Meat Chronicles 3–Dicked Down Douchebag

I typically don’t hunt in the suburbs. There’s too much heat, too many people paying attention. Too many cameras, as well.

Of course, they’re also full of fuckable douchebags begging to be hurt.

Take this kid in front of me (please! But only if I can watch). I’ve been watching him for a while now. The back end of the mall parking lot is a great place to find little fucks like this.

He’s about twenty—just a couple of years out of high school. Still has lots of contacts in school, though, by the look of things.

Little piece of shit is a small-time drug dealer. He’s been hanging out in this back corner of the mall lot, selling out of his car. It’s far enough from the cameras at the entrance and obscure enough to avoid much notice. I just happened to be parked here already when he showed up. I was in the back of the van, so he must have figured it was empty.

I suspected this would be a good locale and I was right. My van is acting along the lines of a duck blind.

The boy pulled up a couple of hours ago. He’s in a red convertible—a Nissan 350Z. Rich kid. Undoubtedly still living with mommy and daddy.

Cocky and arrogant, he’s hot as fucking hell and he knows it. The type who got laid continually in high school. Even laid his buddies’ girlfriends—but since he was rich and had all the drugs, no one protested.

Now he’s out here, still peddling to the high school crowd. Some of the kids I’ve watched climb into his car aren’t old enough to drive themselves. They’re arriving on bikes and skateboards.

In between customers, he occasionally lounges against the rear of his car, glancing around casually. He’s not in the least worried about any consequences of his actions. Evidently mommy and daddy have paid his way out of any trouble he’s had in the past.

His hair, carefully spiked, gleams blue-black in the sun; it’s almost brighter than the thick chain of gold links around his neck. He’s wearing a tight gray sleeveless t-shirt that stretches across his amazing chest. His muscled arms bulge with tattoos so clichéd that the kid almost seems to be parodying a douchebag. I mean, who the fuck still does both tribal bands AND Chinese characters these days?

He’s got on white cargo pants and simple—but expensive—white leather skate shoes. I picture them kicking and jerking as the fucker dies and I’m instantly hard.

I’ve been considering how to approach the meat, but really, the simple, direct approach is usually best. I roll down my window and call out to him.

Piece of shit damn near jumps out of his skin. He still thought my van was empty. The realization that I’ve been watching his every move hits him like a ton of bricks. He’s not scared, though; he’s annoyed.

He calms down when I indicate I’m more interested in buying than reporting him. I beckon him over and unlock the passenger door. This is one transaction that doesn’t need to happen in his car.

I tell him I want weed. He doesn’t have any. He’s got coke. meth, heroin, and ecstasy.

I’m surprised. Weed is harmless, but this motherfucker is selling some pretty hard shit to some pretty young kids.

I’m gonna have fun punishing him. Don’t get me wrong; I’m no moral hypocrite. I’m a monster. My punishment will not fit the crime in any way, shape, or form.

It will, however, fit my dick perfectly.

I offer to buy his X and excuse myself, saying I keep my wallet in the back of the van. I do, and I get it. I also get the tire iron. Guess which one the little shit gets upside his head.

I drag the douche into the back, binding his hands behind him with a zip tie. I shove a rag in his mouth and slap duct tape over it. I cut off his pants, shorts and t-shirt. The boy is lying nude except for his socks and shoes—and his gold chain–on the plastic sheet on the floor of the van. There’s a small pool of blood forming from the cut in his scalp where I hit him. He isn’t going anywhere.

At least, not on his own. Stick with me, kid, yer goin ‘ places. I grin as I pull out of the parking space and head for the highway. The only place this kid was going with me was to take a dirt nap.

I liked the place I found last time and it’s only a couple of exits down the interstate. That’s one of the good things about industrial blight. Middle of a Sunday afternoon—that area will be deserted. Cops will be out after dark, mostly looking for vandals, but it’ll be nice and peaceful now. And so far they haven’t found the last sack of meat I left there.

I kinda suspect they won’t find it, either; at least not there. There’ve been a couple of severe storms and lots of flash floods since then. Wherever that little fucker’s corpse got washed to, they ain’t found it yet. Which means that neighborhood is still a safe killing ground, for at least one more playtime.

This time, I have even better luck. I spot a dark opening on the shady side of one of the abandoned warehouses. I pull in and find myself in a small loading bay attached to a much larger warehouse. The space is covered in graffiti and litter, but it’s so dark, I have to use my headlights to see it. I reverse into the space and kill the engine.

Clearly this place is party central at night. During the day, however, it’s as empty as the rest of the building. I have a nice secluded parking spot to kill an hour or two–and a douchebag.

