Replacing Norman An AMS Celebration By Gay Slavemeat

I am indebted to one of my readers for the core idea of the AMS organization, which I turned into a story (with his help) called THE AMS NETWORK.  The premise is an inspiring organization of Sadistic Alpha Males called The Art of Male Snuff, which takes great and deserved pride in how they artfully snuff fellow males for fun and profit, especially sexual fun.


In that story there was a slave named Norman, who is patterned after another reader.  But Norman is still alive at the end of the last story, although destined to be snuffed.  This is a description of a thoughtful, fun party where he gets snuffed, as all male slaves should be.  It contrasts the views of William – Alpha 1 and all-powerful leader of AMS, and his buddy the Chief of Police, who is Alpha 2 and in charge of the Americas.  In emails with the real Norman, I learned he and I share our view of us as snuffslaves who should be used and disposed of by our owners, but differ on how long and in what kind of situation a slave should be permitted to exist and serve, and  how we think the snuff is best done. I think Norman views himself almost like a favored pet, serving his master and put down when no longer able to serve as well as the master deserves.  In my view I am only property, of lower status than a favored chair because an owner can develop a level of affection for a chair and regret having to cut it up for firewood and replace it.  My role Is to get fucked, to suffer extreme  torture and humiliation, and to obey absolutely, especially while I’m being snuffed.  So I serve as a human urinal and sex object for the pleasure of an alpha male and his friends.  I am grateful for that use because it is what I deserve.  When and how I am snuffed is not only not my choice but none of my business. Should a chair get to comment on whether it’s chopped up for kindling or sold to another owner?  But in the end we both agree it’s the alphas who rule.   And another reader pointed out to me the satisfaction of snuffing unworthy males even if they resist.  Killing an unwilling inferior male can be very satisfying for an alpha, confirming his absolute power and superiority.


I welcome ideas and requested themes, along with any feedback – positive or negative – from readers.




Stevie tried hard in high school but hadn’t done very well.  He we held back for a year, but had hoped his last year would be better.  It wasn’t, and despite a lot of effort on his part he flunked two of his courses.  That meant he couldn’t be on the wrestling or swim teams, sports where he was in fact very talented.  And he liked the fact those sports showed off his amazingly fit and sexy body – now  20years old as of today.  He was extremely  handsome and totally gay.  But being gay had meant he was thrown out by his foster parents and forced to live in a homeless shelter.  He was on his own and his situation was one reason he struggled so much in school.  But he somehow knew this was what he served, as everyone around him made clear.


It was early evening on a warm spring day and Stevie was walking to the shelter from school.  He was shirtless, wearing only a tight Speedo swimsuit and flip-flop sandals.  Pretty much everything he owned was in his backpack.  He was in a good mood and enjoying the weather, having just finished swimming practice.  He had cut a deal with the coach so that he could at least still practice with the team, which he enjoyed immensely.  And he liked the conditions the coach (who was openly gay and hugely attracted by Stevie’s great looks) placed on him:  he had to swim nude and after the practices he had to give the coach a blow job.  Stevie was totally OK with those, and since the coach tended to recruit gay swimmers it wasn’t long before most of the team worked out naked both in the pool and in the gym.  After workouts Stevie knelt in the corner of the shower room and provided blow jobs, followed by him jerking off with everyone watching and pissing on him.  Given Stevie’s status it didn’t seem appropriate for any of them to suck him off, which was fine with Stevie.  He liked having lots of good-looking naked guys watch him cum and he shot giant loads all over his chest for their amusement. He also discovered he liked drinking another guys’ piss.  Getting lots of gay sex was the one thing that was going well for Stevie, and his exceptional good looks and willing submissive attitude contributed a lot to his popularity.  He got off big time when other guys dominated and used him, and even more so if they did it with others watching, laughing at him and enjoying the show.  Sometimes guys would amuse themselves by beating him up, to which Stevie did not object and which actually caused him to get more sexually aroused.  The coach instructed the team on how to cause the greatest amount of pain without doing permanent damage.  The beatings soon expanded to including whipping and CBT, and on this particular evening the coach had demonstrated the most effective use of a cattle prod on Stevie’s nipples and balls.  Of course, all the team members practiced on him and the session lasted much longer than usual.  Stevie was sore from the tortures, but glad he could provide them with so much pleasure.  He had shot a truly massive load at the end to everyone’s satisfaction.  The only condition the coach placed is that no one fucked his ass, despite Stevie’s willingness to let them do it.  But the coach was adamant and Stevie was obedient, so he was still a virgin as to being butt-fucked.


As he paused at a light, stroking his hardened cock inside his Speedo, Stevie became utterly confused.  He was suddenly arrested by two NYC policemen who got out of a nearby van parked behind him.  They led him to the back of the police van and as one cop, named Jack, opened the rear door the other, Jeremy, commanded Stevie to strip, taking and opening his backpack.  Stevie objected but the cops made it clear there was no choice.  They were bigger than Stevie and very heavily muscled, although not that much older.  As Stevie took off the Speedo and sandals, revealing his erect cock, Jack examined his backpack, taking out the cell phone and small amount of cash and telling Jeremy there was nothing else worth keeping inside it.  Jack then grabbed the swimsuit and sandals, laughing and stroking the erect penis as he tossed the backpack, swimsuit, and sandals  into a nearby trash can.  Stevie protested even more, telling them that all his clothes and his ID were in the backpack, along with his schoolbooks.  “You just threw away everything I own,” he shouted at them.


“Shut up.  Sex slaves don’t wear clothes or need IDs.  You’ll be assigned a number instead of a name.  A chip will be implanted in you that will provide identification.  And school is over for you other than training on how best to serve your owner.” explained Jeremy mater-of-factly.  As he did so Jack handcuffed Stevie’s wrists behind his back.  Mat was frightened as Jack then slammed him against the back of the van and started feeling out his butt, stroking his cock again (which was still hard, or maybe even harder as Jack stroked Stevie’s naked flesh) and unzipping his own pants.    Jack had moved closer and Stevie could feel the large cock that he assumed would be inserted into his boy-hole as the passers-by stopped to watch.  He was embarrassed but got even more erect.   He was now about to get fucked in the ass for the first time.  And the coach couldn’t object since it was a cop doing the fucking.


“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Jack” Jeremy warned.  “This fag isn’t for us.  It’s for the Chief.”


“So I get in a little trouble,” responded Jack, sounding irritated as he pulled out his eager cock.  “I’m horny and this is an ass that begs to be fucked.  Fuck, I think the fag even wants it and the report on him says he’s never been butt-fucked before.  I’m in charge of this precinct and I get to do what I want..”


Stevie didn’t understand what happened next, but suddenly Jack collapsed and was writhing on the ground. He had been tazzed by Jeremy.  Stevie turned to watch as Jeremy cuffed Jack’s wrists and then his ankles, and then pushed Jack into the van.  “not any more you aren’t,” Stevie heard Jeremy announce.  Stevie could see that there were already three other young males in the back, each of whom appeared to be handcuffed, naked, and quite attractive.  Before Stevie could comprehend what was going on he, too, had been tazzed, full power to his balls, and pushed into the van.  As the pain subsided his cock rubbed against the thigh of one of the naked young men, and Stevie ejaculated.  He was embarrassed and justifiably afraid as the young male screamed obscenities and threats at him, but nonetheless his cock burst with ribbons of think cum all over the other youth, despite having jerked off a short time before.  Stevie was confused, but also surprised at how wonderfully intense the orgasm felt.  As Jeremy closed the door, Stevie heard the cop yell to the onlookers.  “OK folks, show’s over.  Move on.”




William’s Morning


William was lounging naked in the warm sun by his pool, having finished a vigorous swim and an exercise routine focused on strength building.  He was in q quirky mood and felt like having some fun.  As he relaxed and admired his amazing body he had of course also gotten horny, so he summoned a slave that was kneeling nearby, naked and erect, ready to serve William as instructed.  The animal was a beautiful 22-year-old youth in perfect shape, whom William enjoyed using as a urinal, sex toy, and torture object.  He liked the grateful and enthusiastic manner the slave displayed when it was used, and how far its dick could shoot a load of cum when permitted to reach orgasm.


“I’m bored and I want you to entertain me by killing yourself.  First, jerk off and shoot your load as far as you can.  After that I want you to lick up the cum and then slowly cut off your cock while it’s still hard and eat it.  Next, you are to cut open your scrotum and remove your balls, wash them, and serve them to me on the silver platter next to me.  While I eat them you are to eat the scrotum and then gut yourself, cutting upward as far as you can.  Then I’m going to fuck you while you finish dying.  The vet will stop the bleeding as you cut off your genitals so it’s not too messy, but I want to see your inwards spill out form the gutting.  Got it?”


“Yes, master, it will be an honor and I hope you enjoy my pain and death” acknowledged the slave as it began stroking its hard dick. The slave was excited at its good fortune.  William – Alpha 1 of the AMS Society – always finished killing slaves once he started emasculating them, and this slave was well aware its only path to freedom was death.  Given how slaves usually died in William’s household, emasculating and gutting himself was a quick snuff.  The slave felt sorry for the other slaves, one in particular, whose deaths likely would be far worse, but at least it would no longer be a sex toy used for torture and humiliation, which Alpha 1 had turned the young male into.  It did exactly as instructed, grateful that it was able to produce a decent load of cum despite having been masturbated earlier in the day as part of William’s morning sex and torture session that he combined with his workout.  The sperm shot across William’s chest and landed on the patio on the other side of his lounge chair.  The slave knew this would please William and crawled to where the cum landed, careful to appear eager and grateful as it licked up the cum on its hands and knees – as William admired the beautiful ass that he would soon fuck and destroy.    The slave was careful to cut slowly as it returned to its original position and sliced off its manhood.  The house veterinarian had been summoned by then, and quickly cauterized the wound as the slave chewed slowly and eventually swallowed its own meat.  Alpha 1’s preferences were well known and the slave did not want to fail. This could get a whole lot worse in a big hurry if it did.


