Sebastians Torture and Snuff by Alecx Aaaam

Its 9am Sebastians just left the gym a van pulls up he recognises it,the drivers window opens get in says the driver as the side door opens,Sebastian climbs in and takes a seat after a few minutes the van stops the side door opens the Van’s in a large ware house,a guy comes over to Sebastian and feels at him and looks him over hmm he says taking out his phone got a nice one here for you  Boss says Greggor  ok Boss ok Boss ok Boss  boss’ll be here in 10 minutes says Greggor he wants this one stripped and ready to play with when he arrives ,  strip says Greggor to Sebastian ok says Sebastian slipping his shorts and T shirt off hmm even better naked says Greggor , over here says Greggor to Sebastian pointing to 2 uprights with loops on ok says Sebastian Greggor fastens Sebastians wrists to the loops then his ankles  whaaat you gonna do to me asks Sebastian it ain’t what I’m going to to to Yaha  says Greggor its  what the Boss is going to do to you says   Greggor, picking up a black cloth bag and and pulling it over Sebastians head, Ramon take these clothes and burn them infact burn every thing ,Theres a noise of wheels crunching down the drive a black car pulls up,ooh fuck no says Ramon looking at Sebastians Identity card as he burns Sebastians clothes  the guy in the car gets out and enters the warehouse  nice says the boss looking at Sebastians naked body who is he dont know says Greggor as the boss picks up a knife and slowly runs it between Sebastians ass cheeks Sebastian flinches as the knife is turned  get the guys in get them naked and let’s get this guy raped and tortured says the Boss  stripping naked Greggor goes over to a microphone and calls all the other guys in slowly they enter taking their clothes  hmm nice says Delroy as  his 15 inch cock becomes erect,you first Boss says Delroy the Biss steps up and shoves his erect 12 inch cock into Sebastians tight ass Sebastian takes deep breaths as the Boss’s cock opens his ass up  Sebastians moaning and gtoaniqoff then he dashes in to Greggor, we have to let him go says Ramon what the fuck  you going on about says Greggor  we have to let him go Why says a voice bbbbecccause of this stammers Ramon holding the card out to the Boss Whats this says the Boss looking at the identity card no likeness says the Boss ii’itts your Nephew says Ramon no no says the Boss grinning this guys got a bag on his head this guy hasn’t says the Boss looking again at the card,fffuck says Ramon we cant torture him,Bring me the gas burner says the Boss to no one in particular here Boss says Damon dragging a gas bottle and 3 foot long  burner over then lighting the burner,you think I cant torture him says the Boss as he holds the burner near Sebastians ass cheeks,fffuuuuck screams Sebastian as  the skin starts to burn,you boy says the Boss to a young lad cut his balls off pointing to Ramon ssure Boss says Toby picking up a knife and going over to Ramon no fuck no screams Ramon asToby pushes him over a table and pulls his balls back between his legs fuuuck no fuuuck no Toby slips the knife under Ramons balls and lifts it up cutting them off eat them says the Boss fuck no fuck you says Ramon,Toby forces Ramons balls down his throat Ramon starts to gasp for air as he  chokes stop that fuckers noise says the Boss Toby pushes Ramon over to a guillotine and pushes his head over the lunette fffuuuuck you cant do this screams Ramon ,Toby presses a button on the side of the guillotine the blade drops with a whoosh Ramons head rolls across the floor,Arlson ring Jo Jo see if he wants fresh meat sure thing Boss says Arlson,JoJos taking meat Boss as much as  we can give him,we’ll give him some special cooked says the boss as he shoves the gas burner 12 inches  up Sebastians ass and squeezes the trigger theres a whoosh as the  flame goes up  Sebastians ass he opens his mouth to scream theres smoke exits,the Boss pulls the flame gun out of Sebastians ass that looked good says the Boss shoving the flame gun in to 18 inches and squeezes the burners trigger Sebastian opens his mouth to scream theres smoke and the smell of burning emitting from Sebastian’s mouth , you want another burner for his balls asks Damon sure says the Boss and bring Gerard in with you we’ll fry  his balls as well,hi