Trucker 7–Trucker v Street Whore

The wind had died down a little but was still brisk.  It had gotten colder and a heavy mist, just short of being rain, was obscuring the quiet streets.  The Trucker had left the stripper’s apartment hot and hard, still flush with the excitement of the kill, but the raw chill in the air soon sapped both his physical and his emotional heat.  Everything was quiet and dim as he walked back to his rented room.


The haze got appreciably thicker the closer he got to the hotel, which was why the Trucker didn’t notice the boy until he was within five feet of him.  The hulking stud had just passed the gay bar (now closed for the night) and rounded the corner, the firm tread of his thick-soled boots muffled in the chill dank mist.  Stepping into the glowing orange ball of fog surrounding a streetlight, he noticed a dark shape just beyond.


As he approached it, its features resolved into those of a young man.  Despite the thick, distorting atmosphere of the incoming cold front, it was obvious right away that the youth was on the make.  No one who wasn’t selling his body would be out at this hour dressed like that—little whore must be freezing, the Trucker mused.


Tempting as it was, he was no longer in the mood.  Ignoring the street slut, he plodded on through the murk.


“Hey, dude, wanna play?” It was a hoarse whisper from off to the side. The Trucker paused, then turned and spoke to the kid.


“Naw, bitch, not now.”


The boy whined, “Why not, man?  I’m just looking for a hit or two, buddy, I won’t charge much.  Do whatever ya want, forty bucks.”


The Trucker snorted derisively.  “Yer flatterin’ yerself, cunt,” he grunted.


“Whassa matter, man,” the cheap hustler jeered, “that high-priced cocksucker you picked up in the bar take all your money?”


The Trucker froze.  “What?” he snapped, glaring at the youth.


“Y’know,” the kid drawled.  “Randy.  Stripper at the Cowboy Lounge back there.  Sure, I know him, I’m from around here—and I know what he charges, fuckin’ whore.  Anyways, I seen ya goin’ up to his place.”


As the Trucker processed this information, the boywhore continued to throw shade on his rival.  “Dude, I’m better than that fuckin’ cunt ever could be, and I’ll do it for less money.  Bet he didn’t even drain all yer load…”


This, the muscular killer realized, was bad.  He’d never realized there was a witness—was he slipping?  It had been in the backyard of that house, the garage apartment—where had this kid been hiding?


Whatever the case was, the Trucker realized he needed to take care of this motherfucker quickly.


“Maybe you’re right,” he said curtly.  “He wasn’t a good fuck.  Didn’t get me off.  Think you can?”


“Fuck yeah, dude, for forty bucks I’ll suck your cock dry and swallow the last drop of your jizz.”


“Ok, cunt, prove it,” the Trucker said in a level voice.  “C’mon, I gotta room a couple blocks over.”


The whore’s slim shape trailed in the mist behind him as the hard-bodied alpha made his way back to the motel.  His room was on the ground floor; his key allowed them entry through a side door, bypassing the lobby.  It wasn’t until they were in the room, with the door locked behind them, that the Trucker got his first good look at the street hustler.


The boy was just under six feet tall and looked no older than twenty.  His hair was long on the top, swept forward, and cut very short on the sides and back.  The longer part on top was frosted an almost strident strawberry blond that didn’t match the dark, shaved hair on the lower areas.  His green, almond-shaped eyes glittered with the cold greed of the hardcore prostitute.  His high cheekbones added a kind of calculating felinity to his expression.


He was wearing what appeared to be a simple unlined denim jacket over a slim-fit t-shirt that emphasized his chest by comparison to his slender waist.  His tight jeans were the same pale, faded blue as his jacket, but they were considerably more revealing.  Not because they clung like a second skin to his long, firm legs—which they did—but because of the ragged slashes deliberately cut across the thighs.


With every movement, the material parted, giving a tantalizing glimpse of the smooth pale flesh on the hustler’s inner thigh, an alluring inducement to spending money in order to possess his lithe young body for a few minutes—or a few hours.  The Trucker wasn’t impressed—he’d seen better.


He’d snuffed better.


The whore stood defiantly, staring at the incredibly well-built stranger he’d accosted.  His arms were crossed and his black and white Nike Air Jordan 5s were planted far apart on the thin, threadbare carpet.  “So,” he drawled, “what up, dude?  You gonna whip yer cock out or what?”


The Trucker grinned easily.  This little cunt wasn’t worth his time, but he wasn’t about to take a chance.  “Sure,” he said, slipping his leather jacket off, “but I wanna see yours, too.  Strip your shirt off, man, and haul your dick out.  I like to see what I’m payin’ for.”


The hustler paused, then smiled.  “Ok, stud, whatever ya want.  I’m Cody, by the way.  Gonna put my stuff over here, K?”  He turned towards the desk/dresser as he shrugged off the denim jacket.  As he laid it across the desk, the Trucker couldn’t help but notice that the rear of the homo slut’s jeans had been cut as well, sliced under the seat and ripped to show the cunt’s bubble butt, his asscheeks slightly shadowed with soft, sandy peachfuzz.


The Trucker grasped his own shirt, pulling the thermal up off his massively-muscled chest.  The dogtags he wore were caught in the olive-green fabric; when they finally pulled free, they jingled as they fell back and bounced off the alpha’s broad pecs.  The whore didn’t notice; he kept his back to the Trucker as he slipped off the black slim t-shirt.  He evidently thought the Trucker was still undressing when he slipped a small glass item out of his pocket and slipped it into the folds of the shirt.


The experienced alpha knew a meth pipe when he saw one.  His grin grew broader and more shark-like.  No one was gonna come lookin’ for a faggot meth-head whore. He approached the cunt silently.


He could waste the witness and no one would care.


When Cody turned back to face his john, he was stripped to the waist, the dim lighting giving his lean torso a soft and almost sultry focus.  His firmly-packed jeans still clung to his legs, his Air Jordans were still tightly laced on his feet with the tongues outside the hem of the jeans.  Like a good whore, he’d complied with his trick’s orders and opened his fly.  He’d worn no belt, so he’d left the button fastened at the waist, but beneath that his long dark cock jutted from an exuberant tangle of brunette pubes.


He whirled around to gasp involuntarily at the powerfully-built stud looming over him.  This close, he could see the hard, chiseled angles of the Trucker’s scruffy face—and the sharp, steely light of a predator shining coldly and cruelly from his ice-blue eyes.  Cody wasn’t naïve; as the heady, pungent reek of manscent filed his nostrils, he was alert to all the warning signs.


Still, the blow was so swift, he never saw it coming. There was a concussive blast of pain in his face accompanied by a dull, thudding smack, like a sledgehammer striking a side of beef.


Dazed, Cody blinked and wondered why he was on his knees; he didn’t remember stumbling back and falling under the impact of the sucker-punch.  The stunned boywhore reached up and poked gingerly at his bruised, swelling cheek.  His green eyes, wide with shock, turned up to the scowling face of his john.


Swiftly, the Trucker bent down and grabbed a fistful of the slut’s hair—the long dyed hair on the top of the boy’s head offering an excellent handhold.  “So ya saw me tonight, huh?” he snarled, his face twisted with cold rage.  “I’m gonna make damn sure you don’t see anything else, cunt.”


Cody gasped and tried to block the blow.  He was too slow—the Trucker popped him hard on the jaw, driving the slim youth back into the desk and knocking over the chair.


The groggy youth struggled back up to his knees.  He was breathing deeply, almost sobbing as he tried to understand what was happening.  His rattled, drug-fogged brain found nothing in the muscled stud’s words to cling to; they made no sense.


“Wha—“ he started, then stopped cold.  Kneeling, his eyes were crotch-level to the Trucker, and for the first time, he noticed the alpha’s thick, swinging dick.  Even limp, it was more than seven inches, glistening and wreathed in dark veins.  Bursting out of a black bristling mass of pubic hair, the Trucker’s cock recalled every clichéd snake and python metaphor Cody had ever heard.


And just as snakes reputedly hypnotize their prey, the young street whore found himself mesmerized by the massive tube of flesh.  It was several seconds before jagged darts of pain began to push their way through Cody’s consciousness, forcing him to tear his tunnel vision away from that frighteningly huge tool and focus on his imminent danger.


“D-dude,” he stammered, “I-I didn’t see nothin’—“


The Trucker lunged.  The half-dressed whore squealed in shrill terror and tried to cower under the desk.  It was a futile gesture; the older, stronger alpha had no difficulty dragging the whimpering youth from his inadequate hiding place.


Cody was slim, but not scrawny.  The hard life of a street whore had had multiple impacts on his body; he damn sure didn’t work out, but he had developed some muscles.


Even so, when the Trucker’s huge hands clamped onto the kid’s upper arms and lifted him into the air, they completely encircled the slut’s biceps with the inexorable strength of iron fetters.


The gasping rentboy started mewling in pain as he was lifted; the hulking sadist had squeezed the boy’s arms in slightly before using them to raise him straight up.  His entire body weight was being supported by his shoulder joints—it was excruciating.  Blubbering and sniveling, the helpless young slut kicked his Nikes pointlessly six inches off the floor.


The Trucker brought the shuddering kid closer to his face.  “You didn’t see anything?” he hissed.


The terrified punk couldn’t speak; wide-eyed, he shook his head desperately.  He was starting to sweat in fear and the long dyed hair on his head was dark with perspiration as the rapid motion of his head made it flutter.


Still glowering with a brutal rage, the Trucker spat into the boy’s face, then shook him violently.  “So what were ya sayin’ to me when you hit me up, cunt?  Huh?  Answer me, you worthless sack of shit!”


Cody’s head hung forward limply.  “R-Randy,” he whispered, barely audible, “y-ya left wi-with him…”


“Look at me, whore,” the Trucker said with a tone of cold command.  “Look me in the face.”


The trembling hustler obeyed the hard ring of domination in his assailant’s voice.  As his eyes rose, his field of vision was filled first with the Trucker’s hulking, muscled chest, sweat matting the wiry fur.  With each breath the strapping alpha took, the dogtags lying on the dark curls of hair shifted and glinted in the light.


Rising higher, his gaze swept up the dude’s thick neck, the tendons showing some of the strain from the effort of keeping him aloft.  Above that was the guy’s face…


Cody hadn’t seen it clearly this close.  The strong jaw and firm lips, circled by a black goatee just slightly longer than the scruff darkening the sculpted cheeks entranced him, but the blue eyes, cold and glittering as ice, held his attention intently.


Then the Trucker spoke—harshly and gleefully.


“Yer little pal Randy?  He’s dead.  I fucked him and snuffed him.  He died squealing in pain and fear like the little faggot pig he was.”


He smiled broadly at the gaping youth and spat in his face again.


“So ya saw me with that useless homo, huh?  And now he’s dead.  So, whaddaya think I gotta do to you, queerboy?”


And with that, he dropped Cody.


The street whore fell in a crumpled mound of flesh and denim with his legs curled under him, only the black-and-white Air Jordans showing under his huddled body.  Curled into a fetal ball, the weeping boy tried to understand what was happening.


After all, it wasn’t like he hadn’t experienced danger in past.  He was a back-alley whore and drug addict; he’d been beaten, he’d been robbed, he’d even been raped.  And each time he’d gotten smarter and stronger.  He’d been selling his body for cash and drugs for more than five years; now, at the age of twenty-one, he thought of himself as street-smart, able to spot the red flags and handle himself.


The Trucker nudged the scared youth with his foot, poking the toe of his boot into the boy’s ribs.  “C’mon, cunt, look up here at me.  Up here, bitch.”


Unwillingly, Cody lifted his head and peered at the towering stud through eyelids swollen with tears.  The Trucker stood over him, legs spread and hands on his hips, sneering down with anger and contempt—and that was when Cody saw something that froze his blood.


The muscled alpha’s cock wasn’t limp anymore.  It wasn’t fully erect yet, but it was swelling and darkening.  As Cody watched in horror, it started to throb visibly.  He knew why.


This buff, strapping older dude was getting hard at the thought of offin’ him.  It was the only answer.


As this awareness percolated through his soft, drugged brain, it sparked a deep, feral panic in the heart of the cheap rentboy.  Self-preservation kicked in and, with help from his innate arrogance, overcame his cowardice.  The cowed youth rose up in defiance.


It was the worst choice of his short, wasted life.


Curling his legs under him, Cody felt his tight Air Jordans gain traction on the thin carpet as he propelled himself upwards, his smooth, lithe body tensed in stress and effort.


The Trucker was ready for the whore, naturally.  He’d seen and recognized the gleam of desperation in the hustler’s eyes and was expecting a panicked lunge.  As the kid popped up, the brawny top swung his powerful arm and backhanded the punk in the face.


Cody’s rebellion came crashing to the ground as his wiry young body slammed into the dresser.  The slut dropped back to the floor like a sack of potatoes, frantically gasping for the breath that had been knocked out of him.  Clawing his way back to vertical, he threw up his arms to block the Trucker’s lunge.


It was useless.  The older, stronger man knocked the hustler’s arms away and wrapped his hands around the boy’s throat.  He squeezed and lifted, raising the slim youth into the air once again.


Cody clutched at the vise-like grip on his neck, instinctively and ineffectually trying to pry the Trucker’s fingers free.  His hightops kicked and flailed in pain and panic as his esophagus collapsed under the weight of his entire body, dangling from the alpha’s steel-like grip.


The sadistic strongman spat a thick wad of phlegm into the boy’s darkening face.  He grinned in a rage that scintillated with psychotic glee as the struggling youth clawed desperately at his wrists.  “Shoulda kept yer eyes shut, huh, you worthless cumsuckin’ faggot?” he sneered.  “Now I gotta waste ya.  And since I gotta do it anyway, I might as well enjoy myself, right, cunt?  Yeah?”


Squeezing his massive paws more tightly around the slut’s throat, he drew the jerking youth in closer to him.  “Y’wanna know what I enjoy?” he hissed, his breath hot and malevolent on Cody’s swelling face.  “I enjoy hurting fags.  I like snuffing homo cunts.  Get it, cocksucker?  The more you suffer, the more I like it.”


Shaking the lean, shuddering form violently, the Trucker laughed aloud, a cold, harsh sound that was somehow more intimidating that his overt anger had been.  As Cody felt his body flop limply in the air, helpless in the top’s powerful, bulging arms, he could also feel the truth of the stud’s claims.


Every time his smooth torso and strong but slender legs swung in towards the dominant killer’s body, some part of him made contact with the dude’s huge, hot cock.  The massive spear of flesh was fully erect by now and Cody realized that it had been getting progressively harder as the psycho dude had been beating him.  As the hard, spade-shaped head impacted the punk’s soft, creamy flesh, it left a smear of clear, slimy precum.


The crazy motherfucker wasn’t lyin’—he really did get off on inflicting pain.


The Trucker looked the terrified rentboy directly in the eyes as he spoke.  “Tonight ain’t just gonna be the last night of your short life, you unlucky sack of shit—it’s gonna be the worst.  And it’s gonna be worse than you can possibly imagine, you disgusting pansy-ass fairy!”


With that, he turned abruptly and hurled the young hustler into the chair and the small round table on the far side of the room, across from the bed.  With a loud crash, the whore’s limp form knocked the furniture aside like bowling pins.  Cody, as a result, impacted several hard objects before his battered and bruised body came to rest on the filthy thin carpet.


The young whore twisted and writhed in agony.  He wasn’t mentally capable of understanding the details of the situation; his meth-tweaked awareness was swamped with torment and fear.  He was only vaguely aware of the vibrations of the Trucker’s heavy tread that signaled his approach.


He became immediately much more aware of the cruel muscleman’s presence when the Trucker swung his heavy steel-toed engineer boot back and delivered a brutal kick directly to the slut’s vulnerable torso.


Cody writhed and convulsed as the devastating blow from the alpha’s thick black boot shattered two of his ribs, sending razor-sharp fragments of bone to rip through the youth’s internal organs.  The whore squealed in horrific agony as his spleen, stomach and left lung were peppered as if by shrapnel.  Reflexively, he rolled onto his right side in an involuntary attempt to escape from the source of pain.


“Fuck yeah!” crowed the Trucker triumphantly.  “Now yer feelin’ me, huh, queerboy?  Hope ya like it, motherfucker, cause this rodeo’s just gettin’ started!”  And digging his heel brutally into the young boywhore’s soft belly, he rolled the shuddering, sweating kid onto his back.  “Did ya like that one, whore?  Course ya did, you faggot cumdump, lookitya squirming with pleasure.  Just love a real man puttin’ ya in yer place, dontcha, you sperm-suckin’ homo?  Then yer gonna love my boot in yer face, asswipe.  Enjoy it, you pansy fuckwad!”


The Trucker raised his leg and paused.  Flinching, Cody hesitated, then peered up at the thick sole of the boot hanging directly over his face.  It was all the vicious older stud had been waiting for.  Tensing the huge muscles in his bulging, denim-wrapped thigh, he stomped on the cheap slut’s head as hard as he could, driving his booted foot down and feeling it grind squelchingly into the wailing punk’s vulnerable, unprepared face.


The sharp, deep tread of the thick rubber sole tore at Cody’s skin as his nose collapsed with a sickening crunch; the tread pattern was pounded so hard into his cheek that it was clearly visible in the bruises.


The Trucker drew his leg up again.  For a brief moment, the traumatized whore had a glimpse of his attacker looming over him, about to inflict more pain.  The well-built stud seemed more domineering than ever as he snarled down at the pain-wracked boy, his lips curled in disgust. His broad, hairy chest, shiny with sweat, expanded with each effort-borne grunt torn from the killer by the exertions of his thick muscles.


Again, the boot hung over Cody’s face.  The rentboy made a half-hearted motion to dodge it, but the alpha dropped his foot with the speed and force of an industrial piston, catching the slut full on the mouth.


This time, the crunching sound was louder.  This time, his black leather boot did much more damage.  And this time, he was rewarded with a loud gurgling shriek as Cody’s lower jaw snapped in three places.


The young hustler rolled violently on the floor, squealing and mewling in wordless agony with his arms wrapped about his head.  His flailing Nikes scraped furrows in the thin carpet.  Sweat beaded on his smooth flat abdomen as he rode vast waves of pain and terror.


Some part of his cold and calculating street whore mentality was still functional; it had noted that the brutal stud had paused the attack.  Lighting a smoke from the pack on the bedside table, the buff sadist was sitting on the bed and admiring his work.  As he fondled his dogtags idly with one hand, his thick cock jutted like a prow from his crotch, angry and dripping in anticipation.


If Cody had a chance to escape, this was it; this was the longest and the farthest he’d been out of his assailant’s reach.  But escape was no longer an option for him.  Not only had his body been stomped and crushed, his mind had been beaten as well.  His street-smart but drugged brain was unable to wrap itself around the events of the last half-hour.


What was happening?  He’d followed this hot john back to his room.  He was gonna earn a little money, drain the dude’s balls down his throat, take his forty bucks (and whatever else he could get without being noticed) and go hit up his dealer.  Now—


But he couldn’t complete the thought.  As his nervous system handled the unspeakable torment by going into physical shock, his psyche did much the same thing, blocking his panicked thoughts from reaching the logical conclusion.


Cody shut down, physically and mentally.  He curled into a ball again, sobbing and wailing, thrashing about in pain as drool leaked from his twisted, misshapen mouth.  The Trucker watched him intently, deeply enjoying the youth’s nightmarish suffering.  He honestly hadn’t expected to get hard again tonight—after all, that last homo fucker had been a real workout—but damn if this smooth hot little faggot didn’t make his junk all stiff.  And, as he’d said, he needed to make the cumsucking shitsack witness into meat anyway—might as well get his money’s worth, so to speak.


Leaving his butt to smolder in the ashtray, the Trucker rose and crossed swiftly to the shuddering ball of misery making him so unexpectedly horny.  Swooping down, he snagged a handful of long blond hair and jerked the sniveling youth upright before pulling him excruciatingly to his feet the same way.  The punk shrieked and quickly found his feet, standing up voluntarily to avoid having his scalp ripped open.


But the Trucker didn’t want him on his feet, he wanted him on the bed.  Still grasping a fistful of hair, the older, stronger man tightly gripped the lower half of the boy’s face.  With cruel and deliberate sadism, he squeezed viciously, feeling the jagged edges of broken bone grinding together in horrific torture under his relentless handhold.


The punk’s eyes rolled back in his head as the pain exceeded his toleration and he trembled on the edge of consciousness.  His eyelashes fluttered as his body twitched limply against the killer’s hard, sculpted mass.  With a swift, graceful twist, reminiscent of a master martial arts move, the Trucker flipped the slim, smooth cunt in an arc that spun him in the air before slamming him down onto the bed.


Cody found himself surfacing in a searing pool of sharp anguish.  His breath was coming in jagged, painful gasps.  He had no way of knowing that the splintered remains of his broken ribs had torn his left lung so badly that it was collapsing.  Added to the constriction of his airway caused by his crushed nose and broken jaw, the young hustler quickly learned that the only thing more terrifying than the prospect of being beaten to death was that of suffocation.


He croaked and gurgled, clawing frantically at his face and throat.  Each time he pawed uncontrollably at his jaw in a desperate attempt to improve his respiration, he suffered unbearable agony, but the fight for survival took precedence over the mere physical torture.


The Trucker watched in malevolent, erotic joy.  Grinning, he approached the bed, his powerful, towering form imposing itself between Cody and the light, casting a huge dark shadow of doom over handsome, unlucky punk.  Even in his hypoxic panic, the cheap drugged-out cunt was aware of the hard, cold killer.


As the alpha reached the bed, his erect shaft swam into Cody’s field of vision.  Blurred as it was, it could still make out the dark purple mushroom-like head, visibly pulsing, each throb forcing a trickle of clear precum out to stream down from the tip like string of spit.  Soon the Trucker was close enough that his eager ooze was splattering on the whore’s smooth, silky skin like hot candle wax.


The ice-cold, cruel killer looked down at his victim and gave the stunned and bewildered youth a smile so charming and charismatic that even in the depths of his wretched distress, the hardened street fag felt himself drawn in.  For a split second of soft-focus blur induced by oxygen deprivation, Cody felt himself not only forgiving his attacker for the pain he’d endured, but also falling in love with him.


Then the Trucker spoke.


“Time to die, motherfucker.  Time to take you out, you worthless cumdump.  Before I do, though, think I’m gonna unload in ya.  Might as well, since yer gonna get dumped in the garbage like soiled, cum-soaked underwear when I’m done with ya.  Ain’t like anyone’s gonna care, not about you or your friend—you know, wassisname, the one I offed earlier.  Heh, wonder if the disgusting cumpig has gotten stiff yet.”


An evil light of sadistic viciousness sparkled sharply in the Trucker’s blue eyes as he leaned down and whispered to the helpless, frightened, desperate young hustler.   The well-used assfuck whore stretched his battered face into a silent plea for mercy from the stronger, older, more powerful man who now held his future existence in his rough, callused hands.


Mercy had never been on the table.


Sitting on the bed and spreading his thick, powerful legs, the Trucker snatched a handful of hair and Cody found himself being jerked roughly forward by his scalp yet again.  Still using the better part of his strength just to remain conscious, the youthful slut found his face being used as a towel as the Trucker dragged his bruised and tender cheeks over his strongman’s massive pectorals, the alpha’s wiry, curly chest hair scraping the kid’s damaged cheeks like steel wool.


The punk’s face stung and burned as the stud’s salty sweat was rubbed into his open cuts; the sharp edges of the dogtags inflicted new slashes for the Trucker’s reeking perspiration to burn.  The muscled alpha dragged the boy’s torn face back and forth across his chest several times before pulling his head back up.


“Lookitya, you stinking, disgusting pansy motherfucker.  Time to die like a disgusting faggot worm.  So ya like tellin’ folks what ya seen, huh?  Ya like openin’ yer big fat fag mouth, huh?  Good, cunt.  Open it now.  Open it and choke, you cocksucking piece a’ shit!”


The Trucker forced Cody’s head down onto his erect shaft, locking his arms into place behind his back with a single hand, strong as a steel bar.


The huge, oozing rod plunged deep into the whore’s esophagus; the large, spongy spear-shaped tip plugging his windpipe with brutal effectiveness.  And that was when the ultimate twist of nightmare came into play—with his jaw broken, Cody couldn’t close his mouth.


He couldn’t bite down.  And he wasn’t even remotely strong enough to break free from the powerful sadist’s grip.


He couldn’t breathe.  He was choking to death on the dude’s cock.


Instantly, a white-hot sheet of panic inflamed his mind.  Slim but strong, the lithe street punk didn’t just struggle, he fought for his life like a feral cat.  He kicked and clawed frantically, managing to work his right hand free.


Then he made another bad mistake. Curling his fingers into claws, he flailed his hand until it found purchase in the killer’s curly fur and yanked out a few hairs.


Grunting more in anger than in pain, the Trucker knocked the offending hand away.  “You stupid asswipe,” he hissed, “So you like pain, huh?  Motherfuck, I’m gonna make sure you get plenty!”  Glancing around in a blood-tinted rage, the furious savage killer spied a ball-point pen on the nightstand; a cheap promotional giveaway with the motel’s name and address printed on it.


In a towering paroxysm of wrath, he snatched up the pen and, wielding it like a knife, stabbed it through the hustler’s back and into his right kidney.  It was blunt; it took a great deal of effort to drive the dull tip through the multiple layers of flesh and muscle until it reached the organ.


It took time, too.  It wasn’t quick.  And as the hard plastic was punched through his helpless, splayed body, Cody gagged and foamed on the huge throbbing tool plugging his throat.  The tortured youth was making thick desperate gurgling sounds that didn’t sound human as his straining, tormented body responded to the intense trauma by flooding his bloodstream with hormones.


Cody writhed in the Trucker’s lap, his smooth back wet and glistening with a cold film of sweat stinking of adrenaline and testosterone.  His slim, firm legs, still tightly wrapped in his skinny jeans, thrashed violently on the bed, his hightops catching at the sheets.


The Trucker left the pen in the boy’s back as he forced the cunt’s head down on his dick.  He didn’t force it all the way down, though.  The cunt had just enough space in his throat to suck down a minimal amount of oxygenated air before vomiting it back up in a frothy mass of drool.


“Goddam ass-lickin’ queer!” the powerful alpha grunted.  “Take it, homo, or I’ll stick ya again—and this time I’ll make it hurt.  You kick too much, bitch, and I’m fuckin’ sick of it.  I’m gonna make sure this goes nice and smooth.  Your fuckmeat friend took a lot outta me—drained my balls as he died in screaming agony.  Ain’t gonna fight with you, you cheap faggot whore; you ain’t worth it.  He was better lookin’ and a better fuck, dickbag. Lessee now, what’s a good way to teach you what happens to fuckin’ fag garbage that don’t know its place?”


It was probably for the best that Cody was incapable of seeing the Trucker’s face’ the expression alone would have made him lose control of his bowels.


“I got it, dude.  Pigs don’t fly, fuckwad.  I’ll clip your wings.”


The Trucker had such complete control over the weeping boywhore that by putting his elbow on the back of the slut’s head, he was able to keep his engorged shaft jammed down the shuddering boy’s throat.  With both hands free, he was easily able to bend the kid’s left arm up.  Gripping the arm just below the elbow with one hand and the wrist with the other, he applied pressure.


It really didn’t take too much before he was rewarded with a loud double cracking sound as both the radius and the ulna snapped like toothpicks under his bulging biceps.  The unfortunate hustler convulsed in agony, his mind a blank sheet of flaming pain.


Next, the Trucker brought up the boy’s right arm.  He stroked the pale, silky-smooth skin for a moment before brutally breaking that arm as well. This one didn’t go as well—at least not for Cody.  The bones shattered into a greenstick fracture, tearing through the skin.


For the next few minutes, Cody ceased to exist.  It was too much.  The tough, street-smart, fucked-out boywhore who prided himself on being able to take anything his johns imposed on him, sank into a sea of pain.  The kaleidoscopic colors danced in his nightmare of torture and trauma, red and white—and then, finally, black…a dark, cold, fiery, silent, screaming darkness…


The Trucker wrapped his hands in the long dyed strands of the punk’s hair, raising his head up just enough so that the kid didn’t pass out with the shaft plugging his throat.  The vicious killer wasn’t done with Cody—yet.


He was close, though.  Real close.


He hadn’t thought he’d be able to blow another load tonight; the last few days had been—energetic.  Or was the word dynamic?


He paused to consider the best adjective to describe his brutal, manic killing spree as the battered and broken youth quivered in unconscious agony.


“Hhhuuunnnhhh…” Cody groaned as the pinpricks of awareness slowly intensified into excruciating pain.  The Trucker’s evil smirk grew wider as he felt the whore’s smooth, slim body writhe and struggle in his lap with returning consciousness.  “That’s it, cunt,” he whispered, “come back to me.  Almost over now.  Work for it, bitch, work for my load.”


Slowly, he began to force Cody back down, impaling his head a fraction of an inch at a time.  The mangled rentboy was utterly enmeshed in an electric net of pain as his nervous system tried to process his physical agony, but (unfortunately) the nerves still functioned—all of them.  He could feel the massive throbbing head of the alpha’s cock slip down his esophagus on a slick film of drool and precum.  Each tiny motion of his head downward sent a fresh slash of fiery torture from his shattered jaw.


“Does it hurt, motherfucker?” the Trucker hissed quietly.  “Toldja ya shoulda kept yer mouth shut—now ya can’t, huh?  So you’re gonna take my dick all the way down, dude.  All the way down into Hell.  Here’s a protip, bitch—the sooner you make me cum, the sooner I’ll end it.  Remember that, when it gets too intense for ya, you useless faggot.  Milk me and I’ll end your pain forever.”


Cody understood what was happening; the mind-bending agony would have told him he was gonna die even had the muscle-bound killer’s taunts not laid out his immediate future with cruel glee.


He knew he was gonna die but he didn’t know why.  And by now, it didn’t matter.  The shuddering sack of meat that had been Cody was beyond the point of wondering about the motive for his murder.


The lean, sexy youth had started that evening using his streetwise skills to lure johns, trading his body for money and the money for drugs.  Now his feral cunning was focused on surviving just a few more seconds.


Writhing in unspeakable agony, the punk gasped wetly as the thick pulsing shaft plugged his windpipe with excruciating slowness.  Each panicked breath required more effort to draw—and more effort meant more pain wracking his helpless, half-nude body as the jagged edges of his broken bones tore new wounds inside him.


The Trucker felt the smooth, sweat-soaked body tremble in agony.  “Fuck yeah, dude, that’s it,” he muttered softly, sighing with pleasure as the cunt’s esophagus quivered around his swollen mushroom tip.  “Work it, ya pansy shitsack.  Choke on my fuckin’ cock, you worthless faggot whore.  C’mon motherfucker, fight it.  Death is gonna be cold, bitch, so fucking cold.  Keep fightin’ it, cocksucker, your last desperate panic feels so goddam good on my dick…”


The dying hustler had no choice but to obey the powerful stud who was now controlling the last few seconds of his life.  The Trucker’s enormous tool was fully inserted.  Wiry pubic hair scraped the slut’s face like steel wool—a mangled face, mashed against the Trucker’s scrotum, increasing the cunt’s misery as the strapping alpha’s huge balls pressed relentlessly into his jaw, grinding the serrated ends of broken bones together.


Worst of all, though, was the pain of suffocation.  A huge, pulsating tube of flesh completely filled his throat, the thick blood vessels wrapped around it acting as gaskets, utterly plugging the flow of air.


The red, slashing haze of agony that enveloped the kid was thicker than the fog outside—but it all stemmed from the enormous cock choking him.  As the oxygen level in his blood dropped, he began to thrash, desperately seeking more air.  The harder he jerked, the more his wounds opened.  The pen that had been jammed into his kidney slashed its blunt tip through that organ while his broken arms flopped uselessly.  Slow asphyxiation even increased the pain in his crushed nose as the cunt kept trying to fill his sinuses in a vacuum.


The only parts of him that still functioned were his legs, kicking and flailing violently as his Air Jordans snagged on the cheap sheets.  The punk’s jerking sneakers tangled in the thin material, though, limiting their usefulness to the dying whore.


Actually, though, there were other parts of him that still worked.  His brain was suffering progressive damage from hypoxia, but it was still able to process the input from his screaming nervous system.  The quivering, dying boycunt was beyond all concepts of life and death and was now little more than meat responding to stimuli.


One piece of meat that was responding was his dick.  He was face down on the bed, his head clamped immovably in the Trucker’s crotch.  As his lean, lithe body shuddered during his drawn-out agony, it slid and slipped on the cold, rank sweat that was squeezed out of him in his death throes.  His thin but long dick, pressed between the moist sheets and his equally slick, smooth belly, was being rubbed into an involuntary state of erection.


The more Cody kicked and died, the closer he got to cumming.


“Fuckin’-A, fag, die,” the Trucker grunted as his powerful muscles tightened with approaching orgasm.  His entire body, glistening with mansex sweat, shuddered with pleasure, making his dogtags jump and jingle on his huge, furry chest.  “C’mon, you worthless piece a’ shit, take my load and die on my dick.  So close, cocksucker, so fuckin’ close to puttin’ yer lights out for good—FUCK!!!”


Cody’s brain had been starved of oxygen too long; it lost control of the voluntary nervous system.  The maimed, damaged cunt convulsed frenetically, twisting his fractured arms into agonizing positions as his legs kicked uncontrollably.  The sheet was still tangled around his sneakers; as his feet jerked violently, the thin, yellowed fabric failed under the strain and tore noisily.


It was his head, though, that was responsible for the Trucker’s outcry.  It bobbed up and down as the helpless rentboy contorted in his death throes.  The dying whore spent his last moments alive giving his killer involuntary head; it made the sadistic killer blow his load.


The unfortunate Cody had a last hint of what was happening as the final spark of life guttered out in his terror-wracked mind.  It was a final nightmarish impression of drowning, not in water, but in lava…or maybe molten lead…a hot thick smoky liquid searing his lungs…


A white-hot bolt of excruciating electricity fired in his groin; the trembling hustler never knew that he’d shot his death load onto the stained mattress, the warm milky wad smearing between the scratchy fabric and his smooth, flat belly.


The corpse’s blackened face was all but invisible in the cruel top’s crotch.  The rhythmic convulsions of a dying body were replaced with the random but intense twitching of a body already dead.  Each time the boywhore jerked, thick pearly foam that was equal parts drool and spunk was forced past the swollen, blue lips, matting the Trucker’s pubic hair.


The Trucker gasped and shuddered, sending one last powerful jet of semen deep into the faggot whore’s lungs.  The corpse was still quivering, mindless meat with no control, as the Trucker pulled the head up off his sticky, glazed shaft.  Tossing the head away from him like the garbage it was, the Trucker reached over and grabbed another cigarette from the pack on the nightstand.  He leaned back, admiring his own erect cock, still throbbing and oozing from the tip.


The dead whore slowly slid halfway off the bed, headfirst, landing with the dark, mangled, spunk-smeared face buried in the filthy carpet.  Up on the bed, the cunt’s expensive kicks were still jerking as the corpse began the long process of cooling and stiffening.


The Trucker flicked his ash around randomly; he damn sure wasn’t gonna sleep here now.  He was gonna jump in the shower and head back to his truck.  He was still making plans as he ground out his smoldering butt in the small of the fag’s back, the dead skin sizzling and blackening as the cherry scorched it.


Heading into the bathroom, the Trucker had already decided what he needed to do next.  He was tired, but he didn’t have any time to rest.  He needed to put some distance between these dead homos and himself.  Not that he regretted tonight; this last little fucker had taught him a valuable lesson about witnesses.


There was a loose end he needed to handle.  He’d get clean, get out—and get that one fuck who could ID him.






By the evening of the same day, the wind had picked up again, blowing the haze away.  The night was clear but cold as Mark raced down the highway towards San Amadeo.  The news of a double killing in the next state had electrified the profiler; he knew, just from the initial reports of the crimes, that it was the serial killer he was tracking.


As his government-issued Ford hurtled east, he devoutly wished he’d been able to reach Dan.  These murders had stirred something deep within him.  Viewing the bodies, he’d he been horrified—and aroused.


And the things he’d found on that trooper’s phone…


He hadn’t reported the texts—the photos—the videos, dear God, those videos—that he’d found stored on the dead cop’s phone.  But as he watched them in his car, he’d felt his cock stiffen.


Mark was terrified.  He didn’t know why these gruesome scenes of rape and murder got him hard.  And Dan was on assignment, out of pocket.  Dan could have talked him down.


