Victim POV 4–For Leather or Worse

I’m so fucking horny tonight.

It’s like being possessed, sometimes, I think. When I want dick, I go on autopilot. Like now. I’m out looking and I’m not going home until I get a fat mushroom head shoved past my tonsils.

I’m dressed for the part, too. I don’t think I could get on a tighter pair of jeans without someone else’s help. My hightop baller shoes are silver with bright red laces; they’re sure to draw attention if the skin-tight yellow t-shit I’m wearing doesn’t.

Yeah, I’m a little drunk, a little fucked up. Doesn’t matter. A little anesthesia to take a long hard cock inside me. Goddam, I want it bad.

Where am I? Looks like the spot. There’s Club 69 over there. Ain’t going in the clubs, though. They’ll call the cops if I go down on some dude on the dance floor. Got thrown outta 69 once for getting’ fucked in a bathroom stall.

Naw, if I can’t get some dude to pop for a cheap motel room, I’ll suck him off in the alley. Fuck yeah. As long as I get to drink some cum, I don’t care where.

I turn off the main drag and start ambling down a side street. I can take my time. I may be horny as fuck, but I ain’t swallowin’ any sperm that I don’t want. Not like I’m bein’ paid—I ain’t no fuckin’ whore.

I turn right along the street that runs behind the bars. It’s dark and deserted, but I’m only about a hundred yards down when a white shortbed pickup pulls up alongside me. He’s heading the same direction I am, so it’s the passenger window he rolls down.

He’s hot, in a way I find hard to describe. He’s in his mid- to late thirties. His face is…well, I have to say craggy. It’s the face of a man. His pale blonde hair is cut short, showing the receding hairline. The pheromones, the aura of testosterone he gives off is almost palpable.

I already know I want his cum. Whatever his offer, my answer will be yes.

He looks like he’s just leaving the leather bar that was further up the block. He’s wearing nothing but leather from head to foot. His visor cap, his vest, his skin-tight jeans and his boots are all black leather. Under the vest he’s wearing nothing but the dark fur covering his firm chest and his flat, hard belly. His dark eyes glint dangerously at me from the darkness under the brim of his cap.

His voice, when it comes, is low and gravelly. Even as I strain to hear, I’m getting hard.

“How much you charge, bitch?” he rasps.

“I ain’t a whore,” I drawl back at him insolently. I can see a tiny spark of interest in those dark eyes. “But I’ll give you the best blow job you’ve ever had—if your dick is worth it. You got enough cock to gag me?”

He grins. His teeth, white and even, catch the reflection of a streetlight further down the block, giving him the predatory gleam of a shark. For some reason, it makes me harder. Again, doesn’t matter. He’s taking me up.

“Get in,” he says, “I’ll run up to that place on the highway. You think you can handle my tool, cunt? We’ll see if you’re as good as you say.”

He floors it. In just a few lust-drenched minutes, we’re in the parking lot of the by-the-hour motel on the interstate access road. He hands me a twenty.

My dick is so hard, I have trouble walking to the office.

He’s parked on the far side of the lot—which is fine; we have a room at the end of the wing. I go directly to the room, as he told me; he gets out of his truck and walks toward me while I unlock the door. He and I enter the room together.

I’m aware of sudden movement on my left. There’s a sudden, bright, painful sensation.

I wake up slowly. There’s pain, lots of it. Where? My jaw, wow, yes, that hurts like fuck. My head in general, yeah. But there’s something else wrong…

As I become more aware of my surroundings, I realize that I’m kneeling. I can’t move my hands. Fuck, I can’t even feel them. They’re bound behind me painfully by something that constricts my wrists tightly enough to cut off my circulation. What is it? Wire? A zip tie? I can’t tell…

The leather dude is sitting on the bed, his vest off, revealing his furry, developed chest. His legs are spread; I’m on my knees between them. His leather button-fly jeans are open, his long engorged member erect in front of me. It’s huge; at least six inches if not longer. It’s swollen an angry purple and oozing clear precum from its tip.

The older dude grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls me upwards. As my head rises in response to his physical summons, I become aware for the first time of several different sensations.

The first is the feeling of something in my mouth. It’s a feeling I’ve experienced before, but never in a sexual setting and it’s very unsettling. There are jaw blocks in my mouth. The only other time I’ve ever experienced this was at the dentist.

They’re designed to keep me from closing my mouth.

I’m also suddenly aware of something circling the back of my neck. It’s about an inch and a half thick—my belt? My jeans are loose and sagging—is he using my belt to force me down onto his cock?

He gives the belt a brutal tug and my face is full of his pubic hair.

Oh fuck he’s plugging my throat hold on he’ll let up soon just hold on and take his shaft you know you want it just hold on he’s pulling out

Air oh thank god air

He’s laughing. He’s talking. What’s he saying?

“Fucking bitch, choke on my fucking cock. Fuck yeah, gag on it, you cunt. Ya wanted to know if it was big enough? How ya likin’ it now, you little slut—big enough for ya?”

He doesn’t give me a chance to reply before his huge shaft is plugging my throat again. I can feel his thick head deep against the base of my tongue as the strap at the back of my neck tightens painfully. I roll my eyes up, my gaze travelling upwards along his hard, hairy body to his face. He sees me looking and sneers. He grunts and gives a great thrust; my nose is flattened against the root of his cock as his bristly pubic hair scratches my face again.