I’m not sure why I’ve been so horny lately. It just seems to go in cycles. Recently I’ve had to find little nooks like this because I’m too impatient to get the meat back to the apartment. But I’m ready at any time; you never know when you’ll run across a prime cut of meat, waiting to be snatched up. Like this punk.

I lie next to him and stroke him, waiting for him to wake up. I’ve already stripped. I scrape the sole of my boot along the meat’s calf. I scrape something else along his smooth chest—an ice pick. Amazing how hard to find they are nowadays, with ice makers practically universal, even in cheap apartments. But they’re so versatile. I can stick them anywhere…

It’s twenty minutes before the meat starts stirring and moaning. I go ahead and mount the fucker before he’s fully awake. By the time he comes to, my erect cock is buried in his ass, my pubic hair flush against his smooth cheeks.

His large eyes—dark green, a beautiful shade—stare into mine in confusion. I’d hit him pretty hard; he may not remember getting into my van.

Well then, this is probably gonna be pretty traumatic for him. Downright terrifying, in fact.

And I’ll do my best to make sure it is.

“Hey there, dude,” I whisper to him, as I ream his hole brutally. My “whisper” has to be kinda loud for him to hear over his own muffled screaming. “How’s that feel, motherfucker? Ya like my cock tearin’ open your butthole, fuckwad? This is what happens when ya sell drugs to kids, bitch.”

I lean back, grab a fistful of his spiked black hair—the product in it “crunches” in my hand—and jerking his head back, spit in his face. Then I punch him in the mouth, hard, right on top of the duct tape, never missing a stroke in his ass.

“Don’t get me wrong. I don’t care what you’re selling to whom. But it is why I chose you to experience my personal tour of hell. You see, when your mangled, fucked-out, rotting corpse is finally found, everyone will already know what a scumbag you are. Even your rich mommy and daddy won’t be able to buy any public outrage about your murder. In other words, you punk-ass bitch, I can do what I want to you. You been sellin’ drugs to kids. No one’s gonna give a shit when I torture you to death.”

I hold up the ice pick. I always like to make sure the meat sees what I’m gonna stick into him. It helps him appreciate the situation, shall we say.

I run my other hand down the meat’s finely chiseled chest. A trail of black fuzz starts below his sternum and, growing in density as it moves down his flat, firm belly, finally merges with the dark cloud of his pubic hair.

His balls, large pale orbs, bounce against my crotch as I fuck him. His own dick, while not tiny, isn’t as large as the meat liked to imagine it is. Thick, but short, it quivers in response to the head of my dick massaging the meat’s prostate. In spite of himself, he’s growing hard.

And I know it’s in spite of himself because his attention is focused firmly on the ice pick. He’s imagining the pain that it could inflict. I really see no need to keep him in suspense, so I stick it into his left side, low down in the back. The steel shaft skewers the meat’s left kidney.

“Oh yeah,” I moan, as the meat writhes and grunts, “Work my cock, bitch. Let me feel how much it hurts. Remember, motherfucker, ain’t no one gonna care how many holes I stick in ya. You better work my tool good or I’m gonna hafta hurt you again.”

The kid looks up at me in panic. He can’t understand what is happening to him physically. I understand, of course; he’s going into shock. This was what I was aiming for.

As adrenaline overrides the meat’s voluntary nervous system, he loses the ability to resist. I yank the duct tape off, knowing he can’t cry out now, at least not loud enough to be heard outside the van. I notice some drops of blood on the meat’s lips; the little douchebag had been trying to grow some facial hair. I’d torn it out by the roots. He starts sticking his tongue out, trying to rid himself of the rag still in his mouth. It soon slips down the side of his tear-stained face.

But I’m done with the punk’s body. I turn my attention to his head, lying full length on top of the meat and kissing him, thrusting my tongue into his helpless mouth. As I do so, I slip the pick into place and slowly insert it.

The spot I’ve chosen is on the side of the meat’s neck—below the jaw, in front of the spine and behind both the carotid and the jugular. The fuck’s eyes widen in agony and he gasps for air raggedly as I slowly shove the pin-point tip of the ice pick through the base of his tongue from right to left.

“Fuck yeah, you worthless piece of shit, even your own parents are gonna hafta say you deserve this–in public. Getting’ grade-school kids hooked on the hard shit? I love it, dude. Fuckin’ Tea Party dickwads gonna wanta give me a medal for fucking you to death. So let’s make sure I deserve it. Let’s see how bad I can hurt you before you die, fuckmeat.”

