Victim POV 2–Pig’s Point of View

Damn, I’ve been out here for hours. Good thing it’s summer; at least I’m not freezing. But it looks like it’s gonna rain soon and I’m getting frustrated.

What’s a guy gotta do to get fucked around here?

I ain’t looking to make any money–at least, not now. Still got some dough left from that last BJ I gave. I just want a fat mushroom head shoved down my throat or up my ass. I’m not picky; just horny. It’s a weeknight, though, and there just aren’t many guys out looking for a hole to use.

And that’s a shame; I really fucking want to be used.

Might as well head home. Nothing’s gonna happen tonight. Guess I can call Jimmy to come over and give me a workout, if he’s not too drunk to get it up–

Hold on, that van just turned around. Maybe I will get lucky, after all. He’s pulling up now; even from the curb, I can see that he’s got one hand in his lap, moving rhythmically.

Looks like I’m finally gonna get my hole plugged. Let’s see what the cards dealt me–I approach the van for a closer look.

Goddam, this one’s hot. Mid- to late twenties, I’d say, with shoulder-length black hair and a black mustache. He pops open the passenger door and I can see him a bit more clearly under the dome light. He’s taller than me and a bit larger. Very well built–he looks like he’s got the muscles of a body builder. There’s something disconcerting about his pale blue eyes, but I don’t care, not given the size of the hog outlined in his crotch and running down his leg.

He’s wearing a black leather bomber jacket over a plain white t-shirt. His tight jeans are old and faded; under the frayed cuffs, he’s sporting black harness boots.

“Whaddaya lookin’ for?” I ask.

He grins and unzips his fly, slowly pulling out his huge tube of meat. “Blow me, faggot. Gimme head while I drive back to my place and when we get there I’m gonna fuck you like you ain’t never been fucked before.”

His deep voice makes my dick hard. I climb in. As he puts the van in gear, I bend down and put my lips around his swollen head, deeply inhaling the musk of mansex. He places his hand on the back of my head and shoves; instantly, his massive cock is thrust down my throat, gagging me. His dark pubic scratches my face as I struggle to breathe.

I love it, having his massive rod rammed down my windpipe. And I think he knows it.

“Yeah, that’s it, cocksucker, work my dick. Get it nice and hard so I can stick it up your fuckhole,” he sneers. Not like I have to be told twice. I run my tongue over the bulging veins and lick at the rosebud just under the head, making the john moan in pleasure.

During the drive, he facefucks me, grabbing a hank of my hair to force my head up and down his thick rod. As his massive hairy sack smears across my face, I open my mouth wide and start sucking his large velvety balls.

I keep my face in his crotch all the way back to his apartment–I didn’t see any of the drive, so I don’t know where we are. I don’t even know this dude’s name, not that I care. I know he’s got a monster dong and my eager chute is quivering in anticipation of getting impaled by that enormous dick.

Watching him stuff it back into those skin-tight jeans is like watching a magic trick. If I hadn’t seen it come outta there in the first place, I’d never have believed it’d go back in.

As we cross the parking lot, I cast surreptitious glances at his face out of the corners of my eyes. He’s quiet, this one. Full lips, but they’re compressed into a tight line. There’s something hard about this guy; something undefinable but somehow scary…

It turns me on.

When we get inside, he takes off his leather jacket and his t-shirt. He leaves his jeans and boots on, pulling his cock out again.

“Get over here, you fucking whore,” he snaps, “I want you on your knees. Now!”

I hasten to obey. I kneel in front of him, this stud, this god leering down at me. Holy fuck, he’s built; a broad, smooth chest, a faint trail of fur leading down his six-pack abs like an arrow pointing to the dark erotic secrets hidden below his waistband. His biceps are huge and the tufts of black hair in his pits add to his heady man-scent.

I sit up on my knees, mouth open, waiting to be skullfucked, but he isn’t quite ready. First, he wants to put me in my place.

“Yeah, look at you, you fucking cocksucking homo. Think you’re ready for my cock? You ain’t man enough for it, faggot!” He grabs my hair again and, roughly jerking my head back, spits twice in my face. With his free hand, he begins dickslapping me in the face. Damn, he can swing that huge tool with great force; it actually hurts.

And it makes me hard. I am so fucking ready to be this dude’s bitch.

Suddenly, his fingers scrabble roughly in my mouth; before I realize what’s happening, he pries my jaws open and forces his thick purple head back down my throat. “Fuckin’ choke on it, you piece of shit,” he whispers as his hands force my head further down onto his thickly-veined shaft.

Christ, this thing’s like a log. It completely plugs my throat; I can’t breathe at all. Oh shit–I can deep-throat as well as the next guy, but I gotta know it’s coming. I haven’t had time to inhale. And he’s forced me all the way down. My nose is crushed into his pubic hair.

What the fuck is going on? He’s not thrusting; he’s just clamping my face into his crotch with painful pressure. What–

Oh shit, I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe. Fuck, I gotta get him outta me, I’m choking to death on his cock. He’s not letting me up!

I’m pressing against his thighs as hard as I can, trying to push him away. Goddam, dude, let go–I seriously can’t fucking breathe!

