THE AMS NETWORK By Gay Slavemeat

I am indebted to one of my readers not only for the core idea of the AMS organization but for some of the writing.  Part One is my work, but Part Two relies heavily on his.  I have his permission to use his ideas and such, but he did not want to be identified.


This story also features another reader, Cody, who had some good ideas on how he might be snuffed.  I really liked Cody’s ideas and think he will enjoy his fate (I would).  I welcome ideas and requested themes, along with any feedback – positive or negative – from readers.







William and Cody were both gay studs with amazing bodies, different in most ways but sharing an intense interest in extreme S&M male sex.  They initially found each other on, a delightful site dedicated to male torture, snuff, and cannibalism, and they decided to connect in person after they learned the site was being taken down like so many others they enjoyed.  It took a while to set up the meeting, as William lived in New York and Cody in Silicon Valley, each with very full schedules because they were very successful in their careers.


When they finally met the sexual energy was intense and sparks flew.  One reason the “meeting” was a huge success, was because of the complementary nature of their differences.  William was a totally dominant sadist, and Cody was a totally submissive masochist.  There was also an age difference.  William was established, in his late 40s, with a network of colleagues built around an elite S&M society he led.  Cody was a high-tech investor in his mid-20s whose friends centered on the gay S&M bars where he hung out.  He had been orphaned in high school, and then dropped out and used the insurance proceeds his father left him to become a full-time investor when he was not chasing gay sex.  He turned the proceeds into a serious fortune with brilliant Silicon Valley investments.


They also differed in appearance.  William had a massive and imposing build, highlighted by the leather vest, leather pants, and steel-toed leather boots he wore not only during S&M sessions but as his regular garb. The pants had a removable leather pouch at the crotch, so he could free his massive cock for its tasks, enabling his sex partners to worship his cock and huge, low-hanging balls after they knelt before him and used their teeth to unfasten the snaps.  Then they sucked the giant cock or positioned themselves to receive it up their willing assholes (or unwilling – he enjoyed raping guys who were forced to serve him, breaking them down to become yet another of his slaves).  He kept the vest open to show off the thick black hair on his muscular chest, which accentuated his thick beard.  His mere presence was intimidating, and his dominance became increasingly clear as he used his strength and force of personality to control all the many males who served him sexually before being disposed of.  He was always the “top” – the ultimate alpha male.  Indeed, it would be technically wrong to refer to sex “partners” as there was no partnership, only dominance and service to satisfy William’s limitless lust.  There was only William, using other males merely as sex objects.


Cody was a nearly perfect sex object for William.  He had a slight build, although he was just as fit.  His nerdy twink look included moderate chest and body hair and a neatly trimmed beard.  He felt it made him more sexy-looking for the guys he serviced in gay S&M bars and clubs, which it did.  He often bribed the managers at gay leather bars to let him be totally naked and let the dominant males (and the eager managers) whip him and fuck him in public while he was tied up.  After all, with such a great young body anxious to be used he was an appealing fuck. And he had the money to pay for the public sex and humiliation he craved.


Preparations for the first session with William and Cody affirmed their roles.  When they exchanged pictures over the web.  William refused to send a picture of himself naked, offering only a head shot.  But he instructed Cody to send a portfolio of himself naked, both front and back, with his cock placid and with it hard, including one with him bent over holding his butt cheeks open to view his hole, and including one with him on his knees with his cock hard and his mouth open to receive another guy’s dick and service it.  William did not want to waste his time on someone with an inadequate body or someone who was not going to be obedient.  Then, when William had reviewed the pictures he instructed Cody to get a shorter haircut and not only to shave off his beard but to remove all his body hair.  The removal was to be permanent so William would not have to deal with the issue if he decided to continue having sex with Cody.  William was only interested in animals with totally smooth, hairless skin for his use.


Cody was shocked, and started to write an email protesting, since he liked the way his body looked and felt.  But there was something about William that caused him to pause and reconsider.  This was a level of domination he had never encountered, and it turned him on.  A lot.  So he did as instructed, and then arranged another, identical set of pictures with his now hairless body shown for William’s approval, including, as instructed, a series of shots showing him on his knees, cock hard to the point it was sticking straight up and leaking a little pre-cum, hands tied behind his back, a large dildo sticking out his ass, wearing a dog collar, and mouth open wide to receive his master’s cock.  That instruction alone settled any issue for Cody as to whether he wanted to proceed, and when he had a few guys at the bar he frequented take the shots Cody had no trouble achieving the erection and attitude required.  (He also got fucked a lot that night since it turned on the other guys in the bar as well.  It was a great evening.)


At that point William sent Cody an address and the time for his arrival, further informing him he was to strip naked and place all his clothing in a hamper near the door, ringing the doorbell once he had also achieved an erection.  There was no acknowledgement of Cody’s prior obedience.  That was what William expected and always received.


Cody arrived at William’s house as instructed, a massive 5-acre estate in the middle of New York Cody checked his cell phone to be sure he rang the doorbell at exactly the right time, placing the phone in the hamper as he did so.  As the door opened Cody was standing silently at attention in front of his new master. The excitement of what might lie ahead had meant there was no problem getting and staying hard even though it was a cold, snowy day.  Like so many others he was overwhelmed and thrilled by the sight of William in his leather gear, wondering but not asking what the emblem “AMS” embroidered on William’s vest referred to.  But Cody could guess the meaning of “Alpha 1” underneath it, a term Cody understood applied to William but definitely did not apply to Cody.  Perhaps what surprised Cody the most was the effect on him of no longer having any body hair.  Somehow he felt much more naked, and it was a huge added turn-on.  He realized it wasn’t how sexy he looked that mattered, but how available and vulnerable.  His prior appearance was that of a person, albeit highly submissive.  Now he appeared for inspection as what he was – a piece of male meat utterly under the control of a true alpha male and ready for whatever use was to be made of him.  Or “it.”   Cody had never been so utterly turned on.


Cody was a fantastic specimen of male sexuality, experienced in his role as a masochistic slave, and being naked and inspected by William had made him even more rock hard, dripping pre-cum.  William immediately took complete control and examined Cody’s body like it was a horse or cow being purchased at an auction.  But William was far more respectful of the horses he bought for his racing stable. Even the cattle on his ranch our West were better treated than his sex targets.  Cody’s skin was pinched and slapped, his mouth opened to inspect his tongue and teeth, his nipples twisted hard, his cock measured for length and thickness, and his balls grasped and harshly squeezed to gage their size and start to gage Cody’s pain tolerance.  After William finished the inspection with Cody bending over and spreading his ass cheeks so William could examine his hole, he was permitted to enter the house and followed William to a large dungeon.  William then used Cody as the sex object he was – and wanted to be.  When William had satiated his sadistic sexual lust, Cody lay on the floor bleeding form the floggings he’d received, his asshole filled with cum and piss, and his body unconscious from the breath-play William had performed, choking his new slave to the point of losing consciousness as William shot yet another load up Cody’s ass.  William had not spoken a word to Cody but Cody had taken the signals and obeyed totally and silently as he was fucked and tortured.  William had not removed any of his own clothing but allowed Cody to use his teeth to remove the leather pouch that covered William’s immense, hard cock.  William placed a leather dog collar on Cody, attached to a leash so he could lead his new sex object to where he wanted it for William’s pleasure.  William had had multiple orgasms shot up Cody’s ass and had released several loads of piss down Cody’s throat.  Cody had not cum except once as he passed out from being choked, but that orgasm had been amazingly intense for him and entertaining for William.  William loved the simultaneous thrill as the body he was fucking lost consciousness while having an orgasm, which enhanced the pleasure and sense of dominance (to William the same thing) of his own orgasm.  Cody’s orgasm was an involuntary reaction to the effect of being fucked and choked, a reaction William was aware would occur, and the pleasure Cody felt was acceptable because it was pleasurable and entertaining for William.  Everything had perfectly and naturally fallen into place.


When Cody returned to consciousness he thanked his tormentor for using him, apologized for having had an unauthorized orgasm, and asked if he could make a request to further express his gratitude.  Their roles had so naturally come together that Cody realized he only deserved pain, not pleasure, and that this was an appropriate way for Cody to inquire – permission of the master was inherently necessary before a slave would be allowed to speak, and when, or even it, he had an orgasm was up to William.  This was also what William expected and demanded, and he was pleased to see Cody already, and clearly. understanding their roles.  William was secretly both curious and hopeful about this new piece of young male meat kneeling on the floor with its head bowed, so he allowed Cody to proceed.


“Thank you master.  I have been in lots of S&M scenes, always as the victim, but nothing like this one.  I am also grateful you caused me to understand how my flesh should be presented to accentuate its nakedness and vulnerability.  We already knew we are both turned on by extreme sex, and that our natural roles are complementary.  You’re the best master I’ve ever served and also the sexiest and most dominant.  It was amazing, and I am honored and deeply grateful to have been used so viciously and completely, knowing that I don’t deserve the attention but do deserve the humiliation and pain.  I am deeply sorry for having cum without advance permission but am confident you can train me so the natural involuntary orgasm that comes from being choked unconscious will not occur if that is your wish, or perhaps accomplishing that by removing my genitals.  I acknowledge your right to neuter me to prevent me from feeling pleasure ever again.  That is your decision, as are all choices related to my body.  To clarify that reality I would like to make it formal.  I have always been decisive and make decisions quickly.  So, this is not an impulsive or random offer.  Quite simply, I offer you myself as your slave.  Completely and permanently.  Would you consider having me become your property?  I know my body wouldn’t be a gift that is worthy of you, since I’m just a worthless piece of shit, but I would be honored to become your slave if you will accept me, and I will utterly devote myself to your pleasure no matter what.  I would of course also turn over all my belongs to you as part of the transaction, which may help make up for my own worthlessness as I’ve done well financially.  You would own me to do with as you wish, and I would just be a piece of male meat, having no rights and owning nothing, not even myself.  I would be yours to use, command, or dispose of as you wish.”


