Ray’s Final Photo-Shoot by Bartholomeal

Ray was laying there helplessly on the bed staring at me intently. He knew what he was about to get as he watched me pull down my pants and boxers in 1 fellow swoop revealing my thick, hard, oozing cock. When he saw my meat (and how could he not when it was already the thick 9 and a half inches it grows to be every time I’m about to off a hottie,) he quickly began to panic; frantically trying to get out of the cuffs. It wasn’t gonna happen, but that didn’t stop him from frantically thrashing and protesting. The sounds he was muffling from behind the duct tape I’d slapped on him only a couple minutes before were intense whimpers of sheer mania and fear. And with every indistinguishable protest he made my cock throbbed more and more intently. My boner had gotten so massive that I could feel the pressure building up all the way up in my neck.




He knew what was gonna happen, which is why he was struggling so hard to get free. See, I found Ray on an S&M-themed website. He was a young 19 year old stud. He stood about 5’9”, he had short, dark hair, bulging biceps and pecs. Oh the pecs. My cock oozed precum at the thought of his massive muscles and how they were gonna feel later on while they were desperately thrashing against my body as I ended him. He was pale, and had the face of an angel. He had Hollywood charm. The good kind; The real kind. The kind like when you’re looking through Tumblr feed trying to find pictures of hot soldiers getting beheaded and find videos of them instead. That was him. That’s Ray, The Video.




Anyway, back to it: Ray most likely knew what was happening to him, because he was into all that freaky S&M shit. I bet he’d beaten off a million times just thinking about how he was gonna make some chick his little sex slave and force her to give him fellatio only to shoot her in the head with his 9-mil as he busted his nut in her mouth.




He was straight. I love ’em straight. It always makes ’em struggle and fear me even more than it would a gay or a girl, and the pain I’d be inflicting on their hole with my 9 incher makes them wiggle around like a fish out of water. Of course I like the innocent guys better, but when it’s slim pickings, guys like Ray do the job just fine.




I cannot tell you how easy it was to get him to my flat. I took a page out of Dahmer’s book, and told him I’d do a photo shoot for him. See, he was desperate to get a girlfriend -or at least some sex. He and I had chatted a couple times via email so I knew precisely how desperate he was to get a girlfriend. He had sent me various photos of himself, many of them nude, in hopes that I could Photoshop them and pass them off to my various Female friends to score him a girlfriend. His nude pictures were the shit yo. I wacked the hell outta my meat dozens of times a day looking at them, imagining how his cute Hollywood face was gonna look and feel dying in agony on the end of my dick. Such a shame that this boy was about to die a desperate, insecure, unloved loser who had no idea just how hot he was, and that it was only for his good lucks that his life was going to end brutally today. Had he not been so hot he wouldn’t have had such an unfortunate end.




Yeah the only difference between what Dahmer did, and what I did was that Dahmer’s victims were lured to his house under the guise that they’d be paid to let him photograph them, whereas Ray was here to see me because he was desperate to find love; Someone to unload his semen into, and wanted me to photograph him, all but begged me to. Well, although he wasn’t gonna shoot a load, he sure was gonna take one; Maybe even 2 or 3.




So once I heard the soft knock on my front door this afternoon I was already ready to bust a nut, and hadn’t even been touching myself all day long. Yeah, just thinking about what I was going to be doing in the evening made me hard as a rock. It was all I could do to keep from banging my waist against the bed all afternoon as I set up for the “photo-shoot.” I was about to open the door to Hollywood, and my cock was clawing at my tighty-whities, aching to get out of the prison I’d been keeping him in all day, and fuck some Hollywoodie bros. He was ready for some action, and he was about to get it. Of course my perverse mind and all of its odd ramblings wasn’t helping keep the little guy tame. I stood at the door for a few moments looking out at Ray through the peephole, which was irony considering my purpose in standing there a few moments was to wait for my erection to subside a little bit, at least to unnoticeable proportions.