It was hard to concentrate given the pain from cutting into itself, but the slave also did a credible job peeling off the scrotum, removing the balls that were then exposed, washing them, and presenting them to their real owner on the platter.


William’s own cock was now rock hard, enjoying the show and the man-seed snacks.  It was a great show with the slave obeying every command, now having also had the wound from its balls cauterized to keep things tidy.  The show included the slave’s ongoing expressions of gratitude that William expected.  He was pleased how well the slave had been trained, remembering how defiant it had originally been when he purchased it at an auction.


“Now take the knife and slowly gut yourself, cutting upward as deep and far as you can,” William reminded the doomed youth.  “Cut sideways as well so your guts spill out and I can laugh at how wonderfully your body is being destroyed.  I’m going to fuck your ass while you die.  So as I fuck you keep trying to cut further.  It’s fun to watch.  And feel free to scream and to express your appreciation for this honor.”


The slave again did as instructed, starting with thanking Alpha 1, but it was now barely able to function due to the pain and loss of fluids.  Yet, it was extremely close to freedom and determined to achieve it.  “Fuck this asshole.  I can do this and I’ll escape this demon forever,” the dying slave told himself.  Unfortunately for the slave, it mouthed its thoughts as it started gutting itself, and William was watching.


“No one escapes me, especially when they fail to appreciate my generosity in their form of death,” snarled William angrily, summoning the vet.  The slave realized what it had done and reacted in horror.


“Please master, I am sorry.  I didn’t mean any disrespect, but the pain was nearly more than I could handle.  I was just trying to force myself to do your will.  I am truly sorry.  Please have mercy on me.”


Alpha 1 laughed.  “I don’t believe in mercy for slaves.  That’s downright stupid and just makes it worse”.

William turned to the vet, who was himself an AMS alpha.  “Peter, repair this piece of shit and turn it over to the torture research center.  I want it kept at maximum pain for 3 months before it is permitted to die.


“And didn’t this meat have a lover?  I remember a particularly amusing and arousing 69 session with two of them while some friends and I whipped their writhing bodies.”


“Yes, sir.  They are identical twins who are extremely close lovers and do everything they can to support each other.  By letting them fuck each other we got great results in sex and torture sessions like the one you mentioned.”


“Good,” smiled Alpha 1. Send that one to the torture center as well with the same fate, making sure it knows why.  Let them watch each other suffer, and mess with their psyches so they learn to hate each other.  Love creates hope, which can sustain even a slave’s mental state as it is killed.  Slaves deserve despair.


“Also, they only have one cock and balls set between them now, so have them share it.  Cut off the lover’s genitals and attach them to this one.  Since they’re twins that should work fine.  Then after a while remove them and reattach to their original animal.  And so forth.  Oh, and set up a web cam so the AMS viewers can enjoy the fun.”


The doomed slave was now utterly devastated, its concern for its brother and lover overshadowing even its growing pain and despair.


“Please sir, I’m the one who fucked up.  Just punish me.  I deserve it.  Leave my lover to a regular death and extend my punishment to six months before I’m permitted to die as further punishment for me.”


“How utterly sweet,” Alpha 1 observed sarcastically.  “That’s quite a gesture given how intense and constant your pain will be.  I’m touched.  So I’ll grant part of your request.  You will now suffer for six months.  But so will your lover.  He’ll hate you even more when he learns how stupid you’ve been.”


William waved away the slave and the vet, and the animal was dragged to a veterinary center for repairs prior to starting its horrid (but entertaining) fate, the sense of guilt almost equal to the pain and despair.  William, meanwhile, was amused and pleased with himself as he signaled for another slave to be brought over for his morning fuck and kill.  He was hornier than ever, but now he had awakened his blood lust.  This slave would not be offered a quick, easy snuff like the last one.  William was going to have a LOT of fun with it and rearranged his schedule so he could take his time with it.  He also made a mental note to alert his buddy Alpha 2 that there was still work to be done on the drugs and methods used to train their slaves.



The Chief’s Morning


The scene as the Chief finished his morning workout had a different tone than at Alpha 1’s estate, but his morning would also include slave snuffing.  That’s how senior AMS leaders started their day!  After a morning workout that included fucking and whipping to death one of his “used up” slaves (a great cardio workout, over 45 minutes of vigorous lashing that left the slave not only dead but missing the skin on its torso and all of its genitals), he cleaned up and dressed in the leather garb that was almost a uniform for the top Alpha members of AMS.  He was joined by his two naked “butler” slaves, Norman and Anthony, who had helped with hi morning routines.  When the Chief had finished the preliminaries and was ready to officially start the day Norman knelt in front of his master with his mouth open while Anthony positioned himself over a leather fuck bench, making his ass conveniently available for his master’s use.  The Chief, in turn, walked over to Norman, who used his teeth to open the leather pouch covering his master’s genitals, followed by licking his balls and taking his hardening cock into his mouth.  The Chief unleashed a large load of piss down Norman’s throat, which Norman obediently drank, then kept his cock in the slave’s mouth so that Norman could use his tongue to get it fully hard.  But the Chief did not want a blow job, and once the cock was at full staff he moved over to Anthony and thrust it into that slave’s tight slave-hole.  There was no lube or hesitation, since he wanted Anthony to feel pain.  Anthony had only recently become a slave, and he had a tight, near-virgin ass that hurt like hell when fucked by a giant cock like the Chief’s.  Indeed, it had been the Chief who had ended Anthony’s virginity shortly after purchasing him at an AMS slave auction. As the Chief began fucking Anthony he signaled that they could report on their morning tasks and the day’s schedule.  Norman, who was by far the senior slave, spoke first.


“Thank you master.  The latest indoctrination session for the herd when extremely well.  All preliminaries are taken care of in preparation for you reviewing the slaves acquired for the party.  It is a particularly good collection of young males.  There are 60 of them, so there will be the 50 needed unless you decide to cull more than 10 between now and then.  I have alerted the collection team in case you do, of course.”


“So the school administrators and police precincts came through?”


“Yes, master.  Perhaps even better than in the past.  Your generosity for the last shipment clearly paid off, along with very clear instructions as to the body types, looks, and cock sizes you require.   They are all in the age range of 18-23, at their sexual peak, and they are all gorgeous specimens.  We have stored them in the cages for a little over a month, so there has been plenty of time to remove tattoos and body hair, figure out their sexual orientation and desires, test their endurance for pain, and get them used to being publicly naked and treated like the cattle they are.  They are confused and scared, having no idea why they’re here or what’s going to happen.  We have also spotted a clear leader among the group for your initial focus this morning.  Nearly all of them are clearly deserving of being snuffed, although a few were included just because our contacts know your preferences for the event and are motivated to please you.  They  thought you’d enjoy these particular animals and I think they are correct.  I believe one of those merits consideration for ongoing use after the party, perhaps as a gift.  It’s gay and so naturally masochistic it does not need conditioning to gratefully function as a sex slave. And the youth is an amazingly handsome specimen.  The rest are a good mix of gay and straight, dominant and submissive, and so forth.  Your guests should find a nice variety to play with.  We will of course have enough butchers on hand so they can have the carcasses carved to their preferences to take home with them for their meat lockers.  I also took the liberty of arranging for a taxidermist so guests can take a cock and balls set, or a head, as a souvenir or trophy.  Some of the animals have very large cocks, and most are handsome enough to merit being kept in the trophy cases many of your guests keep celebrating their snuff sessions.”


The Chief smiled.  His arrangement with various schools and police was such a win-win approach.  The schools and neighborhood precincts would identify students who were troublemakers, not likely to graduate, or just causing problems.  The Chief and his AMS buddies would gather them up and use them for their entertainment.  The schools would then function better, the streets would be safer, no one would miss these losers, and society would not have to deal with them as criminals or other drags on the communities.  The AMS members could enjoy fucking, torturing, snuffing, and eating great young flesh.  If a few innocent males got tortured and snuffed in the process, that was hardly an issue given the contribution to society the Chief was making.  And the Chief even had AMS reimburse the cops and administrators for their efforts – very generously.  A few of the administrators even used some of the money to help out the schools, although most of it went for their own pleasures.


The Chief also smiled as he looked at his two slaves.  He had owned Norman for 10 years, and the slave was amazingly obedient and efficient.  The Chief had no doubt every detail would be handled perfectly, including some he hadn’t considered, such as arranging for guests to have slave parts as souvenirs of the evening.   But Norman had aged, and his service as a sex slave had taken its toll on his body.  Not only was his ass no longer very tight, (a function of being fucked so often -literally thousands of times – not just with cocks but with dildos and especially with fists), but all the electricity applied to his genitals had reduced the slave’s sperm production, albeit not by much.  Norman was still amazingly fit and still made a great and exceptionally reliable sex toy, but the trends were not favorable.


The Chief liked fisting slaves, and Norman had been his favorite target.  He’d considered having the vet do some repairs, but concluded it was just time for Norman to be snuffed.  To that end he had branded Norman on the chest a few months back as a “snuffslave” to remind him of his status and ultimate use.  Norman had of course cooperated and thanked the Chief for the clarification.  They even had quite pleasant and informative conversations on how the Chief could get the most pleasure from killing him and what use to make of the body.  The Chief was especially pleased with Norman’s idea of using him as fertilizer, since his meat was not young enough to be of the highest quality.  They had reviewed the Chief’s floral garden to identify the plants that would benefit from Norman’s ground-up remains, and Anthony had made notes for future use by the gardening slaves.