Mark thought that phone sex with Dan was almost as good as the real thing—almost.  It sure would have made him feel better about whatever the fuck he was feeling right now.


That wasn’t an option at the moment, though.  And he couldn’t ask were Dan was. Both were so deep in the closet that no one at the FBI realized that either one was gay, much less that they fucked like rabbits whenever they got the chance.


So Mark was on his own, chasing a killer with more than just professional interest.  He had personal questions, and this vicious serial killer might have the answers.  He needed to find the dude before anyone else.


He put his foot on the floor.  The Ford whined as it accelerated, speeding into the frigid night towards a murder scene.


Joe rolled over in bed, his hard, hairy body sluggish in sleep.  The phone on the nightstand was beeping an alert.  Instantly, he was awake—albeit reluctantly; less than eight hours ago he’d been engaged in vigorous physical activity.  But this might be work.  In his line, he didn’t have a regular schedule.  He was always on call.


Sitting up, he glanced down at the phone and realized it wasn’t his.  The details of last night came flooding back to him.  The little daddy’s boy faggot he popped.  This was that kid’s phone.  He’d taken some good shots of the corpse but hadn’t sent them to daddy yet.  He’d planned to do that once he got home, but he was so worn out, he’d fallen asleep before he got it done.


Of course, he might have had time to get the pics sent if he hadn’t played around on the cunt’s phone, posting a couple of ads on the fag sex apps the little homo had on his phone.  Stupid piece of shit hadn’t even bothered with any passwords, either.  Joe was free to post whatever he wanted under the dead kid’s login.


That was what was happening now.  There’d been a response.  The original post had been a generic “looking for sex” note giving nothing more than physical stats and neighborhood (one a good half-hour from Joe’s actual residence).


Despite Joe’s lack of rest, his dick slowly swelled and jutted as he read the reply.


“hey man i aint been with a dude but I wanna try    just turned 18   cant do anything at home  HMU if you wanna meet but its gotta be public I don’t want no pervs”


Joe tamped his hypersexual excitement down and sent back a response, asking about the boy’s appearance.  The teen sent back a selfie, showing a broad, grinning face with a large nose, big brown eyes with long lashes and curly hair nearly the same shade of brown.  Only the top of the kid’s torso was visible, but it showed a smooth chest, lean but broad.


The alpha suggested a meeting in the area he’d mentioned in the post, at a coffee bar he’d passed on occasion.  The kid agreed to the location, but asked that they meet that evening.


It seemed that over the holiday break, his parents had enrolled him in a draconian vacation bible school.  Any absence would be reported to them.  Afterwards, however, he could sneak out…


Joe grunted in frustration.  He wanted the tender young cunt now—but there was nothing he could do about it.  Stifling his anger, he agreed to meet the boy at ten o’clock that night.


But the little bible-thumping cumsucker was gonna pay for making him wait. In the meantime, he eased the sadistic beast within him by sending SWAT daddy the pics of his raped and murdered son…




Joe was in the parking lot at half-past nine, scoping the place out and waiting for the kid to show up.  He wanted to see how the teen arrived—if he came by car, if he came alone—anything to let him know if it was safe to continue with his plans.  Based on the punk’s response, Joe expected him to be alone, but he wasn’t taking any chances.


Laying the seat back, the buff alpha lit a cigarette as he waited.  He cracked the window and exhaled the smoke, his thick black leather jacket letting him ignore the winter chill.  The white thermal shirt stretched tightly across his broad chest helped insulate him as well, but he could feel the cool air descend over his legs.  His black jeans were faded and worn, and skin-tight as they were, did little to keep out the cold.


He didn’t care.  The heat welling angrily from his swollen crotch was enough.


He shifted his feet, his heavy leather engineer boots making scuffling sounds as the thick soles dragged on the floor mats.  As his cigarette dwindled and he lit another, his impatience built.  He’d fully expected the kid to show up at least a couple of minutes early, but it was just past ten now and the little piece of shit hadn’t shown up yet.


That didn’t bode well for the cunt’s immediate future.


Joe was just about to light yet another smoke when he saw the boy, walking quickly as he turned the corner from a side street.  He was alone—stupid motherfucker, he was gonna regret that—and wore a gray fleece hoodie zipped up with the hood tightened around his head.  Only his face was visible, with a few sandy locks on his forehead, but it was enough for Joe to recognize him.


He couldn’t see what the kid was wearing under the hoodie, but he had a taut pair of skinny jeans below, the pale brown material—almost the same color as his hair—cradling his rounded asscheeks.  White, firmly-laced hightop sneakers completed his outfit.


Even from a distance, there was something in the kid’s face—or maybe it was something that wasn’t there…


He got out of the car, his black boots striding quickly across the asphalt as he intercepted the youth before he could get inside the crowded coffee shop.  The odd impression of the boy’s face increased as he approached; after a moment, he recognized what he was noticing.


Innocence.  The boy was sexually curious, but was utterly inexperienced in sex.  The powerful sadist struggled to stifle an evil grin, but was unable to control the enlarging bulge in his groin.  He was gonna enjoy destroying the unlucky kid.  The punk had no idea what he was about to suffer.


“Hey,” he called out softly, “you’re late.  Thought you were gonna be here at ten.”


The boy stopped and sized him up.  The kid clearly liked what he saw.  His jeans were just as incapable of hiding his erection as Joe’s were in his own case—two hard throbbing dicks visible as they looked at each other.  Joe could see lust lighting the twink’s hazel eyes as they followed the contour of the older man’s thick hog, outlined in his crotch in tight denim.


The boy blinked. “Name’s Noah,” he gasped throatily before gulping nervously and holding out his hand.


Joe grinned easily.  “I’m Trevor,” he replied.  It didn’t matter if the punk new his real name or not, but Joe didn’t want anyone to overhear; there was a couple getting into a car a few feet away.


“Sorry I’m late,” Noah said sheepishly.  “We were late getting back from bible study and it took my folks a while to get to sleep.”


“You had to sneak out?” Joe asked, careful to keep the contempt out of his voice.


“Yeah,” Noah admitted, blushing with embarrassment.  “See, my folks are real strict and they’re real religious, too.  I’m not allowed out alone after nine at night.  And Dad takes the car keys with him when he goes to bed, so I had to walk.  I mean, they don’t let me have a license, but I can drive.”


Joe chuckled silently to himself.  “You couldn’t get a friend to give you a lift?”


Noah was horrorstruck.  “Dude, all my friends are in the same church as me—they’d rat me out to my parents in a heartbeat!  And if they knew I was meeting a strange man…”  He broke off, the thought making him shudder.  “Y’know, maybe I shouldn’t do this…”


“C’mon, man, you’re already here and no one knows,” Joe cajoled.  “And I damn sure ain’t gonna say anything.”


Noah winced at the curse but seemed to consider the idea.  Joe upped the ante.  “Besides, I got a room at a motel halfway across town where nobody’s gonna know either of us.”


He had, too.  It was a cheap, run-down place out on what had been the highway until the bypass was built.  Now it was a rent-by-hour/day/week/month joint that served more as a flophouse to the locals.  It was full of whores and drunks—but not, at least, bedbugs.


Before coming to the coffee bar, he’d driven there and given a tweaker forty bucks to rent a twenty-dollar room for the night.  After, Joe pocketed the key, secure in the knowledge that the meth addict would take the change and get so wasted that within a couple of hours he’d be unable to remember who gave him cash for a room.


Noah hesitated, glancing uneasily through the window, as if making sure no one inside had recognized him.  The kid was deep in the closet and scared as hell.  Joe recognized the symptoms.  He’d have to coax the little fuck gently, at least for a while.  Once they got to the room, he’d have the cunt in his control.


The powerful alpha smiled charmingly at the skittish teen, his rugged, scruffy good looks adding irresistibly to the lure of his muscled body.  Noah fought within himself, his fundamental Christian upbringing battling ferociously with his pure pig lust.  The hormones pumping through his lithe teen body decided the issue.


“Ok, dude,” he muttered thickly as desire fogged his brain, “If no one’s gonna know, I guess it’s ok.  But…but, y’know…I…I ain’t done anything like…well, like this, y’know?”


“It’ll be ok,” Joe grinned cheerfully, “after all, a little fun never killed anybody.  C’mon, my car’s over there.”


The parking lot was empty by this time.  No one saw the teen in the hoodie and the powerfully-built dude in leather and jeans get into the same car.


As his car headed north, then east through town, the buff sadist was surprised to feel the teen’s hand fumbling between his legs.  The boy was anxious to fondle the older dude’s shaft.  As Noah gripped the thick, denim-wrapped shaft, he inhaled shakily in lust and amazement; the strapping, mysterious stud was hung like a horse.


The naïve youth was enthralled; he had no actual experience with other men—not even in terms of porn; he’d had no unrestricted internet access.  He had little with which he could compare the massive tube of flesh his hands were now massaging; only his own cock seemed adequate.


The latter was smaller, but not by much.  Noah wasn’t unendowed himself; his own vein-wrapped tool was almost a good seven inches long and two in diameter.  And while Noah hadn’t seen any porn, he’d seen his classmates in the locker room at his private religious school.  He’d treasured up the images of smooth naked teen bodies for his beat-off sessions, but he’d also noticed that he was better hung than any of the other boys.


Now he’d met someone even bigger.  And even though he knew it was not just disgusting and sinful but downright dangerous, he couldn’t help being drawn in, hoping to be introduced to dark, hidden pleasures he hadn’t dared to fully acknowledge, even to himself.


Joe was already aware of what was running through the boy’s mind; it really wasn’t that difficult to figure out.  He reveled in anticipation of his control over the kid’s emotions as he lulled the religious youth into taking his cock before unleashing an explosion of violence.


Noah had been too preoccupied with dick to notice his surroundings, but he looked up as Joe pulled into the motel parking lot.  He tightened the drawstring of his hoodie, craning his neck as he looked around concernedly.  “Uh, Trevor?” he quavered, “uh, is this place ok?”


Joe chortled deeply.  “Yeah, man, it’s safe.  No one’s gonna see ya here.  C’mon, man, follow me and I promise you’ll blow your most intense load ever.”


Noah’s cock was still erect and pulsing within the tight confines of his skinny jeans; he jumped out of the car, his white hightops padding along silently in the footprints of Joe’s thick black boots.  The sadistic alpha had already switched on a light in the room by the time the kid reached the doorway.


The privileged, protected youth looked around at the rented squalor in despair.  He’d only ever experienced squeaky-clean households and sanitized thoughts (except for those dark sinful ones that gave him wood).


The room was dim and hazy, still reeking of smoke.  Not just cigarettes (he’d recognized that illicit scent on the mysterious stud and it made him start to ooze from his mushroom tip) but the sweet and unfamiliar scents of weed and crack.  The rickety furniture was marked with dark lines—burns, actually, spots where cigarettes had burnt down and hot crack and meth pipes had been set down.


The dank, fetid air was being pushed lazily around by an ancient window AC unit that was not in a window but had been placed in a hole cut in the rear wall; it looked like garbage but the heat certainly worked—the room was over eighty degrees.  The double bed had a cheap iron headboard and a thin polyester cover; the pillows, also thin, were covered with yellowed, stained linen.


But then he looked back at the bulging muscles of the handsome top and decided to shelve his objections.  After all, he’d been right—no one Noah knew could possibly be in this neighborhood.  The place was filthy, but so was the act.  And the desire.  Filthy, all of it.


And he wanted to be so fucking filthy…


“C’mon, boy, lessee what ya got,” Joe smirked as he rubbed the massive bulge in his groin.  He leered suggestively at the innocent teen, knowing that the young faggot would have to respond.


He was right.  Noah gulped again, his Adam’s apple slipping up and down his smooth neck.  His hands shook as he reached for the zipper of his hoodie; they shook not in fear but in excitement.  He slipped off the grey jacket, revealing a slate-gray long sleeve button-down shirt tucked into his beige skinny jeans.


At the same time, Joe took off his thick leather jacket, the clinging material of the white thermal shirt revealing the full breadth of his massive pectorals.  The shirt was open at the neck, displaying a V-shaped wedge of dark wiry chest hair.  Rolled up as they were, the sleeves did nothing to hide the alpha’s muscular, hairy forearms.


Joe stood over Noah and slipped off the shirt, his powerful torso glistening with sweat in the hazy light of the overheated room.  The room wasn’t the only thing to get overheated; Noah found himself literally aching with desire as his eyes slid down the stud’s sculpted body, the lower half still wrapped in jeans.


Noah tried amateurishly to add a seductive strip-tease effect as he undressed, but his hands were trembling so much he had difficulty in getting the buttons of his shirt undone.  Joe watched and smiled patiently as his rage flared inside at this delay in his gratification.  He managed to control the desire to reach out and tear the shirt right off the bitch, buttons popping everywhere.  And after all, why not?  The kid was right where Joe wanted him…


But just then Noah managed to get the last button undone and slipped out of the shirt.  A thin white cotton t-shirt was underneath.  The boy smiled hesitantly, still uneasy, as he pulled it off over his head.


Underneath, his young teen body was smooth and slim but not scrawny.  Even at a distance, Joe could see the soft, silky texture of the youth’s skin.  Tender flesh waiting to be used and tortured—Joe’s lust was getting harder to restrain.  He needed to take a moment.


Abruptly turning his back on the slut, he strode across the floor to the table where he’d left his jacket, his leather engineer boots leaving little impression on the soiled, threadbare carpet.  Reaching into one of the pockets on the jacket, he fished out his smokes and lit one up, slipping the pack and lighter back into the jacket.  He didn’t carry them in the jeans—they were truly skin-tight and would have crushed the pack.


Noah looked on, half in fascination and half in concern.  He didn’t know many people who smoked—and those he did, his parents never failed to point out, were going to burn in Hell for various sins, cigarettes only one of them.


The thought of what they’d say if they could see him was strangely appealing.  This was forbidden and that made it so much more erotic…


“W-won’t that make my clothes smell?” he asked shakily as he leaned against the bed and crossed one leg over the other so he could untie his sneakers.


“Don’t worry, man,” Joe drawled with a friendly grin.  “I got ya covered.  Time we’re done here, you won’t need to worry about how your clothes smell, I promise ya.”


Noah nodded mutely.  The enormity of what has happening had hit him.  He was about to lose his virginity—with an anonymous older man in a motel room.  There was no going back after this.  Whatever else happened in his life, it would be stained by this night.


But in the battle between piety and hormones, the latter was the natural winner.  After all, his young, healthy body was at its sexual peak.  Noah rarely jacked off; that was a sin, too—worse than cigarettes, by far.  And he had almost no privacy at home anyway.


Lust, aided by the thick musky scents of sweat and smoke, stifled the tritely moralistic murmurings in Noah’s mind.  Having pulled off his hightops, he dropped his jeans first.  He stood across from Joe, his lithe young body nude except for his thin white briefs and his calf-high athletic socks.  Joe took another drag from his cig and leered at the kid’s groin; it looked like he’d stuffed a sausage in his underwear.


Little cunt was hung, that was for sure.


Still keeping the easy-going, charming grin on his handsome, chiseled face, Joe exhaled a bluish cloud of smoke.  “Lessee what ya got, boy.  Show me your dick.”


Noah looked away, shifting awkwardly.  “I-I dunno, man, I ain’t never done anything with-with a guy…”


Joe knew damn good and well the cringing little faggot hadn’t done anything with anybody ever.  But tonight, he was playing for effect.  Tonight wasn’t just assrape—it was mindrape too.  So the cunt had to be cajoled.


And besides, the punk wanted it.  “Fuck, dude, don’t back out now.  Lookit yer dick, man—even from here I can see how hard it is.  You want my shaft, don’t ya, son?  It’s ok—you can take my rod up your virgin hole tonight and no one will know.”


Noah moaned in erotic lust as a dark spot appeared on the white cotton briefs.  Joe chuckled, noting that it was right at the tip of the slut’s cock.  Motherfuckin’ homo was already oozing.


“Drop ‘em,” the hulking sadist whispered, pitching his voice seductively low.  “Drop yer drawers, boy, and get on the bed.”


Noah trembled, but he obeyed, slipping out of the briefs.  His flat belly fell smoothly to his groin where curly sand-colored pubes framed a thick, semi-erect tube of pulsing meat.  Clear drops of fluid were dripping out of the dark mushroom tip.


The naked teen backed up onto the bed, his beautiful, lithe body gingerly avoiding the stains on the cheap bedspread.  Joe dropped his cigarette and casually crushed it out with his big black boot as he moved towards the bed.  The burn was unnoticeable among the others darkening the carpet.


The powerful alpha towered over the punk and leered down at him.  Instinctively, the youth cowered in the shadow of the older man, but glanced up immediately when he heard the dude open his zipper.  The older man had already unbuckled his belt; the thick leather strap dangled loosely on each side of his denim-bound hips.


The biggest dick Noah had ever seen was his own.  That changed now.


Joe pulled out his cock slowly and expertly, appreciating the effect he was having on his prey.  The kid gaped openly as inch after inch of the stud’s swollen, throbbing shaft emerged from his open fly.  The flesh was so dark, it was almost black, fed by the ropy veins that tightly circled the pulsating rod.  The thick dark trail of fur leading down the stud’s muscled chest and over his firm abs seemed to be designed to direct attention to the groin.


Noah gulped in astonishment.  He was scared, but not as much as he should have been, even without knowing Joe’s plans for him.  He’d never so much as played with his ass before—the boy was impressed with the older man’s penis but had no concept of how much it would hurt jammed up his colon.


Even so, the alpha’s dick was intimidating.  “Wh-what ya gonna do with that?” he asked tremulously.


Joe spoke quietly, the deep bass of his voice seeming to vibrate the root of Noah’s cock.  “Look at it boy,” he muttered, “look at my dick.  You want it, dontcha?  G’wan, put it in yer mouth.  Do it, boy, you know ya wanna.”


The alpha was right.  Noah did wanna.  He looked confused and timid, but he leaned forward and took the spongy purple tip into his open mouth, working his tongue over the oozing head and teasing the tender rosebud on the underside.  He slurped loudly, enjoying the salty taste of the precum leaking into his mouth.


Joe grinned.  “Fuck yeah, dude,” he moaned, “damn, that’s good.  Work it, boy, work my hog with your mouth.  Slurp it down, cocksucker.”


Noah was both shocked and thrilled with the abuse.  Leaning even father forward, he opened his jaw as wide as he could to deepthroat the dominant stranger, his right hand a blur as he jacked his own tool wildly.  Even more erotic was the way the muscular stud clamped his hands on the back of the boy’s head and forced it down onto his throbbing tubesteak.  Deep in the grip of overwhelming lust, the teen had shed his trepidation and succumbed to his long-suppressed desires.


The top’s thick column of meat slid into the youth’s throat, plugging it thoroughly.   The kid gagged and choked as Joe’s dick sealed off his airpipe, anxiety rising in his lust-fogged mind as his breath was blocked.  As his eyes started to water, he braced his hands against the alpha’s legs and tried to shove him away. It was like trying to topple a large tree by pushing it over; he could feel the power in the taut denim-covered muscles flexing against his palms.


Then, with a sardonic chuckle too subtle for the horny teen to interpret, Joe pulled out.  The hardbodied sadist admired his dick, bobbing in the air and dripping long streamers of boyspit as Noah retched, trying not to puke up the dinner his momma had made him.  The shuddering youth coughed up drool that flowed off his chin, straight down onto the engorged head of his own cock.


He’d liked it.  It’d been scary—terrifying, for a moment—but he’d liked it.  He’d liked how the larger, stronger man had taken control and used his face as a fucktoy.  Not that the innocent little faggot virgin would have expressed it in those terms, of course, but the lust motivating his warped pig soul was the same.


The fact that it was a disgusting sin that would instantly damn him to Hell only made it sexier.  He was ready to be bad.


Wiping his chin with the back of his hand, Noah looked up at the strapping, broad-chested alpha.  He was suddenly entranced with the stranger’s black chest hair, as if noticing it for the first time.  Timorously, he extended a hand.


It was only with a great deal of patience and an almost superhuman suppression of rage that Joe allowed the boycunt to touch him.  He stood tall and erect next to the bed, letting the punk run his hands over his huge pecs and fondle his nipples before the greedy, desire-driven fingers sank lower down his body and curled in the fur coating his rippled abs.


His anger was expressed through his cock, which pulsed visibly, pumping out a steady stream of clear precum.  Noah noticed the effect but had no clue as to the cause.


That thought made Joe’s dick throb even more.  Even if the stupid little shit had a clue, there was no way he could conceive the nightmare in store for him.


Then again, maybe he could.  There were some imaginative deaths in the Bible. Joe’s grin came back, more evil than ever.  He looked down at the teen with a cold, appraising contempt.  The cunt would do; he’d be an acceptable meatsack to soak up Joe’s seed.


Time to get biblical on his ass.


He started slow.  “Ok, boy,” he said, just a hint of menace in his husky voice, “get on your back.  Time to go whole hog.”  He grinned and thrust his hips slightly so that his huge dick swung between his legs.  “And believe me, punk, you’re gettin’ the whole hog.”


Trembling with both fear and desire, Noah moved back, his smooth skin crawling from contact with the thin polyester bedspread.  He managed to wriggle to one side, pushing the cover away, only to find the cheap sheets underneath no more comfortable.


It didn’t matter.  Tonight, he was gonna explore his darkest dreams; tomorrow he’d be back to being the good little choirboy his family thought he was.  And even if he ultimately went to Hell for it, it’d be worth it.


The slim, handsome youth stretched out on his back and raised his legs in the air, presenting his fuckhole like a bitch in heat.  He was gonna get fucked.  A little discomfort wouldn’t matter.


The icy gleam in the alpha’s eyes should have been a warning, but the teen had nothing by which to judge it.  Legs spread, he waited eagerly for his first—and unknown to him, his last—sexual experience.


Joe climbed on the bed, kneeling between the kid’s smooth, trembling legs.  Grasping his huge oozing tube of manmeat, he rubbed his dick across the punk’s ass, smearing it with precum.  He smiled gently as he placed the thick purple head of his cock against the boy’s buttcrack, the fine hairs tickling his swollen mushroom tip.


Noah felt the pressure and uttered a nervous, breathy moan.  This was it.  Everything he’d dreamed of, a hot hard powerful stranger who was gonna fuck the shit outta him.


And then he was gonna go home and pretend it never happened.  He was gonna go on with his life and no one would ever know.  His folks would never, could never know how he’d spent the night; it was something they were simply incapable of imagining.  And that was all to Noah’s benefit.  It meant he’d get away with it—so he quashed his anxiety and readied himself for intense physical pleasure.


But that wasn’t what he got.


Joe was ready.  He knew the little motherfucker was a virgin and wouldn’t be able to handle his tool; he expected it.  He didn’t even need to know the kid’s name to know how the pig would respond.  He didn’t start forcefully, though, there was something he was waiting for, something the slut would ask for.  So he applied pressure slowly, easing the head of his dick into the youth’s tight, intact fuckhole.


At the start, Noah shuddered with pleasure.  As he felt the iron-hard shaft start to penetrate him, he inhaled deeply.  The closeness of the muscular alpha flooded his sinuses with sweat and pheromones. The inexperienced teen’s impatience to have the handsome hulking stud buried deep inside him, marking him as his own, outweighed any other concern.


Fuck his parents, fuck the bible, fuck it all.  He gave the Joe the invitation he’d been waiting for.  The kid was ready to be a complete faggot pig.


“Fuck me, man,” he moaned in a mind-numbing fog of lust.  “Do what you want to me, dude, fuck me rough.  Make me yours tonight…”  His plea trailed off in a gasp of desire.


Joe chuckled malignly.  “Ok, cunt,” he sneered, “you asked for it.”


Even in his erotic frenzy, the curt, cold tone managed to cut its way through to the center of Noah’s awareness.  By the time it did so, however, there were more pressing matters demanding his attention—like the horrible agony in his ass.


The cruel sadist had jammed the entire length of his massive, blood-engorged cock into the boy’s ass.  The phenomenal girth of his member ripped open the youth’s sphincter, making the kid bleed like his cherry had been popped—as it had, brutally.


Noah couldn’t scream.  He wanted to, badly, but he couldn’t—fuck, he couldn’t even breathe.  It hurt too much.  It hurt too much to breathe, to move, to think…


Move.  He needed to move.  He needed to get of this fucking rod that was impaling his tender rectum, oh fuck he needed to move—


Later, Joe was pissed at himself.  He’d let his guard down and it almost backfired on him.  Of course, when it happened, he’d been more pissed at the little homo teen.  And so it was the young cocksucker who ultimately took the brunt of his wrath.


At the time, though, Noah thought he was achieving redemption, not damnation, as he clawed his way up off Joe’s enormous dick, kicking and flailing like a wild thing.  Joe was momentarily taken aback—not long, but long enough that the writhing punk was able to scramble free towards the head of the bed.


In the next moment, the kid had rolled to the floor and bolted for the bathroom.  In a blood-red rage, Joe lunged after his prey, only to have the boy evade him at the last moment and lock himself in.


As Noah slammed the door and turned the lock in the doorknob, he shuddered in relief—and started praying.  He’d been wrong.  He’d sinned, badly, and he’d been punished.  It had hurt; only sinners could want pain like that, Jesus had shown him the way and he wasn’t ever gonna do anything like this again—


And that was when Joe’s big black boot kicked through the flimsy hollow-core door, punching out a huge hole.  Squealing with fear, the terrified teenager threw himself on the floor and wrapped his arms around the base of the toilet.  He babbled promises to behave to his God, pleading for salvation in air rank with piss.


The enraged alpha had gotten the bathroom door open.  Noah kept his eyes squeezed shut; if he didn’t see what was happening, maybe God wouldn’t let it happen.  He clung to that belief desperately as he heard the muscled sadist approach.


Joe was done playing.  He bent down and wrapped one hand clean around the boy’s upper arm.  With a powerful jerk, he pulled the punk free of the toilet and stalked back to the bedroom, dragging the helpless, sobbing youth across the floor behind him.  With a swift, brutal yank, he flung the boy onto the bed.


Noah cowered, weeping in abject fear.  He wasn’t curious anymore.  He wanted to go home, go back to safe quiet bible study and beating off secretly in the bathroom.  This—this was too scary, this stud, sexy as he was, was gonna hurt him.


The naïve teen glanced up into the face of his tormentor and flinched instantly.  This time, there was no question of mistaking the formidable look of hot rage and cold lust.  No, he wanted no part of any of this.


So why was his dick so fucking hard?


It was almost painfully erect, throbbing fiercely.  An almost steady stream of clear fluid was leaking out.  He didn’t understand.  This wasn’t happening.


Then Joe made it happen.


He lunged forward in a lightning blast of violence, driving his fist into the punk’s soft, smooth belly with the force of an industrial piston.  Noah gave a deep, loud grunt and instantly curled into a fetal position as a hard ball of pain tore through his midsection.  The next few seconds seemed an eternity as the kid clutched his abdomen and writhed, trying to get air back into his lungs.


“Ya made a bad mistake, motherfucker,” Joe hissed, a frightening glint of psychotic glee dancing in his eyes.  “I was only gonna kill ya before, you worthless cumsucking fag, but, see, now I gotta make it hurt.”


He sat gently on the bed next to Noah and softly stroked the boy’s tearstained face.  Brushing away a lock of the kid’s soft brown hair, he leaned so close that Noah could feel the older man’s facial scruff scratch his ear.  As he whispered, his breath was warm on the youth’s neck.


“That means I gotta make it slow…”


Still struggling for air, the closeted churchboy wasn’t able to comprehend what was being said to him; his attention was focused elsewhere, Joe observed with displeasure.  Time to reorient the queer-ass bitch.


Joe rolled the kid onto his back and spread his legs.  Noah realized what was going on just before Joe slammed the full length of his cock up the teen’s virgin ass.  The pressure at the start was tremendous but Joe shoved his rod forward with renewed force, ripping new tears through the kid’s already-mangled sphincter the way his boot had ripped through the door.


It got Noah’s air back.  His body contracted involuntarily in distress, stimulating him to inhale.  The pain—this was Hell, he was being punished…this kinda pain could only come from Hell…


He shrieked in agony—once.  The shrill screech was cut off when Joe balled his fist and sent a piledriver straight from his shoulder into the boy’s face, blackening his eye and snapping his cheekbone.  “Shaddap!” he barked gruffly as he gripped the punk’s heaving torso in his huge hands, clamping down to hold the smooth lean body still as he penetrated it further.


Lost in a dark haze of pain, Noah had limited awareness of anything beyond his own suffering.  His whole body seemed to be consumed in a flame of nightmarish agony from his ass to his face to his cock…


As his body shuddered under the violent sexual assault, Noah realized that his cock was not only still hard, it was so hard it hurt.


No, this couldn’t be.  This couldn’t be him.  This was wrong.  He had to get away, this wasn’t going to happen to him…  As the panic welled up inside the inexperienced teen, his struggles and cries began to intensify.


He hadn’t learned his lesson, Joe realized.  Well, that was ok.  The little fuck was young and healthy; he’d probably last for a while.  Plenty of time for learnin’.  But he needed lesson one all over again.


“I said shaddap!” Joe roared, throwing a feral growl into his voice that terrified the youth in the half-second before another donkey-punch landed, splitting his lips.  “You keep your goddam mouth shut while I’m fuckin’ ya, you sniveling faggot, ya feeling me?  Huh, you pansy bitch?  You get what I’m sayin’?”


Noah’s eyes opened wide with shock; even in this nightmare anticipation of Hell, the alpha’s words had sunk in.  No, this was wrong…he wasn’t a faggot…please, if he could just get away he’d never look at another dick again, he’d never—


And even as he pled silently, he realized it was a bargain he could never keep.  High above the wave of pain swamping his nervous system, the hormone-flooded teen could still feel his own swollen shaft stabbing into the alpha’s rippled abs. An ineffectual weapon of defense, it left trails of clear slimy precum matting the muscled sadist’s dark belly fur.


Suddenly, Joe stopped.  He was fully inserted, his long thick rod buried up to the root, his wiry pubes interlocked with the youth’s soft downy fuzz like Velcro.  Sweating and gasping, the powerful top loomed over his victim, the helpless teen who was now pinned to the bed like an insect on his assailant’s cock.


The boy opened his eyes hesitantly—at least, he opened his right eye.  He was shuddering in pain, barely able to breathe.  The left side of his face was black and swelling, with blood leaking from his busted lips.


The image the suffering teenager saw stuck with him for the rest of his life—approximately another thirteen minutes.


The coldly handsome face of the older man hung just inches from his, but the expression on the hard, unshaven face was unlike anything the innocent youth had ever seen.  A somehow erotic mixture of contempt, rage, and desire that offered no hope of compassion or common humanity.  It was the expression of a sexual sadist.


Noah was too sheltered to have heard of such a thing, but he got an idea when Joe hocked up a huge wad of phlegm, grinned at the boy, and spit it into his face.  “Fuckin’ faggot,” he sneered.


It triggered a desperate rebellion in Noah—unfortunately.  “No!” he shouted in his mind, the reality being a guttural protest pushed out inarticulately between puffy lips.  But it was enough to get the attention of the brawny psychopath.


“Goddam it, you piece a’ shit, you really are fuckin’ stupid, aintcha?” he snarled viciously.  “I toldja to shut the fuck up and here ya are tryin’ to whine about somethin’!  I said to shut the fuck UP!”  As his voice rose in rage on the last syllable, he swung back and delivered a massive roundhouse punch square to the boy’s jaw.


The punk’s head rocked back as his body flailed from the force of the blow.  Poised on his knees, Joe grunted in pleasure as the involuntary movements worked the cunt’s guts around the sensitive head of his shaft.  The slut’s own tool, violently bobbing with the rest of his body, spattered them both with a fine rain of precum.


The sadist observed with sick erotic pleasure the way the faggot’s eyes rolled back and his eyelids fluttered as he trembled on the edge of consciousness.  As the traumatized teen struggled to stay awake, he coughed up a gout of blood; he was too stunned to realize that he’d spat out one of his canine teeth.


When Noah finally came back to himself, he’d had his epiphany.  He was saved.  He was truly ready to give up sin in all its forms and surrender himself to his Lord.  He was convinced of the error of his ways and deeply repentant of them.


Problem was, it was a little too late.  Joe made that perfectly clear.


Leaning forward, he wrapped his huge strong paws around the teen’s pale, fragile throat and began to squeeze—slowly at first, but inexorably nonetheless.  “G’wan and pray, you useless little bible-thumping faggot—it ain’t gonna help ya, you disgusting cumsucker.  Time to die, cunt.  You ready to meet yer maker?  Cause when ya do, you’re gonna be full of cum!”


In a deep red sea of pain, Noah heard the words but didn’t comprehend them.  He was just a soft suburban teen; he hadn’t had the chance to recover from the brutal assault before his air was cut off—utterly and completely.


Instinctively, the lithe punk began to struggle violently, his hands clawing at Joe’s, trying to pry them away from his neck while his slim, firm legs kicked and flailed wildly.  His heels drummed on the bed, his flexing feet scraping at the sheets and twisting his white socks.


Noah opened his eyes—well, his right eye; the left side of his face was battered and swollen beyond recognition—and with tears welling out, tried to beg and plead for mercy.  He’d never do it again, dear lord, please save me I’ll never look at another boy again I promise…


But no words were coming out.  And somewhere in the throbbing drumbeat of torment that had become his world, he was slowly becoming aware of a new pain—that of choking to death.


Now his movements weren’t instinctual.  They weren’t necessarily controlled; they were born out of the frenzied panic that seized the little faggot’s soul.


The kid wasn’t heavily muscled, but he was no weakling and the fear of death gave an extra impetus to his desperation.  Clawing madly at his own throat, he soon realized the futility of the gesture and began tugging at Joe’s strong, burly arms.  As the youth’s legs thrashed, they slapped wetly against the alpha’s pumping, sweat-streaked torso.  His left foot caught in the a fold of the fitted sheet and pulled it away from the mattress; as his leg recoiled involuntarily, the sock came off in the fold, leaving the boy’s bare foot exposed, toes curling as he died.


“Yer gonna die on my motherfuckin’ cock, you homo cunt,” Joe growled like a feral beast as he raped and strangled the teen.  “How’s it feel?  Does it hurt?  Huh?  Does it, you worthless sack of shit?  Go on and pray, little boy, but I’m your God now.  I’m the one who decides when you die and how much it’s gonna hurt.”


He paused for a moment to admire the look of stunned shock on the punk’s face (at least, what was left of it).  He knew the meat had heard—and more importantly, had understood.  He spat another wad of phlegm into the youth’s mauled face and spoke again, this time in a low whisper, cold and sharp like a steel blade.


“Here’s a secret, fag—it’s gonna hurt.  A lot.  More than you can possibly imagine.  And the more it hurts you, the more I’m gonna spunk when you finally die, you useless cumdump.  Just so you know, you sick homo scum.  Just so you know you’re getting exactly what you deserve.”


And with that, he squeezed harder, feeling the cunt’s flexible esophagus constrict beneath his hands.  He dug his fingernails into the tender flesh on the back of the unfortunate boy’s neck, so he could get better traction with which to throttle the punk-ass queerboy.


Noah knew now beyond any doubt that he was experiencing Hell—he was being given a literal foretaste of the torture he’d endure for eternity.  The burning in his head, the excruciating visehold on his throat, the pounding anguish in his ass…oh God…he’d wanted to get fucked and was gonna be sodomized by the Devil forever…and worse, he was gonna be found like this!


Everyone was gonna think he was a disgusting pervert, a child-molesting sodomite—Momma, Daddy—oh God, Daddy—even Archie, the youth minister…he’d been at Archie’s today and seen the way Archie’d started at his crotch; oh fuck he shoulda stayed there…


The once-virginal teenage slipped in and out of coherence in his terror, but never slackened his struggle to break free.  His frantic, questing hands continually sought some sort of hold on his killer’s rock-hard body in an attempt to have some kind of impact.


Everywhere Noah’s hands landed, though, they slid across sweaty, hard, firm flesh; the only thing the flailing kid was able to grab ahold of was the stud’s thick, wiry chest hair.  Without even thinking, Noah snatched a handful and yanked it out in a paroxysm of terror and pain.


“Goddam motherfucker!” Joe howled in pain-ignited anger.  Clenching his huge left hand around the boy’s throat, he freed his right hand and drove it three more times into the dying faggot’s face, each blow landing with a wet thudding sound—the last one with a moist crunch when Noah’s nose was broken.