And then I hear him whisper–very faintly–“Fuck yeah, meat…”

Oh god oh god I know that word I’ve heard stories he’s gonna kill me on jesus oh god–

I gotta get off I gotta get him off now I’m gagging get off get off GET OFF OH FUCK YOUR COCK IS CHOKING ME GET OFF–

I finally succeed in pushing him away; I don’t know where the burst of strength comes from–probably panic. His dick swelled so much while it was plugging my gullet, it hurt coming out, reaming out my throat and leaving a thick salty trail of precum down the length of my tongue.

This is filed in the back of my mind, though. I gotta figure out how to get outta here. This guy’s a fucking psycho. He called me ‘meat’. Just fucking me won’t get him off; he wants to waste me too. I heard about guys like this; if you fuck random strangers, there’s always a chance of running into one.

I can usually take care of myself, but this guy is both bigger and stronger than me. He can really fucking hurt me if he wants to–and I don’t think I can stop him.

And I know he wants to. I don’t want to look at him, to see the triumph in those ice-cold eyes, the razor-sharp lust that sees me as a disposable fucktoy. But I look anyway. I can’t resist.

Oh god, I’m so scared.

He’s beautiful. I’d do anything for him. I tell him. “Please, don’t kill me. I’ll do anything. Anything you want, just tell me. Do you want to drag me around on a leash and piss on me in public? Please do it–just don’t kill me. I’ll be your complete fuck slave, anything you want if you let me live–anything!” Oh shit, I’m so scared, I’m sobbing the entire time.

Oh fuck, he likes that. He likes my begging. He knows he’s got control of the situation.

And that’s when he makes his move.

He leaps at me–I scream, shrilly, and try to move away, but I’m still on my knees and I simply fall over backwards. And then he’s on me.

Goddam, I gotta get out from under him. I turn over and try to wriggle out, but he gets my arm and twists it behind my back.

Shit that hurts fuck ok ok I’m getting up stop it it hurts stop it–

But he doesn’t stop it. With his other hand, he reaches around and grabs my throat so tightly I can’t speak. I’m completely helpless in his arms; they grip me like bands of iron.

He’s manhandling me into the bedroom. Oh fuck, what’s he gonna do to me oh please oh god–

He lets go of my throat. As I inhale deeply, gratefully, he jerks my other hand behind me and I feel a painful pinching sensation at the wrists. He’s bound my hands behind me with a zip tie. I cry out; it’s way too tight. He spins me around quickly; I see his fist coming at me but there’s no time–

Jesus Christ he split my fucking lips he’s talking what the fuck is he saying?

“Told ya I’d fuck ya like ya ain’t been fucked before, didn’t I,” he snarls, “and I know no one’s fucked ya like this before cause you’re still alive.”

He grabs something off the dresser. It’s a knife, large, serrated, ugly—

There’s a screaming sound somewhere. I think it’s me. I know that warm wet feeling down my legs is me. It doesn’t matter that I’ve pissed myself and can feel it pooling in my boots it doesn’t matter he’s gonna hit me again if I can’t stop screaming but I can’t I can’t–

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++

I’m on my back. My head hurts. My jaw hurts. I can taste blood. Something sticky on my face that’s blood too what the fuck is going on with my legs—

I’ve been unconscious. He didn’t kill me. He didn’t stab me thank you god thank you jesus he didn’t hurt me with the knife—

I open my eyes. He’s right in front of me, grinning. He’s having a great time, the psycho. It takes me a second before I notice I’m almost completely nude. He’s used his knife to cut my clothes off; he’s just now cutting away the last bit of my piss-soaked jeans. I was commando under them, in the hopes of getting fucked—

Oh god oh fuck what happened I just wanted some dick just wanted to swallow some cum take a load up the ass I wasn’t supposed to die tonight I was just gonna have some fun what happened—

Suddenly, he flips me over. All I can see is the edge of the bed and the wall. My hands, completely numb by now, are still bound behind me. He’s got my ass pointed in the air–


Something slips past my eyes and tightens around my throat—

He’s in me oh jesus he’s in so far so deep he’s hurting me he’s tearing my guts open oh fuck it hurts oh fuck I CAN’T BREATHE—

I can’t move my hands are useless fuck that can’t be his cock he’s shoved a spear up my ass he can’t be that big I CAN’T BREATHE—

He’s saying something I can hear words faggot die cock whore fuck die choke I CAN’T BREATHE—

Oh god the pain my head is exploding my tongue what the fuck my tongue is growing it’s filling my mouth and poking out I wanna puke I’m gonna vomit but it’s blocked oh fuck my eyes what the fuck is happening to my eyes I CAN’T BREATHE—

Buzzing and popping the world is full of buzzing and popping I CAN’T BREATHE I can’t breathe—

My dick I can’t breathe I’m going numb but I can feel my cock it’s hard it’s straining so bad it hurts I can’t feel anything but searing pain IT HURTS MY CHEST MY LUNGS MY ASS MY COCK IT HURTS—

He’s on me and in me I am utterly his utterly in his power he has mastered me I will never belong to anyone else only him I am ready to receive what he will give–

It hurts yes it hurts so good it all flows it all flows out of my cock my life I feel it I feel him I feel it flow out of him into me his soul his seed his cum as it flows out of me into the universe my soul my seed my cum it flows together thank you for showing me this I didn’t know it would be like this thank you

dark and cold there’s a stream of fire inside me all else is dark and cold

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