I yank the pick back out of his throat. It’s time to try another approach anyway; the meat’s hole could use some tightening. He’s assimilated this pain and needs more.

I grab another handful of his hair and spit in his face again. His large green eyes look up at me in misery, pleading silently. His biceps bulge as he struggles against the plastic ties that bind his hands behind him, the tribal band flexing in the light.

I stab the shaft into his right ear. The sharp steel tip tears agonizingly though his eardrum, spearing the delicate, fluid-filled structures of the inner ear and filling the punk’s world with a sick sense of vertigo just before the shaft slides deep inside his skull.

I look deep into his eyes, fucking him steadily. I can see the damage I do reflected within the meat’s eyes–they dilate and well with tears. I can feel it clenching his sphincter involuntarily around the base of my cock, causing it to swell.

The little fuck stiffens as the thin shaft of metal burrows into his midbrain. This bit of tissue has several important functions that I’ve just shorted out. My fucktoy begins to twitch and convulse as he loses his fine motor control. The midbrain also controls temperature regulation. The meat starts dripping sweat.

I love a good fuck that lubes itself.

Again, I yank the pick swiftly out of the wound.

I kiss the boy on the lips, stroking his black hair, running my hand down the light stubble on his cheeks as I insert the ice pick into his right nostril. A quick, brutal, sensual thrust and I am rewarded with a faint crunching sound as the pick pierces the back of the sinuses to lodge within the frontal lobe.

This was where I give the meat a good time. Granted, the little fuck is wallowing in massive brain trauma, but the libido is located in the frontal lobe. It takes a little finding, though. I’m forced to grab the pick and wring it around viciously in the meat’s skull, mangling those sections of brain tissue that hold the personality and emotions. By the time I rake my cold steel tip through the pleasure center of the brain, I’ve ground the useless little bitch’s cerebrum to paste.

I know the moment I’d hit the right spot, though. The fuckwad’s rectum goes into spastic overdrive, massaging the swollen head of my dick. Worthless little drug dealer, getting’ grade-school kids hooked on heroin ‘cause the allowance mommy and daddy was giving him wasn’t enough—the meat spends the last few moments of his wasted and utterly useless life quivering and trembling on the end of my cock. He thought he’d been hot shit because all the high school boys looked up to him as a drug dealer and the chicks let him pop their cherries so they could get free coke. A small steel shank in his brain and my cock up his ass showed the motherfucker what a piece of useless shit he really was.

In the end, I think, that’s all he really wanted. Someone to control him, to show him what it was like to have every moment of your greatest orgasm carefully orchestrated. Someone who can guide you through pain and death to the most explosive sensation you’ll ever experience…

At any rate, the meat pumps what seems like a quart of cum out of his thick, short dork of a cock. As I spew hot loads of cum up his ass, the meat shudders uncontrollably as his brain shorts out and his body spasms; meat without any guiding program to control it, it milks my dick, making me cum violently.

As I cum, I curse the meat and keep mangling the brain, making sure I’ve completely fucked him over and destroyed the tissue inside his cranium. What’s left is still alive, technically. I haven’t touched vital areas in his brain stem. But I don’t think the motherfucker is gonna be around long.

I fall asleep right away. It happens a lot after I blow my load inside a meat puppet. It usually dies during the night. I’ll fuck it again before morning, but I’ll be fucking a corpse.


That didn’t happen this time. Not that I noticed any difference right away. I was surprised, however, to find a pulse. The meat was still just that, meat in a vegetative state, but it was still alive.

I’d fucked the meat—and cum in its guts—several hours earlier. I’d fallen asleep with my cock still stuck deep in the meat’s ass and could feel my own cum dried to a crust within the fucker’s colon. There was still some life within the meat, though. I could use it again.

I leaned back and started fucking the dealer’s cooling corpse again. His green eyes, milky in obsolescent death, gaze into mine, expressing Weltzschmertz so evocatively that I almost forget to end his life. I don’t, though. Just before I cum, I slash the fucker’s throat. As he gasps for air, gurgling unconsciously, his body trying to stay alive despite the obvious uselessness of the effort, his ass clamps down onto my cock in a last-ditch effort to retain control of his bodily functions.

As the useless drug dealer sink into death, the last sensation that filters through his ravaged brain is my semen being pumped into his intestines. He dies like the worthless little deathpig douchebag that he is, with my cum filling his guts.

That drainage ditch I used to dump the last meat sack is right around the corner. I think it’ll be a good garbage pit. Just a quick stop to take out the trash on the way home.

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