The Chief had purchased Anthony as a replacement, consulting with Norman to assure the new slave would have the right characteristics and attitude, which Anthony clearly did.  Though new to slavery, he had been carefully trained and conditioned using the methods the Chief had developed to transform candidates into willing slaves.  Anthony was both gay and naturally highly masochistic, so it had worked especially well.  The Chief got his maximum sexual pleasure from young males like the one he’d destroyed this morning with his whip, but he also liked “grown-up” slaves who were mature, fit, handsome, obedient, and accepting of their purpose and fate.  Anthony was in his late 30s and fit all those characterizes, being every bit as obedient and eager to serve as Norman.  He knew the Chief would snuff him when he felt like it, and that was perfectly OK.  Fuck, it was the way things should be for slaves like him and Norman.  They were property, to be disposed of when their usefulness faded.  Further, Anthony had one advantage over Norman.  Norman endured pain, knowing it was his master’s right to inflict it and desiring to provide every possible pleasure for his master.  But Anthony was more of a masochist and enthusiastically welcomed pain and humiliation, getting even more hard as he was whipped and beaten while others watched and got off sexually as he suffered.  His obvious gratitude for the pain and humiliation made the sex/torture sessions even more pleasurable for the Chief and his fellow AMS members, which, of course, is the only thing that matted.


“How well did Anthony handle the gutting this morning?” the Chief asked Norman.


“Extremely well, master.  There were two fat pigs that had also been collected with the herd, and he took a full hour each for the vivisections, remaining fully erect and doing a nice job fucking each pig once it was dead.  I was able to watch the other slaves carefully to confirm our conclusions as to aggression and attitude.  I am confident he is ready to assume full responsibilities whenever you decide to dispose of me.”


The “gutting” of the fat teens was a part of the indoctrination process that the Chief left to other slaves.  In addition to the miscreant students the districts and precincts would also send a few candidates teens who were very fat.  Obesity was a big turn-off for the Chief (who was as fit as he was large), so Norman always processed those animals.  As the other slaves watched form their cages, the fat pigs would be led to tables where each was instructed to lay on his back and masturbate for everyone to watch.  It was not uncommon, as had happened this morning, for the animal to be unable to do so given their terror at what was happening.  This would generate jeers and laughter from the other slaves, including name calling.  Anthony then announced that the animals obviously had no use for their balls, and after telling the youth to squeal like the fat pig he was, he very slowly removed the scrotum and then each of the testicles, cleaning them off and placing them in a silver bowl for the Alpha males to enjoy later.  At this point the reaction of the other slaves was mixed.  Most kept up the jeering, intensifying the name calling to reference their neutered status and cheering on Anthony.  Others became scared, realizing the implications for themselves.  This was the first real damage they had seen to a member of the herd.  Norman took note of these reactions, which would help with sorting the slaves into different snuff groups for the party. The Chief was going to host an important party in a week and wanted to demonstrate a variety of snuff methods as part of the fun.  He also wanted a variety of reactions from the victims to enhance the variety in the entertainment.


Next, Anthony said the squeals had not been loud enough, so he was going to generate more from each pig.  That’s when the actual gutting began.  But it was more than gutting.  As he inserted the knife just above the cocks he cut open the bellies and reached in to remove layers of fat.  These he tossed into a vat near the tables.  He had soon removed all the layers of fat in the torsos, and then did the same in the thighs, legs, and buttocks.  The fat pigs no longer had any fat, and their squeals were inhuman-sounding screams.  Anthony performed the terminal lipofections with great skill and care, managing to avoid cuts that would generate immediate death, and using drugs to keep the animals alive and awake so they would feel all the pain.  As he cut, one of the watching slaves, whom Norman had identified as the natural leader of the group, started a chant of “gut the pigs” that was taken up by most of the rest of them.  There was no sympathy from this group of troublemakers, although Norman observed that several of them were silent, and a couple became ill watching the slaughter.


Once all the fat was removed, Anthony turned to his next task.  Using the penises as a sort of handle, and again cutting carefully, he removed the intestines.  No amount of drugs could keep the animals alive at this point, and as Anthony pulled out the last of its innards each of the fat pigs died.  Anthony hardly noticed, as he took the bloody heap and tossed it into the food troth from which other slaves doled out daily food rations into dog dishes placed in the cages where the slaves were kept.  The caged slaves were permitted to kneel and eat their daily portion of cheap dog food drenched in piss.  Anthony used a hoe to mix the innards into the rest of the food, adding his own load of piss to the mixture as he did.    Anthony announced that they would now have a higher protein content, for which they should be grateful, laughing at their shock and horror.  He explained that this demonstration was so they would understand their status and the kinds of things that were going to happen to them.  They would all wind up dead, he announced to the shocked audience, and should be honored that their worthless lives were going to be used to entertain deserving Alpha males.  He explained that he and Norman were also snuff slaves, but ones who knew and accepted their destiny.  This was how the real world functioned.  It was all about the Alpha males, who ruled absolutely.


Anthony also gave them an incentive.  There were many options on how they would die.  Their attitude and cooperation would be a factor in those decisions.  Some lucky ones might just be hanged or beheaded, very quick deaths with minimal pain; others would be eaten alive; others would suffer amazingly painful deaths like these pigs, but far worse and longer lasting.  Their bodies would be used as food, the best cuts of their meat being served to the deserving Alpha males who would be administering their deaths, the other parts being added to the dog food eaten by other slaves, as happened with the pigs.  Or perhaps other uses.  In the case of the pigs, all that fat would be used to make soap, a special brand the Alpha males enjoyed, knowing its origins.  As Anthony was explaining all this to the horrified future victims, he had inserted his own cock into what was left of one of the pig’s asshole and pumped the dead body until he reached a very satisfying orgasm.  He then did the same with the other carcass.


As Norman watched, proud of how well Anthony had done and feeling a special pride as to the effectiveness of the training Norman had provided, he saw the different reactions of the other slaves.  Some were still defiant, others began to beg and plead.  And a fair number had thrown up, physically manifesting the horror they felt.   Norman noted each reaction, and he and Anthony left the slaves to wallow in the sight and stench of the remains of the pigs.  It was a highly successful demonstration.


After Norman finished his report to the Chief there was a pause as the Chief considered his next steps, still enjoying a relaxing fuck of Anthony’ ass.


“Was there a lot of fat?”


This time Anthony answered.  “Yes, master.  The animals were extremely obese and also very large.  This will help as we were starting to run low for our soap production.  The “boy soap” line is very popular, as you know.”


“Yes,” the Chief mused.  “We do clean up on that one.”  Both slaves laughed obediently at the bad pun.  The Chief liked to make puns and they knew a good appreciation of them pleased him, which they genuinely wanted to do.


“The party is now exactly a week away, and we need to get busy testing some of the equipment Norman has identified and acquired.  I suspect this will require using up more than the 10 bodies Norman referenced, so we should get some more right away so we can use those to test and not waste the ones who are already conditioned to at least some extent.  Those won’t have to be of any special quality, so long as they are in good enough shape to be test animals for the torture equipment.  Meanwhile, I do want to inspect the herd.  I assume the cage area has been cleaned out by now?”


“Yes, master.”  Anthony was again the one who answered, having taken over the lead.  “All the slaves have been thoroughly doused with ice cold water from fire hoses and the pigs’ bodies have been removed and processed.  I have taken Norman’s notes and created a spreadsheet for your consideration as to the best uses of each of the slaves.”


“Excellent.  I think Norman is correct, and you are indeed ready to take over.  So the timing should work well for me to snuff Norman at the party.”


The Chief turned his attention to Norman.  “As we have discussed, I have decided to dispose of you, and the party makes an ideal public setting for your death.  While you will be only one more incremental kill, of no more importance than any of the other snuffslaves being killed, I think that adds to the appropriateness of the setting.  You are just property that has outlived your usefulness.  But because I enjoy watching slaves cum as I choke them into unconsciousness, as I’ve done many times with you, I currently plan to do the snuff myself, this time making sure you’re dead by the time you finish your final orgasm and your ass gets filled with my cum.  My guests have all enjoyed fucking and fisting you over the years and I think they’ll be amused by this scene.  Some of them might even want to fuck your carcass, although I’ll warn them about your ass being rather loose from all the fisting.


“But there is an issue. Frankly, over the past several months, as you’ve trained Anthony and gotten things ready for the party, you have shown signs of pride.  That is unacceptable.  I am aware you have done a nearly perfect job in the preparations and the training, and I have always enjoyed the fact you are an utterly reliable urinal with an ability to cum whenever it amuses me for you to do so.  But you seem to forget your status as mere property, privileged to be of use for whatever I choose until you are killed for my amusement.”


“I am deeply sorry Master,” responded Norman, who realized his Master was correct and hung his head in shame.  He already knew full well it was time for him to get dead, and the Chief had discussed with him the method and timing even though it was none of his business.  That was the reason for purchasing Anthony.  And it had actually been Norman who suggested it would be the most fun for the Chief if Norman was killed at the upcoming party, since the Chief’s best friends, including William, Alpha 1, would be there to watch.  After all, the party was in honor of William’s 50th birthday, and it would amuse William for that also to be Norman’s death day.  While there would be 50 slaves killed at the party, like 50 candles snuffed on a cake, Norman was one the guests knew, having served the Chief all those years, and it would be entertaining for them to watch as the Chief fucked him and choked him to death.  Much of Norman’s gratitude was for the likelihood he would die by the Chief’s hands, quite literally since the Chief was so fond of strangling slaves.  The Chief loved the feeling of life literally flowing out of their bodies as their ability to breathe was cut off.  The Chief was expert at timing his own climax to occur as the slave also had its final orgasm simultaneous with its death.


As Norman remained silent, his head still bowed in shame, the Chief continued.  “I have decided on an appropriate punishment.  You will have only one more orgasm, which will be as you die.  I had considered cutting off your cock and eating your balls to accomplish that, but then I’d be deprived of watching and feeling you cum as I choke you to death.  Instead, you will provide an example of obedience and self-control for Anthony.  If you fail, you will not live to participate in the party and your death will be extraordinarily slow and painful.  The needle is on the table next to me, and you are to inject yourself.  You can guess what’s in the syringe.”