William was pleased, not admitting that this was his secret hope.  Cody turned him on massively, more than any other slave he’d tortured and fucked.  He had already decided to make Cody his slave whether he wanted to be or not based on the emails and pictures Cody had shared earlier, but was even more turned on to have it happen voluntarily – a natural acceptance by Cody of his role as property and no longer as a person.  But William made the conditions clear.  “You are indeed a piece of shit and utterly worthless.  You deserve massive pain and humiliation.  The fact your orgasm was involuntary is irrelevant.  You did not have permission and I am tempted to cut off your cock and balls right now as punishment and to assure it doesn’t happen again.  But your body turns me on as it is, including the genitals and the orgasm you achieve as I’m fucking and choking you.  The added pleasure I feel watching you cum causes me to tolerate your brief pleasure as you pass out.  It’s an amusing and humiliating aspect of breath play.  But if you ever cum without my permission understand that you will lose your genitals, and it will be exceptionally painful for you.  You’re just a sex object – a pathetic piece of shit.  You will only feel pleasure when and it augments my pleasure.  You have no other purpose.


“The session wasn’t as good as it should have been, because I wasn’t sure if you would cooperate if I had decided to snuff you, torturing you to death as you deserve.  I didn’t kill you in this session, since you’re still interesting to me, with lots of torture and humiliation options to explore, but I want it clear that this is my right when I feel like doing so.  I’m not interested in ‘pretend’ slavery.  It must be the real thing.  You’ll be my property and I will do with you and to you whatever I want.  Your role is to be cooperative and grateful and eventually to die in total pain and humiliation at my hands for my pleasure and amusement  Understood?.”


“Absolutely, master” was Cody’s enthusiastic response.  “You own my body, and when you get tired of it you are of course free to destroy it however you want to.  To be honest, that’s part of what I want too, not that my desires are at all relevant.  If you had decided it was time to kill me in our first session, I’d have cooperated fully, and that is still your option if that amuses you now.  I know that is my eventual and appropriate fate, and it is up to my owner to decide when and how I am killed.  I’ll be your slave for as long or as short a time as you want, and when you kill me maybe I’d even be part of your meal if you think I deserve that added honor.  There are lots of good stories on the websites we both like to give your ideas, and some of them are extraordinarily painful, ending with a great meal for the owner while the meat is still alive and able to express its thanks as it is eaten.  Or sell me, alive or cut up into pieces.  Or whatever you decide.  Your whims are my commands.  I have always wanted to serve someone sexually and totally, and there are no limits whatsoever and no turning back.”


“Good.  I accept your unworthy offer.  You have 10 days to return to California, sell everything you own, and turn over the proceeds to me upon your return.  During this 10-day period convert your assets into bitcoin.  That way no one can ever trace it and it will be final.  Develop a story such that no one will ever come looking for you when you disappear, although I doubt anyone would care about a piece of shit like you.  You will serve me with absolute obedience.  When I feel like it you will die a horrible death.


“You will learn to live as a slave during these 10 days; your slavery starts now.  If you don’t obey me totally I’ll know, and you will be deprived of the opportunity to serve me.  I’ll have you killed as a random act of violence.  Return to my front door in 10 days, totally nude and with your cock hard.  Slaves should always be naked, so you are never again to wear any clothing.  Slaves are property, so you no longer have a name.  You don’t deserve that.  To remind you of your role and fate, you are now snuffslave.  That’s a category of property, not a name. Since you are the 187nd such slave property I’ve owned, you are snuffslave 187.  You are to call me “sir” or “master.”  Don’t have any delusions.  At some point I WILL torture you to death and probably eat your meat, as I have done with the prior 186 snuffslave objects.  Nor are you anything special.  You’re just a snuffslave I haven’t snuffed yet. So your name is appropriate.  When I feel like it, I’ll convert you from a living sex slave to a dead piece of slave meat.”


As the snuffslave formerly known as Cody accepted these terms with enthusiasm, William illustrated his points, and administered punishment for the unauthorized orgasm, by brutally kicking snuffslave #187 in the balls with his steel-toed boot.  When 187 doubled over in pain a second kick to the gut sent it sprawling onto the ground, barely able to recover its breadth.  More kicks to the vulnerable naked body caused 187 to convulse and fall to the floor writhing in pain.  The kicks were then alternated with lashes form a whip enhanced with metal tips to cause deeper lacerations as the entire body was kicked and flogged.  The beating eventually rendered 187 unconscious again, releasing the bladder and causing 187 to piss all over itself.  William left his new slave lying in its own piss, admiring his impact on the unconscious body as he pissed all over it.  Then he took a break to shower and fix himself a well-deserved drink to celebrate his new acquisition.


When 187 recovered consciousness for the second time, he was instructed to clean up the mess he had made by licking his piss and cum off the floor.  187 did what his master ordered, genuinely thanking his master for using him and hoping his pain and humiliation could provide further pleasure and amusement.  As he finished his thanks, the next kick was to his butt as he began licking up the piss, sending him sprawling again, so the waste was all over the bleeding body.


After 187 finally managed to lick the floor clean, followed by also cleaning William’s boots, William led him by the leash, doggy-style on all fours, to a room adjoining the torture playroom.  It contained a firepit that had a red-hot branding iron ready for use.  “I want everyone who sees you to know what you are,” William sneered.  He tied 187 on his back to a rack with arms and legs spread-eagled, stretching them to the point where 187 had no choice but to scream in pain as his shoulders were dislocated.  William added lashes to the belly to balance out the earlier ones on the back but didn’t apply much to the chest.  For that he walked over to the firepit and retrieved the branding iron.  As 187 screamed in pain and William enjoyed the sweet smell of burning flesh, the branding iron seared into 187’s chest its status and number – snuffslave 187.  Despite the extraordinary intensity of the pain, 187 properly thanked its master for such clear labeling of the master’s new property.  And the snuffslave formerly known as Cody realized its fate had been determined long before it had walked in the door.  William had already made the decision to make 187 a snuffslave before they even met and had the branding iron ready to confirm it, as was proper.  The only variable had been whether William would have to condition him or if 187 would accept its fate as the inherent right of alpha males like William.



snuffslave training


The next instruction after being branded was for 187 to go outside and wash itself off in the freezing cold with the garden hose by the front door.  187 was then to stand on the street corner until otherwise instructed, labeled for what it was.  William locked the door and called a buddy who was the local police chief.  The chief then sent a deputy to the house who arrested 187 for indecent exposure.  187 spent his first night as a slave locked naked in a cold  jail cell, with other prisoners encouraged to rape him once the cops were finished doing so.  They all laughed at his branded chest, which was a great source of ridicule.  The deputy, Duncan, was especially vicious and added a load of piss down 187’s throat, which inspired others to do the same.  Willian enjoyed the videos the chief and Duncan made  of their fun, including when they delivered 187 to the Greyhound station with a ticket for the three-day bus ride back to California.  William had arranged a bribe for the bus driver to permit 187 to be naked during the ride, remaining on the bus and consuming no food or liquids other than the piss and cum of the driver and any other interested passengers.  With the driver’s encouragement, lots of other passengers also used his body, especially his cute, available ass.  And hardly anyone used the urinal in the bus itself with availability of one that would come to their seat, kneel in the aisle, and accept their piss with gratitude.  They also laughed at his branding, commenting how appropriate it was for a worthless piece of shit like 187 to get snuffed.   They were just disappointed when the driver told them it wasn’t scheduled to happen during the bus ride.  (187, of course, had no idea when or how it would happen, just that someday it would.)  William wanted 187 to adjust to the humiliation of its new “status” and through another law enforcement friend, who was part of William’s AMS society, William also arranged for 187 to be arrested again upon arrival in Silicon Valley and kept overnight in jail for more gang rapes and humiliation. Before being  forced to walk naked back to his condo the gleeful cops had him get an erection, placed a tight cock ring on his penis, and plied him with Viagra so he would remain erect, adding a slave collar around his neck and a dildo sticking out his ass to complete the effect.  That didn’t bother 187 at all, enjoying the erection and hoping the humiliation was adding pleasure for the onlookers who laughed and made fun of him.


When 187 arrived the building manager let him into his unit once 187 sucked his cock to get him erect and then bent over while the manager removed the dildo, fucked him in the elevator lobby, and then rammed the dildo back in place – all to the amusement of the onlookers in the lobby.  The manager had no problem believing 187’s story that he had decided to become a nudist and move to Key West, which was warmer and had a more concentrated gay community that included S&M groups.  After all, the manager had whipped and fucked 187 many times at the local gay leather bar they both frequented.   The few people who knew 187 were aware he was a faggot into S&M, so no one would bother to verify the story when the manager spread it around the local S&M crowd, and no one would care.   When the manager asked if the brand was a joke 187 admitted it was real, saying it was a condition of the Key West S&M group he had joined.  The fact this meant he might be snuffed was of no interest or concern to 187’s “friends.”  The manager commented that he had hoped it was real and asked 187 to be sure to alert him when he was going to get snuffed so he could attend the event and join in the fun.  He figured he could watch and maybe even help torture him, and hoped it was especially painful for 187.  187 said that was not his decision but admitted he shared the hope it would be slow, painful, and entertaining.