Without missing a single rhythmic stoke of his long shaft, Joe wrapped his hand back around the meat’s neck and kept squeezing.    He could feel the head of his dick deep inside the thrashing youth’s guts.  The way the slut’s innards had stroked the swollen, sensitive head of his tool while the boy was being beaten had been fantastic.


“Yeah, dude, that’s what ya need, huh?  You like it to hurt, huh, you fuckin’ pig?  Was that the problem, you weren’t in enough pain to work my cock?  Fuck, man ya shoulda said so—we can fix that right now, fuck yeah!”


With that, Joe slowly increased the pressure on Noah’s neck, this time digging his thumbs into the miserable boy’s Adam’s apple.  The sadistic stud grinned as he felt the cartilage start to give way under the force he applied.


Noah was beyond thought.  He was in a world of physical sensations that had been previously unconceivable to him, as much as he’d heard of the torments of Hell.  This pain couldn’t last for eternity; there’d be nothing left of him but a hollow screaming shell.  He was being split open from the inside out; he was still aware of the alpha’s cock reaming his rectum, pulling and tearing at his intestines like a plunger.  His face was black and swollen; between the beatings and the choking, it looked like a rotten gourd.  He couldn’t see it, but he could feel it, pulpy and pulsating with pain.


The excruciating agony of his throat was the worst, though.  His windpipe was crushed almost completely flat and the way the top’s thumbs were grinding into his vocal cords hurt so bad Noah began convulsing involuntarily as his stomach tried instinctively to retch.


“Oh fuck yeah, cocksucker, that’s it,” muttered Joe in response to the boy’s rhythmic, undulating movements, “that’s it, jack me off as you die, you queer-ass bitch.  Yeah, cunt, I know how to keep ya going—just gotta ramp up the pain, huh, you sick fucking faggot scum?”


The grinning sadist tightened his grip yet again as his strapping, powerful body bore down on the helpless teen.  The sleazy overheated motel room was redolent with a miasma of sweat, smoke and mansex, making an almost visible haze in the air.  The sounds of mansex filled the air, too—the increasing tempo to the creaking of the bed, the swift slapping sounds of hardcore fucking, the deep, vital grunts of two males locked bodily together in intensity and lust.


The fact that one of the males was dying only added to the intensity.  And the lust.


Even Noah felt the lust.  He felt it as a hitherto-unknown source of agony.  His dick had been hard enough to hurt before, but now it was electrifying—it seemed as if a white-hot rod of steel had been jammed up through his ass into his cock, extending it in flaming agony the further it penetrated.


Joe felt the lust, too, both his own and Noah’s  He felt the meat’s deathpig lust as the cunt’s thick purple cock slapped against his belly, still leaving a thick trail of erotic slime in his fur, even during the throes of death.


He felt his own lust as the homo’s thick bloodied lips parted, releasing a torrent of foamy drool.  He felt it as the choking teen’s tongue, as swollen and purple as his dick, slowly emerged from his blackened, distorted face.


For Noah, there was no heaven, no Hell anymore.  There wasn’t even any Noah; too much of his brain had been starved of oxygen for too long.  The brain damage was irreversible.  Not everything was gone, though.


The brain stem remained, able to feel sensation and basic emotion.  What emerged was the primal submissive beast, submitting to and being marked by the dominant alpha.


The brain-dead teen was convulsing violently, his colon clenching the cruel killer’s shaft in an instinctive attempt to milk out the testosterone and be marked as belonging to the alpha.  The hormones flooding the queerboy’s body overstimulated this response.


Joe had never had a dying cumdump stroke his rod so vigorously; he’d been right to go for the virginal churchboy; they always wanted dick in the worst way.


And Joe specialized in giving dick in the worst way.


He held onto the bucking teen like he was breaking a bull, letting the natural rhythms of convulsion and death beat his swollen shaft to orgasm.  The young homo’s cock was still erect and visibly pulsing as Joe felt intense, overflowing pressure building in his puckered sack.


He was gonna unload.  “Guess you were an ok cumrag, faggot,” he grunted as his body jolted in violent release.


The hulking, muscular killer clenched his hands tightly in his first instinctive reaction to shooting his wad; the loud crunching sound of crushed cartilage filled the room.  The quivering boy also reacted involuntarily—it was the final blast of pain needed to override the teen deathpig’s nervous system and trigger an unnaturally prolonged orgasm.


The youth’s overabundant hormones had swamped his body in excess testosterone.  It had led him to seeking its release in dangerous situations—and now, it led his dying body to ejaculate for nearly ninety seconds straight, the last spark of his life fading with an awareness of white-hot molten steel flooding his anus and pumping out through his erect shaft; he was merely a conduit for the boiling seed of life…


As thick, ropy strands of semen splashed across Joe’s broad, furry chest, he cried out in rage and hate, pumping his thick, creamy jizz as deep into the worthless kid’s body as he could.  Shifting his powerful hands up Noah’s crushed neck, he clamped down again, this time where he could place his thumbs under the angle of the kid’s jaw.


“Ok, motherfucker, time to go,” he grunted.  As another orgasm wracked his powerful body, his hands clenched, driving his thumbs upwards.


There was a loud cracking sound as the brawny sadist popped the teen fag’s head off his spine, snapping the topmost vertebra and sending bone shards slashing into the spinal column.


Noah had already emptied his balls and his mind; there was nothing left but a sweaty cum-filled meatsack until the sudden blast of massive trauma to his central nervous system sent random signals thought his taut, shuddering corpse.


One of these hit the scrotum and, even in death, contracted the muscles and caused the young queer’s cock to send up a final jet of spunk, the hot pearly liquid splattering on the underside of Joe’s jaw as the older man grunted and cried out, spewing his last boiling wad into the kid’s torn and slashed rectum.


Even after he’d pumped his last drop of semen into the corpse’s shuddering guts, Joe continued to fuck the quivering body, his massive shaft still erect and tearing into the convulsing pig’s colon.  “Fuck yeah, dude, I’m your God now, huh?  I gave you everything ya ever wanted, huh, ya faggot?  I gave ya hot fuckin’ mansex, I gave ya pain and death—who’s yer daddy now, huh, cunt?”


Spitting in contempt on the twitching corpse, Joe pulled himself out of the boy’s well-worn fuckhole.  His dick slid out in a slimy pool of cum and blood that instantly stained the sheets under the slut’s quivering anus; it was obvious that the dead boy had been violently fucked.


Still sweating and shaking with pleasurable exertion, Joe staggered back across the room to his jacket.  He fished the smokes and lighter out of the pocket and lit one as he leaned back and took a moment to chill.


On the bed, Noah was chilling too; in fact, he was cooling by the minute.  But his corpse was still fresh and limber; random nerves still fired down the mangled spinal column, making the body continue to shudder and twitch.  Even now, the toes on the teen’s bare foot continued to curl and spasm in death.  The other foot, with the white athletic sock wrapped tightly around it, kicked jaggedly across the rumpled, stained sheets.


The punk’s smooth, flat abdomen still heaved convulsively, smeared with coagulating pools of semen, all his own.  Some of it was glazing his grotesquely distorted face.  His black, swollen cheeks were stained with a white scum where his foamy panicked drool had dried to a crust as he’d died.


Joe inhaled the nicotine deeply.  Even though he’d completely emptied his balls, the teenage faggot’s corpse was so hot, his dick was still throbbing as he looked at it.


He knew he had to go, though.  This cunt had made a lot of noise.  He needed to get away fairly quickly.  Tossing his smoldering butt onto the boy’s smooth chest (where it hissed out in a puddle of jizz), he stepped into the bathroom and cleaned himself up, using a wet washcloth and soap to remove all traces of the dead pansy’s spunk.  Tossing the towel he used, along with the washcloth, into the toilet, he returned to the bedroom after fastening up his fly and slipped on his thermal shirt and leather jacket.


He was vaguely aware that the teen homo was still twitching, but he didn’t really give a shit anymore.  A quick glance outside showed that no one was around, and he made it to his car and out of the motel lot unseen.


The corpse was found the next morning, but without ID (since Noah parents hadn’t allowed him a driver’s license yet), it went to the city morgue.  Later the same day, Noah’s folks frantically reported him missing, out in the suburb where they lived.


It was the better part of a week before anyone connected the reamed-out, cum-soaked corpse found beaten, raped and strangled in a cheap motel with the straight-A bible school virgin Noah.  When the connection was made, the outcry in the media was loud and shrill, demanding vengeance from every corner.


By that time, though, Joe had already wasted his next victim.

Trucker 5–Trucker v Trooper

It was trouble, of course; the Trucker was intelligent enough to realize that right away.

If nothing else, the timing would have told him that.  Not very likely that it’d be a coincidence that someone was banging at the door minutes after he’d wasted a bitch.  He wasn’t prepared to deal with anyone but he was cold-blooded enough that it didn’t worry him much.  But after dragging the twitching corpse into the bathroom, the Trucker had stripped—he’d wanted to clean himself off before hoisting the body into the tub, since he planned to leave it in there when he left.

Stepping out of the bathroom, he closed the door behind him, leaving the shower running.  He strode towards the door, totally nude, his dick still erect, jutting out in front of him, thick and purple.  With the shower running behindff the closed bathroom door, he could say he’d just had sex and the slut was cleaning up.

After all, with the door closed, the corpse on the bathroom floor couldn’t be seen.

And the Trucker decided he wanted to answer the door nude.  He was well aware of his imposing physique and the impression it made on others.  A little intimidation always came in handy in a situation like this.

And while he hadn’t been caught with a raped and murdered boy in a motel room before, he’d had some close calls.  That last kid he’d done on his prior route, the one before the Marine.  His older brother had walked in before he was finished.  And then—

The Trucker grinned at the memory as he worked the locks on the door, only slightly aware that his reminiscences had made his cock start oozing precum again.

Whatever he had expected, it wasn’t a gun.

The man holding it was familiar.  And a cop—a trooper…it clicked.  That cunt he’d picked up on the side of the road; the one he’d tossed in a ditch like the garbage he was—this was the cop that had come up to his truck while he was snuffing the faggot.

For the first time in his life, the Trucker was genuinely caught off guard.  He was careful and very, very good at what he did.  He was truly stunned to find that he’d been traced like this.

The Trooper, for his part, was just as stunned.  With his sidearm out and at the ready, he’d started in gleeful ecstasy, recognizing the face of the man he’d hunted for so long. But as he turned his attention downward and took in the Trucker’s body, glistening with sweat from his recent exertions, he was subsumed in a rising tide of lust.  And that huge dripping shaft dangling out in front…

The Trucker saw the Trooper’s gaze slide down his body; he also notice the tentpole rising in the crotch of the tight khaki slacks the Trooper was wearing.  The young cop looked back up into the Trucker’s face—he was about four inches shorter than the older man—his eyes glittering with desire.

“Get back in that room, motherfucker,” he hissed.  “Quiet and slow, asshole.  I can put a hole the size of my fist in your guts and claim self-defense and ain’t no one in this part of the state gonna question it, so move.  NOW.”  He motioned with the large nickel-plated handgun—it looked like a .45.

As the Trucker carefully stepped backward into the room, he felt every predatory sense he possessed as a hunter engage.  He knew that his life was in danger, but there was more going on here.

The Trooper entered the room at the same snail’s pace with which the Trucker backed away.  Once he was fully inside the room, he kicked back, his high black leather boot connecting with the door and swinging it shut, the automatic lock engaging with a loud click.

The deathly silence that enveloped the room belied the vortex of manscent and testosterone that swirled as two expert killers sized up each other.

The Trooper slowly circled to the left, inching towards the bathroom with a careful sidestep motion.  He stood directly in front of the door and reached behind him to grab the doorknob, never removing his eyes—or the barrel of the gun—from the Trucker until he got the door open.  Then he took a quick glance into the steam-filled room, but the gun never wavered.

His head was turned for only a split second and the Trucker was too far away to reach him in that time.  He didn’t even try.   But that didn’t mean he wasn’t looking for some weak spot to attack.  He was in deep shit; that was obvious.  And yet, somehow, the thought of arrest never crossed his mind.  That wasn’t the point here, and he knew it.

If he hadn’t, the look on the Trooper’s face as he turned back would have been a good clue.  The salacious grin, the evil leer twisting his young, handsome face, were the first hint; the swift enlargement of the bulge in his groin was the second.  The cop must be hung like a horse.  A well-hung horse, at that.

The Trooper chuckled.  “Damn, dude, ya did a good job on him.  Not as good as the last one, but better than the others.”

There was a short pause, then the Trucker replied with a brief question.  “How long?”

“I found your first boytoy where ya dropped him off—in that gully.  Or was he the first?  Where’d ya get those dogtags, asswipe?  You in the military?  Doubt it.  But I do remember an alert about a Marine got himself raped and strangled several days ago.”

The Trucker glanced guardedly at the Trooper’s ice-blue eyes.  “Fine.  So how’d ya find me here?”

The Trooper smirked at the older man, ogling him as he spoke.  “I’m a good cop, and you were sloppy.  You left evidence and witnesses.”

“Evidence?  Witness—that little weasel fucker.  That worthless little cocksucking faggot, I’m gonna—“

“What you’re gonna do, jackoff, is get over there against the radiator,” snapped the Trooper.  “Move it, motherfucker!”

The Trucker moved back to the radiator in the far corner of the room, on the far side of the nightstand, as the young man approached, reaching down to open a pocket on his duty belt and slip out a pair of handcuffs.

The Trooper pressed forward, forcing the Trucker up against the wall.  Standing face to face with the older man, he had to look slightly up, the four-inch height differential forced him to look slightly upwards. But he wasn’t too short to jam the muzzle of the handgun painfully against the Trucker’s temple…

At this close range, the Trucker could see that his buzz-cut hair had a reddish tint and the five o’clock shadow starting to darken his smooth cheeks was red-gold.  His blue eyes were colder than ice; they glittered like chips of quartz.

It was unmistakable.  The Trucker had seen it dozens of times before.  They were glittering with lust.

Before he’d had the chance to process this information, the Trooper had whipped out the cuffs and bound him to the radiator with the swiftness of a well-practiced maneuver.

Then the cop backed towards the bed.  Setting his gun down on the disheveled, semen-soaked sheets, he slowly began unbuttoning his short-sleeve khaki dress shirt.  He slipped it off, revealing his simple white cotton t-shirt tucked into his trousers.  It stretched so tightly over his broad pecs that his large nipples stood out far enough to cast small shadows.

The Trucker stood still, trying to decide how to deal with the situation.  He knew better than to show emotion; he was a master of using a chink in emotional armor to break his victim’s spirit.  And that, more than anything else, was what gave him pause.  He was facing someone who might be his equal.

Not all of his prey were twinks; he’d offed some pretty strong dudes.  But they were sluts and whores, taken by surprise.  He might get the jump momentarily on this guy, but the cop would be quick to react.

Had he killed before?  That was the question the Trucker had to figure out.  In a struggle to the death, there are certain factors to take into account.  There are unexpected movements from the dying pig, unexpected urges and desires in the killer…

If the hot young stud slowly stripping in front of him hadn’t killed, the Trucker still had an advantage.  But if he was an experienced predator, this could be bad.

Very, very bad.

The Trooper sat gingerly on the bed, avoiding the wet spots.  Crossing his legs, one at a time, he pulled off his high, glossy leather boots and set them at the foot of the bed.  Standing back up, he slowly unbuckled his dress belt and unfastened his pants, leaving his duty belt still clasped.  He glanced down as he did so, but after confirming that the slacks still clung to his hips, almost immediately turned his flinty eyes up to leer at the Trucker.

Despite his resolve, the Trucker was unable to prevent the obvious swelling of his tool, the increased amount of precum bubbling out of his thick purple head.  The Trooper’s expression of malicious triumph was as maddening as his body was mesmerizing; it was as if his personality changed to match the look on his face.

The cop’s lascivious grin gave his handsome, almost model-worthy face an impish look.  When he broke eye contact to unfasten the catch on his duty belt, though, his face fell back into an unpleasant arrogant expression.

The younger man placed his duty belt on the nightstand but the weight of the baton threw it off balance and it slid to the floor.  With a muttered curse, the hard-bodied rogue lawman reached down and unsnapped the loop that held the two-foot aluminum baton in place.  He kicked out with his foot, his white sock bright against the black side handle, shoving the weapon away from him (although no closer to the Trucker).  Snatching up the belt, he tossed it back onto the nightstand, where it landed loudly—there were several more items still in it.  The Trucker could see a small container of pepper spray and another pair of cuffs, among other things.

The Trooper dropped his pants and immediately gathered up his uniform, carefully folding both shirt and slacks before laying them on the dresser.

As he moved, his firm, muscular body flexed in his t-shirt, gray boxers and calf-high white athletic socks.  His bulging thighs and biceps were smooth, but his forearms and calves shimmered with a faint reddish-gold haze from a light furry fuzz.  Almost irrelevantly, the Trucker noticed the sharp, defined line where the cop’s buzz-cut hair ended on the back of his head.

Turning towards his captive, the Trooper smiled sardonically in acknowledgement of the effect he was having on the older man.  He executed a sort of strip-tease, peeling the t-shirt off his sculpted torso and slowly sliding the boxers down his thick legs, revealing a thick, dripping tube of flesh that nearly equaled the Trucker’s own in size, hanging semi-limply from a bushy mass of strawberry-blond curls.

The Trooper stood with his legs spread, nude except for the socks up his calves, grinning at the Trucker.  “Like what ya see, asshole?  Bet ya do, you fuckin’ psycho faggot.”  He twisted to the left, snatching his huge .45 off the bed before advancing on his prisoner.

He was good.  The Trucker hadn’t seen him palm the key to the cuffs.  The younger man had almost managed to get them unlocked before the Trucker caught on.  But for a moment—just the briefest moment—the Trooper needed both hands to work the key.  He never let go of the gun, using his thumb and the last two fingers to brace the cuff itself, but the barrel was no longer pointed right at the Trucker.

That was when the cuffs popped open, freeing the older man’s hand.  The Trucker was just as calm and cold as the cop, still in control despite his lust.  His wits were about him, enough, at least, to take advantage of this momentary break.

In the blink of an eye, he knocked the gun out of the young cop’s hand; it clattered on top of the table in front of the window, skittering across the surface before sliding off into the corner behind the chair.

Both men stared at the corner, processing the fact that the weapon was out of the immediate reach of both.  Then they looked at each other, each sizing up the other in the realization that this was going to be a fight to the death.

But death, when it came for the loser, would be a welcome relief, a blessed escape from agony and humiliation.

Two well-built, muscular men regarded each other in full awareness that only one of them was going to leave the room alive.  And the one that didn’t was going to suffer a brutal rape and unimaginable torture.

Each one kept a razor-sharp eye contact with the other, seeking any sign, any signal of a weak spot.  They circled slowly, unconsciously moving clockwise—the space between the bed and the wall just barely big enough for them to remain out of arm’s reach while doing so.

They lunged simultaneously.

They struggled in silence at first, a silence fraught with desperate tension and lust, a silence punctuated by deep grunts of physical exertion as they grappled.  The Trucker’s hands were clenched around the Trooper’s bulging, flexing biceps as he tried to force him back.  The younger man was doing the same with his hands placed on his adversary’s forearms, just below the elbow.

They circled again, tightly gripped in each other’s arms.  When they made eye contact, they were only inches apart; the expressions of contemptuous lust was obvious. An impartial observer might have thought of Greco-Roman wrestling—except that both of these guys were so hard they were swordfighting, their cocks slapping together as they manhandled each other.

Then the Trooper twisted in the Trucker’s arms.  Before the older man could react, the cop jerked his leg in a swift sidesweep and knocked his adversary’s feet out from under him.  The Trucker hit the floor on his back, knocking the wind out of him.  Before he could get it back, the solidly-muscled younger man threw himself down hard on top of him.

Now the Trucker had no air at all.  As he fought to breathe, he saw the cop’s balled fist draw back and he knew it was aimed at his face.

Damned if he was gonna let it land there.

The Trooper released his roundhouse piledriver—back in the Academy, he’d knocked a combat instructor out cold with this move—expecting to end the battle.  But the older man managed to get his hand up and deflect the blow.  The Trooper had put too much force into it and overbalanced himself, falling forward onto the Trucker.

The Trucker had a snapshot visual of the scene:  the rogue cop was lying face-down on top of him, his head next to the Trucker’s on the right side.  His neck would have been directly on the Trucker’s neck if his right arm—the one he’d used to throw the punch—wasn’t between them.

He certainly wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity.  Wrapping a thick, muscular arm around the younger man’s neck, the Trucker applied as much pressure as he could.

It took a moment for the Trooper to realize the change in power structure.  His first thought was to regain control, so he pushed back up off the predator.  Well aware of the danger he was in, he felt a twinge of fear when he heard the older man gasp.  It meant he was getting his air—and his wits—back.

And right now he had control over the Trooper.  He was larger, too.  This wasn’t just dangerous, this was deadly.  He needed to keep calm and find a way out.

By twisting his head to one side, the Trooper managed to find a space in the crook of the Trucker’s arm where he could free his windpipe enough to inhale slight amounts of air.

The gun was on the far side of the Trucker.  The Trooper lunged in the other direction, trying to reach his duty belt, even if he had to physically drag the larger man with him.  He was strong enough to do it.

Scrabbling desperately at the carpet, the Trooper inched his way forward.  The Trucker felt the younger man’s hard body twisting and struggling in his arms.  Glancing up, he realized the cop’s fingers had come within reach of the baton.

The weapon would tip the balance of power back into the Trooper’s favor.  They both knew it, and both reacted accordingly.  The Trooper was able to grasp the side handle and actually pick up the baton.  The Trucker drew his leg up under himself and pushed up, physically lifting both of them off the floor.  As he gained his feet, he managed to keep the cop off his.

Fighting for balance, the Trooper was unable to aim his blows.  He swung the baton forcefully but wildly.  A couple of random blows struck the Trucker—not seriously, but painfully on the shoulder and across the chest.

Enraged, the Trucker grabbed at the baton, but the Trooper was swinging it too erratically.  It was clear to the older man that he needed to disable his opponent as soon as possible or he would be in serious shit.

His strong, bulging arm was still wrapped around the Trooper’s neck. The Trucker twisted violently to the side and bent down, forcing the younger man to bend at the waist as well.

Drawing back his free arm, the Trucker began slamming his fist into the Trooper’s handsome face, repeatedly driving blow after brutal blow into the dazed cop’s face.

The Trooper was in pain and afraid—quite possibly for the first time in his life.  His position of authority cowed most of the guys he’d come up against, and he’d been stronger and faster than the remaining few, overpowering them quickly.

This—this wasn’t supposed to be happening.  He flailed with the baton, frantically trying to land a blow on his assailant while his face was being beaten to hamburger.

The Trucker had had enough.  He spun the young man around so he stood, stunned and swaying, facing him. Looping his arm back, he pounded his fist with full force into the Trooper’s jaw, sending the cop flying backwards.  He hit he bed and flipped over onto his back, losing his hold on the baton.

But the Trooper wasn’t out.  Despite the pain in his swelling face, his training kicked in. Bringing his feet up and twisting slightly to the right, he managed to roll off the foot of the bed, putting some space between himself and the Trucker—a brief respite that wouldn’t last long, but might last long enough.  He was young and strong and could recover quickly.

Shifting his balance quickly, like a feral cat, the lithe, muscular cop crouched at the foot of the bed.  Noticing that the baton was on the floor not far away, he moved his arm towards it—slowly, so he wouldn’t alert the Trucker, who couldn’t see the baton from where he was standing.

Just as his fingers grasped the handle, the Trucker lunged.  The younger stud leaped up from his crouching position, swinging the weapon and hoping to blindside his opponent.  He did—not as completely as he’d hoped; he’d been hoping to go upside the psycho fucker’s head, but the hard-bodied older man turned slightly at the last moment and took the aluminum baton hard across the thick bicep of his dominant arm.

The Trooper had put a lot of energy in the blow—if he’d hit the dead twink in the bathroom that hard, he’d have shattered the bone.   He didn’t come anywhere near close to doing that to the Trucker, but it was still a stunning, painful blow.

The Trucker was thrown off his game for a moment—and again, the younger man was able to use that brief pause to his advantage.  Swiftly slipping behind the momentarily disabled man, the Trooper swung the baton out horizontally in front of the Trucker at neck level before catching the far end in the crook of his other elbow.

He immediately started to squeeze, garroting the older man with the shaft.  The Trucker knew instantly what was happening. The little punk cop was trying to choke him into submission.  He wasn’t gonna kill him, not yet—just weaken him to the point where he would be unable to resist whatever the Trooper wanted to do to him.

And he knew what the Trooper would do to him.  It was the same thing he’d do to the younger man if he could manage to take him down.

Humiliating, nightmarish torture and rape preceding an agonizingly slow death.

The Trucker fought it.  The crushing pain in his throat increased as he struggled harder, feeling the Trooper’s hard smooth chest tightly pressed against his back.  Jerking his head back, his cheek brushed that of his assailant, his dark scruff scraping against the cop’s golden fuzz.

His ears were ringing and his vision was starting to dim—and again, he knew exactly what was happening.  It wasn’t gonna happen to him, goddammit.  This fucking cocksucker wasn’t gonna fuck him.

He twisted violently to the left, then abruptly reversed course, throwing himself back with his elbow out and jamming it into the Trooper’s abdomen.  The younger man’s belly was smooth, firm, and flat, but it wasn’t strong enough to resist the brutal blow.  With a loud, breathy grunt, the cop dropped the baton.  It tumbled to the far corner of the bed, momentarily out of reach.

Both men fell gasping to their knees, the Trucker’s hand at his throat as he, starved for oxygen, inhaled greedily.  Next to him—within arm’s reach, in fact—the Trooper was doubled up, his forehead almost touching the floor.  In his crouching position, his calves bulged in the tight white tube socks.

Out of the corner of his right eye, the Trucker caught sight of the cop’s duty belt still lying on top of the nightstand.  Forcing his bruised windpipe to relax and open, he gasped loudly and dove for the webbed tactical belt—there were things he could use on it.  At the last second, the Trooper, alerted by the sound, noticed the Trucker’s lunge and willed himself upright to block his opponent.

They both got their hands on the belt simultaneously.  Their eyes met for a moment; the pause could only have lasted a fraction of a second but the electric sexual tension between the nude muscular men crackled almost audibly.  The flinty blue eyes of the younger man gleamed with rage, fear and lust—or were those reflections from the Trucker’s equally icy glare?  It was impossible to tell, both muscular bodies, heaving with exertion and slick with sweat, exuded testosterone and manscent in a fog of hate-fueled lust.

The Trooper was younger, and that was to his advantage.  He had slightly more energy and slightly faster reflexes.

What he didn’t have was experience.  He’d killed before—the Trucker had figured that out by now—but not often.  He’d probably taken out a few rentboys and drug addicts, youthful offenders who didn’t expect a sexual assault from that angle and were utterly unable to resist in any case, given the overpowering might of weapons the Trooper carried.

He wasn’t used to a battle for his life, and he was afraid.  The Trucker was afraid, too; he knew exactly what was at stake.  But the Trucker had enough control over himself to deal with the fear and move on.  The Trooper got careless.  In his panic, he telegraphed his moves with his eyes, glancing down at his arm before swinging it at the Trucker.

The older man took the hint and used it.  As the blond youth, hair dark with sweat, jerked his fist at the Trucker’s face, the hard killer pulled his head back and brought his hand up against the Trooper’s head, hard, fast and strong.

Before the young cop knew what was happening, the Trucker had slammed his head down on the nightstand, completely stunning the hard-bodied youth.  The Trooper grunted in pain, disoriented by the blow.   The Trucker grabbed the duty belt and quickly began fumbling at the catch of the strap holding the pepper spray.

Suddenly, the belt was jerked out of his hands.  Groaning audibly, the Trooper had managed to snatch the dangling end of the belt.  Clinging to it, he fell to his knees, using his weight to yank it away from his assailant.

The Trucker looked down at the cop who swayed woozily on his knees.  The cop looked wearily up at him and broke into a weary smile—and the Trucker noticed the punk had managed to get the pepper spray out.

There was no time to think.  Again, the Trucker’s experience—aided by his reflexes and strength—held the advantage.  He literally fell on the boy, his left knee striking the Trooper’s right arm hard enough to knock the pepper spray loose.  The small canister rolled out of reach under the bed.  At the same time, the older man grasped the killer cop’s head with both hands, slamming the psycho stud into the nightstand laterally.  The blond muscled youth slumped unconscious to the floor.

The battle was over.  Time for the games to begin.

The Trucker took a few moments to recover.  He was a hard, strong man but this kid had been nearly his physical equal.  He’d almost been beat.  He’d almost been the meat.  This fucker—this goddam cocksucking motherfucker!

The rage boiled over in him; he vented it by spitting on the cop’s head as the younger man lolled limply on the floor.  The Trucker kicked the punk’s head, knocking it to one side.  As he ground the sole of his foot into the slack face of the senseless youth, his cock began to swell and throb.

“Stupid piece of shit, thought you were gonna fuck me?” he hissed in a vindictive whisper. ”Oh fuck, dude, I got a first-class reservation in hell for you.  Let’s get ya ready for the trip.”

Bending down, the Trucker grabbed the Trooper’s limp form under the arms and manhandled the firm, sweat-slicked body onto the bed.  The older man’s rigid shaft pressed against the firm insensate torso, leaving a snail-like trail of clear precum across the inert cop’s smooth skin.  He dropped the punk on his back on the bed like a sack of potatoes.

The duty belt was still on the floor.  Retrieving it, the Trucker unsnapped the pocket holding the backup cuffs.  He didn’t know where the key was, and he didn’t care.  And by the time he was done, the Trooper would be long past caring whether his hands were cuffed or not.

Before then, however—remembering the fight the Trooper put up, the Trucker made sure his hands were firmly cuffed to each other around the tarnished faux-brass headboard.  The cop lay splayed out, a muscular blond god bound for sacrifice.

The older man sneered down at his captive.  “You fuckin’ worthless piece of shit,” he jeered, “yer gonna wake up to your worst nightmare.”  Placing his large strong hands on the youth’s firm but supine form, the Trucker slowly caressed the hard, smooth chest.  Sliding his hands down the sweaty flat stomach, he curled his fingers in the golden nest of pubes at the base of the Trooper long, flaccid shaft.

Digging his hands into the short wiry mass of hair, the Trucker sneered and yanked, hard.  The punk cop was still out cold, but even in his unconsciousness, his thick cock jerked and throbbed.  The older man, with his greater experience, knew what that meant.  His malicious grin widened in anticipation.  This psycho fucking cunt was into pain, all right—both giving and getting.

Well, good.  Maybe tonight wasn’t gonna to be a total loss for him, the Trucker thought.  Although, he had to admit, the well-built youth himself was gonna be a total loss.  More precum dripped out of his pulsing dick.

Regaining some control, he continued fondling the cop’s body, running his hands down the thickly-muscled legs to the calves, where smooth skin gave way to the white tube socks just below the knee.  Suddenly, the handsome blond shuddered and moaned, his eyelids fluttering as awareness began painfully to return.

“Welcome back, you sick fucking bastard,” the Trucker jeered, “ya ready for some fun?  C’mon, fuckmeat, wakey, wakey.  I wanna hear ya scream.”  Rearing back his large hand, he bitchslapped the helpless youth, his palm leaving a large red imprint on the cop’s cheek.

The younger man blinked blearily and stared at the Trucker, his face a smooth dazed mask.  As his memory returned, the color drained out of his face and was replaced with horror.  Even as he began to jerk his arms frantically—and futilely—against his restraints, it was clear that he was fully aware of the situation.

Still, the sadistic older dude thought, nothing wrong with filling in the details.  After all, he was sure, the budding serial killer would have some interest in his own demise.  Might as well let him in on the fun—eventually.

First things first.  The Trucker wanted to be fully inserted in the punk before he could tense up and fight the D.  He wanted the strapping young man to struggle on his cock, but he wanted it all the way down his shaft.

Forcing the blond stud’s legs abruptly apart, he lunged forward, spearing the blond’s pulsing pink sphincter with virtually no warning.  Before the writhing cop could react, the Trucker’s massive tool had plunged deep into his guts like a harpoon, the only lube being the slimy layer of precum oozing from the alpha’s cock—and blood, as the Trooper’s ass muscle was torn during the assault.

The Trooper opened his mouth wide and shrieked.  The Trucker didn’t care.  His usual caution had deserted him in his blinding anger against this arrogant piece of shit who dared to try to rape him.  And in the back of his mind, he knew that the adjacent rooms were empty from when he’d brought that twink back—the one who was stiffening on the bathroom floor…

“Oh yeah!  That’s it, cunt, lemme know how much ya like my cock, you fuckin’ psycho faggot!  Go ahead and try to push it out, just like that, yeah, bitch—damn, I can feel your fuckhole strokin’ my shaft.  Goddam, you’re a worthless excuse for a cop but you’re a great fuck—and we ain’t even started the fun stuff yet!”

Despite his agony, this remark caught the Trooper’s attention.  His large blue eyes had been squeezed shut in pain, but now they opened wide.  He wasn’t gonna think about the “fun”.  He knew what he’d been planning to do to the killer stud when he got control—and he was sure this dude was gonna be even more extreme.

The Trucker noted the blond cop’s fear and grinned.  The dead Marine’s dogtags danced and jingled before the captive youth’s eyes as the alpha continued to the thrust and pump, his hard, sweaty body in constant fluid motion.

“Ya get it, boy?” the Trucker hissed.  “You’re my bitch now.  I’m gonna use you like a cheap cumrag, you fuckin’ pervert homo cop.  Ya like my shaft up your hole, ya piece of shit?  Yeah?  Then work it, cunt, work it like ya love it—or I’ll make ya work it.”

He leaned down over the Trooper, close enough to see the individual beads of sweat on the punk’s forehead, and whispered, “and if I make ya, it’s gonna fuckin’ hurt.  I promise.  Got it?”

The blond cop nodded, quickly and jerkily.  He damn well knew it was gonna hurt.  But he’d take the pain, he’d take all the pain if it meant a chance of getting out alive…

The Trucker chuckled.  He had enough experience to know what was running through the fuckmeat’s mind.  The hot hard youth would submit until he realized that there was no hope of survival.  The Trucker, of course, would make sure that by the time his victim realized the truth, he’d have been tortured beyond the point of effective resistance.

Stupid fucker shoulda known better.  He’d done this before.  The Trucker was certain of it.  Good—he was gonna enjoy this one so fucking much.  Most of his victims hadn’t thought about death to any great extent; this one was just as turned on by it as he was.

This guy knew exactly what was happening to him as it happened.  He didn’t just know what was being done to him, he knew why.  He knew which physical response was associated with which form of trauma.

The Trooper had nowhere to hide.  Unless his psyche shattered under the stress, he would be excruciatingly aware of the purpose behind every act of pain.

Placing his hands on the young cop’s broad, smooth, sweaty pecs, the Trucker braced himself as he ramped up the speed of his thrusting.  His thick, engorged shaft plunged deep into the blond youth’s torn fuckhole in a split second; the swollen purple head caught against the rectal wall, scraping it agonizingly as it was viciously withdrawn with the force of a plunger.

The punk cop moaned and squealed in pain that bordered on agony—and pleasure.  He was terrified, not just afraid of getting raped and murdered, but of liking the sensation of tortuous agony so much that he assisted with his own death.  He couldn’t let it happen, he couldn’t be found like this…

He began to resist.  He jerked his hard muscled arms forcefully but futilely against the case-hardened steel cuffs that bound him to the bed.  The jingling of the Trucker’s dogtags was drowned out by the clanging sounds of the cuffs against the cheap brass-colored aluminum headboard.

“Get off me, you sick fucking lunatic!” he barked, finding his voice.  “You ain’t gonna be the man who takes me down!”

The Trucker smiled gently down into the writhing cop’s face, watching it twist and darken in a rage fueled by fear.  The punk could yell all he wanted; nobody could hear him and he had no way out.

Of course, it might not be a bad idea to remind him of the latter fact.

“You’re already down, cunt,” the buff older man whispered.   The effect was more chilling than if he’d snarled in anger.  “Only question, is how long it’s gonna take you to die on my cock.  Your fuckhole ain’t tight enough, you faggot—you been getting’ banged a lot?  Bendin’ over and takin’ the dick during them all-night orgies at the trooper barracks?  Bet ya let every one of them cops ride yer ass, huh, you worthless homo slut?”

