If you’re here, it’s because you’re a sick fuck like me.  Let me hear what you like; I’ll see if I can do more of it.  At my best with the deaths listed in the “about me” sidebar.


HMU if interested in illustrating some stories…

16 thoughts on “About

      1. Anonymous


        Totally love your stories, thanks. Can’t believe how many times a day I check out your website to see if there is an update and yes love the boot actions on here.

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    1. bootboy

      Boy a new story, feels like Christmas has come early… 🙂 thanks so much. Your stories are amazing. I literally monitor your website every day, sometimes twice or thrice a day.

      It would be so nice to have the Alpha do some proper and real damage by kicking and stomping the fag with his steel toes boots. Some Alpha that can throw some nice, powerful and deadly kicks for a while. Not sure how long the fag could last.

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  1. En

    Love the willing victim of sexual snuff- suicide, assisted suicide, bottoms seeking understanding top to snuff willing subs, guys getting snuffed helping in the planning and execution of their snuff, guys born knowing they were meant to be snuffed sexually and search for it….



  2. Spankypickles

    Hi these are the hottest stories I’ve ever read. I love stories that depict the teenage pin cushion stabbed in the navel..,dunno its a whole that I always thought needed something to flll it..like steel. If you can create onw featuring with out him.

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  3. danielsarries

    Please a story where a guard/police is tied in a cross and the killer slowly stabs his hard abs and chest once and once again, kissing his bloody lips while the victim is dying.


  4. Toby

    Love rape and incest – where the boi isn’t into it. Hate stories where a young virgin best to be fucked harder. Also Dads pimping out their sons


  5. Bootboy

    WOW!!! That was awesome.

    Thank you so much. I literally hung to every word… Charlie is a brutal alpha and he is awesome… He knows how to use his booted feet.

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  6. rbc603

    I’m new here and I want to thank whoever is responsible for this web site. Finally, faggots who are as sick, evil and twisted as I am. Like so many of you gentlemen I fantasize about being brutally, tortured and snuffed. THANKS, AGAIN!

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  7. AZManWhore69

    Predators should contact me. Harass me. Threaten me. Hunt me down- and when you find me- violently rape me. Force me into porn and prostitution.
    Wickr: AZManWhore69


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