the effort to auction ‘em off.”


“What about the white one?” Mike asked.  The others made sounds of assent but it was the way their thick, vein-wreathed whiteboy cocks pulsed that showed their real interest in the Caucasian fag’s imminent suffering.


“Oh no, my brothers,” Jack responded, a cruel glint of light showing in his icy Teutonic-blue eyes, “The traitor to its race deserves special attention, and it’s gonna get it.  From all of us.”


There was a hushed, awed silence as the hardbodied sadistic racists considered the implications, then Jack spoke again.


“But we got these two to finish off first.  Mike?  Frankie?  You two are left.  Either of ya got an idea for this one?”


Frankie shook his head but Mike stepped forward.  “Fuckin-A, I gotta idea.  Lemme have it.  Ed, can you go get that drum auger we saw in the back there?  Leave the blade on.”


“What the fuck is that?” Hank asked as Ed headed, grinning, for the storeroom.


“Actually, it’s a power auger—even better,” Mike said contentedly.  Jack smiled and chuckled grimly at the nearly-catatonic nigger huddled at his boots but Hank and Frankie only looked confused.  That was when Ed came back and the boys realized that they were staring at a motorized commercial plumbing snake with—appropriately—a spade-shaped blade on the end used for cutting out roots that had grown into pipes.


“Jigaboo likes shit shoved up its ass,” Mike commented laconically, “So I thought we’d help it out.  Y’know—make sure things fit.”


The process was easy enough—bending it over one of the small tables, Mike sat astride its smooth, sweat-slick back, his own huge pulsating cock lying like a thick bar of hot iron in the small of the coon’s back.  The Aryan thug bent over and spread the thick chocolate bubbles of the monkey’s ass as Frankie and Hank turned the motor on and started shoving it in.


Within seconds, they’d literally torn the nigger a new asshole.


As it shrieked in nightmarish agony, they continued to shove.  “Aw hell yeah, ream that fuckin’ nigger cunt out!” Ed cheered, sneering and brandishing his dick like a club, waving it first in the screaming jigaboo’s face, then at the two sobbing, hysterical captives.


Mike gripped the struggling yard ape’s smooth back between his powerful thighs, feeling the jigaboo twist and writhe beneath him as its intestines were ground to hamburger.  “Yo, brothers, lookit the way the monkey’s wrigglin’—fuckin’ pervert’s gettin’ off on it.  See, I toldja the sick faggots love gettin’ put down by real men!”


“Does that feel good, huh?” Jack asked spade, bending down and spitting in in tear-streaked face.  “Ya like a good power fuck, ya coon-ass faggot?  That’s a white power fuck, asswipe, and you ain’t never gonna have a better one!”


Frankie, who still hadn’t had a nigger of his own yet, started to get aggressive, his biceps bulging as he forced the spinning metal blade deeper into the street ape’s guts.  “Take it, bitch,” he grunted, “Take it all, ya worthless nigger slut!”


The jungle bunny was still screaming but it wasn’t making any noise; it was too hoarse to do more than croak.  Frankie was really getting into it when Jack stepped behind him and powered the auger down.  The younger skinhead whirled angrily, saw who it was, and immediately resumed discipline.


“Don’t kill it,” Jack said gently, “Yet.”


“Besides,” Ed pointed out, “That last darky is yers.  Whatcha gonna do with it?”


“Well, damn,” Frankie said after considering for a moment, “My birthday was last week.  My birthdays ain’t been the same since my momma died.  I still miss the piñatas she’d put up each year…”


His voice trailed off into a wistful smile; the shark-like grins with which the others responded showed that they’d understood him perfectly.


“There’s some of that ethernet cable we used on that other one left,” Hank said, heading to the dance floor to retrieve it.


“There’s enough room to do it in here,” Ed added, “We can use one of those metal struts running across the ceiling.”


Hank returned with the cable, already fashioning the end into a noose.  “Hold it steady an’ I’ll slip this over its head,” he said.


“Uh-uh,” Frankie replied, “Not its head—its ankles.  We’re hangin’ it upside down.”


The coon evidently heard him.  It gave a loud despairing bleat, like a lamb about to be slaughtered, and tried to bolt for the door, its long dark arms and legs scrambling madly on the floor.  It only managed to skitter about two feet toward the door before Ed stepped in and put out its lights with a single strong donkey-punch to the back of the head.  Once it was down, he stomped it for good measure, his long Aryan cock swinging in the breeze as he worked the nigger over with his Doc Martens.


Frankie had to remind him that this one was his kill before Ed backed off and apologized.


“No biggie, dude,” Frankie grinned, “I can’t blame ya—once I get started on one a’ these motherfuckers, I don’t wanna stop, either.  Seems criminal to leave one still breathin’ when it’s so easy—and so fuckin’ much fun—to off it.”


So it was in a sense of good strong camaraderie that they looped the cable around the unconscious nigger’s ankles and hoisted it into the air.


“Now we wait for it to wake up,” Frankie said.  “I want it to know it’s dyin’.”


While they waited, they began gathering weapons.  Ed and Hank were satisfied with using pool cues, but the others went looing for something more solid, more durable.  Pool cues would break too easy.  Jack slipped his belt out from around his narrow waist; his worn and distressed jeans were too tight for him to actually need the belt anyway.  The belt was a strap of leather an inch and half wide, pierced at intervals with metal studs.


It was a perfect whip for lashing a nigger.  Frankie glanced at it enviously, but he hadn’t had the foresight to wear a belt.  Fortuitously, Mike found a couple of seven-foot lengths of chain in the storeroom; they were already laid out, each with a couple of padlocks on one end, ready to attach to posts at the parking lot entrances to seal it off for the night once it was empty.


Wrapping three feet or so of the chain around their muscular left Mike and Frankie with a nice, workable length, weighted at the end with a couple of padlocks each.  Mike swung his rapidly, listening with malevolent satisfaction to the way it whistled in the air.


“Goddam,” he grinned, “Time to fuck this coon up!”


“Frankie first, man,” Jack reminded him, but it wasn’t necessary.  Frankie was already swinging as Jack spoke; he’d noticed the monkey’s eyelids flutter as it regained consciousness.  The padlocked chain slapped across the jigaboo’s flat, ripped abs—this young buck was in its early twenties and very fit—with a loud thwack that made the nigger yelp with pain like a scalded dog and tore deeply into its dark smooth flesh.


“Aw, man, ya gotta whip niggers across their back, dude, dontcha know anything?” Hank jeered, swinging his pool cue like the bases were loaded.  The wooden cue left a nice, satisfying welt—but as expected, it broke off in his hands.


“FUCK!” Hank cried in frustration as the others laughed.  Jack took his swing.


“Aw, bro, it’s yer nigger, hit it where ya want,” he said just as his metal-studded belt smashed the spade’s huge scrotum.  It was a literally crushing blow; Jack’s biceps were probably the largest and most powerful of any of the five’s, and he’d been going full power.


The jungle bunny’s screech rose a full octave as its testicles were ruptured.  It writhed and jerked like a prize catch on a line.


“Fuckin’ cunt!” Frankie yelled as it, then kicked it twice in the face, his steel-toed combat boot knocking teeth out with each blow.  The darky wasn’t screaming anymore; it blubbered helplessly as it dangled.


That changed when Mike connected with his chain.  He’d swung at the faggot’s sweaty, heaving flank and caught it at such an angle that the chain wrapped around its torso, landing the massy padlocks right on the motherfucker’s nipple, nearly tearing it off.


This time, it didn’t just scream, it pissed itself.  As its reeking urine flowed down—or, rather, up to its chin, Ed stepped in front of it with the pool cue in one hand and his cock in the other.  “So ya came here looking for somethin’ long an’ hard, huh, cocksucker?” he growled at the wailing, piss-soaked coon, wagging his swollen hog at its face.  “Okay, then ya fuckin’ subhuman asswipe, here ya go—somethin’ long an’ hard!”  He swung low and fast, like teeing off on a par five, and no one was surprised when the wooden shaft shattered against the street ape’s head, stunning but not killing it.


It didn’t matter.  They were done with it.  There was just one left, and they weren’t going to be able to beat the piss out of it, because it had been forced to watch the entire massacre and had already pissed itself.


“No…” the white boy gasped in abject terror, its huge eyes darting from side to side as the five hypermasculine skinheads approached it slowly and with ominous gleefulness.  “No…pl-please, no…oh fuck no, please…”


“Only thing worse than a faggot, brothers,” Jack intoned solemnly, “Is a nigger faggot.  And the only thing worse than a nigger faggot is a white faggot that takes nigger dick.  It ain’t just a pervert, it’s a traitor to its race.  Someone go get some duct tape.”


The kid’s gray Etnies scrambled on the floor as Jack laid his hands on it, but it never had even an outside chance of getting away.  The buff young Aryan jerked the younger, slightly smaller youth to its feet and shoved it out of the corner in which it had been cowering as Mike came back with a wide roll of tape he’d located behind the bar.


“So the first order of business is to remind this little piece a’ shit why white cocks are so much better to begin with.  Ed, you first.”


And before the cracker cocksucker knew what had happened, it was bent over one of the smaller café table with four Nazi thugs holding it down with the fifth one raped it.


The boys were pent up and over-wrought; they’d been aching for release during the entire coon slaughter and their lust, powered by hatred and contempt, was unstoppable.  The white cunt screamed as Ed’s massive rod reamed its colon raw—every other dick it had taken, black or white, had been slowly inserted with lots of lube—but had gotten used to the relentless pounding when the older man hosed its guts with hot manseed and pulled out.


There was a pause, then Hank plowed his way in, brutally and remorselessly.  As the slim homo sobbed in pain, terror, and humiliation, Jack grabbed a fistful of hair and jerked its head back.  “Now ya remember what real white power feels like, ya worthless assfuck?”  He spat into the pansy’s face, his spittle blending in with the tears streaming down its cheeks.


“Fuck…fuck—goddam!!!” Hank grunted.  He shuddered violently, then pulled his dripping tool out, stuffed it back in his jeans and stood aside for Frankie to take his turn.


The ex-military brother powered through his hatefuck like he was conducting a commando strike—quick, brutal, relentlessly penetrating.  The faggot, held down on the table in the iron grip of four hulking muscleman, had the sensation that it was being raped by a jackhammer.  When Frankie blew his load, he shot a jet of semen further up the cumsucker’s guts than any of the others.


Mike’s style was slower, but designed to inflict maximum pain.  He was long and thick, but his most notable attribute was the huge round head of his cock.  Looking like nothing so much a purple billiard ball, he was fond off pulling all the way out, then plunging back in all the way up to his pubes, stretching and tearing the meat’s sphincter.


Ed was up by the faggot’s face now.  “Keep screamin’, fucker,” he said, smiling at the suffering punk, “Ain’t no one left in here to help ya.  And there ain’t no sound hotter than a fag tellin’ the world how big an’ powerful a white man’s dick is!”


Mike ground his dick into the kid’s asshole as he shot his wad, then slowly withdrew, leaving his still-oozing head in the fuckwad’s sphincter, keeping it fully stretched for a few moments.  But he hadn’t physically abused it; none of them had.


After all, this one was Jack’s.  And now Jack stepped up and claimed his nigger.  It was white, true, but it had had nigger seed inside it—and that made it full nigger.


Jack’s tackle wasn’t that much larger than any of the others—but it was large enough for the faggot to feel the difference.  This one didn’t just hurt—this one filled its duodenum to the bursting point; it was gonna inflict organ damage, and the cocksucker knew it.


The boy’s wails took on a different, more desperate tone but as the ridges of veins sheathing Jack massive rod rode over its prostate, the queerboy felt itself getting hard.  It didn’t know why; the agony and fear were nightmarish and its involuntary erection only added to the surreal hellscape.


Jack knew, and expected it.  He kept pumping, his gigantic tool filling the motherfucker’s intestines and creating a suction effect that felt fantastic on his oozing, engorged dickhead but was, in fact, causing major internal damage to the homo’s intestines.  With one hand, the sadistic Aryan reached around and cupped the pansy’s scrote and rod.


Suddenly the white coonsucker’s sobbing shifted to moans.  Jack could feel the lithe, smooth form beneath him shudder, and knew what was coming.  He felt the homo’s cock go rigid in his hand, and at the first sensation of spasm, flashed his knife with the speed of what seemed like lightning.


Before the faggot even felt it, Jack had sliced off its cock and balls.  The moment it opened its mouth to scream, Jack shoved the large pulsating package into its mouth, then lunged for the duct tape and slapped a length over its lips, just as sperm began to flow from the severed shaft.


The faggot gagged and wheezed, trying not to choke on its own cum and blood.  Blood ran down its legs, staining its Etnies and splattering on Jack’s green Doc Martens as the hardbodied skinhead unloaded his potent spunk into the thrashing, agonized homo.  When he was done, he pulled out, his hog still proud and erect as the fucked-out gelded cocksucker fell off the table and curled into a fetal ball of horrific pain.