187’s unit was the penthouse of the luxury condo building.  When he opened the door he was stunned to see that it was essentially empty.   There was only a wooden table with his computer and cell phone on it, and several cans of cheap dog food on the shelf in the kitchen.  Next to that were some plastic jugs that contained liquid, and he realized when he opened one that they were all filled with a mixture of piss and cum.  William had arranged for his ongoing indoctrination, and the instructions next to the computer included the time of the return bus ride along with a bus ticket and a reminder that he was to stay naked.  He was to eat only dog food, drink only piss and cum, sell everything he owned, and give the proceeds to his new master via an identified bitcoin account.  187 was impressed, grateful, and excited, quickly turning to the assigned tasks after taking a large swig of the piss/cum combo.  He was not only utterly content but sexually excited, his cock growing hard as he thought of what likely lay in store for him.  But as an obedient slave he didn’t masturbate since he did not have permission to cum.  He wondered if he would be permitted to cum at some point before he was killed and how long William would keep him alive, but 187 also realized these decisions were none of his business and certainly not his to make.  He knew this was his proper role.  He knew this was what he wanted and far better than he deserved.  He felt fortunate to have found such a fantastic master.



An AMS video event


Meanwhile, William was congratulating himself on creating perfect training, so his new property would understand its status and purpose and adjust accordingly.  But William had other tasks and responsibilities beyond just arranging the acquisition of his latest snuffslave, and while 187 was heading west William was hosting an event at his estate.  It took place in the large playroom where he’d tortured 187, but there was now a set of cameras and an expert film crew.  His buddy the chief of police was there, along with Duncan, who was a stud in his early thirties.  The Chief, as he was always called, was about William’s age and build, dressed in leather with a vest that featured an embroidered “AMS” under which it read ALPHA 2, identical to William’s ALPHA 1. Duncan wore a leather harness and jock strap but was otherwise naked.  Sitting in a wooden chair to which he was tied was a nineteen-year-old totally naked male twink who was fit, gorgeous, and terrified.  William smiled and addressed the main camera.


“Good evening members and guests, and welcome to our regular AMS broadcast – celebrating the Art of Male Snuff.  We have a fun show for you tonight, with an especially deserving and attractive award winner, so let’s get right to it.  You probably remember my co-host, Chief Nelson, who leads the AMS America’s region and has brought one of his promising young trainees, Duncan, to join us this evening” The camera focused on the Chief and Duncan, who smiled and waved.


“Duncan wants to join AMS, and as you know we have an initiation ceremony in five months as we celebrate the summer solstice.  That is always a huge amount of fun, and the Chief and I thought it would be nice to give a little preview.  Duncan has always been an absolute sadist, and he has had one of the best mentors anywhere.  So he’s ready to commit to our society and will pledge his loyalty at the ceremony.  Or perhaps he’ll be unlucky, and he’ll not make it past the initiation ceremony.  He’s on board either way, as are all AMS members.


“Tonight, we are going to induct another member of the Darwin Award Culinary Society and Duncan is going to audition by doing the honors.  As you know, this is a specially selected group of award winners.  All the AMS members pursue snuff as the art it should be, and we agree that at some point each member will himself die for the sake of that art.  AMS is a select and prestigious group of alpha males who enjoy the sadistic sex of a good snuff but honor the art more than themselves.


“There are others who are not deserving, and who are worthless drags on society.  One of the AMS services we provide is to eliminate them, and to do so before they breed and dilute our species.  As Darwin taught us, survival of the fittest demands their elimination from the gene pool, and as artists we perform the snuff to protect the gene pool and to advance our art, which means maximizing their pain and our entertainment.  It’s a culinary society since we don’t waste their meat and our artistry continues in the kitchen as we butcher and enjoy the delicious flesh of our award winners, always fresh and often while it’s still alive.


We especially appreciate and welcome our pay-per-view patrons, who help fund AMS by supporting our civic endeavors.  We hope everyone gets “off” as we “off” our award winner this evening.  We know you’ll enjoy watching the award ceremony as he dies.  He’s a petty thief, a drug addict, and Duncan has had to arrest him multiple times.  So he’s a well-qualified award winner.  And a very sexy one who should be a lot of fun to fuck and snuff.”


With that, the three men approached the trembling youth, who had heard William’s introduction and was now sobbing and begging for mercy.  William slapped him hard in the face to get his attention.


“Shut up.  You should be honored, since you’re finally about to do something worthwhile – provide entertainment for deserving viewers and generate funding for AMS.  Our viewers will get a lot of pleasure masturbating or fucking a slave while they watch you die.  After that we’ll auction off your meat and you will even provide nourishment.


“But first, our viewers like to know a little about the guys they are watching get snuffed, so let’s find out a little bit about you.  What’s your name?”


The teen was too upset and scared to answer, and Duncan filled in the information.  “His name was Curtis.”


“OK, Curtis.  It’s nice to meet you.  Congratulations on your award and welcome to our award show.  Let me start by explaining how we’re helping you be a better snuff star.  We’ve injected you with a huge dose of capagon, a drug that will diminish the effect of system shock as you’re tortured and help you last longer during the festivities. You also got a massive dose of Viagra that will keep your cock hard no matter what.  That’s why you have an erection now even though there’s obviously a lot of adrenaline in your body.  The dosages are much greater than what’s safe, so even if we didn’t snuff you you’d die of a heart attack anyway in a day or so.  That also could be caused by the fact we stopped the drugs you’re addicted to and you’re starting to come off your high, which means you’ll suffer from withdrawal as well as from what Duncan is going to do to you.  We don’t want the drugs you are addicted to be a barrier to you feeling the pain we’re about to inflict.  In other words, you’re going to be dead in any event, and you’re going to die in agony, so why not make it fun for everyone?  We want this to be as horrible for you as possible, since that turns us on sexually a lot.  So does hearing you scream and beg.  Please keep doing a lot of that.  Speaking of being turned on, I see the Viagra is working especially well – that’s a nice hard-on you’ve got, although it isn’t a very big cock.  Have you been naked and hard in front of a camera before, with a bunch of guys eager to watch you die?”


Duncan and the Chief chuckled at William’s question, but Curtis just stared and begged.  So William continued.  “I guess not.  How about sex?  Have you had sex with other guys before?  Or will this be your first time having your ass fucked?”


This was something Curtis hadn’t considered.  He was straight, and very homophobic.  He shook his head as he again pleaded for mercy, now adding pleas not to rape him.


“Well guys,” William continued, smiling and turning to the camera.  “It looks like we get to introduce a straight guy to the joys of gay sex.  If it weren’t for us he probably would have passed on his pathetic genes.  This is such a great public service!  I doubt there’s anything else interesting about him, so I guess we should get the show going.  As you know, we always start with a little warm-up action, so Duncan and the Chief are going to double-fuck Curtis’s ass.  No point having him die a virgin and it will be even more fun now that we know he’s homophobic.  Ramming those two big dicks into a virgin ass is going to generate a whole lot of pain that will be fun to watch while we enjoy listening to his screams.”


The three men untied their victim and dragged him to a large mattress where he was positioned on top of the Chief, who lay on his back with his large, hard cock thrust up Curtis’s tight ass.  Curtis screamed and begged as he lost his “virginity” with waves of pain, but the sexual pressure on his prostate and the overdose of Viagra assured he responded nicely with his own small cock as hard as it could get.  Then the real fun began, as Duncan removed his jock strap and positioned himself so that he could also insert his cock into Curtis, which he rammed into place.  Curtis screamed wonderfully, and the two policemen took their time enjoying the outstanding bonding experience as their cocks rubbed against each other inside Curtis’s bleeding asshole.  Nor was William left out.  He joined the fucking with his massive cock inside Duncan, increasing the sexual intensity as Daron was turned on beyond anything he’d ever experienced before, double-fucking with his friend and mentor, having the honor of being fucked by the head of AMS, and, most of all, fucking an unwilling but gorgeous young straight guy he was about to torture and kill.  If joining AMS meant this much sexual pleasure, the fact he’d someday be the target of a snuff scene was more than worth it.  And while his preferences had always been extremely sadistic, there was an aspect of Duncan’s eventual fate he found appealing.  This surprised him, as did the pleasure of being fucked by William.  But the Chief assured him (over many drinks they had together following joint rapes of attractive males they had in their jail) that this didn’t undermine his sadistic nature, it just expanded it.


The camera crew did an outstanding job catching all the great action as the three men put on an amazing sex show for the AMS audience.  But this was just the beginning.  After that had each shot their load, it was time for Duncan’s “audition.”  He started by ramming an electrified dildo into Curtis’ bleeding asshole, then administering a large amount of electricity as he masturbated Curtis.  The straight boy was horrified at being used as a fag, but he had no choice.  He soon shot his final load of cum for everyone’s entertainment, crying in humiliation and pain as he did so, Duncan rubbed Curtis’s cum all over Curtis’s face, and while the fag-in-training complained about that too, Daron picked up a knife and slowly emasculated Curtis, cutting off his cock and feeding it to him, then cutting off his balls and offering one each to his two companions.  William and the Chief laughed at Curtis’ humiliation and agony, then enjoyed the treats as Duncan forced Curtis to chew and swallow his own cock.


The main focus of the snuff then demonstrated that Duncan had even more useful snuff skills.  He announced that he wanted a souvenir of the event and proceeded to skin Curtis alive.  He cut slowly and expertly, peeling off sections of beautiful young skin that would be turned into leather and become a very special leather outfit for Duncan to wear while he enjoyed S&M sex with other guys.  There would be an ability to open the crotch, so he could free up his cock, like the design of William’s leather pants, which like his entire outfit had been made from skin removed from a live slave.  But in Duncan’s case there would also be an ability to open the rear when it was Duncan’s turn to be fucked – a feature that did not apply to William.  William was Alpha 1 – he was always the top.