The Trooper rose to the bait, kicking and jerking—and clenching his sphincter.  His muscles grew tense in an involuntary rage response, causing him to clamp his colon down on the Trucker’s thick, pulsating shaft.  “GET OFF ME YOU SICK FUCK!!!” he screeched, unaware that the horrible intensification of pain in his ass was his own fault.

The Trucker jeered.  “Damn, faggot, you’re supposed to be a tough cop?  You’re squealin’ like a bitch on my tool.  C’mon, dude, fight it.  Show me what ya got, punk, fuckin’ work my dick!”

The Trooper thrashed wildly, his hard body sliding on a sheen of sweat under the Trucker’s hands.  The alpha rapist could feel the younger man’s tight pectoral muscles working under his smooth flesh as he struggled uselessly to free himself.  His long, thick legs wrapped around the Trucker’s before the cop bent his knees and tried to get his feet up under his assailant’s body to lift him off.

“Stupid piece a’ shit, you should know better than that,” the Trucker snapped harshly before backhanding the Trooper across the face.  It was an effective ploy; the pain in his handsome but already bruised face made the youth pause and gave the Trucker time to lay his full weight on top of the cop, using gravity to add momentum to his thrust and jamming his engorged shaft deep inside the Trooper’s guts.

The young blond howled in agony, his mind floundering in such agony that he—almost—didn’t register the sensation of the Trucker’s slick flat belly pressed against his own, both sliding together in warm, erotic contact.  There was a scraping pain at each end, though, as the wiry hair on the alpha’s abdomen scoured his skin and the darker pubic hair of the older man tore at his own blond curls.

The cop’s heart constricted in terror when he felt something cold circling his neck.  Even though, deep in his dark, twisted soul, he knew how this would end, his conscious mind still expected to break free.  He couldn’t die.  But if it was starting—

Then he realized that the Trucker’s dogtags had settled on his chest and slid up to his neck.  He felt a relief that had no basis in reality and was untinged with the memory of what had happened to the original owner of the tags…

The Trucker, meanwhile, was balls-deep in the Trooper, his huge rod reaming out the punk’s colon.  The cop’s sphincter had finally given in and relaxed; the young man was accepting the dick.

And that was so disappointing.

“Yer lettin’ me down, cunt,” he snarled.  Gripping the cop’s jaw with excruciating force, he held the Trooper’s face still and spitting into it.  “Ya can’t even get fucked right, can ya, you worthless psycho faggot?  Your pansy ass won’t even grab my tool anymore—guess you took so many cocks up yer ass you wore it out, huh?  What’d ya do, homo, man the gloryhole at the barracks?  Gotta get ya tight again, dude.”

Despite his arrogance, his certainty of his own importance, the Trooper whimpered slightly at these words.  He knew how the Trucker was gonna get him tight.

It wouldn’t be accurate to say that his life flashed before his eyes—what flashed before them were visions of his own snuffs.  There had only been a couple—well, three, if you count that teen who fled into the woods; he shot the punk in the line of duty and only fucked his corpse afterward.

The other two, also young teens, had been more deliberate.  He’d found them just out walking around, picking them up on a pretense so he could cuff them and throw them into the back of his car.  A quick trip out into the desert, a quick tussle with a helpless kid, “two pumps, a tickle and a squirt”, as they say.

Then he would strangle them slowly.  Even though he’d just cum, his dick would get hard again during the snuff.  As the kid died, the Trooper would shoot all over him.  The body would get shoved into a dry run in the desert; within days there’d be nothing left.

And now it was gonna happen to him.  And the deathpig stirred within and started to respond.  Even in his fear, the grim promise rumbling deep in the Trucker’s bass voice sent an electric thrill to the base of his cock.  As his large shaft stiffened and began to stand erect, the Trooper felt betrayed by his own body.

But he still couldn’t be found like this. Whatever his dick wanted, he couldn’t be humiliated like this—even if he had to humiliate himself now.  He faced the Trucker directly, tears filling his bright blue eyes.  “Please, man, don’t,” he whispered hoarsely.  “I’ll do anything ya want, man just don’t kill me.  Ya wanna shit on me?  Ya wanna piss in my mouth?  I’ll do it all, dude, I’ll do anything you want, please don’t kill me, man, I won’t tell anyone, I swear, dude, fuck, please—“

The youth broke off, sobbing as the older man glared coldly down at him.  Sneering slightly, he spit into the cop’s face again, then rose up on his knees, his rod still plugging the Trooper’s rectum.  He looked around languidly, taking his time, knowing that escape was impossible.   A disturbingly malicious grin formed on his face as he spotted the black webbed duty belt on the nightstand.

The Trooper’s cock was only half-erect when he opened his tear-rimmed eyes.  He saw the grin and knew what the Trucker was looking at.  He was still soft enough to lose control and have it show.

He pissed on himself.  Not a lot, but a couple of golden splashes across his belly that ran off in rivulets to soak into the sheets, already moist with sweat and semen.

The Trucker threw his head back and laughed.  Still chuckling, he leaned forward and grabbed the belt.  It was thick, about an inch and a half.  He knew from experience that the thinner the garrote, the easier it is to strangle someone.

This was gonna be slow.  The cop was gonna take a long, long time to die.  And best of all—the motherfucker knew it.  He understood.  To the Trucker, that mattered.  He wasn’t just raping the Trooper’s ass, he was raping his mind at the same time.

He held the duty belt in front of the punk’s dazed face.  “Ya see this?  Wanna see what it feels like around your neck?  I sure the fuck do, meat.  I bet it’s gonna feel fuckin’ great—for me.  For you, it’s gonna hurt like holy fucking hell.  And your pain it gonna feel so motherfuckin’ good on my cock.  And guess what?  If ya make me cum before ya die, I might let ya live.  So work my cock, you goddam homo cuntmeat, work it like your life depends on it—cause, trust me, it does.”

The muscled blond cop, confronted with the belt held in front of his face by the Trucker’s muscled arms, regressed into his mind, trying to escape the obvious implications.  It required an almost deliberate shutdown of consciousness—a very bad idea.  After all, his nervous system was still working perfectly—and with nothing else to focus on, physical sensation became everything.

And everything quickly became nightmarish.

Slowly, almost tenderly, the Trucker leaned forward and draped the belt lightly on the Trooper’s throat.  Keeping his eyes tightly closed, the hot young cop turned his head to the left and gulped.  He tensed momentarily in fear—not long, but long enough for the older man to feel a certain velvety constriction around his pumping shaft.  He grinned again.  This one was gonna be good.  The meat was both aware and responsive.

“Yeah, pig, you’re gonna love this, ain’t ya?” he whispered.  “Fuckin’ homo cop, you liked banging and wastin’ helpless kids and now you’re gonna get to find out what they went through.  How ya like that shit, ya sick fuck?  Huh?  Goddam, lookit yer dick—gettin’ hard already.  Can’t wait to see how horny ya get when we really start rockin’ and rollin’, bitch—let’s find out!”

Moving slowly and sensually, the Trucker wrapped the belt around the Trooper’s throat, at one point gripping the buzz-cut cop’s head tightly in his big paw so he could slide the belt under his neck.  Suddenly, the blond youth could no longer ignore what was happening to him.

The sensation of webbed nylon looping around his throat was terrifying and he tensed up.  But tensing suddenly made the terrible reaming pain in his ass intensify as his torn sphincter tightened around the Trucker’s dick.  His huge blue eyes, circled with dark rings of shock, opened wide as he gasped and inhaled jerkily.

The Trucker’s grinning face was inches from his; the Trooper could feel the panting breath of the older man plowing his ass.  Sweat tricked down the alpha’s cheeks, slipping under the black goatee and snagging on the scruff of five o’clock shadow darkening the killer’s hard face.  He was close enough that the dogtags weren’t dangling; they’d settled on the cop’s broad chest and bounced a jingling accompaniment to each excruciating thrust.

He’d gotten the belt completely around the Trooper’s neck, letting it lie loosely as he rose back up on his knees.  His cock started sliding out of the youth’s traumatized fuckhole.  He stopped his withdrawal at the last moment, leaving just his swollen purple head inside the blond’s quivering sphincter.  The Trooper was shuddering and gasping, emitting a low whining sound with each breath.

In some recess of his mind, the perverted young cop knew that he needed to keep control, that this psycho was feeding off his reactions.  He fought violently against himself, realizing that the more obvious it was that this dude was causing him pain, the more pain the dude would cause.

But he couldn’t.  That was the real nightmare.  He knew what it would take to mitigate the pain but he couldn’t control himself to get there.  It hurt too fucking much.

The Trucker only got harder as he watched the struggle play out in front of his face.  “Boy,” he chuckled, “this ain’t nothin’.  In five minutes you’re gonna think this pain is a kiss from momma.  In fifteen minutes you ain’t gonna remember this pain.  And in half an hour, you ain’t gonna remember your momma.”

The older man loomed over the bound youth, a wild grin twisting his chiseled face.  A gleeful light of lust danced in his eyes, heating the cold blue irises until they glittered in a way that terrified the helpless young psychopath.  The Trooper hadn’t known that the same gleam of insanity had helped demoralize his own victims—but now that he was on the receiving end, the impact was like a direct punch to the face.

Reason—at least such reason as the perverted lawman possessed—wouldn’t help here.  He’d already known he couldn’t break free of the case-hardened steel clamped painfully around his wrists.  Now it was horribly obvious that he couldn’t talk his way out of the situation as well.  Nothing, not even begging, was going to help.  He was utterly within the Trucker’s mercy.

And he was sure the sadistic bastard had no mercy.

He was right.

The dogtags struck his chin as the older man drew closer.  The Trooper didn’t look away; his eyes were drawn to those of his rapist’s as if he was being hypnotized by a snake.  He was aware of movement, feeling the Trucker’s hard, rough hands sliding down his body, smearing his sweat over his smooth flesh like an oil rubdown.

The muscular blond punk shuddered in erotic terror as the alpha fondled his thick pecs, callused palms scraping over the Trooper’s painfully stiff and sensitive nipples.  Despite himself, the helpless rogue cop moaned, softly and breathily.  The pressure of the killer’s hands slipped down to his flat belly; the bound youth could trace the downward movement growing closer and closer to his throbbing dick.

The Trucker noticed the Trooper’s cock, straining and painfully erect.  He slowly ran his hands down to the meat’s groin, curling his fingers in the golden nest of curly hair.  As he had earlier, the older man yanked the pubes—but this time the bitch was awake.  The boy groaned and writhed on the sheets, sliding on a film of body fluids.  His shaft twitched and began oozing.

“Yeah, I thought so, cocksucker,” sneered the Trucker.  “Ya wanna get hurt, dontcha, cunt?  You’re into the pain, huh, you worthless fuckin’ pig?  Yeah?  Ya like it?”  He leaned forward and slapped the Trooper, hard.  The younger man gasped at the fresh pain in his already battered and bruised face; with his eyes closed, he hadn’t seen the blow coming.

The Trooper’s expression of hurt and disappointment triggered something deep within the Trucker.  All he’d done was keep his cock plugged in the meat’s ass while groping the fucker’s body—and the piece of shit thought he was gettin’ romanced!

“What, motherfucker, ya thought I was fallin’ in love with you, you perverted fuckin’ faggot?  Thought you could worm your way out like that?  Holy shit, dude, you ain’t even got me drippin’ again yet.  You’re boring me.  Time to make you into meat.”

He hunched over the blond boy yet again, abruptly this time, his dogtags striking the fuckmeat right in the face, make the Trooper grunt and flinch.  Slowly and deliberately, the Trucker’s hands crept toward the loose ends of the duty belt which was still wound around the cop’s throat.

The Trooper had indeed surrendered to a fantasy similar to the one the Trucker had imagined; it was based on a combination of physical lust and mortal terror, as if he knew his last chance for survival depended on establishing an emotional contact with his killer—a contact possible only in his fear-borne delusion.

Now cold hard realty was approaching with a horrifying inevitability.  Those hands, that sensation of rough nylon around his throat…  A slow, agonizing death was coming and the suffering was gonna be unimaginable and the humiliation and the–  And the—

And why the fuck was dick still hard and pulsating?

The Trucker knew why.  He’d lowered himself gradually onto the meat’s hard body, feeling the young man squirm under him.  The cop’s cock felt like a hot rod of iron laid flat against his belly; even through his fur, he could feel the throbbing heat of the swollen shaft of flesh lying along his abdomen.

The meat liked it.  He could scream and struggle and curse as much as he liked, but deep in his sick little pig soul, the thought of his own rape and strangulation got him horny as fuck.

Nothing left to wait for, then, really.  The Trucker wrapped the ends of the belt around his hands and began to pull.  He didn’t put a lot of effort into it at first, just enough to get the homo deathpig started.

The Trooper reacted instantly.  The Trucker wasn’t actually choking him yet; with some effort, he could still breathe.  But the collision of his greatest fear and his greatest desire tripped a panic response.  Squealing shrilly, the muscled stud began to twist, flailing his legs against the alpha’s heaving, pumping flanks.  His struggle provided a staccato background rhythm of slapping, firm smooth flesh against flesh.

The Trucker snarled, the high-pitched keening of his victim irritating him.  “Jesus,” he hissed, “if you’re gonna squeal like a dying pig, you’re gonna be a dying pig.”  His biceps bulged as he applied torque to the belt, watching the webbing compress as it tightened around the Trooper’s throat.

The hard-bodied cop opened his mouth widely, his face frozen in horror as he tried vainly to gulp for air.  His body went rigid instinctively, clenching his rectum around the sadistic older man’s pulsating shaft.

“Fuck yeah, meat,” moaned the Trucker, “that’s what ya needed, huh?  Just needed a top who knows how to choke a bitch?  Then it’s your lucky motherfuckin’ day, cunt, cause I’m gonna choke ya nice and slow.”

Grinning, he spit into the Trooper’s swelling, darkening face.  The younger man’s rigidity was starting to pass; his firm, limber legs began to beat at the Trucker’s thighs while his twisting arms made the cuffs clank against the headboard loud enough to drown out the killer’s grunting and the thick gagging sounds scraping out of the fucktoy’s blocked windpipe.

The rogue cop felt an intolerable pressure building in his head, a hot dark pounding pressure that filled his consciousness—no, not quite.  There was other pain, more pain.  His chest, that wasn’t pressure.  It was more like a vacuum generated in his lungs; it felt like his chest was gonna explode.  And the horrible plunging and reaming in his ass—the pain was merging, flowing into a tsunami of agony threatening to drag him under.

As great black blooms burst in his field of vision, the young man’s fading vision focused on his killer’s chest, fur matted with sweat, tensing and straining with the effort of choking his life out. The Trooper’s ears filled with a loud buzzing and suddenly he fell back into dark pit, a pit lined with pain…

Seeing that his prey had lost consciousness, the Trucker loosened the belt slightly.  Not a lot, of course; just enough to let the limp hard-bodied punk gasp involuntarily for air, his body shuddering in effort on the alpha’s tool.

Grinning and pumping, the alpha observed the meat’s face starting to resume normal proportions and coloration.  The breathing became less ragged and the tight firm body under his slowed in its struggles.  As the punk’s eyelids began fluttering with returning awareness, the Trucker spit in his victim’s face almost casually before he started slapping it.

“C’mon, you worthless fuck, you can take more than that.  I ain’t even gotten started pounding yer fuckhole cunt—ya gotta keep up with me, dude.”

The Trooper gave a faint gurgling sound; he was awake now.  His tender, abused colon was still getting mercilessly plowed but he could breathe—and understand.  He heard the Trucker.

“Man, I told ya I’d let ya live if you got me off before I whacked ya.  Had no idea you were such a fucking weak-ass pansy homo.  You keep tryin’ to check out while I’m ballin’ ya, I’m gonna get pissed and make sure it hurts, bitch,” the Trucker barked in anger.  “So how about a little incentive, huh?  Tell ya what, ya fuckin’ sick sack a’ shit, if you die before I’m done with ya, I’m gonna leave your body spread on the bed with your nightstick rammed up your ass like a fuckin’ popsicle stick, ya feelin’ me, fag?  Get what I’m sayin?  All yer motherfuckin’ cop buddies are gonna that you got used real good before you were put down.”

The blond youth moaned and spoke thickly through his damaged esophagus. “Yes-yessir, p-please don’t…anything, sir…d-do what ya want b-but please don-don’t k-kill me,” he sobbed.

The Trucker tensed up on the ends of the belt, pulling it taut but not flush.  “Good, meat,” he hissed, his eyes glittering with rage and lust, “beg me for your life.  You’ve killed, aintcha?  I know.  You’ve snuffed a bitch.  Beg for your life, cunt, beg like your boys begged you.  Lemme hear their words outta your mouth, motherfucker.”

The Trooper’s eyes welled with tears as he heard the words, but at the same time, the older man increased the speed and depths of his thrusts.  As his cock sank deeper into the blond cop’s ass, the helpless stud cried aloud before dropping into a subdued blubbering.  “Goddam worthless faggot, you really are fuckin’ useless, aintcha, cocksucker?” snarled the furious alpha.  “If your life ain’t worth beggin’ for, I guess it ain’t worth shit, huh?”  He yanked the belt as hard as he could, clamping his victim’s windpipe shut.

Again, the reaction was immediate.  The cop’s low wailing ceased instantly, replaced with a thick moist gagging noise.  The muscled punk bent and twisted like a bull, tying to buck the Trucker off.  The Trooper still had enough strength to bend his back up off the bed, even with the older man lying on top of him.

It was a bad idea.  He couldn’t remain in that contorted position for long; he collapsed back onto the bed in a few seconds.  The drop was enough to cause the killer to lose his balance, just for a moment, but it was enough to loosen the belt.  Again, not a good thing.  At the same time as the constriction around his throat eased, the weight of the Trucker on his chest made him exhale, not inhale.  What little reserve of oxygen had remained in his lungs was now expelled.

Before he had a chance to gasp in another breath, the alpha regained control and cinched down the belt again.  “Smooth move, you stupid motherfucker,” sneered the Trucker, “really fucked up, dintcha?  And ya didn’t even knock my cock outta yer ass!”  The older man threw his dark head back and laughed aloud.

He’d cut off the meat’s air, but hadn’t pulled it tight—really tight.  Looking down at the writhing youth under him, the Trucker watched the meat’s handsome face slowly swell and darken.  He knew the pressure was going to continue to build inside his victim, inescapable pain and pressure—and he knew the faggot cunt knew it too.

The boy’s panic was obvious in his protruding eyes; he seemed oblivious to the way his fuckhole was stroking his killer’s cock, but his firm smooth thighs frantically slapping against those of the older man were a sign of his desperation.  Despite the flailing of his legs, though, the white tube socks continued to cling tightly to his muscled calves.

The Trooper actually could feel his assailant’s engorged shaft plugging his colon—in fact, every movement he made caused unspeakable agony in his ass as the huge rod, rigid as iron, tore at his rectal lining.  But his chest was exploding and his skull was imploding as screaming darkness closed in.  The blond lawman realized that parts of his brain were starting to die; the pain of the rape was, had to be, utterly insignificant, crowded out by the terror and agony of death.

Sliding into crisis mode, the cop’s lithe, developed body shuddered, his legs wrapping tightly around his killer’s broad, heaving back.  At the same time, the alpha rested his entire weight on top of the meat so he could wrap the belt around his hand one more time, tightening it even further.  Both hard-bodied men were now quivering in a warm, moist embrace, fur grinding over smooth flesh on a film of sweat being wrung out of the dying punk.

The room echoed with the sounds of rape and snuff.  Loudest of all was the clanging of the meat’s handcuffs on the headboard as his arms jerked frantically.  The violent arching of his back was responsible for the next sound—the Trucker’s dogtags jangling as he held onto his convulsing fucktoy.  The slapping of slick flesh was almost inaudible under the loud grunting coming from both—the alpha’s in effort and the meat’s involuntarily as froth oozed from his mouth.

The Trucker’s face was just inches away from that of his fucktoy.  He was able to observe the physical effects of slow, traumatic strangulation at close range.  Breathing deeply, he inhaled the heady scent of sex and death, pheromones and testosterone and mansweat.  Beneath him, the young blond was almost unrecognizable.

Swelling and darkening again, the punk’s face became grotesque as his eyes bulged horribly, reddening with petechial hemorrhages.  The fuckmeat’s tongue, thick and purple like the head of a dick, emerged from his blue lips, lube by the foam bubbling out of his blocked windpipe.

Suddenly, the cop went rigid, his head bobbing and nodding violently.  “Fuck yeah, you’re close,” the sadistic dom top whispered to the convulsing youth.  “Lookit your cock, asswipe, you’re already droolin’ a steady stream a’ precum.  You ain’t got me off yet, cunt; I should just let yer worthless ass die, huh?  Maybe I will—bye-bye, bitch, lights out.”

When the Trooper went under, his eyes rolled back until nothing but blood-shot whites showed under his long fluttering lashes.  The Trucker immediately slackened the belt; the meat gasped thickly in an involuntary scramble for air.  The older dude grinned and remained still; for the moment, he didn’t need to do more.

The psycho lawman jerked and inhaled arrhythmically.  As he struggled involuntarily to pump enough oxygen through his system to prevent irreversible brain trauma, his colon still maintained a tight, velvety grip on the alpha’s sensitive shaft.  Each gag, every cough vibrated through the Trooper’s firm, muscled body.  At some point, each traumatic retching gasp rippled through the meat’s rectum and stroked his rapist’s tool.

“Ya back yet, cunt?” he hissed.  “Fuckin’-A, you useless pervert, you still ain’t got me off yet!”

The Trooper clawed his way back up a razor-lined shaft into reality, the returning of awareness a long painful process.  His vision was cloudy, his hearing intermittent.  His sense of touch—his sense of sense, so to speak—that worked.  Oh fuck, it still worked…

He hadn’t know how oxygen deprivation increased sensitivity as nerve ends began to die.  His own victims—the agony they must have experienced as they died…

Despite the crushing pain of getting throttled until he lost consciousness, despite the deep slashing pain in his ass, the understanding of the horror he’d inflicted on those kids he’d wasted had a physical impact.

He got hard.

The Trucker noticed—and the Trooper noticed he noticed.  It was a brutal slap of reality; he remembered what was happening.  He went limp.

The Trucker was furious.

“What the fuck ya need, cumsucker—pain?  That it?  You a pain pig?  Fuck yeah, dude, didn’t know ya had it in ya!  You like to get hurt, huh?  Saddle up, you motherfuckin’ faggot, I’ll hurt ya so fuckin’ bad you’ll cum!” he snarled in rage, spit flying from his lips.  The sadistic alpha gave the belt one last twist around the frantic punk’s neck, cinching it agonizingly before transferring both ends to his left hand.  He wrapped them around his palm so he could grip them in one hand without slackening the wide ligature sunk painfully into the fucker’s taut throat.

The muscled killer’s right arm was free.  He made use of it immediately, piledriving his rock-hard fist into the meat’s firm belly.  The pain-wracked youth tried instinctively to curl into a fetal position, but the weight of his well-built rapist kept him pinned to the bed.  He could only writhe and shudder on the damp sheets as tears oozed from his bulging eyes.

“Goddam, fuckmeat, that did ya some good—I felt that all the way down my dick.  That’s what ya like, ya fuckin’ psycho homo pervert, huh?  You just need a good beatdown.  Here ya go, cunt!” the Trucker growled, repeating the blow.  “Yeah, that’s it, bitch, lookit your hard dick slappin’ against me—worthless faggot pain pig!” Another gutpunch, and another.  Each time the killer grunted as the blunt force reverberated through his victim’s traumatized body and flowed down his rectum, tightening his asshole.

The Trooper was almost beyond rational thought.  A vast fog enveloped his mind, a screaming, pounding silence deafened him—but it was the pain that overshadowed all.  His stomach was strong and firm, the smooth skin rippled with muscles, but he’d already suffered so much that even his hard, developed torso was unable to withstand the attack.

The fog was turning into a hot black wave.  Something else he hadn’t known—he’d always thought being strangled would be a cold death but it wasn’t.  His victims—that first one in the back of the cop car—he’d sweated like a hog as the Trooper choked him.  At the time, he thought the kid was on crack.

The hot darkness was penetrated by lightning—each time he was punched, the older man’s fist sank deep into his guts, just above the point where the man’s cock was impaling his innards.  Everything—oh fuck, everything—his chest, his ass, his head, it all hurt.  Fiery numbness froze his bound hands; his arms twitched convulsively, making the cuffs clang rhythmically against the headboard.  He couldn’t hear it.

As his swollen, congested face darkened, white froth bubbled past his protruding tongue.  It slid across his snot-smeared face, now grotesquely twisted.  He wasn’t aware of the details, though; his head was one source of pain among many.  His ass, oh fuck, his ass, his dick…

His dick.  As black cacophony took him under, he could still sense his rod, erect and straining to an unbearable extent.  He was dying and he was so hard it hurt; it wasn’t fair…but those boys he’d wasted, they’d gone hard as they died…now it was happening to him…hot dark screaming pain…no, wait…

The Trucker almost missed the signal.  The meat’s cock was slapping against his furry belly as the motherfucker’s lights went out; it was only when precum began to splatter across his chest that he realized he’d taken the cop closer to death than he wanted.  He unwound the belt from his left hand right away.  The blond stud writhed and convulsed beneath him, his fuckhole stroking the alpha’s huge engorged shaft.

“C’mon back, cunt, I ain’t done with ya yet,” the Trucker whispered to the youth as he coughed and gagged.  Somewhere along the line—the Trucker didn’t notice exactly when and didn’t care—the fuckmeat regained consciousness.  The rogue cop’s slow and painful climb back to reality was accompanied by a background of abuse.

“Wake the fuck up, you punk-ass cocksucker.  C’mon, bitch, milk my fuckin’ shaft.  I’m done fuckin’ around with ya.  Remember when I told ya I’d let ya live if you managed to get me off?  I lied, faggot.  Only reason you’re still alive is cause I haven’t cum yet.”

By now the Trooper was fully awake; at least, as awake as he’d ever be again.  After all, he’d been without oxygen for extended periods twice now.  Things were fuzzy around the edges…

No.  The pain, that was as sharp as ever.

“Ok, you disgusting pervert, I’m gonna wipe your stain off this planet.  Ya feel me, motherfucker?  This time it’s gonna be for real.  See, I’m gonna make you hurt so bad you’ll make me blow my load just so I’ll end your pain.  You thought you were man enough to take me down, you fuckin’ queerboy?  I bet every real man in the barracks knew you were a homo cocksucker!”

He bent down over the dazed youth, dropping his dogtags into his smeared red face.  The Trucker’s eyes glinted with an icy, malevolent glee as he whispered into the blond punk’s ear, “and if they don’t know it now, I’ll make sure they find out.  I’m gonna leave your reamed-out corpse right here, bound to this cum-soaked bed with your own cuffs.  They’re gonna know you got fucked in the ass, cause I’m gonna leave yer nightstick in it, shoved up to the hilt.  Bet that turns ya on, you disgusting pig, huh”

The Trooper cringed and blubbered, coughing up blood-streaked phlegm from his damaged windpipe.  He was alive and aware—and wishing he wasn’t.  The pain was still there.

What little of him was left was focused on breathing; an excruciating experience on its own.  Each desperate gasp for air was like inhaling razor blades.  The hammering in his skull was unbearable; the knowledge that he was hearing the desperate beat of his pulse as his heart struggled in vain to pump oxygen to his brain only terrified him even more—and made his heart speed up.

His chest felt like it was imploding; a vacuum of agonizing force was centered there.   As the Trooper’s eyes became less dim (and as they sank back into their orbits, his vision became less distorted), he could see the older man’s face leering down at him in contemptuous lust.  Sweat trickled down the Trucker’s cheek, the beads disappearing into the scruff darkening the killer’s firm jawline.

The blond youth gagged and coughed repeatedly.  If his need for air hadn’t been so desperate—and his airway so traumatized—he would have been screaming.  The grotesque impaling sensation in his colon had never dimmed; it was just that now the agony of actual death was fading.  There was nothing else to compete with the feeling of the alpha’s swollen tool rammed deep into his guts, tearing him open inside.

“Dude, you’re goin’ loose again,” the Trucker hissed warningly.  “You’re bleedin’ inside and it’s makin’ ya slippery.  I wanna feel yer fuckhole grab hold of my shaft good, ya hear?  I’m givin’ ya five seconds to grip my dick with yer ass or I’m just gonna snuff ya and let yer death throes jack me off.  Get started, you faggot cunt, or this is gonna be the last couple of minutes of your worthless life.  NOW!!”

The Trooper shook his head frantically but was still incapable of articulate speech.  Grunts and gurgles bubbled out of his throat in a blood-streaked foam.  His barely-functioning mind was in chaos; his thoughts were incompatible with each other.

He wanted to end the pain.  He wanted to die; that was the only way to end it.

He wanted to obey.  He wanted to work his ass muscles to make his top cum; he just didn’t know how.

He wanted to kill this motherfucker.  He wanted to make him suffer this pain; the serial killer in him was still alive.

He wanted to shoot his load.  He wanted to give up his life seed as he slipped into death; it was what he’d wanted all along.

Glaring down into his victim’s face, the Trucker already knew what was running through what was left of his mind.  He was experienced; they always went through something like this as they trembled on the edge of their blackest desire.  Fuckin’ deathpigs—not even grateful when you give ‘em what they want.

And although the Trooper didn’t know it yet, three outta four ain’t bad.


The muscled top started the countdown.  The bound lawman knew what it meant.


The cop tried to ignore the words.  He clenched his eyes closed again, retreating into himself the same way he’d done at the start.  Problem was, this time he already knew what his assailant was capable of.


In a panic, he began flexing his rectum, trying to constrict his sphincter.  There had to be a way out—if he could just get more time…


It wasn’t enough for the fucker.  There had to be more he could do—but it hurt, oh god, his ass hurt so fuckin’ bad, this guy was tearing him open, each movement was ripping his tender flesh deep inside…

“Five.  Time to die, faggot.”

Some deep, hidden part of the Trooper’s psyche heard the words and responded by overriding every reflex of pain or fear that would prevent an erection.  As the webbed nylon belt constricted around his throat again, the bound muscular cop felt his cock rise up, painfully rigid and oozing an almost steady stream of precum.

All his cocky arrogance had been wrung out of him, oozing out with his sweat and pain.  He his brain was full of an icy fog that paralyzed his will; he was terrified of his hard-on—he knew it was only gonna become more agonizing as the spark of life was throttled out of him—but he was past the point of active resistance.

The Trucker leaned back, stretching his arm out.  Feeling around behind himself, the alpha retrieved the nightstick. He held it front of the Trooper, his other hand holding the belt taut but not tight around the meat’s neck.  He laid the baton down next to the blond’s head; if the cunt turned to the right, he’d see it.  And the killer could tell by his victim’s expression that the punk hadn’t forgotten where the Trucker was gonna leave it.

The muscular stud jerked on the belt pulling the Trooper roughly up off the bed.  Inhaling deeply, he hocked a huge wad of phlegm onto the stunned cop’s face, wiping it over the youth’s swollen, tear-slicked cheeks with his strong, rough paw.

The young man grimaced blearily.  The Trucker dropped him back onto the bed and took the ends of the belt in both hands.  His huge rod, still plugging the fucktoy’s ass, pulsed warmly and wetly in anticipation.  He paused—cruelly, just to let the tension build.

The Trooper was undergoing an agonizing epiphany, an approach to understanding the nightmarish erotic pain to which he’d subjected two innocent teenage boys.  He was sinking into a dull haze, hypnotized by the dancing flashes of light reflecting off the dogtags dangling from the Trucker’s thick neck…

For a moment, there was no sound in the room but that of two well-built men panting with lustful exertion.  As the funk of sweat, testosterone and old cum intensified, the Trucker broke the silence with a whisper.  “Third time’s the charm, fuckin’ homo cunt.”

He abruptly yanked his arms, jerking the belt tight around his meat’s throat.  The fucker leaped like a fish on a line, snapped out of his daze by the crushing pain in his esophagus and the now-familiar crushing agony in his chest and his head.  “Fuck yeah, bitch,” the Trucker hissed through gritted teeth, “now you’re working my cock.  That’s it, fight it, faggot.  C’mon, kick and twitch on my dick, motherfucker!”

The alpha lowered his head until his face was inches from the Trooper.  His expression twisted into sneering sexual contempt as he watched the blond youth’s face darken through shades of red and violet.  The serial killer wanna-be, helpless and struggling, began oozing drool from the side of his mouth as his tongue protruded, as purple and swollen as the head of his cock, bobbing in the air—and also oozing.

Grinning hatefully, the scruffy top pulled hard on the belt, causing his rock-hard biceps to bulge.  The thick black nylon webbing circling the rogue cop’s neck sank in deeply.  The punk’s eyes opened wide and he began flailing and coughing in a frantic and futile attempt to inhale; he didn’t manage to do more than spit up wads of white foam.

“Does it hurt yet, cunt?” leered the older man, slightly panting his words out as he kept the pressure on his meat’s windpipe.  “Hurts so fuckin’ good, don’t it?  You know, you worthless piece of shit, you know how good it feels.  You know how fuckin’ hot it is to waste someone while you’re banging ‘em, yeah?  Now you get ta feel what it’s like to be the fuckpig—told ya it was gonna be yer lucky motherfuckin’ day, didn’t I, huh?”

The Trooper knew.  Even in the involuntary convulsions of imminent death he hadn’t forgotten the feeling of raping and snuffing those soft smooth boys—and this was what they’d endured, the little cumsacks…

But he’d been right about his dick.  It hurt—oh fuck, how it hurt, so hard and engorged it felt like it was gonna split…  But he couldn’t help it.  Throughout the entire ordeal, the Trucker had never pulled out of the young man’s ass—and now he was back to reaming it like a plumber’s snake.  Every thrust was like a direct punch to his prostate.  Every thrust caused another agonizing, uncontrollable throb in his swollen shaft.

As the Trucker maintained the tightness of the belt by brute strength, the hard-bodied youth writhed beneath him, his smooth flesh sliding around on yet another film of death-sweat slowly being squeezed out of him.  His firm, muscular legs wrapped around his killer’s waist with an involuntary vice-like grip, his white tube socks somehow still clinging to his thick calves as his feet kicked desperately at the dominant alpha’s pumping ass.

The Trooper’s arms jerked arrhythmically, clanging the handcuffs against the headboard, the jagged tempo increasing as his convulsion became more acute.  His entire intestinal tract spasmed violently in organ failure; the older man grunted in pleasure as the homo punk’s colon massaged his thick rod.  The meat’s sphincter tightened around the root of his dick like a cockring.

“Fuckin’ die, you faggot pervert, die on my dick!” the Trucker growled as he sped up his thrusts, driving his enormous shaft deep into the youth’s twitching guts.  The young handsome blond was almost unrecognizable now, his face horrifyingly black and distorted—but he wasn’t dead yet.

Some parts of his brain were shutting down but as dark fireworks burst silently in front of his swollen, blood-shot eyes, he was still aware enough to realize that oxygen deprivation was again inducing hypersensitivity in his traumatized anus.  That was why it felt like this psycho stud’s massive tool had a barbed head that was slashing at his rectum…

But knowing the cause didn’t lessen the agony.

As death closed in, the Trooper felt waves of nightmarish knife-like pain roll across his muscular form.  He knew he was convulsing, his thick, strong limbs shuddering.  His legs, clamped like scissors around the alpha’s heaving, sweaty flanks, kicked futilely in the air while his quivering arms beat an accompaniment of clanking metal to his final moments.

He’d been right—the heat had seeped out of him with his pheromone-soaked sweat.  Death was dark and cold, promising and icy release from the torture he was enduring, but the white-hot burning sensation in his cock was getting more intense with each passing second.

And the seconds themselves seemed to slow down.  Over the pounding of his pulse, the frenetic tempo of his heart trying to push oxygen that wasn’t there, the young cop heard his killer speak.  The words were low and long, like a slowed-down film.

“Ya fuckin’ useless pig—thought you were gonna fuck me?  Looks like you were wrong—dead wrong, cunt.  And now yer buddies are gonna find ya with cum up your ass, rammed home with your own nightstick.  I’ll make sure to leave you with your legs spread wide so they can see what a slut you were, faggot.”