“Okay, it’s as ‘down-boy’ as it’s going to get” I thought to myself as I opened the door. “Show-Time” was the second thing that popped into my head as I pulled back the door and reached out my hand to Ray’s own hand. Our hands would meet, I knew, in one of those weird young punk handshake things. As we both pulled our hands away in one of those finger grip things I felt how callus and manly his veiny hands were. “Shit, I felt a little drippage.” Gosh, I was worse than a voice-cracking high-schooler boy about to get pussy for the first time in his young, pimple-infested life.




“Hey RayRay, come on in. I’ve got the shoot all set up in the living room if ya wanna check it out.” He smiles as he walks past. Only brushing up against me with his massive pecs ever so slightly. But slightly enough that my little mister was beginning to stir. Ray’s smiling face lit up even more so, as he gleefully looked back at me while loosening his gigantic, dark, over-sized, bubbly winter jacket.




“Hey Bro, you got a little Herb?”




“Of course I do,” I say with a smile. “Make yourself comfortable. I’ll go pull out some of my funny brownies,” to which he nods in approval and sits on the couch, next to the bed I had set up in the living room.




The only thing funny about the brownies I’m going into the kitchen to get him is the fact that last night as I made them knowing what a pothead this guy was, I shot a fat-ass load in the mix just thinking about all the ways I was gonna make this guy beg me for his life. Then I just stirred in my steaming man-juice, dumped the bowl’s contents into a glass pan, and popped it into the oven at 350.




Then, as I’d waited for the brownies to cook I unbuttoned my jeans, pulled ‘em down, and brushed my hands across the nearly empty bowl. The remaining brownie mixture was caked on the side. It felt gooey between my hands, and tasty as I slowly licked one of my fingertips. After which I brought my hand down to give my little-mister some more love and attention. He liked it so much that he spit at me within seconds.




Anyway, point being, no, he wasn’t going to get brownies with weed in them. He was only going to think that he was. And that was the only thing that made the brownies funny. No, I wanted him to be fully aware of everything I’d be saying to him during our photo-shoot. A lot of killers like to inflict as much physical pain as possible onto their vix. But me? I like fucking their minds. Tormenting them with the actual act of physical pain would be nothing if not talked about in depth before or during the encounter. It’s all about the mind and how I make it my playground in the last moments of my hot-ass vix life. Yes, I enjoy their bodies of course, but that’s only the biological part. It’s their fear, their shame, their anger, their laughter; It’s all of those things that really turn me on, and make me cum oh so heavenly.




“Eat one of these” I say with a smile as I enter the living-room holding out my plate of chocolate spermies. “They’re to die for, and it’ll start feeling really good in here before long. You’ll feel things you ain’t ever felt before.”




As he scarfed down the creamy brownies I momentarily found myself deep in thought; in my own little world. I was replaying what I had just said to him. I had to make sure for my own clarity and peace of mind that I hadn’t lied to him just then. And I didn’t, I decided, as if to convince a third me. I’d said IT would be feeling good IN HERE; implying it’d feel good for me. And I said “he’d feel things he ain’t ever felt before”. I didn’t say those things would make him feel good -just that he’d feel them.




I didn’t need to ask him how the brownies were, the moans of delight said all I needed to hear. “Bro, these are seriously. Best. Brownies. Ever.”




“Oh yeah? You like what I can make with my baby-batter do ya? Nice, ‘cause you’re gonna be getting a lot more of that later while you’re dying on my dick.” “Sweet. Glad you like ‘em. Wanna get started?”




“What do ya want me to do?”




“I want you to squirm helplessly below me as I dump my steaming hot load of man juice in your weeping battered face.” “Well I guess we can start with you standing here,” I gesture as I walk in the direction of the camera.




I begin going all out; getting in full director mode. “You’ll wanna keep the shirt on for the first couple poses. Women love muscles, and you obviously got ‘em, but they want some sort of an emotional connection with what they see first. So when Chick A first sees your profile, before seeing the goods, she’s gonna wanna have a look deep into your eyes and see that you have the potential to be The One. And Ray, you’ve got that charm she’s looking for, we’ve just gotta show it to her. She’s gonna wanna feel safe while looking at your picture, so we’re gonna give her that. You’ve got beautiful, gorgeous eyes that would make any chick moist. So let’s start there before we lose the shirt.”