Jack tucked his still-throbbing member back into his pants.  He retrieved his belt, nodding at the others.  “That’s it.  Y’all know what to do.  Hank, start taking photos upstairs first.”


Smiling grimly, Hank took out his camera and proceeded out to the lobby to start documenting the carnage for the sake of all the white power brothers across the country.  In the meantime, the others raided the bar.


It seemed a shame to waste some of the better booze, but anything that even might’ve touched nigger lips had to be destroyed.  So three bottles of Grey Goose got dumped on the dance floor alone and the white fucker, still shuddering and straining on the game room floor, had two bottles of Crown Royal all to himself, poured over his naked, bleeding body as it flailed in agony when the alcohol flowed into open wounds.


Everything flammable in the storeroom was utilized, too.  By the time Hank had finished the photo shoot, the air was so heavily laden with fumes that leaving became imperative.  Hank reported two still left alive—the spic in the lobby was technically still alive; at least, it was breathing.  One of the niggers in the bathroom was still alive, but it was bleeding and seemed to be paralyzed, so he left it alone.  All the other coons were dead up there.


“Don’t matter how many are left alive, anyway,” Jack said, ushering everyone out the back door ahead of him.  “They’re all gonna die now, no matter what.”  He grinned amiably at the nigger moaning and shuddering on the floor—the first one they’d encountered inside.  Despite being forced to drink drain cleaner, it too was still determinedly clinging to a life now drowning in agony.


But not for long.  Even in here, the spilled alcohol had pooled and filled the air with choking fumes.  Jack pulled out a matchbook and used a single match to light the entire book.  When he tossed it into the puddle of fuel, the roar of the initial ignition was surprisingly loud.  It wasn’t an explosion, but it was close.


They left the back door open to ensure a good airflow and retreated down the alley, the dead security guard still sprawled on the filthy pavement behind them.  At the end of the alley, they took shelter in the loading dock of a defunct dry cleaners and watched the inferno.


It took a few minutes to really get going, but just as they could see the orange glow begin to enliven the darkened ground-floor windows, music hit their ears.  An untuned, inharmonious chorus of panicked screams began to echo down the alley—the cries of the niggers they’d left alive.


“Aw fuck yeah, that makes my dick hard all over again,” Mike chuckled.


“You know it, bro,” Ed said, “Lissen to them monkeys howl!  Fuckin’ beautiful!”


“Yeah, this is what makes it all worthwhile,” Jack said in the contented tones of one who knows he’s done a job well.


Suddenly the screaming went up in pitch—they were no longer wails of fear; they were shrieks of agony.


“Fuckin’ niggers burnin’ alive,” Mike said, “That’ll show ‘em”


“Hell yeah,” Frankie agreed, “Oughtta make it clear we don’t want niggers or faggots round here.”


“That reminds me,” Jack said, “How did them pics come out, Hank?”


“Aw, these are sweet,” the hardbodied Aryan smirked, “Gonna get any real brother’s dick hard.”


“Good, cause I wanna send ‘em somewhere.  Got an email from a brother down south tonight, just before we left.  Seems like they’re gonna have a nigger infestation in the woods outside of town in a couple of weeks and wanted some help, so I thought I’d send these along as a kinda resume.”


Behind them, the screams had fallen silent.  The roaring of the flames, though, began to increase, and in the distance the faint wail of siren could be discerned.  The brothers broke up, heading back to their headquarters by different routes.  As they made their way out of the alley, it was obvious that the nigger nightclub was by now fully engulfed in flames and was beyond saving.


It was a white pride triumph, an erotic, orgiastic cleansing of filth by fire, and, assured of both their manhood and their superiority, the Aryan thugs separated, their shaven heads full of plans of further sadistic abuse and murder.

Cuttin’ Down Ebony Woods, Part One

It was Frankie who bagged the first nigger.


It helped that his military-issue combat boots had rubber soles; the coon never heard him coming.  And after Frankie got there, the coon never heard anything, ever.  Period.


They’d met at two-fifteen on a Sunday morning in a back alley.  Sordid, filthy and dimly lit, it was filled with garbage bins and piles of trash, like most of the alleys on their turf—except this one wasn’t on their turf.


It didn’t matter.  A message had to be sent.  The two-story building that they met behind was filled with niggers and faggots who needed to learn the meaning of white power.


Jack had been responsible for collecting the guns; he had sources for untraceable small arms.  He handed Frankie, Mike and Hank nine-millimeter pistols and half a dozen extra clips each, keeping the same for himself.  Ed was the only one he didn’t provide a gun for—he had his own favorite Colt .45 and kept his pockets filled with extra shells.


Mike handed out zip ties, twenty-five to each Nazi—lotta apes to corral inside.  They grinned at each other and waited for their chance.


“We’re gonna go in quiet,” Jack had said.  “I wanna get in there and get control of the situation so we don’t have no howler monkeys screamin’ down the street.  All the shit stays inside—we can get as loud as we want in there, got me?”


They got him.  They all waited in patiently in the darkness of the alley—five muscle-bound skinheads, filled with rage and lust and racial hatred that was about to violently boil over.  They didn’t have to wait long.


The nigger bouncer was in its early twenties.  It had an expensive fade, a gold grill in its teeth and a black t-shirt with the word “security” printed across its broad, muscular chest.  It was checking the alley for the last time to make sure the bar back could empty the trash.  It wasn’t expecting trouble, and it damn sure wasn’t expecting Frankie’s bat or the powerhouse swing that connected it to its head with a loud crunch.


The hardbodied coon fell to the pavement and thrashed violently in a puddle of stagnant rainwater, the massive dent in its thick skull revealing the extent of brain damage it had suffered.  Quickly, Jack jumped forward and put his green twenty-hole Doc Martens to work, stomping the dying nigger’s head, kicking the open wound in in the skull with his steel-toed boots.  Soon the big ape was lying still, dead coonmeat stretched out on the pavement.


“One down, too many to go,” Jack growled and the thugs made their way in through back door.


Just inside the back door was a storeroom—and inside the storeroom were two faggots, one nigger, one white.  The boys burst into the room just as the nigger was shoving its thick black cock up the white twink’s ass.  For a moment, it was hard to determine which party was the most surprised.


With the guns, it wasn’t hard to determine which party was in charge.  The white punk stood up, pulling off the darkie’s thick rod with an audible pop.  They were both young—late teens, both of them.  The nigger sported back and red DC skate shoes while the white fag had gray Etnies, but were otherwise nude.


“Fuckin’ hell, lookit this shit,” Jack said, his face contorted with disgust, “A fuckin’ faggot gettin’ banged by a fuckin’ ape.  Almost as bad as an actual human gettin’ fucked by one.  Whaddaya say, boys?


“I say we off ‘em now,” Hank said, his muscles rippling under his white t-shirt as he brandished a claw hammer.


“Hang on,” Jack said, grinning.  “We need to do this quiet, remember?”


That was all the white homo needed to hear.  It opened its mouth wide and inhaled, but Jack was even faster.  He decked the cocksucker in the jaw, putting its lights out.  The nigger flinched and cowered in fear, trembling.


“P-please,” it begged, “Pl-please d-d-don’t hur-hurt me—”


Frankie noticed it had a goatee.  “Hey, look,” he jeered, pointing at the dark, curly hair outlining the jigaboo’s mouth, “It’s got pubes on its fuckin’ face!”


“That’s its face pussy,” Ed laughed.


Hank grabbed a bottle out of a nearby box; a single sniff after removing the cap showed it to be nearly pure grain alcohol.  “Ya like shovin’ things in yer coon pussyface?” he snarled at the terrified fag, “Here, shove this in!”


He forced the bottle into the monkey’s mouth.  Mike, standing next to him, stepped up and wrapped a muscular arm around the cunt’s head, locking it into place, while Frankie, simply but effectively, pinched its nose shut.  Within a space of fifteen seconds, Hank managed to pour almost a quart of 190-proof alcohol down the teenaged nigger’s throat.  They all held on for a full count of three minutes—just as if they were strangling it—then let go.


The young niglet had been carded on entry and hadn’t been drinking that night.  The booze hit it like a semi.  The coon cocksucker was still scared out of its mind, but was too fucked up to resist.  It staggered for a moment, then fell back on the pile of garbage bags that had been stacked to be taken outside.


“There ya go, Hank,” Jack said.  “Frankie got one outside, this one’s yours.  After all, y’all missed the fun last time…”


Hank grinned sadistically and grabbed another bottle.  The baby ape focused blearily on the Nazi’s black DM’s as he approached, then looked up.  “N’more…” it muttered.


“Aw, c’mon,” Hank chuckled, “Just one more itty-bitty drinkie-poo.”  He forced the bottle between the nigger’s thick lips and before the faggot realized that this bottle was plastic, not glass, Hank had poured three pints of commercial-grade drain cleaner down its throat.


The reaction was instant and explosive, but silent.  It rose up, flailing, eyes so wide the whites looked like dinner plates.  A torrent of rancid foam spilled from between its thick lips as it stared in horror and desperation into Hank’s hard, sneering face.  “Ya just swallowed a mouthload of white-fuckin’-power, ya piece a’ monkey shit.  How’s that taste, huh?”


The agonized coon felt the warm trickle of Hank’s spit on its face and tried to cry out but the caustic chemicals had already eaten at its vocal cords and peeled off the lining of its esophagus.  It could only foam and drool and piss itself, clutching its belly in nightmarish pain, and try to stagger away.


“Hey, Frankie,” Hank called out casually, “I taught the fuckin’ thing to play dead—why’ncha teach it how to stay?”


Laughing, Frankie stepped up, swinging his bat, low and hard.  There was the hard, wet cracking sound of a green, healthy tree limb being snapped and the nigger fag collapsed to the floor, its broken tibia and fibula folding up under it.


“What about that one?” Ed asked as a faint moan from the corner told them the niggerlover was regaining consciousness.


“Let’s save it for the party.  Mike, zip it.”


As Mike bound its hands behind it with zip ties, Jack and Ed dragged the stunned twink homo through a pair of swinging doors and out into an area near the back of the bar.  Behind them, the cocksucking niglet shuddered impotently on the floor.  Even had it gotten immediate medical attention, the chemicals were too strong; the young ape was being eaten away from the inside.


But there was no medical attention.  The teen coon could hear everything that happened in the next room.  It had the satisfaction of living longer than most of those around it, even if those extra moments were spent writhing in nightmarish agony on the cold concrete floor, alone in the dark.

The bar itself stretched off to the right.  Two buff young bucks were working there.  Both were shirtless, their smooth ebony skin glistening under the flashing lights from the dance floor.  Out on the floor were three couples—all of them nigger fags, kissing and slobbering on each other.


Jack was sick at the sight.  “Ok, fuckers, time to rock n’ roll.  We got us some jungle bunnies to round up.  Ed, you, Frankie and Hank get the ones out there.  Mike and I’ll grab these two.  Ready to make some noise?”


The boys nodded eagerly, hate and sexual excitement reflected in their masculine faces.  “White power, motherfuckers!”


The cry rang out among them all, echoing over the dance floor, drowning out the nigger gangsta rap.


“White power, motherfuckers!  White power!  White power!”


Jack and Ed fired their guns, aiming at the ceiling.  Even if the dry-humping nigs on the dance floor hadn’t heard the shouts, they damn sure heard the gunfire.  So did everyone else in the building, and they did exactly what they’d been told to do in live shooter situations: shelter in place.


They froze, waiting to be hunted down like the animals they were.


The boys leered at each other and the Ebony Woods Coon Slaughter got started.


“Awright, get over here, ya fuckin’ apes!” Jack snarled at the bartenders.  The young coons looked at each other, then approached hesitantly, trembling with fear.  One was tall and muscular, with an expensive fade and a thick gold chain around its neck, the other was slightly shorter and not a heavily built but well developed.  Both wore skin-tight satin pants that clearly showed the outlines of their thick black cocks, like male strippers, and both sported black go-go boots.


“What the fuck do we got here?” the vicious Nazi thug sneered.  “On yer knees, jigaboos.”


Behind him, Frankie and Hank had rounded up the six Sambos on the dance floor and with Mike’s help, was getting them to pull each other’s clothing off.  As each coon was stripped down to its glistening chocolate skin, its hands were securely bound behind its back with zip ties.


The black bartenders knelt in front of Jack, looking up at the muscled skinhead in his Gold’s Gym shirt and his Doc Martens, an overwhelming presence of hate and testosterone.  The taller one began to cry.


Jack pointed his Glock 17 at the nig’s face.  “Aw, is de wittle jungle bunny scared?  Eat shit, ya fuckin’ nigger!”  There was a loud pop and a hole appeared in the darkie’s forehead while its brains were blasted out a hole in the back of its skull.  It fell forward, dead, but not still, its legs thrashing in its death throes.  The white thug popped another cap into it, pithing the brainstem and quieting the monkey.


The other coon bartender, its face splattered with its coworker’s blood, gasped and began to wail, a high, atonal keening sound.