The Trooper was almost gone; the words worked their way through his dying brain like bubble through molasses.  He could still grasp their import but was incapable of acknowledging it with anything more than dull despair.  The slashing agony in his fuckhole seared its way up the root of his dick, a solid spike of horribly erotic pain beyond his experience.

Deep within the pig part of his mind, the part that was wallowing in the black mud of helpless rape and murder, he could feel that part of his oozing, straining hard-on was inspired by his realization of what his victims had suffered.  The sick bastard, getting snuffed himself, was hard at the full understanding of the torture he’d inflicted on his own victims.

Of course, he still hadn’t gone all the way.  He hadn’t made the full journey into the dark.

“Goddam, fuckin’ close, cunt,” rumbled the Trucker in his deep bass voice, “gonna blow my load here in a sec, dude.  Ya ready, motherfucker?  Ready for me to bring the pain?  C’mon, you homo bitch, shoot your wad!  Yeah, cocksucker, lemme feel ya work my rod as you die on it!”

With a loud grunt, the Trucker put all his muscle into tightening the belt, pulling so hard the tendons stood out on his neck.  The wide black webbing embedded itself into the Trooper’s neck.  A loud cracking, crunching sound penetrated the room as the blond cop went rigid.

The pain from his crushed esophagus momentarily overrode the pleasure/pain of the rape.  The fireworks were inside his head now, each explosion wiping out functional parts of his nervous system.  Just before his vision faded, it circled in on the sneering face of the Trucker, his hard, handsome features, covered with black stubble and facial hair, twisted in contempt as he spit on his victim one last time.

Then the perverted killer cop fell into a deep cold howling pit, his last connection to life the raging agony in his ass and cock.  He never felt the blows the Trucker rained brutally on his face, making his body convulse more violently and work the shaft on which it was impaled even more intensely.  He never heard the smacking sound of fist on flesh, the guttural grunting of the alpha as he edged closer to orgasm, the crunch of his nose as his assailant flattened it…

Then the tension snapped.  The Trucker’s huge, throbbing cock erupted, ejecting a massive wad of hot cum into the fuckmeat’s shredded colon.  Trembling on the edge of hell, the cop felt his ass flooded with molten steel, the sensation of boiling liquid seeming to eat its way through his bowels.

His last living act, involuntary and almost unconscious, was the ejaculation of a thick, ropy jet of semen.  He died in nightmarish agony, his dick shooting so hard it felt like it was being flayed inside out, his awareness flickering out in his irreparably damaged brain as the best part of him was pumped out of his cock in white, creamy geysers.

The Trooper’s streams of spunk splashed across the Trucker’s furry torso, smearing with the older man’s sweat to mat the hair on his chest.  As the dying punk jerked wildly in his death throes, more sperm spattered warmly and wetly on the underside of the alpha’s strong jaw, almost like a deliberate blast from a water gun.  The Trooper continued to writhe and expel a phenomenal amount of cum for another forty-five seconds, hosing himself, his killer, and the bed in general with vast spurts of DNA.

The Trucker grunted and panted, his eyes closed tight, biting his lower lip in the intensity of his own rage-filled orgasm.  Too hate-filled to speak, he forced his spewing shaft as far up the corpse’s fuckhole as he could, pumping his hot seed deep into the dead cop’s guts.  Groaning loudly, he instinctively contracted his arms, pulling the twitching body up off the soiled sheets.

As he felt his balls empty violently, the Trucker stared into the Trooper’s grotesquely blackened face.  The lolling head drooped, the bulging, hemorrhaged eyes rolling back so that nothing but blood-streaked whites were visible.  The rogue cop was now nothing but a quivering meat puppet milking the cum out of the stronger man.

Still shuddering in intense ejaculation, the older top let the young blond’s corpse drop back onto the wet sheets, his groin grinding into the dead youth’s asscheeks before he finally relented.  Sighing deeply, he slowly and reluctantly let his still-pulsing cock slide out of the punk’s fuckhole.  It slipped out on with a slimy, pearly lube of spunk, tinted pink with blood.

“If ya’d been any good, I’da taught ya some tricks,” he muttered, “but you’re just meat.”  Reaching to the side, he grabbed the baton.  True to his word, he inserted it into the Trooper’s slack asshole, steadily shoving it in more deeply.  Any resistance he encountered he overcame with increased force, feeling flesh tear each time he applied more pressure.

By the time he was done, the inch-and-a-half diameter aluminum rod was sunk to the hilt in the blond cop’s ass.  The Trucker propped his legs apart, placing a pillow under the corpse’s ass so that the baton was clearly visible from the door.

Still panting and sweating, the Trucker stepped into the bathroom, now utterly sauna-like from the hot shower that he’d left running.  It didn’t take long to scrub the thick white crust of dried cum from his wiry chest fur and the finer dark hairs on his flat but rippled belly.  Before he did, though, he wiped some of the lawman’s still-moist seed off his hard torso with a hand towel and set it aside.

After cleansing himself to his satisfaction, the Trucker dragged the teen’s corpse to the shower.  He’d spent just over an hour dealing with the unwelcome but entertaining intruder; the cunt he’d left on the floor was starting to stiffen.  There was just enough flexibility for him to drag the dead meat into the shower, aim the ass into the shower head and pull open the sphincter.   After flushing the colon with hot water, he held the corpse upright, still pulling the ass open with his fingers.  Despite the physical ordeal he’d been through, both sexual and combative, the teen’s corpse was no strain on his muscles.  After allowing the anal cavity to drain, he yanked the rigid body out of the tub and placed it back on the floor.

Retrieving the plunger from behind the toilet, the Trucker wrapped the cum-soaked towel around the handle—then rammed the handle up the stiff’s ass.  He made sure to grind it around inside the corpse, smearing the Trooper’s DNA inside the washed-out cavity.

He chuckled silently—at the very least, it would confuse the issue.  And the cop’s own ass was pooling with blood leaking from the slashed and shredded rectal tissue.  Yeah, there’d be a lot of questions about this one…

His jeans had been left in the bathroom; dark, warm and moist, they clung tightly to his thighs as he forced them on.  His socks and boots were just outside the door.  First, though, he slipped his t-shirt and leather vest back on, lighting a smoke from the pocket of his shirt.

Clenching the cigarette between his teeth, he sat on the bed next to the Trooper’s still-quivering body.  Crossing his legs, he slid his socks and boots on, pausing between each to tap his ash into the dead cop’s drool-soaked face.  When he was done, he extinguished his smoke on the dark, dry tongue with a loud sizzle.

The Trucker stepped back to take one last look.  He needed to remember this scene; he’d almost died here.  The face of the blond lawman was still black and swollen; the belt was too embedded in the neck to remove.  The tousled wet sheets, slimy with cum and sweat, were rank with sex.  The Trooper’s spread, shuddering legs obscenely thrust the nightstick forward with each convulsion, as if the dead youth was proudly displaying a new dildo.

The Trucker had an idea.  He gathered up the Trooper’s uniform.  The slacks, the shirt, the boots—he also made sure to get cuffs he’d been bound with.  They were still clamped on the radiator, the key in the open cuff that had been around his wrist.  After pocketing it, he even got down on hands and knees to retrieve the gun.  Not that he’d kill anyone with the gun, of course.  He wanted it for intimidation.

It was way too fast a way of death for him to actually employ.

Rolling the cop’s gear into a ball, the older man turned out the lights in the room and quickly slipped out the door in the dark.  He strode quickly across the parking lot, his boots thumping on the pavement.  Skirting the circle of light shed by the motel office, he slipped unnoticed across the street.  The bar was long since closed; the only two vehicle left in the lot were his rig—and a state trooper’s car.  Damn. The Trucker scrambled into his cab, shifted into gear, and eased out of the lot and up onto the highway.

He wasn’t done in this area, oh no.  There was a least one cunt not too far away who deserved to be taught his value in the world—which was about the same as a used cumrag.

But right now, he needed to go.  He needed to be out of the jurisdiction of the state cops, at least for a while.

On the highway, he headed north.  He was over the state line in less than an hour; in less than twenty-four, he was on the hunt again.

Trucker 4–Trucker vs Teen Slut

Night was falling and the Trooper hadn’t caught up with the rig the ferret-like kid back at the truck stop had described so eloquently.  He pounded his fist on the steering wheel in frustration; he was sure this guy would strike again soon, so he’d stopped at every truck stop on the highway that was within five miles of a gay bar.  He’d searched them on his phone, getting accurate directions, making sure not to miss a single one—but nothing.

And that semi couldn’t accelerate out of the state faster than the Trooper’s cruiser.  Even with all his stops, he should have caught up by now.  No, the dude had pulled off somewhere—but where?  Not any of the obvious truck stops.  And the Trooper had run through every rest stop on the way, not stopping, and not seeing the truck he was looking for.

He took the last exit before the start line, whipping around on a desolate overpass in the middle of the desert.  He’d missed something.  He shifted into park and paused, his hopes rising suddenly as the headlights of an obviously large truck came around a curve in the distance behind him.

The Trooper wasn’t familiar enough with this corner of the state to remember what was down that road; he just knew that it was miles away.  It was possible that this was the guy he wanted, but it wasn’t likely that he’d gotten that far off the highway, did what he wanted to do, and was on his return trip now.  The timing was wrong.

And of course, it wasn’t the rig.  Even from a distance, this one was visible because of its bright white paint job, the sleeper cab trimmed in cherry red.  It flashed by him, turning north, heading out of state.  The one he was looking for was darker, a distinct metallic blue.  But still…

He thought for a moment before pulling out his phone and running a search.  He’d had an idea that was worth checking out—and the search results backed that up.

As the last bit of blue sky faded to black on his right, the Trooper got back on the interstate, heading south to a couple of exits he hadn’t checked before.


Adam had had way too much to drink, but nobody was concerned about it—for a couple of reasons.  The first was that it was far too frequent an occurrence for the strung-out little twink for it to attract much notice.  The other was that there was no one to care.

The bar was a small, dimly lit building of corrugated steel in the center of a cracked asphalt slab.  It was located at an exit on the interstate that gave access to a county road connecting small mining and industrial communities.  Most of the towns had a single main employer—a mine, a refinery, a power plant—and contained no more than a few hundred residents, nearly all blue-collar workers.  Each town had several bars, of course—but this building, out by the interstate, was the only gay bar.

The clientele was mostly local; in the small, closed-off world of small town gay life, everyone knew everyone—and everyone knew Adam.

And because everyone knew Adam, no one gave a shit how drunk he was.

Adam had first shown up at the bar three years earlier.  At that time, the place had been known by the innocuous name of “The Men’s Club”.  His attractive youthful looks had instantly made him popular and he retreated to the restroom in the company of others several times that first trip.

Two weeks later, he repeated his performance to equal acclaim.  This time, however, his father caught him sneaking back in the house afterwards.  Since Adam was sixteen years old at the time, all hell broke loose (literally, as far as the local preachers screamed).

The Men’s Club was instantly shuttered, a flurry of warrants, indictments and charges flew in a vicious legal whirlwind, and a deathly silence prevailed over the fate of half a dozen local citizens who were taken off to the state penitentiary.

In time, the bar managed to re-open under new ownership.  Now it was just “Dan’s Bar”, and it was freely admitted that the name was a DBA and that there was no Dan.  It took a while for the thundering from the pulpits and the fulminations from the electoral podiums to die down, but eventually business began to return to normal and the stigma of what had happened began to fade.

And then Adam started showing back up.  At nineteen, his still had that lean, slim firm teen body that explained his physical appeal.  His face was still smooth but his complexion was starting to show the effects of an excess of alcohol.

He followed the same pattern every night, showing up in the sluttiest outfit he could find, desperate to get laid.  None of the locals would go near him.  After a while, he’d start to get teary-eyed and go to the bar, slam down a twenty and get as many shots of cheap tequila he could, downing one after the other.

Then he’d drunkenly cruise the floor for any strangers; there was a tiny cheap motel across the road and sometimes—especially on weekends—there was some trade from the interstate.  He was certainly attractive and still looked young.  He could appeal to the guys who looked like they had money by emphasizing the victimhood of his molestation in that very bar.

In his own way he was right; he was a victim.  He was a pariah to the locals; no one who knew him dared go anywhere near him.  He knew it but wasn’t self-aware enough to know why, so he drank himself into a stupor and threw himself at every strange male who came in, wheedling money out of the rich ones and sex out of all of them.

As Adam looked up this night, the dude his bleary eyes slowly focused on mighta been rich, but it wouldn’t have mattered.  Right away, Adam wanted him.  Drunk as he was, his dick still managed to rise to attention at the sight of the well-built man leaning back in one of the corner booths against the far wall.

The dude was older; late thirties, perhaps.  He wore a flat-brimmed trucker’s cap that made it hard to distinguish his hair, but below his gunmetal-blue eyes, a coarse, wiry scruff of black fur covered his cheeks, just barely longer than five o’clock shadow except where it darkened into a goatee around his mouth.

A white t-shirt stretched tautly over his wide chest.  Over it he wore an unlined leather vest, very plain and simple.  It dangled open to reveal the man’s large pectoral muscles with what looked like a pair of dogtags glinting in between on top of the t-shirt.

He was in the corner booth, behind the table, so Adam couldn’t get a good view of him below the waist—but then stud shifted and stretched out a long leg, knotted with muscle like the limb of a tree, tightly wrapped in torn, slightly stained denim, terminating in a worn and scarred brown leather pull-on work boot.

Adam felt himself drawn in; some kind of gravitational field of lust was pulling him to this dude.

Somehow, deep inside his sad, sordid little soul, he knew this guy would solve all his problems.

He never imagined how.

He might have been drunk, but Adam wasn’t completely wasted.  He knew he had to remain presentable—and to that end, quickly ducked into the restroom to check his appearance in the mirror.  The two dudes already in there certainly weren’t resting, but they split immediately when they saw who had walked in.

Adam ignored them; he was so used to the cold shoulder that it didn’t even register.  He stood at the filthy sink and ran water over his hands, splashing a little on his face to help him focus before examining his appearance in the cracked and pitted mirror.

Beneath his tousled blond hair, deep hazel eyes stared back at him from the reflective surface.  Surprisingly clear given the amount of alcohol he’d consumed, they were long-lashed and slightly almond-shaped.  His nose was wide and the drinking had already caused some spreading and reddening, but in the dim light, his face still managed to project an air of innocence and naivety that was wholly disingenuous.  There was nothing innocent or naïve about the little slut.

He grinned at his reflection.  Fuck the other guys in the bar.  He wasn’t looking for love, he was looking for sex, and he’d already set his sights for the dude he wanted to plow his hole tonight.

It was a warm night and Adam had dressed accordingly; he looked as if he was ready for action of some kind, at any rate.  He wore a deep blue sleeveless basketball jersey; it clung to his slim but firm frame, the shiny polyester catching the light.  Below, matching shorts ended well above mid-thigh, showing Adam’s long muscled legs to perfect advantage.  His tight, smooth limbs were dusted with a fine golden down that glinted a fiery glow when the light struck it just right.  His thick calves were encased in black Nike athletic socks, running down to black leather hightop sneakers with the same distinctive swoosh.

He grinned at himself in the mirror.  He could still dress like he was sixteen and get away with it.  He wouldn’t be able to for much longer before the booze caught up to him, but that thought never occurred to him.

Smirking at his youthful face in the blemished mirror, Adam shoved his hand down his shorts.  Tightly gripping his dick, still firm and meaty at the memory of the hot stud in the booth, he adjusted it to the right, laying it against his bare thigh so the bulge would be obvious in the flashy shorts.

Finally satisfied with his finishing touches, Adam left the restroom on his quest to snag himself a good hard top.

He’d heard the warning about being careful what one asks for, but he’d never understood it.  Tonight, he would.

The haze of smoke, the flash of strobes and the rattling bass of the music had turned the bar into a kaleidoscope of male flesh and lust.   Adam could still make out the dude, deep in the shadows.

He was still in the booth, his steely blue eyes casting a coldly appraising glance over the men on display.  There was something contemptuous in the stillness of his face that made a deep dark part of Adam’s soul throb.  His beautiful body, wrapped in denim and leather—Adam felt himself gasp in imagined pleasure.

He approached the dude’s table.  Reaching it, he stood silently, legs spread, hands on his hips.  Despite his overwhelming desire to be brutally cornholed by this stud, he managed to strike an arrogant pose so as not to sell himself short.

“You’re a big dude,” he jeered, “everything about you big?”  He’d cast his voice low and sultry but in his excitement, it had risen noticeably.

The older man glanced at him dismissively before silently turning his eyes back to the dance floor.  Not a muscle in his face had moved but his eyes.  Adam broke into a nervous sweat.  He tried again.

“C’mon, man,” he wheedled.  “You gotta nice big dick you can stick in me?”

This time the alpha male examined Adam more closely, his penetrating gaze sliding over the teen’s body as if he was sizing up a cut of meat.  A corner of his mouth curled in what might have been a sneer, but between the alcohol and the chaotic atmosphere of the club, Adam was incapable of noticing that level of detail.

When he finally spoke, it was in a deep guttural bass that seemed to vibrate the deepest root of Adam’s shaft.  “You lookin’ to get fucked?” he growled.

Suddenly, in the full spotlight of the stud’s attention, Adam was intimidated.  He tried to speak, but his throat was too dry; when he swallowed, all he got was a faint click.  He nodded dumbly.  There was something in the muscular dude’s immobile face that let him know he didn’t need to speak.  The message had gotten across.

The silence between them extended to an almost unbearable length before the older man spoke.  “Yeah, I could plow your hole. You gotta place I can bang ya?”

Adam nodded swiftly, recovering his voice as best he could. “Y-yes, over in-in F-f-farmington; it’s ab-about t-t-twenty miles d-down—“

“Fuck that,” snapped the stud.  “I got a room across the way.  C’mon.  And you better be a good fuck, boy, cause if you ain’t, I can damn sure make ya are one.”

Adam shuddered to his core; he was still too drunk to recognize the threat implicit in the statement.  He was shuddering in anticipation.

He stepped aside to let the alpha stud out of the booth.  The older man got up; his leather vest fell open, revealing the skin-tight t-shirt that highlighted every detail of his sculpted torso.  As the man stood in front of him, Adam couldn’t help but notice how his jeans exposed the massive ridge extending outwards from the dude’s crotch.

Adam quailed momentarily; even in his alcoholic stupor, this was a case of biting off more than he could chew, so to speak.  This guy was huge.  This was gonna hurt, and if this guy used him the way he wanted to be used, it was gonna hurt a lot.

Then he glanced up at the muscled top towering over him and decided it didn’t matter.  He wanted this man’s cock, no matter what it took.

Gulping nervously, he cleared his throat and spoke.  This time he got the low, throaty tone he’d been aiming for.  “Yeah, man, that’ll work.  You can put it up my ass, big boy.  Let’s see what you can do.”

This time there was no way he could miss the contemptuous smirk on the alpha’s face, but he disregarded it; he assumed it meant the dominant stud had accepted his challenge.  And indeed he had, but not how Adam had hoped for.

He eagerly followed the stud out the main entrance.


The Trooper shifted his firm ass in the leather seat of his cruiser; he’d been sitting there for some time and didn’t want it to fall asleep.  No telling how much longer he’d be sitting here; it was just past midnight and this place was open till two in the morning, if local ordinances didn’t allow it to stay open later.

Nonetheless, he was willing to spend the night here.  This was the second exit he’d checked on his return trip and he instantly recognized the rig in the bar’s parking lot.

He’d realized back at the state line that he’d focused too exclusively on truck stops.  A quick online search had shown him all the gay bars in this part of the state, and there weren’t too many.  He’d hit pay dirt his on his second stop.

Now all he had to do was sit in the dark and wait for his mark to leave the bar.  He’d parked at the back end of the lot, in a spot where he could see the bar entrance on one side of his field of view and the truck on the other.  He’d manage to catch sight of his man at some point between the two…

As he settled back into his seat, he saw the door open and two figures come out.  It was hard to discern details at this distance, but one was a kid in a shiny purple baller outfit and high black socks and shoes. The Trooper had actually noted him pulling into the lot a couple of hours ago in an ancient wheezy Mercedes.

The other was a tall, muscular man in jeans, a white t-shirt and a black vest, wearing a trucker’s cap…

The Trooper was instantly on the alert; it sure looked like the guy he’d seen before.  Same massive, muscular body.  There was more facial hair, but it had been several days.  It had to be him—

But they didn’t cross to the cab of the truck; instead, they turned the other direction and soon vanished around the corner of the building.

The Trooper grunted in frustration.  He was close, so close.  He knew it.  But he wasn’t about go into the bar and confront the dude in front of witnesses.

No, he had other plans.


As the Trucker opened the door to the room, his nose was assailed by the mingled reek of bleach and cigarette smoke.  He’d rented it earlier but hadn’t bothered to enter the room before; he knew what to expect anyway, more or less.  It was slightly cleaner than some of the other shitholes he’d been in lately, but still well used and run down.

As he stepped to the side to jerk the faded brown drapes over the window, the punk in the b-ball jersey came in, letting the door close behind him.  The Trucker crossed swiftly behind him to lock and bolt the door before turning to face the kid.

The old dented lampshades obscured much of the room in gloom, but the boy had taken the chair at the desk-dresser combo and was seated in a circle of light.  He shook his head as if to clear it, his unruly blond hair creating a golden aura about his head.  The kid grinned up at the older man, his eyes illuminated with lust.

The Trucker glanced down the teen’s tight, lithe body, his purple jersey revealing the full length of his firm arms, his biceps forming small mounds under his skin, which was covered with a faint golden down.  He sat with his legs spread wide, his smooth, muscled thighs parted and his skimpy shorts pulled up so that his entire package was lying out on the chair.  On top of his large puckered scrotum his dick, a long dark sausage-like tube projected from a tangled mass of red-gold curls.

The punk reached his hand down, gripping his meat tightly.  He shifted his feet, flexing his thick calf muscles in their tight black socks as he stared brazenly at the Trucker.

“So,” he drawled, “ya gonna fuck me or what?”

The Trucker looked down at the boy without saying anything.  Suddenly, his face twisted into a grim smirk.   “Sure, I’ll fuck ya.  You want the dick, you fuckin’ slut?  Work for it.  You gotta earn this cock, bitch,”

Still fully dressed, the Trucker reached down and unzipped his bulging fly.  His massive member was too long to flop out on its own—he had to reach in to set it free.  As it swayed and bobbed in the air, Adam’s eyes glazed over.

The Tucker gave a slight chuckle as he saw the kid’s cock get even darker and start to swell.

“Strip, you cunt,” he snarled, “gimme a show.”


The Trooper was uneasy.  He knew he had the right truck and he could have sworn that the guy he’d just seen was the driver.  But he didn’t go back to the truck.  So where did he go?

The only other option was the motel on the other corner.  As he pondered it, the Trooper became more certain that he’d let his quarry slip out of his sight.  He knew this predator liked to kill in motel rooms, but so far he hadn’t rented one on his own; the victims had all rented their deathbeds themselves.

And that kid hadn’t rented a room; the Trooper had seen him arrive.  So maybe this time the truck driver had rented a room for himself.

The Trooper quickly got out of his car.  If the dude was at the motel, he’d find him, but he didn’t want to park his car in the lot in case the killer glanced out the window at some point.  No sense spooking him.

Thick-soled boots pounding firmly on the pavement, the Trooper quickly crossed the street and approached the office, a brightly lit glass cube at one end of the L-shaped building.

Inside the office, the fluorescent lights gave off a maddening buzz which likely explained the half-crazed look on the face of the night manager.  She was a large older woman of indeterminate age with unkempt gray hair and cat-eye glasses.

She was a tough old broad who was there to take the money, hand out the keys and call in the local sheriff if anything got outta hand.  No, there hadn’t been no problems tonight.  And no, she didn’t remember any features of any of the guys staying.  Best she could do was tell him which rooms were occupied; if he wanted anything more, he was welcome to come back with a warrant…

The Trooper smiled graciously, stifling his irritation.  Fewer than half a dozen rooms were occupied; as he stepped out of the office, he noticed that one of the rooms she’d indicated was dark.  If this dude truly was what the Trooper thought he was, there should be some sound involved.

Crossing swiftly but quietly to the darkened motel room, the Trooper removed his peaked cap and pressed his ear to the door.  It was cheap hollow-core plywood, acting almost as sounding board.  The room on the other side was very quiet with the exception of one very distinct sound—snoring.

The young cop stepped back and straightened up.  He flexed his well-developed body, limbering up his back.  He hadn’t expected this room to be it.  The guy couldn’t possibly be done yet; what he did took too long.  And he didn’t do it in the dark, either; this sick fucker enjoyed watching his victims suffer.  It was gonna be one of the rooms that still had the lights on.

There were four other rooms to check.  Walking slowly so that the thick soles of his high leather boots didn’t make too much noise on the pavement, he approached the closest lighted room, crouching quietly, waiting and listening.


The Trucker slipped off his leather vest.  His tight white t-shirt underneath had a breast pocket with a distinctive rectangular bulge.  He fished out his pack of smokes, lit a cigarette and tossed the match into the cracked and yellowed glass ashtray on the desk.  Stripping out of his shirt, switching the cig from one hand to the other as he did so, the Trucker leaned back against the door and took a deep drag as Adam slowly rose from his chair.

Keeping his head pointed down, he turned his eyes up to the older man’s face, peering at him from under his sandy blond eyebrows.  A cocky leer twisted his face as he ran his hands down his body, stroking the shiny polyester material of his jersey and shorts.  He let them go down to his knees before pulling them back up, catching at the bottom of his shorts and pulling them up as well.

As he flashed his smooth inner thighs at the Trucker, Adam grinned with eager lust.  Raising his hands to his hips, he gave a quick shake and the shorts fell to the ground.  He still had the black socks clinging to his thighs and the leather sneakers tightly laced around his feet, but he was otherwise nude from the waist down.

Adam’s thick dark cock jutted like a masthead from the golden fleece of his pubic hair; already the Trucker could see a faint glint of precum welling from the slit at the tip of the swollen purple head.  The little fuck was excited.  He wanted to be used; it was obvious.  Smirking, the Trucker knocked his ashes onto the thin, cheap carpet.  He raised his left hand up to his large, hard nipple and began to stroke it.

Adam inhaled—more of a deep, shuddery gasp, really, a sound of pure desire.  “Fuck, man, I want your dick inside me so bad,” he moaned.

The Trucker sneered down at him.  “Ya want the D, motherfucker?  You gotta earn it first, bitch.  Let’s see what you can do.  Get over here and work my nips.”

Adam approached the Trucker hesitantly—not because he was sharp enough to pick up on any danger signals, but because he was so turned on by this older alpha dude that he was afraid the guy would suddenly vanish, like a mirage.

Or worse, change his mind.  Adam would do anything to prevent that from happening.  Whatever this guy wanted to do to him, however far he wanted to go, Adam was willing to endure it if it meant this stud would unload inside him.

It didn’t occur to him that there might actually be a “too far”.

Reaching out a trembling hand, he gingerly grasped the Trucker’s nipples between his thumb and forefingers, squeezing gently.  The Trucker took a deep drag of his smoke before responding with a jeer.  “Is that the best ya can do, slut?  I said work them, not tickle them, you stupid piece of shit.”

Closing his eyes, Adam gave another shuddering groan and began pulling more firmly on the alpha’s manteats, gradually increasing force and torque until he was twisting them violently.  Not a muscle in the Trucker’s face moved in response to Adam’s attention, but his massive cock had swung out like the boom of a ship, slapping against the boy’s slightly smaller but no less erect shaft.

“Put your mouth on ‘em, boy,” growled the Trucker, stubbing out his cigarette in the ashtray.  “If ya work ‘em good enough, I’ll stick my dick down yer throat.”

Adam bent his head forward and let his tongue explore the contours of the older man’s nipples.  Giving a faint grunt, the Trucker lit another cig and closed his eyes, leaning his head back against the door.  He stood with his thick, denim-clad legs spread wide, boots placed far apart, dipping cock hanging out of his open fly.  The smooth youth clung to his hard sculpted torso, fingers curled into the stud’s chest fur.

The teen’s full red lips spread over the Trucker’s areola, loudly slurping on the firm broad pecs as the boy reached between his legs and began jacking himself off.  Suddenly the alpha grabbed the boy’s upper arms and pulled him off.  He blew smoke into the punk’s face and began barking orders at him while the kid coughed.

“Enough.  On your knees, cunt.  Time to see what it takes to make ya gag.  Down on your fucking knees and sit there like a pig with your mouth wide open.  Now, bitch!”

An undefinable sensation ran through Adam’s body like an electrical jolt; a remarkable combination of hot lust and cold chill.  Not being given to analysis, Adam heeded the one that felt best and obeyed.  He sank to his knees and opened his mouth eagerly.

Taking another drag, the Trucker stepped forward and flicked his ash contemptuously into the little slut’s face.  “Ready to choke on it, cunt?  C’mon, you can open wider than that, cocksucker,” he chuckled.

Suddenly, he sprang forward, snatching a fistful of Adam’s tousled blond hair and jerked the startled youth’s head down onto his hard shaft.  Before Adam could even brace himself, he found himself experiencing the most brutal skullfuck he’d ever endured.


The Trooper stood outside room 112, his ear pressed to the door.  This was the third door he’d tried—the second one with the lights on.  In the first lit room, he’d heard a lot of vigorous sex, but one of the voices was female.

He doubted his quarry was in the room, but he’d listened anyway; from the snatches of conversation he’d heard, the broad sounded like a whore.

Losing interest, the Trooper turned away.  Even if the whore ended up murdered, he could give a shit.  It wasn’t his problem. But he was anxious to find the killer and confront him.

In fact, his massive cock was throbbing in anticipation.

He’d paused and wheeled about in the parking lot, checking the location of the next rented room.  Now he was here, listening eagerly for any sound through the door.  So far, though, nothing but silence.

That worried him.  He didn’t think he was too late, but it was possible.  If not, that dude was probably murdering the kid he’d taken out of the bar right now.   The Trooper wasn’t concerned about stopping the murder; he wanted to catch the fucker red-handed—on the other hand, he could still have some fun even if the kid wasn’t dead yet.   He’d still be calling in a corpse or two by the time he was finished here.

But he didn’t want to take too long.  After all, if the guy was done, there wouldn’t be any sound to indicate which room.  There might be nothing but silence.

Like this room.

Damn!  Where was he?


Adam coughed and gagged on the massive tube of flesh blocking his throat.  He tried to look up at the Trucker, but his head was jammed so far into the dominant stud’s crotch that the dude’s wiry pubic hair scratched and scraped at his face like steel wool.

He pulled back involuntarily, in an instinctual attempt to breathe but the Trucker’s hands gripped his skull with vise-like strength, the crushing pain almost overriding the panic of suffocation.

“Swallow my dick, bitch, choke on it,” grunted the Trucker, holding Adam’s head immobile and pumping his hips violently.  “C’mon and gag, you worthless cumsucker.  Show me how much you like to get throatfucked, cunt!”

Adam reached up, trying desperately to get a grip on the older man’s torso, to find some way to get leverage and free himself, but it was futile.  He grasped at the alpha’s muscular flanks but they were sweaty with exertion and his hands slipped off.

His grasping, fluttering fingers slipped to the Trucker’s thighs and found purchase on the tight denim wrapping the powerful, thrusting legs.  He still couldn’t breathe, but he wasn’t strong enough to push back against the alpha top and get loose.

It happened suddenly—he couldn’t breathe, it was bad, it hurt—and the need to vomit.  He gagged up a huge froth of saliva and the Trucker pulled his huge dick out, letting the punk drool a long streamer of foam from his lips down onto his bare thighs.

Still kneeling, Adam leaned back against the bed.  He continued to cough and gag.

“Stupid little fuck, can’t take a real man, can ya, faggot?” sneered the Trucker.  “Let’s see if your fuckhole can do better than your useless mouth.  Can’t call ya a cocksucker, ya piece a’ shit—can’t even do that right.  Now take off that stupid fuckin’ jersey and get up on the bed.  On your back with your legs in the air, cunt.  NOW.”

Eyes closed, still gasping for air, Adam heard the man’s words and moaned faintly with pleasure.  Fuck, this was the real thing.  This dude was gonna give him his best fuck ever; he knew it.

He was right.

Quickly, tremblingly, he jerked the slick purple jersey off over his head.  He backed onto the bed, his smooth, slim body glistening with a light sheen of perspiration.  A faint golden haze, like the down on a peach, darkened the lower part of his smooth, flat belly, growing thicker as it descended towards his groin.

The Trucker lit another cigarette.  Still standing upright, legs spread with his shaft jutting straight out in front of him, he remained motionless as Adam positioned himself, watching the slut with no more expression than a faint sneer.

Settling himself with both pillows propping up his head, Adam was lying on his back.  He reached down and, placing his hands behind his knees, pulled his legs up and apart, spreading them for easy access to his asshole.  His fingers dug deeply into the silky-smooth flesh of his thighs; his calves and feet still covered with the black tube socks and black leather hightop sneakers, now hanging in the air, bobbing slightly—his toes curling in expectation of the pleasure to come.

The Trucker was only half-finished with his smoke when Adam finished arranging himself.  He grinned, but didn’t move.  Neither did Adam.  As if knowing instinctively what to do, he did nothing—remained there with his legs spread in the air, pink asshole pulsating, long-lashed eyes staring longingly at the silent alpha male who was leisurely finished his cig…

It was a silent but very intense moment that stretched out for an almost unbearably long time—and yet somehow did not lessen in intensity while it lasted.  Which was why neither of them heard the faint crunch of a booted footstep outside the door.

Nor did they hear it three minutes later, moving away.


The Trooper moved on to the next room, but he wasn’t happy.  That room had been too quiet.  Of course, whoever rented it could be out and have left the light on—but in this kinda place, that was unlikely.  Most customers rented for a short time for a specific purpose.  Once they left the room, they usually didn’t come back.

But he had other rooms to check.  Maybe he’d be hit paydirt with one of them.

Still, he couldn’t get the quiet room off his mind…


It ceased to be quiet fairly quickly.  The Trucker tossed his still-smoldering butt into the ashtray and approached the slut.  Grasping his massive club-like cock in one hand, he slapped it against the other as he approached the bed, splattering Adam’s lithe body with transparent drops of precum.

“Ready for it, cunt?” he jeered.  “Fuckin’ whore like you ain’t gettin’ no lube, so this is gonna hurt, even for a slut like you.”

Before Adam could respond, the alpha stud had parted his legs and placed the swollen purple head of his shaft against the teen’s quivering fuckhole.  As he felt the massive spade-shaped bulb press forcibly against his sphincter, the punk responded with sudden trepidation.  “H-hey, man—d-don’t hurt me, huh?”

The Trucker grinned but remained silent.  Lunging forward suddenly, he slammed his engorged tool up Adam’s pulsating rectum, feeling the boy’s sphincter resist, tightening around his shaft like a cockring.

Adam, suddenly confronted with horrible sexual trauma, squealed like a pig.  All the other dudes who’d fucked him were grateful for the experience, grateful that a slut with a youthful appearance would let them use his hole.  This was different.  It was obvious that this guy didn’t give a shit about poor little Adam and all the trouble he’d had in life.  This guy wanted to use him like an object and didn’t care what happened to him beyond that point.

It was terrifying and it made Adam hornier than he could have imagined.  He moaned loudly, his stretched-out ass muscle feeling every vein wrapped around the massive shaft jammed up his colon.

The Trucker leaned forward, his huge muscled form pressing down on the punk’s slim, smooth form.  Hooking his arms under the slut’s knees, he pulled the kid’s legs forward and up, rotating his ass so it was perfectly aligned to the natural angle of his own cock.

All he had to do was thrust.

He leered obscenely in Adam’s face.  “Ya like that, ya fuckin’ cunt?  Is that big enough for your reamed-out fuckhole, ya whore?  Damn, bitch, I fucked professionals tighter than you—you really are a worthless faggot slut, aintcha?”

Adam’s face was clenched tight in a grimace of pain; tears leaked from his eyes, pulled back into slits.  Loose?  What the fuck was this dude talking about?  Adam’s ass was so full of dick he was afraid—really afraid—that physical damage was being done to his rectum.

“P-please, man—“ he stuttered, “F-fuck, dude, y-y-you’re killin’ me, p-please!”

The Trucker bent his head down until his face was mere inches from that of the sobbing, gasping teen.  Staring deep into Adam’s bloodshot eyes, the alpha’s grin shone with gleeful malevolence.  “Not yet, cunt,” he whispered, “not quite yet, you stupid bitch.”  Then he spit in the kid’s weeping face.