When Duncan had removed the skin, there was still opportunity to enjoy watching the effect of Duncan’s efforts, as Curtis was, amazingly, still alive.  It was a testament to Duncan’s skill at skinning live meat.  The final screams as the twink died were even more intense than those during the emasculation and skinning, and William, Duncan and the Chief each enjoyed another orgasm, as did all the AMS viewers.  Duncan’s audition was a huge success.  Curtis had finally added some value, an entertaining death, some delicious fresh meat, and a very profitable event for AMS.  William congratulated Duncan and again reminded the viewers of the upcoming initiation ceremony, the schedule of “live” snuff video sessions, and that they could enter bids for fresh meat from Curtis’s body that would be immediately butchered and flash-frozen for overnight delivery to AMS members or other viewers who wanted to buy cuts of straight-boy steak to bar-be-cue.  It would turn out to be one of their higher-rated snuff video events, including great DVD sales.  Duncan had done well.



Slave property ready for use and disposal


snuffslave 187 had performed his tasks exactly as directed.  He cleaned himself off in the shower after the long bus ride but kept the water ice cold as instructed.  That was followed by a meal of dog food and piss/cum, mixed together and served in the dog dish that was the only remaining dish or utensil in the condo.  He put the dish on the floor and ate doggy-style since he was now sub-human, still wearing the dog collar that was so appropriate for the occasion.  The meal had such an appropriate menu that 187 thoroughly enjoyed it.  He had quickly realized that piss and cum were the perfect liquids to temporarily keep him alive while reminding him of his snuffslave status.  The disgusting taste turned him on.


187 then focused 100% of his attention to disposing of his assets, which were considerable.  He called the company that owned the condo building and offered to sell his penthouse condo to them slightly below market if they could close the deal immediately for cash.  If they didn’t accept immediately he told them he’d put it on the market and they’d lose the increased value they could get for it if they marketed it themselves.  He knew it was a risk, since he only had a few days left to sell everything, but he was an outstanding negotiator on financial matters and knew they’d accept.  Given Silicon Valley housing prices and the exceptional quality and views of his condo, they did jump at the chance, and he did well, as he expected.  He drove his new Tesla to the nearby dealership and was also able to sell that on the spot, although there were awkward questions about his nudity and branding.  Fortunately this was Silicon Valley, they knew he was rich, and people with serious money were often eccentric and always permitted to do what they wanted.  His story about becoming a nudist with a gay S&M group in Key West worked again, and he made it through that experience.  The toughest part was the fact being exposed in public in his new status as a snuffslave turned him on and he got a hard-on while he talked to the handsome dealer even without the effect of any Viagra.  The dealer clearly was disgusted and didn’t approve of all this, but he saw a chance to get a good deal on the car and took it.  The car title had been part of the pile of instructions, so he was able to complete it on the spot.  187 was relieved that no one hassled him much as he walked naked back to the condo to finish the final transactions, again getting an election as people stared and laughed at him.  One guy pointed at this branding and asked if he was ready to get snuffed on the spot, but 187 just ignored him.  It wasn’t that he objected; it just wasn’t his decision to make.


William had simplified things for him a lot by taking his furniture and other possessions, so the only other task of note was to sell his investment portfolio, a process he had started immediately upon returning to the condo and getting his cell phone.  It required in-person notarized signatures and a three-day settlement period.  He got that done with a visit to his condo by his personal banker along with a notary form their office.  Investment banks are happy to visit high net worth customers, and the banker wanted a chance to talk him into keeping the account.  This was the only risky part, as the banker would want to know a reason, and needed a place to send the resulting tax forms.  It took all of 187’s persuasive abilities to make it through that discussion, but the fact the condo was now empty and 187 was naked and branded helped convince the banker there would be no change of mind.  187 had also arranged a PO Box in Key West through the internet so there was a place to send the forms.  No one would ever pick them up, and they would be destroyed when the box lapsed. (He’d only rented it for a month to save money, since it was now Master William’s money.)  There would be no trace or reason to investigate by the bank. In  trying to find the money to collect taxes the IRS would face a dead end. 187 laughed as he relished the irony of that phrase relating to him.  By the time the IRS took action 187 was pretty sure he would in fact be dead and his flesh eaten.


When he had been a person 187 had been a brilliant and sophisticated investor. He turned the insurance proceeds from his parents into a true fortune.  As part of that process he’d learned a lot about the bitcoin phenomenon, and he already had an account into which he deposited the proceeds of the car and the condo sales.  He had his banker set the stock settlement, so it would automatically be transferred to his bitcoin account.  Then he arranged for a second automatic transfer that would drain his account and send the bitcoin to his master and owner.  There would be no way to trace the transfers.  William would receive everything with total anonymity, tax free.  This pleased 187 greatly.  A master like William should be served and worshiped, not taxed.


Ironically, the most difficult transaction was the one with the least value, selling his cell phone.   There was a Verizon store on the way to the bus station and 187 stopped off there on his way.  The store was crowded, and he was hassled by the clerks and other customers for being naked.  His story didn’t matter there, and the clerk threatened to call the police, accusing 187 of having stolen the phone.  Fortunately, William had returned his driver’s license, which was needed for the car sale and also as proof for the notary required on the other sales.  So he had something.  But there was no way to prove that he owned the phone, since he had swiped it clean before setting out to the store.  He could not risk someone getting access to the recent transactions he’d used it to complete.  What saved him from having his careful plans derailed was one of the customers, an aggressive young millennial seeing a chance at a good deal, who offered 187 several hundred dollars for the phone if he also got a blow job out of the deal.  The money was well below its market value, but 187 saw no other option and took the offer.  (The blow job was not a problem for him and he enjoyed that part – even the follow-on pissing down his throat as the guy kept his hold on 187’s head after he shot his load of cum down his throat.)  As he walked the rest of the way to the bus station 187 used a bitcoin ATM in a convenience store (unheard of in most places but not uncommon in Silicon Valley) to add the proceeds to the balance in his account. He then borrowed a scissors and cut up his license.  As he dropped the pieces into a trash can, he reflected on that reality that he was no longer Cody or anyone else, and he did not own anything – even his own body.


As he got on the bus he realized he now possessed absolutely nothing.  It was an exciting and liberating thought.  The final transfer would happen as snuffslave 187 arrived at its master’s home to add its body – now just live meat to be used and disposed of – to the property its master now owned.  The lack of ID was proper.  187 was no longer a person.


187 arrived at William’s door as instructed, following a return naked bus ride that was similar in terms of the humiliation, use as a human urinal, and frequent rape, but different in terms of 187’s reaction.  He was now liberated from the burden of having possessions or even being human, comfortable in his new role as disposable property.  Of course people would humiliate him, laughing at him as they pissed down his throat, taking turns and comparing experiences as they used him sexually.  Hitting him in the balls and gut was a favorite for onlookers, just for the fun of it.  Taking off their belts and using them to whip his ass reflected what he was for, and there were no limits so long as it was OK with his master.  William’s training had been totally successful.  187 had thoroughly enjoyed the bus ride.


The snuffslave formerly known as Cody did have one surprise for his master, a very pleasant surprise.  As 187 stood at the door William was checking the alert he had gotten as to the bitcoin transfer. He was stunned but of course did not show it.  William was already wealthy, as befit the Alpha 1 of AMS.  After all, he inherited the assets of the males he snuffed.  But he was now very rich.  His bitcoin account had just received over $100 million.  He had no idea his new snuffslave had been so wealthy.  This would put AMS into a whole new league.  There would be no “thank you” or even comment on the gift, of course.  Instead, the torture session William began as he accepted snuffslave 187’s live meat was especially painful, focused on how little 187 had received for the cell phone.  William beat the slave especially savagely for failing to get full value for William’s property.  He had been watching his property closely and knew everything that went on.  187 gratefully thanked its master for the beatings, knowing they were well deserved.  Not that it mattered if they weren’t.


As William finished with the fucking and beating that would be 187’s new normal, and as 187 achieved an intense orgasm as he passed out from having his throat choked, they both knew there was nothing left of Cody the person.  There was only a sub-human snuffslave ready for use and disposal by its master.  William had given 187 permission to have an orgasm as it passed out, which was particularly entertaining and pleasurable for William, to the point he overlooked the fact it was also massively intense for the slave.  William made sure orgasms that added to William’s enjoyment of sex were the only physical pleasure the slave received.  William’s pleasure was all that mattered.



An instructive party


After 187 regained consciousness and licked up the liquids on the torture room floor, William reattached the slave collar and leash and led his property into a nearby living room area with a large screen TV.  William was joined by the Chief and Duncan, who had been invited by William to celebrate the completion of the DVD featuring Curtis receiving his Darwin Award and the completion of Duncan’s new leather outfit made from Curtis’ skin.  They planned to spend the evening watching the DVD and enjoying a torture & sex-filled party.  Some of Curtis’ meat had been prepared for them as appetizers to enjoy as they watched.  Besides enjoying the film himself, William thought it would be instructive for his new snuffslave to watch a real snuff.  It was, and it turned 187 on massively, imagining itself as Curtis.

When asked, 187 promised to be far more cooperative and appreciative when it was his turn to be killed.  Indeed, 187 secretly hoped they would use its skin to make some sort of leather clothing but knew that was too great an honor to ask and none of its business.  187 did get a special treat for his meal, however, in the form of part of Curtis’ raw intestines soaked in urine.  He was of course very grateful.