“Okay.” He replies. He’d kept director me’s eyes the entire time I’d spoke. Gosh how I love it when a fa-hottie looks up to me. Makes it all the more sensual and erotic when those pretty little inquisitive eyes turn to sheer horror and confusion later when I’m about to make a mess of him –and in him for that matter. Of course Ray might be a different story since he’s into brutal sex. Who knows, maybe by pleasuring myself tonight I’m actually saving several women the same awful fate I’m gonna be giving to him. And on that subject, I always love to blow loads while watching Dexter. He and I would make quite the team.




I’m about 6 feet from Ray holding the camera up close to my eye. Ray’s looking goofy and smiling sheepishly into the camera. It’s like he’s looking into my eyes, and suddenly my meat begins to spring to life, like a bear awaking from a long winter’s sleep, he’s hungry, and he’s growing hungrier by the minute, I realize, and then move on.




“Okay, these are great. They’re gonna make the chicks so hot and eager to meet you that you won’t be able to beat ‘em off ya with a stick.” He smiles even more than he just had been for the photographs. I wonder if he was thinking about actually beating women with sticks just then. I know I was throwing the third me a little inside joke when I said it.




“You really think so?”




“Oh yeah. You’re definitely gonna get some action soon.” “And so is my dick!”




“Fuck yeah!,” he agrees.




“Okay now take off your shirt and give me your sexiest poses. I wanna see the veins in your muscles pop as you flex.”




“Okay,” he says as he begins removing his shirt, “I didn’t get a chance to go to the gym today, but I did do a couple pushups and crunches this morning when I woke up.”




He starts posing shirtless for me as I continue taking pictures. “Oh don’t worry, they won’t even know. You look like you just stepped out of the gym. You’ve got that little bit of shine going on all over your body.”








“Yeah, like a slight sweat all over your body, which looks good in these pictures.”




“Oh yeah, I dressed warm because the walk over here was so cold.”




“That so?” This guy was so gullible, though I couldn’t really care any less, and he wouldn’t either if he knew what I know; That in a few moments the temperature outside would be the least of his worries.




“Brutal, man. Just brutal.”




“Give it 2 minutes, Ray, and then say that again.” “Okay, so why don’t you lay down on the bed there, and I’ll reposition the camera.”




“Okay.” He lays back on the bed as suggested. “Yeah I’m gonna really start getting serious about going to the gym every day. My dad and all his friends make fun of me for being so scrawny. I’m like the smallest guy at the house usually. It’s no wonder I’m single. No girl wants me standing next to Tom and Terry.”




Gosh, how sad, I thought as I instinctively nodded as if listening to his small talk. He worries so much about his body, thinking it’s not good enough to score him any. He doesn’t even realize what his beautiful bulky body’s about to get him into. Insecurity. Gotta love it. It’s when you’re draining the life out of them that they realize how much they wanna live, and how silly all of that frivolous worry was. At least, that’s what I assume they’re thinking. I’ve never had the misfortune of being killed so I can’t honestly say that’s what happens.




Okay, now it’s onto the next phase of the plan. The part that’s always so up in the air I never really know how it’s going to turn out. “Okay,” I begin, “time for the cuff pictures.” He looks at me with the anticipated sort of confused look I was expecting, so I offer him my well thought out scripted answer. “Yeah. You wanna get a girl in chains right?”




“Yeah but I want her to wear ‘em, not me.”




He answered how I expected he would, so I continue reading my memorized script’s dialog, “And going back to the trust in the eyes thing, you wanna show her that you’re just as willing to do what you’re asking her to do.” I gets nothing. Almost as if I’m talking to hay. I continue, “you want a girl to get freaky with you, right? You want her in cuffs, you wanna piss on her, you wanna make her your bitch. Right?” “Is that the beginning of a light bulb?” “You do, so you gotta work for it. Work for that pussy. Show her that you’re confident. You’re willing to go to the ends of the earth for her. She’ll think it’s sexy. She’ll love it.”




“You’re right,” he says as he lies back and cuffs his right hand to the bed post. “Hey, you wanna grab the other one?” he asks me.