Norman nodded, stood up, and moved to the table.  It had a syringe on it with a very large needle.  He bowed to the Chief, and when he received a nod in return he took the instrument and plunged the needle deep into his balls.  He then pressed the plunger and pushed a large quantity of liquid into his scrotum.  It hurt a lot, but he endured it.  He deserved the punishment, but even if he had not it was his duty to obey.  This was his owner’s wish, and he knew that is all that mattered.


The Chief smiled and bragged to Anthony:  “This is one of the best poisons I’ve ever developed.  It’s almost a miracle drug.  You see, it will have no impact on Norman beyond making him exceptionally horny and his cock consistently erect until he has his next orgasm.  It will be very difficult for him to resist masturbating.  But when that happens, it will be fatal.  And unless I relieve the pain by chocking him to death, which will only happen if he can hold off until the party, he will die a massively painful and very slow death.  The drug activates all the nerves in the body and causes them to emit extreme pain signals to the brain.  It takes several days before the body dies since there is no actual damage.  The slave is in total, utter pain but its actual death is from dehydration.  Better still, the version Norman just injected is a newer one that is designed so the body can receive fluids as it suffers, extending the agony to nearly a week in the latest tests.  It is literally death by pain.  The mind is still aware but unable to stop the pain.  So Norman will die whenever he shoots his next load.  He is used up so it’s time for him to die.  But he also has become too familiar and confident, which is not acceptable for a slave.  For that he needs to be punished, and he will be deprived of any sexual release during his last week.  He needs to hope nothing causes that fatal orgasm doesn’t happen too soon.  That will be difficult for an animal that jerks off at least several times a day like he does.  It doesn’t really matter to me, though, since watching a slave die like this is wonderfully entertaining. It’s a “no lose” scenario for me and a “no win” scenario for Norman, as it should be.”


“Thank you, master.” Norman responded.  “I am truly sorry for my transgression and know I deserve to be punished.  I accept your wishes as my duty and am grateful you have taken steps to correct me.”  Anthony said nothing but marveled at how brilliant their master was, vowing to use this lesson to remind him of his status as a disposable object.



Inspecting the Herd


“Attention Slaves!  You are about to be presented to your Master for inspection.  Knell before Him!”


Norman finished his announcement as the Chief entered the slave storage arena, then knelt himself with his head bowed (and his dick hard).  Anthony did the same.  The 60 slaves were held in cages not large enough to permit standing or lying straight, in two rows of 30 cages each that were stacked one row on  top of the other.  The room had been darkened but as the Chief entered bright spotlights illuminated the rows of vulnerable, naked male flesh.


Some of the slaves knelt as instructed, but most did not.  Despite the demonstration with the two slaves who were used to make soap, there was still a great deal of defiance.  This was as the Chief expected, and wanted, and he was looking forward to managing it.  At his nod, Anthony touched a screen on a special remote-control unit, and Norman made a second announcement as the slaves began to convulse and scream.


“Scum!  You have failed to obey and honor your Master.  You will suffer as a result, with electricity flowing through the cages.  The voltage will increase until ALL scum slaves are kneeling.  Those who take the longest to kneel will suffer further pain to teach you to obey.”


As the electricity intensified, so did the screams.  And within a very brief time all but one of the slaves were kneeling.  As Norman had anticipated, it was the one who appeared to be their natural leader.  But as the voltage increased even more, this slave too succumbed and knelt.  The inspection was starting out exactly as anticipated.


Anthony and Norman stood and walked to the cage holding the rebellious leader, which was one on the second level.  The more dominant slaves were stored at that level, so that when they pissed it would drench the more submissive slaves kept on the bottom layer.  Norman and Anthony had observed how, shortly after the slaves had been put in storage, the dominant ones made it a game to see how much piss they could direct at their cellmates underneath them.  Some of the submissive ones even were intimidated into letting them use their mouths for target practice or, better yet, to provide a blow job as the dominant slave lay on the floor of his cage with his hard cock sticking downward into the cage below where the submissive slave could reach it with his mouth and suck off the dominant cell-mate.  Even the dominants who viewed themselves as straight took advantage of this service quite frequently.


The leader, who called himself Bjorn, resisted when the cage door was opened, but Norman and Anthony easily subdued him and dragged him out of the cage in front of the Chief.  Bjorn was a beautiful Nordic specimen with long blond hair trailing down his back and thickly covering his chest and crotch.  He was tall and muscular, with thick biceps suggesting strength that was quite real.  He was a wonderful example of Aryan perfection, and Norman had considered recommending him to the Chief for a special torture session at the party.  But he knew the Chief’s rules, and the leader of a herd like this had to be taken down.


Once again, Bjorn refused to kneel.  But this time they dealt with him more directly.  Despite his strength and athletic ability he was no match for Norman and Anthony combined.  They pushed him against a wall and quickly nailed his hands and feet to the wall, so that he was displayed spread-eagled for the Chief’s inspection.  At a nod from the Chief Anthony took a nearby sledgehammer and used it to crush each of Bjorn’s kneecaps.  Then Norman slipped a wire noose around his neck that was also attached to the wall and ripped his hands free of the nails that were now needed to hold him up.  Now unable to stand, Bjorn collapsed onto his ruined knees, the wire noose keeping him from falling forward but cutting deeply into his neck.  Despite the pain Bjorn did not scream and said nothing.  The Chief admired the toughness.  This animal might have made a great AMS member, but it was too late for that and an example was required for the rest of the herd.


The Chief approached Bjorn, his leather garb towering over the defiant victim.  “You are to remove the leather fasteners and then suck my cock.”


“Fuck you, faggot.  I’m no mother-fucking cocksucker.  If you stick your dick in my mouth I’ll bite it off.”  Bjorn then spit at the Chief.


The Chief’s response was one of amusement.  “You continue to show very poor judgment,” he said with no hint of anger.  The Chief had actually hoped for this sort of response and nodded at his two slaves.  Norman inserted a dental appliance that forced Stevie’s mouth open.  He then took a nearby set of pliers and slowly removed Bjorn’s teeth.  The cocky gang leader was taken off guard, now horrified by what was happening to him and astonished at the level of pain being inflicted.  His will was starting to crack.  When Norman was finished Bjorn’s mouth was bleeding profusely and his pain level was extreme.  The Chief repeated his command, adding that he expected Bjorn to use his tongue to massage the cock and lick off the blood.  But Bjorn still had a level of defiance remaining and  refused again, this time barely able to utter the stream of profanity due to the pain and the bleeding.


“I will not tolerate this kind of language in my presence.  If this scum is unwilling to use its tongue to give me pleasure, it has no purpose.  Remove it.”


Norman quickly used a scissors to cut out Bjorn’s tongue, holding it up in front of the gang leader and also the other slaves, then tossing it into the herd’s food vat.


“Fortunately, you have another hole where you can service my cock.”  And as the Chief made that comment Anthony and Norman lifted Bjorn onto a sling, lying on his back with his broken legs in the air – all set to be butt-fucked.  When he was positioned, Norman knelt in front of his Master and used his own teeth to remove the clasps that covered his master’s giant cock.  He then took that in his mouth and lovingly massaged it to a full erection, which did not take long given the Chief’s level of arousal.  He was totally turned on and thoroughly enjoying himself.  Bjorn fit his ideal sex object and the Chief loved it when the slave showed résistance.   Anthony took a nearby syringe and injected the same poison injected into Norman deep into Bjorn’s exposed balls.  At that point the Chief walked over to the one-time tough guy and rammed his hard cock into the virgin asshole.  Bjorn’s combination of pain, humiliation, pride and homophobia finally broke his spirit and he screamed in.  Then, to his further horror and shame, his cock grew erect as he was being fucked.  A camera was projecting the events onto a large screen in front of the rest of the herd, so everyone could see Bjorn’s reaction.  Most of them jeered and cheered, calling Bjorn a fag who liked getting fucked and deserved it.  They of course had no idea the erection was triggered by the poison just injected into the doomed slave, who was more horrified by this reaction than even the pain he was enduring.  Of course, no one explained the real reason for the erection to him.  The humiliation of this gorgeous homophobe was just too much fun to enjoy.


The Chief took his time and enjoyed a quite satisfying orgasm.  As Norman and Anthony picked up Bjorn he totally broke down, starting to cry and begging for mercy.  They ignored that (although both they and the Chief were delighted with their triumph) and strung up Stevie upside down by his ankles so his broken body was swinging freely like the piece of meat it was becoming.  The Chief added to the pain and humiliation by brutally whipping Bjorn both front and back, causing deep welts in his young flesh, especially the exposed cock and balls.  Once Bjorn was bleeding freely from a massive set of welts all over his body, but with his cock still hard, the Chief addressed the herd.


“You are all slaves, and you will all be snuffed as you deserve.  Your deaths and bodies will be the entertainment and meat course at an important party I’m hosting, which will celebrate the birthday of William, Alpha 1 of AMS, the Art of Male Snuff.  Since it’s his 50th birthday, we are going to snuff 50 of you at the party.  Some of you will die reasonably quickly – the lucky ones.  Others will be much slower, such as those who will be skinned and eaten alive.  And some will suffer excruciating, extreme pain, like this piece of scum I just fucked and whipped.  It’s going to be a great party and a lot of fun, although of course not for you.  No one knows or cares what happens to you, and the world is better off with you being dead.  Having your bodies butchered for meat, soap, and fertilizer is a much better purpose for you and you should be honored to make the contribution of your worthless lives and bodies to celebrate such a great Alpha Male.  You have been drags on society and you deserve your fate. Oh, I know this confuses a few of you who have not broken the rules, but you have the good fortune of having bodies that turn on me and my fellow members.  So you just get to make a contribution that you should be honored to make given your low status and our role as superior Alpha Males.  The sacrifice will be a bit greater because we will take our time torturing you in particular, in amazingly painful and humiliating ways, since your suffering will give us the greatest pleasure.  That is clearly the best use for your wonderfully sexy bodies.