The Chief had brought one of his own house slaves, who he felt would also benefit from the lessons of the movie.  He was a mature, very fit slave named Norman.  The Chief was quite pleased with him, turned on by his meek attitude and sexual submissiveness.  At 5’10” he was easy for the much bigger chief to dominate, and the slave’s head was shaved to show respect, also making a nice contrast with the dark hair on its body, especially the impressive chest.  All this made Norman quite satisfying for the Chief to fuck, and especially to fist.  But it was time for Norman to learn more about AMS and formally accept his proper role.   Duncan had also brought a slave to serve him, a young prisoner he had enjoyed fucking and beating the previous night.  He had told the prisoner, who was gay, that if he serviced Duncan and his friends well he would be released from prison and the prisoner had agreed to the deal.


William was in an expansive mood, aided by a few celebratory drinks following his fun with 187, and he explained a lot about AMS to Duncan.  187 and Norman also listened, on their knees ready to service their masters as instructed.  The prisoner paid no attention, but knelt in front of Duncan, his hands tied behind his back.  The prisoner would serve as the evening’s live meat entrée in due course, the ultimate release from prison, but for now he was unaware and would service Duncan’s sexual desires as the three masters enjoyed themselves.


Besides the social aspects of the evening, William and the Chief wanted Duncan to appreciate how much of an honor it was to be a member of AMS, and they wanted their sex objects to realize the good fortune at being owned, used, and eventually killed by the top two leaders of this prestigious group.  William liked gratitude from his slaves, as he deserved.


“AMS, as you know, stands for the Art of Male Snuff.  It is an incredibly select group, and totally secret.  There are only 314 senior members at any time, but there are 700 regular members and several thousand snuffslaves who are the property of members.


“All AMS members are alpha males, each of whom is carefully selected and each of whom has strong sadistic traits.  Each also recognizes the beautiful artistry that can be achieved during a ceremony where a male gets snuffed, especially willingly, acknowledging this art is more important than the life of any member.  All members agree that this will be their fate someday in the future, and each is assigned by lottery a date by which that will happen – the member’s lapsing date.  The exceptions are the four top Alpha males – Alphas 1,2, 3, and 4.  As Alpha 1, I am the supreme leader.  I have absolute authority over everything and everyone.  Alphas 2, 3, and 4 each lead one of the three geographies of AMS – the Americas and Australia, Europe and Africa, and Asia.  The Chief, as Alpha 2, controls the Americas and Australia.  His role as police chief is just a hobby he enjoys, mostly for easy access to prisoners like this one and to spot potential recruits like Duncan.  None of us have assigned snuff dates, and each of the three regional leaders rules absolutely in his region, subject only to me.  We work together closely to coordinate events and enforce the rules.   Running AMS is my full-time responsibility and I take it very seriously.


“Even when scum like 187 and Norman were people they never could have joined as a member, since they were clearly not alpha males.  Fortunately for them members take live male meat as slaves, snuffslaves, keeping them for a period to serve us sexually and otherwise.  When we feel like it we use them in wonderfully creative snuff rituals.  We treat members with respect as we snuff them when their time lapses, celebrating their life and sacrifice.  The snuffslaves are targeted for the pain and humiliation these worthless pieces of shit deserve, so they don’t have lives worth celebrating.  We just dispose of them when we’re done using them.”


William kicked 187 hard in the balls with his steel-toed boots several times to emphasize his point, receiving thanks for doing so as 187’s cock got even harder.   The Chief did the same to Norman, who was a little surprised but did not complain.  When Duncan did the same the prisoner objected loudly, so Duncan kicked him again even harder.  All three went sprawling as the kicks continued, but the two trained slaves quickly thanked the masters as they struggled to regain their breath.  It was an amusing interlude as William continued his explanation.  The prisoner began to listen more closely to what was being said, now starting to be very afraid.  Duncan shackled his ankles together and restored him to his kneeling position with instructions to pay attention to Master William.  Duncan was seriously aroused as he listened, his cock nice and hard as it stuck out form his sexy new attire.  He thrust it into the prisoner’s mouth with orders to suck it.


“I’ve personally had 186 snuff slaves prior to this one, and I dispose of them as soon as they start to show the impact of the severe physical abuse they suffer – usually a couple of months.  I have a magnificent video library of their deaths.  Some alpha males keep their snuff slaves for long periods of time, even years, but I don’t enjoy the “whipped dog” mentality that creeps in after a period of being tortured and humiliated.  It’s not as much fun for me, which is of course the only relevant criterion.  It’s up to each AMS member, and I know the Chief has kept Norman for over ten years as a sort of manservant around his house as well as a sex object and urinal.  He fills his snuff desires through ceremonies like the Darwin Awards and parties like this one.  That’s his choice.”  The prisoner was now paying attention as instructed and was therefore now terrified.  His fear added to Duncan’s enjoyment as the cock-sucking continued.


The Chief interrupted.  “I’ve given thought to the comments you’ve made before on that topic, and I think you may be right.  I do think I kept this slave too long and have decided to snuff him at a special celebration in the next month or so.   I don’t regret keeping him so long since I’ve been using him for a psychological experiment, much like a lab rat but without any ethical limits, as well as a fun object to fist and fuck when he’s not taking care of his household duties.  He responds to fisting, one of my favorite sports, better than any slave I’ve had and he generates a huge load of cum when he’s permitted to do so – mostly, like 187, when I choke him into unconsciousness.  Ten years ago he was just a somewhat submissive fag I hired as a domestic servant.  He dind’t mind being fucked but he was hardly eager for it, let alone being fisted and drinking urine.  Now he is a total slave and remarkably eager to please me, especially by being snuffed.  The combination of psychological and drug experiments has been completely successful and he is a willing snuffslave.  Besides, my buddies and I have fisted him so often his ass isn’t very tight and he’s not as much fun to fuck anymore.  I checked with a vet about repairing him.   He’s not worth the effort given that he’s now 60 years old and should be snuffed anyway before he starts to look his age.  (Duncan was surprised, having assumed the fit slave was at least 10 years younger.)  I know you prefer snuffing younger meat like your current snuffslave, but I enjoy more mature slaves who have grown into their proper roles and ultimate use.  It’s time to make his status official, as I mentioned yesterday.”


William smiled and led the group to the annex where he did slave branding.  The coals were again red-hot and there were two branding irons.  The Chief took one and, while William and Duncan held Norman still, he shaved Norman’s chest and back and then branded Norman’s chest with “snuffslave 96.”  (The Chief had not had nearly as many snuffslaves as William.)  96 screamed but quickly recovered and expressed his deep appreciation for the clarification of his role and his commitment to please the Chief in every way he could through his upcoming death.  Duncan took the other branding iron and applied it to the prisoner, who was tied to the table after trying to resist and then branded “live meat” as he screamed, swore, and cried from the pain.  He had begun to understand what was happening and began to beg, reminding Duncan of the pledge to release him from prison.


“Don’t worry about that,” Duncan responded, laughing.  “I already signed and filed the release papers so you’re no longer a prisoner of the city.  But life is a prison, and what better release is there than being eaten alive after being tortured and fucked?  You’re as worthless as these other snuffslaves and you deserve a similar fate.  You’ll also provide nourishment along with the fun.”


The three masters had gotten horny form the movie and the conversation and went into the torture room for some fun with their sex objects.  But the conversation continued, and William and the Chief provided lots more information about AMS.


Duncan learned about the A-Team members, who were very senior members and the next level of leadership of AMS.  While they did have lapse dates, they were always many years in the future and William sometimes extended them.  They were the ones in charge day-to-day, and while some had jobs they were all jobs that advanced AMS.  A key aspect of AMS was obtaining snuffslaves and Darwin Award victims, and this was done by close relationships with police and other law enforcement groups worldwide.  Maintaining and enhancing those relationships is a primary task of the A-Team members, but also an important role for regular members.”


“A regular AMS member’s life expectancy is between 3 months and 10 years, although it is extended if they become senior members and then A-Team members.”  Duncan would start as a regular member, but quickly set a personal goal of becoming an A-Team member in due course.  He assured William and the Chief that being part of AMS was such an honor and so sexually exciting he was willing to risk being snuffed himself after only 3 months.  The Chief smiled at his protégé with pride.  Duncan was all in.


Duncan also learned about the idyllic Caribbean island AMS maintains for members to vacation and relax, called Alpha Paradise.  In addition to hundreds of AMS members vacationing there at any given time, there are about a thousand worthless Darwin Award candidates like Curtis brought in each month to be snuffed.  There’s a ceremony every night with members each getting at least one of the Darwin candidates to help snuff.  It’s a great bonding experience for members, especially as they wander through the cages and select live meat to enjoy at dinner as well as the day’s sex, torture and snuff targets.  Access to Alpha Paradise is one of the major perks for AMS members.  It makes a major contribution to reducing crimes worldwide while it’s export of “exotic” meat is highly profitable..


Duncan was equally turned on by the other AMS events, which are also wonderful releases for members’ sadistic alpha urges, and always include elegant banquets featuring the neat from the evening’s snuff targets.