“All in due time my little sex doll. Oh, right, that’s me.” “Yep,” I say, sitting down the camera. After both of his hands are cuffed securely to the bed posts I know he’s all mine. He doesn’t yet know it but in just a few moments he’s going to be longing for the days he felt small next to his father and all his friends. But it’s almost time for the fun to begin, so I wanna stretch this time out as long as I can, because this for me is better than the sex, and then, when I finally bring my little-mister out of hiding, he’s got a nice slab of boy meat to wake up to.




Back over at the camera I snap a couple photos for show as he looks intently into the camera. He’s unaware, and even I’d forgotten at that point, that there was a separate video camera that had, from the far corner of the room, been filming our entire encounter from the beginning.




I walk over to him and let him know his freaky S&M poses with the cuffs were sexy as hell, and that we needed to cuff his feet too; That it would add to the eroticism that the girls would be feeling. He didn’t object. I can say one thing; his poses were definitely adding to my erection. Ah, the eroticism was intense! My cock was fighting with me so hard internally. He so desperately wanted to get hard and spring to life, but I couldn’t allow him to until I’d securely acted out the vital details of the scene, by staying true to the page.




Back over at the camera taking more for show photos I flashed-back to a conversation we’d had via email a couple days prior to. He’d talked about wanting a girl so bad he was almost willing to let me blow him just so he could finally get off to something other than his own hand. I dunno why I started thinking about it, but it helped me make up my mind on what scenario I wanted to act out. Yeah this was all scripted, but you ever read one of those “Choose Your Own Adventure” things? Yeah, this was like that. Typically, there’s a different version of the script for several possible outcomes. Meaning the vic is improving, while I stay scripted, reading whatever lines his response allows me to.




Walking back over to him, I sit my show camera down at the foot of the bed. I make my way toward the head of the bed, and pass it. Next thing Ray knows is that I’m putting duct tape over his mouth. I hadn’t told him this little detail ahead of time like I’d let him know all of the previous details ahead of time. I wanted to see a look of panic. My cock was hardening just seeing that helpless confused look he suddenly got in his eyes. But it was only temporary, I knew, I wasn’t quite ready to go all Hitler on him just yet.




“It’ll look hot. Nothing sexier than a bitch with no voice, right?” I think he flashed me a smile just then. He was a lot more relaxed than he had been a moment ago.




Back over at the camera I took a couple more for-show photos, and then walked back over to him. This time I sat the camera down on the chair next to the bed and quickly pulled his pants down before he could protest, if he even would have. He looks at me. He appears to be smiling at me from behind that duct tape. I look down at his boxers, which are beginning to protrude. Slowly at first, and faster as one moment turns into the next, and the next, and the next. “Oh god my cock is so hard right now!”




“Why RayRay, looks like you’ve got a little problem going on there in BoxerTown,” I say with a devilish smirk on my face. He appears to be reciprocating. His eyes got narrower as if he was smiling. “Do you want me to give ’em a little love before we take pictures of him?”




Now, although he had tape over his mouth and therefore couldn’t speak, his response was still undeniable. I could clearly hear him say “uh-huh” through the muffles. Well, that and his boxers bounced about 11 inches when I asked him provocatively if he wanted me to show him some love. So I pulled the familiar little guy out of his dog-house. I say little, but in actuality he was easily 11 inches, and he curved down. I had already seen his member in pictures. Mmm, his little guy was tasting so much sweeter than I imagined he would when I acted this scene out earlier on my dog.




Once I tasted the precum I knew he was gonna eventually give me, it was going to be time for me to move on to the next scene of the script: The Releasing of the Devil. It’s a shame he squirted so quick.“Damn RayRay, why’d ya have to wait so long in between blowing your load, man?” Oh well, too late now. It was time. I took center stage. Boy did I feel good as I stood up in front of him.




I looked down at poor helpless Ray with such pity, and with such a hard-on. “So tell me RayRay, did you know when you left your house this afternoon that you were never gonna be back?”




He offered me a muffled, but distinct “huh???”




“Did you know you were gonna die in a puddle of cum at the end of a guy’s ragged dick?”




