Victim POV 3–Motel Hell

I’d think the night before a three-day holiday weekend would be busy, but it looks like I’m wrong. I’ve been out here for a while, but no one’s biting.

There’s a guy down on the next corner. He’s getting picked up now. He’s a little older than me, but better built and more muscular. Guess I need to work out more if I wanna earn more.

Dammit, I can’t even get twenty bucks for a blowjob. Randy said he had plenty of rock, next time I needed a bump, but I gotta get the dough first. He ain’t gonna front the drugs anymore.

One of these faggots out here has to want to stick it in my mouth or up my ass. I’m frustrated, but not worried. I’ll find myself some desperate queer, have some fun and roll him for his wallet. Then I can visit Randy and get as high as I want.

There’s that van again. Must be the third time he’s circled the block. Asshole needs to make up his mind. C’mon, dude, pick me up. My buzz is starting to wear off; gonna need a bump real soon. I got one hit left, but I’m saving it; I may need a good anesthetic. Some of these homos are seriously hung.

He’s pulling over. Cool. Steady now, don’t look desperate. Let’s see what we got here.

He’s not bad looking. Young enough to be a powerhouse in the sack, but old enough to have some control. Late twenties or early thirties, I’d guess. Long black hair, mustache, black leather jacket over a red t-shirt sporting a beer logo. He’s even better built than the guy down the street had been; his shirt is straining tightly over his broad chest and the thick muscles on his thighs and calves bulge through his faded Levi’s. Something else, just as thick, bulges in his crotch.

I pull back for a moment. This trick might be more than I can handle. But I gotta do it if I wanna get high tonight. Besides, what’s the worst he can do? Just because he’s both bigger and stronger than me doesn’t mean he’s gonna hurt me or anything.

Sure, buddy, I’ll come along. Yeah, I’ll blow ya. But I ain’t going back to your place. Make a left at the next light; there’s a cheap no-tell motel I use sometimes. Yeah, you can pay by the hour. Yeah, they take cash–they ain’t stupid, they know the place ain’t bein’ used for prayer meetings.

He slips me a twenty and I go book the room. He only wants it for an hour. Dunno why he doesn’t want to book it. Maybe he thinks I’ll get a better rate, since they know me. And I do. It’s only ten buck for the hour, but I ain’t telling the dude that–and just like that, I’ve made ten bucks. Looks like it’s gonna be a good evening.

The room is out on the end, but the john parks around the side of the building; when we get out of the van, we have to walk around the corner to get to the room. Wonder why he parked so far away. Must be worried about being seen. Lots of guys on the down-low in this place.

The room is small and nasty with a thin stained carpet. The bed sheets aren’t much better. There’s an ancient TV and a microwave with the handle broken off. The faux-wood veneer is peeling off the dresser. There are cigarette burns on damn near everything.

Well, it ain’t the bridal suite, but it’ll do for a quick fuck. I excuse myself and head to the bathroom. Time to hit the one rock I have left; I think I’ll need it.

After I smoke the crack, I break off one of the thin wires that hold the shower curtain. I straighten it into a pusher and, gingerly holding the hot glass stem; push the chore up and down to collect as much of the coke oil as I can. One last quick burn and I’m ready.

Nice thing about crack is the way it kills pain. Of course, it’ll be difficult for me to get hard, but this guy just wants to bang me, so I’m not concerned. But I wanna be high as fuck when he splits my ass with that enormous dong.

When I step out of the bathroom, he’s getting undressed. His jacket and shirt are off but he hasn’t taken off the boots or jeans yet. He stops, looks up and grins as I come forward. There’s something disquieting, almost feral in his eyes. He unzips his fly and his dick falls out like a log.

Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. I don’t think I’m in serious trouble, but it probably would have been easier just to mug a drunk for the money. Some of the johns out there have some extreme ideas–and I think this guy might be one of them.

But still, here we are and I’m still numb from the crack, so let’s get it over with. It doesn’t take me long to strip; I’m only wearing jeans, a concert t-shirt and sneakers. I stand nude at the foot of the bed as the john approaches. He still hasn’t taken off his jeans and his harness boots, but without his shirt, I can see his broad, smooth pecs, his strong arms–looks like there’s a skull tattooed on his right shoulder–and his flat abs with a light coat of black fur.

He stands in front of me, sneering, not speaking a word. Suddenly, he spits in my face. “What the fuck–” I start. I’m not given the chance to finish. He punches me in the face, hard.

Oh shit. I’m on my back on the bed, still seeing spots. This asshole decked me and I never saw it coming. If he thinks he’s getting away with–


Fuck, he’s raping me. No fucking lube—he’s killing me–I gotta get him off, I gotta push him–what the hell? What’s wrong with my arms?