“Aw, shaddap,” Jack snapped, shooting it point-blank in the mouth.  The hardbodied black buck swayed on its knees for a moment, blinking, piss running down its leg, with its teeth blown out through the back of its neck, then it fell forward, a sack of dead monkey meat.


The herd of coons on the dance floor were paralyzed with terror, the white niggerlover among them.  Mike stepped over to Hank and, after a quick discussion, borrowed the claw hammer from him.


“Awright, Hank,” Jack ordered, his voice steely with purpose, “You an’ Frankie stay here and guard this lot.  I got somethin’ special planned for these nignogs.  Fuckin’ pansy-ass coons think they can flaunt their faggot nigger asses in our part of town?  We’re gonna show the whole fuckin’ city how white power handles this bullshit.”


Standing up straight and squaring his shoulders, Jack adjusted the thick, straining bulge in his crotch.  Grinning at each other, the rest of the boys did the same, shifting their straining denim-sheathed cocks to more comfortable positions.  The evening was just getting started.


“Ok, you fuckers, it’s search and destroy time.  Mike, Ed, you’re with me.  We’re gonna through this fuckin’ monkey hut room by room and hunt down any nigger we can find.  No fuckin’ mercy, ya got that?”


They got it.  They didn’t need to be told.  They weren’t looking to dispense mercy, they were looking to dispense terror and torture—and testosterone.  These were gonna be sick kills; just the thought of the horrific death about to rain down on the isolated groups of trapped coon faggots made their hard white manshafts drip with anticipation.


Just outside the bar was the entry and the bouncer’s nook.  There was a door to one side to a restroom; on the other side were the stairs to the second level.  Most of the second floor consisted of catwalks over the dance floor, but there was a sign next to the staircase that showed there was a smoking lounge and another restroom as well.


“Ok, I got this one,” Jack said nodding towards the downstairs restroom.  “You head on up.  We’ll meet back in twenty minutes.”


“They’re gonna get bored,” Ed said, indicating Hank and Frankie back on the dance floor.


“Don’t worry,” Jack said, “What I got planned will make up for it.  And anyway, they’re gonna be busy going through the wallets and stripping the bling.  Fuckin’ nigger apes think they can own property—they fuckin’ are property, goddamit!”


Ed grinned and Mike felt his dick throb.  They turned to head up the stairs—and at that moment, a figure moved out of the entryway.


It was the Hispanic bar back.  Dressed in a tight, stained t-shirt and jeans tucked into pull on work boots, he was young and swarthy with shoulder-length blue-black hair.  He was carrying a mop, but dropped it, stunned, as soon as he saw the trio of white power skinheads.  Jack drew to plug the fucker, but Mike got there first with the hammer.


The first blow of the steel head shattered the spic’s jaw; its hands fumbled at its face in shock and horror as Mike wielded the heavy tool again, this time impacting the beaner’s skull hard enough to shatter it.  The brown-skinned wetback fell to the floor in a coma, its boots jerking on the tiles as its damaged brain, peppered with skull fragments, short-circuited.


Jack gave Mike a thumbs-up as Ed slapped him on the shoulder and said, “Fuck yeah, bro. Righteous.”


The three hardbodied, big-dicked Aryans turned back to their cold-blooded coon hunt.


Jack entered the restroom with his gun drawn and his dick hard.  The room was silent, except for the buzzing of the fluorescent lights.  To his left were three sinks, with mirrors over them.  On the right were three stalls with the doors closed and at the far end was a long metal piss trough.


The thick soles of his twenty-holed boots echoed eerily on the tiled floor as he slowly paced down the room.  The buff young thug paused in front of the first mirror and admired himself for a moment, the way his t-shirt was stretched tightly across his huge pecs, the way his long thick shaft of pure white manhood was standing to attention during his righteous purge of the niggers.


Whirling, he pressed the barrel of his gun against the door of the first stall and slowly opened it, the sound of metal scraping on metal loud in the silence.  As the door inched open, it revealed two coons huddled together in each other’s arms, their white eyes huge with terror.


Jack grinned and grabbed his scrote, adjusting his huge, cum-filled balls as he took stock of the situation.    “Well, well, looky here, a coupla jigaboo fags hangin’ out in the toilet.  Feel at home in there, ya pieces a’ shit?  Get the fuck out here.  Now.”


The two boys, trembling in terror, shuffled their way out of the stall.  In their early twenties, both were in skinny jeans and button-down shirt—one light blue, the other a blue and purple plaid.  The one in blue was wearing brown suede Chelsea boots; the one in plaid had a pair of Air Jordan 4 “Tattoos”.  Young, hip, slightly upscale urban fags, they were unused to violence and petrified at the sight of Jack’s weapon.


“Over there,” the menacing Aryan snarled waving the quivering monkeys to the far end of the restroom, next to the trough.  He opened the door to the middle stall with his gun, only to find it empty.  Shrugging, he turned to the last stall.


It was locked.


With a broad smirk on his chiseled face, Jack raised his booted foot and kicked the door in.


This one had gonna full gangsta thug, with a Lakers jersey that showed off its smooth, muscled arms and a pair of low-hanging jeans that looked like they’d been belted around its legs below its ass, showing off a pair of skin-tight black briefs underneath.  It had on a yellow Lakers cap, with the brim turned back at an angle, thick braided chains around its throat and a pair of untied Timberlands.


And the coon was so frightened, it’d lost control of its bladder.


Jack laughed triumphantly at this proof of his power.  He’d scared the piss outta the fuckin’ ape without even seeing it.


“More fuckin’ vermin,” he growled, “Goddam building’s infested.”  He reached in and manhandled the gibbering, terrified darkie out of the stall and shoved it towards the others.


“Here,” he snarled, handing a pair of zip ties to the nigger in plaid, “Bind their hands.  No, not in front, ya stupid fuckin’ monkey, in back.  And do it tight or I’ll bust a cap in yer worthless ape skull, ya hear me, boy?”


Its hands trembling, the jigaboo obeyed, cinching its faggot boyfriend’s wrists closely, then moved on to the cowering gangsta bitch.


“Nice, obedient coon,” Jack jeered, “Woulda fetched a good price back in the good ol’ days.”


Once it was done, Jack felt safe enough to set down the gun and secure its hands itself.  Then he lined all three niggers up, facing the piss trough.


“On your knees, you cunts,” he barked.  “Fuckin’ niggers should always be on their knees in the presence of a white man, but you faggots are so uppity I’m gonna hafta show y’all what real white power is.”


He’d been digging something out his pocket; it was a folding tactical knife.  The blade was only four inches long, but the forged steel was razor-sharp and serrated.  The hardbodied skinhead grabbed the nappy poll of the coon in the blue shirt and forced its head down over the lip of the trough.


“Time to die, ya nigger sack a’ shit,” Jack spat and, reaching up under the Sambo’s chin with his knife, began slicing its throat open.


“No!!!” it screamed, “O god no don’t please god no no nonono–AAAIIIIEEEAgghghg—”


As its shrill animal shriek of mortal agony echoed off the tile walls of the small, harshly lit room, Jack pressed his crotch against the nigger’s head so it could feel his hard cock as it gagged and choked on its own blood.  The coppery scent of righteous bloodletting began to overtake the acrid tang of nigger piss.  After a minute or so, the jigaboo stopped twitching, its brown Chelsea boots finally growing still on the stained white tiles.


Jack left it slumped over the trough and moved to the next nig in line, executing the homo coons with the efficiency of an industrial slaughterhouse.



Upstairs, Ed had turned right and headed into the smoking lounge while Mike went directly forward into the upstairs restroom.  The smoking lounge was hazy and dimly lit, with sofas and chaise lounges scattered about.  There was a TV showing music videos on one wall, muted, and a smaller bar, closed up, at the far end of the room.


There were also four jungle bunnies hiding behind the various pieces of furniture.  It took Ed a couple of minutes to round them all up and get them to bind each other with the zip ties.  Soon they were all kneeling on the floor, looking up at him in abject terror.


Ed was an intimidating sight.  Tall and well-muscled, his white wifebeater didn’t hide a single detail of his powerful, heavily inked arms.  His close-shaven head with its broken nose and expression of merciless hate filled the niggers with cold despair.


He approached the first coon on the far right—an older one, mid-twenties, well-built, with a simple black leather moto jacket, a white t-shirt, and tight jeans of black leather over white Adidas hightops.


“Ya good with yer mouth, faggot?” Ed demanded as the leather-clad jigaboo flinched, “Fuckin’ nigger cocksuckers oughtta get put right the fuck down if they can’t work their tongues right.  Lessee if yer worth the air yer breathin’, ya piece a’ homo shit.  Lick my boots clean.”


As the other Sambos huddled together, quivering with fear, the nigger hesitantly bent its head down towards Ed’s red Doc Marten boot.  “Goddam it, ya useless coon faggot, lick it!” Ed snarled, cracking the jigaboo on the back of its head with the gun.  It cried out, a hopeless bleat of despair, but it obeyed, loudly slurping the oxblood leather.


Ed watched for about thirty seconds, then hocked up a wad of phlegm and spit on the kneeling nigger.  Reaching down, he unzipped the fly of his tight faded jeans and pulled his huge, pulsing manshaft out, sighing loudly with relief as the massive tube of flesh was allowed room to expand.


Then he suddenly and swiftly drew back his foot and kicked the nigger in the face, his steel-toed boot knocking out three of the cunt’s teeth.  As it whined on the floor, its hands clasped over its mouth, Ed brandished the pistol.


“You suck, ya fuckin’ porch monkey, an’ not in a good way.  Get up here and wrap yer thick niggery lips ‘round the barrel of my .45.”


The coon looked up, bewildered and horrified.


“C’mon, nig boy, pretend it’s yer master’s cock and start suckin’.  Let’s see if yer good enough to suck anythin’ outta this long hard shaft.”


The nigger, tears streaming down its glistening ebony face, closed its eyes, opened its mouth and took in the gun.


“Yeah, that’s it, ya punk-ass bitch,” Ed jeered, “Suck it like a white man’s cock an’ maybe I’ll let ya feel the pure power of a white load.”


Then he pulled the trigger.


There was a loud click as the hammer came down on an empty chamber.  The nigger jumped and squealed, pissing inside its leather pants in terror and collapsing to the floor as Ed guffawed loudly and massaged his erect cock.


“Guess what?” he chortled.  “We’re gonna play a game.  I know you jigaboos prob’ly ain’t even able to read, but even yer dumbass ape brains should be able to figure this one out—it’s real simple.  You darkie dicksuckers are gonna take turns gobblin’ my gun like it’s a cock.  An’ if yer lucky, you get the prize of sucking a big blast of white power from my hot, hard barrel.  Sound like fun?  Fuck yeah!”


Grinning viciously, he turned to the next nigger in line.  “Open wide, faggot,” he smirked.



Mike had already slipped on his brass knuckles by the time he entered the upstairs restroom.  This one was smaller, with two stalls, two urinals and one sink.  The stalls had no doors—but that didn’t stop the coons from trying to hide there anyway.  Mike found two crouched in the doorway and silently motioned them out with the gun.


From the next stall came a series of beeps someone activating a cell phone.  Mike flung himself into the stall to find a jig in a blue satin jersey, baggy jeans and Nike Air Precision kicks on its knees, desperately trying to dial 911 through its streaming tears.


Without needing to think, Mike punched the nigger in the mouth, shattering its jaw.  It crumpled to the floor, whimpering as Mike ground the big black heel of his engineer boot onto the phone, crushing it before the call could be completed.  The other two Sambos hadn’t moved—they were frozen with fear—so getting them zip-tied was quick and easy.


The buff young Aryan pulled his thick, vein-wreathed cock out of his jeans, stroked to for a moment, then strolled into the toilet stall and beat the semi-conscious nigger to death.


He crouched over the coon, grinning, then rolled it onto its back.  “Fuckin’ niggerboy thinks it’s gettin’ away?  Looks like I’m gonna hafta mark it.  Ain’t gotta brandin’ iron, but these here brass knuckles will do just fine.”  Then he started swinging.


Each powerful impact of the hardbodied, rage-filled youth’s fist resulted in a wet pulpy crunch as the Nazi rained agony down onto the thrashing, helpless nigger.  “Hell yeah, ya fuckin’ jigaboo, ya tastin’ yer own blood?” he jeered as he punched the coon’s teeth down its throat, “That’s what white-fuckin’-power tastes like!  Have some more, boy!  Tastes just like fried chicken an’ watermelon, don’t it!”


As the yard ape’s face caved in, Mikes repeated blows splattered the walls of the stall with blood.  By the time the skinhead came shudderingly to a stop, the coon was still twitching, its Nikes scraping on the floor tiles, but its face was an unrecognizable ruin and it had suffered catastrophic brain damage.  As Mike exited the stall to turn his attention to his remaining targets, the bleeding inside the nigger’s shattered skull was slowly but surely becoming fatal.


“Ok,” he said with a demonic grin on his blood-spattered face as he pulled the claw hammer out of his belt, “Who’s next?  Don’t both y’all volunteer at once, now!”