Ray’s eyes got that familiar “oh shit” look I‘d seen so many, many times before, and he’s rewarded by getting an “oh hell yeah” look back when I pull my monster out of the hole of my boxers. He’s already dripping steadily. When Ray begins frantically shaking his arms, trying to free his wrists from the cuffs, my little monster pulsates so much I can feel it in my head.




He helplessly tries turning away from me, as if not seeing me would mean I’d suddenly be gone. I just stand there slowly stroking my little guy as if trying to calm a hungry, riled up Rottweiler who is staring down a kitten.




To Ray’s dismay I am in fact still there when he turns back around. I’m gazing into his face while rubbing my little mister ever so slightly. Not too hard because I want this feeling to last forever, and one wrong move could send me past the point of no return, and I wouldn’t want that. How else would I be able to observe this poor 19-year-old hunk’s final terrifying moments on earth? As I watched him panic his eyes running from my face, down to my little man, and back up again. He looks right into my eyes ever so briefly as if in disbelief or as if looking for any trace of humanity.  My cock squirts a little as an outcome, but my eyes remain quiet, and offer him nothing.




Then he appears to move onto the next stage; anger. Okay, that just means it’s time for the next scene.“Ou goody, one of my favorites!” I walk over to him, hand on my little mister still, and calmly sit on Ray’s firm thrashing chest. I peer down into his narrow eyes, right hand still on my meat, other hand rubbing his left shoulder.




“I know you’ve dreamed about being the man in this scenario, but too bad for you, you’re gonna be the bitch instead. 2 things are gonna happen to you today RayRay,” I begin to an angry set of eyes, and muffled protests. “One thing is I’m gonna fuck the living shit out of you.” I’m talking slowly now because I want him to understand, and I need him to panic frantically, because I know that’s what gets us to the next scene. I’m gonna blow a load so hard in you it’s gonna feel like Nine Eleven in your guts. And the other thing that’s gonna happen to you today is you’re going to have your throat cut, and die… With this.” Using my left hand, I flash him the butter knife I’d put between the mattress and box-spring earlier in the afternoon. Then, after I got that erotic look of fear I’d been waiting for, I put the knife down and move my hand back to his left pec, and watch and listen as his angry muffles turn to desperate muffled pleas. Which cause my little mister such joy he threw up a glob of goo that shot right into Ray’s tearful eyes.




Mind you, I speak to Ray sympathetically all the while. Almost as if I’m sad for him, and I really think I am. “You’re going to bleed out, Ray. You are going to die today. These are irrefutable facts, Ray. I want you to understand that you are not my first vic. You are one of 100s. There have been many, many hotties who’ve come and gone before you. So you won’t, no matter how hard you try, you will not get out of this alive.” “Hey, that rhymed!




“I’ve seen it a million times, RayRay. There have been many before you who fought their hardest, tried their damnedest to break free, but who inevitably died thrashing and thrusting against my massive boner, looking into my eyes while they took the seed from my loaded wood. You are going to die, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. See the size of my meat? See the size of this bad boy right now? That’s you doin’ that, man. It’s gonna be your responsibility to take care of that for me. Alright? So here’s what you’ve gotta do.”




“You’ve got a choice to make,” I continue melodramatically. “You have 3 options. Option 1; I cut your throat now and fuck you after you’re dead, Option 2; I fuck you, you take my sperm, and then I cut your throat, or option 3; I do both simultaneously. Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘I lose in all those scenarios’,” I mimic past vix whimpers.




“But I’m gonna tell ya the pros and cons of your choices. If I fuck you first, yeah it’ll hurt like hell, but at least it’ll give you a few extra minutes to live.” I look down at the head of my dripping cock. “Well, if that. Or If I kill you first, at least  your last memory of life on earth won’t be of yourself being like a little girl getting plowed into by a guy’s slab of juicing meat. Or 3 I do ‘em both at the same time. At least then the pain in your ass will take away from some of the pain you’ll be feeling in your throat.”




He is crying so hard he’s got snot pouring from his nostrils and tears forming puddles in his ear beds. I realize he’s almost out of time before he indirectly causes his own death by drowning in a pool of his own misfortune. My cock is so ready for this, I’m gonna jump to it quickly, whatever option he selects. I leave the comfort of his warm body so that I can stand above him as I continue.