“There are a large number of applicants to join since it’s an extraordinary experience and an appealing trade-off,” the Chief stressed as he pushed his fist further up 96’s ruined ass.  “AMS members are dominant, sadistic, versatile, alpha males. In exchange for a date-limited life expectancy, they get fulfilment of their darkest desires and a chance to live pleasant, fulfilling lives knowing they are part of an elite society that performs important public service. There are no limits on what we get to do to our victims.  The only obligation is a regular and rather intensive practice of fitness to provide the best body possible for the AMS ceremonies, whether as a torturer in a snuff scene or, at some point, as a victim who will also provide meat for the feast afterwards. “


William took over the instruction, pausing briefly from whipping 187 front and back as it hung suspended by its wrists from the ceiling.  “What really unites AMS is our cult of snuff.  We celebrate and embrace fucking, breeding, torturing, snuffing and being snuffed, and we view cannibalism as our right.  We own slaves and treat them as the property they are.  We also help cleanse society by accepting Darwin candidates from law enforcement and other sources worldwide.  We’re a major reason crime is dropping, since there are no repeat offenders once we take control of the animals.”


The evening was a huge success, with Duncan more excited than ever to join AMS, snuffslave 187 utterly overwhelmed by the honor of being owned and soon tortured to death by the Alpha 1 of the group, and snuffslave 96 realizing and utterly embracing his role, hoping his death would please the Chief and determined to help plan it so it would.  The three alpha males greatly enjoyed the sex and torture sessions and were careful as they cut into their dinner meat to keep it alive as long as possible in order to enjoy its pain and humiliation as well as its flesh.



The Disposal


While there are other occasions when new AMS members were tested and initiated, winter and summer solstice are the major celebration days for AMS, and Duncan was excited that the time had finally come.  He thought back over the wonderful evenings he’d enjoyed over the past several months and all that he had learned about AMS, especially grateful to the Chief for his attention and instruction.  He was more determined than ever to meet its standards and become a member.  Unlike many sadists, he even recognized that it would be fulfilling even when it was his turn to die.  He was especially fascinated by the enthusiasm of snuffslave 187, who was clearly deeply grateful for the chance to be a snuffslave.  He had discussed that feeling with the Chief over many drinks, and the Chief had assured him this would not be a barrier to Duncan’s ambitions.  It just broadened his perspective and made him an even more impressive candidate.


The initiation was held in a cavernous basement arena at William’s estate.  Duncan arrived exactly on time and was met by a hooded leather-clad doorman who directed him to a waiting room for the candidates, where he was instructed to strip naked and store his cherished leather clothing in one of the lockers.  The room was full of other applicants, nine in total, and Duncan was impressed with the variety of alpha males assembled.  They were of all ages, from late teens to early 50s, and they were from countries all over the world.  The nine had not only been selected as worthy candidates, but as worthy to be part of this important ceremony rather than just one of the regional initiations.  Among the things they had in common were exceptional bodies that were utterly fit.  The ones who were already naked and standing around seemed to have a reasonable idea of what AMS was, and Duncan began to interact with them. Three of the males were unconscious, each naked and tied to a cot.  Duncan remembered William’s description of applicants who were not told much, or anything, about AMS but had been contacted very recently by a member after being watched through their activities over the internet (especially the dark web) and in gay S&M bars and clubs.  AMS members checked them out thoroughly and concluded they would be good candidate.  Members would engage in conversations with them to verify their attitudes toward extreme male S&M, especially snuffing other males, and also their degree of alpha sadism.  Working out with them at a gym would verify their fitness levels were high enough to meet the AMS standards.  Sex scenes at gay S&M bars would verify their sexual dominance and performance.  If the answers were positive, the prospect was drugged and brought to the ceremony.  These three were lying on cots in the locker room until they recovered consciousness.  Duncan watched one of them, Horst, a candidate from Germany for the European zone, as he slowly awakened and fiercely demanded to know what was going on.  He erupted in anger about being stripped and tied to the cot, but it did him no good.  It did enable Duncan to admire his massive, exceptionally fit body.  This was clearly a major Alpha male.  Horst and the other two males tied naked to a cot would have to make their decision on the spot at initiation, assuming they passed the tests, while Duncan and the other 5 who were already awake and just waiting for things to start had already committed to AMS.

None of them knew what was next, or what tests they would have to pass. William had given Duncan no hint on that front to assure he had no advantage over other applicants.  Duncan admired the high ethics he’d seen form both William and the Chief.


Very shortly, the unsuspecting applicants recovered consciousness, with varying levels of understanding and memory of past conversations, but a consistent level of alpha male anger at not being in control.  Once everyone was awake several hooded assistants entered and released the three abducted candidates from their cots, telling them all their questions would soon be answered.  The lead assistant reminded them that they had all had conversations about torturing and snuffing other males, and they were going to have a chance to join a group that performed and celebrated that art form.  They weren’t satisfied at all with that, demonstrating their alpha status, but there was nothing they could do, and they were still a bit groggy.  Soon the memory of their conversations began to return, and they were all highly intrigued at what this prospective group might be.  Snuffing other guys sounded like fun.  Indeed, as Horst and the others began to remember the conversations, they started to have hard-ons.  By the time the nine candidates left the locker room each had a sizeable erection from the thoughts of what was going on and the prospect of snuffing other males.  It was a good group of candidates that was starting to bond.


The hooded assistants led the group to a shower room where they each endured an ice-cold shower and an enema.  They were given a steel cock ring and a necklace with a number from 1 to 9.  They were also ordered to swallow a Captagon pill.  Duncan was very familiar with the drug, which is widely used by warriors to raise endurance and reduce system shock in battle, and also has a positive impact on male sexual aggression and performance.  It is commonly given to suicide jihad fighters but is a highly useful drug for AMS to enhance the ability of snuff victims to endure greater levels of pain as well as the aggression of those doing the killing.  It was a reminder to the 9 candidates that not all of them would survive initiation.  That made their erections even harder.


After the preparation, all the candidates were led to the main arena, where William was presiding with each of the regional Alphas who reported to him by his side.  They were on a stage in front of an audience of fellow AMS members, and there were many others watching on video.  The room was brightly lit so everyone could enjoy the ceremony, and there was a wide range of equipment of various sorts on the stage, most of it oriented toward torturing and killing males.  There were also several large tubs for disposal of body parts that would soon be separated from males being snuffed but weren’t good enough cuts of meat for dining.  These would be fed to snuffslaves to remind them of their fate.


William began with a short but complete explanation of AMS, which did answer all the questions the candidates had.  Their reaction was clearly demonstrated by the eager looks on their faces, their rapt attention, and the massive erections each of them had.


Next, the candidates went one after the other in front of a camera.  Facing it, they said their name, age, and country, and then declared that they were ready to face the initiation process whatever the conclusion, and willingly accept the dedication of their life to the Art of Male Snuff Organization.  Any doubts were gone, and they were all totally committed, including the three just introduced to the organization.


After receiving their oaths William did not turn immediately to the candidates.  He first summoned snuffslave 187 to the stage.  187 crawled up on all fours, its cock seriously hard.  187 was well aware it was about to die a humiliating and pain-filled death for the entertainment of its master and the other AMS members, but unaware how it would happen.  The “how” was irrelevant to 187 and obviously none of its business.  But 187 was honored and totally turned on no matter what, determined to cooperate in every way.  After all, this was its purpose and the death would be enjoyed by a huge number of deserving alpha males.  What more could any snuffslave wish for?


“As you all know, many of us own snuffslaves that are disposable property we keep alive for a time for our pleasure.  That always includes the fun of torturing them, to death, and a property trained snuff slave such as this one understands this is its highest and best use and welcomes the honor of complete service.  I have already made this sex object available for each of you to fuck as you arrived and during the cocktail reception we just finished while we waited for the applicants to be prepared.  I was pleased to note that so many of you took that opportunity, but there wasn’t time for all 150 of you to do so.  You’ll have another chance shortly.  But its next use is to entertain us with what should be a very painful and amusing snuff.  We will start our official ceremony with a demonstration of just how much fun a snuffslave is and how that fun can be enhanced with the aid of some of our torture toys.  We’ll also  show you what amazing progress we’ve made in being able to train worthless scumbags to realize that becoming a snuffslave is their proper role and to embrace it.  This live meat naturally realized its proper role, but not very many do.  That has been a serious limitation on availability of snuffslaves for our members.  But now, as a result of some outstanding research led by Alpha 2, we are adding a product line of trained snuffslaves for sale to members.  You can examine and enjoy our first batch for free during and after the ceremony.  They are lined up naked along the side of the chamber eagerly waiting for you to torture and snuff them, one for each AMS member here in the arena.  Feel free to choose one to entertain you as you watch.  Another set is ready to be the meat at our feast, eaten while still alive.  So feel free to torture and damage your snuffslave any way you like and then we’ll butcher and freeze the meat for you to take home and enjoy later.  I think it will be our best feast ever and our video catalog of snuffslaves for sale will go live right after our sessions.”  There was a loud cheer and a mad scramble to select a snuffslave, but William nonetheless continued.


“We also want to feature one of our new torture toys, the “fatal fist fuck enabler.”  It’s a lot of fun and makes fisting a snuffslave even more painful for the meat.


“Also, as you know we don’t waste fresh meat, and as we kill this snuffslave (and others) during the course of events today we will slice off the high-quality meat and serve it to our audience here in the AMS Arena.  You can use the computer tablets at your seats to select a piece that appeals to you and it will be brought to you.  Be sure to indicate if you want it cooked or raw.  We’ve set up the room with large couches to make it more comfortable and to facilitate you enjoying the snuffslaves and each other during the ceremonies.  Or feel free to examine the carcasses as they’re laid out near the stage and slice off your choice cuts yourself.  After all, today is all about sex and snuff and we want everyone to have a great time and shoot lots of cum.”  The audience again cheered loudly in appreciation.