“We really don’t care if you cooperate, but it might be better for you if you do.  To illustrate that, one of my slaves is going to suck off this animal.  That will trigger a reaction from the poison injected into his balls, which will cause him to suffer extraordinary pain – every nerve in his body will send pain signals to his brain – such that he’ll die in agony.  But it will take about a week for that to happen, with no relief from the pain.  The drug even stops him from passing out so he’ll be awake the entire time.  The party is in a week, so he’ll finally die just as the party starts.  We’re going to leave him here for you to observe.  If you fail to obey, we’ll likely do the same to you.  Or worse.


“By the way, my slave who is sucking the cock will also die at the party, or maybe sooner.  But he has been trained to understand his role and accepts his fate with gratitude for the honor of serving an Alpha Male.  You could learn from him.”


As the Chief finished, Norman stood in front of Bjorn and sucked his still-hard cock, which erupted quickly in light of both the physical fitness of the victim and the impact of the drugs.  As the cock emitted its final load of cum, Bjorn began to feel the pain and his body started to gyrate.  He was soon screaming loudly, begging for mercy, and overwhelmed by the unbelievable amount of agony.  It was a great show and a useful object lesson.  The herd would now understand it must obey its owner.




A Well-deserved Promotion, with a Worthwhile Future


Later that afternoon the Chief attended an upbeat celebration at one of the many police stations he supervised.  He was very devoted to the men who worked for him, and it was mutual.  So when one of them was promoted he always made it a point to attend.  But this time he was especially pleased, since the promotion was based on demonstrated loyalty to the Chief and to AMS.


As he entered the Chief saw that everything had been well prepared.  This was also reassuring, as this event had been arranged by Anthony – his first task all on his own.  The Chief was totally confident Anthony was ready to take over for Norman, and wondered if it would be more fun to have Anthony give Norman a blow job that would trigger the torture drugs or to wait until the party and snuff him then.  Tough choices, but fun either way.


The first part of the ceremony was to be a gang rape and orgy, and the Chief saw that everything was in place, including the target, and all the officers were already naked, erect, and ready to party.  The object of the rape was suspended from the ceiling  and had already serviced the horny crew over the past several days.  This was an ongoing party.  The target knew what was likely to happen next and bore a justified look of considerable fear.  But he also knew things would be far worse if he didn’t cooperate.  His only relief would be his death, and he hoped that would happen soon.


The Chief, decked out in his AMS leather, was handed a drink and proposed a toast:


“I am so proud of all of you, and especially of our new precinct captain, whose promotion we are celebrating today.  Jeremy is the kind of officer I want all of you to use as a role model.  As you can see now that he’s naked, he keeps himself totally fit and has a great cock and a nice ass.  I can especially attest to the latter, as I can with most all of you and will with those I haven’t tested yet.  I’m guessing you’ll all soon get a chance to learn how well his cock functions, up close and personal.”  There were chuckles in the room.  The Chief enjoyed fucking his staff, as was his right, and they all respected him for it and admired his stamina and giant cock.  Being fucked with a cock that size was painful, but giving the Chief pleasure was more than worth the pain.  They knew Jeremy would do the same, and he had been a great role model when the Chief would visit the precinct to inspect, which would include Jeremy stripping naked along with a few other guys and the Chief fucking all of them as the rest of the precinct watched in admiration and jerked off for the Chief’s further amusement.  The staff, in turn, had free reign of those below them in rank, and of course everyone used the prisoners however they wanted.  There were no limits there unless the Chief had designated a prisoner for his own use or an AMS event..


The Chief continued.  “As you all know, Jeremy was the most successful cop at cleaning up our streets by removing the scum that pollute our city. And he is also astute about the opportunity to provide extra quality for senior Alpha Males of AMS, as you can see from the sex slave kneeling in the corner and serving as our official urinal today.  That slave, formerly known as Stevie, is of exceptional quality and it would be a waste to include it in the regular herd.  I am keeping its ass virgin until my party next week, and if it weren’t for Jeremy that would not have been possible.  So let’s toast his success and give him a huge cheer.”


Everyone raised their glass and cheered loudly as Jeremy beamed with gratitude.


“I am also pleased to announce that Jeremy will not only be the captain in charge of this precinct, but he approached me with a request to apply for a position as one of my “butler” slaves, ready to take over when I decide to snuff Anthony.  I have agreed, and since he’s just in his early 20s this will likely be a smooth transition in about a decade, as it is with Norman getting snuffed next week and replaced by Anthony.  He and Anthony did a great job working together on this transition and planning my party next week, and I am confident that partnership will continue between Jeremy and Anthony once I snuff Norman. And like our urinal, Jeremy is utterly obedient by his nature and I don’t anticipate needing to do any conditioning.  He is a great Alpha Male and will lead you well in that role, including applying appropriate discipline and enjoying your bodies and those of other males of lower rank than he is.  But he ultimately was born to be a slave, knows it, and is now able to look forward to someday functioning in his highest and best use, serving a very senior AMS leader.  As a future slave he will always remain naked, even here in the precinct, but don’t misunderstand.  That is the only concession to his future role.  He’s  in charge and for now, and for years to come,  I am the only one with permission to fuck him.


“And that brings us to Jack, who disgraced himself and will be leaving us in due course – literally turned into a piece of shit after we enjoy eating his meat.  Of course, that won’t happen until we’re all done fucking his ass and torturing his body.  He will serve as a lesson for all of you on what happens when someone breaks the rules.  There is no forgiveness and those who disobey die horrible deaths.  I understand all of you have been having tons of fun with him over the past few days, and I can see the evidence of cuts  and welts on his body.  These look like more than the usual whipping aftermath.  It also looks like you turned his balls into pin cushions and I don’t see much left of his nipples.  I also see he’s now devoid of body hair, which is quite a change from his usual thick mat on his chest, crotch, and back.  I just hope his ass is still nice and tight, like I remember it, so I can enjoy fucking it as he dies.  It looks to me like you guys have done a great job teaching him the first part of his lessons.  So, with that, let’s enjoy a fun orgy and make sure Jack gets the death he deserves.”


Jeremy spoke next as the crew started to move Jack onto a nearby fuck bench so everyone could humiliate him one more time.


“Good observations, Chief.   It turns out Jack wasn’t very popular.  So we started by cutting off his body hair.  We used a straight razor so it would cut him if he resisted, which I’m pleased to say he did a lot.  Those are the larger cuts you see added to the welts from when we whipped him.  We made sure there was not only no body hair left, but no part of him that wasn’t solidly lacerated.  The balls were particular fun.  We had a game of “pin the tail on the donkey” but with a few changes in the rules.  Everyone had large needles, and no one was blindfolded.  So we could put the needles where we wanted, and we all chose his balls.  In the second round we added his cock and nipples, and a couple of guys nailed his tongue.  That shut up the string of profanity we were getting tired of.  The nipples are gone because we thought it would be fun to rip them out, which it was.  Oh, and his ass is full of cum and his belly is full of piss, so we’ve made good use of his mouth and butt.”


“Wow.  Sorry I missed the fun.  Should I assume the cock doesn’t work anymore?  It looks pretty shriveled.”


“No.  We decided he didn’t deserve a final orgasm so we’ve been highly aggressive in having fun with his cock and balls.”

The Chief nodded and walked over to where a couple of the crew were holding Jack.  “Before you lay him on his belly on the fuck table, we might as well finish off that part of your fun.”  The Chief then took out a pocketknife he always carried, opened the largest blade, and reached down to Jack’s genitals.  He had one of the guys take out all the pins, and then he slowly cut off Jack’s shriveled cock.  “This is certainly worthless,” the Chief scoffed, as the crew all laughed.  Then he tossed the muscle, once Jack’s primary source of pride, to where the slave once called Stevie was obediential kneeling.  At the Chief’s signal Stevie bent down, picked up the cock with his mouth and ate it.  A little blood dripped down his chin, but one of the crew quickly washed that off with piss, emptying the rest of his load down Stevie’s willing throat.


“Well, laughed the Chief.  Our urinal slave even got a chaser with his snack.”  As the crew laughed even louder, and Jack looked on in horror, the Chief next cut off the scrotum, separating the two testicles and offering one to Jeremy as the Chief swallowed the other.  But they used the expensive champagne being served at the party as their chaser.


The Chief encouraged everyone to do their last fuck of Jack’s ass, to continue whipping and applying a cattle prod to his body, and to cut off a small meat snack to eat in front of Jack as he was forced to watch.  “We’ll enjoy the main course after he’s dead and we butcher him, but I want him to get a feel for being eaten alive so he knows how lucky he is that we’re going to fuck him to death,” the Chief instructed.


Once the gang rape was done and everyone had enjoyed a snack, the Chief positioned himself behind Jack’s bleeding butt and inserted his giant cock into the much-used hole.  It was nicely lubricated with a massive amount of sperm, and the Chief regretted that this reduced the pain for Jack.  But there were compromised that had to be made to get the thrill the Chief was after.  The Chief loved the feel of achieving his climax as the guy he was fucking was painfully snuffed, dying simultaneous with the Chief’s orgasm.  Meanwhile, Jeremy had forced an O ring into Jack’s mouth that prevented him from closing it, and inserted his own hard cock down Jack’s throat.  Jack wasn’t used to giving blow jobs, and gagged at the size of Jeremy’s cock.  Jeremy went in and out for a bit so Jack could get used to the experience, but then he inserted his cock all the way down Jack’s throat, thrusting it vigorously as the Chief did the same up Jack’s ass.  The two colleagues leaned forward and the Chief inserted his tongue deeply into Jeremy’s throat, further increasing the pleasure for both men.  Then, as Jack realized he could not resist Jeremy’s cock, he also realized he was effectively being strangled.  He tried breathing through his nose, but the cock fully occupied his throat and windpipes.  Jack slowly faded as the pain of no oxygen increased, and the two experts perfectly timed their thrusts and orgasms so that they each shot their loads into Jack exactly as Jack painfully died.  There was loud cheering form the crew, many of whom also shot a load as they watched this amazing show.