“Now I know you’ve gotten yourself into a situation that prevents you from using your words so I’ve taken the liberty to draw out your choice of fate on these 3 flashcards. Look them all over,” I say as I squat and begin laying out the flashcards on the floor underneath him. I continue “then, after 30 seconds whatever one you want me to do first I want you to keep focused on that flashcard, don’t take your eyes off it, and that’s the one you’ll get, okay? I’ll leave ya to it, bub.”




From the floor I hoist myself up and walk over toward the bed, and to Ray’s shock, lift and rotate the bed so that he’s facing the flashcards on the floor. Oh did I not mention that I built an entire torture bed capable of pretty much anything, up to and including 360-degree rotation? The only thing keeping him from falling to the floor right now are his 4 otherwise helpless limbs, which are still cuffed to the bed posts. His panicked, muffled pleas have increased 10fold by now. I’m sure he’s in a lot of pain given that his limbs are the only points of support for the weight of his entire toned body. He’s losing his sanity, I can tell. The unholy sounds he’s making now are high pitched screeches that I honestly believe would sound exactly the same if I removed the tape from his mouth. “30-seconds on the clock RayRay,” I say as I remove the mattress from the bed. Now there’s nothing between Ray’s ass and my little mister should I get to fuck him first.




30-seconds have passed so I bend down onto Ray to get a glimpse into the mirror I’d placed on the floor in front of him to see what his decision had been. “Oh fuck yeah RayRay.” I say as I thrust my patient little guy up into his tight quivering hole, unlubed. Ray lets out an unholy muffled shriek of pain. “God, I’m gonna love this. Oh fuck dude, you’re so tight. Mmm. It never fails RayRay,” I say as I use his asshole to massage my engorged member.  They always choose the same one, because they think for some reason after I cum I might feel differently and let them go.” He’s crying so hard, and aside from his high-pitched screeches, so manly that my cock spits precum hard into Ray’s quivering hole.




“Told you I’ve seen it all RayRay. Why didn’t you listen? I’m glad you didn’t, because you’re gonna make me cum. Oh fuck! Fuck yeah. Oh I’m gonna cum!” I let go of my cock-gate, and seems like it lasts several heavenly seconds of pure ecstasy in my shaft as my seamen take their time detaching from my body, and speeding away from my body in a swift heavenly rush filled with the heat of a thousand rotting soldier corpses lining a war-zone dugout. I’m in unison with my little mister that by the time I say “cum” I’ve shot my first nut simultaneously into Ray, who retaliates by shoving my little guy with his ass. 




Arching my back in pure pleasure I lay my forehead down on his squirming back as my next nut shoots out with the same pleasurable force. “Milk me, stud!” I hear something snap as my body digs into his angry tight hole. I assume it’s one of his limbs, but I’m busting my nut into him so hard that I couldn’t care less.




Then, sometime after I hear the snap, I swiftly reach over and grab my butter knife and plunge it into his caught-off-guard neck with tumultuous force. Had to be a lot of force, it was a butter knife after all. I love it when the vix get the knife while I’m still in them. It always makes their butt holes grip tightly around my milky shaft. And with every painful, jagged push of my knife Ray’s tight little boy hole grips my ever enormous, milk factory, which was pretty empty by now.




Finally, I know my knife has protruded into his windpipe because his muffled cries reach air in 1 solid burst, his screams of terror and pain have now turn into gargling delight on my dick. Followed by labored grunts. As he struggles to take his last few mortal breaths in pure agony, I remove the duct tape from his mouth. The last of my seed has been implanted into this hot little fucker, and I fall asleep swirling my fingers around the gash in his neck. “Mmm, the pain my fingers must be causing him right now, mmmm.” Unfortunate little shit doesn’t get the girl, lives his whole life feeling less than, gets a massive 9-inch cock slammed into him, a knife to the throat, and now his murderer is making his last few moments of reality excruciating while his captor has one of the best nuts in his life. Those are my last thoughts as I drift off into La La Land with the pleasure of knowing that I’d be jacking off to this video for years and years to come.

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