Snuffslave 187 was now on stage, kneeling at its master’s feet with head bowed in a kowtow position.  William placed a noose around its neck, tightened it, and guided 187 to a table where it was positioned on its back with its ankles lifted and attached to shackles lowered rom above.  William took off his leather jacket to reveal his amazing torso and his powerful arms.  But he still wore a leather harness that was embroidered with “ALPHA 1” – as if anyone would forget his status!  He held up a “glove” and slid the fingers of his right hand into it. As he closed them into a fist the audience could see that the glove was designed to extend his reach with a very sharp, carefully designed metal knife.


“One of the frustrating aspects of fisting a snuffslave is that the animal’s innards get in the way of our fists as we push into the asshole.  Even the most talented fisters can’t get past their elbows before there is too much meat in the way to go further.  That not only limits our fun but it means the meat survives the session, which of course it does not deserve to do.  This clever device solves both problems.  As you can see, the knife part rotates, which is motorized.”  William demonstrated by pressing his index finger on a button inside the glove, which caused the knife to rotate, revealing that it was in effect a drill.  The audience applauded, and William also held it so that 187 could contemplate what was about to happen to it.


William pushed his hand into 187’s exposed and well lubricated hole, using his great strength to reach up to his wrist.  187 had been fisted many times, so this was not a new feeling.  But as William continued to push, now moving in and out with his lower arm, the pain grew exponentially.  187 screamed loudly as William activated the drill function and now continued to push in past his elbow.  He could barely be heard above the shrill screams as he added commentary for the cheering onlookers.


“I’m now into the lower belly, moving up the body internally past the intestines.  The drill is now starting to chew up the internal organs.  Given all the nerve endings I’m cutting through, our researchers think this is likely the single most painful torture we can inflict on a snuffslave.  Best of all, that pain wi9ll continue even after I remove my arm, but the animal will not die right away.  These wounds are fatal, of course, but it will be several hours before the internal bleeding results in its death.  Several hours of remarkable levels of pain.”  As he finished his explanation, William had inserted his arm all the way to his shoulder.  He grinned in triumph and spit into 187’s screaming mouth.  After he slowly removed his arm he bowed to the audience, who gave him a standing ovation for his fantastic exhibition.  187 fainted from the pain but was quickly revived.  Not only was he to endure the pain that would soon kill him, but he was to suffer other torture that would also be fatal and would be the immediate cause of his destruction.


187 was then placed on a mattress where two especially well-endowed AMS members waited with cocks ready for action.  The one with the larger cock lay on his back and 187, as instructed,  positioned itself on top of the larger male, who thrust his cock up 187’s already bleeding asshole.   After the fisting, there was plenty of room, as William observed to the amusement of the audience.   He inserted a dildo to create a tighter fit for the cock already inserted.  Then William approached the snuffslave and added his own massive cock to start a triple-fuck. After the 30 plus fucks and the fatal fisting 187 had just received, this was now the only way for alphas to enjoy a nice tight fuck.  The two males fucking 187 continued the snuff by thrusting in and out with considerable pleasure, while inflicting even more pain on the snuffslave.  The third alpha then knelt above 187’s head and fucked its face while his own ass was positioned so it nearly suffocated the snuffslave.


William resumed his commentary.  “We often enjoy feeling the snuffslave achieve a final orgasm as it dies, which accentuates our pleasure as we cum.  But we also enjoy well-prepared cock-and-balls snacks.  I plan to enjoy both.  The cock and balls will be cooked and eaten while they are still attached to the body.”


As he continued to fuck 187’s hole, William was handed several implements, including a long metal skewer that he pushed into 187’s piss/cum slit.  The thrill of being so horribly used by its master had turned on the snuffslave even more, enabling it to maintain its erection despite the pain.  The skewer went far into the hard cock well past its base, adding a new source of pain (and amusement) and assuring the cock would stay erect as it was prepared.  Next, two other metal skewers were inserted, one into each testicle.  William was then handed an electric probe attached to a 120-volt circuit.  To demonstrate how it worked, he touched the probe to 187’s left nipple, then to its right one. The screams of pain were again amazingly intense, and the nipples were literally burned off as the audience laughed.  William then rotated the probe among the three metal skewers, bit by painful bit cooking 187’s genitals. The electricity was rapidly switched on and off to increase the “shock” impact and to slow down the cooking.  A favorite part of the scene was the fact the “shocks” caused 187’s body to convulse as the electricity ran through it, rising in the air and challenging the skill of the three males fucking it.  But they managed to keep their cocks inserted in the meat as they fucked it.  The crowd cheered, clapped, and laughed as the alphas performed the equivalent of a “bucking bull” on and in the gyrating animal.


The precision of the effort was so expert that it was fully 15 minutes before the cock and balls were fully (and perfectly) cooked and ready to be eaten.  To the further delight and amusement of the crowd 187’s screams were loud and extreme, intensifying to the extent they didn’t even sound human.  After all, as William pointed out, 187 was no longer really human – just live meat being processed.  The crowd went nuts with cheering, laughter, and sexual excitement.  They released some of the excitement by, in turn, torturing the snuffslaves they had been provided for just that purpose.


As the wonderful smell of cooking male flesh fueled William’s lust, he and his fuck-mate intensified their thrusts into 187’s ass, also thereby intensifying the pressure on its prostate.  As a result, and despite the fact its cock and balls were no longer functional, 187 released the largest load of cum it had ever shot, with the thick creamy liquid working its way along the skewer in its cock to leak out the impaled slit. The skewer held the cock erect, and the liquid added to the pain form the electricity.  As the cum gushed out William slowly cut the cock off at the base, using the skewer to hold the cock while he ate it, much like a corn dog at a county fair.  It was delicious, all the more enjoyable due to the incredible pain 187 was suffering.  The two skewers cooking the balls came out next, again cut very slowly to maximize the pain and the entertainment.  Being always the generous leader, William handed one each to his two colleagues, who also greatly enjoyed the well-cooked slave-meat treats.  187 was delirious with pain, but not so much so that he failed to mumble an effort at “thank you.”  Although that was barely discernable due to the pain and the thick cock in its mouth, it generated further laughter.  187 knew its death was near, yet was overwhelmed with gratitude for how it had been used and for the honor of having its cock eaten by its master.


It was time for the final stokes, and as the alpha fucking 187’s throat increased his thrusts in order to achieve his own climax William moved onto 187’s chest and very slowly slit its throat, continuing until he had completely beheaded the snuffslave.  The head fell into the hands of the alpha fucking it, who shot his load down its throat as it came loose..  William took the head and held it up to the audience as the remainder of 187’s body continued to entertain the audience with its dying gyrations.


“While this snuffslave is now just snuffed meat, it can still be useful even beyond providing us nourishment.  Feel free to fuck the body, either in the ass or the neck.  We’ll leave in the dildo to help make the asshole tighter.  I think those of you who haven’t fucked a fresh-killed snuffslave will be surprised how much fun it is to fuck either end, or both, while the body is still warm.  I think it’s the ultimate humiliation for a snuffslave and so well deserved.  And we’ll pass the head around so those of you who didn’t get a chance to fuck it during the reception can enjoy doing so now.  I think you’ll find that is also remarkably satisfying.”


As the audience cheered, the severed head became quickly popular.  For example, Paul and Xavier were two AMS members who had recently met and were enjoying their new snuffslaves when someone passed it to them.  When Xavier held it up he was startled.


“Wow.  I think I knew this when it was human.  He had a beard then, but I think it’s the same guy.”


“Really?  Was he a buddy?”


“Hardly.  He was a decent fuck, and fun to fist, but I always thought he was an asshole.  This is going to be fun.”  With that, Xavier started eagerly fucking what was now just a masturbation  toy.


“What was his name?”


“I’m not sure I remember.  Colt, maybe?  Or Casey?  Something like that.  It obviously doesn’t matter now, if it ever did.  It was just a snuffslave.  They don’t have names.”


Xavier shot his load into 187, having used both the neck and the mouth to assure a fun jerk-off.  “Go ahead and take a turn – it’s really satisfying and fun to listen to all the cum sloshing inside it.  I’m going to go fuck his dead ass.  William’s right, as always.  That’s also a lot of fun.”


So Paul also added cum to the sex toy and passed it to the next alpha.  The two buddies then headed to the stage, turned on by the sight of the headless, dickless, and lifeless snuffslave, its neck still spewing some of its body fluids while its ass leaked out the cum with which it had been so thoroughly filled.  The animal had once been quite sexy, and in its pathetic destruction it somehow remained so.  They enjoyed fucking both holes of the warm piece of meat that had once been named Cody. Xavier observed that it confirmed the fact it’s best use was as the asshole it had been. Then they helped themselves to a couple of slices of the meat itself.   As the butchers came on stage and sliced off the rest of the meat and tossed the other remains into the large tubs, snuffslave 187 was quickly and completely forgotten.





The audience cheered again when William regained their attention.  He was an extremely popular leader who knew how to please his members. But now it was time for the official ceremony.


William signaled for the room to be darkened.  There were 9 spotlights, each focused on one of the candidates, who were instructed to take a position under one of the lights with legs apart, hands behind the back, cock hard, totally still, and looking straight forward.  William asked if they were ready for the initiation to start, and they all

answered a loud YES !


At that same moment 9 more beams of lights were turned on revealing 9 impressive males each facing one of the candidates.  They were existing members who had applied to become part of the A-Team. Each was bare-chested except for a dog tag and a leather harness, wearing impressive tight leather pants open at the crotch to reveal their huge hard cocks.


For the membership candidates, after William’s display of the art by snuffing 187, AMS was no longer a concept or a fantasy. It was now reality, right in front of them, consisting of imposing slabs of male studs who were a mirror of what they could become.


After 5 minutes of standing still during which the men could face and contemplate each other’s perfect pack of meat under the sharp beam of light, William broke the silence once again, first addressing the A- Team applicants.