“Oh fuck, no, please, sir, don’t—”


Jack laughed cruelly.  “Yeah, bitch, ya better fuckin’ call me sir!” he jeered as he forced the coon’s head down over the trough, feeling its tight wooly curls under the iron grip of his hand.  This time, Jack had taken the time to haul his enormous throbbing mancock out; it was resting on the jigaboo’s shoulder as the Nazi stud brought his knife around to its throat.  He started slicing and the coon started screaming.


“Ohgoddon’tnonoMOMMAMOMMAMOMMaagghurrghh…” There was a high-pitched hiss as Jack sawed his way into the trachea, then the nigger gargled its own blood for a couple of minutes as its lithe, jean-clad legs flailed and its Nike Jordan Tattoos kicked in the pools of nigger blood and piss on the floor.  Then it lay still for a moment, blood splashing into the piss trough and its hands randomly clenching as it died.  Suddenly, with a final convulsive spasm, it flipped back out of the trough.


Jack left the dead monkey to bleed out on the restroom floor.  He turned his attention to the remaining jungle bunny—and the fuckin’ nig bolted, sprinting for the door.



The next nigger fag in line had on a bright red t-shirt a size too small, tight black jeans, and gray Ugg Hannen boots.  Ed smirked as he slowly and deliberately thrust his gun between its lips.


“C’mon, cocksucker,” he chuckled, “Lessee ya get a load outta this.  Work it, you nigger fuck, suck it like it’s yer master’s dick.”


Closing his eyes tightly, the jigaboo worked the gun barrel with its tongue.


“Yeah, that’s it,” Ed sneered, “Now deep-throat it, you cunt.”


The dark-skinned ape did as it was told.  It took as much of the gun barrel into its mouth as it could.  Ed pulled the trigger and the back of the jigaboo’s head vanished in a spray of red mist.  A Jackson Pollock splatter of blood, brain tissue and bone shards spread over the wall behind it.


Ed jerked the gun out of its mouth.  It remained upright on its knees for about another five seconds, its dead eyes wide, smoke drifting from its open mouth and the crater in the back of its head, then it collapsed into a pile of jigmeat.


“Oops,” the sadistic Aryan muscleman chortled, “Guess I need to reload.”  He replaced the spent casing with a live round and turned to the next darkie homo in line.  “Your turn, motherfucker.  Suck it.  Suck it hard, faggot.”


This one was wearing a St Louis cap backwards, a white wifebeater identical to Ed’s, showing off its large sweaty ape-like muscles and a pair of Diesel jeans with untied Timberlands.  And this one didn’t want to play the game.  It turned its head and kept its mouth shut.


“Aw fuck yeah,” Ed barked out happily, “I was hopin’ I’d have an excuse to do this.”


He grabbed the nigger, jerking it up out of its kneeling position and threw it face down over the arm of one of the sofas.  Before it could recover, he’d yanked its jeans down past its knees.  The faggot was freeballing, of course.  Ed just smiled viciously.


“Man, I been wantin’ to do this shit to a nigger for a long time,” he chuckled gleefully, “I been wonderin’ how bad this’d fuck up a jungle bunny.  Stupid fuckin’ piece a’ shit!”


On the last word he violently shoved the barrel of his .45 up the coon’s ass and pulled the trigger three times.  The first chamber was empty—but the second one wasn’t.  Nor the third.


The first bullet traveled up through the street ape’s innards at a slightly upwards trajectory.  It pierced the intestines multiple times, holed the spleen, liver, and left lung, then tore its way upwards, smashing a rib and tearing an exit hole out of the coon’s back, near its left shoulder blade.


The second bullet moved in a straight line up the center of the body mass, ripping open the pancreas and stomach, missing the nigger’s heart but puncturing the esophagus and lodging in the cervical vertebrae, instantly paralyzing the rebellious Sambo.


As is lay face-down on the sofa, blood tricking from its nostrils and piss tricking into its Timberlands, slowly, agonizingly suffocating as it lost the ability to inhale, Ed turned back to the two remaining coons.


“Anyone else wanna get a good hard white power fuck?” he snarled, brandishing the pistol and reloading it.  His question was met with silence.  “Yeah, I thought not,” he sneered, “Worthless faggot cowards.  Get over here, you fuckin’ nigger waste, and lick yer boyfriend’s shit outta my gun!”



The two nigs flattened themselves against the far wall as Mike approached with the hammer in his hand.  One of them, a young ape in a Raiders cap, white t-shirt, black jersey gym shorts and a pair of Puma Ferrari hightops, kept darting its wide eyes about in panic.  It was sporting lots of bling around its neck, multiple thick gold chains which it kept fingering.  The other coon was older, a lean, muscular buck with a black do-rag on its head and a dark goatee.  It was in obvious fear as well but seemed to have better self-control.


As expected, the darkie in the Oakland cap suddenly feinted right, signaling an obvious move to the left.  Mike shifted his weight to one side, letting it begin its sprint for the door, then swung the hammer, neatly striking the coon on the side of its head, sending it into a boneless, unconscious sprawl on the floor.  The young skinhead turned to the other nigger.


This one, seeing the score, chose not to run.  It was a buff young thug, its black muscle shirt revealing its smooth, dark skin, glistening with nigger sweat.  It swung its arms up in a defensive posture, revealing a nice pair of biceps; its feet, in a pair of LL Bean duck boots, shuffled over the floor tiles as it tried to move into an advantageous position.


“C’mon, ya white-ass motherfucker!” it shouted.


“That’s about right, boy,” Mike sneered, “This white man’s gonna fuck yer momma right into the ground, and yer daddy too.  But let’s start with you, ya fuckin’ jigaboo.”


The nigger roared and lunged at Mike in a fog of fear-crazed rage.  Again, the young Aryan was able to dodge his attacker and swing the hammer—this coon got it in the face.  There was a faint pop as its cheekbone shattered, then it squealed, holding its hand up to its face as its left eye began to blacken and swell shut.


“Goddam,” it moaned, “Oh, fuck…”


It glanced up just in time to see Mike looming over it, his “These Boots Were Made for Stomping” t-shirt pulled tautly across his huge, muscled chest and his long thick manshaft drooling precum, and his powerful arm raised over his head.


And in his hand, the hammer had been reversed.  The head was pointed to the rear, with the claw forward.


“Oh fuck no—” the coon had time to gasp before the snarling Nazi swung the hammer like a pickaxe, smashing the thick steel claws through its skull and sinking them deep into its brain.  As the yard ape shuddered violently with massive cerebral trauma, Mike cranked the hammer down as if he was yanking out a nail, and peeled back the top of the nigger’s cranium, exposing the mangled gray matter.


“Only way to get somethin’ into a nigger’s head is by rammin’ it through its thick monkey skull,” Mike chuckled, jerking his hammer back out of the dead coon’s brain and letting the convulsive sack of jigaboo meat slump to the floor and shit itself.  Then he turned his attention to the moaning nig he’d knocked out, just now starting to stir.


The Aryan killer strode over to the prostrate jungle bunny.  “Hey, fuckwad,” he hissed as the spade began to blink and open its eyes, “Wakey, wakey.  I got somethin’ for yer pansy nigger ass.  Look up here, coon.  See it?  It’s my boot.”


As soon as the nigger focused its eyes on the upraised engineer boot hanging over its face, Mike stomped it.  Hard.


His erect cock pulsed with the electric sense of white power as he felt the jigaboo’s face cave under his boot and heard the crunching and squelching noises of brutal facial trauma.  It felt so good, he did it again.  And again.  And again, ramming his boot into the cunt’s face, kicking out its teeth, dislocating, then shattering its jaw, splintering the orbits of the eyes…


And all the time blood was flying from the Sambo’s face and precum was flying from Mike’s hard cock.


By the time he’d regained control of himself, the young, hardbodied skinhead had managed to avoid orgasm, but the nigger hadn’t avoided death.  There was still a faint gurgling from the ruined crater that had been its face, but that was post-mortem.  The coon was meat.


Having heard the popping of Ed’s gun from the smoking lounge, Mike decided to saunter in that direction to see what we going on.  Behind him, piles of ape flesh twitched randomly on the bathroom floor.



The last coon in Ed’s batch was very young—just a niglet.  It didn’t look old enough to be in the club, but it was clearly a fag.  Hair in an expensive fade, each ear pierced multiple times with diamond studs inserted, a retro denim jacket over a green t-shirt with the words “Ride Me Cowboy” in yellow, skin-tight skinny jeans faded to the same shade as the jacket and a pair of white Converse trainers.


It was also sobbing uncontrollably, so terrified it didn’t hear Ed’s words.  It had already pissed itself and its jeans had dark streaks down each leg that originated at the crotch.  It made no resistance as Ed forced the gun into its mouth and pulled the trigger.


There was a loud click.  The nigger flinched and sobbed louder, but had no other reaction.  Ed pulled the gun out and turned back to the first nig.


“Looks like it’s back to you, boy.  Suck my rod, you fuckin’ faggot.”


The nigger shuddered inside its leather gear, closed its eyes and opened its mouth with no protest—having been beaten, its spirit had been shattered.  It was ready to obey.


It didn’t have to obey long.  There was a muffled pop inside its mouth and a sudden jet of blood and bone out the top of its head.  The older coon in the moto jacket fell dead to the floor with the grace of a sack of dirty laundry, and Ed was alone with the baby fag.


“Man, yer cryin’ is annoyin’,” he snarled as he pointed the gun at it and pulled the trigger repeatedly.  Two shots were fired, aimed randomly, and hit the coon in the torso, one a through-and-through shot that pierced the spleen, stomach and liver and one that shattered a rib, punctured a lung and lodged in the spinal column.  Suddenly paralyzed from the chest down, the teenaged niglet fell forward.


“Comin’ in,” Mike called from outside as a heads-up, then entered the room.  Each Nazi grinned fraternally at the sight of the other’s hard, oozing cock.


“Check this one out,” Ed said, indicating the baby homo, “C’mere an’ watch it die.”


The teen coon was looking at the muscle-bound skinheads in horror as it slowly suffocated, blood pooling in its non-functioning lungs.


“Does it hurt, ya stupid ape?” Mike jeered as he stroked his dick, “Hope it hurts like fuck, dumbass.”


Its eyes bulged and drool leaked over its thick lips as it spent its last moments on earth listening to the taunts of its sadistic, sexually aroused killers.


“Yer dyin’, ya sack a’ nigger shit,” Ed smirked, “Gettin’ a start on wipin’ all you fuckin’ useless jigaboos off the planet.  Burn in hell, nigger.”


The teen coon died, Ed’s voice ringing in its ears.


“Let’s go see if Jack’s offed all of his yet,” Mike suggested.  “I ain’t wasted near enough coons yet.”  They headed for the stairs.



“You fuckin’ cunt,” Jack growled, his deep bass voice vibrating with rage and suppressed lust as he stood over the sprawled nigger, “You fucked up so fuckin’ bad…”


The coon moaned and rubbed its head; the Lakers cap had fallen off when the monkey went down.  It looked up to find itself staring down the barrel of Jack’s Glock.  The Nazi motioned the nig into the toilet stall.


“In there, faggot.  You like gettin’ cocks shoved down ye throat?  You like drinkin’ piss, you fuckin perverted jigaboo?  You make me sick, you sack of shit.  Lick that toilet, nigger.  Get down on yer cocksuckin’ knees and run yer fuckin’ tongue all over it, you disgustin’ homo!”


The spade shuddered and closed its eyes but it had no choice; it knew that it’d end up with a slug in its brain if it didn’t obey.


What it didn’t know was how much more merciful as slug would have been.


After several minutes of loud slurping, Jack suddenly spoke up: “Bite it.”


The coon paused, confused.  Jack bent down and whispered.  The terrified jungle bunny could feel the skinhead’s goatee brush its face and his hot breath on its ear.  “Open yer fuckin’ nigger mouth and put yer fuckin’ nigger teeth on the edge of the lip like yer gonna bite a chunk out.”


The thug wanna-be tried to control its sobs, but it did as it was told.


Behind it, Jack stood up.  He raised his knee-high green Doc Marten boot and with no warning, power-stomped the back of the cunt’s head with such force he drove the nigger’s face through the bowl, shattering the porcelain.  Coon teeth scattered across the floor like a handful of dropped coins as the toilet was flowed out over the stunned nigger’s torn and mangled face.


Without a paused, Jack bent down, grabbed a handful of woolly hair and dragged the jigaboo out of the stall and over to the piss trough.  He bent it roughly over the edge; there was a loud snap and the faggot went limp in his arms—he’d broken its neck.


But it wasn’t dead.  And it could still sense things—like the nightmarish agony of Jack’s serrated knife slowly slicing its neck open like roast beef.


Satisfied, Jack pocketed his knife again and left the restroom.  Behind him, the last nigger still hadn’t been luck enough to die.  The angle of its head down in the trough and the fact that the carotid artery hadn’t been pierced meant that blood didn’t reach the wound until after it had reached the spade’s brain.  It hung in the piss trough, helpless, paralyzed, blood tricking down its face and its own piss pooling in its Timberlands.


