Victim POV 1


My head hurts. What’s happening? I don’t know what’s going on…

There was a guy. A trick. I was gonna suck him off. He picked me up, I was in his car—that’s the last thing I remember.

My head hurts bad. Did he hit me?

He was just few years older than me and he told me how much he liked the tight jeans I was wearing. Even liked these new Nikes I got.

He’s got longer hair than I do and he’s just wearing a white t-shirt and a black leather jacket. Looks like he’s got work boots on. Thought he was they typical construction worker. They can get rough sometimes; maybe he started punching me.

So why am I tied down? What’s he doing? I can’t remember—it’s all fuzzy in my head—but I don’t think I’d started blowing him yet.

He’s leaning over me now; I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a hard, cold face before. Oh fuck, I’m in real trouble. This guy’s gonna hurt me bad.

Not just that he wants to do it. A lot of my johns want to hurt me. But most of them can’t do it, no matter how much they want to.

This guy can, I can tell.

Please don’t, dude, please. I’ll do anything. Just tell me. Please, for fuck’s sake, just don’t hurt me.

Oh shit. He likes that. Christ, that smile is terrifying.

This hurts; I’m tied to a chair. He’s sitting on my lap. He’s unzipped my fly and pulled my dick out but otherwise, I’m fully dressed and so is he.

Wanna fuck me, buddy? Please fuck me. Stick it in any hole on my body, just please don’t hurt me. Oh god, please just let me out of this. I’m so scared. Please.

I’m crying; I can’t help it. I don’t know what he’s gonna do to me, but I don’t think I’m getting out of here. Nobody knows I’m here and I can’t move at all. I’m completely helpless.

What the fuck—duct tape. He slaps duct tape across my mouth. I can’t plead any more.

Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck I can’t scream I can’t do anything oh shit help let me out let me out oh fuck budd what’s happening I was just gonna swallow your cum

He’s got his dick out now, too. Oh my god it’s huge. Swollen, red and dripping. I can feel it nudging mine. Whatever he’s gonna do, he’s really gonna enjoy it. Oh fucking jesus what is he gonna do to me—

–a length of rope, white nylon rope. He’s gonna strangle me–

Please no oh fucking god no I don’t wanna die please no please don’t do this please no jesus christ someone help me someone stop this fucker holy shit I’m pissing myself PLEASE DEAR GOD NO DON’T KILL ME PLEASE—

Oh my god the pain it’s crushing my throat the pressure in my head building oh fuck it hurts so bad oh god I didn’t know I was gonna die today I didn’t know it would hurt so bad so why is my dick getting hard

he likes it he’s tightened the rope around one hand what’s he doing

his dick and my dick; he’s beating us off simultaneously

fireworks they look just like fireworks but they’re black that sound is too loud I can’t hear anything else

oh his snarling face and hate-filled eyes that stare into mine, even in the pain I can see them clearly

he wants me to die so he can cum and I can’t stop him he’s killing me just so he can get his rocks off but I’m getting hard too what’s happening

gah nothing but his eyes and my cock I can feel chest it wants to explode and my throat is crushed oh god I can feel my
trachea crunch beneath the rope as he clenches his steel-hard muscles I can’t stop him I can’t

oh fucking god it feels like molten steel flowing out of my cock

fading fading oh god the fiery pain in my dick am I cumming

orgasm fuck fuck I love you thank you never cum like this ever

oh fuck he’s shot his wad too it burns just like mine

dark its dark and cold

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