When did he tie them behind me? I don’t remember that–was I unconscious? He must’ve knocked me out oh shit he’s shoving it in again GET OUT OF ME IT HURTS IT HURTS…

He’s pinned me to the bed and spread my legs apart. I can clamp them together around his hard body, but I can’t get them under him to push him up and off. And with my hands bound behind me…

I’m helpless. I can’t move; I have to lie here and take whatever it is he wants to do to me.

I don’t want to look into his face, but it’s unavoidable. What I see there make my heart sink. I’ve never seen such a cold, hard look of hate. He likes hurting me. Oh shit.

“Please don’t hurt me, man, I’ll do anything you want,” I plead. Shit, I’m so scared. He sneers and I see movement out of the corner of my eye–then I’m awash in pain. He hit me again, so fast I couldn’t see it.

Dizzy. Pain. Oh god I hurt he’s splitting me open that can’t be his cock he’s raping me with a beer bottle or something his cock can’t be that big–WHAM!

Spots dancing in front of my eyes. He keeps punching me. I look into his face and again see his rage, his anger as he spits on me. He drives his fist into my stomach, leaving me gasping for air and wallowing in pain.

But he never misses a single stroke in my ass. As bad as his blows hurt, they’re nothing compared to the way he’s tearing open my fuckhole. And I don’t think he’s even shoved his dick all the way in yet.

Oh fuck please god if you’re there get me out of this I’ll never do crack again I’ll never steal or whore myself out oh please oh fuck I promise just let me go I promise–

He sits up on his knees and grabs my ankles. Brutally yanking my legs up, he bends over me, utterly dominating me. I can’t see or feel anything else but him and his sexual rage. With a loud grunt, he completely inserts his cock in my ass and starts fucking me like a wild animal.


I scream. I can’t help it; I’m in too much pain. Somewhere deep inside, I realize I’m screaming like a little girl and it shames me but I can’t stop; it hurts too bad. I can feel him, fuck, no one has ever been this deep inside me oh shit another thrust OH GOD STOP YOU’RE HURTING ME YOU’RE RIPPING ME APART I CAN FEEL YOUR COCK IN MY GUTS–

What…what…another blow to the face…everything went dark…I can taste blood…

He’s gonna kill me. He’s hurt me too much to let me go. He’s gonna hafta kill me. Oh fuck no I don’t wanna die dude I was just gonna suck you off and get a little money I just wanted to get high I wasn’t supposed to die tonight in this shitty room oh god not another thrust OH FUCK THE PAIN IT HURTS SO BAD OH FUCK OH FUCK I’M SCREAMING AGAIN–

He rears up on his knees again. Oh god, I’m so grateful for the pause, the break from the pain. I can only lie here and gasp, blubbering, tears and snot and blood covering my face, agonized sweat oozing out of every pore, as he starts whispering to me.

“Goddam whore. Making too much noise, well, I’ll fix that, you bitch.” As he speaks, he reaches down and unbuckles his belt, pulling it out of the loops and holding it up. It’s thick black leather, with metal studs. He leers down at me as he wraps the leather strap around my neck…

No. No. Keep it away. Don’t do this. Please, oh fuck, please don’t. I won’t tell anyone, I promise. You can do what you want to me and I won’t say anything, just please don’t kill me–

Hands in my hair, roughly pulling my head up off the bed. I feel the warm embrace of the leather belt on the back of my neck and start sobbing uncontrollably. No, it’s not over, I’m not ready to die, this isn’t happening it’s just bad drugs please god let this just be a bad trip I’m not supposed to get fucked to death in a sleazy motel tight it’s so fucking tight–

Air oh dear god I need air he’s on me and in me and I can’t move and I can’t breathe he’s just using me oh fuck look at the rage in that face he wants me dead oh god I can’t breathe he wants to breed me and kill me–

No no no let me up please oh fuck I can’t get him off my legs slide uselessly over his sweaty flanks I can feel his body flex with each horrible agonizing pump in my ass my hands I can’t feel my hands they’re bound too tight that rushing sound in my head–

Pain oh shit so much pain my throat my head my ass I’m gonna puke I’m gonna barf oh fuck I can’t

Roaring in my ears I can’t hear anything he’s talking to me but I can’t hear him he spitting on me again my tongue is swelling it’s filling my mouth

Cracking crunching in my throat oh god pain didn’t know such pain existed

Fading everything roaring in my ears is failing light is fading dim and dark

His cock I can still feel his cock it’s filling me my cock is tingling too why am I getting hard

cold oh fuck death is so cold icy fingers gripping me in the darkness his cum it feels like hot lava inside me hold on to it hold on to the warmth the last spark of life in the cold darkness

my dick it hurts it’s spasming and shooting so hard it hurts going dark I’ve never cum this hard it’s all going black I wasn’t supposed to get raped and strangled he’s still grunting and thrusting

going everything is going away

spewing so hard it feels like I’m cumming razor blades

hot spunk still burning in my ass no no not dead yet not dead ye

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