Jack met Ed and Mike just as they were coming down the stairs. All three Aryan grinned at the sight of each other, manfully erect and spatter with nigger blood.


“Off to a good start?” Ed asked


“Fuckin’-A,” Jack grinned and gave the boys fist bumps.


There was a sudden scraping noise off to the side but a quick look reassured them that it was just the brain-damaged spic bar back having a seizure.  Its eyes were rolled back in its head, blood trickled from its nose and ears and its boots scuffled on the floor.  Nothing to worry about; the wetback had been neutralized.


“C’mon, let’s get back to the others,” Jack said, “Time to get the real fun started.”


“Yeah, what’s up?” Ed asked, “You never did say what you got planned.”


Jack grinned and slapped both Mike and Ed on the shoulder.  “Boys,” he said, smiling, “We’re gonna have us an ol’-fashioned nigger auction.”


—End of Part One

Hangin’ Round the Wrong Places

Ed grinned and ran a hand through his buzz-cut pale blond hair.  His inked and muscled right arm made a sudden dart downwards as he checked—yes, the length of chain was still there, dangling from his belt.  He had the feeling he’d need it in a moment; he’d just seen something Jack and Mike would wanna know about, too.


For the moment, it was the three of them.  Hank and Frankie had been picked up on assault charges; it might be a while before they were back.  So it had fallen on the remaining three to patrol their turf and keep the neighborhood white and upright.


Tonight, the white pride warriors were circling around behind a strip of gay bars on the edge of their territory.  It was a good hunting ground; they could usually bag a faggot or two in the parking lot or out on the street.  Not a real workout, of course, just a good beatdown or a hot stomping.  Lately, the area had been bringing in a lot of drug traffic, though, so sometimes the prey could vary.  It was rarely anything major, however.


This was different, though.  Way different.  Ed had found the hunter’s equivalent of a fourteen-point buck.


“Jack, Mike,” he hissed, “Over here, quick.”


The three assembled men looked like trouble.  Ed was the tallest.  His white cotton wifebeater displayed the tattooed sleeves on both of his strong arms, and his skin-tight Levi’s were rolled up at the cuffs to show off his oxblood eight-hole Doc Martens.


Jack wasn’t as tall, but he was larger, more powerfully built, and the intense expression in his hard, handsome face indicated he was the driving force among the gang.  A too-small black Gold’s Gym t-shirt was stretched tightly across his broad pecs, the thin cotton taut enough to expose his thick, erect nips.  That wasn’t all that was erect; his worn acid-washed jeans were tight enough to outline the massive tube of flesh running down his thigh.  The jeans were tucked into a pair of green twenty-hole Doc Martens.


Mike was the youngest of the three.  He wasn’t as developed as Ed or Jack, but that was only relative; his hard, muscled body was all in black, from the t-shirt with the “These Boots Were Made for Stomping” print to his jeans and steel-toed leather engineer boots.


All three were young, strong, and driven by a desire to prove their own superiority.  Now Ed was giving them a perfect chance.  “There’s a nigger and a spic down there,” he said, grinning and pointing down an alleyway.  “Thought they were bein’ smart, hidin’ behind a dumpster, but I caught sight of ‘em.”


“Hell yeah,” Jack grunted with a feral gleam in his eye.  His hands tightened up on the baseball bat he was carrying.  “You got yer knuckles, Mike?  C’mon, let’s go fuck these cocksuckers up, fuck yeah!”


“Wait, wait—you ain’t heard the best part,” Ed broke out gleefully.  “The spic is suckin’ the fuckin’ nigger off!”


Jack went rigid.  Worst kinda nigger was a nigger fag and one who fucked around with a fuckin’ wetback—hell, there wasn’t no such thing as a straight Mexican; all them spics loved cock…


Beside him, Mike balled up his fist, letting the dull gleam of his brass knuckles flash in the light.  “C’mon,” he said, breathing heavily, “Time to fuckin’ pulp these assholes.”


The three strode cockily down the alleyway, their wide-legged, big-dicked stance demonstrating their ownership of the turf.


Further down, in the rank darkness, Byron was enjoying his blowjob too much to hear the heavy footfalls of booted feet.  The Mexican rentboy who’d offered to suck him off for twenty bucks sure knew his shit, and since Byron was drunk and had struck out at the bar, he was willing to let some spic slurp his shaft in an alley.  He had no reason to suspect any danger—until it was right on top of him.


“Lookit this shit!” came the harsh, jeering voice out of the darkness.  “A coon an’ a wetback, playin’ with each other’s dicks!”


The Mexican jumped up and whirled around.  He’d had his dick out, too and had been stroking himself.  He and Byron both went limp, though, as the three muscle-bound skinheads emerged from the shadows.


“Por favor, señor…I no underst—” he started.


“Shut the fuck up!!” Jack barked.  The spic did as he was told while Jack sized up the catch.


The nigger was young—late teens, it looked like.  It’d gone full gangsta mode with a pair of wide-legged saggy jeans, a red basketball jersey, and a pair of white K-Swiss VN Classic hightops.  There was a black, shiny do-rag on its head and a thick chain of braided gold links around its neck.


The spic was older—early twenties, maybe, with short dark hair and swarthy skin.  Its slim chest was wrapped in a pale blue t-shirt and it sported tight boot-cut jeans and ropers.  It just looked confused; the nigger looked fearful.


Jack grinned.  “Well, boys,” he chuckled, turning back to Mike and Ed, “Whaddaya say we show these muthafuckas how real men, white men, handle worthless wetback and jigaboo pansies?”


“Fuck yeah!” Mike crowed, simultaneously with Ed’s “Goddam right!”  At the same time, all three hardbodied Aryans got rock-hard at the thought of dominating the fuck out of the two helpless homos in front of them.


Turning back to the cowering fags, Jack stepped forward, brandishing the bat.  “Looks like you two fuckwads are ‘bout to get a personal demonstration of ‘White Power’, yeah?”


“Oo-rah!” Ed roared, his pumped masculinity resonant in his deep bass voice.


“You,” Jack said, indicating the Mexican with his bat, “Get over here.”


Flinching, the Latino youth crept forward like a beaten dog.  “See, I don’t need to tell ya what the ‘white’ part means,” Jack continued in a jeering tone.  “We’re white and you’re not, which means you ain’t worthy to live.  Fuckin’ plain an’ simple, right, boys?” he said.


“Fuckin’-A,” Mike replied eagerly.  Ed just grinned and shifted the thick, snakelike bulge in his groin.


“But as for power…” here he turned to the side, away from the spic cocksucker.  He paused for a moment, then swung the bat up, away from the beaner, as if he was swinging a golf club.  Before his victim could move, Jack completed the golf maneuver, using the momentum of the downswing to slam the bat into the spic’s balls hard enough to rupture both testicles.


“Now that’s white-fuckin’-power!” he crowed as the Latino homo screamed in a high, reedy voice and writhed on the filthy pavement, fetally curled in pain.


“Hey, Mikey,” Jack called complacently, “Shut it the fuck up.”


Grinning gleefully, Mike stepped up and gave the spic fag a quick kick to the face, rolling it onto its back.  He looked down at the Mexican’s large, dark eyes, welling with tears, and felt his own cock swell with the sense of power of his ability to inflict suffering on this worthless waste of human flesh.


The homo was still screaming, but it didn’t for long.  Mike pounded it three times in the mouth with his brass knuckles, breaking teeth and knocking some out with each blow, before it shut up.


Not that Mike stopped beating when the spic went quiet.


Jack and Ed, in the meantime, rounded on Byron.  The look on Jack’s face was terrifying—withering contempt, triumphant rage and something the trapped homo could swear was lust.  Massaging the bulge in his crotch, the handsome Nazi punk stepped forward, grinning wickedly.


“I fuckin’ hate niggers,” he said evenly, staring Byron dead in the face.  “Goddam monkeys tryin’ to act like they’re human—all a’ y’all need t’ be put back in yer place, servin’ th’ white man.  But the worst kinda coon is a faggot coon, ain’t that right, Ed?”


Ed chuckled maliciously behind him.  “Damn right.  Don’t deserve to fuckin’ live.”


“Hear ‘im, ya fucking cocksucker?  He’s right—yer a stain that needs cleanin’ up, and we’re here to keep this turf whiter n’ white.”


Ed laughed raucously at this witticism as Byron shrank back against the brick wall, his wide eyes darting from side to side in a vain attempt to find a clear path out of this nightmare.  Mike joined them.  “What’s so funny?” he asked.


“Nothin’,” Jack replied, “Just ‘bout to start poundin’ us some monkey meat.  Up for a good ol’-fashioned nigger stomp?”


Mike didn’t have to rub his crotch; his thick bulge swelled visibly on its own.  “Oh fuck yeah,” he said excitedly.


At that point, Ed turned his head and noticed that the Latino street whore was slowly crawling away, leaving a trail of blood that was trickling from its ruined face.  “Hey, Mikey,” he razzed his buddy, “Didja give this one a kiss before ya let it go?”


Mike’s face flushed.  Jack chuckled.  “Bring it back here, Ed,” he said, “An’ you can show this street ape what real fuckin’ white men do to wetback pansies.”


Ed brightened up.  Picking up the spic by the nape of its t-shirt, he dragged the sobbing, brutalized youth back down the alley.  The heels of the greaser’s boots carved channels in the trail of its own blood as it was manhandled back to the scene of violence it’d tried to escape.


Tossing it face-down onto the pavement, Ed planted one of his big red Doc Martens on each side of the prone spic.  He pulled the chain loose from his belt and doubled it over.  Holding both ends in his right hand, it was still almost eighteen inches long.  He raised his right arm and held it for a moment; for a split second, his thick bicep swelled, the ink on his arm moving perceptibly, then his arm swung downward in a powerful arc as he beat the Mexican with the chain.


Even with its mouth destroyed, the pain was too much.  The Latino hustler squealed like a pig in agony.


Haw!” Jack brayed, turning to his captive prey, the triumph and bloodlust glittering insanely in his cold blue eyes, “You watchin’, ya fuckin’ coon cunt?  Ya takin’ notes, huh?  Ya better be, boy, cause there’s gonna be a quiz afterwards!”


Behind him, the spic’s squealing was becoming hoarse and desperate as the meaty thump of the chain on flesh continued.  The hustler rolled onto its side in an attempt to evade the devastating blows, but that only exposed its ribs.  The next swing of Ed’s was rewarded with a loud snapping sound like the breaking of twigs; two of the beaner’s ribs had shattered, peppering its innards with shards of bone.


The sound was too much for Mike; his cock demanded its freedom.  He reached down and unzipped his fly, letting it spring out, jutting proudly, throbbing and dripping.


Byron, his white eyes wide with panic, made a sudden darting movement to his left and that was all it took to divert Jack’s attention.  His bat swung low and hard, like his dick, and smashed the nigger’s right kneecap.  The coon shrieked in pain and collapsed.


“Right on!” Mike yelled, hyped on aggression and adrenaline, and fist-bumped Jack.  The latter strode over to the writhing coon and squatted near its head.  “So c’mon, jungle bunny,” he jeered, “Let’s see ya fuckin’ hop!”


With that he jerked his prey up to its feet.  In a flash, Mike had appeared at the nig’s other side; without a word passing between them, the two Nazis began to drag the darky over to the spic.


Ed was still wailing away at the shuddering, crying Mexican, the thick links of his chain chewing through the cocksucker’s shirt and denim jeans—and then through its flesh.  By the time Jack and Mike got near, the spic’s back—it was still face-down—was damn near pulped.


“Hey, Ed, quit fuckin’ around and show this fuckin’ monkey what real white power looks like,” Jack demanded in a harsh voice.  Ed was only too happy to comply—so happy, he had to open his fly and extract his thick fireplug dick.  It had been getting too stiff to be comfortable inside his tight jeans.  Squatting down and placing one knee on the greaser’s back, he pulled its head up and looped the chain down underneath.  With it now circling the Mexican’s neck, Ed leaned back, jerking up on the chain while pressing down with his knee.


“Watch this shit, jigaboo,” Jack hissed, “An’ remember—compared to goddam coon animals, we fuckin’ like beaners.”


There was a loud crackling, crunching sound, like a fresh, green tree limb snapping, as Ed’s thick, inked biceps swelled and he popped the spic’s head off its spine, shattering the first two cervical vertebrae and ending the unfortunate immigrant’s life in a nightmarish burst of agony.


The corpse thrashed violently for a few seconds, its boots kicking and splashing in a puddle of greasy water.


“That’s how ya fuckin’ do it, brother!” Mike cheered.


Grinning with camaraderie, Ed sneered, “Yeah, that’s one fuckin’ wetback that ain’t gettin’ another chance to swim back over again.”