Several of the crew now moved Jack’s body to a carving table and expertly cut his meat for everyone to enjoy.  Accompaniments were brought out and the party continued with lots of great conversation and comradery.  As they celebrated the Chief fucked Jeremy in the ass, which was familiar and highly pleasurable territory for both of them, one that would be repeated more often when Anthony was snuffed and  Jeremy changed roles.  Jeremy liked being fucked in public, and he was totally comfortable with his new status – both as the Alpha Male head of the precinct and as a future slave belonging to the Chief for whatever use the Chief choose.


As the celebration concluded, the eager young urinal watched in wonder.  It knew it was not worthy to perform actual tasks like Jeremy or Anthony.  It knew its use was just for sex and to suffer as much pain and humiliation as was possible.  It wondered why it had not been fucked yet, or seriously tortured or whipped, but knew its owners would do so when the Chief was ready.  What was done with it was none of its concern.   it was just grateful beyond measure to be the property of such an outstanding owner.  If it’s role was just that of a urinal for now, so be it.  He would do that job well, as instructed.



The Birthday Party


The day of the party had finally arrived, and the guests assembled in the early afternoon to start the celebration.  As they entered the huge dungeon their first sight was of 50 young oriental males standing on a stage, naked and erect with their hands tied behind their backs and nooses around their necks.  The specimens were amazingly beautiful, their young skin smooth and fit, glistening with oil that made their bodies reflect the light. Their faces bore broad smiles of welcome.  When everyone had arrived, AMS Director Fong walked onto the stage and stood in front of them.  He was a large alpha male attired in the same leather garb as William and the Chief, and his leather vest identified him as “Alpha 3.”  He looked out over a sea of eager AMS members, of all ages and body types.  Many wore the same AMS leather attire that he did, while most others were totally naked.  And there was every variation in-between.  AMS valued its diversity, which was reflected not merely in attire (or lack thereof) but in race and ethnicity.  What united them all, and was not negotiable, was a core commitment to the Art of Male Snuff.  And for that purpose there was an even greater number of naked slaves ready to be snuffed.  Many understood and accepted their purpose and fate, but many would resist.  Both would provide pleasure, especially sexual pleasure, for their deserving owners.  It would be a wonderful party.


“On behalf of the Chief and myself, welcome to this great celebration.  As you know, as Alpha 3 of AMS I have responsibility for Asia, which I’ve run now for over 25 years.  Knowing that this event would come to pass, I arranged a major breeding event 20 years ago.  I contributed a considerable amount of sperm that was used to breed over 75 males.  Those were raised as slaves and taught that their purpose was to someday provide brief entertainment for Alpha 1 when he turned 50.  You will note that they look alike – even for Chinese, who of course all look alike to you Caucasians (everyone laughed) – but in this case it’s also because they are half-siblings and the surrogates were also selected to look as much alike as possible.  The 50 best specimens are assembled behind me.  We bred extras since we knew some would not be high enough quality, and the extras are also here today for you to snuff however you like.  These beautiful specimens want to offer a traditional song in celebration of Alpha 1’s 50th birthday, which will be followed by a dance in his honor and then a candle-lighting ceremony.”


At this point Alpha 3 stepped off stage, and all 50 slaves bowed deeply in deference and respect.  The purpose for their existence was about to be fulfilled.  (The ropes around their necks were loosened from above to permit the bow, then tightened again.)  As they finished their bow and stood with every aspect of their bodies erect (especially their throbbing cocks, which pointed upward from their sexual arousal and dripped pre-cum), they began to sing:


“Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Alpha 1, Happy birthday to you.”


Everyone laughed and joined in.  The idea of all these Chinese slaves singing the traditional English song went over very well with the crowd.  But there was a second verse:


“We’ll die now for you;

It’s what we were bred to do;

our deaths are your birthday gift;

as our cocks shoot on cue.”


At that point the platform under their feet quietly slid open and all 50 beautiful males dropped.  The platform had been designed to be totally silent so the crowd could hear the sound as 50necks were broken and the slaves did that cute little death-dance that is so entertaining when slaves are hanged.  The dance didn’t last long, but it was great fun to watch as the bodies slowed and the heads drooped at unnatural angles, eyes open and smiles still in place.  Best of all, each of the 50 eager slaves had a giant orgasm, its cock erupting with cum that shot out on each other and the watching (and cheering) crowd.  Then, after the quests had a chance to enjoy the smiles turning to expressions of pain as the dancers  finished dying, the lights were dimmed and flames shot up from under the platform, setting on fire the oil with which the young meat, especially their cocks and balls, had been soaked.  The presentation was now of 50 slave candles – lit lanterns wonderfully lighting the room with burning flesh and torch-like flaming cocks, all in tribute to Alpha 1.  Their lives and bodies had been put to an appropriate use for slaves.  When the torches faded the lights came back on and Alpha 3 returned to the stage to the sound of enthusiastic clapping and cheering as the guests continued to enjoy the sight and also the aromatic smell of cooking slave meat.  His gesture had been well received.  He bowed to Alpha 1.  “William, my friend and leader, I wish you the best birthday ever and hope this will prove a good start to the afternoon.”


William joined him on stage and graciously expressed his appreciation, complimenting Alpha 3 on a great show and also thanking him for his outstanding leadership running the Asia division of AMS.  “This display is just one example of your great organization and creativity, and of how you always plan for the future.”


The Chief joined his colleagues and the three leaders embraced.  The friendship and respect among them were obvious, a great example for the other guests.  The Chief spoke next.


“Let me add my welcome to all of you, and my congratulations to Alpha 3 on a great show.  What a wonderful use for these animals, and we’ll all share in generous cuts of meat as they are butchered for our dining pleasure.  But we’ll leave them hanging here for a while so we can all enjoy the scene.  Fifty freshly hanged slaves with their cocks nicely burned off is a great sight.   And don’t worry, we’ll put the bodies onto fuck benches before we butcher them for those of you who would like to fuck them.


“Most of all my welcome goes to my friend and leader, William, Alpha 1, with great good wishes for this birthday.  I hope this celebration is worthy of him and this occasion.


“As you know, William has recently appointed me to run the European division as well as the Americas, pending replacement of Alpha 4.  His performance had not met our standards, so William, Director Fong, and I snuffed him a few weeks ago.  To his credit, he understood and cooperated, providing a worthy death and an excellent meal.  Alpha 1 will announce a successor in due course, but in the meantime I have responsibility for that area.  So, since I also know how much William is interested in European history, I thought it would be fun to make that, especially British history, our theme for the afternoon and evening.  You will note that the dungeon has been filled with numerous devices used over the years in torture and executions by our European forebearers, and we have assembled a group of 50 more slaves who will be used to demonstrate them, a number chosen, of course, in honor of our beloved Alpha 1.  I hope everyone has a great time and enjoys the fun as we snuff all 50 of these slaves, and an ample supply of others, for your amusement and in honor of the occasion.”  The crowd clapped in appreciation, and at this point other slaves brought drinks and appetizers for them to enjoy, including a generous supply of fresh testicles and other slavemeat treats.  (The 100 testicles being served had once been attached to 50 young males held in a detention center, part of an experiment to see if they would reform better if turned into eunuchs.  It was an AMS research project that was one more example of their community service.)


The slaves being snuffed were, of course, the truant teens and street scum rounded up earlier and conditioned in the Chief’s slave cages.  Some had been trained as slaves under the methods developed by the Chief, so they would be appropriately obedient.  Others had not, so the guests could enjoy inflicting pain and watching them die horrible deaths on the torture machines despite their efforts to resist.  The Chief started the fun by pushing one of those into the heated Iron Bull placed near the stage.  This was an old Roman idea, consisting of a bull made of iron which had a flame under it that made it red hot.  A naked slave would be pushed inside, and reeds on the bull’s mouth would emit the sounds of the slave creaming as he burned to death.  The fun part was that the reeds made it sound like an actual bull, a source of amusement that always pleased the Roman onlookers. The Chief, at Norman’s suggestion, made it more fun by making the bull out of tempered glass, so the guests could watch the slave’s agony as it was burned horribly no matter where its naked flesh touched the inside of the bull.  The teen he selected had been particularly uncooperative so it was even more fun than usual to watch and listen as the desperate animal suffered in despair.  A careful balance of temperature assured constant burning but also meant the slave would remain alive for at least an hour to prolong the agony.  A new slave would replace it when it finally died.


“By the way, Chief,” William asked as the three senior AMS leaders left the stage to enjoy the party.  “Whatever happened to that slave you had for such a long time?  I think its name was Norman.  I thought you were going to finally get around to snuffing him.”


“I am, and he will die tonight,” answered the Chief.  “He’s a great organizer and I wanted to use him to help on the party.  He located and designed a lot of the torture equipment, and he did a great job as you’ll see.  I also had him train a successor, who is one of the urinals.”  The Chief pointed at Anthony, who was kneeling near the two Alpha males, ready to receive any piss they might need to get rid of, or to be fucked if they felt like doing that.  Or snuffed.  Anthony bowed to the ground in respect for his master and William.  As he returned to kneeling, William signaled to him that he was to use his teeth to unclasp the leather covering William’s cock, after which William took advantage of the new slave and unloaded a giant gusher of piss down its throat.  “Well, the slave does seem well trained as a urinal,” observed William.  “Does it also have a tight ass?  As I recall Norman became pathetically loose.”