The Trooper was standing in the recessed doorway of an empty room, far enough back in the shadows that he couldn’t be seen.  He was in a quandary; a bit of good luck was dragging on so long it could turn into bad luck.

He’d just started towards the fourth room when the door to the fifth opened.  The Trooper had instantly ducked into the darkness where he could observe the occupants.

And more than one guy was leaving the room, making it highly unlikely either was his quarry—this predator always left alone—he didn’t leave anyone alive to leave under their own power.  That took care of one of the last two rooms; he only had one more to check.  It had to be that one or the one he’d just left.  He should have enough time to confirm which one was right and catch the dude in the act.

The problem was these two faggots who’d just left the room.  They were still there in the parking lot.  One was a young man in his late twenties, slim with long brown hair; the other was a hairy bear of a man in his forties who kept wrapping his massive paws around the boy.

The Trooper seethed.  If he emerged from the shadows now, he’d freak them out.  And if they made too much noise, he’d spook his prey.  His eyes glittered with anger as he ground his teeth in the darkness.  If it wasn’t for the need for silence, he’d march out right now and arrest those fucking homos…

They parted, suddenly, each to his own car.  When they pulled out of the lot, they went in different directions.

The Trooper remained still until their taillights faded to pinpoints in the distance—but the moment that point was reached, he bolted across the parking lot towards the last door.  He had to take a moment to quiet his pounding pulse before he crouched, breathlessly, and pressed his ear to the door.


Drunk as he’d been, Adam was sobering quickly and very unwillingly.  The pain was phenomenal; the dude wasn’t just plugging his ass, he was tearing it.

The punk found himself unable to breathe; utterly incapable of exhaling, he could only gasp and croak like a landed fish, his ears ringing with the Trucker’s dogtags, jingling and dangling in front of his face, reflecting light from the dim bedside lamp hypnotically back into his face, pale and strained in agony.

He squealed in pain.  Above him, the hard-muscled Trucker pumped and grunted, sneering into the tortured youth’s tear-stained face.  “Shaddup, you worthless whore.  Ya got the cock ya wanted, so quit yer fuckin’ bitching cause yer startin’ to piss me off.  And trust me, cunt—you think you’re in pain now?  You have no fucking clue what pain is.  Yer gonna learn, though.  I’m really gonna get the fuck off teachin’ ya all about pain, you stupid piece a’ shit!”

The wailing boy pushed and shoved on the thick arms, knotted with muscles, which pinned his shoulders to the bed; it was as futile as trying to move a post embedded in concrete.  His frantic, grasping hands slipped on the Trucker’s sweat-slicked skin—suddenly he found himself beating against the alpha dude’s chest with as much effect as if he was beating an oak tree.  Deep in desperation, Adam clutched involuntarily at the older man’s chest hair, the wiry fur scratching his palms as he bleated in agony.

“Goddammit, you worthless little motherfucker, you ain’t worth keepin’ alive to fuck!” rumbled the Trucker in his deep bass voice.  “Yer makin’ too much noise and fightin’ too hard, you stupid slut, and you damn sure ain’t no virgin; yer ass is way too loose, cunt!”

Again, he hocked up a massive wad of phlegm and spit it contemptuously into Adam’s face, already smeared with snot from his continuous sobbing.  The teen kicked his feet, his black leather sneakers beating the air helplessly over his assailant’s shoulders.  He was still trying to push the Trucker off him, despite the obvious uselessness of the effort.

Adam’s drunken brain was mired in a fog of terror and physical pain that prevented him from thinking logically.  He had clearly been warned that his best bet of getting out of this alive was to lie still and take the dick, but in his pain and panic, he wasn’t able to control his reactions.

His smooth teen body writhed violently on the soiled sheets, twisting them under him as they began to absorb the sweat forced out of his agonized form.  The room positively reeked of mansweat and mansex as the Trucker pumped his own pheromones into the air to compete with those of the raped youth, already awash in the hormones common at his age.

But it was his squealing that broke the camel’s back.  Aside from the possibility that it might alert others, it had a pig-like tone that set off the Trucker’s misophony, the neurologically hard-wired rage reaction in response to certain aural stimuli.

In other words, the teen’s cries of pain and fear automatically invoked an overwhelming anger in the Trucker.  The intense desire to destroy the source of the sound descended on his consciousness like a red mist.  It triggered a nightmarish apocalypse that rained down on the emotionally-damaged boy, filling his last moments on earth with a silent howling vortex of terror.

It started with the homicidal glint in the Trucker’s eyes—a look as cold and cutting as a sharp blade.  When he spoke, it was in a low, controlled whisper that was somehow more chilling than any enraged screaming could have been.

“I’m done with ya, bitch.  Gonna waste ya and let your dyin’ convulsions milk the spunk outta my cock.  Ain’t no one gonna miss ya, you useless cum-suckin’ homo.  Hell, they’ll probably gimme a medal for puttin’ yer worthless ass down, heh!  Yeah, ya ready for it, faggot?  Time to die, motherfucker!”

Adam’s already-shrill scream started to spiral into a shriek but before he could get enough air, the Trucker sealed him off.  It happened so fast Adam never saw it coming—one moment the dude’s hands were pressing down on his shoulders hard enough to leave bruises, the next, they were doing the same thing across his face.

One large strong hand was clamped across him mouth like a vise, the other had slammed down across his nose violently, crushing it flat.

Adam couldn’t breathe.  And he couldn’t move—the Trucker was lying full-length on top of him, the weight of the larger, stronger man pinning the teen’s body deep enough into the cheap thin mattress that Adam could feel the springs digging into his back.

It just added more pain to the dark tornado of agony and terror that roared through Adam’s mind.

The Trucker looked down approvingly.  He leered maliciously into the youth’s bulging, horrified eyes—all of the boy’s face that was visible above his hands.  As he smiled, he tightened his grip brutally, digging his fingers deep into the flesh of the kid’s cheeks.  “Mmmmpphhh!” the punk moaned, his long lashes fluttering as his eyes rolled back in his head.

The last thing Adam heard as he plunged into a bottomless black sea of pain, was a faint whisper, “Lights out, bitch.”


Silence.  The Trooper was getting frustrated again.  He had to be in one of two rooms—but which?  They were equally quiet.  And he had to be sure; he didn’t want to tip the dude off by causing a ruckus at the wrong door.  It had to be sudden, a surprise.

Besides, he was still technically on duty and could be called away at any moment; otherwise he’d have just hung around and got the guy once he left the room.

Beyond that, though, he had his own reasons for wanting to catch the dude in the act.  Reasons that got him hard.  Reasons that would have gotten him fired and more if they became known.

Yeah, he wanted to find this dude.  He could really give a shit if the kid was still alive when he got there; he wouldn’t be for long in any case.

The Trooper stood, again feeling the need to stretch.  He flexed his thick firm legs, making sure not to thump the soles of his boots too loudly on the pavement.  Just as he was about to return to his listening position, a flash of headlights swept through the parking lot.  The lithe young man darted into an alcove between the rooms, a dark space containing a loudly-malfunctioning ice machine, just as a car pulled up a couple of spaces away.

From the recesses of the alcove, the Trooper was able to peer around the corner and observe the occupants.  Straight couple—odd for this neighborhood.  They got out of the car, still talking animatedly, but the ice machine made their conversation inaudible.  Closer inspection, though, revealed that the chick was a tranny.  They were probably arguing about her fee.

They needed to hurry up.  The Trooper still didn’t know where his quarry was.  He was getting impatient…


There were storms on the sea of pain and one of them tossed Adam up on the rocky shore of consciousness; a thin, sharp sensation as he struggled to inhale through his mashed nose, now so miraculously free.

The other pain, though…  Nothing had dimmed the excruciating torture in his rectum; the agony was so intense he half believed he was being sodomized with a splintered wooden shaft; he’d been fucked many times before, no dude’s cock could be tearing him up like that…

The Trucker loomed over him, grinning.  “Welcome back, slut.  Ya didn’t think I was gonna let ya go that easy, didja?”  Clenching the fingers still stretched over the boy’s mouth, the Trucker managed to elicit another squeal of distress.  He responded to it by spitting into Adam’s flushed, distorted face.

Leaning back down over the trapped youth, the Trucker lowered his voice to a deep guttural snarl.  “Naw, you useless motherfucker, you gotta earn a clean death.  I’m gonna kill ya now.  I’m gonna close off your air and let you slowly die on my cock.  It’s gonna hurt, bitch, it’s gonna hurt so fuckin’ bad.  There’s only gonna be one way to end the pain, faggot—ya gotta make me cum.  I promise, cunt—the moment I unload, I’ll snap yer neck and put you out of your misery.  But until then, I’m gonna make sure your last moments are nightmarish.”

Adam stared blankly up at his tormentor. He’d heard the words but the second he understood them he decided not to understand them. The Trucker, however, wasn’t going to let him get away with it.  “The more it hurts you, cunt, the better it feels for me.  The better it feels for me, the more I hurt you.  Only way to stop it is to work my shaft with your homo fuckhole till ya milk the sperm outta me.  Then I’ll end for ya, nice and quick.  Got it, punk?  Ya better, cause it’s time to saddle up and ride ya till ya die in a fountain of spunk—yee-haw, motherfucker!”

He bent down and with his face just inches from that of his victim, neatly pinched Adam’s nose off between his thumb and forefinger.

The kid started jerking and twisting his head.  The Trucker was strong enough to grind Adam’s septum between his fingers without letting the teen’s struggles have the slightest chance of breaking free—and all with no visible effort.

He simply lay on top of the kicking, panicking youth, his cock fully inserted into the punk’s shuddering colon.  Still gripping Adam’s jaw and clamping his nose shut, the Trucker stared into the boy’s wide, terrified eyes, watching them swell as the pressure built in his head…

“Bet it’s startin’ to hurt now, huh?  Can ya feel the blood pooling in your head?  That pounding you hear, that’s your pulse.  Your heart is trying to get the last of the oxygenated blood into your brain—cause once that stops, your brain starts dyin’.  And there ain’t no comin’ back from that, motherfucker.  So just lie back and enjoy the show, you worthless faggot slut, while I use your death throes to jack off.”

Adam was still awake enough to know what was happening.  His reflexes were still sodden with alcohol but without the merciful dulling of edges conferred by drunkenness.  His reaction was swift and violent.


The Trooper’s reaction was just as swift, but much less violent for the moment.  The guy and the tranny had gone into the room he’d been watching.  That could only mean one thing—it was the other room, the one on the other side of the lot.

He stepped out of the alcove and was about to cross the lot when a raucous burst of profanity drew his attention to five young men walking across the street from the bar, all in one group.  Half-dressed twinks, they slobbered and pawed over each other seemingly at random as they ambled towards the office.

Goddammit!  The Trooper slipped reluctantly back up onto the pavement in front of the rooms.  One of the punks had gone into the office, but the others were still standing about in a giggling gaggle of twee little boys.  The Trooper snorted with disgust as he edged his was around to the other side along the pavement, not openly crossing the lot.  In this case, the most direct way would have taken him right in front of the fluttering fuckin’ butterflies…

On the other hand, it might not be a bad idea to see which room they got.  Just in case this wasn’t as fun as he’d planned—nothing wrong with having a Plan B.


As Adam slowly died beneath him, the Trucker amused himself by taunting the traumatized youth, fucking his mind no less brutally than his ass.  As his cock ripped and tore the teen’s guts, his jeering slashed at the stunned boy’s psyche, flaying his soul with terror.

“What’s it feel like, boy?  What’s it feel like to die with a dick up yer ass?  What’s it like knowin’ yer gonna be found pumped fulla cum and snuffed in a cheap motel next to a faggot bar, huh?  Gotta make yer momma and daddy proud, son!  C’mon, you queer-ass cock-suckin’ bitch, you gotta earn my load!”

Adam’s expression was one of terror and baffled despair; above the strong, tight, suffocating hands of his killer, his skin of his face was becoming livid and blotchy.  His blond hair was dark and slick with sweat, the cold sweat forced out of the dying punk’s body in instinctive reaction to the fiery pain in his chest and head.  His legs kicked frantically, one of his hightop sneakers flying off his foot and bouncing off the right-hand wall.

“Fuck yeah, you goddam homo whore, keep workin’ my tool—just like that, yeah.  Keep it up cunt, work for yer death.  It’ll be quick, faggot.  I’ll shatter your vertebrae so the bone shards slice open your spinal column.  It’ll hurt, holy fuckin’ hell, it’s gonna hurt but if ya keep goin’ out this way, it’ll be even worse—it’ll be a lot longer.

So c’mon, ya piece of shit, time to decide.  Work my ass.  Work with me, boy, and I’ll end your useless life in a swift blast of excruciating pain—

—or let your will to live keep you alive for another few seconds as I narrate what parts of your brain are dying.  Your choice.  Let’s see how much of a masochistic pig you really are.  You wanna die, to end it?   Work with me now.  That’s it, son, work with my thrusts, let your quivering fuckhole massage my dick.  Yeah, boy, you’re gettin’ it.  Keep it up and I’ll stop the pain.  Just like that, yeah, and I snuff your worthless life and end your misery.”

Adam nodded violently, but it would have been difficult for an outside observer to tell if it was in acquiescence or involuntary.  He was back in the howling black vortex, but this time was different—Adam didn’t want to escape.  His universe had coalesced into a bright point of burning pain and all that could assuage the agony was the icy coldness of death.

And that’s when he shot his wad.

All his pain, all his trauma, all his bitterness seemed to be distilled into his semen; it burned like acid as it boiled its way out of his somehow-erect cock, the sheer flaming agony of his over-sensitive nerves highlighting the shocking sense of physical betrayal as the shattered remains of Adam’s personality were sucked into frigid eternity.

One last spark of sentience received pain stimuli from the rectum and lower intestines; a sensation of boiling liquid heat.  There was no time to process the sensation of having cum shot up his dying ass; Adam simply registered the pain and died.

The Trucker gasped and steadied himself on the bed, his dogtags jangling as his muscled form shuddered in orgasm.  Beneath him, the punk’s face was almost black, his eyes swollen horribly.  The Trucker smiled gently and whispered, “Promised I’d snap yer neck if ya got me off.”

Still grasping the youth’s jaw with one hand, the Trucker wrapped the other in Adam’s sweat-drenched hair.  A quick, brutal jerk, instantly followed by the snapping, shattering sound of a greenstick fracture, and the teen’s head lolled limply and grotesquely on his chest.  As his vertebrae exploded, his body jerked as if an electrical shock had been applied—as indeed it had; one last blast of electrochemical activity along dead nerves.  The corpse’s cock, jolted back to life momentarily, stood up and sent one last spurt of seed up to splash against the underside of the Trucker’s jaw.

Trembling and tingling with the pleasure of a job well done, the Trucker slid his still-engorged shaft, still slimy with his own cum, out of the corpse’s quivering asshole.  His swollen purple head popped out of the torn sphincter, followed by a pink discharge of mingled blood and semen.

He needed to calm down for a moment, to regain some control and slow his breathing and pulse.  Scooping his t-shirt off the floor, he fished his smokes and lighter out of the pocket.  Lighting one, he relaxed and admired the view of Adam’s smooth lean body sprawled helplessly on the bed, feet still kicking–one tightly laced in its black leather sneaker, the other only half-covered by the Nike athletic sock which was being slowly pulled off by the corpse’s convulsions.

Striding quickly to the bathroom, the Trucker tossed his butt into the toilet and flushed it before turning on the shower.  He followed his prior MO of cleaning himself off and tossing the towels in the shower to wash away the evidence.  But unlike the last one, this cunt might not have been with anyone else tonight.

Time to wash some meat.

Stepping back into the room, the Trucker grabbed the corpse’s hand and dragged the still-kicking body into the bathroom, positioning it so he could get it into the bathtub and flush out the anal cavity.

And then a knock at the door changed everything.

Party & Punish

Tommy was out looking for a good time and he was reasonably certain of finding one. He’d accentuated his lean, hard body with the kind of clothing Ralph liked to see him in. Tight skinny jeans in black, with a purple sleeveless t-shirt highlighting the contours of his smooth, slim chest, just giving the slightest hint of pectoral muscles. Ankle-high skate shoes of the same color completed his mating plumage.

He was nineteen, with long brown hair that stopped just short of his shoulders. His full red lips were surrounded with a faint fuzz of the same color; Tommy liked to imagine that it was a virile goatee. In reality it was a sparse haze that actually made him look a little younger than he actually was. At any rate, it certainly accomplished its purpose of attracting the eye; he got lots of admiring glances. Tonight he’d try for more than just a glance.

Ralph was sound asleep and had no idea Tommy had even left, much less taken the car. But Ralph was fat and middle-aged; the only reason Tommy tolerated him was because he had money—and was willing to spend it on Tommy. But, of course, nothing is free. Ralph liked to get fucked. Problem was, so did Tommy. So Tommy banged him and got access to the house, car, and bank account—but he didn’t get the sex he wanted.

Tonight wasn’t the first time he’d sneaked out after Ralph had fallen asleep. His slim form behind the wheel of the huge Cadillac had become a familiar sight as he trolled the back streets for hustlers. A quick pickup, some party drugs and a cheap motel room gave Tommy some release after performing for his sugar daddy all day (not that Tommy actually did anything for Ralph that day or most others, but he considered just being around the man was work enough).

Tommy, in other words, was a cheap whore looking for a cheap whore; the only difference between him and the rentboys he hooked up with was that he was filling a longer-term position than they did. But the motivations and mentality were the same.

Well, usually. Tommy didn’t know it, but tonight he’d find someone with motivations he couldn’t possibly have imagined.

He eased the big car around the corner onto the street that ran behind the clubs. This was the spot he picked up most of his tricks, but the two guys he saw—one at the corner, the other under a streetlight more than halfway down the block—had the same build he did. Tommy wasn’t interested; he wanted a real man to fuck the shit outta him tonight. These kids couldn’t give his ass the workout he was looking for.

That meant turning west and heading towards the highway. He’d expected this; it was where the rough trade was located, and rough was exactly what he wanted. He didn’t care if the guy was a junkie—hell, Tommy would take a hit or a bump along with him—but he had to have power and stamina.

He wasn’t always in the mood to get treated like a sex toy—well, no, that wasn’t true; he always liked it rough but that usually cost extra. Ralph would want to know where the money went. It came from his account, so he’d notice most of the time and Tommy would have to come up with a convincing lie about a necessary expenditure.

But Ralph had been generous; he’d just gotten a bonus from work and had given Tommy a large amount of cash, to do with as he wished. Naturally, Tommy couldn’t wait to get away from him and go spend it.

As a result, Tommy had promptly impaired his already negligible sense of judgment. He was slightly (read: extremely) intoxicated, having gotten Ralph to sleep by spending the evening insisting they get drunk in celebration of the bonus—knowing that the older man was diabetic and would pass out after three very strong cocktails.

He was also very high; he always had a steady supply of weed. Ralph knew and disapproved, but continued to pay for it on the basis that fucked-up Tommy was considerably easier to live with than stone-cold sober Tommy.

Long story short: one very high twink slut cruising around looking for rough sex. A recipe for disaster, but Tommy had gotten away with it before; this was far from the first time. He knew what he was doing—he thought.

He’d travelled about a mile and a half west when he spotted a dude hanging out on the periphery of a run-down convenience store; the kind of place with wire mesh in the windows and where business after dark is conducted via a drawer under three inches of bullet-proof glass.

He was standing next to a pole that had been installed thirty years ago to hold a payphone; the metal shell with the Ma Bell logo was still extant. A fluorescent light, still working, illuminated him, but the placement of a huge garbage bin blocked the view of the store itself. Tommy slowed abruptly—holy fuck, this one was hot.

He wasn’t tall, certainly not over six feet, but he was extremely well-built and dressed to show it. He had a swarthy, almost Italian appearance, with short jet-black hair and eyebrows. His face, with large dark eyes, even features and a Roman nose, was almost that of a model, but dark circles under the eyes testified to some…unhealthy habits.

He wore a denim vest, skin-tight jeans, combat boots—and, as near as Tommy could tell, nothing else. His huge smooth chest was clearly visible under the vest, swelling in front before dropping to the rippling firmness of his muscled abdomen. Given the dark-blue shadow wrapped around the hustler’s jaw, Tommy guessed the guy must shave his chest regularly; otherwise, it’d have to be covered in black hair. His lower arms certainly were, but not quite enough to hide the needle tracks in the inner elbow of his left arm. His upper arms bulged with biceps, though; they looked like they barely fit through the holes in the vest.

His jeans were so tight, his legs looked like they’d been painted with denim. Tommy was kinda surprised that he’d been able to find jeans that tight that still had such a large area in the crotch; nonetheless, the long tube of flesh was clearly defined as it strained the material. Tommy’s eyes slid down the hustler’s legs to his combat boots, laced, but not tied. He caught a glint of light from something stuck inside the right boot, but it didn’t register.

He wanted this guy inside him. He wanted to feel the dude’s cum splashing in his guts.

The hustler had noticed him the moment he braked. He approached as the passenger window rolled down. Up close, Tommy noticed the guy was sweaty and jittery. Serious junkie then—good. They usually can be gotten pretty cheap.

“Dude, I got a hundred plus whatever kinda hit you want if you’ll bang me like a screen door in a tornado.”

The hustler bent down to the window and grinned. “You payin’ for the hit? Sure. Keep drivin’ and pull over when I tell ya.” He opened the door and hopped in.

Tommy went three and a half blocks further west before the trick told him to pull over outside a decrepit apartment complex. The muscled dude got out and vanished into the darkness of the complex courtyard. Tommy waited patiently. When he’d slipped the whore two twenties for the coke, he’d made sure he’d seen that there was plenty more where that came from. The dude would be back.

Unfortunately for him, he was right.

In fact, he wasn’t gone more than five minutes. He reappeared from the shadows, still grinning, striding along with the smooth feral grace of a panther. Tommy got hard just watching him walk.

The moment the hustler was back in the car, Tommy pointed it west. A mile or two away some worn-out motor court motels still stood on what had once been the state highway. But the interstate had been put in a mile still further west, some fifty years ago. What had once been valuable commercial land was now mostly vacant lots strewn with rubble and glass shards. The two motels still standing survived by renting by the hour, no questions asked, open twenty-four hours. Given the hourly rate, the low overhead and the general utility of the places, they were probably making someone a mint.

Tommy pulled into the Shamrock Motel. He threw the car into park near the office and got out. He wasn’t quite as incapacitated as to forget to take the keys with him. He doubted the dude would take the car and go, but there was no sense in taking chances.

By the time the irony of that phrase was driven home to Tommy, he was in no position to appreciate the lesson.

Tommy left the car in the middle of the parking lot—wisely, perhaps, since everyone else had parked in front of the rooms and he was far too fucked up to fit the huge Caddy between the lines. He handed the key to the whore as he shut off the engine. Once they got out and he locked the doors, he stumbled after the dude, who headed straight towards the room.

The hustler had gone in and turned on the light by the time Tommy got to the door. He already knew what to expect—the cheap, thin, mis-matched carpet; the dented AC unit squealing like stuck pig for the sole purpose of pushing the fetid air around, the antique TV chained to the dresser, and burn marks on everything.

The stud already had his kit out and had drawn up the coke powder in a couple of syringes. He turned and faced Tommy and unzipped his fly. He reached in and uncurled his long, semi-soft cock like a length of rope.

“You want my cock? Pay me. Gimme the money, we’ll do a bump and I’ll fuck ya, man. I can get hard when I’m high. But I gotta get the money first.”

Tommy had been stripping while the hustler was talking. He bent down and retrieved his wallet from the pocket of his jeans on the floor. He made sure the hustler saw that the Franklin he slipped out had company, figuring the dude might be willing to go a bit further than most if he know Tommy would make it worth his while. For once, Tommy was dead right.

He placed the wallet on the dresser and continued to undress until he was wearing nothing but his socks and purple skate shoes. His dick, thin but long, jutted in front like a flagpole. The whore tied Tommy off with a strip of rubber and shot him up. As Tommy started to feel the train, the hustler injected himself. As the rush set in, he grabbed Tommy and threw him face-down on the bed.

Tommy had a metallic taste in his mouth; he knew he was seriously high and about to get plowed. He was happier than a pig in shit—which was a pretty good description of his situation. He moaned in pleasure as he felt the hustler grab his wrists and roughly twist his arms behind him. “Stay like that, bitch; I’m gonna tie you down before I fuck ya,” he heard whispered into his ear. He did as he was told.

He felt a cord wrapped multiple times around his wrists, painfully, before being tied in an excruciatingly tight knot. He moaned again, his mouth stretched into a broad grin. “Fuck yeah, man, rape the fuck outta me, dude,” he muttered. “Shut up, bitch,” the whore snarled back. Tommy buried his face in the pillow in a wave of pig lust, never wondering how the hell his hands would get untied after being bound so securely.

When it came, it was even more brutal than Tommy had been expecting. His head was forced violently down into the thin, scratchy pillows a split second before the dude’s cock tore its way through his sphincter.

Tommy screamed. It was muffled to a faint cry by the pillows. He twisted and writhed, instinctively seeking escape from the pain; it felt like someone had stuck a light bulb up his ass. He hadn’t realized the whore was this big—and as much as Tommy had whored his own ass out, that said a lot.

“Shut the fuck up, you piece of shit, and take my fuckin’ cock,” snarled the rough trade trick. Tommy writhed in pig lust, enjoying the pain. Deep in his slut soul, he loved being treated like the whore he truly was, and he didn’t mind paying for it.

The dude pulled Tommy closer to mount him more securely. Tommy could feel his jeans rasping against his outer thighs with each thrust, could feel the older man’s boots flexing against his own feet in rhythm with each agonizing penetration of his ass. Suddenly, the trick straightened his back and pulled his vest off, his massive, muscled chest slick with sweat, his pecs and biceps glistening in the dim light—not that Tommy, face down on the bed, was in a position to appreciate any of it.

“Ya like that, ya little fuckin’ faggot,” sneered the trick as he pumped Tommy’s ass. Given that he was still forcing Tommy’s face into the pillow, the expectation of a reply would probably be unreasonable. He let go, disentangling his hand from Tommy’s long hair for a moment. Tommy raised his head and gasped for air, emitting faint whines with each lungful.

The trick grabbed him roughly and turned him slightly on his left side, bringing his own right leg up and planting his right boot in front of Tommy’s face. Tommy had a perfect view when the dude pulled the folding buck knife out of his loose boot. His eyes widened as the trick opened it, revealing a serrated five-inch blade.

“What the fuck, man?” he whispered hoarsely. “What’s that for?”

“”It’s to stick into you, you worthless faggot. Fuckin’ homo. You deserve to die, you fuckin’ pervert.”

Tommy gulped, then giggled nervously. “Dude, stop kidding. You’re fucking me too good not to like this. What’s it for?”

“It’s for you, you fucking cocksucking slut. Goddam fucking cock pig, I’m gonna waste ya and have some fun with your money. You’ll keep me high for a week at least, maybe more. Understand this, you fuckin’ bitch, I ain’t no faggot; I’m just wastin’ ya for your money. But I figure, why not enjoy myself while I put down another useless homo cunt?”

Deep within Tommy’s drug- and alcohol-hazed brain, the true danger of his situation began to seep through. He started to snivel and blubber, begging incoherently, not realizing how much his desperate babbling was turning the trick on. The fact that the guy’s rod seemed to have swollen to fill his entire rectum should have been a clue; Tommy had never experienced so painful a fuck to begin with. Every vein wrapped around his massive shaft seemed to force Tommy’s ass open even further.

“Fuckin’ A,” came a deep, lust-filled whisper into his ear, “I’m gonna kill you, cunt. You’re gonna die with my cock up your ass. Ain’t no one gonna miss a worthless little fuckhole like you. What, you got some sugar daddy payin’ yer bills? Dude, he’s gonna thank me for wastin’ your ass.”

Tommy was in deep panic by this point. He was frozen in fear, unable to process what was happening. So far the hustler was threatening him, but Tommy couldn’t see the knife any more. Maybe he got off on talking tough…

The first thrust of the blade, when it came, was nothing like Tommy had anticipated. It was almost icy cold, a quick penetration into his right side; thrust and twist, then out again. He gasped in shock, uncertain what had actually just happened.

Whatever it was, he knew it was bad. He reacted as expected; the trick could feel his hands clench involuntarily in pain and fear. Tommy drew his legs up in shock; the rough trade junkie could feel his victim spasm uncontrollably beneath him as the punk went into clinical shock. But the junkie wasn’t done with him yet.

The next few minutes of Tommy’s life—the last few minutes of Tommy’s life—were the stuff of nightmares. The torture inflicted on him far exceeded his own pig needs and wants.

The trick timed the thrusts of his knife to the thrusts of his dick; each time his long hard cock tore into Tommy’s guts, his long cold blade ripped into Tommy’s lungs, or liver, or stomach. At one point, the dude pulled Tommy up on his knees and, reversing his blade, thrust upwards into Tommy’s soft, smooth belly, slicing holes in his abdomen.

Tommy cried in pain and fear, sniveling and babbling as he died in horrible agony, terror seizing control of his body and rendering him utterly incapable of resisting as he was raped and murdered. And somewhere deep inside, as he felt the cold knife tearing into him, he knew that this was exactly what he’d always deserved, what he’d prowled the streets looking for.

It hurts, oh fucking god it hurts, please end it now I’m full of him his dick his knife oh fuck he’s sticking me everywhere shit the pain stop the pain oh fucking god stop the pain this is it his cock is plugging the hole in my soul or is it his knife it doesn’t matter he’s in me I’m going fuck that burns my ass so bad is that his cum it burns so fucking bad no not yet not ye–

The hustler took a couple of minutes to let his tool drain into the corpse, with the ease of someone who’d had a great deal of experience at this. After the quivering, bleeding meat milked his shaft dry, the muscled junkie pulled his swollen shaft out of the twitching smooth buttocks. He toweled the sweat off his hard, gleaming body and opened the wallet to empty it of cash before tossing it onto the huddled bleeding mass of hamburger on the blood-soaked bed.

“Fuck yeah, cunt, you’re gonna keep me higher than fuck for a long time,” he said with a grin to the still-twitching corpse on the stained bedspread. Slipping his vest (blood-free since he’d had the foresight to remove it) back on and stuffing his still-dripping dick back into his jeans, the whore searched Tommy’s jean for his keys.

As he walked out the door, he took a last backwards glance. Tommy’s blood-soaked corpse, eyes wide open in terror, gaped at the left-hand wall, his hair fanned out over his shoulders, his knees drawn up and his ass in the air. It was obvious that he’d been fucked and wasted like the useless cunt he was.

Ralph got his car back; it was found outside the drug complex with the keys in it. It had sustained no damage. Ralph himself cried for the better part of a week after learning of Tommy’s death, but within three months, found his finances improved. A year later, he moved to a much nicer neighborhood…

The Mule

The wind whipped round Josh’s helmet as he throttled his bike up over the speed limit. The Kawasaki lurched as he let off the clutch, almost throwing him. He knew he’d get pulled over if a trooper saw him out here on a state highway, going ninety miles an hour, and he didn’t have the skill to outrun a highway patrol car, anyway. But he was running out of time and had to take the risk.

And anyway, getting a speeding ticket wasn’t so bad. They’d never think anyone on a crotch rocket would be smuggling drugs. It wasn’t like he had any place to conceal them except his backpack; and there was nothing there but dirty clothes and toiletries. His youth would probably count against him—he was twenty but looked younger—but it was obvious he had nothing secreted about him.

He wore a skintight black t-shirt that showed the outlines of his pectoral muscles and the exact placement of his nipples. From under the sleeve stretched around his right bicep a snake tattoo writhed down his sweat-covered arm. Leather gloves kept his grip firm on the handlebar. His jeans were so tight they weren’t capable of hiding anything, neither his wallet attached by a chain to his belt or the thick gourd-like bulge that mushroomed out of his groin. The jeans clung to his leg down to the point where they disappeared into his calf-high black motorcycle boots with thick buckled straps circling his legs. No real reason to suspect he’d be carrying anything else.

And even if they did, even the dogs wouldn’t be able to sniff out the fourteen small balloons filled with heroin working their way through his intestines. He certainly hadn’t had any problem boarding his flight from Mexico six hours ago; he’d passed through the security at Escobedo International Airport in Monterrey without breaking a sweat.

He was sweating now, though. He wanted the damned things out of him and was cursing himself for ever getting involved. This was scary shit, dude, and Josh had every reason to be scared. But he had every reason to go on, too.

He’d never intended to get into debt with Rocky. But Josh hadn’t had a sugar daddy in a while (and never had worked in the usual sense of the word at all) and Rocky kept fronting the coke and meth—reeling him in, of course, though he’d been too doped up to see it.

He wasn’t doped up now. He’d found some while he was south of the border, but he’d used it all there. Even Josh wasn’t stupid enough to try to board an international flight with a bag of coke.

He was down, and down hard. He needed another boost. He needed to get back to Rocky. He knew that he was just getting himself in deeper, but it didn’t matter. Besides, there were other options. Rocky had offered to let him work off his debt with sex, but Josh chose being a drug mule with a sense of relief. Rocky was one of the hottest guys Josh knew, but he was also the scariest.

The man—Josh only knew that he was slightly older but was so well-built, Josh felt like a small child in his presence–was worse than a sadist; he was a sociopath. He’d let Josh watch some video he’d taken of one of his sessions with a delinquent customer. Josh had made him stop, pale and shaking, ten minutes in.

“I can’t believe he lived through that,” whispered Josh.

Rocky was silent. After thirty seconds, Josh ran to the bathroom and vomited.

And here he was, hurrying back like an anxious lover. But he thought he had an edge that would keep him safe for at least one night. And maybe he could tame the wild beast. Just one good fuck and Rocky would care enough for him not to hurt him.

Josh wasn’t old enough to have realized that sometimes a romantic nature can be fatal.

Rocky had arranged to meet Josh at a small motel on the rough side of town. He’d promised Josh some money and some extra coke when he showed up–his pay for a successful mission. Josh would hang around in the motel room until nature took its course and the balloons reappeared.

And maybe, just maybe, he’d let Rocky fuck him. He was counting on the fact that Rocky couldn’t afford to hurt him too badly until he got his heroin back to keep him safe. It never occurred to Josh that there was a flaw in his logic.

He’d called Rocky when he landed to confirm the meeting, so he already knew where to go and which room to knock at. He pulled off the state highway into the motel parking lot, hearing the gravel crunching under his tires. He cut the engine on the bike and got off, wheeling it over to room 113 so he didn’t attract too much attention with the noise.

Josh pulled off his helmet, revealing short, almost curly brown hair and thick, rosy cheeks that gave a hint of innocence to his cornflower-blue eyes that they certainly didn’t deserve. Leaving the helmet on the bike, he moved towards the building. The thick black soles of his boots clumped on the concrete walkway as he nervously approached the door.

Rocky opened up immediately. Josh gulped as the large muscular figure loomed in the doorway. Rocky was a good six inches taller than Josh. And while Josh certainly wasn’t underdeveloped, it was very clear that Rocky was much stronger than he was. Josh was still a bit unsettled just by being in the same room with the man; he radiated an air of menace and barely-suppressed violence that Josh found as erotic as it was disturbing.

Rocky let him enter and closed the door behind him. He stood grinning at Josh. Six and a half feet tall with short black hair under a baseball cap, Rocky was wearing nothing but his jeans and boots; his t-shirt was draped over the back of a chair. He’d been waiting here for Josh for a day or two and hadn’t bothered with his hygiene during that time. A faint musky reek of sweat drifted from him and his face was covered with rough black stubble.

It all made Josh hard. He stood silently, waiting for Rocky to say something, admiring his hard, firm body. Rocky’s left arm writhed with tattoos, a colorful sleeve of ink covering his bulging biceps from the shoulder to the wrist, too many shapes and patterns to assimilate. It was a warm evening and the AC wasn’t working well–Josh could see beads of sweat rolling down the smooth topography of Rocky’s chest and was filled with the desire to let his tongue trace the same path.

Rocky’s black jeans were too tight to leave much to the imagination; Josh felt that if he looked closely enough, he might even be able to see the veins wrapped around the huge, thick ridge outlined in denim in Rocky’s crotch.

Josh sat himself on the bed. Rocky looked down at him and couldn’t help noticing the huge hard-on tenting his jeans. He smiled to himself–he could have the kid anytime he wanted, just as he’d thought. Even though Josh had seen the kinds of things that got Rocky off in the sack, he’d still be willing to get fucked.