I wish he hadn’t bound my hands. I’d have taken this without restraint. And I want to beat off so fuckin’ bad. This dude knows exactly how to treat a cocksucker like me. I’m pigging out on his dick.

He stops thrusting unexpectedly. I can feel his hand against the back of my head, forcing his cock further down my windpipe with inexorable intensity.

Goddam, I can’t breathe again. Fuckin’ stud is choking me with his dick again. I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe oh shit I’m gagging I’m retching oh fuck get it out let me breathe dude let me—

He pulls out and I cough up a huge froth of drool, stringing from my mouth to the massive, glistening head of his meat. It forms a long string that breaks off and splatters on my yellow shirt, streaking it in large moist stripes that reduce it to transparency. My own chest is visible—and this dude seems to like it.

I can just barely glimpse his leering, sneering face beyond the sculpted hairy forest of his chest. He hacks up a large wad of slime and spits in my face. “Fucking faggot,” he grunts, “get back on my cock, you worthless piece of shit.”

I brace for the assault I know is coming. Sure enough, my mouth is full of his meat right away; I get the metallic taste of his precum as he reams my esophagus like a cheap sex toy. Suddenly his thrust increase in speed, force, everything.

Holy fuck, he’s seriously skullfucking me.

Hold on. Just hold on. Cough and spit up the drool. Just hang on. I just need to relax and let him use me. I try to open my throat, to accept his hot fucking cock and milk his seed out of it. I’m only scared when he buries my face deep in his crotch and I can’t see or breathe. I don’t know what he’s doing…

I turn my eyes up again. I can see his strong, furry chest heaving in exertion. He’s sweating heavily. Even from here, I can see it beading on his forehead and matting his chest fur. He’s really working, and really enjoying this. Well, he should. My tongue is working his shaft continually. I love his cock. I love that it’s big enough to gag me. I finally found a dude who can give me what I really want.

He tightens his grip on the belt again; by now, I know enough to inhale deeply as soon as I pick up on what he’s doing. He jams his long hog back down my throat. It sinks so deeply that I’m coughing and gagging involuntarily. Then, in a flash he locks me into place and starts thrusting rapidly.

Jesus, I can feel the bulging veins wrapped around his shaft as he reams out my esophagus. There are repeated blows to my chin, his huge hairy balls slamming into me in time with his pumping.

Fuck, dude, enough. My eyes are watering. I’m gagging—fuck, man, let me breathe. I’m gonna pass out if you don’t ease up. C’mon, man, please…

Oh shit he’s not letting up. Fuck, man, this ain’t cool. I can’t turn my head away, not with your dick so far down my throat. I can’t push you off with my hands bound. I can’t even close my jaws—

Oh shit oh fuck no dude please this isn’t what I want please let up dude please I need air soon oh god please—

Oh thank god he’s pulling back not far still down my throat but I’m unplugged air I have some air…

He presses one hand back against my forehead while pulling forward with the belt, turning my face up to his with my mouth still full of cock. “Fucking faggot,” he whispers as he spits in my face, “is it big enough for ya, you fuckin’ slut? Ya like choking on my cock, huh? Yeah, you fucking choke pig, look how hard your dick is, you piece of shit. Now be a good little piggy and drown on my cum.”

Wait. man, no. Please don’t fuckin’ do this, I don’t wanna—

Oh fuck he’s in me again he’s standing up what the fuck…he’s dragging me along, his dick like a fishhook in my mouth. The wall. He’s got my back against the wall thrusting he’s thrusting again—

He’s slamming my head against the wall. It hurts. I can feel his tight, leather-covered legs pressed against my drool-soaked chest, flexing rhythmically as he pumps his rod down my throat.

He doesn’t pull out, though. Not enough for me to breathe.

Gotta hang on. Maybe if I can make him cum, he won’t kill me. He wants to get off. Maybe. Maybe.

Keep awake. Stay awake. Oh fuck it hurts. It hurts bad. My head the wall his cock my chest my lungs I can hear my heart fuck it’s so fast oh shit I’m so scared so why the fuck is my dick so hard it hurts what the fuck is going on…

He’s cursing me, calling me faggot, whore, slut. His voice is fading, though. There’s a loud pounding in my head is that my heart is that his shaft plugging my windpipe

My face itches it’s his pubic hair my face mashed into his groin his powerful thighs clamping down on my skull to lock me into place so he can inch his tool further down my throat fuck dude you’re so far down inside me just cum please just give me your load that’s all I want right now fuck it just unload in me man—

Please dude quick it’s going dark I’m losing it I can’t hold on much longer just fucking shoot your sperm inside me and let me go—

black flowers blooming in my face hot hot inside me fuck molten lead is that his cum it burns bad it burns so bad not as bad as my own oh fuck i’m cumming jesus never like this before oh fuck he’s pumping his seed directly into my lungs—

he grabs my head and jerks the belt violently holy fuck that cracking sound lighting i’ve been hit by fucking lighting the electric shock fuck i can’t feel my body anymore what the fuck happened what did he do i can still feel his cock spewing in my mouth—

oh my god cold dark his hair in my face his cock swelling and pumping in my mouth buzzing what’s that buzzing sound oh shit it’s—

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