“It does,” answered the Chief.  “And I encourage you to check for yourself, although I don’t plan to kill Anthony for a while since he’s very useful, and there are lots of young twinks for you to fuck and snuff that are probably more to your taste.  You can fuck Anthony any time you feel like it since he’ll probably be around.  But if you decide to snuff him that’s obviously your right and perfectly OK with me, and with him.  I’ve already picked his successor, although that male is probably not quite ready to take over yet.”


“Do you intend to keep this one  for years like you did Norman,” asked the Chief.  He had never really approved of keeping a slave for many years, since he viewed them as mere meat useful for sex and the pleasure of torturing them as they died for his amusement.  He hired staff to perform the sorts of duties the Chief assigned to Norman and Anthony.


“Probably not as long, but I do find slaves useful as staff.  I know you disagree, but I think they can serve useful purposes as sort of “man servants” who get to know what I want done and take care of it with total obedience.  I don’t think your staff is as reliable, although the fact you torture them to death if they fuck up does help motivate them.”  The two friends laughed at the exchange, which they had been doing for decades.  It was a friendly disagreement, and William had actually decided to convert some his house staff to longer-term slaves, using the Chief’s conditioning to assure their complete obedience.  It would be fun to dispose of them when they outlived their usefulness, and it would cost less since they would not need salaries, clothing, medical care, or pensions.  Housing could be in bunk rooms and they could eat table scraps, dog food, and the entrails of snuffed slaves.  Of course, his sexual pleasure would still be focused on young twinks whose bodies he thoroughly enjoyed destroying in horribly painful deaths.  A smooth, 20-year-old twink was his favorite sex object by far.


“So where’s Norman”” William asked, his curiosity aroused.  The Chief pointed to a scaffold beside them, where Norman was displayed hanging slightly off the ground with his cock erect and a noose around his neck.  William did have to admit (to himself) that the slave, although old for William’s purposes, was still an excellent specimen of male flesh, with a fit and handsome body and a very decent sized cock.  Maybe the Chief had a point.


“Are you going to leave him there until he dies from strangulation, or do you have something else in mind?”


“I’ll take him down and snuff him personally in a while.  The noose isn’t tight enough to strangle him, just to make him suffer.  I want him displayed and humiliated but I also want the fun of a personal kill.  I want to feel him die as I fuck his ass and choke him.  Afar all, despite the effect of the Hell Drug being injected into him a week ago he’s managed not to cum, which is a remarkable demonstration of obedience and discipline.  I think killing him personally is a good reward.  It’s what he wants.  And I knew he wanted to hang around for most of the party, which I obviously arranged.”


That was too much for William. He was used to the Chief’s bad puns, but the thought of rewarding a slave was beyond his comprehension.  He shook his head.  “Sometimes I think you’re getting soft in your old age, my friend,” he admonished.


“Hey, I’m not the one dealing with old age,” responded the Chief, which got a groan and a laugh from his friend.  Of course, there was only a year’s difference in their ages, as William was quick to point out.  But the Chief had clearly won the round of jesting.


Meanwhile, guests were mingling, enjoying the drinks, meat snacks, and exhibits.  One that was particularly popular was the “wheel,” a medieval British torture that involved tying the victim cock-side up to a large wheel and then turning it over a set of spikes that would tear into the flesh.  It quickly turned into a betting game based on how many times the slaves could survive being punctured by the spikes before they died.  But this wasn’t as popular as the “pit and pendulum” station, based on the delightful Poe story.  Unlike the story, the slave of course was not rescued and, better yet, it was sliced in half lengthwise.  It had taken a lot of practice to get it right, but Norman had designed the device so precisely that it even sliced the cock and balls lengthwise, splitting the scrotum so each half of the slave had a testicle and half its penis.  (The penis was kept erect by drugs and stapled to the belly to keep it in place.)  The best part of this fun station was the growing terror the slave exhibited as the ultra-sharp pendulum swung above it, closer with each pass until the actual cutting began.


Other popular demonstrations included the rack, which although well known to the guests was still lots of fun as the slave was literally pulled apart for their enjoyment.  There were lots of whipping posts where the guests could participate, taking turns lashing the young animals front and back until their skin was just a mass of bleeding welts and their cocks were literally cut off by the metal-tipped whips.  To assure that result the animals had been drugged to cause the cocks to remain hard until the whips could cut through them.  Some of the slaves were suspended upside down, so the erect cock was hanging down and more readily available as the whip strokes struck the exposed flesh.


For those who wanted to collect slave skin for conversion into leather mementos there were slaves tied down to tables where they could be skinned alive as their flesh collected for that purpose.  All the torture stations had written displays giving the history of the torture, and this one pointed out how Henry VIII not only skinned alive the monks who didn’t follow him but nailed their skin to the door of their abbey as a warning to others.  The Chief knew what a fan of history William was, and all the guests enjoyed the extra detail.


Well-endowed slaves were displayed so their huge cock and balls sets could be removed to be turned into an artistic memento of the event.  As Norman had predicted, this was especially popular given the impressive size of some of the young cocks.  Besides the betting on when a slave would die at a particular torture session, there were contests among the guests so they could show off their skill, especially at archery and (even more popular) axe throwing.  The arrows were aimed at the heart and the axes were aimed at the erect  cocks.  But one exceptional archer managed to get an arrow perfectly into the piss slit, generating considerable cheers and collecting on a lot of bets.  After each contest the dead slave was beheaded and its head was presented to the winner as a trophy.


Perhaps the most popular of all the exhibits was one commemorating the quant British tradition of having a criminal hanged, drawn, and quartered.  This was reserved for the teens who had been least cooperative and were the best looking.  The Chief wanted to display handsome bodies that were strongly resisting their deserved fate.  As was the tradition in the Middle Ages in England, the slaves were first tied to a wire rack that was dragged from the cage area on a meandering route to the scaffold.  That way the guests could observe the animals and enjoy their struggles and terror, while also spitting, pissing, and whipping the bodies as they were slowly dragged to their doom.  It was very satisfying and the slave was dragged very slowly to maximize the show.


Eventually the slave would reach the scaffold and be pulled up to stand under the noose, which was carefully placed around its neck.  The key at this point was not to have the body drop very far, breaking the slave’s neck and killing it much too quickly.  Instead, there was just a short drop sufficient to partially break the neck and trigger the slave’s final orgasm, an essential part of the entertainment.  Then the slave was slowly pulled into the air, its legs dangling for the amusement of the onlookers.  To be sure there was adequate pain and damage to the animal, these nooses had a refinement, which was a thin wire on the inside of the noose that would cut into the slave’s neck as it hung on display, cum and then piss dripping from its spent cock.  The more the slave moved the deeper the cut.  So the hangman would push the body to gain that effect.  The notice by the station pointed out that this wasn’t the way it was actually done in olden days, when there was an effort to have the prisoner hang alive in pain for a period of time, but there would be more of a drop.  But as famous criminals like Guy Fawkes had demonstrated, if there was a material  “drop” a clever victim could actually jump just before the drop and gain enough extra leverage to assure its neck was broken enough to cause a very quick death.  The Chief would not run that risk.  These slaves were to die as slowly and painfully as possible, with maximum humiliation and entertainment.  Pushing the body so it swung while the wire cut into its neck worked great for that purpose.


The Chief also enhanced the next steps, which started after the slave was cut down from the noose and placed on its back on a bench.  The executioner would bring the slave back to the point of orgasm and then cut into the genitals as it again started to cum.  The slave’s innards would be “drawn” out of it, starting with the genitals and then slowly reaching the intestines, carefully enough so the slave would not escape into death.  This was where using a fit young male made it possible to have a much better spectacle.  The same was true with quartering, although it was technically “sixing” since the executioner would cut off the cock and intestines, then each arm, each leg, and, finally, as the slave died it would be beheaded.  It was a great show.   For one of the sessions the Chief also threw in a wrinkle to add to the fun.


“Every party needs a clown,” the Chief announced.  So I thought we’d have some fun with a clown executioner who’s easily confused.”


At that point a young male entered the room, naked and erect with his face painted into a clown mask.  He pretended to read a piece of paper in his hands, then  looked down at his genitals and addressed the guests.  “Let’s see, the instructions say I’m supposed to generally inflate some balloons.”  I think that means my genitals, so I guess the existing ones have to go.”  The guests giggled at his “confusion” over generals v. genitals but enjoyed the scene as the clown proceeded to take a nearby knife and cut of his cock.  Holding it up as it drained, he pretended to look for a peace to throw it away, and upon seeing none he popped it into his mouth and ate it.  His scrotum was next, but this time he found a place to deposit the testicles, offering one to the Chief and the other to William.  Then he ate the leftover skin.  Another slave appeared at this point and cauterized the open wound so the clown wouldn’t bleed to death before the end of the show, and then handed him three balloons, two round and one cock shaped.  With the help of the “assistant” the clown attached them to where his “generals” had once been.  The idea had been to make the clown look as ridiculous as possible, and it was quite effective.  The giggling had now turned to laughter and jeers.


“Task 2,” read the clown.  “Hang, draw, and quarter your assistant.”  The assistant pretended to try to escape, but the clown grabbed him and pushed him down onto a nearby torture table.  The clown paused for effect, then quickly secured the victim’s wrists and ankles to the four corners of the table.  “Got it,” he announced triumphantly.  “Quartered, drawn, and hanged it will be!”  As the audience watched and laughed ever louder, the pretend idiot took a clown-style saw and proceeded to saw off each of the victim’s arms and legs, slowly and carefully so the audience could enjoy watching and listening to the infliction of pain and resulting screams.  Some of the humor came from the fact the clown’s genital balloons bounced around and got in the way, with the cock balloon popping at one point. It had been partially filled with cum, which leaked out in front of the absurd-looking clown.  As the laughter grew the balloon was quickly replaced, and soon the two arms and legs were detached and hanging from the four corners of the table as the clown turned to the next part of the process.