Boss says Gerard looking at Ramons headless and ball less  body fucck he looks good says Gerard kneeling down and shoving his erect cock into Ramons ass , you gunnnaaa cut my head off Boss you did promise I could try the guillotine please Boss please ,ok says the Boss as Damon returns with another gas burner, in here says Toby to Gerard pointing to the lunette Gerard kneels down Toby lowers the upper Lunnette,that feel good asks the Boss ,sure does says Gerard as Toby lights the other gas burner and plays it on Gerards ass and balls fuuuck  fuuuck  fuuuck screams Gerard as his ball sack burns more screams Gerard shove it in my ass  fffuuuuck man shove it in, Toby shoves the lit burner into Gerards gaping asshole he screams as his internal organs start to burn,shut that noisy fucker up says the Boss,Toby presses the button on the guillotine the blade drops removing Gerards head,,Morning Boss says a tall guy Jo Jo how are you says the Boss this is my boy Jo Jo Junior he’s learning the trade hi says Junior as he starts cutting Ramons hands and feet off then he cuts the legs off JoJo’s phone rings ok yep got that says JoJo putting his phone away  2 nipples on steaks wanted says JoJo to Junior sure Pa  says Junior  nice meat says JoJo looking at Ramon and Gerards bodies $300 each then he looks at Sebastian internal cooked says the Boss hmm says Jo Jo $450 was just going to flame his cock and balls says,the Boss picking up the gas burner,still alive says Junior pushing Sebastian’s head back,do his balls Boss then he can go on a spit bar,the Boss squeezes the trigget on the gas burner and plays it over Sebastians balls,$700 each Boss says JoJo,$700 for what those 3 guys over there says Jo Jo pointing across the yard,Damon yes Boss got get Peter Kevin and Andy sure thing Boss,minutes later Petet Kevin and Andy enter the warehouse ,what the fucks that says Kevin looking at a pile of entrails that says the Boss is what’s  left of Ramon,JoJo Junior enters with a 2 inch diameter 8 foot long  steel bar you guys help me he says as he places the bar in Sebastians ass and pushes release his wrists now says Junior Peter undoes the straps holding Sebastians wrists his upper body slumps onto Peter  Junior pushes the bar up theres a crunching sound as Sebastians organs disintegrate tip his head back says Junior to Peter the bar exits Sebastian’s mouth he adjusts the bar then pushes 2 quarter inch thick 2 foot long bars through Sebastians side through the bar and out the other side ,this ones ready Pa says Junior releasing the straps round Sebastians ankles ,ok gett him out side they’re here to collect him,Peter lifts one end of the bar onto his shoulder and Junior takes the other they carry Sebastian putting his body onto  waiting truck that has a barbecue on the back enjoy says Junior as the truck drives away ,your next whaaatt says Peter you heard says Junior my Pa has bought you let’s get you processed as he picks up another spit bar head on or head off for this one Pa head on genitals off feet and hands off,junior picks up the spit bar and   carrie’s it over to the guillotine kneel he says to Peter now says Peter yes says Junior Peter kneels hold that frame says Junior as he lifts the bar and places it between Peters ass cheeks he slowly pushes it in ohhh fuck ohh fuck says Peter as the bar enters his ass you want to wank says Junior as he pushes the bar further in ohhh wow ohh wow what a feeling says Peter as he starts to wank ohh fucking wow ohhwow what a sensation says  Peter as he  feels the bar in his throat he tips his head back and spurts his cum as  the bar exits his mouth,junior picks up 2 bars and pushes them through Peters side then slowly cuts his hands and feet off then he slowly removes Peter’s cock and balls,10 miles away the truck with Sebastian on pulls up,hmm looks good says a guy is he still alive says another,no but he was when we loaded him on,  internal cooked as well this one hmm let’s start to eat whilst its hot says the mayor looking at Sebastians turning body always knew my Grandson would help feed us he says biting into a piece of Sebastians thigh meat very tasty very tasty says the mayor every body took in5 hours later theres just bones and a few scraps of meat left on the spit

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