“All right, dude, that was fuckin’ righteous,” Jack said enthusiastically, then turned back to the monkey.  “That’s gonna seem like a kiss from yo’ thick-lipped mammy compared to what we’re gonna do to yer baboon ass.  You gettin’ the idea, or are ya too stupid, ya big dumb ape?”  He turned to the others, his erotically savage face breaking into a cruel grin.  “Whaddaya think, my brothers?  Big ol’ buck like this is prime field hand material, but they’re always dumb as fuck, too.  An’ this one’s a perverted-ass faggot, too.  Any ideas?”  The question was accompanied by a laugh of ice-cold contempt.


“String it up,” Ed said immediately.  Mike’s “Fuckin’ string it up,” was nearly simultaneous.


“Fuck yeah, string it up,” Jack repeated and let go of the coon.  Mike, sensing the movement, did the same, letting it fall to the pavement in a pile of well-built black flesh, wailing in pain and babbling in terror.  “Goddam,” Jack snarled, “Fuckin’ yard ape is so fuckin’ stupid, it can’t even speak English.  Hell, they could teach a gorilla sign language—this sack a’ shit prob’ly can’t do more’n grunt!”


Raising his green twenty-hole Doc Martens, Jack stomped the nigger twice, hard.  The second one got a nice sexy snap as he broke both the radius and ulna of the left arm.  When the coon screamed, its right arm extended and helpless on the cold concrete pavement, Jack calmly stepped over and carefully positioned his left bootheel on the unlucky faggot’s right hand.


“Man,” he said conversationally, “I can’t tell ya how much I fuckin’ hate niggers.”  Hocking up a thick wad of phlegm, he spat it in the cunt’s face, then, pressing all his weight onto his left leg, proceeded to grind the coon’s hand to hamburger.  The ongoing crunching sound of shattering metacarpals and phalanges was reminiscent of popping popcorn.


Ignoring the steady bleat of pain from the yard ape under his boot, Jack glanced at the others.  “Anyone see anything to string it up with?”


“Yeah, I did,” Mike replied.  There was a particularly sadistic gleam in his young dark eyes.  “There’s a construction site down this way–I saw a spool of wire I think might work.”


Jack had actually meant something along the lines of rope—but then it hit him, and he had to release his cock from the confines of his tight jeans, too.  The idea of stringing up the monkey on a wire noose was too fuckin’…powerful not to get him instantly hard.


“Get it,” he said, his huge manshaft jutting out hard and strong over his prone victim, “We’re gonna dangle us a coon on a wire.”  He bent down and tore the gold chain from around its neck.  The others said nothing; the loot was always shared equally among them all.


Mike and Ed headed back down the alley to the construction site.  In three minutes they were back, carrying a four-foot length of steel rebar with a spool of 10-gauge steel wire hanging on it.  Whatever was being built was large; the rebar was three inches in diameter with the flanges adding another inch.


“Ed, you still got that multi-tool?  Hand it here,” Jack said as they dropped their load.  The buff older Nazi dug into the pocket of his tight jeans and passed the tool over.  Immediately, Jack opened up the cutting edge and began slicing the nigger’s clothes off.  “Goddam coon came into this world a squealin’ naked ape, and it’s gonna go outta it the same fuckin’ way.”


The unlucky black faggot hadn’t been unconscious, but it was in such pain from its broken bones and mangled hand that it wasn’t capable of putting up any resistance.  Now that its clothes were being cut away, though, it found some inner strength—unfortunately for it.  It tried to struggle, to squirm away from impending death, and that was enough to trigger Jack.


He’d already managed to cut the saggy jeans and the baller jersey off the fucker, revealing a big, healthy buck with large firm muscles.  As it began to inch away, Jack lashed out with his steel-toed Doc Martens and caught the coon right in its mouth, dislocating its jaw.  As it rolled over and writhed in agony, Jack tossed the multi-tool back to Ed.


“Cut some wire,” he said as he planted on booted foot on the wailing nigger’s back, letting the hot drops of precum oozing from his dick splash on the sweaty chocolate flesh, “Two lengths.  One to tie its hands and one to lynch the fuckin’ spade.”


Ed snipped off a short length of wire and handed to Mike.  As the young Aryan wrapped the wire so tightly around the street ape’s wrists that it sank into the skin, Ed and Jack calculated how much they’d need.


“We can hang it there,” Ed said, pointing to the rusted structure of the fire escape on a derelict building nearby.  It was about eight feet off the ground.


“That’ll work,” Jack agreed.  “The jigaboo’s about, what, six feet?  Fuckin’ big-ass gorilla.  Yeah, that’ll be enough.  So about ten feet of wire, yeah?  Tie it off to that standpipe there?”


Ed cut a ten-foot length of wire as Jack strolled casually back to his trapped monkey meat.  Mike had finished and rolled the fucker over onto its back, where it lay quivering, its already thick lips swelling grotesquely and its white eyes so comically huge, Jack roared with laughter.


“See, back in the good old days before the white race lost its balls, you’d ‘a just been tied to a post an’ whipped like any other animal,” he jeered at the cowering nigger, “But nowadays we gotta find new ways to remind you worthless fucks of yer proper place—an’ we got a good one.  I hear you nigs like to dance, huh?  Fuck yeah, ya sweaty, stinkin’ ape, yer gonna dance for us, like a good little coon.  Yer gonna be dancin’ on fuckin’ air!”


Having swiftly looped one end of the wire back on itself and secured it by twisting it into an improvised slipknot, Ed tied the other end to the standpipe and tossed the noose over the iron fire escape bracket.  “Yo, it’s ready,” he called out, “Let’s jack this jungle bunny up.”


Jack and Mike each grabbed one of the nigger’s arms and dragged it over to the noose.  Forcing the terrified spade upright, they lowered the wire over its head and cinched it around the neck.  That was when Byron’s last rational thought fled and he lost control of his bladder, piss flowing from his thick nigger dick down his muscled legs and spattering on his K-Swiss hightops—the only clothing he had left.


“Aw, goddam!” Ed muttered in disgust.


“Y’can take the ape outta the jungle, but y’can’t take the jungle outta the ape,” Mike chuckled, but Jack was silent until he stepped up to the coon and looked it straight in the eyes.


“You can housetrain a dog.  I’ve even heard you can housetrain a fuckin’ pig.  But a worthless subhuman piece a’ animal shit like you can’t be taught not to piss all over itself.  You goddam fuckin’ monkeys—fuck all a’ y’all, ya hear me?  You all need to fuckin’ die, and startin’ with you is makin’ my dick stiff.”


“Fuck yeah!” Mike shouted behind him, high-fiving Ed.  Both grinning muscled skinheads were just as erect as Jack.  “Dude, get out yer phone,” Ed said, “We gotta record this for Hank and Frankie—they’re gonna be so fuckin’ pissed when they see what they missed.”


“I know yer too fuckin’ stupid to understand me, nigger, so I’ll make it easy for yer dumb monkey brain—I got a hard-on for wastin’ ya, and the more I see yer jigaboo suffer, the harder I get.  You understand that?  No?”  He hawked up a huge wad of phlegm and spat it into the black fag’s face.  “FUCK YOU!!!”


Turning back to his bros, he said “Ok, boys, time to make it understand.”


It was easy enough for Jack and Ed to hoist the kicking, struggling coon, using discarded cloths from the construction site to handle the wire.  They only needed to lift it a few inches off the ground, while Mike found a chunk of concrete of sufficient weight and placed on the wire, holding its new position.  All in all, it was a crude construction—but it worked.  The coon’s hightops kicked uselessly inches above the cold pavement.


Mike propped his phone up on a stack of crates off to one side, setting it to record video.  He quickly checked to ensure it had a good view of the scene, then went back to the party.


It had already started.  Jack had his baseball bat and Ed his chain.  As the nigger flailed in agony, the weight of its body making the wire noose sink in and break the skin, the Nazi thugs taunted it.


“Hey, ya fuckin’ street ape, ya wanna know what white power is?” Jack crowed, his deep voice vibrating with a sadistic mix of lust and hate.  He swung the bat hard, like the bases were loaded, and hit the coon’s firm six-pack abs hard enough to rupture the intestines.  “Ya feel that?  That’s fuckin’ white power, right there. Go’wan, Ed, show it again—you know how stupid these fucking spearchuckers are.”


Grinning wildly, his thick fireplug cock visibly throbbing, Ed stepped up and began lashing the jerking spook with his chain.  His first two strokes were measured and intense, tearing open the nigger’s back.  As its blood began to trickle down, flung off in spatters as the buff young buck choked and thrashed, Ed’s blows started to come faster and faster.


“What’s it fuckin’ feelin’, boys?”


“White power!”  Ed and Mike cried in unison as Ed continued to thrash the dangling monkey meat and Mike, grabbing hold of the section of rebar he’d used to carry the wire, swung it like Jack’s back, the thick metal bar striking sweaty glistening coon flesh with a meaty thump.  Jack damn sure wasn’t sitting this one out.  He stepped in swinging, and sudden the nigger became a meat piñata.


“Fuck yeah!” he shouted, his huge cock oozing precum as his racial hatred made his hormones seethe and boil, “Feel the fuckin’ power, jigaboo!”


“White power, bitch!” Mike snarled, spitting in the dying Sambo’s black, swollen lips as he beat the dying homo mercilessly.  He took pleasure aiming for the thrashing, helpless legs; every time he scored a hit direct enough to break a bone, precum flew from the Aryan’s engorged rod.


“Hold up a sec,” Ed said, suddenly, his bloodlust diminishing for a moment, to be replaced with increased sadism.  “We gotta do this right.  Remember, boys—it ain’t just a fuckin’ ape—it’s a faggot.  It ain’t even natural; it’s a goddam perverted nigger an’ I think it needs to be shown the error of its ways.”


Jack was quick to catch on.  “Uh-uh.  This bat is brand new an’ I’ve just baptized it in monkey blood.”


“Not your bat,” Ed said with an evil smirk, pointing, “That.”


They both looked at the rebar in Mike’s hands.


“Fuckin’-A,” Jack said, laughing, “Ed, you da man!”


By this point Mike had caught on, too.  “That’s fuckin’ sick, dude,” he said, the broad smile on his face adding emphasis to the compliment.  “Here, you two pull the legs apart.”


Byron’s thrashing and flailing had slowed under the bone-breaking beating he’d endured and he’d been deprived of oxygen long enough for irreversible brain damage to occur.  There wasn’t enough left of the young homo buck to understand the words his killers were saying—but there was enough left to sense physical pain, and suffer.


And that suffering was swept off the scale as Mike shoved the rebar—with four-inch diameter flanges—up the coon’s ass.


It took some work; all three thugs had to coordinate—Mike pushing the rod up as Ed and Jack pulled the spade’s legs down.  The slightly rusted steel tore the nigger’s sphincter open, then slammed upward, shredding the colon as it traveled up into the ape’s guts.


Along the way, the jagged metal edge of a flange scraped over the coon’s prostate.  The sudden brutal stimulus tripped a trigger in its central nervous system and suddenly the dangling, convulsing sack of drooling monkey meat began to spew cum like a geyser.  The last act of the homo jigaboo’s life was to shoot its wad like a punk bitch when it was offed.


“Fuckin’ white power!” Jack yelled, his own hot load splashing over the corpse’s quivering legs as nigger spunk rained down.  “Aw, yeah!” Mike grunted, hosing the dead coon with his sperm, “White power!”


“Goddam!  Fuck!  FUCK!!!” Ed cried out as his short thick plug of a cock spat his searing manload all over the dead nigger cunt, “Feel my white power, ya fuckin’ nigga-ass bitch!”


For a moment, they all stood around gasping, catching their breath, regaining control.  Then each looked at the other, cheerful and grinning.  “Yeah, boys,” Jack beamed, “That’s how ya put a fuckin’ darky in its place.”


Mike darted off and shut off the camera on the phone; when he returned, he’d brought more discarded cloths so they could wipe the cum off themselves.  It didn’t bother them that they were covered in nigger cum any more than if they’d gotten its blood splashed on them; they’d known it was gonna spunk when it died—and they liked it.  It was confirmation of the kill when choking to death; the victim almost always blew a load as it died.


It made them feel more like proud white men when the lynched coon squirted cum all over them.


After wiping themselves down, the proceeded to rob their victim, digging through the pockets of the cast-aside jeans.  There was fifty dollars in the wallet, but nothing else besides.  They were smart enough to leave the Sambo’s phone where it was so it wouldn’t be tracked to them.


They were just about to leave when Ed, tossing the wallet aside, noticed a small card that had fallen out and fluttered to the ground.  He bent down and picked it up out of sheer idle curiosity, but when he read it, his eyes widened.


“Hey, guys, lookit this shit,” he said, with something approaching awe in his voice.


The printing on the card was in black, in a simple font; it said:


“Ebony Woods: The fly new club for hot black men and their male admirers.  Who’s yo daddy?  Find him here!”


There followed a phone number, web address and street address.  It was just outside of their turf.


Jack stared at the card silently for a while.  “Ok, we gotta take ‘em down.  All of ‘em.”