The victim had been treated with drugs to assure its cock would remain hard during the vivisection, and the clown stroked it as he picked up a knife to begin “drawing” the victim.  That resulted in the cock erupting with a final orgasm as the knife cut into the base of the scrotum and the clown began pulling out the entrails.  He kept pulling until he had a considerable mound of intestines piled up, and then pretended to notice the victim was near death.  “Better hurry!” exclaimed the clown, and he pulled down a noose that hung over the table and placed it around the neck of the dying torso.  As the victim faded, it was pulled by its neck up off the table, and shortly thereafter it died, having been quartered, drawn, and hanged.  It too looked absurd, with its limbs cut off and a very long string of entrails hanging from where its cock had once been.


The clown then pretended to reread the instructions and realize its error.  “Oh no,” it exclaimed.  “I fucked up again!  My master will be very unhappy with me.  I better punish myself.”  And with that the clown walked to a nearby guillotine and laid down on its back.  But it was upside down on the table, with its legs and butt positioned under the blade.  The clown used some pins left on the side of the bench to pop all three genital balloons, and announced to the crowd:  “Sorry I fucked up.  But I hope you enjoyed the show.”  It then pressed a nearby button that released the blade.  The audience laughed and cheered as the blade, much wider than the usual type, sliced the slave’s body in half at the waste, which was of course a far longer, more painful, and amusing death than the traditional beheading.  It had been a fun show for everyone, not only providing a little comic relief to add to the variety of the evening but also demonstrating how completely effective the slave indoctrination techniques developed by the Chief were in achieving the absolute obedience appropriate for slaves.


After the clown fun it was getting close to time for the actual dinner, which would feature live slaves as entree’s.  The Chief went back on stage, where a torture table had been set up with Norman placed on it on his back.


“I hope everyone is enjoying themselves, and please continue to do so.  We have lots more slaves, and there were way more than 50 to choose from.  We deliberately overstocked to be sure everyone can fully enjoy themselves on this great celebration.    So let’s all do our part!”  This got a big cheer.  “But I did want to take a moment for a personal task that I’ve been looking forward to.  As you all know, I’ve kept the slave Norman for ten years, and I have found him very useful.  But he has aged a bit and his usefulness isn’t as great as it was.  So I’ve replaced him with Anthony, and I wanted to share his death with all my friends, since I know I’m going to particularly enjoy snuffing him.  As most of you also know, one of his failings is that his ass isn’t very tight anymore, which might have to do with all the times I’ve (and many of you) enjoyed fisting him as well as fucking him.  But for this occasion I’ve had the vet tighten it up so I can enjoy fucking it one last time.  (Don’t worry, there was no anesthetic .)  And after I’m done we’ll leave the body here for any of you who might want to do so as well, perhaps a nostalgia fuck.  I don’t plan anything elaborate, but it will be satisfying.  Oh, and I realize the meat is not young enough to merit serving it.  So he’ll be turned into fertilizer and spread among some of my favorite plants.  I’m committed to recycling, especially slaves.”


With that the Chief approached the table where Norman lay, his cock now more aroused than ever and his face the very image of contentment and gratitude.  The Chief was also erect, having stripped naked to better enjoy the fuck.  He slammed his cock into Norman, as had been his custom since he had purchased Norman all those years ago, and Norman felt a wave of pleasure that far surpassed the pain.  Then, as the Chief began the rhythm of fucking his used-up slave, he also reached over and grasped Norman’s neck with his strong hands.  The fucking and the choking soon became almost the same motion, as the Chief got more sexually aroused by the reaction of Norman trying to breathe but not being able to do more than just gasp as his windpipe was crushed by his master’s enormous strength.  The Chief had used Norman for breath play many times, but the intensity, and goal, was different this time.  There would be no recovery.  Norman knew that as he felt the Chief near orgasm inside him, and Norman began to lose consciousness.  There was considerable pain, but mostly there was joy at having been a good slave, and the overwhelming pleasure as Norman’s cock erupted simultaneously with the Chief’s.  Norman was snuffed as the Chief’s cock emptied inside of him and his own cock emptied on his chest.  The Chief’s orgasm perfectly coincided not only with Norman’s but also with the wonderful feeling as Norman’s ass tightened as he died and then everything went limp.  Both men were wonderfully satisfied.


A few guests used Norman’s body for fucking, but not all that many.  There were too many younger males to fuck, and they were sexier.  But with the Chief’s permission Anthony did do so, having been totally turned on by the appropriateness of how the Chief had snuffed his former mentor.  It was a fuck of gratitude and hope that he might someday earn the same treatment.  And, again at the Chief’s order, it was followed by Jeremy fucking Anthony, as he likely would do again when Anthony was snuffed.


Norman’s snuff did not slow down the party.  The sound of a bull’s roar that signaled fresh naked flesh being fatally burned was fairly constant, as was the sound of whips tearing into vulnerable skin.  The screams were intermittent, occurring as slaves were ripped apart on the racks, cut in half by the pendulum, stabbed by the spikes under the wheels, or just cut into pieces by guests free forming their tortures.  It was a joyous time for everyone.


But now it was time for dinner, and the guests gathered together to enjoy live meat being carved for their nourishment and further entertainment.  As the Chief observed that they were mostly done with their meals, he again stood to address the group.


“This is a great party, and I thank you all for joining us.  And it is a great party in part because it is such a great occasion, honoring our beloved leader.


“I have thought long and hard about what kind of present I might present to William, and I think I have found the ideal gift.  As you know, I have developed methods to convert any male into a completely obedient slave, grateful for whatever its master does to it. We have all enjoyed snuffing lots of those this afternoon and evening, and we will continue to do so well into the night.  However, on rare occasion there is a male that is already aware of its purpose, anxious to serve and grateful for the pain and humiliation it knows it deserves.  These slaves know they are otherwise  utterly worthless and have no purpose other than to serve, suffer, and die.  They are especially satisfying, but hard to find.


“I have come upon one of these, and it is my pleasure to present it as your birthday present.”  At this point the slave formerly named Stevie walked into the room, its excitement demonstrated by its erect cock and the look of anticipation on its face.  It stopped in front of Alpha 1 and knelt, continuing into a full kowtow.   Its young body was resplendent in its sexual prime, ready for whatever use the Alpha 1 chose to make of it.  It was overwhelmed by the honor of being owned and used by one so important, and utterly embraced that opportunity.  The Chief had not had to use any of his techniques and the slave had embraced its fate as soon as that fate was explained to it.  William smiled broadly as the Chief continued.


“Obviously, this slave no longer has use for a name, and I am aware that you recently snuffed your most recent acquisition, snuffslave 549.  So we have heated up the branding iron so you can accept this gift as snuffslave 550, reflecting its status as a snuffslave designated for special use, not just a routine animal to be disposed of casually like those we’re snuffing here tonight.  And it has one other characteristic that is exceptionally hard to find in a slave of this type and this stage of sexual development.  It has never been butt-fucked.  It has a virgin ass for you to ravage as you wish.”


William was ecstatic.  This was indeed the perfect gift.   A truly willing slave that embraced its purpose and fate.  He ordered the slave to stand, which it did.  William reviewed and stroked the smooth young skin, observing the obvious strength and development of its muscles, thinking how wonderfully they would take the pain he would inflict.  He observed the hard cock that pointed upwards form the strength of its sexual excitement, and the balls that he would someday enjoy removing and consuming after he finished torturing them.  But not too soon, as slaves like this were indeed rare and their destruction should be as slow and careful as it was painful and humiliating.  As the slave stood obediently in front of its new master, head bowed, William reached over to the handle of the branding iron that had been placed near him.  As the Chief held the slave in place, not for fear of resistance but to prevent involuntary movements that might blur the brand, William enjoyed the smell of the searing meat as the red-hot iron burned into the young chest, making clear William’s ownership.  The slave did not scream, or make any movement beyond further bowing its head in obedience.  It had not been necessary for the Chief to have held it in place.  William sensed it wanted to speak but knew it was not permitted to do so without permission, a further sign of its natural instincts.  Curiosity caused him to grant it permission to speak.


“Thank you, master.  From now on I exist to bring you pleasure through my pain, humiliation and destruction as you wish.  I am grateful for you accepting me for whatever use you make of me.”  William signaled for the slave to bend over, and as the guests clapped and cheered he savagely raped the young slave, ending its virginity and introducing it to the first part of the agony and public use that lay ahead.


“This is the perfect gift, and I am delighted,” William told his host.  “But it does present a dilemma.   I am quite tempted to use it up in due course by ripping it apart as part of its torture and death.  That would be great fun.  But I also have decided to add a new feature to my statue garden.  It is already a place of great beauty, with the perfectly preserved bodies of slaves displayed for my pleasure and that of my guests.  There are slaves hanging from the trees, their heads dangling at odd angles reflecting their broken necks and their cocks preserved with the erections they sported as they died.  There are exhibits showing deceased AMS members who time to die had arrived, whipping or otherwise torturing slaves as they had in life.  And there are lots of slaves positioned over fuck benches with their assholes preserved so that they are still very appealing fuck targets.  I spend a lot of time there, contemplating how wonderfully ordered the world is, with slaves performing the functions they exist to perform.  But I realized recently that I should have a fountain of some sort, and the other possible use of this exceptional specimen would be to have it impaled with its arms outstretched in a joyous pose as its cock spews a constant flow of cum over a bed of bright flowers.  I think that would be a beautiful sight and this snuffslave could fill the role.  I’ll take my time and torture it for quite some time before deciding, of course, but I think I’ll avoid scarring it in case I conclude it’s the right object for my garden.”  And with that, William used a cattle prod to introduce the snuffslave to the pain of electric shock as he proceeded to rape it again.  The Chief looked on and smiled, now also fucking a nearby twink as he slowly cut off its cock and balls.


The gift, and the party, was a total success.


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