And once Rocky had Josh where he wanted him, there’d be no escape. He’d checked in with cash on Friday evening, at a time when the place was full of whores and tricks; no one had looked at him twice. He’d taken the room under a false name. No one would know who he was when all was said and done.

Well, Josh would know, but he wouldn’t be able to tell anyone.

Rocky reached down and grabbed his thick package. “How about it?” he asked Josh. “I know you want it. I seen ya lookin’. Get your clothes off and I’ll bang ya.”

Josh hesitated momentarily–the things on that video had been terrifying–but relaxed with the knowledge that Rocky wouldn’t be able to do anything bad to him; not if he wanted his heroin back. It would be different if he didn’t have this hold over Rocky, he reflected as he slipped off his high motorcycle boots and wriggled out of his skin-tight jeans. Thick white socks clung to Josh’s chiseled calves; his muscled legs rose to a smooth, slim torso with a flat belly that looked like silk covered with a fine down. His massive shaft swung excitedly between his legs as Josh jerked his shirt off over his head, tousling his hair.

Josh lay back on the bed, displaying his lithe, firm body for Rocky, trembling with anticipation. He’d always wanted Rocky inside him, but had been too scared of what Rocky would actually do to him. Now he could enjoy it, as rough as it might get, because he represented an investment that Rocky couldn’t afford to waste. As long as he’d been in debt to Rocky, Josh would never have let himself get this far into the dude’s power, but now the tables were turned and Josh had something Rocky needed. He felt safe to enjoy a good fuck with a dangerous man, without worrying about the consequences.

Rocky unzipped his fly and let his hog flop out like a length of sausage, dripping at the tip. He’d wanted Josh just as much as Josh wanted him, but he was smarter, stronger, and infinitely crueler and had worked things out to the smallest detail. He already knew the lust-tinged thoughts percolating through the hot younger boy’s mind and had worked on allaying his fears to the point that he knew Josh wouldn’t begin to resist until it was too late. The kid was young and strong, but he was also a drug-addicted slut and not very clever; there were things about the situation he’d overlooked–just as Rocky had expected.

But he’d notice some things. Rocky still needed a little compliance from him still. He tossed the kid a rock, a lighter and a glass straight. “Light up, man,” he chuckled. “After all, I want ya in a good mood when I fuck ya. And yer gonna wanna be numb before it’s over, anyways.”

As the sharp, sweet scent of crack and the bubbling hiss of the melting rock filled the room, Rocky sat on the bed, his eyes moving over Josh’s lean body, glistening with sweat. Josh was too busy to notice Rocky’s surreptitious movement, sliding his hand down to his black leather harness boot as if to check something.

Josh’s big purple cock was lying along his stomach like an iron rod. Rocky was too horny to wait any longer. Kneeling between Josh’s legs, he threw the boy’s feet, still in white athletic socks, up on his shoulder and began spearing the thick, spade-shaped head of his dick into the kid’s ass. Josh whimpered and grimaced in pain as Rocky’s fireplug shaft pierced him like a javelin. He groaned as Rocky thrust in even further.

“Shut up, bitch, I ain’t even halfway in yet,” Rocky snarled.

“Oh fuck, please go slow,” moaned Josh. “You’re too big. It hurts.”

“Yeah,” grinned Rocky, “I know.” And he rammed himself in even harder.

“Fuck!” cried Josh. “Get out–yer killin’ me! Ease off, man, I can’t do this!”

Rocky had managed to get one hand in his pocket. He smiled down at Josh as he pulled it back out, holding some cable ties. He’d already known that this would happen–it wasn’t the first time–and he was prepared. “Too late to back out now,” he whispered.

Josh’s eyes grew wide. He still didn’t realize the danger he was in; he wasn’t panicking–he just wanted Rocky to stop hurting him and suddenly realized that wasn’t going to happen. Before he could react, Rocky had secured his right hand to the headboard with one of the cable ties.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Josh yelled angrily. “You think I’m gonna give you your shit if you rape me? Ain’t happening, dude. Now untie me and get outta my ass. I’ll blow ya, but you’re too big to fuck me.” He was beating at Rocky’s broad, sculpted chest with his left hand, trying futilely to push the larger, stronger man off of him.

Rocky caught hold of Josh’s flailing arm by the wrist and cinched it to the headboard as well. Josh began jerking his arms harder in a desperate attempt to free them but only succeeded in making the thin but tough plastic strap embed itself even more painfully in his skin.

Josh was beginning to realize that things weren’t going according to his plan. He whimpered and began to thrash but wasn’t able to move very much. He was pinned down to the bed, practically nailed to the mattress by Rocky’s enormous cock, his legs almost immobilized by Rocky’s strong arms.

Suddenly, Rocky bent forward, folding Josh’s legs until his knees were resting on his chest and Rocky’s leering, terrifying face hung a foot over his own. Josh just had time to wonder why he’d never noticed the homemade teardrop tattoo by Rocky’s eye before it hit him that not only was his ability to move restricted even further now, he also couldn’t get a deep enough breath to enable him to cry out loudly.

He stared fearfully into Rocky’s eyes and saw lust reflected back—but an ice-cold lust that regarded him as an object to be used for mere pleasure and discarded. Rocky wouldn’t “care for him” after just one fuck.

Rocky would dispose of his corpse after just one fuck.

Terror, true terror, can have different effects on different people (to state the obvious) and in Josh’s case, it induced a flaccid immobility. Rocky realized at once what had happened. He spit on Josh’s face, watching his spittle gleam on those rubicund cheeks.

“You—you can’t. You can’t kill me,” Josh whispered in horror, “I’ve still got your stuff in me…”

Rocky smiled gently. He moved his arm down to his boot and back, holding up a serrated hunting knife with a black seven-inch blade that he’d retrieved from his boot sheath. He reached his heavily-tattooed left arm down to stroke Josh’s face as he whispered in reply, “Who sez ya gotta be alive for me to get my shit back?”

The realization of the huge gap in his reasoning made Josh rigid with mental shock; he’d walked willingly into the lion’s den. And tonight, the lion was hungry.

Rocky had been waiting for the rigidity. He felt Josh’s sphincter tighten around his cock. Throwing himself back up on his knees, he pulled Josh’s body back towards him with as much force as he could, impaling the boy on his swollen shaft.

Josh wailed loudly. Rocky hit him—move of a love tap, really, didn’t even leave much of a bruise—and Josh subsided into a quiet sobbing. Rocky bent forward, fully inserted into the boy’s ass and stroked his tear-stained face again. He started to whisper once more. ”Hey, hey, hey. Shhh. C’mon, look up at me. It’s ok. I’m just kidding. I ain’t gonna cut the shit outta your dead body. Really, I ain’t.”

Josh snuffled and blinked hopefully up into Rocky’s face. The gentle smile encouraged him. “You’re not?” he whispered tremulously.

Rocky was straight up on his knees, with the kid’s legs parted around him, his hard strong body looming over the helpless, bound youth. He toyed with the knife for a moment, his smile fading slowly. “No,” he said. “I’m gonna cut it outta ya while you’re still alive, you useless cunt.”

His arm flashed down like lightning. Before Josh had enough time to process the words spoken to him, all seven inches of black cold carbon steel had torn through his hard flat abdomen, ripping viciously through his intestines.

The force of the blow made Josh exhale violently. There was nothing wrong with his lungs—yet—and he inhaled again immediately, only to blast it out again in agony.

Rocky leaned down and grabbed Josh’s jaw with his left arm. Josh’s field of vision was filled with Rocky’s leering face as the vicious sadist twisted the knife in his entrails. His eyes, circled with black rings of shock, looked up blankly into those of his assailant.

“Fuck yeah,” moaned Rocky as he yanked the knife up outta the wound, “lookit that nice fuckhole. Want me to stick it in there, Josh? Yeah, you’re just dyin’ for a hard cock inside of you, aincha, faggot?”

He held the knife in front of Josh’s eyes. Even in the chemical stew of shock, Josh realized that the bleeding shreds of meat caught in the serrations were parts of himself.

“Business before pleasure, though,” chortled Rocky as Josh’s rectum tensed at the root of his cock again; a spontaneous reaction to the pain. Inserting the knife back into the wound, he began cutting upwards, away from himself, slicing through the smooth flesh and opening a slit in the abdominal cavity.

Josh’s eyes grew so large in shock and horror that Rocky almost thought they’d pop. He was enjoying himself. He’d been right; Josh was fun to fuck. Shame it’d only be the once, but it was worth it. Josh was working his cock real good.

“Yeah, you little punk, time to get my investment back. Thought you could hold my delivery ransom till you got fucked, huh? How you like it, bitch? Was this the fuck you wanted? It’s damn sure the one I wanted. Set you up from the beginning, you cunt. Gave you the shittiest leftovers from making rock and meth—didn’t cost me a dime, bitch, but it got ya to think you had to go get me the real stuff. So now I’m gettin’ the real shit back and havin’ a little fun, too. Fuck yeah, dude, we shoulda done this sooner. You’re a great lay, motherfucker.”

In the vain denial of death that only the young and strong truly possess, Josh raised his head as he continued to flail his arms, trying to free himself. He was not equipped mentally for the sight of Rocky pulling out loops of his small intestine and slicing them open. The older man had felt through them with his hands until he’d located the balloons—and started cutting. Now he was squeezing Josh’s guts and popping the heroin out like he was shelling peas.

Josh shuddered and went rigid. His ass tightened in agony around Rocky’s dick once again. Rocky leaned back, dropping the slippery organ he’d been clutching—he’d just removed the last one—and inhaled deeply in blood-soaked lust.

He looked down at Josh. The boy lay beneath him, exposed, vulnerable. A four-inch slit, from which a pink loop of slashed intestine protruded slightly, ran up his belly. He was otherwise unmarked.

Aside, of course, from the mask of terror and agony stretched tightly across his young, innocent-looking face.

Josh’s brain was too full to work. He knew he was watching himself die. The pain itself would have rendered him unable to move, but the realization that he had never known that someone could actually go that far

How could he not have thought it? After the video he’d been shown, how could he not have realized that Rocky would go to these lengths? He’d been a fool…

He deserved it. Deep in his pig soul, he knew this was how his worthless life would end; this was why he was attracted to Rocky in the first place. Because Rocky was enough of a man to use him as he deserved to be used and then toss him aside like a reamed-out fucktoy whose utility was long gone. He’d served his brief purpose and could be disposed of; he knew it and welcomed it.

But the physical intervenes, as they say. Whatever Josh’s little crotch-rocket-riding, biker-gear-wearing soul craved, his body wanted to live. It fought back.

Rocky had counted on it. From long experience, he’d recognized the deathpig symptoms the moment he’d met Josh. He’d groomed him towards this moment, letting little hints drop about what was in store; just enough to titillate. He’d known, no matter what Josh had said, the boy would be turned on by the thought of a man who could to something like that to him.

Well, now the little fuck was getting it. He shuddered and jerked, looking up at Rocky’s face beseechingly, the skin on his face taut with agony. Rocky ran his eyes down the youth’s slim, blood-streaked body. Deep in the kid’s rectum, the head of Rocky’s dick was banging away at his victim’s prostate. Josh’s thick tool slapped against his belly in time to the pounding his ass was getting.

If Rocky had been inclined to remorse—he wasn’t—this would have ended it. Despite the horrible pain and the terror of imminent death, the punk was hard. It was all the proof Rocky needed that he’d been right; the little shit was a deathpig. Getting offed was getting him off.

Josh probably wouldn’t have put it in those terms, if he had been capable of putting things in any terms at all. At the moment, all he could do was lie back and try to breathe. Keep breathing was the thought he kept clinging to like a spar tossing on a violent sea of pain. If you’re breathing you’re still alive oh fuck keep breathing oh shit he’s so fucking deep in me oh god please just breathe…

His full, red lips, parted, gasping, drew Rocky’s eyes to the kid’s pale, snot-covered face. “I know,” he grinned down, “Hurts, don’t it? Must suck to get your guts yanked out, sliced open and then stuffed back in. But you knew it was coming, you fucking bitch. Thought you’d hold out on me? You wanted me to gut you like a deer, didn’t ya? You wouldn’t’a done it otherwise.”

Josh shuddered and sobbed violently, only able to express himself with faint mewling sounds. “Shut up!” snapped Rocky, backhanding Josh across the face with the hilt of the knife, splitting his upper lip and leaving a small laceration on his cheek. Josh’s blubbering became more subdued but did not cease altogether.

“You’re taking too long to die, fuckwad. You’re not bleeding out quick enough. I’m getting bored; you’re not worth keeping alive to fuck anymore. Your job is over, you useless piece of shit. When they find you—whatever parts of you they can find—they’re gonna know it’s just another sorry-ass drug mule who got cut up to get the load out. They ain’t gonna look for the load I put in ya. They ain’t even gonna look for me; dead thugs like you show up here all the time. They’re gonna haul your meat off and move on to the next dude. Get it, bitch? You’re gonna die on my cock and no one’s gonna know or care.”

Rocky leaned down over Josh’s face, carefully watching the reaction to his words. Once again, the mental shock produced a physical response, a tightening, stiffening throughout the entire body. Rocky could feel Josh’s colon wrap around his engorged rod like a glove.

This was it; this was the moment to hold. Before Josh was aware of what was happening, Rocky had clamped one hand down over his face and with the knife in the other, slashed brutally at his throat one, two, three—four times in lightning-quick succession.

Then he tossed the knife to the floor, placed his hands on Josh’s shoulders and, with his dick planted firmly in Josh’s ass, watched the kid die.

Josh’s eyes, already wide with shock, rolled back as his throat was sliced open. He could taste his own blood; could hear himself gargle his life away—and could feel an uncontrollable swelling in his cock. As he began to gray out, his blood pressure dropped dramatically everywhere but in his groin, where his muscles had locked in excruciating rigidity in reaction to the penetrating pain of Rocky’s enormous tool.

Josh’s entire body rocked with convulsions as he fought to stay conscious, desperately clinging to his wasted life. His asshole constricted tightly around Rocky’s shaft, tugging at it as if suction was being applied.

Suddenly, the open wound in the kid’s throat was covered in pink foam as he drowned in his own blood. Josh’s last physical sensation as everything faded into a screaming whiteness was that there was a white-hot wire running down the center of his dick; his final orgasm was so intense that his dying brain was too dull to interpret between pleasure and pain.

Josh’s body thrashed and flailed as thick, ropy streams of semen flew from the purple, straining head of his cock, splattering both himself and Rocky. His ass clenched and grasped, milking a burning wad out of Rocky’s swollen, aching rod. As Josh’s final loads splashed on Rocky’s chin and spattered his arms, obscuring some of his tattoo, the kid’s legs kicked away his last few seconds on earth, the white athletic socks still clinging to his sculpted calves but twisted around where he’d flailed against the denim of the jeans Rocky still wore.

Rocky grunted as he shot another load. He raised his arm and slammed the blade back down, grunting as the last wad of sperm exploded deep in Josh’s guts while the blade punched through the punk’s left pectoral and plunged directly into his quivering aorta. “Fuck, yeah…” moaned Rocky as he watched Josh’s eyes dilate and glaze over and a last milky spurt ooze from the fucker’s dick.

Rocky paused for a moment, waiting for the kid’s sphincter to relax in death. Once it did, he pulled his long hog back out of the corpse and stood up. Josh was on his back, legs spread, socks still on. His hands were bound to the headboard by the cable ties. A dull, gorgeous death stare gave a certain nobility to his violated corpse.

There was a lot of blood on the bed. Some had leaked from the opening sliced in his smooth flat belly (the protruding, sliced-open intestines testifying to the drug mule angle) down his flanks and stained the sheets at his sides, but most of the mess was up by his neck. The bloody froth exuded by his final breaths obscured the gaping wound where his throat had been torn out. And everywhere were pools of cum—which DNA testing would show were the victim’s own. And as Rocky knew, no one would care beyond that point. Just another addict pervert who made a really bad choice in a lifetime of bad choices.

Rocky showered quickly. He’d managed to keep the blood off his jeans and boots, but after throwing his t-shirt back on, he took Josh’s motorcycle boots—they’d fit him too. As for the rest—well, the maids in this part of town had dealt with worse.


“M4M—looking now.

Aggressive top looking for service.  32, built, 170, 6’4”.  Can host.  Looking for young only.  HMU.”

That’s all it says, but that’s all it has to.  I’m already hard just reading it.  No idea who this dude is, but I want his cum.  Thank you, Craigslist.

I reply with my stats:

“Hey man, want your dick.  19, 5’9”, 123 lbs.  Blond and smooth.  Willing to travel for your load. –teenslutboi”

I navigate the obstacle course of my bedroom floor, littered with piles of dirty laundry, to the tiny bathroom area.  The vanity and sink are actually part of the open closet; as I check my look in the mirror, I can see my remaining clean clothes hanging behind me.

What I wear will depend on the reply.  Fuck, man, please let him reply.  I’m so anxious my hands are trembling when I reach for the phone.  I can barely pull up my email account.

Man, I know I’m high, but there must be something else going on; it’s not like I’ve seen a pic of this guy, even.  But there’s something about his ad that makes me know I want him.

Fuck, there’s an answer. Please, please, pleasepleaseplease….

“Roehampton Suites, 15th and Park.  Reply when you get here and wait for directions.”

I look at the time—it’s about a quarter past eleven.  I’m one block off Park and four from 15th.  “OMW.  Be there by 11:30.”

I know the place; I’ve had hookups there before.  The entrance is locked after 10 pm.  There is no real lobby, the street door leads to a glass cubicle.  From it, the door on the left leads to the check-in desk, which is set so far back it can’t be seen.  The door on the right leads to the guest entrance and gives access to the rooms.

He’s gonna have to come down and let me in.  If I don’t like what I see, I can always leave.  But I think I’m gonna like it.

But that clears up one thing—I can’t dress too much like a slut.  Well, I mean, I ain’t gonna cover myself with a burka, but I can’t go full-on whore the way I’d like; this motel ain’t that kinda place.

So I find a clean simple t-shirt of thin white cotton.  I’ve shrunk it slightly.  My torso is smooth and slim, but the shirt is tight enough to highlight my small but firm pecs.  I tuck the shirt into the tightest pair of skinny jeans I have—they’re black, with elaborate designer stitching on the rear pockets, which draws attention to the way they lovingly cradle my firm bubble butt.

I cap it off—literally—with a black ball cap worn backwards, shoved down on my head.  Even so, the mirror shows unruly strands of blond hair peeking out underneath.

Just before leaving, I lace my white leather sneakers forcefully around my feet, tightening them almost painfully.

I’m ready to be used.

It actually takes me twenty minutes to get there; I missed a light because of an ambulance going through the intersection at the wrong moment.  I send a reply the moment I throw my car into park; I’ve parked on the side of the building out of sight of the entrance.

His response is swift and abrupt; he’ll be at the door in exactly three minutes to let me in.  I leave the car and hurry around the corner to be there in time.

Holy fuck, I’m glad I am.  He’s there—it has to be him.  Jesus Christ, what a fucking stud.

His short hair is dark and slightly curly—and receding slightly at the temples; a sure sign of an overabundance of testosterone.  His t-shirt is tighter than mine, stretched tautly across the massive swelling of his chest muscles.  It’s the same shade of electric blue as his eyes, coldly appraising me the way I’m appraising him.  The cuffs of the sleeves stretch tightly across his large biceps and down the inside of his left forearms is a large tattoo of a winged skull.

His jeans are as tight as his shirt; they aren’t skinny jeans like mine because skinny jeans wouldn’t fit over the massive knots of muscles in his thighs and calves.  Under the frayed denim cuffs, I can see he’s got on a pair of worn and scuffed square-toed ropers.

Did I say I could leave?  I can’t leave.  I have to have him.  I crave his cock.  I want his sperm so bad, please let him want me too, oh please…

I sigh with relief as he opens the doors and lets me in.  He gives me another quick cold glance before turning silently away and striding down the brightly-lit but empty hallway.  I follow, almost having to run to keep up with the pace of his long legs.

He arrives at his room and opens the door before I catch up; I manage to slip inside quickly—but realize I never caught a glimpse of the room number.  Not that it matters.

The dude turns to look at me calmly.  I notice the muscles bunched at the corners of his hard, frim jaw.  A heavy scruff of five o’clock shadow darkens the jaw as well as his cheeks.  “Well, what ya, waitin’ for, faggot?  Strip!” he barks.

I comply; even if I didn’t want to obey this stud, I don’t think I could have resisted his command.  There’s something about the scent coming off him—pheromones, maybe—that overrides the smell of bleach and industrial cleaning solvents in the relentlessly clean room and establishes his alpha status.

Sitting on the bed, I start with my shoes, unlacing them carefully before prying them off.  The dude stands over, watching, one hand rubbing an almost frighteningly huge bulge in his crotch.  He continues to rub himself as I stand up and wriggle out of my skinny jeans, so tight I almost need to peel them out of the crack of my ass.

Once free of the jeans, I jerk the shirt up and off over my head, taking my cap with it.  I stand before the dominant stud, nude except for my white ankle socks, my long, thin, vein-wrapped cock standing to attention in front of me.

He smirks at me and I know what he thinks.  He thinks I’m just some useless slut who wants his cock—and he’s right.  I’m anxious to prove it to him.

Suddenly he reaches down and grabs the hem of his t-shirt.  In a much smoother move than mine, he whips it off over his head in one swift motion, revealing his enormous pecs and six-pack abs.

There’s a dusting of dark fur across the stud’s bulging chest which darkens into a clearly-defined trail as it works its way down his firm belly and disappears below the waistband of his jeans.  A long, defined ridge in the denim extends outward from his groin; as he rubs his right hand over it, the ridge extends even further.

Holy fuck, what I have I gotten myself into?  I want his dick, but I’m not sure I can handle it—it’s literally that big.

But then my eyes are drawn inexorably upwards along the thick fur trail lining his belly, up past his muscular chest, glistening with sweat, his large dark nipples hard and erect like his cock, to his cold, hard, handsome face.  I know I’m going to submit.  No matter how much it hurts, for him, I’ll submit.

His eyes drift behind me.  He grunts and looks back at me.  I get it; he wants me on the bed.  Without allowing my gaze to shift from his face, I slowly back towards the double bed. I stop when I feel the slick polyester comforter against the back of my calves.  Gingerly, I ease my way back up onto the bed.  I hadn’t paid any attention to it before; the comforter and blankets, I now realize, have been turned down and soon the thin sheets, stiff with starch, are scraping my bare, smooth asscheeks.

Feeling behind me with one arm, I manage to snag the pillows and get them placed under my head.  I finally settle in on my back, my legs spread, my dick rising in front of me like a hood ornament.

I’m ready for him.

Silently, he continues to stare down at me, one hand on his groin, the other rubbing and fondling one of his nipples.  I can’t tell if that faint look of contempt on his face is his natural expression or not, but it doesn’t matter.  Somehow, it only seems to make him even hotter.

He unzips his fly.  He has to reach in with both hands to wrest his monster hog free from the confines of his tight jeans.

Oh fuck, it’s even bigger than I thought it would be—how is that even possible?  From here, it looks like a vine-wrapped fireplug.  Clear beads of precum glint on the swollen purple head.

A lump forms in my throat; I have trouble swallowing.  I cast my eyes downward as I gulp, only to find my gaze pulled irresistibly upwards.  His thick-soled ropers planted firmly on the thin carpet, those faded jeans becoming tighter around his legs the further up his thighs my eyes travel, that jutting, bobbing, dripping shaft, his massive chest with its fine haze of fur heaving in anticipation, his eyes—

Oh fuck, his eyes—what is that look?  I’ve never seen that kinda look before…

I think he’s more ready for me than I am for him.

He lunges—wait, what?  Dude, no lemme prepare myself—no wait stop for fuck’s sake use some lube don’t just hawk up phlegm on my ass get something to—


Breathe, just keep breathing, he can’t keep going his cock can’t be that long shit shit shit it feels like I’m getting a spear shoved up my ass FUCK DUDE STOP PLEASE OH PLEASE

There’s nothing else right now, nothing else in my universe but this huge, powerful man fucking me brutally in the ass.  The weight of his muscles pressing down on me, his fur scratching me as his body slides over mine on a film of our mingled sweat, the waves of manscent and pheromones exuded by his body as he pins me down and reams out my colon—this is all there is.

But he’s stopped.  He’s not driving in any further, oh thank you Jesus.  I can’t take any more.

I can’t speak.  I’m too full of cock.  My sphincter has already collapsed under the onslaught of his shaft, but I’m afraid to move.  Fuck oh fuck he’s so huge inside me if he moves at all he’s gonna tear me he’s gonna make me bleed please no dude…

Then he speaks.

“Almost all the way in, motherfucker.  Ya likin’ it?  I ain’t even started fuckin’ ya yet.  And I gotta special happy ending for ya—don’t worry, faggot, you ain’t ever gonna cum harder than you’re gonna tonight!”

What?  No, dude, there can’t be more, it already feels like you’re raping my fucking intestines, you gotta be OH FUCK NO CHRIST YOU’RE FUCKING HOLES IN MY GUTS JESUS NO—

It hurts so bad how can I feel anything else but I can

I can feel his denim-covered thighs pumping like pistons as he drives his shaft even deeper into my rectum

I can feel his hard firm six-pack abs thrusting against my smooth flat belly

I can feel his hands gripping my wrists and forcing my arms back above my head on the bed

I can feel his scuffed square-toed shitkickers scraping against my socks and lower calves

I can feel every inch of the hot hard man as he painfully violates my body and I love it I love the fucking and the thrusting and even the pain that sharp spearing agony hurts so fucking good

He sees it.  He knows, and I know he knows.  Good.  He knows I’ll give him whatever he wants for the sake of his load.  It’ll make him happy—and I want this hot as fuck stud to be happy.

Except it’s not.  What’s wrong?  Why is he looking at me like that?  The contempt was sexy, but this is—is—what?  It’s not hate; it’s too erotic for that; what the fuck is going on?

He lets go of my wrists and rises up somewhat, looking down on me.  He’s still pumping my ass, fuck yeah—it hurts, oh god it hurts so bad but I’m falling in with his rhythm.  Why is he looking at me like that?  What is he

His hands oh shit what the fuck dude get ‘em off I can’t breathe what the fuck are you doing

Dude no get off what the fuck off me let go why are your hands around my throat what what’s that

“Time to die, faggot.  You worthless homo bitches always fall for the Craigslist ads and the motel hookups.  You stupid piece of shit, you make it so easy.  Just another useless queer gettin’ raped and strangled in a motel room.  Yeah, you heard me, cunt.  You’re dying.  I’m gonna kill ya.  So c’mon and fight it, cocksucker—you’re gonna lose, but your struggle is gonna jack me off so good!”

What the fuck he’s killing me so he can cum what OH SHIT HE’S GONNA FUCKIN’ KILL ME THIS PSYCHO IS GONNA STRANGLE ME TO DEATH

No no no no get the fuck off me I gotta get away gotta get away I can’t his rod is impaling my ass pinning me to the bed like I’ve been speared


it hurts so fucking bad his hands are tightening like a vise I can’t pull them away he’s too strong higher maybe

no his rock hard biceps too strong my hands slipping on sweat over his winged skull tattoo

his chest his hard heaving chest no get off beat against it fuck like beating a brick wall no fuck this can’t be happening oh god oh fuck oh please no beat and slap and thrash just GET THE FUCK OFF OH FUCKING HELL PLEASE OH GOD NO

his face his eyes claw claw make him stop rough steel wool that’s his scruff his stubble on his cheeks oh fuck those cold blue eyes

they’re not cold anymore hot hot with bloodlust he wants me to die

oh shit still on me and in me I can’t break free he fills me utterly

the pain the pressure my throat my chest my head my dick what the fuck why is my dick so hard

he’s still squeezing my throat as he thrusts that massive shaft up my colon crunching pain what the fuck



what’s happening was gonna meet a friend for coffee after wasn’t supposed to die tonight just looking for a quick fuck why why

a vacuum I’m trying to breathe in a vacuum fight try harder keep going harder air if I try hard enough I can breathe I know it forget about the man holding you down and traumatizing your colon just breathe asshole you can do it


“Die, you cocksucking faggot, die with my dick up your disgusting homo fuckhole, you worthless fucking cunt, yeah? Huh?  Ain’t no one gonna care about yer useless cumslurping ass gettin’ offed, huh?  Ya like that?  C’mon, cunt, fight for it, fight for the air.  Work the spunk outta my shaft as you die so your death ain’t a total waste of flesh, you piece of shit!”

what I don’t


it’s fading cold and black but the pain won’t fade why please just let me die but the pain won’t go away

my chest fuck it hurts the pain the pressure please let me die

my throat fuck why dude why are you still throttling me I’m dying you’re only doing this so you can keep hurting me

my head the black fireworks the maddening buzz of cicadas such agony

my dick what why so stiff so erect my sack so puckered and shriveled what the fuck is happening

please no don’t do this maybe I can still live please let me live let go

your cock oh shit it’s so big inside me the pain is fading black roses are blooming and I am full of you

no please it feels so good but it means death I know it means death but it’s so good

fuck the burning the boiling in my ass your face is fading but I can still see the snarl that’s your cum you’re cumming in me as I die that’s why

the pain the terrible burning pain in my cock what the fuck im cumming thick ropy strands

fuck feels like my spunk is being ripped outta my cock i didn’t know it would hurt this bad i didn’t know it would hurt this good


seed flowing into me and out of me

Victim POV 6–The Hog and the Pig

It’s chilly tonight, but not cold. I’ll go with my leather bomber jacket; if I leave it open over a white t-shirt, it’ll show off my torso. Not that I’m a big, muscely guy; I’m slim and lithe. But that shows off just as well and lotsa guys like it.

Enough of ‘em like it that it pays to keep in shape. I’ve just gotten in from the gym. Their pool is chilly and crowded, but the pool in my complex isn’t heated, so it’s where I go in the winter. Plus, I find a lot of contacts there. Half my income comes from guys I meet at the gym.

Not tonight, though. A lot of looks, but no bites. Well, there was that one dude—old and fat, but I’da done him if he’d had any money. But he didn’t; I could tell just by looking. I always know where the money is. Like my momma said, “Don’t marry money—just fuck it.”

Bless her heart, crazy old bitch was right.

I need to find a new daddy soon though; the money from the last one has just about run out. I mean, don’t get me wrong; I’ll fuck a dude just because I think he’s hot—but if he don’t have cash, he better be real hot.

At any rate, I’m home and getting ready to head out on the prowl. I’ll start down at Club 69 and work my way down the other bars on the strip. If it’s a bad night, I’ll have to head out to The Underpass. Most nights I’m able to avoid that place, though. Good thing, too.

Too many rentboys vanish from that place.

Let’s see, tight jeans that highlight my package, check. And I won’t need to strip them off; I’ve cut a slit in the ass. I ain’t wearin’ shorts underneath—I’m ready to go. After all, if my jeans are tight, it can take too long to peel ‘em off; I ain’t gonna break the mood—I like getting’ fucked in tight jeans. Equally tight t-shirt visible beneath my sleek leather jacket, check. Ok, what kinda boots do I wanna get fucked in? Lessee…

Oh fuck yeah, these black leather Demonia boots with the buckled straps around the calf. Laces and a zipper for easy access—not that I’ll be taking them off. I’ll be watching them hanging in the air beyond the shoulders of whoever is fucking me tonight.

And whoever the john turns out to be, he’ll be lucky. I’m a good lay. Worth the price. My slim, smooth body, my firm denim-covered and leather-booted legs—yeah, whoever gets to fuck me better appreciate the favor I’m doin’ him.

Let’s get goin’.

Like I said, I need to find a new daddy. Car is on the fritz—I could call a cab, but I ain’t gonna waste the money; it’s only two blocks out to the main drag and then three blocks down. And this leather jacket blocks the wind pretty well. But still, I deserve a working car. I’ll find someone to pay. And even if not, I’m horny. One way or another, I’m gonna get fucked tonight, but believe me, someone’s gonna pay.

Someone’s gonna pay a lot.

It’s dark down these side streets. I wish they’d repair the streetlights. Not enough tax dollars in this neighborhood, I guess. But it gets kinda dangerous. On the other hand, most people have their headlights on, so you can tell when a car is coming. But what’s coming now isn’t a car, it’s a motorcycle.

Ok, I’m interested. It’s a Harley, a Softail Classic. Gleaming black and chrome with studded black leather saddlebags, two seats—when it glides through the gleaming circle of the streetlight, I can see that the black finish is highlighted by strategic points of dark midnight blue.

Guys on bikes are always hot; guys on Harleys especially so. And this dude doesn’t disappoint. As his bike rumbles up to the curb, I get a good look. Older than me, but not more than, say, thirty-one or two. Long, shoulder-length black hair—no helmet laws in this state, so it fans out under the red bandanna tied over his head.

He’s dressed—well, actually, he’s dressed a lot like I am. His leather jacket is the huge bulky kind favored by bikers, with zippers over half the surface. On him, it looks real. He’s clearly not a poser or one of those weekend warrior types, desk jockeys who like aspire to street cred by tooling around the suburbs on overpriced bikes.

This one’s a real biker dude. The waves of testosterone his hard body gives off are damn near visible. His diesel jeans are skin tight. They outline the thick, firm muscles of his thighs. Below his knees, his legs are encased in black motorcycle boots, rising most of the way up his tight calves. The thick-soled leather boots are held on by five leather straps with bright steel buckles. They look like mine, but they’re real—no zipper for easy access.

Bet he leaves them on when he fucks; too much of a pain in the ass to take them off. Fuckin’ hot.

He’s got a dark t-shirt under his jacket; in the shadows, I can’t make out the color. It doesn’t matter; what I can see of him shows me how well-built he is. Strong muscled dude on a crotch rocket—man, I already want his dick. Now, if I can just figure out how to make some money outta this, it’ll be a perfect night…

He’s pulled to the curb just past where I’m standing. I’ve been able to take all this in within a matter of seconds. Now, he turns to look at me.

His eyes are like embers of coal—blazing, yet hard as stone. I’m both attracted by their beauty and repelled by their coldness. A well-groomed black goatee covers his strong jaw with fur; his handsome, chiseled face is almost emotionless.

I can’t tell if he wants me or not.

It’s cold. And once he shuts the Harley off, it’s quiet, too. The apartment buildings along this stretch of the street are set well back. And the tenants in the front basically install iron bars over the windows and ignore anything that happens on the street.

The biker stud appraises me coldly. I’ve never felt such an icy, impersonal sensation before and it scares me.

There are literally hundreds of people within the sound of my voice, but I’ve never felt so alone and helpless before. There’s something about this guy, about his mere physical presence, that seems to take control.

I’m his and we both know it. I don’t know how it happens, but it does, when I catch his eye again. His face contorts with a contemptuous smirk, and I know I’ll do whatever he wants.

Fuck, this wasn’t supposed to happen like this. He won’t pay me; for all I know, the dude might actually hurt me. But it doesn’t matter. Even if he’s one of those sick fucks who gets off on pain, he’s still gonna fuck me tonight. I want it. I want him—no matter what.

He grins at me and I flinch. It’s a sly grin, full of complicity and dark promises, and it gets my cock hard (like it wasn’t already). He twists his head, more or less beckoning with it and I approach him.

When he speaks, his voice grinds through the lower registers and makes my dick and balls vibrate. “Hey, bitch,” he rumbles, “get on and I’ll give ya a ride.” He chuckles and stares at me brazenly.

Not daunted in the slightest, I stare right back. Dammit, I’m the one in control. Or at least, I’m gonna show him I’m not a pushover.

“Yeah?” I sneer at him, “I like a long ride—how long can ya last?”

He stops chuckling. “I’ll last longer than you will, cunt,” he snaps coldly, “get on. Now.”

I obey. I don’t know why. I mean, I’ve done dozens of guys—dozens of dozens. But I’ve never come across anyone like this guy before. And I don’t know what to think or how to react. He’s such a fucking stud, but he scares me. He scares me a lot. And part of my fear is that I’m so attracted to him, I’ll let him do whatever he wants, as long as I get his load.

And that’s a bad thing. It puts him in control, not me. And there’s something about this guy—I don’t think he has a lot of control.

And the fact that that thought gets me hard is the scariest thing of all. But it doesn’t stop me from getting on his bike.