“Well duh,” Ed replied sarcastically, “But how?  There’s just three of us till Hank and Frankie get out.  Unless yer plannin’ on stormin’ the place with machine guns…”


“Fuck you,” Jack said evenly, hoisting his bat, still encrusted with baptismal blood, “Let’s get back.  We got some thinkin’ to do.”


The alleyway echoed with the fading tread of their heavy boots as they left, then settled back into a silence that the swaying, twitching nigger corpse, rebar still sticking out its ass, didn’t disturb.

The Road Best Not Taken

“A shortcut?  Down here?  Naw, I don’t think it’s safe.”  Ben peered down the dark alley that Ethan had indicated.


“C’mon, man, what—are ya chicken?” Ethan teased.


They were walking home from Club 69, their favorite bar.  Ethan was eighteen and Ben was a little older at almost twenty.  It had been lust at first sight between the two twinks and they were inseparable.  They were walking back to small apartment they shared since Ben was unemployed and couldn’t afford a car—and Ethan had lost his license due to a DUI when he was still living with his parents.


In other words, they were typically heedless young faggots, more concerned about style than substance.  They made sure they had decent clothing and enough money to pay the cover fee at the club; after that, they always managed to get other guys to buy them drinks.


Ethan was slim and lithe, not scrawny.  His lean body was dressed to attract attention, from his cropped t-shirt that read “Daddy’s Boy” and revealed several inches of his smooth, flat belly above the waistband of his black skinny jeans, to his Steve Madden Riot black and gold hightops.  Even his sculpted, ash-blond hair seemed to draw the eyes.


Ben was slightly taller than Ethan and had a more average build.  He had a clear oval face and large dark eyes under a carefully disheveled mass of chestnut curls.  He sported a short-sleeve t-shirt hoodie in a shiny, tight-fitting material over a pair of skinny jogger pants in pale blue denim, with a white stripe down the sides.  On his feet were a pair of Chuck Taylor “Hidden Heart” Converses.


With their eye-catching gear and “fuck-me” looks, neither twink had encountered any resistance in getting others to buy them drinks.  By the time the bar closed, neither one was really sober enough to make good decisions.


Which was why Ben made the worst—and last—mistake of his life and overrode his objections to Ethan’s short cut.  Not that he didn’t bitch about it, of course.


“Man, this place is nasty,” he whined as they picked their way through the alley, “Smells like piss, too.  How d’ya know it’s ok?  You been down here before?”


“Sure,” Ethan replied nonchalantly, “Gave a dude a blowjob down this way last year.  They wouldn’t let me into the club–said I was too young, so I hadta wait outside.  So this one dude comes out—”


“Where’s this lead to?” Ben broke in nervously.


“Well, lessee, we turn this corner here, and there’s another alley for a coupla hundred feet, then another turn an’ yer out on Anderson Avenue. What’s wrong with you, dude?”


“There are stories about this neighborhood, man—ain’t you heard ‘em?  Some kinda Nazi gang or some shit like that.  Like gay-bashin’ an’ shit.  I just don’t like it, that’s all.”


“Aw, I know what you need,” Ethan grinned and grabbed Ben’s hand.  “C’mere,” he said, dragging Ben around the corner.  This stretch of alley was dimly lit; the view down its length was impeded by dumpsters and trash piles.  The blond twink pushed the dark-haired one up against the wall and kissed him deeply, their soft lips pressed together as their tongues explored each other’s mouths and Ethan’s hands fondled the steadily-stiffening bulge in the crotch of Ben’s jogger pants.


“What the fuck do we got here?  Coupla faggots?  On our turf?”


The harsh, jeering voice froze the twinks’ blood; it was simultaneous with the blinding beam of a flashlight pointed straight in their eyes.


“Hey, Jack, whatcha think?”


Jack stepped forward into the circle of light; it took some blinking, but Ethan and Ben were able to focus on him.


Jack was older than the boys; it wasn’t clear by how much, but it didn’t matter.  He was buff and athletic, his broad chest stretching out the cotton “Gold’s Gym” t-shirt he wore.  His muscled forearms and massive biceps were covered with tattoos, far too many to take in at once, but Ben noticed several swastikas and his heart sank.


Jack’s Levis were tight and torn, showing that he had thick, powerful legs to match his arms.  Below the knee, the jeans vanished into a pair of green 20-hole Doc Martens.  But it was it was Jack’s shaved head that confirmed the image.  Except for the fringe of a dark beard across the hard line of his jaw, the man standing before the twinks was a skinhead.


He crossed his arms and sneered at them.  “Oh yeah, they’re faggots, all right.”


“Look, man, we were just takin’ a shortcut!” Ethan cried out.


“Yeah, dude, we-we don’t want any trouble,” Ben stammered.


Jack’s sneer grew broader.  “Wee-wee?  Yer gonna fuckin’ wee-wee when I get done with you.  You two faggots made a big mistake.  We’re takin’ this neighborhood back from worthless fucks like you.”


“Aw, man, cut us a break—” Ben started, when, with no warning at all, Ethan whirled and bolted.


“Ed!  Frankie!  On ‘im!!” Jack barked and two fit, burly dudes shot out of the dark, grabbing Ethan—one by the arm, the other by the hair—and dragging him back into the light.


Ed was the oldest of all of them, with buzz-cut hair the same ash-blond shade as Ethan’s.  His large nose had a noticeable hump showing that it had been broken in the past and was a legacy of the decade the Aryan thug had spent on the semi-pro boxing circuit.  His hard, powerful torso was barely contained in his white cotton wifebeater, but he’d otherwise gone with the traditional skinhead look of rolled-up acid-washed jeans over oxblood Doc Martens.


Frankie hadn’t jumped on the Doc Marten bandwagon; he’d kept his military-issue combat boots when he was discharged.  He’d also kept his fondness for camo utility pants, tight khaki t-shirts, and his crewcut hair, his one concession to civilian life a carefully-shaped goatee.


Between them, the muscle-bound Nazis held the twink helpless.


“Hank, you and Mike set that light down so we can see what’s goin’ on—then grab that other one, got it?”


The flashlight was settled somewhere nearby, illuminating a broad swath of filthy alley pavement and graffiti-covered brick wall.  Two buff men, one in a plain white cotton t-shirt, jeans with suspenders and red 8-hole DMs and the other in a black t-shirt with the legend “These Boots Were Made For Stomping”, tight, stained jeans, and black steel-toed engineer boots.


All of them had tattoos on both arms.  Neither Ethan nor Ben noticed, but Hank and Mike had a teardrop tattoo by their eyes.  Ed had two.


Hank and Mike dragged Ben to one side.  One of them—Ben wasn’t sure which—grabbed a handful of his thick chestnut hair and jerked back, forcing his head up so he had to watch what was happening in front of him.


And what was happening was nightmarish.


As Jack stood with legs spread and arms folded, Ed and Frankie forced Ethan down onto his knees.  After some swift maneuvering, Frankie was left crouched behind Ethan, holding him down.  Ed stood up and, after some pre-arranged signal with Jack, stepped off to the left, out of the light.


“See, you sick fuckin’ perverts are pollutin’ our pure American way of life,” Jack said, his contempt dripping from his words.  “We’re gonna waste all a’ you worthless fucks—niggers, spics, chinks, faggots, libtards—all a’ ya, hear me?  Fuckin’ sick-ass motherfucker!”


Ed had returned by now, handing a long, narrow object to Jack.  It took Ben a moment to comprehend what he was looking at: a baseball bat wrapped with rusty barbed wire.


Ben almost lost control of his bladder.  Ethan did lose control.


“Hey, lookit—the little fag pissed himself!” Jack guffawed; he was joined by all the Aryans.


On his knees, Ethan began crying.  “Please,” he sniveled, “please don’t hurt me, man.  I’ll leave, I swear, I’ll go and never come back—” His voice dissolved into broken sobs.


“Fuck yeah, cunt, beg for yer worthless life,” Jack jeered.  Like all the gang, he was straight—but like all the gang, he knew the erotic rage of completely owning a faggot.  They had plans to get some pussy later on—but fuck, here was some fag pussy, theirs for the taking; why not drain a load?


He massaged his stiffening dick with one hand as he looked down at the overpowered fairy.  With the other, he hoisted the bat.  “Sick goddam fuck,” he growled, “Don’t fuckin’ deserve to live.”  He swung the bat at Ethan’s side like he was aiming for a triple play.


Ethan’s shriek of agony as barbs of rusted steel shredded his smooth silky skin echoed in the close confines of the alley but was lost in the background of general city noise.


“Aw, fuck yeah!” Ed cheered; Frankie’s “Aw right, man!” was followed up by expressions of approval from Mike and Hank.  Ben turned beseechingly to the hardbodied Nazi thugs pinning him down, but there was no trace of mercy.  On the contrary; both men were obviously getting sexually around by their sheer dominance and ability to inflict pain on the faggots.


Ethan sobbed and cried, clutching his damaged flank.  The blow had been hard enough to break two ribs; they ached, but the slashes from the barbed wire hurt more.  “Hey, cocksucker, look up here,” Jack called out.  Ethan glanced up just in time to see him swing the bat again.  This time, he made the mistake of holding up his right arm to ward off the blow.


The impact of the bat broke Ethan’s arm with a loud snap; the teen queer gasped in shock but before he could react, the barbed wire, slashing across the arm, flayed his skin to the bone.


Holding his right arm in his left, looking at his wounds with wide, shocked eyes, Ethan screamed.  Frankie let go and backed away, letting the mauled youth rise shakily to his feet.


For a moment, Ben thought he was going insane.  Jack had reached down and unzipped his fly, letting his thick tube of manmeat fall out.  Then the Nazi spoke.  “So ya like dick, do ya, motherfucker?  You only had fag dick, cocksucker.  I’m gonna letcha see what real mandick feels like before you die, asswipe.”


As Ethan gaped at him, Jack swung the bat again, catching the eighteen-year-old fagboy directly on his left knee with a crunching sound.  Ethan shrieked in agony again and crumpled to the ground, a heap of bleeding boyflesh.


And that was exactly what the gang of predators was looking for.  Gender didn’t matter, what mattered was proving their physical superiority over their victims.  They’d have done the same to, say, a group of Asian schoolgirls.  They were men, they were hard, and they were gonna prove it, literally.


“Strip him,” Jack commanded.  Ed and Frankie, both with visibly erect cocks, stepped forward and began jerking Ethan’s clothing off.


“Stop it!” Ben cried, finally summoning the strength to overcome his fear.


“Shaddup, ya homo sack a’ shit!” Mike snarled and punched Ben in the stomach.  Ben couldn’t see the brass knuckles Mike had managed to slip on, but he damn sure felt them.  Both men tightened their grips on the young pansy as he shuddered in pain.


When his vision cleared again, Ben was looking on a scene straight out of Bosch painting.  Ethan, stripped down to his black and gold hightops, was getting stomped repeatedly by three muscle-bound Nazi thugs with big boots.


The teenaged faggot thrashed and jerked on the grimy concrete, desperately trying to avoid the continuous pounding of thick boot soles on his tender skin.  “Aw, fuck yeah,” Frankie spat out, his erect cock already oozing with his sense of power, “Ya like rough trade, ya cum-sucking fag, huh?”  He slammed his combat boot into the kid’s solar plexus, making the boy curl up reflexively around his foot.  “That fuckin’ rough enough for ya?”


“Naw,” Ed jeered, “But this is.”  With his big thick cock swinging wide, he kicked Ethan in the jaw, breaking it with a loud crack.  The punk was splayed out on his side with the impact, moaning incoherently.


“How’s that feel, ya fuckin’ homo pervert?” Jack asked as Ed chuckled and stroked his hard shaft.


“Stop!” Ben yelled again, his voice quavering with tears, “You’re gonna kill ‘im!”


All five booted thugs laughed derisively.  Hank grabbed Ben’s chin and twisted the boy’s head to face him; the fag could smell the beer that came off the Nazi’s breath in thick, yeasty waves.  “That’s right, motherfucker.  Best way to make sure you stupid faggots don’t ferget yer lesson is to beat it into ya!”


As he and Mike laughed, he kneed Ben in the groin.  The kid groaned and tried to collapse but the vicious thugs held him up and continued to force him to watch Ethan’s suffering.


By now, the nearly-nude teen homo had rolled onto his belly and was crawling on the pavement, attempting to escape his punishment.  “No you don’t, you little asswipe,” Jack snarled and slammed his boot down on Ethan’s back.  Before Ben realized what was happening, Jack, Ed and Frankie had all surrounded Ethan and were brutally stomping him.  “Fuckin-A!” Frankie barked, grinning and erect with white pride, “Ya worthless piece a’ shit!”  Ed, his fists gripped tight, pounded his red DMs on the boy’s bare back.


Ben hadn’t realized he’d lost track of Jack until the latter appeared, rearmed with the baseball bat.  Still unable to catch his breath, the dark-haired cocksucker could only moan his protest as the hardbodied Aryan gripped the handle, took a wide-legged stance, and swung the barbed wire-wrapped bat as hard as he could—which was pretty fuckin’ hard, as Ethan learned to his cost.