“You willingly offered your lives to the Cult of Snuff. You will now honor our four values:  Self-denial, Performance, Obedience, and Commitment”


The lights in the arena switched on as William spoke.  “I want the A-Team applicants, who are already members, to set an example and show how true AMS members exhibit these values.”


The A-Team applicants knew the drill and  closed their eyes.  Each took a ball from a deep jar presented by one of the assistants.  There was a moment of suspense and silence after the last one had taken his ball and William ordered: “SHOW”


Each applicant revealed the ball in his hand, boldly, with no expression on his face.


The time of the man with the black ball in his hand expired. He was a big slab of prime beef (6’8”, 280 lbs.) with a thick black beard and a furry chest much like William’s.


A107 (the ID that was tattooed on his left pectoral) rapidly took off his harness, his dog tag (the original lapsing day would have been over six years later), his leather pants and boots, and his cock ring.  He then stood at attention in front of William, totally naked with his cock still quite erect.  William handed  him a 6-inch sharp dagger.


“THANK YOU, SIR,! No mercy for my body! Take my soul , Finish me the hard way!“


With no hesitation he gutted himself just above his cock, expanding the wound upward, seppuku style.   Then he cut around the base of his scrotum, which enabled him to grab his cock and balls and pull out some of his intestines before falling to his knees, still fully conscious but in extraordinary pain to the extent he could not proceed further in the task of destroying himself.  A15 and A46, the applicants who had been standing on either side of A107 rushed next to him, slammed him onto his back.  They then took turns pulling out the rest of his intestines, positioning the dying body so each of the other six members could participate in cutting or stabbing some key part of him to advance the snuff.  It was an excellent example of exceptional teamwork


A91 spread his legs open and cut off his balls and cock, presenting them to William, who handed the thick cock and the large balls to a taxidermist who would turn them into a  trophy William could add to his collection.  A128 and A35 each took an axe and, with a loud shout, cut off his legs, as blood started to spill abundantly on the tiled floor.  A66 and A72  removed the arms near the shoulder sockets. A107 screamed in excruciating pain,  A104 opened the belly wound up to the chest and removed most of the internal organs.  But it was William who reached into the chest cavity and pushed his hand upward to where he squeezed the heart and ripped it out, still beating.  A107 was now dead, surviving far longer than would be possible were it not for the drug he and the other AMS participants had taken that day.  He had become a destroyed mass of bleeding meat.  William impaled the heart onto a nearby spike, and then cut off the head and placed it at the top of the spike.  The head and the heart would be

reminders of the AMS value of obedience.


It took 10 minutes only. Minutes of torment made more entertaining by the desperate screams of  A107 as he and his fellow applicants  demolished his body.  Most of the audiences both in the arena and watching on video enjoyed a massive orgasm as they watched, which is a major goal of any male snuff.  The difference in the audiences was that those in the arena could now enjoy the fresh meat that had been A107.


The 8 remaining A-Team applicants  returned  to their spot facing the membership candidates, having just modeled expected AMS member behavior.  William was very pleased.


“You have all performed as you are required to perform, including A107, who died with honor.  We celebrate his life and his death as we dine on his meat.  Also, all of you showed excellent teamwork, which is key for A-Team members.  We have already examined your qualifications and determined each of you merits the promotion.  This was your final test, and you have passed.  Congratulations and welcome to the A-Team ranks.”  The audience cheered, and the newly promoted members bowed respectfully to William.


The first formal event was now concluded,

The 9 candidates under their bright beam of light became the focal point for the second part of the ceremony, which would be the final selection of new AMS members.  They, too, had been pre-screened and the four Alpha AMS leaders had determined who was worthy.  Eight of the nine had passed.


Each AMS candidate was given a frozen cum cube to suck and swallow as William announced the event.


“Cum is the source of life and death.”  Life for 8 of you, sudden death for one.  Suck and swallow this precious gift.”


The candidates obeyed, and minutes after the last candidate had swallowed the last drop, Boris, a bulky Russian, started to convulse in the middle of the room. The doomed male’s final moments started with  5 minutes of intense pain as he fell to the floor, his body gyrating wildly with the agony. While he was still alive several assistants cut into him to open bleeding wounds, and the naked body was tossed into a pit where hungry dogs ripped him apart and ate his flesh.  Boris had not been found worthy to join.  The message of this tradition, as William explained, was a simple illustration of how some males are so worthless they are best used for dog food.  There would be no celebration of Boris, who was an alpha male but had been deemed weak.  The tradition also illustrated AMS’s casual attitude toward death.


William next went to a wheel and spun it., The number it landed on  (between 1 and 7) would determine how many more candidates would be snuffed  during the ceremony.


The wheel of death stopped: three more candidates where to be killed.  All 8 were now members, but the lesson was that a member’s fate was subject to rules of chance.  The candidates had all assumed the risk when they pledged their oath of loyalty.


In order to determine which candidates would die, a vote was launched electronically among AMS members both in the arena and online. The candidates were also permitted to vote, since they were all now considered AMS members even though three of them would soon die. A dashboard showed the progression of the votes and the score of each of the 8. It quickly became clear that Milom, a Romanian with an exquisitely beautiful body that cried out to be snuffed, and Horst, the imposing German who would provide such a generous helping of prime male meat, would be the top  two “winners,” followed by Duncan.


William directed the three to take places on the stage, each lying on his back on a table with cameras positioned to capture all the action.  They were not restrained.  There was no need for that since they knew and accepted their fate.


“I welcome all eight of our new AMS members and congratulate the 5 who will survive and join us for our celebration banquet.  This is always such an inspiring ceremony and it has gone well.


“As you all know, I have all power and no limits.  I rigged the vote so that Duncan will be one of the new members who will be killed today.  Chief Nelson and I have enjoyed his body many times and we have lusted over the idea of destroying it during this ceremony.  The 5 surviving members are to focus on the other two animals while he and I carry out our sadistic sniff desires on Duncan.  In addition to this being my right as Alpha 1, it is also the case that he is the perfect specimen to be an AMS member who is snuffed.  Duncan has been a subject of the Chief’s experiments that I referred to earlier.  He unknowingly went through the same transformative conditioning that the new snuffslaves eagerly waiting to be tortured and consumed alive during our feast went through.  But Duncan started as a total dominant sadist, an alpha male like the rest of us.  He is now also a willing masochist, suitable as a snuffslave.  He simultaneously has both characteristics, seeking both to inflict pain on others and to suffer it himself.  Isn’t that correct Duncan?”


Duncan had been in shock form the announcement but paused and thought.  What William said was true.  He realized he was now more turned on by the idea of being snuffed than by doing the kill, although he was excited by both activities.  He related to the dead bodies at least as much as to himself snuffing the live ones, especially the two snuff-ready new members lying on tables next to him.


“Yes, sir.  I now realize you are correct, and I am anxious to die as if I were a snuffslave.  I also now understand the messages the Chief was sending me, and suspect he added drugs to my drinks.  I admire how clever and talented he has been with all this. Thank you for allowing me to reakuze my alternate status and for the honor of being killed by you and the Chief in this marvelous ceremony.  My conditioning proves how effective your treatments are.  Turning an alpha sadist like me into a snuffslave will be an ability that means AMS can convert any piece-of-shit male into a useful, obedient slave anxious to be snuffed.”


William smiled and explained how this project not only meant a supply of snuffslaves would soon be plentifully available, but also that AMS members could now choose whether to become masochists who would better appreciate and enjoy their snuff when it was their turn, or remain pure sadists who might be tempted to resist.  It was one more way he sought to assure the members lived and died fulfilling lives.  As that reality sunk into the audience, he turned to the 5 successful candidates.


“Men, FREE your sexual lust and twisted libido on these two SACRIFICIAL OFFERINGS. Show us your primitive instincts. You have 60 minutes!  The only rule is that they are not to die before the time is up.  You will find all kinds of helpful and amusing tools on the nearby tables.”


The 5 eager new members quickly surveyed the tools available for them and were very pleased.  There was all manner of knives, huge dildos with sharp edges to cut into the sides of the assholes, , cattle prods, axes and cleavers, hammers, saws, and electric prods with a wide range of current levels.  The next 60 minutes was a masterpiece of the art of male snuff, and all three males were horribly tortured but still alive (albeit barely) when the time was up.  That allowed the cameras to catch the death throws of each animal as it then died, having endured levels of pain that were beyond measure and only possible due to the drugs injected into each of them.  Duncan was appropriately grateful, and both William and the Chief fulfilled their sadistic lust – and then some, on a willing subject.


William closed with comments celebrating the three snuffed new members.  There was of course no celebration of the snuffslaves.  Then the AMS members in the arena started a celebratory meal featuring not just the meat from the males snuffed that day but lots of live meat from the newly conditioned snuffslaves.  And, of course, there were other, unwilling Darwin Award nominees available just for members to enjoy and practice the Art of Male Snuff.  The ceremony was a total success and William was extremely pleased and sexually satisfied.  That, after all, is what mattered.

One thought on “THE AMS NETWORK By Gay Slavemeat

  1. petrjohan8091

    AMS is the prototype for all men who have heightened interests and courage to aspire to join. Each member should relish the thought that in joining he mandated his future. No member, no matter how revered or how honoured or high can be allowed any fate but the snuff. There is no fate for a man more disciplined, considered or completed.
    A prisoner friend doing 25 to live once commented that at least he escaped the needle for as any man held forever knows, sissies die with the needle, a man dies dancing at the end of a rope.
    As anyone who reads this report must now do, I must consider the pain of my own exit.


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