I slip onto the Harley’s rear seat and wrap my arms around the stud as he throttles the bike up and heads out toward the highway. I cling to his torso like it’s a boulder—and it’s just as hard and firm as if it truly was. I press my face against the biker’s back, burying it in the slick, smooth leather, inhaling its scent, feeling his muscles flex against my cheek as my shaft grows so hard it aches.

I enjoy the ride. I enjoy it a lot. Fuckin’ crotch rocket, vibrating on my sack and my tool—this dude must be so fucking horny, riding around like this all time. I’ll bet he needs some release. That’s ok; he can release it all in my aching fuckhole.

He zips past the Underpass and stops at the light at the interstate access road. I know where he’s going; there’s a cheap motel on the other side of the highway. Wonder if he’s local. Maybe; I didn’t need to give him directions here.

I’m surprised when he pulls around back of the motel. No idea why he didn’t park in the main lot—but he fishes a key out of his pocket; he’s already got a room. I follow him across the gravel parking lot, my boots crunching in the large marks left by his boots.

We walk around the building and enter room 134. He unlocks the door and steps inside; I follow and he shuts the door behind me, leaving us in total darkness. Only when the door is completely closed does he turn on the light.

I immediately turn to face him, grabbing for his crotch. I’d thought it was what he wanted and I’m surprised when he shoves me forcefully onto the bed without touching his cock.

“Get your pants off, whore, I’m gonna fuck ya,” he growls, pulling off his leather jacket. His t-shirt, I can now see, is dark brown and tighter on him than mine is on me. He peels it sinuously to reveal a flat furry belly and hairy hubcap pecs; the biker is a damn near perfect archetype of masculinity.

I sit up and pull off my jacket and my shirt. The biker looks down at my smooth, firm chest and breathes heavily. “I said pull your pants off, cunt, not your shirt.”

“I don’t have to. There’s a hole cut in the ass,” I tell him, staring him defiantly in the eyes.

It’s the hardest thing I’ve had to do. His dark blazing eyes turn on me with a burst of lust and rage like I’ve never seen before. I’m suddenly strongly aware that I’m alone with a strange man and no one knows where I’ve gone or with whom.

I’ve been in this situation many times before. What is it about this time that makes me aware of my vulnerability?

And more to the point—why do I not care? I’m so fucking horny right now—and there’s something about the dude’s look—that sneering, disgust-filled look of domination—that makes me want him even more.

He thinks I’m a piece of shit. And as long as he fucks me, I’m ready to let him treat me like one.

What the fuck is wrong with me? I’m better than this; I’m the one who decides, the one who chooses…

Oh my god, I don’t care. He’s unzipping his fly. Holy fuck—the hog that flops out is enormous. It’s a thick, long uncut slab of meat—and it’s not even fully erect yet.

Now I know there’s something wrong with me. His tool is gonna split me wide open. I can tell just by looking that this is gonna hurt like all kinds of fuck. And even so, my own shaft starts to throb at the thought.

I’ve never really believed in pheromones, but it’s the only explanation. The dark, muscled biker reeks of sex, and I want it so bad, I’ll do whatever it takes to milk the sex right out of his hard body…

He leans over me. I gaze up into his granite face, merciless as stone as he speaks quietly in white-hot rage. “You fuckin’ whore. Ready for any dude’s dick, huh? Any place, any time, as long as you get paid, right? Bet you’da taken my rod right there on the street if I’d flashed some bills at ya, huh, cunt?”

He grabs my boots and thrusts my legs apart and I feel the weight of his lithe, panther-like body on me.

He’s on top of me, his hard, cruel, bearded face filling my field of view. The hot musky scent of mansweat washes over me, pinning me to the bed with an almost physical force. I place my hands on his chest as he lies on top of me, feeling his rock-hard pecs under the fine black fur covering his torso.

His eyes are lit with an icy gleam as he sneers down into my face. “Lick me, you faggot whore. I worked up a lotta sweat, ridin’ my hog all day. Get your fuckin’ punk tongue into my pits and slurp up my sweat, you cheap-ass cumchugger.”

He reaches down and grabs a hank of my hair, pulling my face into his left armpit. The reek of his sweat and hormones is as overwhelming as his wiry hair; it’s like his pits are lined with steel wool that grinds my face as he chuckles evilly.

Goddam, this ain’t right. He’s such a man—oh fuck, I want him so bad. Yes, if this is what it takes, I’ll lick your musk. I’ll lick anything ya want, dude…

He manipulates my head like I’m a puppet; I simply let my tongue hang out of my mouth and let him apply it to whatever part of his body he desires. He sits up on his knees, pulling my head up with him, never letting my face get out of contact with his hard chest. He twists my head to one side as he applies my mouth to his left nipple. “Suck it, cunt,” he snaps before spitting in my face. I close my eyes and feel the warm trickle of his spittle sliding down my cheek as I fervently tongue the hard knot of his nipple.

Without warning, the biker stud drags my head roughly to the right, scraping my skin along his chest hair—much smoother than his pit hair, but still being ground against my skin—to stop with my face buried in the moist valley between the swellings of his iron-hard pecs. Oh fuck, this hot alpha dude wants me, wants my tongue to taste his pheromones and sex chemicals…

My cock is so hard, it hurts. I don’t know how this is gonna end—and I don’t care. The call, the sexual need emanating from this man is overpowering; I already know that I’ll do whatever it takes to make him fill me with his DNA.

And that scares the fuck outta me. There’s something wrong with this guy. He doesn’t just wanna fuck me.

He wants to hurt me.

And I want his load so bad—oh fuck, god help me—I’ll let him.

As my face is forced abrasively across the biker’s chest, I soon find his right nipple forced into my mouth. As I slurp greedily at the small hard mound of flesh, I feel his free hand scrabbling around my ass, gripping my firm cheeks, squeezing, probing—finding the tear in the seat.

He drops me abruptly, looking expressionlessly down into my face. “You worthless fucking slut,” he says levelly, coldly.

I have to release my dick. It’s straining in my crotch, too tight, too hard. I have to set it free. I don’t break eye contact with the biker—I couldn’t, even if I wanted to. He has control and I know it. But my hand gropes down, unseeing, and unzips my fly, letting my thick, dripping cock spring out.

The biker looks down at my face and still his expression doesn’t change. “Did I tell ya you could get your dick out, slut?” he drawls, savoring his building rage. “You were ready to fuck any dude who came down the street, huh, you useless motherfucker? Yeah, ain’t that right, cunt? Goddam cut open your fuckin’ jeans so anyone can come along and shove a cock up your loose faggot asshole, yeah?”

Oh shit, I’m scared. He’s angry. Goddam Jack the Ripper type, down on whores—but still…

What the fuck is wrong with me? This guy is bigger and stronger than me. And he’s a fucking sadistic psycho who’s gonna get off on hurting me—

Why do I want to let him?

It’s his domination. No, no—I’m my own fucking person; I can’t be enjoying this—

He shoves me back down on my back and jerks my legs up, resting my boots on his shoulder. I remember putting them on tonight—I was gonna watch them bob in the air as I got my ass drilled by some hot stud.

Ok fuck, that’s exactly what’s gonna happen but this isn’t what I meant…

He’s grinning at me as he reaches into his crotch. He’s gonna stick that monstrous shaft into me. No, dude, no; I’m not ready for that thing—you haven’t even used any lube—


please please please pull it out it’s too much please pull it out

oh god yes I can feel it receding oh thank you god


his face, his dark, cruel, handsome, sneering face

Ok. Ok. Ok.

My sphincter has collapsed. He’s torn it. He’s hurt me. Oh fuck, he’s hurt me bad; no one’s ever fucked me so bad I’ve needed to go to the hospital…

What? What’s he saying?

“You worthless fucking whore. How many cumshots has your worn-out fuckhole sucked up, huh, cunt? See, even now, your shredded colon ain’t used to mancock after all them homo dicks you been willin’ to ride. You need a real man to show you your place. And ya know where your place is, faggot? It’s screaming and writhing on the end of my cock. And you’re gonna be doin’ it tonight, cunt.”

I hear the words, but they don’t make sense. I can only absorb so much anyway and right now, I’m full of cock.

The pain, the pressure is phenomenal. I’ve been fucked a lot, but this guy is… Well, he’s…

Oh fuck, he’s compacting my guts. I don’t want this. I want to get fucked, but this dude’s raping my guts. He’s reaming my innards violently.

Oh my god it hurts it hurts so bad this isn’t sex you’re gonna kill me this is gonna tear me open I’m bleeding you’re tearing me apart in the inside…

I don’t understand why I’m so helpless. He’s tearing me open on the inside, but he’s such an alpha stud I can’t stop him…

“Fuck, dude, I was almost there. Your ass was nice and tight around my tool, but I think I stretched ya out. You really are a worthless cunt, ain’t ya? Can’t even make me cum. What kinda faggot whore are ya?”

The pain. Everything he’s put me through, and it’s not enough. His hard, muscled body, pressing against me, is slick with the sweat of his efforts; even his jeans are streaked with dark sweat marks trailing down to those strapped-on boots rising nearly to his knees.

Beyond him, I can see my own Demonia biker boots hanging in the air as he rapes me mercilessly. I remember putting them on, thinking about how I’d watch them bob as I got fucked by a john who’d pay well for the privilege…

No. He’s not getting away with it. Enough. I start grabbing and scratching at his slick, muscled body, my fingernails snagging and tearing at his body hair as he bends over me and fucks me violently.

Mistake. Oh fuck, his anger. His face is twisted with fury as he reaches down and—

I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe. Fuck his hand is like a vise around my thought OH MY GOD I CAN’T BREATHE WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOUR OTHER ARM—

pain pain he’s punching me in the face piledriving his fist into my face as his other hand clamps down on my throat

I can’t breathe

fuck the pain he’s talking what’s he saying names he’s calling me names

he wants me dead I need to die to make him cum

my face his fist into my face every blow

“Fucking cunt!” WHAM

“Cocksucking faggot whore!” WHAM

Stars lights bright lights in my head my cock is hard I can feel it straining

“Die, you worthless faggot cumdump!” WHAM

my head my face the pain I can feel his cock fill my ass with every blow but I CAN’T BREATHE

it’s him that’s all there is he’s over me and on me and in me this biker stud, this hot hard reeking man, I can see him, his face contorted in lust and rage as he dominates me

wasn’t supposed to die like this wasn’t supposed to die tonight

oh fuck, solid streams of molten metal, life, genes, my inner material flowing up outta my cock I give my sperm as the teeth of my zipper tear open my scrotum

it hurts so bad I’m cutting my sack the pain in my chest he’s still punching me why god why I only wanted sex I didn’t want to get used and die


no air no air he’s still punching me my nose it crunched just like my throat

pain crushing pain my chest my throat my head

tearing pain my sack my swollen balls

fire flowing lava being pumped into my ass the biker’s spunk it’s filling me overflowing burning lava flowing out of my own dick is it my cum or the bikers

Victim POV 5–The Unkindest Cut

Y’know, all I really want tonight is to get laid. I want some dick, and that’s it. Some hot, hard stud shoving his tool up my ass until I cum. Ya wouldn’t think it’d be that hard to find; it’s not as if I ain’t pretty decent-looking myself.

There’s a couple of leather bars in town, places to find a good eager top, but I only go to the one that’s next to the dyke club. It usually suffices—and the other one, out by the highway, has some scary characters. I usually only troll for cock in there if I’m already drunk or high.

Tonight, looks like I’m gonna hafta get drunk or high.

It’s too close to Halloween. Everyone wants to dress up—fine, but that doesn’t excuse the incestuous little drag show my favorite hookup joint is putting on. Everyone in the audience seems to be a performer as well.

No dude in drag is fucking me. I want a real man. Shit, I better drink up. This means I gotta head out to The Underpass. That’s the name pf the place.

On the way, I fire up the jay I keep in the car. Getting’ myself nice and loose, relaxed, ready to find a rough stranger and let him plow my hole. It works; I feel myself growing calmer (and harder) during the drive.

The gravel lot is full. Lotta people here, wonder what’s goin’ on? Looks like a poster by the door, better check it out.

The walk across the parking lot takes some effort. Damn, didn’t realize I’m this fucked up. I can do stupid things in this state—better be careful. Now what’s this thing say? Fuck, my eyes are blurry…costumes? Offuckingcourse. What’s it—an 80’s contest. Jesus. Even better. Goddam it, someone at least better look hot in there.

Inside is almost like the center of explosion. It’s pitch-black but for the flashing strobes. The air is full of smoke and the music is deafening to the point of incomprehensibility. I guess that’s an 80’s song but I’m damned if I know which.

I’ll admit, some of the guys can pull off the look. Skin-tight parachute pants don’t look any less sexy around a pair of thick, muscular legs, despite being unfashionable. I could have done without the Members Only jackets or the obnoxiously-patterned shirts—and I desperately hope that dude with the Flock of Seagulls haircut is wearing a wig—but tight jeans with Reebok hightops were popular and still look good.

I get another drink. I was already way too drunk and stoned to drive before I got here, but fuck it. Ain’t nothing gonna happen; nothing ever does. I down the drink and order another, rolling my eyes at the bartender’s hesitancy. He shrugs and fills my glass. I ain’t the drunkest one here, cocksucker; go sneer at someone else. See how much I tip ya, bitch. I forget him and turn back to the dance floor.

And that’s when I see him.

He’s on the other side of the room and very difficult to make out at first, largely because he’s all in black expect his boots. I have to put together a composite image from quick mental snapshots grabbed with each flash of the strobe lights. He helps by stepping forward—holy fuck, I think he’s staring straight at me.

He’s tall, over six feet. He’s also clearly well-built; his clothes strain against bulging muscles. But he’s not a bodybuilder, he’s just really fit.

He has sandy brown hair, full and silky, nearly shoulder-length in back but shorter at the front and sides—almost, but not quite, a mullet. He’s wearing a stretched-out black t-shirt with print stenciled across the front in white. The shirt is so tight it distorts the letters slightly; it must be at least two sizes too small but it shows off his incredible chest beautifully.

I have to squint and put some effort into reading the words that rise and fall with the contours of his pecs. After several flashes of the light, I get it: “If you love something, let it go. If it doesn’t come back, hunt it down and kill it.”

Now, why does that make me hard?

My eyes slip lower—holy shit. Tight black leather jeans highlight his massive thighs; there’s a shiny gloss on the bulge in his crotch that’s so tight I can see the shape of the head of his dick from across the room. My eyes flow down from the punk metal weave belt, sliding down the black leather that caresses his legs like a second skin down to his knees, where I spy another blast from the past—knee-high moccasin boots

They’re brown suede with a fringe hanging a couple of inches below the knee. Rawhide strips cross repeatedly in front, serving as laces.

At first, his head is down. His shaggy brown hair falls over his eyes; I can’t see his face. Suddenly he looks up. His huge dark eyes look directly into mine as a grin washes over his handsome, chiseled face, framed by a goatee slightly darker than his sandy brown hair.

I hop off my bar stool—goddammit, lost my balance. Smooth move, asswipe, now he’s never—

Oh, wait, he’s coming over. Looks like he’s grinning, like he’s pleased. Maybe he likes doin’ guys who are fucked up. Well, good, cause I sure the fuck am.

He’s here. Still not on my feet yet, how fucking embarrassing—oh, he’s helping me. Wow, he’s even stronger than he looks. And he smells like—

He smells like mansex. I want him. I don’t give a shit what he wants to do to me as long as I get his load inside me.

A motel? Sure, there’s a cheap place on the other side of the highway. Yeah, we can take your car if you’ll bring me back. Ooh, that’s an evil grin; I like it. You’re gonna fuck me good, right?

He gives me that grin again and my knees go all rubbery. The parking lot gravel slips under my feet—he grabs my arm to steady me, giving a low bass chuckle. A deep rumble, almost a purr of pleasure. Guess he likes drunk dudes after all.

I’m sitting down—what kinda car is this? I didn’t notice. No, not a car, it’s a pickup. There’s tools in the back. Wonder what this stud does for a job.

I ask him. He smiles slowly. “I work with my hands,” he replies, his voice a deep rumble. I reach over and start sliding my hands over that smooth black leather, my fingers flowing almost frictionlessly across his bulging thigh. He grabs my arm and throws it off—is that contempt in his face? It’s getting a little dark–

We’re here already? Fuck, I musta passed out. Yeah, it’s this shitty Motel 6 on the highway. He’s shoving me and handing me a $20. What? Ok, I’ll go get the room. Fuck, it’s a long way down from this truck. And another gravel lot; great. My ropers have smooth soles; I’m sliding around like I’m walking on lube…

The fuckwad druggie in the office recoils from my breath. Yeah, I’m drunk, bitch. You seen worse. Gimme the fuckin’ key and fuck off.

He said to go right to the room, so I do. Third from the last on the far side. Now where’d he park? Can’t see a truck here at all—oh, there he is. Coming around the corner now. Fuck, look at how he strides, those muscles working like a panther’s.

Over here, man. Room 126. I unlock the door and he’s on me right away. I can feel his hard body pressed against me as he pushes me into the darkened room and I fall onto the bed.

He slams the door behind him and turns on the overhead light. I’ve been here many times before, I don’t need to see the cheap furniture, veneer peeling and stained with cigarette and crack pipe burns. I know the rough comforter, the hard, unforgiving mattress. My attention is on my handsome stud. He looks down on me, his hard face framed with his long brown hair. His eyes are sunk into pools of shadow; I can only see the expression on his face…

What is that? Contempt? Hatred? Why is he looking at me like that?

Suddenly, he reaches down and grabs his shirt near his waist. With a swift, fluid motion, he jerks it up over his head, instantly revealing his buff torso and pumped biceps. “Down on your knees, bitch, and start sucking,” he snarls as his hand slips down and unzips the gleaming mound of black leather in his crotch.

As he commands, I drop to my knees, the foot of the bed at my back. I want that cock. I want to feel that enormous spear-shaped head in my mouth, the veins wrapped around the long shaft rubbing over my tongue…

Holy fuck, dude, lemme take a breath—

My throat is plugged with a thick tube of flesh as strong hands grip the back of my head like a bear trap, clamping down on my skull and forcing it forward inexorably as his spongy mushroom tip slides further into my esophagus.

I can still breathe—just barely, through my nose. As my head is forced into his groin, I can smell the warm musky scent of his leather jeans. His hairy balls slap and scratch my chin. He keeps slipping himself in—I can’t break free; my only choice is to wrap my hands around his thick leather-wrapped thighs and brace myself. Just as I start to gag, he pulls back and I take a deep breath. I know what’s coming.

“Worthless fuckin’ slut,” I hear him growl, “open your fuckin’ jaw and take my dick. Just lean back and open up that throat. Gag on my cock, faggot, choke on it!”

His grip tightens, his fingers tangled painfully in my hair—fuck, I can’t move my head, he’s serious about this, he’s gonna—

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe I can’t breathe oh fuck his dick is like a plunger down my throat there’s suction when he pulls back I’m gonna puke—

Sparkles in my vision what the fuck am I passing out what the

Air air he’s out I can breathe

My throat hurts fuck he reamed it out fuckin’ roto-rooted my goddam windpipe jesus I wanted cock but I didn’t want it to hurt like this

But he grabs me by my shirt and pulls me up. Holy shit, he’s strong; I knew he was built, but I didn’t know he was this strong. Oh fuck—if he really wants to hurt me, I can’t stop him. I’m helpless; he’s too much for me.

I can only submit and pray he doesn’t hurt me too bad. Oh fucking please, let this alpha dominance stuff be an act. I’m so fucked if it’s not. Christ, I’ve never been so scared—

But I’m confused. He’s thrown me flat on my back on the bed, knocking the wind out of me. Suddenly he’s on me, the scent of sweat and new leather washing over me as he grabs my waistband and yanks down, pulling my jeans to my knees.

Of course I’m commando underneath. I wanted to get fucked tonight—oh my god, I’m so fucked tonight…

He’s on top of me, lying on me full length, one hand clenched in my hair, pulling my head back, the other gently stroking my cheek. There’s something wrong with me. Yeah I’m drunk and still fuckin’ high, but it’s like he’s got me hypnotized—there’s a gleam in his huge dark eyes, a gleam of lust and rage in the face of a saint—

I’ll do what he wants. I want him bad enough to do what he wants. I don’t care what it is. He sneers and spits in my face as his caressing hand tightens around my throat and I love him for it.

“Ya want my tool, cunt? Ya want my meat inside ya? I’m gonna cut those fuckin’ skinny whore jeans off your ass and stick my thick shaft up your fuckhole, you cheap slut, and you’re gonna squeal with joy like the worthless faggot cumpig you are.”

His left hand still grasping my hair painfully, he slips his right hand down to his boot. His leather jeans are too tight to be hiding anything; whatever he’s got must be in his boot—

Oh my fucking god it’s a knife…

What the fuck are you doin’, dude? What is—

And I’m flat on my back with the knife sawing through the crotch of my jeans, spreading my legs until each is enclosed in a separate denim wrapping—

Jesus fucking Christ he’s pulling my legs apart like he’s pulling a fucking wishbone what the fuck is he shoving in my ass it feels like a fireplug oh shit he’s splitting me apart like an overripe melon—

Breathe. Just breathe. Take his dick and breathe and maybe I’ll get through this. Oh fuck, please let me get through this.

He’s on me and in me, grunting and rutting like an animal. I’m just a hole to him. Good. Not worth killing a hole…

But I can’t stop moaning and squealing; it hurts too bad. Oh shit, it feels like he’s tearing me open dude enough I can’t take this it hurt too much STOP IT I’M GONNA SCREAM STOP—

There’s a bright explosion of pain what the fuck he’s whispering the knife he’s holding it up what’s he saying…

“Ya like me in ya, you useless faggot whore? I got something else to stick in ya, too. Something long and hard. You think you’re hurting now? You ain’t start hurtin’ yet, cocksucker. Welcome to hell, you fuckin’ homo cunt!”

Oh my god the knife. It’s all I can see; he holds it in front of my eyes. I can see every detail—

That gleam on the edge; the tiny glint at the tip of the blade—it’s sharp. Those parts will be deep inside me before I know he’s stuck me. Oh fuck that’s gonna hurt so bad—but that’s not the part that terrifies me; it’s the serrations that march back towards the hilt.

They’re not meant for slicing; they’re meant for ripping. Wherever this dude sticks that knife, he’s gonna shred me to pieces.

No no nononono—

A blur of frantic motion, the electric taste of panic in my mouth you won’t not happening I’m not dying here get off me you fucking psycho your arm drawing back gotta keep it away gotta keep the knife away no no no—


It’s in me cold hard steel in me its cold its so cold right in my guts my abdomen jesus christ the hilt is standing straight up from my abdomen—


It’s not me seeing the blade brutally jerked outta my belly. It’s not my eyes focusing on the shreds of my own guts caught in the knife’s serrations as it rises above the dude’s head, his shaggy mane of hair catching the light behind him for a moment. He’s a silhouette with a golden halo of hair, holding aloft a vicious, dripping blade…

It means nothing. The pain is all. Fuck, there’s a hole in me. I’m gonna die. I’m gonna—


He lies on me again; I can feel his ripped abs sliding over my poor ripped belly on a film of blood. His thrusting legs shove the sliced denim legs of my jeans down to my boots; I’m in fucking agony but I feel his slick leather jeans pumping against my thighs and the rough buckskin of his boots scraping my calves…

His face fills my vision; his beautiful goateed face with the great dark eyes and the long lashes as he sneers and spits and then suddenly leans forward and kisses me, his tongue thrusting deeply and brutally into my mouth and down my throat, the swollen head of his cock stabbing at my rectum…

I’m shivering in pain oh god it hurts so bad his huge cock in my ass the hole in my guts he’s on me and in me and filling me in every fucking way possible I’m his he’s making me his—

Oh fuck the pain my ass my guts my cock what the fuck my cock is so hard it hurts I don’t understand—

He’s pulling up off me. There’s a flash from his shoulder; is that—


Time pauses for a moment. There’s an island of clarity in a sea of pain as I see what’s happening. There’s a small voice somewhere squealing like a stuck pig. It might be me; I can tell. I can’t breathe…


The knife rips up out of my chest, a spatter of blood flying upward from the blade as I gasp in icy agony; an excruciating numbness spreading across my chest as my lung collapses—that’s gotta be what’s happening breathe man ya gotta keep breathing shit it hurts—


“Ain’t no one gonna miss ya, you fucking queer cunt, you fucking cocksucking faggot whore. I’m gonna fuck ya and off ya and no one’s gonna give shit. Just another homo slut, not like a real human’s involved. They don’t care who wastes animals; ain’t no one gonna care who carves you up, you faggot piece a’shit!”

He’s right oh dear god he’s right I’m his in his power he can do what he wants this beautiful stud I still want you I know I’m dying I still want you—

My hand flail and scratch at his bulging muscles; it’s like beating against steel.

Fading but still here every second a struggle to live I can still feel him sweaty muscled flanks pumping against my thighs slick leather and rough buckskin along my calves a thick swollen shaft of hot meat reaming my poor inflamed rectum oh fuck it wasn’t supposed to end like this I wasn’t supposed to get fucked to death I just wanted dick tonight, not death I  swear—

“I’m close, you homo cunt,” he snaps, his beautiful goateed face full of anger and lust and hatred, a killing gleam in his eye. “I’m gonna spunk in your fuckhole, faggot, but I’m gonna make sure no one ever knows I fucked and seeded a fuckin’ piece a’shit fag. I’m gonna pump your homo cunt fulla sperm, bitch, and it’s gonna be the last load you’re gonna get in your useless queer-ass life, so ya better enjoy it, slut!”

Gah, his hand over my face, brutally jerking my jaw up and back what the fuck is happening now—




My body is going away I’m losing it where is it going it’s all cold but the hot spots my ass my cock my throat even the other wounds are cold and numb but I can still feel foamy blood bubble at my slashed windpipe and my swollen cock why swollen oozing dripping and my colon torn on the inside as thick intruding flesh tears at my rectum—

Grey it’s all grey fading to white ice sinking into ice no one told me death would be so cold can’t even feel my slashed throat—

Loud buzzing sound all else fading I can hear him now he’s cursing think he’s beating me can’t feel it—

hot lava molten steel in my ass fuck same thing flowing outta my cock the hot burning pain in my cock and my ass in a dark world of ice life flowing into my ass and outta my cock as things start spinning and I

Victim POV 4–For Leather or Worse

I’m so fucking horny tonight.

It’s like being possessed, sometimes, I think. When I want dick, I go on autopilot. Like now. I’m out looking and I’m not going home until I get a fat mushroom head shoved past my tonsils.

I’m dressed for the part, too. I don’t think I could get on a tighter pair of jeans without someone else’s help. My hightop baller shoes are silver with bright red laces; they’re sure to draw attention if the skin-tight yellow t-shit I’m wearing doesn’t.

Yeah, I’m a little drunk, a little fucked up. Doesn’t matter. A little anesthesia to take a long hard cock inside me. Goddam, I want it bad.

Where am I? Looks like the spot. There’s Club 69 over there. Ain’t going in the clubs, though. They’ll call the cops if I go down on some dude on the dance floor. Got thrown outta 69 once for getting’ fucked in a bathroom stall.

Naw, if I can’t get some dude to pop for a cheap motel room, I’ll suck him off in the alley. Fuck yeah. As long as I get to drink some cum, I don’t care where.

I turn off the main drag and start ambling down a side street. I can take my time. I may be horny as fuck, but I ain’t swallowin’ any sperm that I don’t want. Not like I’m bein’ paid—I ain’t no fuckin’ whore.

I turn right along the street that runs behind the bars. It’s dark and deserted, but I’m only about a hundred yards down when a white shortbed pickup pulls up alongside me. He’s heading the same direction I am, so it’s the passenger window he rolls down.

He’s hot, in a way I find hard to describe. He’s in his mid- to late thirties. His face is…well, I have to say craggy. It’s the face of a man. His pale blonde hair is cut short, showing the receding hairline. The pheromones, the aura of testosterone he gives off is almost palpable.

I already know I want his cum. Whatever his offer, my answer will be yes.

He looks like he’s just leaving the leather bar that was further up the block. He’s wearing nothing but leather from head to foot. His visor cap, his vest, his skin-tight jeans and his boots are all black leather. Under the vest he’s wearing nothing but the dark fur covering his firm chest and his flat, hard belly. His dark eyes glint dangerously at me from the darkness under the brim of his cap.

His voice, when it comes, is low and gravelly. Even as I strain to hear, I’m getting hard.

“How much you charge, bitch?” he rasps.

“I ain’t a whore,” I drawl back at him insolently. I can see a tiny spark of interest in those dark eyes. “But I’ll give you the best blow job you’ve ever had—if your dick is worth it. You got enough cock to gag me?”

He grins. His teeth, white and even, catch the reflection of a streetlight further down the block, giving him the predatory gleam of a shark. For some reason, it makes me harder. Again, doesn’t matter. He’s taking me up.

“Get in,” he says, “I’ll run up to that place on the highway. You think you can handle my tool, cunt? We’ll see if you’re as good as you say.”

He floors it. In just a few lust-drenched minutes, we’re in the parking lot of the by-the-hour motel on the interstate access road. He hands me a twenty.

My dick is so hard, I have trouble walking to the office.

He’s parked on the far side of the lot—which is fine; we have a room at the end of the wing. I go directly to the room, as he told me; he gets out of his truck and walks toward me while I unlock the door. He and I enter the room together.

I’m aware of sudden movement on my left. There’s a sudden, bright, painful sensation.

I wake up slowly. There’s pain, lots of it. Where? My jaw, wow, yes, that hurts like fuck. My head in general, yeah. But there’s something else wrong…

As I become more aware of my surroundings, I realize that I’m kneeling. I can’t move my hands. Fuck, I can’t even feel them. They’re bound behind me painfully by something that constricts my wrists tightly enough to cut off my circulation. What is it? Wire? A zip tie? I can’t tell…

The leather dude is sitting on the bed, his vest off, revealing his furry, developed chest. His legs are spread; I’m on my knees between them. His leather button-fly jeans are open, his long engorged member erect in front of me. It’s huge; at least six inches if not longer. It’s swollen an angry purple and oozing clear precum from its tip.

The older dude grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls me upwards. As my head rises in response to his physical summons, I become aware for the first time of several different sensations.

The first is the feeling of something in my mouth. It’s a feeling I’ve experienced before, but never in a sexual setting and it’s very unsettling. There are jaw blocks in my mouth. The only other time I’ve ever experienced this was at the dentist.

They’re designed to keep me from closing my mouth.

I’m also suddenly aware of something circling the back of my neck. It’s about an inch and a half thick—my belt? My jeans are loose and sagging—is he using my belt to force me down onto his cock?

He gives the belt a brutal tug and my face is full of his pubic hair.

Oh fuck he’s plugging my throat hold on he’ll let up soon just hold on and take his shaft you know you want it just hold on he’s pulling out

Air oh thank god air

He’s laughing. He’s talking. What’s he saying?

“Fucking bitch, choke on my fucking cock. Fuck yeah, gag on it, you cunt. Ya wanted to know if it was big enough? How ya likin’ it now, you little slut—big enough for ya?”

He doesn’t give me a chance to reply before his huge shaft is plugging my throat again. I can feel his thick head deep against the base of my tongue as the strap at the back of my neck tightens painfully. I roll my eyes up, my gaze travelling upwards along his hard, hairy body to his face. He sees me looking and sneers. He grunts and gives a great thrust; my nose is flattened against the root of his cock as his bristly pubic hair scratches my face again.

I wish he hadn’t bound my hands. I’d have taken this without restraint. And I want to beat off so fuckin’ bad. This dude knows exactly how to treat a cocksucker like me. I’m pigging out on his dick.

He stops thrusting unexpectedly. I can feel his hand against the back of my head, forcing his cock further down my windpipe with inexorable intensity.

Goddam, I can’t breathe again. Fuckin’ stud is choking me with his dick again. I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe oh shit I’m gagging I’m retching oh fuck get it out let me breathe dude let me—

He pulls out and I cough up a huge froth of drool, stringing from my mouth to the massive, glistening head of his meat. It forms a long string that breaks off and splatters on my yellow shirt, streaking it in large moist stripes that reduce it to transparency. My own chest is visible—and this dude seems to like it.

I can just barely glimpse his leering, sneering face beyond the sculpted hairy forest of his chest. He hacks up a large wad of slime and spits in my face. “Fucking faggot,” he grunts, “get back on my cock, you worthless piece of shit.”

I brace for the assault I know is coming. Sure enough, my mouth is full of his meat right away; I get the metallic taste of his precum as he reams my esophagus like a cheap sex toy. Suddenly his thrust increase in speed, force, everything.

Holy fuck, he’s seriously skullfucking me.

Hold on. Just hold on. Cough and spit up the drool. Just hang on. I just need to relax and let him use me. I try to open my throat, to accept his hot fucking cock and milk his seed out of it. I’m only scared when he buries my face deep in his crotch and I can’t see or breathe. I don’t know what he’s doing…

I turn my eyes up again. I can see his strong, furry chest heaving in exertion. He’s sweating heavily. Even from here, I can see it beading on his forehead and matting his chest fur. He’s really working, and really enjoying this. Well, he should. My tongue is working his shaft continually. I love his cock. I love that it’s big enough to gag me. I finally found a dude who can give me what I really want.

He tightens his grip on the belt again; by now, I know enough to inhale deeply as soon as I pick up on what he’s doing. He jams his long hog back down my throat. It sinks so deeply that I’m coughing and gagging involuntarily. Then, in a flash he locks me into place and starts thrusting rapidly.

Jesus, I can feel the bulging veins wrapped around his shaft as he reams out my esophagus. There are repeated blows to my chin, his huge hairy balls slamming into me in time with his pumping.

Fuck, dude, enough. My eyes are watering. I’m gagging—fuck, man, let me breathe. I’m gonna pass out if you don’t ease up. C’mon, man, please…

Oh shit he’s not letting up. Fuck, man, this ain’t cool. I can’t turn my head away, not with your dick so far down my throat. I can’t push you off with my hands bound. I can’t even close my jaws—

Oh shit oh fuck no dude please this isn’t what I want please let up dude please I need air soon oh god please—

Oh thank god he’s pulling back not far still down my throat but I’m unplugged air I have some air…

He presses one hand back against my forehead while pulling forward with the belt, turning my face up to his with my mouth still full of cock. “Fucking faggot,” he whispers as he spits in my face, “is it big enough for ya, you fuckin’ slut? Ya like choking on my cock, huh? Yeah, you fucking choke pig, look how hard your dick is, you piece of shit. Now be a good little piggy and drown on my cum.”

Wait. man, no. Please don’t fuckin’ do this, I don’t wanna—

Oh fuck he’s in me again he’s standing up what the fuck…he’s dragging me along, his dick like a fishhook in my mouth. The wall. He’s got my back against the wall thrusting he’s thrusting again—

He’s slamming my head against the wall. It hurts. I can feel his tight, leather-covered legs pressed against my drool-soaked chest, flexing rhythmically as he pumps his rod down my throat.

He doesn’t pull out, though. Not enough for me to breathe.

Gotta hang on. Maybe if I can make him cum, he won’t kill me. He wants to get off. Maybe. Maybe.

Keep awake. Stay awake. Oh fuck it hurts. It hurts bad. My head the wall his cock my chest my lungs I can hear my heart fuck it’s so fast oh shit I’m so scared so why the fuck is my dick so hard it hurts what the fuck is going on…

He’s cursing me, calling me faggot, whore, slut. His voice is fading, though. There’s a loud pounding in my head is that my heart is that his shaft plugging my windpipe

My face itches it’s his pubic hair my face mashed into his groin his powerful thighs clamping down on my skull to lock me into place so he can inch his tool further down my throat fuck dude you’re so far down inside me just cum please just give me your load that’s all I want right now fuck it just unload in me man—

Please dude quick it’s going dark I’m losing it I can’t hold on much longer just fucking shoot your sperm inside me and let me go—

black flowers blooming in my face hot hot inside me fuck molten lead is that his cum it burns bad it burns so bad not as bad as my own oh fuck i’m cumming jesus never like this before oh fuck he’s pumping his seed directly into my lungs—

he grabs my head and jerks the belt violently holy fuck that cracking sound lighting i’ve been hit by fucking lighting the electric shock fuck i can’t feel my body anymore what the fuck happened what did he do i can still feel his cock spewing in my mouth—

oh my god cold dark his hair in my face his cock swelling and pumping in my mouth buzzing what’s that buzzing sound oh shit it’s—