The bat hit Ethan across the small of the back, instantly slashing the smooth skin.  Ben, some ten yards away, heard the crunching sound as several of the pansy’s vertebrae shattered, instantly paralyzing his legs.  Despite the horrific pain of his broken jaw, Ethan screamed; he couldn’t help it.  The sound was more like a squeal, and it clearly enraged Jack.  He shoved the toe of his boot under Ethan’s left shoulder and rolled the sobbing kid over.


“Shut the fuck up, faggot,” he sneered, then bent over and spat in Ethan’s face.  Blinking the phlegm out his eyes, the teen peered up at his assailant, his bewildered eyes seeking some clue to this sudden explosion of terror and agony into his life.


All he saw was a tall muscular skinhead looming over him, his cock protruding from his fly, erect and pulsating.  And that tall laced green leather boot he was hoisting; at any other time, Ethan would be aroused, but now, looking at the deep, grime-filled tread of the Doc Marten hanging over him—


It happened so fast he didn’t see it coming.  “Suffer, ya fucking cunt!” Jack roared and stomped Ethan’s face, driving his boot into the homo’s mouth.  Then he turned away and tossed the bat to the side, gripping his hard shaft and brandishing it proudly like a club as Ethan thrashed, his hightops drumming on the pavement as he gagged on his own blood and teeth.


“These baby fags ain’t never had no real mandick,” he chuckled, looking around at the grinning thugs, who all knew what was running in his mind.  “Whaddaya say, boys—wanna show ‘em what real men feel like ‘fore we show ‘em how real men handle faggots?”


Given that every one of them already had their dicks out—and there wasn’t one that wasn’t rock-hard and already oozing—the answer was obvious.


“Bring him,” Jack said.  Without another word, Ed and Frankie bent down, each one grabbing one of Ethan’s arms.  Following Jack, they dragged the beaten and bleeding sack of fagmeat down the alley.  Mike and Hank came right behind, jerking Ben along in a painfully tight grip.


Fifteen yards down the alley, under a dim security light, was a stack of pallets about three feet tall or so.  The thugs threw Ethan onto it face down, his already-slashed chest and belly scraping along the rough, splinter-strewn wood, his young, smooth asscheeks and pink fuckhole splayed out for easy access.


Frankie went first.  Planting his combat boots wide, he shoved his thick, glistening tool inside Ethan’s still-clenched asshole.  As Frank’s hard, goateed face snarled with physical pleasure, Ed held Ethan down and Jack rained blows on his face.  Frankie’s thrusts up the comatose fag’s ass were timed by the repeated smacking sound of flesh on mangled flesh.


Ben wasn’t left out of the fun; as Hank, his broad chest straining his thin cotton wifebeater, held the slim, boyish homo upright, Mike hunched over and delivered a devastating series of punches to his mid-section in sets of three.


“Fuckin’ (WHAM) faggot (WHAM) goddam (WHAM, pause to re-adjust brass knuckles) piece (WHAM) a’ (WHAM) shit! (WHAM)”


The Nazi emphasized his hate with an impact so hard it tore Ben’s liver.  Hank suddenly let go and the gasping, moaning twink sank to the pavement, clutching his battered abdomen, feeling, but not understanding the mortal ache inside.  Just past the Aryan in the jeans and black leather boots, he could see that Frankie was finishing up with Ethan.  The hulking skinhead gave a loud, inarticulate cry and shuddered violently.  He remained bent over the trembling form of the limp homo, then withdrew his still-leaking shaft.  Stepping quickly to one side, he let Ed in.


The older man’s cock wasn’t quite as long as his predecessor’s had been—but it was considerably thick.  He smirked, his masculine face, with its broken nose, betraying a kind of malicious triumph as he spat into his hand and smeared the spit onto the head of his dick.  He kicked at the boy, his steel-toed DM’s leaving dark bruised on the kid’s calves, but there was no response from Ethan.


The eighteen-year-old twink had suffered too much head trauma.  The bleeding in his brain was too severe.  Ed sank his fireplug dick into a human vegetable.


Ben knew what was happening.  He knew how this was gonna end.  In a way, he envied Ethan—the lucky fucker wasn’t feeling any pain.  Reaching behind him, he clutched at the brick wall and tried to pull himself up.


That was when Hank showed back up with the bat.  To Ben it seemed to happen in slow motion, but he couldn’t stop it.  The Nazi strongman swung low, like he was teeing off a golf swing, and took out Ben’s left knee with a sickening crunch.


As Ben fell shrieking to the ground, Hank lifted his boot and pounded it down into the kid’s face, hard, twice.  There were a couple more crunching sounds, but Ben stopped screaming.  He was too busy coughing up blood and teeth.


As Ed kept grunting and pumping on one side of the alley, Hank and Mike quickly stripped Ben of his jogging pants and peeled off his tight shirt; like Ethan, except for his Converses, he was left nude and bleeding on the other side of the dark, reeking passageway.


Unlike Ethan, Ben was still conscious.  He was aware of being dragged over to the stack of pallets and being tossed across it.  Turning his head and opening his eyes—reluctantly—he found he was looking directly into Ethan’s face—upside down.  He’d been placed on the opposite side from his boyfriend.


There was nothing left that Ben could recognize; he was looking into bloody pulp.  Even those beautiful eyes were gone, rolled back into the skull so that only blood-streaked white slits showed under the bruised, swollen lids.


Then there was a dick inside him.  That sudden, that fast.  No preparation, and especially no lube.  Despite a broken jaw and multiple missing teeth, Ben squealed like a stuck pig.


“Aw, fuck yeah!” he heard Mike grunt behind him, and he knew whose swollen manhood was plugging his colon.  Through tear-streaked eyes, he looked past Ethan’s face and saw that of Jack, who was still pinning the brain-damaged teen down across from him.  “Now yer gettin’ ta see what a real man feels like, motherfucker—you should be fuckin’ thankin’ us!”


At that moment, a shudder ran through Ethan’s limp body.  Ed, his hard, muscle-bound body glistening with sweat, cried out, “Fuck!  Gonna cum—FUCK!”  As he snarled and unloaded, there was a sudden acrid scent and a trickling sound.  Ethan had lost control of his bladder, piss spattering his hightops.


Ed pulled out, gasping and shaking as Frankie took over from Jack and Jack stepped back to fuck Ethan.  He went last because his dick was the largest.  He was notorious for it; after he banged a chick, she was too reamed out for anyone else.


“Hey, man,” Ed warned, “I think that one’s dead.”


“So what?” Jack leered, “A hole’s a fuckin’ hole.”  Closing in on the corpse, it took him a moment or two to mount it; despite being slack in death, Ethan’s sphincter was still too tight to handle Jack’s cock.  The skinhead had to apply some pressure; then he felt the dead flesh tear and sighed with pleasure.


“Aw fuck yeah,” he grinned, looking Ben directly in the eyes, “Best kinda faggot there is—a dead one, servicin’ my rod.”


Behind and inside him, Mike was pumping faster and faster; despite being barely conscious from pain and terror, Ben could feel the constant grinding on his prostate—and how it was slowly forcing an erection on him.  He wasn’t the only one.


“Hey, bro, th’ little fuckin’ faggot likes it!” Hank jeered loudly.  “Lookit this shit—he’s fuckin’ hard!  Hey, Mikey, you a fag?  Cause it looks like yer doin’ it right—haw!”


With a roar of rage at the taunt of his sexuality, the powerful thug grabbed a handful of Ben’s hair, jerked his head back and slammed it down onto the pallet.  As he did, he suddenly hunched over and spasmed, then filled Ben’s rectum with searing manseed.  Another jerk and another slam, this one rewarded with the squelching sound of Ben’s nose being broken, brought another hot jet of semen coating the homo’s innards—and then Mike pulled out.


Even now, Ben was still awake and lucid.  He knew he shouldn’t be, but he was.  And he felt somehow empty inside, without the Aryan strongman brutally raping him.   It was the last submissive act of despair of a bottom faggot trying to stave off death—and he needn’t have worried anyway.  No sooner was Mike out than Hank was in.


Compared to Hank, Mike had been loving and gentle.  Mike needed a hole to fuck so he could cum.  For Hank to cum, someone had to suffer.


“Gimme yer knuckles, bro,” he said gruffly as he stuffed his massive tool inside the twink’s violated asshole.


The pain in his colon had faded into the background by now, but the sudden hail of blows on his back damn sure didn’t.  With every thrust of his powerful hips, Hank hit Ben, cursing him with each blow.  The fleshy impacts echoed in the alley, along with grunts of “Faggot!  Goddam cocksucker!  Take it, you worthless sack a’ shit, fucking take my dick!”


“Aw yeah, fuck that faggot,” Jack grunted, the handsome skinhead’s face twisted with demonic lust and rage, as he plowed his shaft into Ethan’s still-convulsing corpse, “Fuck yeah, dude, beat the fuckin’ homo garbage to death and fuckin’ unload in the cunt’s gut’s!”  As he heaved and pumped, his “Gold’s Gym” t-shirt clung tightly to his sweat-slicked chest, highlighting his massive pecs and large, jutting nipples.


Some sick little part of Ben’s mind found itself cravenly attracted to Jack, even as Hank raped him and beat him so badly that his kidneys failed—not that Ben lived long enough to suffer much by it.


He did manage to live long enough to take the Aryan’s load, though; the smooth, wiry teen was still conscious and suffering as the skinhead shuddered and moaned, hosing Ben’s guts with hot squirts of semen.  At the same time, Ben became aware that he was alone on the pile of pallets.


Jack had pulled out of Ethan.  The teen fag’s body, with nothing to support it, slid off the pile and fell into a filthy puddle like a sack of pigshit.


“Hey, Jack, this one’s still alive,” Mike said.


Jack, his enormous manshaft still swinging wide and free in the air between his powerful legs, said evenly, “Not for fuckin’ long.  Hand me that bat; I gotta idea.”


Grinning with malignant hate, Frankie quickly handed Jack the barbed-wire-wrapped bat.  He watched with almost reverent awe; this was gonna be good.  Jack knew how to fuck faggots up good; that’s why he was the leader.


And good, in this case, meant real fuckin’ bad.


“Get ‘im up on there,” Jack commanded, indicating the pile, “Up on his back with his legs spread.”


Ben’s eyes, wide with terror, vainly sought those of Jack as Ed grabbed a handful of the twink’s hair and his left arm, Frankie the right, and Hank and Mike each of his smooth, firm legs.  Even though they’d all—except Jack—cum within the past few minutes, their hard, strong bodies had enough stamina—and sick hateful lust—for them all to start getting hard again.


“Ya like takin’ it the ass, do ya, faggot?” Jack jeered at Ben.  The nineteen-year-old prettyboy—no longer so fuckin’ pretty—tried to beg for his life but was able to force no more than a croak from his ruined mouth, at the cost of excruciating pain.  “Then it’s yer lucky fuckin’ day, cunt, cause I got somethin’ to stick up yer ass that you ain’t ever gonna forget!”


Ben didn’t see it coming, either literally or figuratively; it wasn’t till Jack started forcing the bat up his ass that he realized what was happening.


It took a while, and a lot of effort.  Ed let Frankie take hold of Ben’s hair and went to help Jack shove.  The pain of his mangled mouth was suddenly nothing; Ben’s nightmarish screams echoed down the alley but the only response they brought was to make his assailants harder.


“Fuckin’ suffer, you goddam cocksuckin’ piece a’ shit!” Jack barked, “Scream and die, ya worthless faggot fuck, ya motherfuckin’—aw, fuck!  FUCK!  FUCK!  FUCK!


As he ground the wire-sheathed bat into Ben’s ass, twisting it deliberately to shred the homo’s rectum, he suddenly shot a thick ropy geyser of spunk over the nude twink’s body, his pearly manseed splattering across the tortured teen’s heaving form.  Then it was as if someone had set off a signal; as Ed and Jack continued to destroy Ben’s ass, the lithe young fuck was showered in cum by the burly hate-filled thugs surrounding him.


If he’d been in a position to enjoy it, it would have been a dream come true for Ben.  As it was, the nightmare went on far too long.  The Nazi thugs managed to get the bat eight inches up Ben’s ass before the fag died of shock, trauma and blood loss.


Tucking their dicks back inside their jeans, the boys in the gang slapped each other on the back and complimented each other on their prowess.  There was nothing surreptitious or shameful in their actions; they’d done a good deed by offin’ a couple of baby fags who had no right to exist in a White (real) Man’s world.


They left the corpses where they were—Ethan’s, barely recognizable, a huddle mass of fagmeat marinating in a puddle of piss and rainwater, and Ben’s, splayed out on the pallets, the bat still jammed up his ass.


They didn’t bother to take the bat.  Bats and barbed wire were cheap, and this one had been up inside a faggot.  They could wash their dicks, but ya don’t wash a wood bat.


“Hey, Frankie,” Jack said musingly, “Next time, get two bats—and some long-ass nails.”